Top 100 Hockey Slang Words (2023)

One of the great thing about hockey is all of the lingo. It keeps on getting added to every year, but below is a list of the top 100 slang words.

And, before we get to that here is a picture of the Hobey Baker winner, Cole Caufield, doing a little ‘Celly’ after scoring his first NHL goal – an overtime winner at that!

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Apple: An assist

Bar Down: A shot that hits the crossbar and then goes into the net for a goal

Barn: The hockey arena

Barnburner: A game that is high scoring and has a number of lead changes

Bender: When a player is skating and their ankles are bending

Beauty: An extremely nice goal or play

Biscuit: The hockey puck

Blades of Steel: An old-school hockey video game released in 1987/88

Bottle Rocket: When a goal hits the goalie’s water bottle in the net

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Brawl: A fight often involving multiple players

Brick Wall: A goalie who is making amazing saves and cannot be scored against

Broadway Blueshirts: A nickname for the New York Rangers

Bucket: A hockey helmet

Buds: A nickname for the Toronto Maple Leafs

Buzzer Beater: A goal that is scored just before the end of the period

Cage: A goalie mask

Caps: A nickname for the Washington Capitals

Celly: Means celebrate. Also goes with Dangle, Snipes, Celly, which means deke, score, celebrate

Charleston Chiefs: The team name from the cult hockey movie Slapshot

Cheap-shot Artist: A player who makes a lot of dirty plays, often causing injury to other players

Cheese: A goal at the top shelf of the net

Cherry Picking: Usually a negative connotation of a player who stays up in the offensive zone to try and get a pass for an offensive opportunity instead of helping his teammates on defence

Chiclets: Teeth (which hockey players lose a lot of!)

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Chirping: Talking trash to your opponents

Clapper: Another name for the slapshot

Coast to Coast: Skating with the puck from one end of the rink to other end

Dangle: Deke

Denied: A statement made when a goalie makes a big save against a player

Desert Dogs: A nickname for the Arizona Coyotes

Disk: The puck

Duster: A player who sits on the bench without much playing time

Enforcer: The player charged on the team with being the main fighter

Face Wash: Rubbing your glove (often sweaty) into another player’s face

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Fake: A player with the puck who deceives a player or goalie to think he is going one way and then goes the other

Fan (Fannned): A player who goes to shoot the puck and misses it

Filthy: An extremely great deke/fake or goal

Firewagon Hockey: A game that has a lot of offence, offensive chances and little defensive play

Five Hole: The hole that opens up between a goalies pads when he is going to the ground. He scored through the five hole!

Flamingo: When a player who goes to block a shot lifts only one of his legs making himself look like a flamingo

Flash the Leather: A goalie who makes a great stop with his glove hand

Flow: Another name for great hockey hair that ‘flows’ out of the back of the helmet

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Garbage Goal: A goal that is not ‘pretty’ and often is scored within a couple feet of the goal through a rebound or a deflection off a player

Gino: A goal

Give-and-Go: When a player passes the puck to a teammate and then gets a pass back to beat an opponent

Goon: A player whose main role on the team is to be the fighter

Goose Egg: When a goalie gets a shutout and allows zero goals against

Gordie Howe Hat Trick: A game where a player gets a goal, assist and fight

Grapes: The nickname of longtime Hockey Night in Canada personality Don Cherry

Great One: The nickname of Wayne Gretzky

Greasy: A type of goal that is not pretty

Grinders: A forward whose role is more about hitting and checking than it is goal scoring

Handcuffed: A player who has many opportunities to score but just cannot seem too put the puck in the net

Hanging from the Rafters: A player’s jersey number that has been retired and now hangs up in the rafters of the home arena

Hanson Brothers: The brothers who play for the Charleston Chiefs in the hockey movie Slapshot

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Holy Grail: A nickname of the Stanley Cup

Hot Dog: A player who is trying to show up his opponent

Howitzer: A really hard shot

Insurance Goal: Adding a goal to increase your lead so that you have more room for error

Jarring Hit: A hit that leaves another player shaken up

Johnny-on-the-spot: A player who is in the right spot at the right time to score a goal

Journeyman: A player that has played for a large number of teams of a long period of time

Knuckle Puck: A puck, when shot, that does not fly in a straight trajectory but is flipping over and curling in the air

Lamplighter: Someone who scores a lot of goals — they are scoring and making the goal light come on

Laser Beam: A hard shot that goes directly where it was aimed

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Laying on the Lumber: A player that slashes another player with his stick. This comes from the history of hockey because hockey sticks used to be made of wood

Light the Lamp: A term used to encourage someone to score. Essentially, let’s get a goal and make the goal light turn on

Lumber: Another name for a stick with its nod to old hockey sticks that were made from wood

Manhandle: A player that roughs up another player, he may not get a penalty for this

Mitts: Your hands, often referenced to someone who has nice hands and can score

Muffin: A really weak shot

Nail: To hit someone with a bodycheck extremely hard

Nosebleeds: The spectator seats that are at the very top of the hockey stadium

Office: The area behind the goalie net, was first termed for Wayne Gretzky’s play behind the net as he was said to be “set up in his office”

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Paint: Another name for the goalie crease, as it is a different color from the ice

Pest: A player that is extremely annoying to his opponents

Picking his Pocket: When a player steals the puck from another player

Pipe: A nickname for the goal posts

Pinch: When a defenseman comes into the offensive zone to help out

Playoff Beard: The tradition of growing a beard until your team is eliminated from the Stanley Cup playoffs or wins the Stanley Cup

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Plug: A player that is not very good and does not really add to the team

Plumber: A player who is good at digging the puck out of the corners of the boards

Preds: A nickname for the Nashville Predators

Puck Bunny: A girl who likes to hang around guys who play hockey

Puck Has Eyes: A puck that has had several deflections before going into the net for a goal

Puck Hog: A player who does not pass the puck

Puck Luck: When the puck takes a lucky bounce for a team usually resulting in a goal

Puckhead: A person who is passionate about hockey

Pylon: A player (usually a defensemen) who is easy to skate around

Razor Sharp: A player that is on his game and is playing great

Riding the Pine: A player who is not getting playing time and is sitting on the bench

Right in the Numbers: A player who is hit from behind

Ring it off the Iron: When a puck is shot and hits the post and stays out of the net

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Rink Rat: Someone who loves to come and hang out at the hockey arena

Ripple the Mesh: Another term for scoring a goal, a player has shot the puck and scored so that the net will move

Rob (of a Goal): A save by a goalie that takes away what looks like a sure goal

Roof: Shooting the puck to the top of the net, the mesh at the top of the net

Rubber: Another name for a puck, because it is made out of vulcanized rubber

Sens: A nickname for the Ottawa Senators

Sharpshooter: Someone who is an accurate shooter and scores a lot of goals

Shinny Hockey: A type of hockey played on an outdoor rink where players are not wearing padding so the puck is not to be raised above the shins

Sick Bay: A term used for a player that is injured (he is in sick bay) or a player who goes to have an injury looked at (he goes to sick bay)

Sieve: A goalie who cannot make a save, a reference to the sieve that drains water through it

Sin Bin: The penalty box

Snow Job: When a player stops and sprays snow into the face of goaltender as he is down on the ice

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Soft Hands: A player that is good at scoring goals when he uses more finesse than power

Spin-o-rama: A hockey move which the players does a 360 spin to fake out or deke around an opponent

Stand on His Head: A goalie that is making a lot of saves and keeping his team in the game is said to be standing on his head

Stone Hands: A player that cannot score goals. He is getting chances to score he just cannot do it

Tic-tac-toe: A three way passing play that ends up in a goal

Top Shelf: When a player scores a goal into the very top part of the net hitting the mesh that basically acts as the roof of the net

Turtle: When a player drops to the ice and protects himself as another player tries to fight him

Uncork: A player that winds up and takes a powerful shot

Wheels: A player that can skate really fast

Yard Sale: When a player(s) lose a number pieces of equipment during play – either from a hit or just the normal course of action

Yawning Cage: A wide-open net to shoot at, this is often referred to even when the goalie is in the net but the play has developed so that a goal looks likely

Zebra: A nickname for the referee based on the uniform of white and black stripes

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