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a.n.b. aa aal aam aau ab

(atas nama beliau) in his name. (Asia Afrika) Asia-Africa. (Akademi Angkatan Laut) Naval Academy. see AM. 1 ouch ! (exclamation of pain). 2 what ! (exclamation of surprise) 1 (Anggaran Belanja) budget. 2 (Angkatan Bersenjata) armed forces.

aba abab abad abadi abah abah-abah abai abang abangan

1 (aba-aba) order, command. 2 father. exhaled breath. 1 century. 2 age, era. eternal, lasting, enduring. direction. 2 see ABA1. harness. neglectful. (Jakarta and some other regions) 1 elder brother. 2 (in some regions only) red. (Jv) o. who does not adhere strictly to the precepts of o.’s nominal religion.

abar abat abau abbas abc abd abdas abdei abdi abdidalemisme abdikasi abdis abdu abece abelur aben aberasi aberikos abet

(R.R.) brake. see ABAD. k.o. tortoise. abbot. abese the ABC’s. see ABDI. (Islam) absolution before prayer. abbey. 1 servant. 2 slave. sycophancy. abdication. abbess. see ABDI. [ABC] alphabet, ABC’s. see HABLUR. cremate. aberration. see ABRIKOS. 1 appearrance. 2 behavior.

abib abid abidin abil abis abiturien abjad abjadiah ablak ablatif ablur abn abnormal abnormalitas abnus abolisi abon abone abonemen aborsi abrak abrek abri

(in families of Arabic descent) grandfather. 1 pious, devout. 2 see ABADI. /abidun/ (Islam) the faithful. see HABIL. see HABIS. o. who went as far as high school. alphabet. alphabetical. (Jakarta) open wide. (Ling.) ablative. see HABLUR. (Anggaran Belanja Negara) national budget. abnormal. abnormality. (Lit.) ebony. abolition. shredded meat that has been boiled and fried. subscriber. subscription (to a magazine, etc.). /abortus/ abortion. mica. 1 very much. 2 see AMBREG. [Angkatan Bersenjata Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Armed Forces.

abrikos abrit-abritan abruk abs absah absen absensi abses absis absolusi absolut absolutisme absorpsi absten abstrak abstraksi absur absurditas abu

apricot. see APRIT-APRITAN. (Jakarta) slam or set s.t. down with a crash. [Asal Bapak Senang] as long as the boss is happy. valid, legal, legitimate. absent. take attendance. abscess. (Math.) abscissa. (Rel.) absolution (of sins). absolute. absolutism. (Ling., Phys.) absorption. abstain. 1 abstract, summary, precis. 2 abstract, theoretical. abstraction. /absurd/ absurd. absurdity. 1 dust. abu-kayu sawdust. 2 ashes. abu-bara cinders. abu-blarak (Java) cleansing powder (of coconut frond). abu-gosok scouring sand.

abu-abu abuh

gray. 1 swollen. 2 swelling.

abuk abur abus abyad ac acak acak-acak acak-acakan acan acang-acang acap acapkali acar acara ace aceuk aci

fine powder. squander, waste. 1 smallest portion. 2 of no value, worthless. white, transparent, translucent. (Air Conditioning) air conditioning. 1 disordered. 2 random. in a hurry, hastily. in disorder, chaos. (Sd) miniscule in amount. 1 confidential agent. 2 shop steward. 3 master of ceremonies. 1 be under water. 2 be stuck in s.t. deeply. repeatedly, frequently. pickles, salad made with raw vegetables mixed with spices and a souring agent. 1 agenda. 2 program. 3 judicial procedure. 4 jurisdiction see AC. (sunda) elder sister. 1 agreed, settled. 2 valid. 3 (sumatra) pith, starchy core. 4 see ACIK.

aci-aci acik acir aco acrit acu acuh acum acung ad

example. (Ch, Sumatra) elder sister. (Coll.) 1 in disarray. 2 helter-skelter. see KACAU. (Coll.) come out in rush. /acuan/ 1. 1) hint. 2) reference. 2. 1) mold. 2) matrix. 3. ready. 1 care. 2 /acuhan/ (Jakarta) not care. incite, instigate, provoke. point upward. 1. [Angkatan Darat] army ground forces. 2. [Anggaran Dasar] statutes.

ad-interim ada

acting, temporarily in a position. 1 there is, are. 2 (Coll.) be, be present. 3 have, own. 4 did (do so-and-so). ada-lah am, is, are. 1 courtesy. 2 culture. 3 knowing proper behavior. sometimes. justice, righteousness. 1 proper name. 2 (Islam) the prophet Adam. see AZAN. 1 intercept, block, ambush. 2 block. 3 flag down. 4 wait for (a parade to go by, etc.). See ADA . 1 presence. 2 existence. 3 situation. see HADAP. adaptation. see ADA. dill, fennel. 1 custom, tradition. 2 customary law. 3 manners, proper behavior. traditional.

adab adakalanya adalat adam adan adang adanya adap adaptasi adapun adas adat adati

adecharge adegan adem adempause adhesi adhyaksa adi adib adicita adidaya adiguna adik

adikara adikodrat adikuasa adil adinda

adipati adiratna-pekaca adiwarna adm. administrasi administratif administratir administratur administrir admiral adolensi adon adonan adpertensi adpis adpisir adpokat adreng adres adri adu aduh aduhai

(a decart) see SAKSI. /adekan/ 1 scene (in a play). 2 (Islam) movement. 1 cool, calm. 2 cold. 3 tasteless, flat. (Sport) breathing spell. 1 adhesion. 2 devotion, attachment. (Leg.) a rank for prosecutors. 1 superior. 2 splendid, highly valued. respectful. ideology. see ADI. (Java) rely too much on o.’s own abilities. 1 younger brother or sister or younger cousin. 2 form of address to younger brother or sister and younger people in extended family. 3 form of address from husband to wife, boyfriend to girlfriend. dictatorial. /adikodrati/ (Rel.) the supernatural, the supreme power of God. see ADI. 1 just, fair, equitable. 2 legal. 1 respectful form of address and reference to younger sibling or to a younger person of either sex, esp. 2 form of address to wife or female lover (more affectionate than adik). title for bupati (colonial era). (Lit.) 1 lotus jewel, the sublime jewel. 2 young woman. resplendent, excellent. (administrasi) administration. administration. /administratip/ administrative. /administrator/ manager of an estate. administration. administrir administer, manage. admiral. tax clemency. knead. batter, dough. advertisement. see ADVIS. adviser. see ADVOKAT2. (Java) eager. address (of letter). (Angkatan Darat Republik Indonesia) the Indonesian Army (revolutionary era). 1 compete. 2 1) complain about, 2) sue, bring legal action. 3) inform, squeal, tell on, report. 3. sleep (of royalty). 1 auch ! ow ! (expression of pain). 2 oh my ! (expression of disappointed surprise). (Lit.) 1 how beautiful ! how sad ! atc. 2 incredible. staggering.


1 stir (tea, etc.). 2 beat (batter, etc). 3 mix. 4 scramble (eggs). 5 interfere in, meddle in (the affairs of others). 6 stir up, confuse, annoy.

adun adven

1 dress, finery. 2 see ADON. /Advent/ Seventh Day Adventist religious sect or adherent thereof.

adverbia adverbial advertensi advis advokat adzan aerodinamika aeronotika af afal

adverb. adverbial. see ADPERTENSI. advice. 1 lawyer. 2 avocado. see AZAN. aerodynamics. aeronautics. break off, break up. 1(Islam) works, deeds. 2 1) waste portions of butchered animals. 2) reject products of a factory. 3 see HAFAL. aphasia. 1 good, fine, nice. 2 (Islam) ritually pure. section, department (colonial era). /afdol/ see AFDAL. print, copy. see AFILIASI. 1 healthy. 2 good health. (Ling.) affix. affixation. affiliation. affinity. affirmation. see APIUN. see APKIR. /aflus/ see APLOS. (Ling.) affricate. evil spirit. blessing. meng-agah 1 stare fixedly forward (esp. in certain sports). 2 stare at (to start a fight). 3 put o.’s face forward. 1 rather, somewhat. 2 approximately, about. agak-agak 1 guess, vague idea, fantasy. 2 careful. it seems, probably. 1 virile, manly. 2 sturdy, hefty. religion. religious person, religionist. religious. religious. intend, plan. in order that, in order to.

afasi afdal afdeling afdlal afdruk affiliasi afiat afiks afiksasi afiliasi afinitas afirmasi afiun afkir aflos afrikat afrit afwah agah agak agaknya agam agama agamawan agamawi agamis agan agar

agar-agar agas agen agenda agendaris agendir agih agitasi agogo agraria agregat agresi agresif agresor agressif agri-bisnis agri-industri agronomi aguk agul agung agustus ah ah-ih-eh aha ahad ahadiat ahala ahdiat ahir ahlak ahli ahlubait ahlukubur ahlulsuluk ahmak ai ai-lap-yu aib aidil-fitri aih ainulyakin air ais aisyiah aja

1 k.o. seaweed. 2 gelatin made of seaweed. sandfly, gnat. 1 agency, branch. 2 agent. agenda. secretary or clerk who draws up the agenda. enter on an agenda. distribute evenly, apportion. agitation. 1 Western dance. 2 rock and roll. agrarian affairs. 1 electric generator. 2 aggregate. aggression. /agresip/ aggressive. aggressor. see AGRESIF. agribusiness. agri-industry. agronomy. locket. 1 boast of. 2 make a show of, display, show off. 1 exalted, high, noble. 2 impressive. August. 1 ah ! alas ! 2 yachh !(exclamation og disgust). see A1. exclamation of indecision. aha ! 1 one. 2 Sunday. unity. dynasty. see AHADIAT. see AKHIR. see AKHLAK. 1.1) expert, specialist. 2) virtuoso. 3) skilled, highly competent, professional. 2. 1) members. 2 relatives. (Islam) owner of the house, host. (Islam) the deceased. (Pl.) mystics. 1 a fool. 2 foolish. 3 stupid. (ad interim) acting, temporary. (Sl.) a profession of love. 1 shame, disgrace, scandal. 2 error, mistake. see IDUL-FITRI. exclamation of surprise. with the complete conviction of o. who has witnessed. 1 water, liquid. 2 juice. ais-an carrying cloth. reformist Muslim organization for women. (Coll.) see SAJA.

ajab ajaib ajak

1 surprised, astronished. 2 see AZAB. 1 miraculous. 2 astonishing, remarkable. 3 remarkableness 1.1) invite. 2) challenge. 3) stimulus. 2. (Java) wild dog. 3. (M) similar to, as.

ajal ajam ajan ajang ajar ajat aje ajeg ajektif ajeng ajengan aji

predestined hour of death, end. (Lit.) Iran, Persia. see AZAN. 1 site. 2 arena. 1.1) (Coll.) study. 2) learn. 2 hermit. see HAJAT.(Jakarta). see SAJA. /ajek/ steady, stable, constant. /ajektiva/ adjective. see JENG. (Java) community leader. s.o. to emulate. 1 spell, charm, magical formula. 2 1) (Lit.) king, ruler. 2) o. who is a champion at doing s.t. see AJUDAN. see AZIMAT1. any k.o. taste enhancer, monosodium glutamate. stake, marker. k.o. rock-style dancing. respect and fear. 1 institute. 2 put, ask (a question). 3 file, submit, make (application).

ajidan ajimat ajinomoto ajir ajojing ajrih aju ajubillah ajudan ajuk ajun ajung ak. akabri akad akademi akademik akademikus akademis akaid akal akali akan akang akar akas

see AUDUBILLAHI. 1 adjutant. 2 (Navy) chief petty officer. 1. 1) observe, estimate. 2) test, put to the test, sound out. 2 mimic, imitate, parrot, mock. 1 purpose. 2. adjunct. adjunct. (akuntan) accountant (used in academic degrees). (Akademi Angkatan Bersenjata) Armed Forces Academy. contract, agreement, convenant. academy. academic. an academic. academic. dogma. 1 mind, intellect, reason. 2. intelligence. 3 way, tactics. advice, instruction. 5 deceit, trickness, cunning. intelligent. 1 will, about to (particle marking future events). 2 . 1) about, regarding. 2) for, with purpose of. 3) as for. (Sunda, Jakarta) term of address or reference for elder brother. 1 root. 2 root, source. 1. clever, handy, skillful. 2. 1) upside down. 2) the opposite.

akasa akasia akat akaunting akbar akekah akh akhbar akhir akhiran akhirat akhirnya akhirulkalam akhlak akhlas akhli aki akiau akibat akibatnya akidah akik akilbalig

see ANGKASA. acacia. see AKAD. see AKONTING. 1 exalted, great. 2 big. ritual shaving of baby’s head for first time (us. on the seventh day after birth). see AH1. newspaper, the press. end, finish. (Ling.) suffix. the hereafter, the beyond. final, last. in conclusion. character, morals. see IKHLAS. see AHLI1,2. 1 storage battery. 2 (in some regions only) grandfather. (Jakarta, China) young China man. result, consequence. finally, as a consequence. belief, faith. carnelian, agate. /akilbaligh/ 1 of age, grown up (from age 15 on). 2 legally responsible.

akir akisir akkord aklamasi aklimatisasi akmal akmil akomodasi akompanimen akonting akor akord akordeon akpol akrab akreditasi akronim aksara aksarawan aksef akselerasi aksen

see AKHIR. battery acid. see AKORD. acclamation. acclimatization. (Rel.) utterly perfect (of God). (Akademi Militer) Military (Army) Academy. accommodations. accompaniment. accounting. see AKUR. harmonic chords. /akordion/ accordion. (Academi Kepolisian) Police Academy. intimate, chummy. accreditation. acronym. 1 letter of the alphabet, 2 script. o. who is literate. (aksi sefihak) unilateral action. acceleration. accent.

aksentuasi aksep akseptable akseptor aksesori aksi aksioma aksiomatis akta akte aktentas aktif

1 (Ling.) accentuating. 2 accent, stress. 3 emphasis, stress. an IOU, promissory note. acceptable. acceptor, esp. o. who has agreed to practice birth control. /aksessory/ accessory. 1 action. 2 lawsuit. 3 boasting, bragging. 4 pretense, airs. 5 handsome, attractive (of apparel, behavior, etc). axiom. axiomatic. 1 official document. 2 diploma, certificate. see AKTA. briefcase. 1 active, energetic. 2 (Ling.) active (verb, etc). 3 functioning. 4 favorable.

akting aktip aktir aktiva aktivis aktivitas aktor aktris aktual aktualisasi aktualisir aktualitas aktuil aku akuaduk akuan akuarel akuarium akuisme akulturasi akumulasi akumulatif akuntan akuntansi akunting akupungtur akur akuran akurat akustik akustis akut akwal

1 o. temporarily in charge. 2 o. who assumes responsibility. see AKTIF. see AKTOR. (Fin.) assets. activist. /aktivitet/ activity. actor. actress. see AKTUIL. actualization. actualize, bring up to date. timeliness, topicality. recent, topical, current. 1. I (familiar, intimate). 2. see AKI1. aqueduct. 1 confession, admission. 2 genie, spirit. aquarelle. aquarium. egocentricity, self-centeredness acculturation. accumulation. accumulative. accountan. accountancy. see AKONTING. /akupunktur/ acupuncture. agree to do, go along with. muttually agree. accurate, precise, exact. /akustika/ acoustics. acoustic. acute, critical (crisis, illness, etc.). (Lit.) words, speech.

al al-masih al-qur’an ala alah alaihissalam alaikum’salam alal-bihalal alam alamat alami alan-alan alang alang-alang alap alarm alas alat album ale alegori alegoris alegro aleksander alem alergi alesduk alfabet alfabetis alfatihah algojo algoritme alhamdu alhamdulillah alhasil ali-ali ali-baba aliansi alias alibi alif alih

(antara lain) among others. the Messiah. the Koran. 1 in the style (of). 2 (alaah) exclamation of exasperation. 1 defeated, beaten, conquered. 2 see ALA2 (Islam) Upon him be peace (used after mention of o. of the prophets other than Muh.) (Islam) Peace be unto you (said as a response to assalam alaikum). see HALAL-BIHALAL. 1. 1) world, realm. 2) nature, natural. 2. (Islam) be more knowledgeable.3. banner, standard. 1 address. 2 omen, sign, indication. 3 target. 4 title (of a book). /alamiah/ natural, concerned with nature. comedian, jokester. 1 middle, medium. 2. 1) crosswise, diagonal. 2) crossbeam, bar. meng-alangkan place s.t. athwart. 3. see HALANG. tall, coarse grass. 1. alap-alap 1) hawk. 2) thief. 2 nice, attractive, handsome. / alarem/ alarm, danger signal. 1. 1)base, foundation. 2 layer, lining, convering. 2. (Java) forest. 1. 1) instrument, tool, device, equipment. 2). organization. 3) (Fin.) asset. 4) bodily organ. 2. 1) guest. 2) feast, party. album. (Ambon) you (respectful). allegory. allegorical allegro. topaz. spoiled, pampered. allergy, allergic. scarf. alphabet. alphabetical. (Islam) first chapter of Qur’an recited every prayer time and before praying for dead (esp. at burial), etc. 1 executioner, hangman. 2 bully. 3 butcher, murderer. algorithm. (Islam) 1 first word of the alfatihah. 2 the alfatihah. (Islam) Praise be to God (us. said in thanksgiving). 1 eventually, in the end. 2 consequently, in sum, the result. man’s ring. Ali-Baba alliance. 1 i.e., namely, in other words. 2 otherwise called. alibi. first letter of the Arabic alphabet. shift, change position.

alihbahasa alik alim alimentasi aliminium alinea aling alir aliran

/alihbasa/ translation. see ULANG. 1 learned. 2 pious, religious, devout. alimony. see ALUMINIUM. paragraph. 1 aling-aling shelter, protective cover. 2 mechanical bearing. 1. ideology. 2. smooth. 3. a line with live bait (to catch crocodiles). 1 current. 2 current, trend, ideology. 3 political grouping, religious sect. 4 school of learning, scholarly tradition. 5 pipeline. 6 conduit, wiring.

alis alit aliterasi aliyah aljabar aljasair aljir alkali alkisah alkitab alkitabiah alkohol alku alkuran alkus all round all-in allah allahumma allamah alm. almahdi almaktub almalun almanak almarhum almarhumah almari alofon alokasi alokir alomorf alon-alon alot alpa alpabet

eyebrow. see TALI. alliteration. (Islam) senior high school. algebra. /Aljazair/ Algeria. Algiers. (Chem.) alkali. /alkissah/ 1 the story. 2 once upon a time. the Bible. biblical. alcohol. (Coll.) pimp, procurer. see AL-QUR’AN. (Zod.) Sagittarius. (Coll.) diverse capabilities, versatile. (Coll.) everything included, complete. God. (Islam) O God (in prayers and Koranic recitations). (Lit.) very learned. (almarhum) the late, the deceased. (Islam) the Messiah (of the Last Judgment). (Rel.) Holy Book. (Lit.) the damned. 1 almanac. 2 calendar. 1 the late, the deceased. 2 pass away. the late, the deceased (of women). see LEMARI. (Ling.) allophone. allocation. allocate. (Ling.) allomorph. 1. (Java) slow, slowly. 2. see ALUN-ALUN. 1 tought (of meat). difficult. neglectful, inattentive. see ALFABET.

alpaka alpukat alri altar alternasi alternatif alto altruis altruisme altruistis altur alu alum aluminium alumni alun alun-alun alunan alur alus aluwung alveolar am ama amah amal amaliah aman amanah amandel amandemen amandir amang amar amarah amat amatir amb ambah ambah-ambah ambai ambai-ambai

k.o. alloy. see ADVOKAT2. (Angkatan Laut Republik Indonesia) Indonesian Navy. altar. alternation. alternative. alto. altruist. altruism. altruistic. (Zod.) Taurus. rice pestle. faded, wilted, withered. aluminum. alumnus, alumna. wave, swell. town square. alunan 1. 1) gully, channel 2) plot (of a story). 3) slot, groove. 4) space. 2. hold a discussion. see HALUS. (Java) preferable. alveolar. 1 general, ordinary, common. 2 universal. 1 see HAMA. 2. (Jakarta) see SAMA. (in some regions only) female Ch servant. 1 deed, work. 2 good deed, charity. charitable. 1 peaceful, calm. 2 safe, secure. /amanat/ 1 trusteeship, mandate. 2 intruction, mandate, commission. 3 (Mil.) order of the day. 4 speech, message. 1 almond. 2 tonsil. amendment. amend. threat. (Lit.) injunction, command (esp. of God). amar-an order, charge, injunction. (Lit.) anger. 1 very, exceedingly. 2. 1) watch closely, keep track of. 2) inspect. 3) monitor, guard. amateur. (Abri Masuk Desa) policy of military personnel participating in village development projects. trade, handicraft. plague, pest. scoop net. k.o. sea crab.

ambal ambang ambar ambasadir ambeg-parama-arta ambeien ambek

1. carpet. 2. ambal-an 1) procession. 2) troops. 1. 1) threshold, sill. 2) railroad tie. 2. float. 1. 1) ambergris. 2) amber. 2. see HAMBAR. /ambasador, ambasadur/ ambassador. (Java) first things first. hemorrhoids, piles. pout, be unwilling to move, work, or take part. ambek-an tending to sulk.

ambekan ambelas ambeles amben

breath, breathe. see AMBLAS. see AMBLES. 1 sash worn with woman’s sarong. 2 wooden or bamboo platform for sleeping. see AMBROL. see AMBRUK. 1 diaper. 2 swaddling clothes. 3 bindings, bandage. the prophets (plural of nabi). ambiguous. ambiguity. (Call., M) see AMBIL. take. ambil-alih take over. 1 strap, sling. 2 see AMBEN2. udder. ambition. ambitious. ambivalent. ambivalence. disappear, vanish. /amblek/ give way, collapse (of a bridge, etc.). mire, bog down, sink in mud. ambles-an (geol.) subsidence. hey ! (exclamation of surprise or sympathy). arrogant, haughty. untidy, messy. strong-smelling. (Coll.) sweetheart. indescribable, unheard of. 1 collapse (esp. of flat surfaces), sag. 2 be destroyed. collapse (houses, buildings). fall down. k.o. fish, the bonito. 1 bounce, rebound, ricochet. 2 bob up and down. /ambulans/ ambulance. bounce, soar. (Java) splatter, fall apart. (Java) 1 swarm, gather in large numbers. 2 fall down (of a tree). (Jakarta) see SAMA 1,2. statement uttered when begging. see AMANDEMEN.

amberol amberuk ambet ambia ambigu ambiguitas ambik ambil ambin ambing ambisi ambisius ambivalen ambivalensi amblas ambleg ambles amboi ambok ambrek ambreng ambrin ambring-ambringan ambrol ambruk ambu-ambu ambul ambulan ambung ambyar ambyuk ame amen amendemen

amendir amerika amerikanisasi amerikanisme amfibi amil amin amir amirulmukminin amis amit-amit ammaba’dah ammi amn amnesti amoh amoi amok amonia amor amoralitas amorf amortisasi amour amoy ampai ampai-ampai ampang ampas ampat ampe ampek ampela ampelas ampelop amper ampera ampera amphibi ampir ampiran ampitasi ampiteater ampitir

see AMANDIR. 1 N. or S. America. 2 America, American. Americanization. Americanism. amphibian (vehicle, animal). (Islam) mosque official who collects the tithe. amen. (Lit.) commander, leader (of gvt.). (Islam) caliph. putrid taste or odor of fish. God forbid ! /ammaba’dahu/ and furthermore (used in formal correspondence and speeches). illiterate (Akademi Militer Nasional) National Military Academy. amnesty. (Java) in rags. (in some regions only) form of address and reference to China girl. see AMUK. /amoniak/ ammonia. (Lit.) love. dewi-amor goddess of love. amorality. (Biol.) amorphous. (Econ.) amortization. see AMOR. see AMOI. 1 slim, slender. jellyfish. 1 insipid, tasteless. 2 see EMPANG. waste, dregs. (Jakarta) see EMPAT see SAMPAI. 1 have difficulty breathing. 2 asthma. chicken gizzard. see AMPLAS1,2. see AMPLOP. 1 (Madura) porch, veranda. 2 . 1) (Elec.) ampere. 2 electric meter. (Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat) Message of the People’s Suffering (Soekarnoera slogan). (Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat) Message of the People’s Suffering (Soekarnoera slogan). /ampibi/ (Coll.) see AMFIBI. see HAMPIR. (Java) stopping-off place. see AMPUTASI. amphitheater. meng-ampitir amputate.

amplas amplasemen ampli amplop ampo amprok ampu ampuh ampul ampun amput amputan amputasi amputir amra amril ams

1 fig tree. 2 sandpaper. see EMPLASEMEN. /amplifayer/ amplifier. envelope. k.o. red medicinal clay for stomach upsets. meet, run into. 1 support, prop up .2 see EMPU. 1 1) endowed with magical power. 2) potent, efective (of medicine). 2. flood, overflow, inundation. 1 (Med.) ampul. 2 swell, expand. 1 pardon, forgiveness. 2 mercy. (Java, Vulg.) have sexual intercourse . 1 female genitalia. 2 mistress. amputation. see AMPITIR. k.o. mango. 1 sandpaper. 2 emery board or paper. (Algemene Middelbare School) k.o upper secondary school (colonial era).

amsal amsiong amtenar amtenarisme amuba amubawi amuk amukan amunisi ana

1 proverb. 2 parable. 3 (Bib) Proverbs. (China) internal injury. government official. officialism, bureaucratism. amoeba. amoebic. 1 go berserk, run amuck. 2 rage violently. 1 fight. 2 uncontrolled raging. ammunition. (Jakarta, used by those of Arab descent or educated in Islam schools) I.

anafora anaforis anak

anaphora. anaphoric. 1 child. 2 offspring. 3 native of. 4 member of a group. 5 dependent, sub, smaller variant, accessory of. 6 term of address to a child (most often as nak). (Lit.) 1 Child, son (respectful, use mostly in letters with the meaning I or you). 2 familiar form of address to young people. anachronism. analyst, analyzer. analysis, examination. analyst. analyze. analysis. analytic. analyst. analytical. analog.

anakanda anakronisme analis analisa analisawan analisir analisis analitik analitikus analitis analog

analogi anam ananda anarkhis anarki anarkis anarkisme anasir anatomi anbia ancai ancak ancak-ancak ancam ancar-ancar ancoa ancuk anda andai andak andal andalan andalas andam

analogy. see ENAM. see ANAKANDA. 1 anarchic. 2 anarchist. anarchy. see ANARKHIS. anarchism. element. anatomy. see AMBIA. disabled (of a ship). 1 bamboo stand or container for offerings to spirits. 2 rack, shelf. indifferent, casual, nonchalant. say s.t. threatening. /ancer-ancer/ 1 estimate. 2 target date, time, or amount. (China) How’s it going ? (Java, Vulg.) copulate. you (common in newspapers and journals, and sometimes used in speech as a neutral form). if. andai-nya supposing or suppose that. 1 (Naut.) reef, take in ( a sail). 2 limit, restrict, decrease. 1 rely on. 2 trade on. 1 mainstay. 2 security, pledge. 3 chief seat (at national or territorial level).

ande andel andeng-andeng andepi anderak anderok andewi andi andil andon andong

(Lit.) Sumatra. 1. 1) trim o’s hair or beard neatly. 2) have a hairstyle that requires care. 2. lock up. 3 (M) grave. torch. 1 (Jakarta) mole, birthmark. 2 (Naut.) yardarm. (Java) able to be humble. k.o. cake. 1 explain in great detail, give a long-winded account. andar-an protracted account, explanation. 2 see MATI. see HANDAI, ANDAI. see ANDAL. see ANDANG-ANDANG. see ANDEWI. elephant pit. slip, petticoat. endive. title of nobility in S. Sulawesi. 1 (Fin.) share. 2 contribution. see ANDUN. four-wheeled carriage drawn by two horses common in Central Java.

anduk andukan

1. 1) hold up high in a strap. 2) hold. 2. see HANDUK. 1) support, prop. 2) sling.

andang andang-andang andap andapita andar

andun andunan andung ane aneh aneka anekdot aneksasi anem anemer anemi anestesi anestesiologi anfal ang angah angan angan-angan angcui angel anget angga anggak anggal anggap anggapan anggar anggaran anggauta angger anggerek anggit angglap anggota anggrek anggrekwan angguk anggul anggun anggung

go to. outsider. (Medan) grandmother. (Jakarta) see ANA. strange, queer, peculiar. various, diverse, all sorts of. /anekdote/ anecdote. annexation. see ENAM. building contractor. anemia. anesthesia. anesthesiology. (Coll.) 1 attack. 2 heart attack. (M) you (when addressing males). see ENGA2. 1 thought, notion, idea. 2 chimera, illusion. 1 thought, notion, idea. 2 fantasy, illusion, day dreaming. k.o. red China liquor. (Java) 1 difficult. 2 strange, unusual. see HANGAT. tine, branch of antler. conceited, arrogant, haughty. 1 light, insignificant. 2 slack, light. 3 lightly loaded (of a ship). 1 opinion. 2 (Lit.) nod the head to invite another to join in dancing or drinking. 1. 1) opinion, belief. 2) judgment. 3) suspicion, hunch, impression. 2. such an invitation (by a nod) to dance or drink. 1 estimate, calculate, compute. 2 (Sport) fencing. 3. 1) (Av.) hangar. 2) shed, warehouse (at harbor). 3 quay. estimate, calculation, consideration. see ANGGOTA. fixed (of prices). /anggerik/ see ANGGREK. 1 lace, thread, string (shoes, etc.) 2 fasten or secure with rattan (for thatching). 3 composed, draft. (Coll.) 1 embezzle (money). 2 steal (goods). 3 default, welsh (on debts). 1 member. 2 member, limb. 3 part, component. orchid. orchid grower or enthusiast. nodding of head (to indicate agreement or due to dozing). the head, tip upward. 1 neat, hansome. elegant (of building or appearance). 2 affected, pretentious. 3 haughty. lift, raise.

anggur anggut anghun angin angin – anginan angina angit angka angkar angkara angkasa angkasawan angkasawati angkat angkel angker angket angkin angkit angklung angkong angkong-angkong angkota angkringan angku angkuh angkup angkut angkut-angkut angkuta anglap angler angler – angleran anglisisme anglo anglong angon angonan angop angot

1. 1) be unemployed, be idle. 2) lie idle. 2. slip. cutting (of plants). 3. 1) grape. 2) wine. 1 nod due to drowsiness. 2 move erratically, pitch (of a ship). (China) k.o. tobacco. 1 wind. 2 air. 3 rumor. blow hot and cold, fickle, be capricious. tonsilitis. odor of burnt rice or bread. 1 figure, numeral, digit. 2 rate. 3 mark, grade. see ANGKER. (Lit.) 1 greedy (for power, wealth, position). 2 egotistical, self-centered. 3 brutal violence, savagery. 1 sky. 2 heaven, firmament. 3 atmosphere. 1 spaceman, astronaut. 2 broadcaster, announcer. 1 spacewoman, female astronaut. 2 female broadcaster, announcer. 1 lift, raise. 2 take away, remove (esp. in petty commerce). 3 (in set phrases) begin to do s.t. pocket money given to a military recruit. 1. 1) eerie (esp. of haunted places). 2) (Coll.) terrible. 2. 1) anchor. 2 motor armature. 1 inquiry, poll. 2 questionnaire. (China) cloth waistband, sash worn by women. remove hot pans or coals from the fire. musical instrument consisting of suspended bamboo tubes which sound when shaken. k.o. gambling game with three cards. sit idly, do no work. see ANGKUTA. (Java) long carrying pole with hampers on either end. see ENGKU. 1 arrogant, conceited. 2. form, appearance. tweezers. angkup-angkup 1 valve. 2 tweezers. 1 carry, transport. 2 carry away. 3 contain. k.o. wasp. (Angkutan Kota) gvt. organized small vehicle transportation systems in small urban centers. see ANGGLAP. 1 pleasant. 2 smooth. 3 quiet, tranquil. calm, content. anglicism. brazier. 1 terrace. 2 speak in a confused manner. (Java) graze cattle. livestock. (Java) a yawn. 1 have a relape, become angry or ill again. 2 be delirious.


(China) gift of money in a red envelope (esp. at China weddings, New Year).

angsa angsana angsio angsu angsur angus angut ani ani-ani aniaya aniem

goose. k.o. tree. (China) red-braised cooking. (Java) draw water. 1 little by little. 2 move forward a little. 3 in installments. see HANGUS. 1 nap, doze. 2 fritter o.’s time away. wooden device of loom where warp fits. small palm-held reaping knife for cutting rice stalks. 1 ill treatment. 2 tyranny, oppression. 3 injustice. /Arim/ (Algemene Nederlandsch Indisch Electriciteit Maatschappij) electricy (company) (esp. of colonial era). animist. animism. 1 zest, energy, gusto. 2 interest. k.o. large wasp or bee. (Chem.) negatively charged ion. anise, anisette. spoiled, pampered. thrust, push, shove. 1 bounce, rebound. 2 elastic, springy, resilient. 1 k.o. sea fish, the gurnard. 2 small trellis of split bamboo, lattice. field trip,study tour. a visit of a high official to the field for inspection or to another country.

animis animisme animo aning-aning anion anis anja-anja anjak anjal anjang-anjang anjangkarya anjangsana anjar anjiman anjing anjing-anjing anjir anjlog anju anjung anjur

anchor. (Lit.) merchant ship of the Brithis E. Indian Company. 1 dog. 2 (Derog.) despicable fellow. k.o. tree. k.o. tree. 1 descend rapidly, plummet. 2 shift rapidly. attempt, running start. 1 extension, annex (often an enclosed veranda). 2 ship’s bridge. 3 (R.R.) platform (of coach). 1. 1) stick out, jut out, protrude. 2) move on or toward. 2. withdraw.

anjuran anm. annemer annuitet ano anoa anoda anom anom

1 proposal, suggestion. 2 recommendation, advice. (Anumerta) posthumous. see ANEMER. see ANUITET. see ANU. /anoang/ (Sulawesi) dwarf buffalo. anode. (Java) young. (Java) young.

anomali anomi anonim anonimitas anonser anotasi ansambel ansar

anomaly. anomie anonymous. /anonimitet/ anonymity announcer. annotation. ensemble. /ansor/ (Islam) Muh.’s followers in Medina when he departed Mecca.

ansur ant. anta antagonis antagonisme antagonistis antah antakusuma antam antamer antan antap antar antar-antar antara

see ANGSUR. (Antara) Indonesian News Agency. see ANTAH2. antagonist. antagonism. antagonistic. 1 rice chaff, bran. 2 ber-antah fabled, imaginary. 3 see ENTAH. see BAJU. see HANTAM. /antamir/ undertake, tackle. rice pestle. 1 calm, quiet. 2 see ANTEP. 1 accompany. 2. inter-antar (used in compounds). 1 rotor. 2 piston rod. 1 between. 2 in, about (of time). 3 not far from. 4 in the meanwhile.

antarabangsa antarbangsa antari antariksa antariksawan antariksawati antartika antarvokal anteb antedatering antedatir antek antelas antem antena anteng antep anter antere antero anteseden

see ANTARBANGSA. international. see Baju. 1 (outer) space, interplanetary space. 2 planetary atmosphere. astronaut, cosmonaut. female astronaut or cosmonaut. antarctic. (Ling.) intervocalic. see ANTEP. retroactive dating. date s.t. retroactively. (Coll.) henchman, lackey see KAIN. see HANTAM. /antene/ antenna, aerial. (Java) 1 calm, quiet. 2 being quiet and sticking to o.’s work. (Java) heavy, solid, massive. see ANTAR1. /anteri/ see ANTRE. whole, all, total, entire. antecedent.


antih antik antiklin antilop antimon antimon anting anting-anting antipati antipoda antisemit antiseptis antisipasi antisipir antitesa antologi antonim antonimi antrasit antre antropolog antropologi antuk antul antun antung-antung antup antusias antusiasme anu anuang anugerah anuitet anulir anumerta anut anyal anyam anyaman anyang anyar

1 be opposed to. 2 anti-, resistant to. anti-biotika antibiotic. anti-gemuk nonfattening. anti-karat stainless (steel), rustproof. anti-peluru/pelor invulnerable to bullets. anti-perang antiwar. spin. 1. 1) antique. 2) ornate, higly embellished (furnishings, etc.). 3 eccentric. 2. 1) lively. 2) cute (esp. of children). (Geol.) anticline. antelope. /antimonium/ antimony. /antimonium/ antimony. anting-anting 1 pendant, earring. 2 pendulum of clock. drongo bird. antiphaty. /antipode/ 1 antipodes. 2 wholly opposite (of individuals). anti-Semite antiseptic. anticipation. meng-antisipir anticipate. /antitese, antitesis/ antithesis. anthology. antonym. antonymy. anthracite. /antri/ stand in line, queue up. anthropologist. anthropology. 1 come in contact with, touch. 2 see KANTUK. bounce, rebound (of a ball). see ORANG. hanging holder for earthen jugs. sting. enthusiastic. enthusiasm. 1 whatchumacallit, what’s-his-name (hesitation form). 2 (Math.) unknown quantity. 3 say, by the way. see ANOA. 1 (Rel.) a gift from God. 2 gift from a person of higher status to o. of lower status. annuity. annul, cancel. posthumous. attentive, meek, pliant. 1 peevish, petulant. 2 resentful, annoyed. plait. 1 cane work, plaited mats. 2 plait, tress, braid. k.o. salad of raw meat and shellfish or raw fruit with spices. (Java, Madura) new.

anyelir anyep anyes anyir ap apa apabila apak apakala apal apalagi apalah apam aparat aparatur aparteid apartemen apartheid apas apati apatis apatisme apbn apdeling apdn apdol ape-ape apek apel apem apermut apersepsi apes aphasi api apik apikal apit apitan apium apkir aplikasi aplos aplus apokat

carnation. (Java) 1 bland not salty. 2 clammy, damp. (Java) cold and damp. rancid, rank, smelling of fish oil. (Angkatan Perang) Armed Forces. 1 what, which. 2 a quetion marker. 3 or. 4 eh (hesitation marker, filler word). (Lit.) when (esp. in indirect questions). musty, moldy, sweaty. (Lit.) when (esp. in temporal clauses,). see HAFAL. 1 above all, especially. 2 even less, let alone. 3 moreover, besides. 1 please. 2 what does it amount to ? (Nothing !). k.o. rice flour cake. 1 apparatus, appliance, instrument. 2 institution, agency. apparatus. see APARTHEID. apartment. apartheid. 1 elegant. 2 (coll.) be unlucky, be jinxed. apathy. apathetic apathy. (Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara) national budget. see AFDELING. (Akademi Pemerintahan Dalam Negeri) Civil Service Academy. see AFDAL. k.o. cake made from wheat flour. see APAK. apple. see APAM. see HAVERMUT. apperception. see APAS2. see AFASI. 1 fire. 2 flame, blaze. 3 spirit. 1 neat and nice, trim. 2 attractive, chic. apical. hemmed in, wedged in. 1 clam 2 (elec) terminal 3 press extractor (sugarcane , petroleum) 4 intercalation , interpolation. raw opium. 1 cast off. 2 rejected (for the army). application. 1 relieve, take turns. 2 redeem. 1. applause. 2. see APLOS. see ADVOKAT2.

apolitik apollo-kronco apopleksi aposisi apostolik apostrof apotek apoteker apotik appel apr apr. apra apresiasi apri april apris aprit-apritan apuh apukat apung apuran apus aqidah aqil-balig ara arafah arah arak arakian aral aram-temaram arang arangesemen arangsir aransemen aranser ararat ararut aras arbaa arbab arbei

apolitical. rides at an amusement park. apoplexy. apposition. apostolic. /apostrofe/ apostrophe. pharmacy, dispensary. pharmacist. see APOTEK. see APEL. (Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat) Message of the People’s Suffering (Sukarnoera slogan). (April) April. (Angkatan Perang Ratu Adil) Army of the Just King, a right-wing terrorist group in West Java (about 1950). appreciation. (Angkatan Perang Republik Indonesia) Indonesian Armed Forces. April. (Angkatan Perang Republik Indonesia Serikat). Army of the United States of Indonesia. run pell-mell, run feverishly. wrung dry, squeezed our. see ADVOKAT2. float, buoyed up. gutter,drain, drainage ditch. 1 (Java) deceive, trick. 2 see HAPUS. see AKIDAH. see AKILBALIG. 1 tropical fig tree (several species). 2 plants siilat to ara. (Islam) a desert valley near Mecca which has an important role in hajj ceremonies. 1. 1) direction, course. 2) aim, direction, purpose. 2 see ARA. 1. 1) rice wine, arrack. 2) liquor (esp. brandy, gin). 2. procession. (Lit.) moreover, the next thing in the story. hindrance, obstacle. twilight. charcoal. see ARANSEMEN. see ARANSER. arrangement. /aransir/ 1 arrange. 2 arranger. (Rel.) Ararat, the mountain where Noah’s ark rested. arrowroot. 1.border, limit. aras2, arasy (Rel.) the throne of God. see Rabu. see REBAB. strawberry.

arbitrase arca archeologi arde are areal arek aren arena ares arestasi argometer argumen argumentasi ari ari-ari aria arif arifin arih arik aring ario arip aris arisan aristokrasi aristokrat arit arive arjuna arkais arkaisme arkeolog arkeologi arkeologis arkian arkip arktika arloji armada arnab arnal aroma aromatik

arbitration. statue, image. see ARKEOLOGI. (Elec.) ground. 100 square meters. acreage. (Java) child. sugar palm. arena. (Leg.) arrest. detention, capture. fare-meter (e.g. in taxis). argument, case, plea, reason. argumentation. 1 see ARI-ARI. 2 see ULAR. 3 see kulit. 4 see HARI. 1 abdomen. 2 placenta. 1. 1) title of nobility. 2 the Aryan race. 2. aria. 1 learned. 2 wise, clever, skillful. 3 capable. (Lit.) intelligent person. hold out, extend. insomnia 1. 1)trap, snarl. 2) lasso. 2. odor of urine. see ARIA. see ARIF. 1 hem. 2 edge, border (of sail, etc.). regular social gathering whose members contribute to and take turns at winning an aggregate sum of money. aristrocracy. aristocrat. 1 sicle. 2 knife for tapping rubber trees. 3 grass knife. established, attained a position. 1 the chief hero of the Mahabharata, known for his martial and sexual prowess. 2 plaboy, womanizer. 3 handsome man. archaic. archaism. archaeologist. archaeology archaeological. see ARAKIAN. see ARSIP. see ARTIKA. timepiece, watch. fleet. rabbit, hare. hairpin, stickpin for the hair. aroma. aromatic.

aromatis aron arona arpus arrahman arransir arrive arrohim arsen arsip arsiparis arsir

aromatic. half-cooked rice. sun. resin, rosin for violin bows. (Islam) the Merciful (i.e. God, esp. in prayers or sermons). see ARANSER. see ARIVE. (Islam) the Benevolent O. (i.e. God, esp. in sermons). /arsenikum/ arsenic. 1 archives. 2 files. 1 archivist. 2 file clerk. shade in (a drawing). arsir-an hatching (in sketching), shaded-in area.

arsitek arsitektur arsitekturil arso art arta artawan artesis arti artifisial artika artikel artikulasi artikulator artileri artis artistik arts aru aruan aruh arum-dalu arum-manis arun arung arus arwah arya aryaduta as as.

architect. architecture. architectural. (Java) front of an exalted person. (Anggaran Rumah Tangga) rules of association. see HARTA. see HARTAWAN. artesian. 1 meaning. 2 sense. 3 significance, importance. /artifisiil/ artificial. arctic. 1 article, clause. 2 article, column. 3 (Ling.) article. articulation. (Ling.) articulator. 1 artillery, ordinance. 2 artillery, gunners. artist. artistic. (Coll.) physician. Buginese title. see HARUAN. see PENGARUH. k.o. night-blooming flower. cotton candy. stir, mix in. wade across, across. 1. 1) current. 2) flow. 2. see HARUS. soul, departed spirit. see ARIA 1. (Lit.) ambassador. 1. 1) axle. 2 axis. 2. (Crd.) ace. (alaihissalam) Peace be with him (uttered after mention of minor prophet).

asa asabat

hope. 1 nerve. 2 sinew, muscle.

asad asada asah asah,asih,asuh asai asak asal

asali asaliah asam asap asar asas asasi asbak asbes asbun asbut ase asean aseli asem asembling asemblir asep asesanti asese asesori asetilen asfal ashadu asi asia asih asik asimetri asimetris asimilasi asimot asimptot asimut asin asing

(Zod.) Leo. Buddhist holiday commemorating Siddharta’s first sermon after being enlightened. grind down (teeth or gem). (Java) a teacher’s slogan : teach, love, care for. muldered, mildewed. 1 move, budge. 2 cram, jam. 1. 1) origin, source. 2) beginning, cause. 2. 1) provided that, as long as. 2) do s.t. for no good reason other than just to do it. 3) just be able to do the most important, basic thing and no more. 1 original, primary. 2 ancient. 3 of good family, wellborn. see ASALI. 1 sour. 2 acid. 3. k.o. tree, tamarind 1 smoke. 2 fumes. 3 smoked. 1 (Islam) afternoon prayer (about four p.m.). 2 period between three and four p.m. 1 basis, principle.. 2 foundation, base. fundamental, basic. ashtray. asbestos. (asal bnyi) speak without forethought. (asap kabut) smog. 1. k.o. curry soup with meat. 2. (air conditioner) air conditioner. (Association of South East Asian Nations) ASEAN. see ASLI. see ASAM. assembling, assembled. assemble. see ASAP. (Java) utter a slogan. approved, agreed. accesories. acetylene. see ASPAL 1. see ASYHADU ANLA ILA HA ILLALLAH. (Air Susu Ibu) mother’s milk. Asia. 1 see ASAH ASIH ASUH. 2. see MAHAASIH. see ASYIK. asymmetry. asyimmetric. assimilation. see AZIMUT. (Math.) asymptote. see AZIMUT. 1 salty. 2 salty, briny. 1 strange, foreign, alien. 2 odd. 3 remote, isolate. 4 different.

asisten asitilen askar asli asma asma asmara asmaragama asnowo aso asoi asonansi asor asosiasi asoymasoy aspal

1 assistant. assistant in a university. see ASETILEN. see LASKAR. 1 original. 2 genuine, authentic. 3 indigenouse, native, authochthonous. 4 aboriginal, primitive. 5 innate, inborn 1 name (esp. of God). 2. asthma.) 1 name (esp. of God). 2. asthma.) romantic love. (Java) the art of sexual relations. (Asli Cino Jowo) (Derog.) Javanese Chinese. (Coll.) rest, take a break. /asoii/ 1 passionate, hot. 2 wonderful, super. 3 be absorbed in s.t. assonance. (Java) lowly. association. see ASOI. 1 asphalt. 2 (asli palsu) (Humorous) s.t. that looks original but is falsified.

asparaga aspek aspektual asperges,asperjis aspiran aspirasi aspirat asprak aspri asrafil asrakal asrama asri assalam’alaikum

k.o. vine used in floral arrangements. aspect. aspectual. asparagus. aspirant, candidate. aspiration. (Ling.) aspirate. (Coll.) appointment. (Asisten Pribadi) personal assistant. see ISRAFIL. a ceremonial meal. 1 dormitory, hostel, residence hall. 2 barracks. 1 beautiful. 2 harmoniously chic. (Islam) Peace be unto you (a greeting). – warahmatullohi wabarakatuh (Islam) Peace be to you and Allah’s mercy and blessing as well.

assembling asset assoi assumsi assyooi astaga astaganaga astagfirullah,astagh-firullah

see ASEMBLING. (economic) assets. see ASOI. see ASUMSI. see ASOI. Heaven forbid, For heaven’s sake. (Sl.) gee whiz !. astaghfirullahal’azim (Islam) May God forgive me ! (uttered when o. is shocked by immoral behavior). see BALAI 1. 1 octagon. 2 polygon. see ISTANA. (Asia Tenggara) S.E. Asia.

astaka astakona astana asteng

aster astrolog astrologi astronaut astronautika astronomi astronomis astronot astronotik asu asuh asuhan asumsi asung asuransi asusila asut aswo asyar asyhadu-an-la-ila-ha-illallah

asyik asyoi asyura at atak atal atap atar atas atase atau ataukah atawa ateis ateisme atensi athan ati atlas atlet

see BUNGA. astrologer. astrology. astronaut. astronautics. astronomy. astronomical, celestial. see ASTRONAUT. see ASTRONAUTIKA. (Java) dog ! bastard ! 1 care for, take care of, rear, bring up (a child). 2 educate, bring up. 3 train, prepare. 4 maintain, lend support to. 1 upbringging,rearing 2 education 3 leadership,direction 4 sponsorship . assumption. (M) incite, stir up. 1 insurance. 2 insurance payment or installment. 3 insurance payment received. immoral. see HASUT. (asli Jowo) authentic Javanese. see ASAR. (Islam) 1 the first part of the confession of the faith. 2 I testify there is no God but Allah (an exclamation of astonishment upon hearing or seeing s.t. forbidden by religion). 1 passionate. 2 be infatuated. 3 busy, occupied. 4 absorbed, eager. see ASOI. (Islam) 10th day of Muharram, which commemorates Muh.’s grandsons Hassan and Hussein, Day of Atonement. (Asia Tenggara) S.E. Asia. k.o. three-wheeled vehicle similar to the bemo. (Atase Angkatan Laut) naval attache. 1 thatched roof of palm leaves. 2 roof. k.o. perfume. 1 on, upon, on top of. 2 upper. 3 above, upstairs. 4 over (an amount), in addition. attache. or. 1 or (in questions). 2 whether. (Coll.) see ATAU. atheis. ke-ateis-an atheism. atheism. attention. (Atase Pertahanan) defense attache. see HATI. atlas. athlete.

atletik atlit atma atmil atmosfera, atmosfir atol atom atomisasi atop atos atraksi atret atribut atributif atsiri atu, atud atuh atung atur au aubade audiensi audio-visuil audisi audit audubillahi, auzubillahi auk aula aulia aum aung aur aurat auri auriol aus australi, australia. aut autarki autentik auto autobiografi automatis autonomi autoped

athletics. see ATLET. (Lit.) 1 breath (yoga exercises). 2 soul. (Atase Militer) military attache. atmosphere. (Geog.) atoll. atom. atomization. burp, belch. hard. attraction. (Coll.) back up, go in reverse. attribute. (Ling.) attributive. volatile. (Atase Udara) air attache. (Sunda) oh, hey. see KATUNG. arrange. exclamation of pain or amazement. solemn evening ceremony of taking down the flag. audience (with royalty, etc.). audiovisual. audition. audit. (Islam) I take refuge in God, my God protect me (uttered when o. is shocked by immoral or impious behavior). meng-auk-auk 1 bark (of a dog). 2 caw, cackle. hall, auditorium. (Islam) saints, pious personages. 1 roar (of lion or tiger). 2 raging (of storm). see RAUNG. 1 k.o. thin bamboo. 2 see AWUR1. 1 (Islam) part of the body which may not be visible while performing a ritual. 2 genitals. (Angkatan Udara Republik Indonesia) Indonesian Air Force. halo. 1 worn-out, threadbare. 2 worn down (of a knife, etc.). Australia. (Sport) out. economic self-sufficiency. see OTENTIK. see OTO 1. autobiography. see OTOMATIS. see OTONOMI. see OTOPET.

autopsi autorisasi avgas aviasi avigas avontir avontirir avontur avonturir avonturisme avtur awa awahama awahidrat awahutan awak awal awam awan awang-awang awangan awas awe, awe-awe awet, awit awloh awur

autopsy. see OTORISASI. (aviation gasoline) aviation. see AVGAS. see AVONTUR. adventurer. adventure. see AVONTIRIR. adventurism. (Aviation Turbo Fuel) airplane fuel. negating prefix used in formal neologisms. meng-awahama-kan disinfect, sterilize. peng-awahidrat-an dehydration. meng-awahutan-kan deforest. 1 body, self. 2 crewman, crewwoman. 3 I, my. 4 (Sumatra) Minangkabau. 5 you, your. 1 beginning. 2 beginning, initial. 3 first, early. 1 common, general. 2 lay, nonexpert. 1 cloud. 2 cloudlike decoration. 1 atmosphere. 2 up in the air, uncertain, far off. 3 dizzy. impromptu, extemporaneous. 1 careful, watch out. 2 sharp-sighted, far-sighted. 3 (Sport) get set ! (Java) wave (hand). durable, lasting. see ALLAH. 1 meng-awur scatter, sow. 2 (me)ng-awur do s.t. at random, blindly.

awut awut – awutan

(me)ng-awut do s.t. blindly, carelessly. 1 tangled (of rope, thread, etc.). 2 tousled (of hair). 3 chaotic, haphazard.


part of a license plate number given to vehicles not paying import duties.

ay. ayah ayahanda ayak ayak-ayak ayal ayam ayan ayaran ayat aye ayem ayeng

(ayat) verse (of the Korea, Bible), article (of a law, etc.). father, as a term of adress, us, yah. father (used in letters). sieve, sifter. 2 o. who wobbles or waddles. k.o. insect with long legs us. found on top of water. 1 slow. 2 doubtful. chiken. ayam-aduan fighting cock. 1. epilepsy. 2. 1 tin. 2 tin can. (tukang) pickpocket. 1 (Rel.) verse. 2 (Leg.) article, subsection. 3 clause. 4 paragraph. (Jakarta) I. (Java) calm, assured. ayaeng-ayeng-an 1 go here and there. 2 go around in circles, accomplishing little or nothing.

ayer ayo, ayoh, ayok. ayom ayu ayub ayubagya ayuh ayuhai ayun ayunda ayut azab azal azali azam azamat azan azas azasi azimat azimut aziz azmat azza-wa-jalla b b’ masin b.i., b.i. b/l ba ba’ baal bab baba babad babah babak

babakan baban babang babar babar-pisan

see AIR. 1 come on ! 2 goodbye. protected, sheltered. pretty, beautiful. 1 (Islam) o. of the propthets. 2 (Bib.) Job. meng-ayubagya celebrate. see AYO. (Lit.) an exclamation. swing, sway. (Java) elder sister (respectful), esp. in letters. (Vulg.) meng-ayut fornicate. torment, punishment. 1 endless past, eternity without beginning. 2 see AJAL. see ASALI. 1 highly respected. 2 intention. see AZMAT. (Islam) call to prayer. see ASAS. see ASASI. 1. 1 amulet, charm, talisman. 2 mascot. 2. see AZMAT. (Astr.) azimuth. 1 enormous, great. 2 awe-inspiring. extraordinary, fantastic. (Islam) to whom belongs glory and majesty (in reference to God). b, the 2d letter of the alphabet. city of Banjarmasin. (bulan ini) this month, instant. (bill of lading) 1 name of the 2d letter of the Arabic alphabet. 2 tanpa bilang ba-dan bu without uttering a sound, without warning. see BAK1. without feeling, asleep (of foot, leg). 1 chapter (of book). 2 matter, subject, topic. 3 gate, door. 1. 1 father (form of address). 2 older man. 2. see BABAH, ALI BABA. history, chronicle. 1 elderly Indonesian-born China man. 2 title for elderly China (as aterm of address, us. bah). 1. 1 stage, phase. 2 (Sport) round, heat, period. 3 (Thea.) act. 4 stanza. 2. babak-belur/bundas black and blue (from a beating or accident), skinned and bruised. bark (of tree). see BEBAN. gaping (of mouth, wound, abyss). mem-babar spread, unfurl. (Java) completely.

babat babe babi babil babinsa

1mem-babat clear away, cut through (jungle,grass, etc.). 2. mem-babat-kan give a blow, strike with s.t. 3 see BEBAT. (Jakarta) 1 boss. 2 see baba 1. 1 pig, hog, pork. 2 swine (term of abuse). 3 (Crd.) a card suit in ceki. quarrelsome. ber-babil squabble, quarrel. (Bintara Pembina Desa) noncommissioned law enforcement officer posted in villages and wards and affiliated with the civilian administration.

babit babon babtis babu babut baca

mem-babit-kan invole, implicate s.o. 1 (Java) (laying hen. 2 original (text), master copy. see BAPTIS. (Derog.) female domestic servant. rug, carpet. mem-baca 1 read. 2 recite or chant (holy text, prayer, magic formula, etc.).

bacak bacam bacang

1 moistened, wet. 2 soft from moisture, water-soaked. mem-bacam impregnate. 1 (China) preparation of glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, shaped into a diamond, filled with meat, and steamed. 2 see EMBACANG.

bacar baccalaureat bacek bacem bacet baciluk bacin back backing backingisme bacok bacot bacul bada

garrulous, talkative. see BAKALOREAT. see BACAK. steeped prior to cooking. see MACAT. see MAIN. 1 odor of s.t. retten or spoiled. 2 rotten smelling. see BEK1. see beking. see BEKINGISME. a jab (with sharp instrument). 1 snout. 2 (Derog.) mouth. 1 spiritless. 2 lacking spunk, cowardly. 1 (Lit.) tak ter-bada-bada beyond words, inexpressible. 2 see BAKDA.


1. 1 sudden storm. 2 hurricane, typhoon, gale. 2. ter-badai be stretched out on the sofa. 1 rhinoceros. 2 o. oblivious to implied or overt critism, a thick-skinned person. representative, subsitute, assistant. almond. 1 body. 2 torso. 3 body, group, agency. 4 corporation. large sieve, winnower. physical, bodily. 1. 1 k.o. fish. 2 term for side dishes of meat or fish. 2. full moon. 3. k.o. crystal. Bedouin.

badak badal badam badan badang badani,badaniah badar badawi

badeg,badek badge badi

1. an intoxicant beverage made from fermented cassava, rice, etc. 2 (Java) a guess was right. badge. 1 evil influence (emanating supernaturally from a dead creature). 2 virus.

badik badkuip badminton badog

k.o. small dagger. bathtub. badminton. (Java, Derog.) eat gluttonously. m-badog, nge-badog eat like a dog.

badui baduk badung badut baduta bagadang bagai bagaimana bagak bagal bagan

1 ethnic group in W. Java. 2 see BADAWI. (Java) low wall near gate or doorway where o. can sit. (Jakarta) 1 naughty but witty (of children). 2 naughty, delinquent. clown. (bawah dua tahun) (children) under two. see BEGADANG. 1 like, as if (often used to introduce idioms and proverbs). 1 how. 2 how about it ? dauntless, confident. mule. 1. 1 draft, blueprint, design. 2 skeleton, frame. 3 program or schedule. 4 chart, diagram. 2. k.o. fishing platform. see BEGAP. k.o. curry. 1 robust, sturdy (body). 2 strong (wind). 1 baggage, luggage. 2 luggage rack. 3 (Auto.) trunk. 4 (R.R.) baggage car.

bagap bagar bagas bagasi bagea bagero bagi bagia bagimana baginda bagong

bagor baguk bagur bagus bah bahadur bahaduri bahagi bahagia

(Amb) a brittle cake made of sago flour and coconut or kenari nut. see BAGERO. 1 for. 2 divide. see BAHAGIA. see BAGAIMANA. His Majesty (for royalty). 2 (Islam) a respectful term of reference for Muh. 3 (M) title of nobility. 1. 1) pot-bellied, portly. 2) cumbersome, ponderous. 3 name of a pot-bellied clown in a wayang performance. 2. (Sunda, Jakarta) 1 wild boar. 2 willing sexual partner. k.o. coarse plaitwork of palm leaves. see BEGUK. hulking, ponderous, massive. 1 fine, good. 2 good, exemplary. 1 inundation, flooding. 2 exclamation of disgust or denigration. 3 see BABAH. 1 knight, hero. 2 bold, courageous. heroic, chivalrous, knightly. see BAGI. happy.

bahagian bahagiawan bahak bahala baham bahan bahana bahar bahara bahari bahariwan,bahariawan bahariwati,bahariawati baharu bahas bahasa bahasawan bahasi bahath bahawa bahawasa bahaya bahela bahenol baheula bahkan bahna bahri bahtera bahu bahubahasa bahureksa bahwa bahwasanya baiat baid baiduri baik baikut bait baitul-makdis baitul-mukaddis baitullah

see BAGI. blessed o. 1 burst of laughter. 2 white-bellied sea eagle. see BALA 2. (Anat.) molar. 1 matter, substance, material, cloth. 2 material for producing s.t. 3 object (of criticism, etc.). 1 loud noise, din. 2 echo. 1 large body of water (such as river, sea, large lake). 2 a measure of weight (about 400 lb.). 3 see AKAR. see BARA BAHARA. 1. 1) antique, ancient. 2 charming. 2. maritime, nautical. seaman. female sailor. see BARU 1. 1 research, investigation, study. 2 criticism. 1. 1) language. 2) speech. 3) good manners. 2. that. 3 a little, slightly. linguist. see BAGASI. see BAHAS. see BAHWA. see BAHASA 2. danger, peril, jeopardy see BAHEULA. nicely shaped, sexy, voluptuous. 1 old-fashioned, antiquated. 2 ancient. 1 in fact, even. 2 moreover, on top of that. 3 on the contrary, in fact. 4 indeed. (Jakarta, Sunda) on account of. see BAHARI2. 1 (Bib.) ark. 2 boat, ship. 1shoulder. 2 (Java) hamlet headman. 3 see BAKHU. 4 see BAU 2. (Ling.) multilinguism. see BAUREKSA. that. (Lit.) 1 that. 2 truly, indeed. (Islam) oath. distant (of relatives). opal (and other semiprecious stones). 1 good, fine, kind. 2 carefully. 3 yes, all right. (China) spare ribs. 1. abode, house (often used in names of mosques). 2. 1) distich, couplet. 2 (Islam) verse. see BAITUL-MUKADDIS. (Islam) the holy city of Jerusalem. the holy mosque in Mecca.

baitulmal baja

bak-bak-kur baka

(Lit.) treasury. 1. 1) steel. 2) armor. 2. fertilizer, manure. 3. (Java) 1) mixture of oil and burnt coconut shell for blacening teeth. 2 dentifrice. k.o. sweet and fried chili-spiced condiment. two-passenger pedicab with motor scooter engine. 1 plow. 2 bandit. 1 basin. 2 see WAJAN. Samal-speaking sea nomads off the coasts of E. Kalimantan, Sulawesi, and elsewhere in E. Indonesia. 1 wedge. 2 peg. k.o. hot drink made of coconut milk and spices. good, wholesome, virtuous (life). squirrel. 1 scoundrel, gangster. 2 thief. 1 jacket, blouse, shirt. 2 clothing, apparel. (Java) 1 crocodile. 2 scoundrel, rascal. 3 pick-pocket. 1 (Lit.) like, as. 2. 1) basin, vessel. 2) large container. 3. (China) ink. 4. sound of a thud. 1 sounds of birds and chickens. 2 k.o. childrent’s game. 1. eternal, everlasting. 2. 1) family, descant, line. 2) genetic origins.

bakal bakaloreat bakantan bakap bakar bakarat bakat

1 future, prospective.2 in the making. 3 shall, will. baccalaureate. see BEKANTAN. k.o. fish, murral. 1 burn, set on fire. 2 roasted. 3 bake, roast. baccarat. 1 trace,trail. 2 sign, omen. 3 crest, head. 4 talent, aptitude, propensity.

bakau bakcang bakda bakelit bakero bakhil bakhsyis bakhu baki bakiak bakik bakikuk,bakiluk bakin

k.o. mangrove tree. see BACANG 1. 1 after. 2 (Java) the celebration at the end of the fasting month. Bakelite (plastic). (Japanese) idiot, imbecile. stingy, miserly. see BAKSIS. (China) thin strip of spiced, fried pork. 1 small tray. 2. remainder, residue, balance. wooden clog. betel vine (leaves are chewed with areca and other ingredients). see MAIN. (Badan Koordinasi Intelijens Negara) State Intelligence Coordinating Agency.

bakmi bako bakpao bakpuder

China noodles (flavored with meat). 1 the relation on the paternal side. 2. see BAKAU. 3. see BAKU 2. steamed bun stuffed with meat or other ingredients. baking powder.

bajag bajaj bajak bajan bajau baji bajigur bajik bajing bajingan baju bajul bak

baksi baksil baksis bakso

mizzen sail. bacillus. tip, gratuity, bribe. 1 China meatballs. 2 soup with meatballs, sliced cabbage and bean threads

baktau bakteri bakteriologi bakti

(China) madam (of a brothel), procuress. bacteria. bacteriology. 1 homage, devotion. 2 service. 3 faith, loyalty. 4 filial piety. 5 staunch, loyal, faithful, devoted. 1. 1) standard. 2) fullfledged (teacher, etc.). 3) basic. 2. (Coll.) mutual, reciprocal. 1. basket. 2. (Coll) small tradswoman. 1 1 wild lily. 2 k.o. onion. red and swollen (of the eyes). 1 corn fritter (sometimes with shrimp). 2. soup with China meatballs.

baku bakul bakung bakup bakwan bakyu bal bala balah balai balai-balai balairung balam balanak balang balans balansir balantara balap balapecah balar balas balatentara balau bale-bale balela bales balet balgam,balgham bali balian

see MBAK. 1. 1) ball. 2) ballon. 2. bale. 1 troops, army. 2 disaster, catastrophe. ber-balah argue, quarrel. 1. 1) public hall or building. 2) office or bureau, association. 3 house (of parliament). 2. see BURUNG. wooden or bamboo couch or sleeping platform. 1 royal audience hall. 2 market shed or stall. 1 turtledove, banded ground dove. 2 ber-balam, mem-balam be barely visible. k.o. fish, gray mullet. 1 long-necked bottle. 2 see HULUBALANG. 3 see BELANG. 1 (Coll.) weighing scales. 2 bank balance. mem-balansir balance (wheel, scales, etc.). see BELANTARA. race, racing. (Java) crockery. 1albino. 2 with white spots (of cattle). reply, response. troops. confused, in disorder. see BALAI-BALAI. rebellion. see BALAS. ballet. mucus, phlegm. 1 placenta. 2 culinary style characterized by large quantities of chili, tamarind, and other spices. 1 shaman, traditional medicine practitioner. 2 transvestite medium among the Ngaju Dayak.

balig,baligh baliho balik

be of age, attain o.’s majority, mature. billboard (esp. for movies). 1 return. 2 the reverse side, behind. 3 the reverse, the contrrary. 4 again.


baling-baling 1 propeller. 2 ship’s screw. 3 weathercock. 4 toy windmill.

balir balistik balita balkanisasi balkon ballada ballpoin balmaski balok

see BALIG. 1 ballistic. 2 ballistics. (Bawah Lima Tahun) anak-balita children under five. Balkanization. 1 balcony. 2 (R.R.) platform. /ballade/ ballad. ballpoint pen. masquerade ball. 1 beam (of wood). 2 crossbar, joint, girder. 3 bar (as in military insignia, line drawn, etc.). (barisan lonte lanang) line-up of male prostitutes. (Sl). 1 balloon. 2 (Java) prostitute. 1 pond, pool. 2 fishpond. 3 puddle, mud hole. balsa. balsam, ointment. widow. fortress, bastion. 1 wooden frame for seat on elephant. 2 wooden frame for drum. (Sport) draw, tie. 1 mem-balun beat (with a stick). 2 mem-balun fold, roll up. 1. 1) cockscomb. 2) cockscomb plants. 2. bone. 3 k.o. snakelike fish that swims near water surface. 1. 1) jerky, dried meat. 2 thick skin around neck (of certain animals). 2. see HABLUR. 1.bandage, dressing, wrapping. 2. red and swollen (of eyes). 1. cross beam to hold rudder. 2. sound of a drum. 3. (Coll.) gun. 1 vast, extensive. 2 se-bambang elope. bamboo. (Java) squatter, street people. see BAKMI. see BUMPER. 1. 1) tire. 2) ribbon. 3) sash, belt. 4) tire tread. 2. 1) (tennis, badminton) court. 2) train track. 3) (race) track. 3. see BAND2. banal, trite. mem-banat whip, thrash, defeat. 1 (Java) k.o. ritual feast. 2 victim of mob attack. tether (an animal). (Java) flow copiously. k.o. small frog.

balolo balon balong balsa balsam,balsem balu baluarti baluhan balui balun balung balur balut bam bambang bambo bambung,bambungan bami bamper ban banal banat bancakan bancang bancar bancet


1. 1) effeminate or transvestite homosexual. 2) hermaphrodite. 3) effeminate. 4) powerless. 2. China or Hindu census. 3. k.o. large ax.

bancuh bancut band bandal bandang bandar

mixed up, confused. protruding (of eyes). 1 (ben) band. 2 (ban) radio band. 3 see BAN 1. see BANDEL. large. 1 harbor, port. 2. 1) water course, channel, duct. 2) ditch, drain. 3. 1) croupier. 2) o. who directs or finances illegal or underhand activities.

bandara bandel

(bandar udara) airport. 1obstinate, stubborn, recalcitrant. 2 undisciplined, disobedient (of children).

bandela bandeng banderek

bale. k.o. fish, milkfish. 1 k.o. ginger drink served hot. 2. master key, any device used to pick a lock.

bandering banderol

slingshot. 1 strip of paper verifying payment of tax on package of cigarettes, revenue stamp. 2 official price, controlled price. 1 (bantuan desa) village assistance program. 2 (pembangunan desa) rural development (body). bandicoot. 1 equivalent, equal. 2 consederation, appeal. 1gangster, bandit. 2 scoundrel, villain. 1 banditry, higway robbery. 2 mentality characterized by thoughtless commercial exploitation of the public. k.o. large headcraft, us. silk. see BENDUNG. a sweet tidbit made of cassava. see BENDOSA. 1 billy goat. 2 lascivious old man. 3 womanizer, ladies’man. see BANDEREK1. see BANDEROL. 1 pendulum. 2 hanger. pair, set, duo. cord, string, twine. 1. sound of a bang. 2. 1) muezzin’s call to prayer. 2) call others to prayer, 3. see BANK. 4. see ABANG. ter-bangai 1 neglected. 2 given up. see BANGER. 1 fast, quick, soon. 2 see BANGET. white egret, tufted heron. sound of an empty barrel when struck. (pembangunan desa) rural development. stinking, rotten (odor).

bandes bandikut banding bandit banditisme bando bandong bandos bandosa bandot bandrek bandrol bandul bandung bandut bang bangai bangar bangat bangau bangbong bangdes banger

banget bangga bangir bangka bangkahulu bangkai

(Java) very, excessively. rightfully proud. (Java) pointed (of nose). tough and stiff (of rug, etc.). see BENGKULU. 1 carcass, carrion. 2 (Derog.) corpse. 3 (Av.) fuselage (of a crashed plane).

bangkang bangkar

mem-bangkang rebel, resist, oppose. 1 tough and stiff, coarse. 2 rigid. 3 rigor mortis, rigidity. 4 rough to the touch. see BANGKRUT. see BANGKIS. 1 banquet. 2 k.o. fancy cookie. see BUNGKANG. see BONGKAR. see BONGKAR. see BONGKAR. sneeze. 1 get up from seated or prone position. 2 come up. k.o. large frog. (Java) 1 old, advanced in age. 2 old and cantankerous. bangkrupt. bench, seat. k.o. juicy tuber. vast, extensive (of a view). see BENGLE. see BUNGALO. see BANGAU. naughty, annoying. 1 nation, people, race. 2 family, breed, category, sex. (Biol.) order. 1 rotten. 2 fragile, brittle. 3 thin, frail. 1 shed, warehouse (of wood). 2 public building. 3 market stalls. 4 ward (in hospital). 5 emergency housing, learn-to. 1 (Derog.) scoundrel, rascal. 2 (Jakarta) poor person, pauper. 3 bedbug.

bangkerut bangkes bangket bangking bangkir bangkir bangkir bangkis bangkit bangkong bangkot,bangkotan bangkrut bangku bangkuang,bangkuwang banglas bangle banglo bango bangor bangsa bangsai bangsal bangsat bangsawan

bangsawati bangsi bangun

1. 1) noble, of nobility. 2) nobility. 3) o. who is not punctual, comes late to work. 2. k.o. drama, often with singing based on European or Arabian themes. noblewoman. k.o. bamboo lute. 1 wake up. 2 get up. 3 rise (of dough). 4 structure, form. 5. model, type.

bangus bani baning banir banjang

(Java) snout. (Rel.) children of, descendants of. k.o. tortoise. buttress root (Java) fishing platform.

banjar banji banjir banjur bank banket banpol banpres bansai bantah bantahan bantai bantal bantam bantang bantar bantaran bantat banteng banter banteras banting bantingan bantu bantun bantut banyak banyo banyol banyu bening banzai bapa, bapak

1. 1) line, row, series. 2) train of events. 2. (Bali) hamlet association, neightborhood organization. lattice work (as in wall decorations), motif in form of a swastika. 1 flood, deluge. 2 flood, overflow. sprinkle, pour. (bang) bank, financial body. see BANGKET 2. (Pembantu Polisi) auxiliary police. (Bantuan Presiden) special precidential aid. (Japanese) long live ! say in disagreement. 1 protest, objection. 2 contradiction. 3 back talk. 4 protestation. 1 butcher. 2 beat up severely. pillow, cushion. (Sport) bantam weight. see BUNTUNG. (Med.) present (illness). (Geog.) flood plain. not well done, partially cooked (of bread, etc.). the wild ox of Java. 1 fast, quick, speedy. 2 loud, projects or carries well (of voice). see BERANTAS. throw down forcefully. 1 beating. 2 steep reduction (in price). 3 (sudden) shock or swaying. 1 assist. 2 auxiliary. mem-bantun 1 weed (yard). 2 extract, pull out ( a tooth, etc.). blocked, aborted. 1. 1) many, much. 2) have a lot of s.t. 3) excessively. 4) in great quantities. 2. (Java) goose. banjo. 1 joke, jest, gag. 2 clown, jokester, wag. 3 rascal, scamp. (Java) a high degree of spiritual enlightenment and peace. see BANSAI. 1 father. 2 form of address to an older man, esp. 3 part of a respectful title, esp. 4 founder of a cause, movement. 5 spiritual father.

bapakisme bapanda bapao baperki

paternalism. respectful form of address to o.’s father (esp. in letters). see BAKPAO. (Badan Permusyawaratan Kewarganegaraan Indonesia) political movement of the 1950s and 1960s to integrate ethnic China into Indonesia society.

bapet baplang bapparda

1 penniless, broke. 2 bad, wicked, rude. large and thick (of a moustache). (Badan Pembangunan Pariwisata Daerah) Regional Tourism Development Board

bappeda bappenas

(Badan Pembangunan Daerah) Agency for Regional Development. (Badan Perancang Pembangunan Nasional) National Planning Board.

baptis bapus

1 (Rel.) baptism. 2 the Baptis sect or adherent thereof. (Badan Penerangan Uni Soviet) Information Agency of the Soviet Union (common in citites until mid-1960s). see BAKA 1. bar, cocktail lounge. 1 ember, live coal. 2 heat, warmth. 3 fire, fervor. ballast. see BERGAJUL. boil, abscess. 1 barracks. 2 quarantine quarters. blessed. swampy forest. 1. 1) goods, commodity. 2) article, object. 3) (Coll.) s.t. whose direct mention should be avoided (i.e. marijuana, genitals, etc.). 4) baggage, luggage. 2. any. 3. more or less, approximately. may it happen thet, would that. see BERANGAN 1. perhaps, maybe. leprosy. 1 west. 2 western, occidental. k.o. bird, the yellow-crowned bul-bul. barbarian. barbarism. barber (in expensive hotels, posh salons). 1 splash, spill. 2 waste barrel, a measurement for petroleum. (Java) with, togheter with. bare-bares-an honest, straightforward. 1. beret. 2. 1) laceration, scratch, abrasion. 2 lacerated, scratched. see BAHARI 2. fruitfly. 1 grain (in wood). 2 vein (in marble). 3spotted, speckled (of eggshell).

baqa bar bara bara bahara baragajul barah barak barakah baran barang

barang-barang barangan barangkali baras barat barau-barau barbar barbarisme barbir barbur barel bareng bares baret bari bari-bari barik-barik barikade baring baris barisan barit bariton barjah barkas barokah barometer

barricade. 1 lie down. 2 mem-baring take a bearing. 1. 1) row. 2) line. 3) line, queue. 4). ranks. 5) slide rule. 6 (Mil.) drill). 7) verse. 2. (Bali) k.o. male dance. 1 ranks 2 rear guard 3 (sport) back (soccer). messenger who delivers letters. baritone. see BARZAKH. k.o. small steamship. see BARAKAH. barometer.

baron barong barongan barongsai baros barter baru

baron. 1. national dress of Filipino men. 2 (Bali) k.o. dance with mask. (Java) folk entertainment featuring performer dressed as monster. lion dance us. performed on China New Year. 1 (Java, Sunda) k.o. tropical magnolia. 2 see BERUAS. barter. 1. 1) new, recent. 2) modern. 3) fresh. 4) just, only so much up to now. 5) only now, just at acertain time. 6) not until, only then. 7) be in the process of. 2. k.o. tree of seashore with large yellow flowers, beach hibiscus.

baruh baruna barung-barung

lowlands. Hindu god of the sea. 1 watchman’s hut (in field or orchard). 2 stall, booth, stand. 3 hut, hovel.

barus barusan barut barzakh barzanji

see KAPUR. (Coll.) just, just now. 1. 1) bandage, dressing. 2) diaper. 2 scratch deeply. (Islam) the place and time between death and the Last Judgment. (Islam) chant recounting Muh.’s life, us. recited on 10th of Muharram.


1 boss, foreman, overseer. 2. 1) bass (voice). 2) double bass. 3) bass guitar. 3. (Chem.) base. 1 (Chem.) alkali. 2. see BAHASA 1. 1 good manners, courtesy, politeness. 2 conventional phrase of greeting, etc., conventionality. 1 wet, soaked. 2 damp, moist. 3 fresh (not dried). 4 remunerative. 1. 1) dropsy. 2) scab, scar. 2. basalt. 1. 1) spoiled, stale. 2) stale, out-of-date, not topical. 2. 1) commission, fee. 2) overtime or extra pay. 3) reduction (in price), discount. 3. 1) bowl, dish. 2) serving dish. 4. see BASA-BASI. bacillus, germ. 1 basis, principle. 2 (Mil.) base. 1 all-embracing (of God). 2. (Math.) indivisible. sun (used in mottoes). (Sport) basketball. washbasin. mem-basmi 1 exterminate (rodents, etc.). 2 eradicate, root out, eliminate (crime, etc.). 3 burn off, clear by burning. see BAKSO. see BAZOKA. bass drum. bastard. washing. (Java) prosper, flourish. 1. two dozen. 2. mem-basung kick (a ball) high. 3 corklike root. concrete brick. ambivalent, unsettled, wavering.

basa basa-basi basah basal basi

basil basis basit baskara basket baskom basmi baso basoka bassdrum bastar basuh basuki basung bata bata-bata

batak batako batal batalion,batalyon batang batara batari batas batau baterai bathal bathcup bathil bathin bati batih batik batil batin batiniah batis batkep batok batu batuk batur bau

baud bauk bauksit baulu baung baur baureksa bausastra bausuku baut bavian bawa bawab

1 hobo, vagabond. 2 soldier of fortune, adventurer. k.o conrete brick (manufactured in a modern factory, not in a cottage industry). 1 canceled, null and void. 2 in vain. 3 invalid, invalidate. 4 cancel out, omit. battalion. 1 stem, stalk, blade (grass). 2 stick, pole, shaft. god, male deity. goddess, female deity. 1 limit. 2 border, confine, boundary, limits. see BAKTAU. /batere/ 1 dry-cell battery. 2 (Mill.) battery. see BATAL. see BADKUIP. see BATIL 2. see BATIN. (Java) gain, profit. 1 o.’s household. 2 (nuclear) family. 1. 1) batik. 2) batik work. 2. see BETIK 1. 1. 1) copper bowl. 2) plate. 3) tray. 2. 1) invalid, null and void. 2) false, wrong. 3) evil, bad. 1 inner, internal, spirityual. 2 mind, heart. 3 arcane, esoteric. spiritual, internal, moral. batiste, cambric. see BADKUIP. 1 coconut shell. 2 dry measure, about a litter. 1 stone. 2. milestone, milepost. 3. artificial diamond. 4 (Coll.) flint (of lighter), battery. 5 classifier for teeth. 1 a cough. 2 to cough. 1 shelf. 2 (Java) servant. 1. 1) scent, smell, aroma, odor. 2) unpleasant odor, stench, stink. 3) furnes. 4) (Coll.) give off an odor. 5) suggest an element of. 2. surface measurement, 7096.5 square meters. see BAUT. 1 down between chin and neck. 2 feathers beneath jaw or beak. 3 (Coll.) beard, sideburns. bauxite. see BOLU. k.o. freshwater catfish. mixed. (Java) ghost or spirit inhabiting (and guarding) a certain place. (Java) dictionary. unpaid laborer. 1 bolt. 2 bully, strong-arm man, bouncer. baboon. bring, bring along. (Lit.) gatekeeper.

bawah bawak bawal bawang bawasir bawel bawon

under, beneath. see BAWA. k.o. fish, pomfret. onion. hemorrhoids. (Coll.) fault finding, carping. (Java) share of rice harvest received for o.’s service during harvesting.

baya bayabgkara bayak bayam bayan

old. (Lit.) policeman. fat, corpulent. amaranth used as a vegetable. 1 k.o. parrot, long-tailed parakeet. 2 clear, distinct. 3 see KEBAYAN.

bayang bayangan

1 shadow, shade. 2 image, reflection. 3 imagination. 1 shadow 2 imagination 3 estimation 4 (thea) understudy 5 image , phantom . (Lit.) 1 policewoman. 2 policemen’s wives’ association. mem-bayar 1 pay. 2 pay for. 3 pay s.o. k.o. palm tree. 1 (Acad.) freshman. 2 homage. see BAYAM. baby, infant. bayonet. 1. (Lit.) 1) wind, breeze. 2) Hindu god of wind. 2. 1) s.t. thet turned, i.e. fermented. 2) stale (of food), tasting of leftovers. 3. (Lit.) slave, servant.

bayangkari bayar bayas bayat bayem bayi bayonet bayu

bayuh bayung bayur bazar bazir bazoka,bazooka. bb bbd bbm bbn bd be’ bea beasiswa beaya bebal beban bebandos

wife’s right of access to her polygynous husband. see LEMBAYUNG. k.o. tree. charity fair, church bazaar. see MUBASIR. bazooka. 1. (Binnenlands Bestuur, Binnenlandsch Bestuur) Civil Service during the colonial period. 2. (Bau Badan) body odor. (Bank Bumi Daya) state-controlled bank. (Bahan Bakar Minyak) refined fuel oil. (Bea Balik Nama) fee for conversion of vehicle ownership. (Barat Daya) S.W. see BABE’. 1 exice, tax, duty, toll. 2 cost, expense.. schoolarship, fellowship. see BIAYA. 1 stupid, imbecilic, slow. 2 silly, foolish, asinine. 1 load (in vehicles or on back or shoulders). 2 burden, resposibility. 3 (Elect.) load, charge. see BANDOS.

bebang bebar bebas

1 stillborn. 2 asphyxia. ber-bebar-an scattered, spread about. 1 free, unhampered, unimpeded. 2 free(d), be free. 3 released, acquitted.

bebat bebe bebek

bandage, dressing. see BEBI. 1 duck. 2 bleat. mem-bleat (of goat). 3 k.o. motorcycle of less than 100cc.


a mental outlook characterized by unthinking loyalty to a leader or society.

bebel bebenah beber beberapa bebesaran bebet bebi bebingka beblat bebotoh bebotok bebuka bebuyutan beca becak

see BEBAL. see BENAH 1. bentang. some, several. see BESARAN. (Java) wraparound indicating rank, worn by males. infant. see BINGKA. supplement, esp. to colonial-period legal gazette. see BOTOH 2. 1 friend chicken leg or thigh. 2 large chunk of cooked chicken. (Java) foreword. senile. see BECAK 2. 1. spot, dot. 2. 1) pedicab, tricycle. 2) DC-3 plane. 3. ( becek) muddy.

becok becus beda bedah bedak bedal bedawi bedaya bedebah bedegap bedegong bedek bedek bedel bedeng

noisy, loud (of talking). capable. 1 difference. 2 remainder, balance. surgical operation. face powder, talcum powder. 1. mem-bedal whip, thrash s.o. 2. run wild, bolt (of a horse). see BADAWI. (bedaya, bedoyo) k.o. sacral Central Java court dance. ill-omened (used in terms of abuse). sound of a strong blow. 1 obstinate, stubborn, headstrong. 2 opinionated, conceited. see BADEK 2. see BADEK 2. (Coll.) surgical operation. 1. shed, barracks. 2. 1) dike embankment of a paady field. 2) ditch. 3) flowerbed, seedbed. gun, rifle. bedol-desa immigration of an entire village. drop-out (from school). (Java) viper.

bedil bedol bedolan bedudak

bedug bedukang bedung beeng bega begadang begadrung begal begap begar begar, beger begasi begawan begini begitu bego begondal begonia begroting beguk begundal beha behandel behaviorisme bejana bejat bejo bek beka bekak bekakak bekakas bekal bekam bekantan bekas bekatul bekecot bekek bekel beken

/beduk/ large drum suspended horizontally at mosque to summon to prayer. k.o. freshwater catfish. mem-bedung swathe, put on a diaper. (Sl.) very, extremely. 1. ber-bega, mem-bega circle around (of a bird). 2. mem-bega aim, take aim. (Coll.) stay up and talk all night. gathering, meeting, assembly. robber. sturdy, stout, stocky. confirmed, inveterate ber-beger, mem-beger circle around, pivot. see BAGASI. title for Hindu priest or ascetic (in shadow plays, etc.). 1 thus, like this. 2 well, so (often used to start a conversation). 1 like that. 2 so, very. 3 how very. 4 just at the moment. /begok/ stupid, imbecilic, idiotic. see BEGUNDAL. begonia. (behroting) (Coll.) budget. 1 goiter. 2 mandible, lower jaw. hoodlum. see BH. (Coll.) mem-behandel 1 take care of, treat (patient, wound, etc.). 2 manage, handle. behaviorism. 1 container, vessel, receptacle. 2 vase. 1 damaged, spoiled (esp. of baskets, bags, etc. with split seams). 2 depraved, wanton. (Java) licky. 1. (Sport) backfield player. 2 (Coll.) head of a village. ber-beka-beka chat, discuss. ber-bekak be cruel. (Sunda) whole baked chicken, esp. in weddings when bridal couple pulls it apart. see PERKAKAS. stock, supplies, provisions. 1. bruise. 2. mem-bekam 1) bleed s.o. 2) seize (prey). proboscis mongkey (of Kalimantan). 1. 1) print, trace. 2)former (site, wife, etc.). 3) ex, former. 4 used, secondhand. 2. receptacle, container. 1 bran. 2 rice siftings. see BEKICOT. see BERKIK. game of jacks. (Coll.). well known, familiar.

beker bekerja

1. alarm clock 2. 1) trophy. 2) cup, breaker. 1 work. 2 active (of a volcano, etc.). 3 have a celebration or ceremony.

bekicot bekil beking bekingisme

k.o. edible snail, similar to escargot. k.o. fish, snapper. backing, support. practice of seeking and relying on support from influential figures in (often) questionable projects. cross between domestic chicken and jungle fowl. upholstery or covering of car interior, chair, wall. backless gown. mem-beklit upholster s.t. see BOIKOT. 1 frozen. 2 congealed, coagulated. 3. rigid, inflexible, unbending. bend in two, fold. /bekukung/ k.o. fish, sea bream. see also entries with bl-. care for, nurture. shrimp or fish paste condiment. /belacu/ unbleached cotton, gray shirting. k.o. bolo knife. (M) a dish with red pepper sauce. put on, act affected. 1 crack, gap, crevice. 2 half, cut in half. 3 side. mem-belahak clear o.’s throat, expectorate. mem-belai 1 caress, stroke. 2 flatter. 1 study. 2 learn. 1 black spot (on wood). 2 white spot (on skin). 1 entirely, completely. 2 quite, very. 3 only, merely. 1 back, backside. 2 behind, back of. 3 later. 4 on the back of, the reverse side. 1 trunk, snout. 2 proboscis. 3 tentacle, feeler. mem-belalak stare, open wide. 2 look at s.o. with big eyes. 1. locust, grasshopper. 2. mem-belalang stare. see BALAM 1. bolt. mem-belan fasten with crossbar. 1 Dutch. 2 treat as Dutch. (Java) mem-belandang run fast. Hollandization. see BLANDONG. 1 spot, band, stripe. 2 skin blemish. 3 blemished, spotted. earthen cooking pot. 1. horseshoe crab. 2. k.o. small bolo knife. 1 asphalt. 2 black shoe polish. 1 expense, expenditure. 2 cost, expense. club, cudgel, nightstick. forest, jungle.

bekisar bekleding bekles beklit bekot beku bekuk bekuku bel bela belacan belaco beladau belado belagu belah belahak belai belajar belak belaka belakang belalai belalak belalang belam belan belanda belandang belandanisasi belandong belang belanga belangkas belangkin belanja belantan belantara

belantik belarak belas

1. k.o. spear used in hunting. 2. see BLANTIK. 3. see BINTANG. see BLARAK 1. mercy, pity. 2. teens, tens (used in numbers from 11 through 19).

belasah belastar belasteng,belasting belasungkawa belasut belat belat-belit belati belatik, belatuk belatik,belatuk belatung belau beldu belebas beledang beledu belegar beleguk beleh beleid belek belekok belel belencong belendung beleng belengeh belenggu belengket belengkik belengkong belengset belenong belepotan belepotan beler belerang belerong belesek belet

whip s.o. see BLASTER. (Coll.) 1 tax. 2 duty, tariff. condolences. growl, snarl. 1 bamboo screen. 2 fish trap of plaited bamboo. 3 splint. devious, surreptitious. k.o. broad-bladed knife. woodpecker. woodpecker. maggot. 1. (ber)-belau-belau-an flicker, glitter, shine. 2. see BLAU. see BELUDRU. 1 lathe. 2 ruler, yardstick. sea eel. see BELUDRU. booming noise of explosion. bubbling sound of water. see SEMBELIH. policy. 1 mem-belek operate on, cut open. 2. see BLEK. see BLEKOK. bell-bottom style trousers, wide at the cuff. see BLENCONG. (Java) mem-belendung be sticking out (of stomach). ber-beleng turn around. mem-belengeh-kan bibir distort o.’s lips, grimace. handcuff , fetter, shackle of wood or iron. mem-belenget stick, cling, adhere. turn. curve, arch. ectropion, with the lower eyelid turned inside out. sound of a bell. (Coll.) 1 be smeared all over with s.t. 2 be messy. (Coll.) 1 be smeared all over with s.t. 2 be messy. (Java) cut into s.t. sulphur. market stall. see BLESEK. (Java) ke- have the need, have compelling urge (esp. to urinate or defecate).

beletak-belenong belgia

clamg-clang (of streetcar bell). Belgium.

beli belia beliak belian beliau belibis belida beligo belik belikat beliku belimbing belincung beling belingkang belinjo belintang belit belitung beliung beliut belodok belok belon belongkang belongsong belontok belorok belorong belot belu-belai belubur beludak beludar beludru beluk belukar beluku belulang beluluk belum belun belungkang belungkur belunjur

buy. 1 youth. 2 young. mem-beliak, ter-beliak wide open and staring (of eyes). mem-beliak-kan open eyes wide. see BERLIAN. (respectful form of reference) he, she. k.o. wild duck, the teal. k.o. fish. wax gourd. see BLEK. scapula, shoulder bone. bend, curve (in road etc). 1 ridged longitudinally. 2 star fruit, carambola. pickax. 1 porcelain. 2 shards (of glass, platter, etc.). ter-belingkang sprawled. 1. bullet (of gun, rifle). 2. see MELINJO 1. ber-belintang(an), ter-belintang lie across, be athwart. 1 coil. 2 curve, bend. Billiton, an island S. of the Riau archipelago. 1 carpenter’s adze. 2 pickax. bent and crooked. 1 k.o. fish, goby. 2 protruding (of eyes), similar to goby eyes. 1. 1) muddy. 2) mud. 3) clayey soil. 2. 1) pulley. 2) stocks, fetter. 3. see BLOK 1,2. (Jakarta) see BELUM. barge, river freighter. wrapper. k.o. fish, large goby. see BLOROK. see BLORONG. 1 turncoat, renegade, traitor. 2 be a turncoat. 3 (Rel.) apostate. chatter, gossip. storage place for rice. 1. outburst (of laughter, applause). 2. viper. k.o. round rice cake. velvet, velveteen. 1. k.o. insect, stalk borer. 2. see SELUK 1. 1 thicket, underbrush. 2 shrub. see WALUKU. 1 tough, dray. 2 callus (on foot or hand). 3 rawhide. 4 (Lit.) bones. young coconut. 1 not yet. 2 not (yet) including. (Java) see BELUM. 1 butt end of palm leaf stalk. 2 young coconut halved. k.o. fish, Queensland smelt. see UNJUR.

beluntas belur

k.o. gardenia with edible leaves used for hedges. welt up (of skin). ber-belur-belur harden into welts, raise up welts.

beluru belus belut bembam bemban

see AKAR. 1. loose-fitting (of ring, clothing). 2. blouse. eel. mem-bembam roast in bot ashes. 1. k.o. shrub the leaves of wich can be plaited. 2. k.o. staked fish trap.

bembem bemo


thick and swollen. (becak bermotor) 1 k.o samall motorized vehicle used for public transportation. 2 work as a driver of this vehicle. see BUMPER. see BAND1. 1 particularly, very. 2 care, attention. 1. be(r)-benah-benah up, tidy up, clean up. 2. k.o. small insect harmful to rice. 1. 1) marrow. 2) brain, mind. 2. 1) hard of hearing. 2) stupid, dull-witted.


1 arboreal parasitic plant, epiphyte. 2 parasite. 3 sponger, freeloader.

benam benang benar

ber-benam, mem-benam sink out of sight, hide. thread, yarn. 1 correct, right. 2 right, honest, true. just, honest. 4 true, not false. 5 sincere, true. 6 valid. 7 truthful. 8 very, quite, really see PENATU. muddy (of ground after storm). disaster, calamity, debacle, havoc. stunted in growth, dwarfed. k.o. bird, oriole. hate, dislike, aversion. see CERET. (Sl.) female impersonator, transvestite. thing, article, inanimate object. ber-benda wealthy, rich. mem-benda-kan make into money. 1 treasurer, esp. of clubs, organizations, etc. 2 (Lit.) grand vizier. 3 (Che.) queen. (Lit.) treasurer. see BENALU. irrigation canal in rice field. see ASURANSI. material, substantive. small bronze or copper gong. (Auto) starter drive pinion. see BUNDEL 1. flag, colors. bright, brilliant.

bemper ben bena benah

benatu bencah bencana bencang bencarung benci bencirit bencong benda bendahara bendahari bendalu bendar bendasraya bendawi,bendawiah bende bendek,bendeks bendel,bendel bendera benderang

benderung bendharawan bendi bendo bendoro bendosa bendul bendung bene bener benerang bengah bengal bengalo bengang bengap

empty space between two buildings. 1 treasurer, esp. gvt. officials. 2 (Acad.) bursar. 3 office accountant. two-wheeled carriage. large-bladed knife for cutting wood. (Java) a title of nobility. (Java) catafalque. 1. cross beam. 2. (Coll.) swollen. 1 dike. 2 dam. (Jakarta) see BENAH 1. see BENAR. see BENDERANG. 1 pedantic. 2 proud, conceited, arrogant, haughty. 1 momentarily deaf (as from a blow), stunned. 2 stubborn, obstinate. 3 forward, impertinent, rude. see BUNGALO. 1. ringing in the ears. 2. wide open. 1 slight deafness (from a cold or from descent of plane). 2 have difficulty speaking, incoherent (from embarrassment, shyness, or hesitation).

bengawan bengek benggal, benggil benggalo benggang benggil benggol bengik bengis bengkak bengkal bengkal-bengkil bengkalai bengkang bengkap bengkar bengkarak bengkarung bengkawan

(Java) river. 1. 1) asthma. 2) asthmatic. 2. teat, nipple. bump, bruise. 1. k.o. cassava. 2. see BUNGALO. have space between. ber-benggil have bumps, be bumpy (of road). bump, bruise. see BENGEK 1. 1 cruel, strict, harsh. 1 swollen, puffy. 2 swelling, tumor. 3 abscess. ke-bengkal-an choke, swallow the wrong way. bruise, lump. mem-bengkalai-kan neglect, leave unattended or unfinished. 1 crooked, curved. 2 curve. see BINGKAP. mem-bengkar 1 expand. 2 be in bloom. 1 skeleton. 2 bones. 3 carcass. k.o. smooth-scaled lizard. 1 lath around which palm thatch is made. 2 numeral classifier for thatch.

bengkawang bengkayang bengkel bengkelai bengkeng bengkok bengkol bengkong

k.o. fern. gorged, stuffed (from overeating). 1 workshop. 2 machine shop. 3 repair shop, garage. (Coll.) have a fight. irritable, irascible, touchy, testy. land for use of village employees in place of salary. bent, curved. 1. crooked, bent. 2. professional circumciser.

bengkos bengkuang bengkudu bengkulu bengkunang bengkung bengle bengok bengong bengot bengu benguk bengul benian benih bening benjal-benjol benjol benjut bensin bensol benta bentak bentan bentang bentangur bentar bentara bentaran benteh benteng benter bentet bentil bentoh bentok bentol bentong bentrok bentuk bentul bentur bentus benua

mem-bengkos gasping. see BANGKUANG. small treethe root of which produces dyes, morinda. Bencoolen (town and province in S.W. Sumatra). k.o. mousedeer. 1. 1) long waist sash used by women wearing sarongs. 2) abdominal sash worn after giving birth. 2. bent, crooked. plant used in medicines. goiter. 1 dazed, stupefied. 2 cresfallen. 3 expressionless, vacant, blank. slanting, sloping. stale (of air). 1 angry, surly. 2 sulking. 3 downhearted. red and swollen (of eyes after crying). 1 strongbox. 2 jewelry box. 1 seed. 2 germ. 3 semen. 4 origin, descent. 5 cause, oigin. clear, transparent. bumpy and rocky (of road, path), lumpy (mattress). 1 lump, bump, protruding tumor. 2 bruised, swollen. having a large lump or bump from being struck. gasoline. high-octane gasoline for planes. sore, boil (on upper lip). say in a harsh manner. relapse. bentang-alam landscape. 1 spread out, extend. 2 reach. k.o. tree growing on seashore. 1 see SEBENTAR. 2. see CANDI. herald. (Jakarta) see SEBENTAR. ber-benteh wrestle with the legs interwined. 1 fortress, bastion, rampart. 2 fortification, entrenchment. 3 (Che.) rook, castle. ber-benter-benter 1 turn, revolve. 2 turn off, detour. cracked open, burst open. nipple, teat. see BANTAH. ke-bentok hit against, bump against. small bump (like a mosquito bite). large splotch. quarrel, clash. 1 shape, form, type. 2 bend, curve. 3 classifier used for round or curved objects. k.o. large aroid. ber-bentur collide. (Java) see BENTUR. 1 continent. 2 (Lit.) country.

benum benur benyai benyawak benyek benyot beo beol bepergian ber bera

berabonemen berabu beracara

mem-benum (Lit.) appoint. shrimp fry. 1 soft, mushy. 2 weak, impotent. see BIAWAK. soft, mushy (of fruit, cereal, mud). awry, askew, skewed. myna bird. mem-beo parrot, imitate. (be’ol) (Sunda) defecate. go on a trip, travel. see also entries with be-. 1. 1) dark red. 2) red and swollen. 2) mem-bera-kan leave (paddy) fallow temporarily for centuries. 1 nuisance, annoying. 2 bad luck. 3 (Coll.) Darn ! (exclamation of exasperation). subscribe. dusty. 1 sit, be in session (of court, etc.). 2 be on the agenda. 3 be in litigation.

berada beradab beradaptasi beradat beradu beragama beragitasi berahi berahmana berai berair berajojing berak berak-berok berakad berakal berakhir berakhlak berakit berakraban beraksa beraksi beralasan beralaskan beralih beraliran beralun-alun beram

1 be (in a place). 2 well-off, well-to-do. 1 cultured, civilized. 2 polite. adapt, assimilate. 1 customary, traditional, follows traditions. 2 well-mannered. 1 collide. 2 compete. 1 have a religious.. 2 be religious. agitate for. sexual desire. 2 passion, lust. 3 passionate, lustful. see BRAHMANA. be spread, dispersed. 1 have water. 2 juice (of fruit). 3 aqueous. dance this dance. mired (in mud, quicksand). (Java) scream and shriek. settle an agreement or contract. berakal 1 end. 2 become extinct. have a certain character. 1 travel by raft. 2 attached alongside. be chummy with, be close to. mythical winged creature, Pegasus. 1 be in action. 2 show off, flaunt. have a base or foundation. 1 be placed on as a base or covering of s.t. 2 be based on. 1 change. 2 shift, move. have an ideology. 1 heave, roll, pitch, billow up. 2 be in steady movement. introxicating beverage made of fermented rice or tapioca.

berabad-abad berabe

beramal beramanah berambang beramping beranda berandal berandang berang berang-berang berangan berangan-angan berangas berangasan berangguk berangkat berangsang berangsur-angsur berangus berani beranjak beranjangsana berantak berantas berantuk berapi berapi-api berapit berarah berarti beras beras-beras berat

1 charitable, generous. 2 pray silently. /beramanat/ instruct, issue an order. see BRAMBANG. side by side, next to. 1 veranda, porch. 2 (R.R.) station platform. 3 (Naut.) quarterdeck. see BRANDAL. 1 conspicuous, clearly visible. 2 striking, noticeable. 1 angry, furious, irate. 2 anger. otter. 1. arsenic. 2. k.o. tropical chestnut and other related trees. 1 dream, fantasize. 2 aim, have ideals. barnacle. hot-tempered, hotheaded. nod. leave, depart, set out. very angry. 1 little by little. 2 move forward a little. 3 in installments. see BRANGUS. audacious, brave, bold, courageous, dauntless. 1 move, get up. 2 shift. move. tour an area. mem-berantak-kan put s.t. into disorder. 1 fight (against), combat. 2 wipe out, remove (corruption, smallpox, inflation). come in contact with, touch. 1 have fire. 2 be on fire. 3 fiery, fervent. 4 very angry. livid. 1 furious, raging. 2 glitter, shine, sparkle (of eyes). 1 be wedged in, be hemmed in. 2 be close to e.o. 3 jammed, wedged, stuck.


have an aim or purpose. 1 mean. 2 be significant, meaningful. 3 valuable, useful. hulled rice. k.o. fish, drumfish. 1 heavy. 2 serious, severe. 3 hard, difficult. 4 close, oppressive, sultry. 5 weight. 6 strong (of drink, cigarettes, etc.). mutual response , 1.have a response 2.reverberate,echo,response.

berbarengan berbaring

1 together with, accompanied by. 2 at the same time. 3 coincide. 1 lie down 2 be stert out (in a lounge chair ) 3 be in bed (in hospital) .

berbaris berbeda berbelit – belit

1 form a line (of trees,etc) 2 march 3 line up , form a queue 4 (mil) to drill . 1 be diffirent , differ , diverge 2 have a diffirence (of) . 1) wind, twist in and out. 2) complicated. 3) involved, has ramifications.

berbencah – bencah berbinar – binar

swampy, marshy. berbinar – binar

berboyong bercak bercelana bercik bercita – cita

1 move, shift, change, remove. 2 emigrate, settle. pockmarked, spotted. wear trousers. see PERCIK. 1) desire, long for. 2) aspire. 3) longing, yearning. 4) idea (esp. in slogans).

bercokok berdalih berdampingan berdandan berdengung

see BICOKOK. 1 seek an excuse 2 equivocate , quibble . contiguous, side by side. 1) dress up, get dressed. 2) decorated, made elaborate. 1 wail (of siren, forghorn, etc.), drone (of plane). 2 resound, reverberate.

berderai – derai berdesak – desak berdesar berdetak berdetasan berdetus,detupan berdikari berdiri berdisko berdondang berdus berebet berebut berek-berek berem bereman beremban berenang berenda berendam berendeng – rendengan bereng-bereng berenga berengos berengut berentang berentet-rentet berenti bereo beres beresok beret berevolusi berewok bergabung

1) in droves. 2) continuously. crowd, jostle. 1 sizzle, hiss. 2 lisp. 1 make a tapping sound. 2 beat (of heart). give off a popping sound (wet leaves burning, etc.). 1 explode. 2 make throbbing sound. (berdiri di atas kaki sendiri) stand on o.’s own feet, be self-reliant. 1 stand. 2 exist. dance to disco music. rock back and forth. obese, copulent, potbellied. see BREBET. 1 snatch away, take away by force. 2 struggle to obtain a goal. k.o. bird. see BERAM. edge, verge (of road). 1 cross beam. 2 dam. swim. of lace, decorate with lace. 1 submerged. 2 remain in o. place. be in a line, go s.w. in a line. flat knobless gong. maggot. see BRENGOS. mem-berengut surly, sullen. mem-berentang be stretched, taut. line, o. after the other. see HENTI. /bereok/ (Jakarta) see BREWOK. 1 in order, well done. 2 finished, settled. see ESOK. demanding, exacting. evolve. see BREWOK. 1 gather together, colected together. 2 merge, fuse.

bergajul bergedel bergejolak bergelandangan bergelombang bergemar bergerigi bergerinding bergerohok bergesel,geser bergetar bergizi bergombal bergoyang berguk bergulingan bergulungan bergumam berguna bergundah – hati bergurat bergurat-gurat berhadapan berhadiah berhak berhala berhamburan berhantam berhati – hati berhelat berhijarah berhubung berhubungan berhuma beri beri-beri beriang beribadah berikhtiar berimigrasi bering-bering beringas beringin beringis

scoundrel. k.o. spherical croquette (of meat and mashed potato). 1 flare up (of fire, temper, etc.). 2 fluctuate (of prices). loaf about, loaf around, wander aimlessly. bergelombang enjoy o.s., have a good time. 1 serrated, toothed (saw, etc.). 2 jagged (edge). get goose bumps from fear, stand on end (of body hair from fear). 1 be hollow (of tree). 2 have a cavity (of tooth). 1 shift, move. 2 rub. 1 shake, tremble. 2 vibrate, quiver. nutritious, nourishing. 1 old and torn, worn out. 2 poorly made. rock, wobble. 2 sway, swing (of branches, foot, etc.). dress covering entire body exept eyes and hands sometimes worn by Muslim women. roll, wallow (of several things). 1 roll (of waves). 2 be rolled up (of sleeves, etc.). 3 coiled (of rope, etc.). 1 mumble. 2 suppress (laugh or smile). useful, beneficial. 1 depressed. 2 anxious, restless. have a scratch or line in it. full of scratches or lines. 1 face, front on. 2 be faced with. 3 face to face. with a gift. 1) have the right (to). 2) reserve the right. berhala 1) scattered about. 2) flow, tricle (of tears). 1 fight, scuffle. 2 collide with. 3 infringe on. be careful. celebrate with a party. evacuate. connected, related. 1 related to s.t. 2 get in touch, be in contact. 1 grow rice on dry field. 2 clear land for cultivation. 1 give, bestow. 2 offer, put up. 3 (Coll.). let. 4 put on, apply s.t. 5 (Coll.) hit, strike. 6 add (in recipes). beri-beri. k.o. monitor lizard. beribadah endeavor, seek the means to. migrate. large cymbal with center boss. 1 hot-tempered, wild. 2 furious. banyan tree. /beringisan/ grin.

berinisiative berirama beriring berisik

1take the initiative. 2 have initiative. rhythmical, having rhythm. successive, consecutive. 1. 1) noisy, tumultuous. 2) uproar, noise. 2. 1) rustling (noise). 2) be noisy.

berita beritahu berjahat berjalan

1 news (report). 2 announcement, report. 1 inform s.o. 2 report, tell about. 1 sin, do wrong. 2 defame, malign s.o. 3 seduce (a female). 1 walk. 2 run (of an engine). 3 run, go, work. 4 be going on a certain age.

berjangka berjatuhan berjaya berjejal berjejalan berjempalikan berjemur berjenguk berjenis – jenis berjenjang berjerepet

1 (be a certain) measure. 2 be spaced. fall ( plural ). 1 victorious, triumphant, glorious. 2 successful, doing very well. 1 crowd, jam. 2 be jampacked (with spectators, etc.). thronged, crowded. turn somesaults severl times. expose o.s. to the sun. look or peer out (of many people). verious. 1) step by step, gradual. 2) in tiers, terraced. 3) by ladder. 1 linked together (of links in chain). 2 grown togheter (of fingers, etc.).

berjingkek berjompakan berjongkangan berjotos berjualan berjuis berjurus – jurus berkabar berkaca berkah berkaitan berkarang berkas berkat

1 tiptoe, go on tiptoe. 2 wear high heels. 1 prance about. 2 (Naut.) leave a wake. fall (of several erect things). fight with the fists. 1 sel (several things). 2 sell for a living. see BORJUIS. repeatedly. 1 tell, relate. 2 send news about o.s. 1) look in the mirror. 2) contain glass. see BERKAT. 1 link to e.o. 2 be related to. 1 inset (of diamond, etc.). 2 in bunches (of flowers). 1 bundle, sheaf. 2 dossier. 1 blessing, favor. 2 thanks to, owing to, due to. 3 profitable, doing well (of an enterprise). 4 small amount of food taken home after ceremonial meal.

berkata berkata-kata berkawasan berkebun berkedut berkehendak berkelap – kelip berkelibang berkelibatan

talk, speak. converse, talk to e.o. of the same region. 1 farm, plant for a living. 2 have a plantation or garden. wrinkled, creased (of skin, clothes, etc.). have an intention. 1 flicker. 2 sparkle (of a gem), twinkle (of stars). swarm about, fly around (of insects). be visible for only a second, flash by.

berkelik-kelik berkelokan berkeluk berkelupas berkeluyuran berkemas – kemas berkemauan berkemik berkencan berkendali berkepentingan berkeping-keping berkeredong berkeritik-keritik berkerumun berkerunyut berkesempatan berkesimpulan berkesinambungan berketentuan berketepatan berketuhanan berketurunan berkewajiban berkeyakinan berkhidmat berkhotbah berkicut berkik berkil berkilah-kilah berkimono berkinja berkirim berkisar berko berkocak berkoek berkokok berkuak berkumpul

make a loud sound. winding, twisting, sinuous (road). 1 bend. 2 have curves. get pelled off. 1 loaf around, stroll about without purpose. 2 hang around. 1 pack. 2 clear things away, put things in order. wish, desire, will. 1 be all dented. 2 be chapped (of lips ). 1 have an appointment. 2 have a date, dating. controlled, directed.restrained. having an interest, be concerned. 1 in pieces or slivers. 2 in tatters (of flag, etc.). 3 in tresses, locks. wrapped, covered (in a blanket, sarong). crackle, sputter (of a lighted candle). 1 swarm over, cluster arround, throng, mill about. 2 assemble, come together. wrinkled, shriveled (of face). have an opportunity, time. have as a conclusion. continous, without interruption. be sure, certain. coincidentally, accidentally. devout. 1 for generations. 2 of a certain ethnic heritage. have the dutry of. be convinced. 1 dutiful, respectful. 2 serve. 3 be faithful (to). 1 preach, deliver a sermon. 2 deliver pompous opinions, pontificate. squeak (of a floor, etc.). k.o. bird, pintail snipe. k.o. fish, the perch. 1 farfetched, forced (argument). 2 spurious (argument). 3 deceitful, fraudulant. 4 argue to defend o. self. wear a kimono or dressing gown. jump with joy. send through mail. 1 revolve, turn. 2 change, shift. 3 range from a certain amount to another. bicycle lamp. 1. joke, jest, be amusing. 2. 1) shake. 2) strike (of waves on the shore). 3) become trouble, shook up (of feelings). quack like a duck. 1 crow. 2 boast, brag. 1) open, give way to make an opening. 2) widen, become enlarged (of a hole, rip, etc.). 1 assemle , come together in a place 2 line up , fall in line .

berkunang-kunang berkusu berkutet – kutetan

berkuting-kuting berlabuh berladang berlainan berlaku

1 sparkle like fireflies. 2 see stars. rub the body with leaves. 1 be locked tightly together. 2 be deeply involved in a discussion. 3 refuse to give in, maintain a never say-die attitude. 4 struggle to the utmost for s.t., want s.t. at all costs. constantly follow. 1 anchor, dock. 2 be at anchor. 3 be pulled down (of shades, blinds).

berleyehan berlian berliku – liku berlipat

own or cultivate an unirrigated field. 1 different. 2 be divergent, differ. 1 be valid, be in effect. 2 occur, happen. 3 prevail, obtain. 4 behave. 5 act as. be scattered or spread about. rest on s.t., be based on s.t. twitch, flutter (of a bird, etc.) 1 remain, be left (over). 2 excessive. drip with (perspiration). smeared all over with s.t. scream, shriek. 1 smeared, smudges, soiled (with blood, mud, etc.). 2 be bemirched (of reputation). berleyehan polished diamon. 1 winding, curving, tortuous (of road, etc.). 2 sinous. traditional game in Biliton in which players strike e.o. with rattan rods.

berlunju-lunjur bermakrifat bermasyarakat bermenung bermesin bermuhibah bernafsu bernas bernazar bernga bernilai bernyala bero beroerte berok berombak berombongan berondong beronggok-onggok berongsang berongsong

strech out (of arms and legs). 1 philosopize. 2 concentrate. form a group. 1 muse, ponder, meditate. 2 act gloomy. bermesin go on goodwill mission. passionate, lustful, desirous. 1 filled out. 2 full (of breasts). 3 pithy, terse, spirited. make a promise of s.t. see BERENGA. valuable, precious. 1 flame, flare up. 2 burn (of light). see BERA 2. see BERURTE. see BURUT. 1 be wavy. 2 undulating, rolling (terrain, etc.). come in large groups. see BRONDONG. in heaps, stacks, piles. see BERANGSANG. 1 muzzle (for dogs). 2 muzzle, gag.

berlamparan berlandaskan berlapur berlebih berleleran berlemotan berlenggek – lenggekan berlepotan

beronok berontak beronyong beroti berpadanan berpakaian berpaling berpalun-palun berpalut berpangkas berpangku-tangan berpantingan berpapah berpapasan berpatungan berpaut berpayar-payar berpegang berpelantingan berpendar-pendar berpendaran berpengaruh berpengetahuan berpenjak berpenumpang berperaga berperikemanusiaan berpesai-pesai berpesta berpetitih berpialang berpijah berpijak berpikir berpilih-pilih berpilin berpisah berpori berpotongan berpredikatkan berpropaganda berpuasa berpulang berpulangan berpulun-pulun berpuntal-puntal berpunya

k.o. sea slug. 1 struggle, wriggle. 2 revolt, rebel. k.o. basket. slat. harmonize, go together (e.g. colors), be commensurate. 1 get dressed. 2 wearing certain clothes. turn. embrace, hug e.o. berpalut get a haircut. do nothing. fall away in numbers. supported meet without stopping. chip in together to pay for s.t. cling to. cruise back and forth. hold on to. roll everywhere. luminescent. berpendaran influential. knowledgeable. glow. have passengers or boarders. hold an exhibition. act in a humanitarian way. fall to pieces. celebrate, have a party. speak with a proverb. buy through a broker. spawn. stand on. think. fastidious, squeamish, choosy. spiral, twist. 1 part. 2 separated. porous. have the looks of. have a certain title, notation. make publicity, propaganda. fast, observe the fasting period. die. go home (of many people). 1 rise (of smoke). 2 rise like smoke (of thoughts). 1 winding round. 2 in balls. 1 have property, be-well-to-do. 2 have an owner.

berpusu-pusu berputar berroman-romanan bersabung bersafari bersahabat bersahaja bersaing bersajak bersalung bersama bersama-sama bersamaan bersamak bersambut bersambutan bersandar bersanding

gather in crowds. 1 rotate. 2 insincere, dishonest. be in passionate love with e.o. flash. 1 wear a safari costume. 2 go on a safari. 1 be friends. 2 friendly. simple, uncomplicated. compete. 1 rhyme (of words, phrases, stories). 2 be in rhyming form. 3 write poetry. 4 recite poetry. play the flute. 1 together with. 2 herewith. 3 joint, collective. do together. 1. 1) be equal to e.o. 2) be in conformity with. 3) resembling, similar. 2. do simultaneously. covered, plated. 1 answered. 2 parried, intercepted. 1 respond to e.o. 2 be in accordance. 1 lean on. 2 (Naut.) moor, tie up (ship). 3 be dependent on, be based on.

bersangkal bersantap bersara bersarang-sarang bersarung bersatu bersaur bersedia berseka berselekeh berselendang berselera

1. sit in state (of bride and groom at marriage ceremony). 2. 1) angular. 2) sharp, biting. be unwilling. 1 dine (of royalty). 2 have a meal (written or formal speech). 1 share. 2 pensioned. be full of holes. 1 wear a sarong. 2 sheathed. allied, united. interlocking, entangled. 1 be ready, prepared. 2 disposed (to), willing. rub o.s. clean. berselekeh wear a shawl or stole. 1 have appetite, feel like. 2 attractive, appetizing. 3 have a taste for.

berselimpatan berselimpetan berselimut berselimutkan berselindung berseling berseliran berseliran berselirat berselirkan berselisih

sneak away (in numbers). crowd, press together. 1 covered over. 2 camouflaged. covered with. be hidden, hide o.s. take turns, alternate. murmur (of a breeze). murmur (of a breeze). confused. have s.o. as a concubine. 1 be at certain interval in time or space. 2 quarrel, disagree, be at odds with.

berseliweran berseloka berselonjor berseloroh berselulup berseluncur bersemangat bersemarak bersemayam bersembahyang bersemboyankan bersembulan bersemburit bersemedi bersemi bersenam bersenandung bersenang-senang bersenapan bersenda bersendawa bersendi bersengat bersenggama bersenggang-senggang bersenggayut bersenggolan bersengit bersengkarut bersengketa berseni bersenjatakan. bersentosa bersentuhan bersep bersepadanan bersepatu bersepeda berserah berserakan berseranggung berserat berseri berseri-seri berseru berserudi bersesah

crowd, mill about. recite or compose such a poem. with outstretched legs.. joke, crack jokes. dive, plunge. move with gliding action. 1 conscious. 2 enthusiastic, energetic. radiant, splendid. reside, sit (of royalty). pray, worship. have as a slogan. emerge, appear partially. engage in sodomy. meditate. sprout. 1 do physical exercises. 2 stretch (after resting). hum. enjoy o.s., have a good time. have a rifle. joke. belch. hinged on, based. have a stinger. have coitus. relax, pass o.’s free time. swing o.s. while hanging from the arms, dangle. touch e.o. feel bitter. intertwined, interlaced. 2 confused. have a legal dispute. artistic. armed with s.t. peaceful, safe. have contact with, touching e.o. acknowledge as o.’s superior. be in harmony, go together. shod, wear shoes. bike. surrender. be scattered around. sit bent forward. fibrous. shine, beam. beam, gleam. call, shout out. ground, polished (precious stones). (bertinju) (M) have a violent fight.

bersespan bersesuaian bersetru bersetubuh bersetuju bersewaka bersiaga bersialang bersiap bersiar-siar bersiaran bersiasat

with a side-car. be in mutual accord. hostile. have sexual intercourse. 1 have o. and the same aim or purpose. 2 agree. pay homage, honor. be on the alert. 1 swarm (of bees). 2 gather honey. 1 get ready, get prepared. 2 (Sport) on your mark. stroll about. broadcast, be on the air. 1 be full of stratagems, investigative plans, etc. 2 have s.t. as a strategy.

bersibak bersiborok bersidang bersidekap bersifat bersigap bersih bersijingkat bersijundai bersikap bersiku bersil bersila bersilang bersilat bersilih bersimak bersimbah bersimbur bersimpati bersimpuh bersin bersinambung bersinar bersinjak bersiram bersiring bersisa bersisalak bersisian bersisik bersisipan bersisipkan bersisir

parted, separated. meet for an instant (of eyes, glance). convene, sit in session. fold o.’s arms over o.’s chest. have the quality, character(istic). be in readiness. 1 clean, neat. 2 innocent. 3 pure, unadulterated. 4 net. stand or walk on tiptoe. sing as though out of o.’s mind. 1 have a certain attitude. 2 (Mil.) stand at attention. have an angle or curve. mem-bersil protrude. sit wit the legs crossed. 1 crossed. 2 piled up in a crisscross way. 1 engage in such self-defense. 2 mime the actions of self-defense. turn, change into. gather, group. be drenched, bespattered. 1 splash up on. 2 be partially enveloped by s.t. similar to waves. sympathetic. sit with the knees bent and folded back to o. side. sneeze. continuous, serial. shine. (Lit) step by step. 1 be cascaded (eith water, liquid). 2 (Lit.) bathe (of royalty). have a hem. remain, be left over. (Coll.) be cantankerous, prone to fits of anger. side by side. scaly. have an insert. have a certain thing inserted in it. 1 use a comb. 2 combed.

bersit bersitegang bersitelekan bersitinjak bersiul bersiur bersiuran bersiut bersobok bersolat bersolek bersomplok bersongsong berspekulasi bersua bersuai bersuara bersubang bersuci bersugi bersuit bersuji bersujud bersukacita bersukaria bersukat bersulamkan bersulang bersulap bersuling bersuluk bersulur bersumber bersumberkan bersumpah bersundut bersungkup bersungut-sungut bersurai bersurat bersurih bersusila bersusuk bersusun

se-bersit 1 a burst of. 2 a little of. 1 persevere. 2 be stubborn, insist uncompromisingly. rest both hands. (Lit.) step by step. whistle (of people, trains, etc.). make a rustling sound. rustle, whistle (of many things). produce a sizzling or whistling sound. encounter, fall in with. perform such ritual prayers. 1 apply o.’s make up. 2 dress up (of women). /bersompok/ run into, meet unexpectedly. 1. carry or use the royal umbrella. 2. go out against s.t. 1 speculate, conjecture. 2 undertake a risky venture. 1 meet, run into. 2 meet up with, find. fitting, appropriate. 1 have a voice. 2 produce a sound. 3 (Ling.) voiced. wear ear-plugs. 1 live a pure life. 2 cleanse o.s. of impurities. 3 (Islam) cleanse o.s. after defilement (defecation, giving birth, sexual congress, etc.). 1. use a toothpick. 2. have a tobacco quid in the mouth. whistle, esp. with o.’s fingers in the mouth. have embroidery on it. 1 perform this bow. 2 admit o.’s humble station. rejoice. be happy, celebrate. measured by this measure. 1 embroidered with s.t. 2 be added to with s.t., sprinkled with s.t., laden with (additions). 1. be dirty with soot. 2. (Lit.) give e.o. food or drink. 1. engage in conjury. 2 find a defect in the weaving. 1. play the flute. 2.(M) tumbled upside down. retreat from the world. spiral, climb upward. have (as) a source, be based (on). have s.t. as its source. swear, take the oath. hereditary. be covered. grumble, complain. break up, disperse. 1 written, inscribed. 2 (Lit.) compose a letter. ruled, lined. have good morals. 1 insert a small piece of gold (for medicinal or magical purpose). 2 wear a hairpin. 1 stacked (o. on the other). 2 in layers, stories or rows.

bersut bersut berswadaya bersyair bersyarat bersyukur bertabiat bertabik bertabir bertablig bertabrakan bertaburan bertaburkan bertadah bertafakur bertagar bertahak bertahan bertaji bertajuk bertakak bertakbiran bertakhta bertaksi bertakuk bertakwa bertalar bertali bertalian bertalu bertalu-talu bertalun bertam bertamadun bertamasya bertambah bertambah-tambah bertambal bertambal-tambal bertambalkan bertambat bertambatan bertambuh bertambul bertambur bertameng

draw lots, play paper-rock-scissors. draw lots, play paper-rock-scissors. do s.t. on a self-supporting basis (i.e. without outside funds). 1 write poetry, poetize. 2 recite poetry. conditional. 1 thank God. 2 (Coll.) be grateful. be of a certain character or behavior. extend a greeting. 1 be separated by a screen. 2 be in disguise. preach at such meetings. collide. scattered, spread. be spread over with s.t. use a receptacle or reservoir. 1 be reflective. 2 observe silence out of respect for a.o. thunder and rumble. belch. hold out. with the spur on. have (a topic) as an editorial. formed by sewing ends together. engage in such recitation. reign. ride a taxi. notched. pious. 1 think logically, reason. 2 deliberate a problem. equipped with a rope, with a rope attached. 1 tied to e.o. 2 related. 3 relevant, germane. play this opening melody or gong. continously, incessantly. resound. 1. k.o. palm. 2. k.o. bird, Malayan black wood partridge. 1 civilized. 2 cultured, refined. go on an excursion, go sight-seeing. 1 increase. 2 increasingly, more and more. 1 increase steadily. 2 all the more so. patched. be patched all over. have as a patch. tethered, tied up. connected with. have another serving of rice. 1. 1) served with a light snack. 2) enjoy refreshments. 2. (Thea.) do theatrical stunts (magic shows, farces, etc.). beat a drum. 1 shelter or protect o.s. behind a shield. 2 use s.t. as a pretext.

bertamu bertanah bertanak bertanam bertanda bertandak bertandang bertandatangan bertanding bertandu bertanduk bertangan bertangas bertangga bertangga-tangga bertanggal bertanggam bertanggang bertangguh bertanggungjawab bertangkup bertani bertanjak bertanya bertanya-tanya bertapa bertapak bertapakkan bertaplak bertapuk-tapuk bertara bertarah bertarak bertaruh bertaruk bertasbeh bertatahkan bertatih bertauhid bertaut bertautan bertawakal bertebaran berteduh berteduhkan berteguh

1 visit. 2 be a guest. 1 take root. 2 put down roots, own land. boil rice. engage in planting or cultivating. 1 marked, labeled. 2 signify. perform such a dance. visit, make a social call. signed. 1 be the equal of, match. 2 compete. 3 fight a duel. ride in a sedan chair. horned. have hands. take a steam bath. with steps. 1 gradually, by degrees, step by step. 2 terraced, graduated. dated. dovetailed. (M) refrain from a normal activity. 1 postpone, put off. 2 hesitant, reluctant. be responsible, be liable. 1 close (of two sides uniting). 2 fall face downward. engage in farming. rise in a sloping manner. ask a question. 1 repeatedly ask. 2 wonder, be quizzical. 1 live as an ascetic. 2 isolate o.s. (to meditate, to acquire magical power, etc.). 3 (Coll.) imprisoned. 1 step, tread on. 2 have an underlayer. 3 have a foot hold. be based on, supported. covered with a tablecloth. 1 heavily pockmarked. 2 have a bad reputation. matching. planed. abstain. 1 bet, wager. 2 bet s.t. sprout. tell o.’s beads. inlaid, studded. toddle along. acknowledge the o.ness of God. 1 fit togheter. 2 fuse, become one. be linked with, related to. place o.’s trust in God. spread around, scattered about. take shelter. make a shelter of s.t. 1 hold to, be firm in. 2 strengthen o.s.

berteguran bertegursapa berteka-teki bertekad bertekan bertekanan bertekap bertekuk bertekun bertekur bertelanjang bertele-tele bertelekan bertelepon bertelimpuh bertelingkah bertelur bertelut bertemakan berteman bertemankan bertembusan bertempat bertempel bertemperasan bertempiar bertempik bertempur bertemu bertenaga bertendens bertenggang bertenggek bertengger bertengkaran bertentangan

address e.o. be on speaking terms. 1 play riddles. 2 ask a riddle. (hati) be determined, be bent on. lean on. exerting pressure. bertekap folded roughly, crumpled. 1 be diligent. 2 hold fast, adhere to. with head bowed. be naked. long-winded, excessively long and trivial. lean o.’s hand, elbow, etc. s.w. talk by phone, use the phone. (Lit.) sit with legs bent back beside body. quarrel. lay eggs. 1 kneel down. 2 surrender. have as a theme. 1 with friends. 2 be friends to e.o. 3 be married. have as a friend. filled with holes. 1 be (placed), located. 2 take place. stick, be next to. spread about in disorder. splashed in all directions. yell, shout. be engaged in combat. 1 meet. 2 match, agree. 1 powerful, have strength. 2 equipped with a power source. /bertendensi/ tendentious. endeavor to carry on. to squat. 1 be perched on a branch, roost. 2 settle down, stay. quarrel (with e.o.). 1 be in contradiction, be incompatible. 2 be in conflict. 3 be face to face.

bertenungan berteori bertepas bertepatan bertepi bertepikan bertepuk berterawang berterbangan berteriak

tell fortunes. theorize. protected by bamboo wickerwork. coincide. be bordered by s.t. have s.t. along the edge. engage in clapping. full of holes. fly (of many things), fly every which way. scream, shout.

berterjunan berternak bertetangga bertetesan bertetirah bertian bertiang bertiarap bertiga bertih bertikai bertikar bertilam bertimbalan

jump in large numbers. breed. be neighbors. full of drips, dripped with. vacation in a health resort area. pregnant. propped up, supported. lie prone. do s.t. in a group of three. bertih differ in opinion, quarrel. use s.t. as a mat. have s.t. to sleep on. 1 be in balance, be mutually equal. 2 be on both sides. 3 ambivalent.

bertimbun bertindak bertindihan bertinggung bertingkah bertinju bertirah bertirai bertirakat bertitah bertitar-titar bertitel bertitik bertitik-titik bertitik-tolak bertiup bertiwikrama bertlesekan bertobat bertoga bertogok bertohor bertokoh bertokok bertolak bertolok bertombak bertonase bertonggok bertongkat bertongkatkan bertonjolan

in piles. 1 take steps, measures. 2 act. 1 be superimposed. 2 lie on e.o. 3 overlap e.o. to squat. 1 act, behave. 2 be capricious, fickle. 3 act up, put on airs. be engaged in a fist fight. stay in health resort. with currtains or partitions perform asceticism to reach o.’s goal. speak, utter (of king, etc.). move quickly back and forth. have a degree, titled. 1 drip. 2 have a period. dotted. have as a starting point. blow. 1 transform o.s. in a moment of crisis. 2 do o.’s utmost. scattered here and there. 1 repent and forswear. 2 learn o.’s lesson. wear an academic gown or judge’s robe. (Coll.) sit dully like a bump on a log. dry up. have the shape of. (Lit.) with an addition. 1 (Lit.) leave, depart. 2 start from s.t., take s.t. as a starting point. with an equal, matched. armed with a lance. have a certain tonnage. (M) perch (of birds). use (as) a cane. rest on. stick or burgle put (plural).

bertopang bertopeng bertopengkan bertopi bertrayek bertruk-truk bertua-tuaan

1. lean on, be supported on. 2. be in conflict. 1 have or wear a mask. 2 put on a front, cover up. use s.t. as a cover-up. wear a hat. operate on a certain route. by the truckload. 1 (M) accordiing to seniority. 2 grow old together (of husband and wife).

bertuah bertual-tual bertualang

1 lucky, fortunate. 2 bring good luck. 3 have magic power. cut up into blocks. 1 swarm (of bees). 2 wander, roam, tramp around. 3 engage in an adventure (often recklessly). be treated with a hot compress. 1 act as boss. 2 have a master. 3 use the term of address tuan. have s.t. as a master. repeatedly. have a collision. with a body of certain characteristics. 1 be covered. 2 use a veil. covered with. have s.t. as a duty. 1 believe in God. 2 have a certain god. have s.t. as a god. 1 have s.t. as a purpose. 2 head for, go in a certain direction. be an artisan, skilled laborer. change. bony. written on. written on with some notice. inscribed with s.t. fall (in numbers). grow. grow (several things). 1 fight, come to blows. 2 slam against e.o. 3 coincide. collide, slam against e.o. in groups. 1 rest on. 2 have support. 3 touch upon, come in contact with. 4 concentrate, focus. 1 be in piles or stacks. 2 in groups, clusters. engaged, betrothed. sprout, bud. receive support or subsidy. receive support or subsidy. guided by means of s.t. 1 get very angry, go into a rage. 2 talk in o.’s sleep.

bertuam bertuan bertuankan bertubi-tubi bertubrukan bertubuh bertudung bertudungkan bertugas bertuhan bertuhankan bertujuan bertukang bertukar bertulang bertulis bertulisan bertuliskan bertumbangan bertumbuh bertumbuhan bertumbuk bertumbukan bertumpak-tumpak bertumpu bertumpuk-tumpuk bertunangan bertunas bertunjalan bertunjangan bertuntunan bertura-tura


1 be in close contact with the people. 2 engage in joint projects with the ordinary citizens (of students helping peasent to harvest, etc.).

berturne berturut-turut bertutup bertutur beruang

make a tour. 1 in succession, in a row. 2 continued. have a cover. talk, speak. 1. Malayan bear. beruang-beruang-an teddy bear. 2. 1 have money. 2 be well off. 1 steam. 2 carbonate (drinks). cry out, proclaim. k.o. wild mangosteen change, become different. be fickle, changeable, fluctuate. have gray hair. loom. 1 (Lit.) say, utter. 2 pronounce. have a certain k.o. weather. tadpole. speak. small plowshare. 1 pointed. 2 culminate in. short-tailed macaque (often trained to pick coconuts). carved, engraved. 1 embellished with all manner of carving. 2 pockmarked.. berukiran have a measurement of. whirl, bubble (water, etc.). have a raw vegetable side dish. happen again, recur. worm-eaten. put a child to sleep with lullabies. 1 fringed. 2 swing, dangle. rooted. tubular, cylindrical. talk hypothetically. have bait in it. heap, pile stack. make such a pilgrimage. 1 attain the age of. 2 be old. being in tow o. behind the other. 1 have stairs. 2 have stories. 1 protracted, drawn out in stages. 2 in different levels (as the roof of certain houses). curly (hair). confer, discuss. wear a veil over the head.

beruap beruar beruas berubah berubah-ubah beruban berubun berucap berudara berudu berujar berujul berujung beruk berukir berukir-ukir berukiran berukuran berulak-ulak berulam berulang berulat berulit berumbai berumbi berumbung berumpama berumpan berumpuk berumroh berumur berunda-unda berundak-undak berundan berundan-undan berunding berundung-undung

berunggun-unggun berunggut-unggutan berungkur-ungkuran berungut beruniform berunjur berunsur beruntaian beruntun-runtun beruntung beruntusan berunyai-unyai berupah berupaya berurai berurap-urapan berurat berurbanisasi berurte berurusan

1 in heaps. 2 make a campfire or bonfire. tug a rope, play tug of war. 1 (Java) back to back. 2 be somewhat poorly timed so that people fail to meet. berungut wear a uniform. sit with o.’s legs stretched out. has as an element. 1 hang loosely. 2 on a string. o. after the other, in a row. 1 lucky. 2 successful. 3 make a profit. pimple, rash (prickly heat, etc.). (M) 1 softly, gently. 2 little by little. be paid a fee. make serious efforts (to do s.t.). 1 fall apart, fall or hang down in strands. 2 scatter, disperse. rub ointment on o.s. muscular, sinewy. migrate to the city. suffer a stroke. 1 get in touch with, contact. 2 be concerned with, have business with.

berurut berurutan berus berusaha berusia berutas beruyel-uyelan bervariasi berwadah berwadat berwajah berwajib berwakaf berwarna berwarna-warna berwarung berwasangka berwasiat berwawancara berwawasan berwayuh berwenang berwewenang berwibawa berwilayah

get messaged. 1 in a series. 2 chronological. brush. 1 try, endeavor. 2 be running a business. attain the age of. in a strand or string. (Java) jostle e.o. have variation. have a certain organization as the umbrella. live as a celibate. have a face of a certain kind. have the obligation of. donate for religious community use. colored. 1 multicolored. 2 various. run a small shop. suspicious. make o.’s will. hold an interview. have a conception. (Java) have more than o. wife. have the power to be competent to. have authority. 1 with authority. 2 having an authoritative bearing. have a certain area.

berwindu-windu berwiraswasta berwirid berwiron berwiru-wiru berwisata berwudhu berwujud berwukuf

decade after decade. run a private enterprise. recite Koranic passages. pleated. pleated. make a tour. (Islam) ritual ablution before prayers. 1 have tha shape of. 2 concrete, tangible. (Islam) ceremony of gathering on the field of Arafah during the Hajj.

berzanji berziarah berzina bes besan

besaran besek besel besengek beser besero beserta beset besi besit beskat beskit beslah beslit besmen besok besot bestari bestek bestel bestik bestir bestral besuk besut

see BARZANJI. visit a sacred place. engage in illicit sex. see BIS 4. 1 relationship between parents whose children are married to e.o. 2 title used between people in this relationship. 1 big, large, huge. 2 great, momentous, important. 3 adult, grown. 4 (Coll.) grow up. mulberry. k.o. covered square basket of plaited bamboo. bribe. k.o. side dish of chicken. tend to urinate frequently. see SERO 1. 1 along with, as well as. 2 attached (of letters). 1. scraped (of skin). 2. occupied, taken. iron. see BERSIT. /besket/ vest. cookie. seizure, confiscation. 1 gvt. decree. 2 letter of appointment. (Coll.) best man (at wedding). 1 tomorrow. 2 later on, in the future. 3 (Coll.) later. 4 coming. scraped, scratched (of foot). 1 expert, skilled. 2 bright, clever. 1. specifications, plan (of construction). 2. see BESTIK.. 1 order s.t. 2 an order. beefsteak. 1 administration. 2 gvt. 3 board of directors. radiation (for medical treatment). visit (to patient in hospital). 1. flow, gush (of blood). 2. 1) remove rust from metal. 2) improve, refine.

besutan bet

(Java) k.o. comedy show. sound of a sheet (of s.t. being flapped, snatched, etc.).



1 I (polite form in classical texts). 2 I (used by Malay royalty). 3 (Ambon) I.

betah betahak betak-betak betapa betara betas betawi

1 stand, endure. 2 like, feel at home. see TAHAK. in shreds, in tatters. 1 how very. 2 as. see BATARA. 1 torn, ripped (of jacket, hem). 2 cracked (of egg). 1 Batavia (now Jakarta). 2 name of ethnic group indigenous to Jakarta.

betel betet betik

chisel. (Java) k.o. parrot, long-tailed parakeet. 1. 1) be announced. 2) leaked out, came to light (of secret). 2. (in some regions only) papaya. 1 pimple. 2 rash, prickly heat. 1 female (of animals). 2 (Derog.) woman. shoal, reef, sandbank. calf (of leg). 1. k.o. fish, climbing perch. 2. burned by acid. concrete. program of changing (paths, walls, etc.). to concrete. snatch, pulloff. mem-betot remove forcibly, extract. 1 right, correct. 2 true. 3 exact, right. 4 very, really. k.o. large bamboo. see NOMER. see BREWOK. (bewis) (Coll.) conscious. see BEDA. see BESUK. (blue film) pornographic movie. (Bijeenkomst voor Federaal Overleg) Conference in Federal Deliberations (Dutch-sponsored committee that helped arrange federal gvt. in Indonesia before 1950, often called Federal Consultative Assembly).

betik-betik betina beting betis betok beton betonisasi betot betul betung bewes bewok bewust beza bezuk bf bfo

bg. bh bh. bhakti bhayangkara bhg. bhinneka bhs. bhw. bi bia biadab

(bagian) part, section. (beha) (bustehouder) bra. (buah) a numeral classifier. see BAKTI. see BAYANGKARA. (bahagian) part, section. (Lit.) diversity. (bahasa) language. (bahwa) that. see BIBI. see BEA. (Derog.) 1 ill-mannered, impolite, uncouth. 2 uncivilized, barbaric, savage. 3 uneducated, uncultured.

biadi biak biang

thread worm, pin worm. 1. fertile, prolific, fruitful. 2. wet, damp. 3. cud. 1 mother (of animals), parent species (of plants). 2 ringleader, mastermind.

biang-biang bianglala biar biar-biar biara biarawan biarawati bias biasa

saltwater herring. rainbow. 1 let, permit. 2 so that. 3 (al)though. k.o. small intestinal worm. 1 monastery, abbey, friary. 2 convent, nunnery. monk. nun, religious sister. 1 ray. 2 refraction. 1 usual, customary. 2 used to, accustomed to. 3 ordinary, commonplace, common. monitor lizard. k.o. guava. expense, free, cost. Bible. 1 aunt. 2 form of address to older woman (often as bi). 1 lip. 2 genital labia. 3 edge. 1. 1) seed, germ. 2) seedling. 3) germ, bacteria. 4) cause, origin. 5) prospective, future. 6) fledgling, neophyte, novice. 2. see BIMBIT. bibliographer. bibliography. bibliographic. 1 speak. 2 stated opinion, comment. 3 (Leg.) matter, case, cause. 4 meaningful. 1 small crocodile. 2 (Jakarta) accomplice, partner in crime. 3 (Jakarta) rogue, rascal. jack for raising weights. (Fin.) bid. see BIDAH. male sprite. 1 fairy. 2 beautiful woman. 1 (Islam) heresy. 2 (Coll.) lie, falsehood. 1 bamboo or rattan screen. 2 basket work. 3 splint. 4 (Sport) base (as in baseball). (Che.) pawn. 1. proverb, maxim. 2. thimble. midwife. 1 area, field, sector. 2 plane, level, surface. 3 broad, wide. 4 classifier for things broad and flat, e.g. sails, land, mats. jujube or date tree. (Sport) base (as in baseball). mem-bidas 1 penetrate, prierce (of attack). 2 spring back, fly back (when released) (of trap, bedsprings, etc.) 3 fly from, shoot away. 4 attack verbally.

biawak biawas biaya bibel bibi, bibik bibir bibit bibliograf bibliografi bibliografis bicara bicokok bicu, bicu-bicu bid bidaah bidadara bidadari bidah bidai bidak bidal bidan bidang bidara bidari bidas

bidder bidding bidik bidston, bidstond biduan biduanda biduanita biduk bidur biduren biduri bier bigami bihara bihun bihus bijak bijaksana bijan biji

bikulturalisme bikuni bila bilabial bilah

(Fin.) bidder. (Fin.) bidding. aim. (Rel.) prayer group. male vocalist, crooner. (Lit.) palace servant. female vocalist. river craft for cargo or fishing. slab of tin weighing about 2.75 lb. (Java) suffer from rash (due to cold weather, allergy, etc.). see BAIDURI. see BIR. bigamy. see BIARA. see MIHUN. see BIUS. 1 able, smart, experienced, wise. 2 witty, articulate. 1 wise, astute, farsighted. 2 prudent, tactful, discreet. sesame. 1 seed, kernel. 2 stone, pit. 3 classifier for small round objects. 4 grade, mark. 5 (sport) point. 6 (Coll.) testicles. ore. see BIBI. k.o. rice-flour cake. see BEKEL. (Coll.) make, cause. bikini, bikini-style. Buddhist monk. Buddhist nun. 1. lace edging. ber-biku-biku 1) notched, toothed. 2) curve, zigzag. 2. see BIKSU. biculturalism. see BIKSUNI. 1 when. 2 when, if. bilabial. 1 lath. 2 wood chip. 3 knife blade. 4 classifier for long, narrow objects.

bilai bilal bilamana bilang bilas bilik bilingual bilingualisme bilion bilis

1 hem, border, edge. 2 addition. (Islam) muezzin. (Lit.) when. 1. every.ber-bilang some, a few, several. 2. (Coll.) say. mem-bilas rinse, wash off. 1 room, chamber. 2 woven bamboo room divider, plaited screen. bilingual. bilingualism. bouillon. bloodshot and burning (of the eyes).

bijih bik bika, bikang bikel bikin bikini biksu biksuni biku

biludak bilur bilyar bilyet bilyun bima bimas bimasakti bimbang bimbing bimbit bin bina bina graha bina marga binal binang binar binaraga binaragawan binaragawati binasa binatang binatu bincacak bincang bincul bindeng bindu bineka binen biner bingar bingas bingit bingka bingkah bingkai bingkap bingkas bingkil bingkis bingkisan bingung

see BELUDAK 2. welt, wound caused by whip. billiards. ticket. trillion. Bhima, hero of the Mahabharata. (Bimbingan Massal) package-deal credit plan offered by gvt. Milky Way. 1 worried, anxious. 2 hesitate, be dubiouse about, vacillate. ber-bimbing find guidance. mem-bimbit 1 carry by hand. 2 lead by hand 1 (Islam) son of. 2 (Coll.) and furthermore (when between words of similar meaning). building, construction. president’s executive office. directorate general of highway construction and maintenance. 1 rebellious (of child), uncontrollable. 2 disobedient, obstinate. 3 wild, untamed. pointsettia. bright. very bright. body building. body builder. woman body builder. destroyed, wiped out. animal. laundryman. small, spritelike evil spirit. ber-bincang-bincang discuss, deliberate. lump, bump, bruise. (Java) nasal (of speech). lathe. mem-bindu use or work a lathe. see BHINNEKA. see BINNEN. binary. see HINGAR. quick-tempered, short-tempered, irascible 1 ill at ease, uncomfortable. 2 jealous, envious. hemispherical-shaped cakeof leavened rice flour. bit, lump, fragment, chunk. 1 brim, rim, fringe, edge. 2 frame. legging, puttee. 1 resilient, elastic. 2 elasticity. see BENGKEL. send gift. 1 gift, present. 2 souvenir. 3 parcel, package. 1 confused, bewildered, flustered. 2 disoriented, unsure of direction. 3 panicky. 4 perplexed.

bini binkap binneka binnen binomium bint bintak bintang

(Derog.) wife. see BINGKAP. see BHINNEKA. (Coll.) elite, established. binomial. see BINTI. stain. 1 star. 2 star, fate, luck. 3 s.o. with notable qualities. 4 medal, decoration.

bintangur bintara binteng jahe binti binti-binti bintik bintil bintit bintul bintur binturung bio biografi biokimia biokimiawan biokimiawi biola biologi biologik, biologis biologiwan biopsi bioritme bioskop bipang bipolar bipolarisasi bipoler bir birah

see BENTANGUR. soldier in lowest grades. chewy confection of sticky rice flour, gingger, and sugar. (Islam) daughter of. daughters spot, stain. 1 small pimple, pustula. 2 nodule. sty in eye. slight bump, e.g. from insect bite. k.o. trap for crabs. bear cat. (Ch) Confucian temple. biography. biochemistry. biochemist. biochemical. violin. biology. biological. biologist. biopsy. biorhythm. movie theater, cinema. k.o. sugared, puffed-rice cake. bipolar. bipolarization. see BIPOLAR. beer. 1 k.o. large aroid with edible tuber and sap that causes itching. 2 lascivious, salacious. see BERAHI. 1 low wall, balustrade. 2 banister, railing. 3 curb, edge, border. 1 relationship between two men marrying sisters or between two women marrying brothers. 2 coreferent title between two persons in such situations. scar or scab arround mouth. 1. sheep. 2. see BERI-BERI. see BIRAI.

birahi birai biras

birat biri-biri birih

biring birit biro birokrasi birokrat birokratis birokratisasi birokratisme birput birsam biru

1. k.o. extremely itchy skin disease. 2. yellowish red. buttocks, bottom, rear. office, bureau. bureaucracy. bureaucrat. bureaucratic. bureaucratization. bureaucratism. cesspool. pleurisy. 1. 1) blue. 2) above average (grades), C or better. 2. fold, hem, pleat.

biruang bis

see BERUANG 1. 1. bus. 2. 1) box. 2) post office box, mailbox. 3. 1) twice. 2) encore. 3) (Leg.) supplement, annex, codicil. 4. 1) tube, duct. 2) pipe. 5. 1) covering for ornamentation or protection. 2) piping, thin strip sewn on cloth, trimming. 3) (Elect.) bushing. bisa 1. be able, can, could. 2. 1) poison. 2) poisononous. (Anat.) biceps. 1 whisper. 2 say in whisper. 1 noise, uproar, hullabaloo. 2 noisy. 3 buzzing (in ear). see BISCUIT. bishop. (biskwit) 1 cracker. 2 Dutch rusk. see BESLAH. see BESLIT. (Islam) in the name of God (recited at beginning of each surah). bismuth. business. rump steak, roast beef, beefsteak. 1 dumb, mute. 2 quiet, noiselless. 1 boil, abscess, ulcer. 2 tumor. beet. coconut leaf rib splinters sharpened to point, for pinning packets wrapped in leaves. k.o. freshwater turtle. drugs. bivouac. see BIAYA. (Java) oh no ! (an exclamination of astonishment, pity). (Java) 1 mother. 2 Mama ! (exclamation of pain or emotional duress).

bisa bisep bisik bising biskit biskop biskuit bislah bislit bismillah bismut bisnis bistek, bistik bisu bisul bit biting biuku bius bivak biyaya biyuh biyung bkpm bkr bl

(Badan Koordinasi Penanaman Modal) Coordinative Agency for Investments. (Badan Keamanan Rakyat) Peaople’s Security Body (forerunner of Indonesian national army). see also entries with bel-.

bl., bln. blacksweet blaf blak-blakan blam blanco blandis blandong blang blanggur blangko blangkon blangwer blantik blantika blarak blasak blaster blasteran blau bld. blecas-blecos bledak-bleduk bledek blejet

(bulan) month. (Coll.) dark and attractive. (Coll.) bluff. outspoken, blunt. sound of explosion. see BLANGKO. pro-Dutch (esp. during revolutionary period). lumberjack. sound of explosion. (Java) large firecrackers, esp. to mark end of each fasting day during Ramadan. 1 form to be filled in. 2 abstention in voting. 3 blank (of paper). (Java) male batik headdress. /blangwir/ (Coll.) fire engine. 1. (Java) broker, middleman in livestock. 2. see BELANTIK 1. world, arena. dried coconut leaf. mem-blasak make o.’s way through scrub or forest. mem-blaster crossbreed. 1 crossbred (of animals). 2 (Derog.) of mixed blood, mulatto. (Coll.) 1 blue. 2 laundry bluing. ke-blau-an bluish. (Belanda) 1 Dutch. 2 Holland. (Coll.) speak without thinking, talk off top of o.’s head. sound of objects randomly striking e.o. repeatedly. thunder. 1 strip s.o. (of possessions). 2 strip (of pretensions), expose (a criminal).

blek blekek blekok blencong blendok bleng blesek bletok blewa bleyer blinger blingsatan

tin can. see MBLEKEK. k.o. heron. (Java) oil lamp used in wayang performance. see SAKIT. 1. sound of explosion. 2. (Java) natural brine. (me)m-blesek pushed in, be sunk in. mud, muddy. /blewah/ k.o. melon. (Coll.) race (engine), rev up. (Coll.) very wrong, led astray. 1 wriggle (because of excessive heat). 2 feel awkward, be ill at ease.

blobor blok

blot, smear while writing (of ink, water colors, paper). 1. 1) bolt, roll. 2) block, street block. 3) bloc, alliance. 2. (Coll.) obstruct.

blokade blokir bloknot

blockade.. 1 blockade. 2 obstruct. 3 (Fin.) freeze (account), stop (check). note pad.

blong bloon blorok blorong blouse bludag bludas-bludus bludrek blujin bluk blumkol blus blusuk bluwok bn. bni boat bob boba bobo

bobol bobos bobot bobrok bocah bocel bocong bocor bodo bodok bodol bodong bodreks bof bogel bogem bogenvil bogi bogot boh

1 free from tension, relieved. 2 not properly tensile, not holding or catching (of mechanical parts). 1 stupid, idiotic, dumb. 2 wacky, crazy, loony. motley (of chickens). (Java) 1 black and white striped. 2 k.o. viper. see BLUS. see BELUDAK 1. (Java) go in and out (whitout permission). hypertension. denim trousers, blue jeans. thump ! (sound of heavy object falling on soft surface). cauliflower. woman’s blouse. (Java) go through place in which passage is difficult (crowds, scrubs, narrow alleys, etc.). k.o. bird. (batalyon) battalion. (Bank Negara Indonesia, 1946) the 1946 National Bank of Indonesia (a national bank). (bo’at (Sl.) drugs. bouffant. (Ambon) ulcerations caused by frambesia. /bobok/ 1. sleep (of young children or in children’s speech). 2. (Java) membobok 1) pierce, break open. 2) forge a way through. 3. (Java) k.o. soothing powder. give way, collapse. breach, crack, tear. 1 heavy. 2 weight, heaviness. 3 integrity, quality (of literature, persons, etc.). 1 dilapidated, shoddy, ramshackle. 2 rotten, degenerate. kid (of prepuberty age). chipped. jug. 1 leak. 2 leak, be leaky. 3 (Coll.). urinate (frequently). 4 (Coll.). suffer from diarrhea. 5 (Coll.) bleed. 1. see BAJU. 2. (bodoh) stupid, dumb, dull-witted. initial stages of leprosy. 1. windfall. 2. (Jakarta, Java) torn or with holes. protruding, bulging (of navel). k.o. patent medicine for colds. swollen thyroid glands. see BUGIL. bogem-mentah blow with the fist. see BUGENFIL. 1 bogey (in golf). 2. see KERETA 1. see HITAM. curve, arch (as in pipes, etc.).

bohong bohorok boikot bojo bok boke boket bokong bokor boks boksen bokser boksit bol bola bolak-balik

1 lie, falsehood. 2 lie, prevaricate. a seasonally strong wind in E. Sumatra. boycott. (Java) spouse. 1. playpen. 2. see MBOK 1,2. 1. see BUKET. 2. (bokek) destitute. see BUKET. 1 buttocks. 2 hindpart first, the wrong way around. 3 back. 1 copper or silver bowl with wide rim. 2 (Sport) loving cup, trophy. 1. box on a newspaper or magazine page. 2. see BOK 1. (Coll.) boxing. (Coll.) boxer. bauxite. 1. (Java) anus. 2.(Coll.) testicles. 3. see BENANG. 4. see JAMBU. 1 ball. 2 globe. 3 spherical object. 1 to and fro, back and forth. 2 frequently, again and again. 3 contradictory.

bolang-baling bolbal boleh boling bolong bolos

bombasme bombastis bombon bomo bon bonafide bonafiditas bonang

1. 1) propeller. 2) weathervane, whirligig. 2. k.o. fried sweet roll. (bolak-balik) back and forth. 1 be permitted, may. 2 (Lit.) be able, can. bowling. pe-boling bowler, o. who bowls. 1 perforated, pierced. 2 precisely. 1. 1) penetrated, with a hole. 2) (Coll.) truant. 3) escape from captivity. 2. see BULUS 2. mem-bolot wrap up. ballpoint pen. see BULSAK. Bolshevik. k.o. spongecake.. 1. 1) bomb. 2) (Coll.) fart. 2. 1) boom (at a barrier), gate, bar. 2) customs. 3) wagon tongue. 4) (Naut.) boom. bombardment, bombing. mem-bombardir 1 bombard, shell, bomb. 2 appoint without regard for qualifications. 3 shower, bombard. bombast. bombastic. bonbon. /bomoh/ medicine man, native practitioner, shaman. 1. 1) check, bill. 2) alliance, league. (bonafit) bona fide, without fraud. reliability, genuineness. gamelan instrument consisting of row of tuned inverted bronze bowls.

bonbon bonceng boncol bondo

candy. get a ride on a two-wheeled vehicle. see BONJOL. (Java) goods, capital.

bolot bolpen, bolpoint bolsak bolsyewik bolu bom bombardemen bombardir

bondong bondot boneka bonet bong bongak bonggol

booking boom boong boorwater bop bopeng boper bopet boplo bopong

group, throng, crowd. bundle, bunch. 1 doll. 2 puppet, marionette. 3 figurehead, front. (Leg., Acad.) cap, mortarboard. 1. China grave. 2. bang ! 3. professional circumciser. 1 proud, arrogant. 2 stupid. 1. 1) hump. 2) outrowth. 3 knot on tree. 2. mem-bonggol strike over and over, hit repeatedly. numeral classifier for lumps, chunks, etc. 1 proud. 2 insolent, arrogant. take apart. scattered, spread about. see BUNGKUK. 1 knob. 2 hump. 3 head (of lettuce). stupid. 1 tree trunk. 2 tree stump. 3 base of plant stem, etc. (Java) inedible (of misshapen, diseased tubers or fruits). see BENGLE. mem-bongmeh 1 feel o.’s pulse. 2 note, observe. short and fat. (China) tombstone. small fruit basket. 1 oversized, overweight. 2 big, tall. 1 lump. 2 projection. 3 protrude. fortification. chubby, bulging (of cheeks, etc.). 1. (Java) rice wrapped in leaves to eat away from home. 2.(Java) youngest (child). /bonyor/ 1 flabby (of flesh). 2 soft, mushy (of fruit). 3 tainted, rank (of meat, fish). see BUKING. see BOM 2. see BOHONG. see BORWATER. see BOB. 1 pockmarked. 2 full of pot-holes (of roads). buffer. see BUFET. construction unit or group. mem-bopong hold s.o. up against o.’s chest. pem-bopong supporter.

bor borak boraks boraq bordel bordes

drill, brace and bit. (Islam.) winged steed that carried Muh. to heaven. borax. see BORAK. see BORDIL 1. balustrade.

bongkah bongkak bongkar bongkar-bangkir bongkok bongkol bongkong bongkot bongkrek bonglai bongmeh bongok bongpai bongsang bongsor bonjol bonjor bontak bontot bonyok

bordil bordu boreg, boreh boreh borek borg borgol borhan borjuasi borjuis boro-boro borok borong boros bortel, bortol boru borwater bos bosan bosen bosman bosor bot botak botani botanikus botik boto, botoh botok botol bougie boven boyak boyas boyok boyong bp bpkb bps br brahmana brahmani brai brambang brandal

1. bordello, brothel. 2. bordir embroider s.t. (Naut.) gunwale. 1 guarantee, security, warranty, collateral. 2 guarantor. medicinal powder mixed with water used as ointment or liniment. see BURIK. see BOREG. handcuffs. proof. bourgeoisie. bourgeois. (Jakarta) do not expect even that much (s.t. less is even unlikely). 1 ulcer, boil, sore. 2 ulcerous, mangy, itchy. 3 bad, rotten. the entire stock. 1 wasful. extravagant. 2 lavish. see WORTEL. Batak kinship term, daughter of a clan. boratic solution. 1. bunch, bundle. 2. (Auto) bushing. 3. (Sl.) boss. 1 bored. 2 tired of, fed up. (Coll.) see BOSAN. 1. boatswain. 2. Bushmen (of Africa). pierced, full of holes. 1. motorized boat (us. with outboard motor). 2. boot. bald (headed). botany. botanist. see BUTIK. 1. shapely, nice, comely. 2. croupier, gambling (cockfighting, etc.). dish made of coconut and meat, fish, etc. wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. 1 bottle. 2 bottled (in set expressions). see BUSI. see NAAR BOVEN. see BAYAK. potbellied, fat, obese. small of back. a move from o. place to another. (Balai Pustaka) Gvt. Printing and Publishing House. (Buku Pemilik Kendaraan Bermotor) certificate of ownership of motor vehicles. (Biro Pusat Statistik) Central Bureau of Statistics. see also entries with ber-. Brahmin. Brahmin (woman). bell bottom, flared (of trousers). shallot. 1 rascal, scoundrel. 2 gangster, bandit.

brangus brankar brankas brantam branwir bratawali

muzzle (of dogs). hospital cart, stretcher. safe, strongbox. see HANTAM. see BLANGWER. 1 k.o. vine the leaves of whice are used in bitter medicinal concoctions. 2 a concoction containing such leaves, often used in university initianions.

bray brayat brebet bredel breg breidel brem bren brendi breng-brengan brengos brengsek

see BRAI. nuclear family. (me)m-brebet make sound of static. see BREIDEL. sound of s.t. heavy falling. bridle. (Bali) see BERAM. k.o. light machine gun. brandy. pungent, excessive (of fragrance). (Java) moustache. brengos-an mustachioed. 1 useless, in bad condition, no good. 2 Hell ! It is all messed up ! (exclamation of disapproval). sound of a sheet (of s.t.) snatched away. suspenders. certification, license, flying certificate. (Rel.) breviary. (Java) whiskers, sideburns. (Bank Rakyat Indonesia) People’s Bank of Indonesia (state-controlled bank).

bret bretel brevet brevir brewok bri bridge briefing brigade brigadir jenderal brigjen brikdan, brikdans briket bril brilyan brintik brisik britania raya brocel broche brojol brok brokat bromfits

(brits) bridge, the card game. short oral summary of a project or organization. brigade. brigadier general. (brigadir jenderal) brigadier general. breakdance. briquet. (Coll.) eyeglasses. 1. brilliant, highly intelligent. 2. brilliant (cut of diamond). curly (hair). see RISIK 2. Great Britain. (Java) having a rough surface, uneven and not smooth see BROS 1. m-brojol, mem-brojol (Java) come out (from within o.’s body) unexpectedly. sound of s.t. heavy falling. brocade. see BROMPIT.

bromida bromocorah brompit brondol brondong brongkol bronhitis bronjong bronsitis bros brosur bruder brujul bruk brul brur brutal bruto brutu bs bt. btn bto. bu

bromide. repeat offender. moped, motor bicycle. featherless, hairless. fusillade. (Java) lump under skin. bronchitis. concertina (barbed) wire. bronchitis. 1. brooch. 2. crisp, brittle. brochure. religious brother, friar. (Java) sapi-brujul oxen for plowing. sound of many hard things falling together. sound of rapid movement of many. brother, a reference and address term, esp. in Protestant circles. 1 very violent, brutal. 2 impudent, insolent. gross. fleshy part of fowl’s tail. 1. (Burgerlijke Stand) (office of) civil registration. 2. (Bayar Sendiri) (Sl.) pay o.’s own way, Dutch treat. (binti) daughter of (in Islam names). (Bank Tabungan Negara) National Savings Bank (state-controlled bank).

buai bual buana buang buani buar buas buat buaya bubar bubrah bubras bubu bubuh

(bruto) gross. 1. (Ambon) brother (term of address to men some what older than o.s.). 2. see IBU. 3. see BA 2. 1 fruit. 2 s.t. shaped like a fruit. 3 result. 4 focus, topic. 5 classifier of large objects. 1. swing. 2. membuai stroke (hair, cat, etc.). 1 bubblling over (of liquid). 2 boasting, big talk, bragging. (Lit.) earth, universe. throw (away). (Lit.) universal. extravagant, wasteful. pem-buar spendthrift, lavish spender. 1 wild (of animals, natural phenomena). 2 cruel-hearted, ruthless. 1 do, make. 2 for. 3 in order to. 1 crocodile, alligator. 2 villain, scoundrel, bounder. 1 disperse, scatter. 2 (Mil.) Fall out ! Dismissed ! (Java) fall apart, scatter all over. (Java) scraped off (of skin). a plaited rattan fish trap. mem-bubuh put or place on. mem-bubuh-kan add, append, attach, affix.


1. 1) powder. 2) s.t. which has been pulverized. 2. k.o. insect, woodborer.



bubun-bubun bubung bubur bubus bubut bucu buda budak budanco budaya budayawan budayawi budeg budel budeng budget budgeter budha budhis budhisme budi budidaya budiman buduk budur bufe bugar bugenfil bugil buh buhuk buhul bui buih buitenzorg bujah bujang bujangga bujet bujeter

1. 1) sore on palm or sole. 2) corns on hooves of animals. 2. mem-bubul repair, fix (net, etc.). 3. mem-bubul soar, rise skyward (of fire, swarm of insects). (M) fontanel. 1 top, ridge. 2 ridgepole. porridge, gruel, mush. mem-bubus swarm out. 1. lathe. 2. mem-bubut 1) pull up, plick (grass, hair, etc.). 2) extract (a thoot). 3. (Naut.) stay, brace. 4. k.o. bird, coucal. angle, corner. see BUDHA. 1 servant, slave. 2 (Lit.) youngster. rank in defense units during Japanese occupation. 1 culture. 2 practice. cultural observer, o. who writes about art, drama, etc. cultural. (Java) 1 deaf. 2 anonymous. (Coll.) inheritance. (Java) k.o. ape, black gibbon. see BUJET. see BUJETER. Buddha. Buddhist. Buddhism. 1 mind, reason, right thinking. 2 character. 3 sensibleness, reasonableness, level-headedness. 4 trick, cunning. cultivation. wise, prudent, sensible. 1. mangy (of dogs). 2. see BODOK. prominent, protruding (of eyes). /bufet, buffet/ 1 buffet, side table, counter, bar. 2 food and drink stand, lunch counter, refreshment bar. see SEGAR, SEHAT. k.o. flowering ornamental shru, bougainvillea. completely naked. sound of blowing (candle, etc.). goiter. 1. knot (of rope or string). 2. appear slightly or partly from beneath or inside. 1. jail. 2. buoy. foam, froth. Bogor in the colonial period. protruding, prominent. 1 single, unmarried. 2 bachelor. 3 male servant. 1 sage, scholar, learned or wise person. 2 poet, man of letters. budget. budgetary.

bujuk bujur buk buka bukan bukat bukau buket buking bukit bukti buku bukung bukur bukut bul bulai bulak bulak-balik bulan bulang bulang-baling bular bulat bulbul buldog buldoser bule buletin bulgur buli-buli bulian bulir bulkpos bulldozer bulsak bulu buluh buluk,bulukan bulur

coaxing, persuasion. 1 lengthwise, longitudinal. 2 longitude. 3 a numerical classifier for long objects. 1. sound of thud. 2. book (up). 3. cement bench us. placed in front of gate to yard of home. 4. (java) see IBU. 1 open. 2 breaking of fast, food consumed at breaking of fast. 1 not, no (negates nouns, pronouns or nominal phrases). 2 it is not the case that. 3 isn’t it ?, aren’t you ?, etc., often as dirty, muddy. see BUKIT. bouquet. booking, previously arranged reservation. hill, mountain. proof, evidence. 1. book. 2. 1) knuckle, joint. 2) knot. 3) grain, pellet, lump (of salt, sand, etc.). 1 tailless. 2 (Coll.) woman’s short hair style. grain, granule. mem-bukut 1 cover up, keep secret. 2 cover. see BOL 1. 1 albino. 2 (Derog.) white person, Caucasian. lonely place in a road. see BOLAK-BALIK. 1 month. 2 moon. 1 wrapper, headdress, wraparound. 2 tape, ribbon, etc. for fastening spur to fighting cock’s foot. see BOLANG-BALING 2. cataract of eye. 1 circle, spherical, round. 2 complete, overall. 3 unanimous. k.o. bird, tropical nightingale. bulldog. /buldozer/ bulldozer. /bulek/ see BULAI. bulletin. grain product made of the nutritious portions of wheat, bulgur. gourd for storing liquids. k.o. ironwood tree. 1 ear (of corn). 2 counter for long, coneshaped objects, esp. grains. bulkpost. see BULDOSER. 1 upholstery. 2 mattress. 1 body hair. 2 fur. 3 feather bamboo. 1 moldy, mildewed. 2 stale (of cigarette smoke). starving, overpowering hunger.


bulus-bulus bulutangkis bulyon bum bumban bumbu bumbun

1. 1) totally bald, smooth (of head). 2) childless. 3 robbed, fleeced, wiped out. 2. be struck (by blow). 3. small freshwater or land turtle. 4. pierce, penetrate. k.o. fish. badminton. 1. bouillon (for broth). 2. bullion. see BOM 2. wreath, garland. cooking spices, flavor. 1. 1) shady, shaded. 2) shelter for hunters. 2. 1) heap, pile. 2) heaped up.


1. 1) bamboo cylinder used as container. 2) tubing. 2. see BUBUNG.

bumel bumerang bumi bumiawi bumiputera bumn bumper bumpet bun bunar buncah bunceng bunci buncis buncit bunda bundar bundas bundel

local train. boomerang. 1 earth. 2 (Lit.) soil. earthly, terrestrial. native (of country). (Badan Usaha Milik Negara) state-owned corporation. (Auto.) bumper. clogged up (gutters, thoughts, etc.). 1. small brass box. 2 see EMBUN. see BAMBU. (M) disturbed, upset. see BONCENG. capital for small-scale business. stringbean. 1. 1) distended, bloated, puffed up. 2) pregnant. 2. recent, last. mother, respectful term of reference and address. 1. round, circular, spheical. 2. clothesbrush. all bruised up. 1. 1) bundle, sheaf, wad. 2) collection. 3) bound volume of journal. 2. knot.

bunder bung

see BUNDAR 1. 1. 1) fellow, buddy. 2) brother (affectionate title for some popular leaders). 2. sound of a drumbeat. 3. see REBUNG. 1 flower, blossom. 2 the best part, cream. 3 floral design, s.t. flowerlike. 4 (Fin.) interest. 5 tire tread. 6 (Crd.) suit. lodge, country retreat. see BONGKAH. 1 lump, piece, chunk. 2 leaden weight, sinker. 3 measure of weight for gold.

bunga bungalo bungkah bungkal bungkam bungkang bungkem bungkil

1 quiet, silent. 2 speechless, struck dumb. 3 not go off, not explode (of firecracker, etc.). laid out like a corpse. see BUNGKAM. residue of copra after extracting oil.

bungkuk bungkul bungkus bunglai bunglon

crooked, bent (over), humped. 1. cauliflower. 2. see BONGKOL. 1 parcel, pack. 2 wrapper, wrap. see BENGLE. 1. 1) chameleon. 2) vacillator. 3) opportunist. 2. tube, valve housing.

bungsu bungur buni bunian bunker buntak buntal buntang buntar buntat buntel

1 youngest offspring. 2 the last in series. k.o. timber tree. 1. k.o. tree bearing small sour fruits. 2. see BUNYI. race of invisible people of forest, thought to kidnap humans. bunker. (M) short and stout, out of proportion. swollen, bloated. buntal-an 1 s.t. swollen. 2 bundle. 1 staring (of choking or dying person). 2 stiff (of carcass). see BUNDAR 1. 1. gallstone. 2. blocked, clogged, stopped up. 1. (Java) 1) wrapping. 2) dish of spices wrapped in taro leaves. 2. knapsack.

buntet buntil


1 clogged. 2 stifled (of thoughts). 1. dish of roasted taro leaves wrapped around spices. 2. knapsack, clothes bag. 1 pregnant (of animals). 2 full, filled out (of paddy, etc.). 3 (Derog.) pregnant (of women). 1 blocked, stopped (up), dead end. 2 dead locked. 3 stumped, stymied.


1 lopped off or amputated (arm, leg, tail etc.). 2 bad luck, misfortune.


1 tail. 2 rear end, latter part. 3 aftermath, consequence. 4 k.o. gambling based on last three digits of lottery. mem-bunuh 1 kill. 2 put out, extinguish, quench, douse (fire, lamp). 3 remove, cross out, cancel. 4 plug (leak, hole). k.o. small tree. 1 sound, nouse. 2 (LIng.) sound. 3 contents. regent, gvt. officer in charge of a regency. see BUFE. sound of splashing. spittle, spit. ber-, mem-, ter- hang out in strands (of hair, etc), spill out in streams (rice, cement, etc.). see BORAK. see BERAKSA. 1. 1) blueprint, design, plan. 2) sketch, draft, outline. 3) unregistered. 2. 1) not clear, dull. 2) dark, be clouded (of face). see BORAK. 1. chitchat, smal talk. 2. k.o. rice cake made with coconut cream wrapped in banana leaves. 3. erased, wiped out, eradicated. see BOREH.


bunuh bunut bunyi bupati bupet bur bura burai burak buraksa buram buraq buras burat

bureng bures burik burit burjasmani burju’ssunbulat burjuasi burjuis burjul’hamal burkuk buro burokrasi buron, buronan bursa bursuasi buru buruan buruh buruk burung burut burwater bus busa busana busar buset busi buster busuk busung

hazy, unclear, dim (of glasses, etc.). see BURAS 1,2,3. 1 dotted, speckled (of feathers, skin). 2 pockmarked. posterior, rear, behiind. (Tech.) elliptical. (Zod.) Virgo. see BORJUASI. see BORJUIS. (Zod.) Aries. see BERGUK. see BIRO. see BIROKRASI. fugitive from justice, s.o. wanted. stock exchange. see BORJUASI. buru-buru, ter-buru-buru hurried, in a rush. 1 prey 2 fugitive from justice , hunted person . worker, laborer. 1 old, worn out, dilapidated. 2 decayed (of teeth), rotten (of wood, etc.). 3 bad, foul, nasty. 1 bird. 2 (Coll.) penis. hernia. see BORWATER. see BIS 1,2. 1. 1) foam, lather. 2) scum, suds. 2. mem-busa 1) gasp, pant. 2) blow. clothing, esp. in fashion circles. see BUSUR 1. Hell ! (exlamation of disapproval). sparkplug. (Auto.) booster. 1 putrid, rotten, spoiled, decomposed, putrefied. 2 low, depraved, corupt, vile. 1. 1) bloated, distended. 2) ( Med.) edema. 3) bulging, packed, stuffed (of pocket, chest, breast). 2. 1) elevated land. 2) sandbank, shoal.

busur busut busyet but-but buta

1. 1) archer’s bow. 2) arch, arc. 2. cotton gin. 1 small mound. 2 anthill, termite nest (in the ground). see BUSET. see EMBUT. 1 blind, sightless, unseeing. 2 blank. 3 forgetful. 4 unknowledgeable.

butak butas butek butik

1. see BOTAK. 2. see BUTEK. (Buton Asphalt) popular k.o. asphalt. 1 turbid, thick, muddy. 2 (Coll.) troubled. boutique.

butir butsi butsir butuh butut buwes buya buyar buyung buyur buyut byar byur c c. ca cabai cabak cabang

cabar cabe cabik cabir cabo cabuh cabuk cabul cabur cabut cacad cacadan cacah cacak

cacap cacar cacat

1 grain, granule, pellet. 2 numeral classifier for round objects. 3 small object. 4 item (in a list). (Badan Urusan Tenaga Sukarela Indonesia) coordinating body for volunteers, foreign and domestic, in Indonesia. mem-butsir model objects from clay or wax. 1. need, necessity. 2 (Coll.) penis. worn out. see REBEWES. (Islam) title for respected religious experts and leaders.. 1 run (like ink on blotting paper), spread. 2 scrattered, dispersed, blown about. 3 scatterbrained, unable to concentrate. 1. narrow-necked, big-bellied earthenware or metal jar. 2. form of address to young boy. see GUYUR. 1 term of reference for great-grandparent or great-grandchild. 2 (Java) ancestral and sacred (of places, such as cemeteries). (Java) on (of lights). (Java) splashing noise when s.t. falls or is thrown into water. c, the 3d letter of the alphabet. (Celsius). (Ch) stir-fried dish. red pepper, chili. k.o. night bird. 1 branch, bough , prong. 2 branch (office, department, academic field, etc.). 3 fork (in the road, river). 4 chapter, affiliate (of club, association, etc.). cabar-hati 1 cowardly, fear-striken, timorous. 2 discouraged, dejected, downhearted. 3 careless, unheeding. see CABAI. 1 torn, ripped, snagged. 2 strip, piece. long rip or tear. ber-cabir-an in tatters, in shreds. (China) prostitute, whore. in an uproar. 1. 1) carbuncle. 2) foul-smelling ulceration. 2. k.o. fish, wolf herring. 3. see CAMBUK. 1. 1) indecent, obscene. 2) pornographic. 2. see CEBOL. ke-cabur-an disturbance, commotion, tumult. 1 yang out, withdraw. 2 (Coll.) take off, leave. see CACAT. (Java) whiffletree, pole to connect the yoke to the plow. 1. number, amount. 2. cut up. 1. vertikal, upright, perpendicular. 2. 1) pinch. 2) steal, swipe. 3. (Java) 1) elder brother. 2) form of address to elder man. 3) comrade, buddy (esp. to pedicab drivers in Surabaya, as cak). 1. hair remedy (to ensure growth). 2. men-cacap-i flood, inundate. 1 pustular skin eruption. 2 smallpox. 1 physical defect, deformity. 2 flawed.

cacau caci cacing cadang cadangan

fickle, inconstant, capricious, changeable. abuse verbally. worm, maggot. suku-cadang spare parts. 1 reseve, back up, spare. 2 a proposal. 3 plan, long-range project. 4 a vote.

cadar cadas

veil (worn by Islam women, bride, etc.). (Geol.) 1 sedimentary rock formation (such as sandstone or tuff). 2 rocky ground or area. see CEDAL. 1. (Naut.) 1) leeboard. 2) outrigger. 2. (Coll.) ny- addicted. 3. see CERDIK.

cadel cadik cadok cadong caela caem cafetaria cagak cagar cagu cagut cah cahar cahari cahaya cailah caing-caing cair cais caisim cak cakah cakal-bakal cakalang cakalele cakap cakar cakatan cakau cakep cakera cakeram cakil

nearsighted, myopic. share, portion. expression of exasperation. (ca’em) (Sl.) cute. canteen, small restaurant (not necessarily self-selvice) attached to school or office. 1. 1) a forking branch. 2) crossing. 2. (Java) pole, post used for support. 1 security, guarantee, pledge. 2 advence payment. /caguh/ whitlow. men- peck, bite. 1. hah ! (exclamation of disagreement). 2. see BOCAH. loose (of feces). see CARI. 1 radiance, brilliance, glow. 2 light. 3 ray. Lord ! (exclamation of surprise). in shreds, in tatters. 1 liquid, fluid. 2 thin, weak, diluted. reins. k.o. China vegetable, mustard greens. 1. smack (of the lips). 2. cak-padang sparrow. 3. see CACAK 3. at an obtuse angle. (Java) founder of a village, pioneer. (E. Indonesia) k.o. tuna, skipjack. war dance in the Moluccas and Minahasa. 1. 1) able, capable. 2) adroid, clever, skillful. 3) good-looking. 2. words, statement. 1 claw, talon (of birds). 2 paw. 3 scratch. 4 rasp, file. see CEKATAN. see CEKAU. see CAKAP 1. see CAKRA. see CAKRAM. 1 noble shadow-play character with protruding lower jaw. 2 prognathous.

caklat cakra cakrabirawa cakrak cakram cakrawala cakrawati cakruk cakue cakup

cakwe cala calabikang calak calang calar calincing caling calipso calit calo caloisme calon caluk calung calypso cam cama camar camat cambah cambang cambuk cambul cambung camca cami camik camilan

see CIAKLAT. Vishnu’s mythical weapon. presidential palace guards in Sukano era. (Java) well-formed body, good-looking (of humans, animals). 1 disk. 2 (Sport) discus. 1 firmament, heavens, sky. 2 rotation of heavenly bodies. rule, sway. (Java) small market. see CAKWE. 1. men-cakup 1) catch with the mouth, snap at. 2) arrest, round up (prostitutes, illegal vendors, tramps). 3 embrace, entail, include. 2. (Java) scoop, ladle out. (China) k.o. fried cake, fritter of twisted dough. see COLA-CALA. k.o. multicolored cake made from rice. 1. superimposed (of o. color on another). 2. (M) sharp-tongued, glib. 3. (Java) o. who perfoms traditional circumcision. 1 bare, almost leafles. 2 unadorned (of furniture, etc.). laceration, scratch (on skin). k.o. weed. 1. tusk, canine tooth. 2. see COLANG-CALING. see CALYPSO. smear, stain, spot. 1 passenger recruiter for public vehicles. 2 ticket scalper. a mentality and system characterized by using the power of o.’s position for personal gain (i.e., by farning out projects, etc.). 1 candidate, aspirant. 2 applicant. 3 recruit. see ASAM. 1. 1) bamboo water scoop. 2) cup for latex. 2. k.o. bamboo xylophone. (kalipso) 1 k.o. Latin American dance. 2 pomaded, brushed-back hair style (1950s). 1. interest, attention (us. only in negative constructions). 2. see KECAM. 1. have a large appetite. 2. (calon mahasiswa) freshman, new university student (during hazing). seagull, tern. subdistrict head. see KECAMBAH. whiskers, sideburns. whip, cat-o-nine-tails. see CEMBUL. large bowl, tureen (for rice, fruit, etc.). (Sumatra) tea or soup spoon. (calon mahasiswi). female freshman (during hazing). (menyamik) eat a little. (nyamik-an) snacks (Java) snacks.

campa campah campak campin camping campung campur camuk canai canang cancang

coarse, not ground finely (of tea leaves or coffee). flat, insipid, tasteless. 1. a throw, toss. 2. measles. 3. k.o. folk dance from Beliton. 1 skillful, handy. 2 clever, adept. in rags, in tatters. lopped off, clipped. 1 mixed, mingled, blended. 2. get involved. stab. grind down. crier’s cymbal. 1. ter- cancang be standing on end. 2. men-, ny- 1) tie up. 2) put on a leash.

cancut canda candak candi candit candra

candrasangkala candu

(Java) loincloth. (Java) 1 joke (esp. of teasing nature). 2 caprice. sistim-candak-kulak system of gvt. credit for small investors. ancient Hindu or Budhist temple or shrine. (Naut.) fluke (of anchor). 1. (Lit.) moon. candra-sangkala chronogram based on lunar calculations. 2. men-candra give s.t. a symbol or label. see AJI 1. 1 (Lit.) a legendary crater from which infants immediately emerge as adults. 2 (Mil.) officer candidate training. see CANDRA 1. 1 opium (ready for use). 2 s.t. hallucinogenic or intoxicating, like a drug.

candung cang-cing-cong cangah cangak

meat cleaver. (Derog.) speak a China dialect. ter-cangah be opened wide, agape. 1. men-cangak raise the head in order to see. 2. k.o. heronlike bird.

cangap canggah

1 notch end of a pole. 2 forked branch. 1. two-pronged pole or branch. 2. (Java0 1) great-great-grandchild. 2 greatgreat-grandparent. 1. long, decorative fingernail. 2. peanuts fried with a confectionery shell.

candrabirawa candradimuka

canggai canggi canggung

/canggih/ sophisticated. 1. 1) clumsy, awkward. 2). gauche, ill at ease, bashful. 3) ill-mannered, curt. 4) insufficient, inadequate. 2. half-submerged tree trunk.

cangkang cangkat cangkel cangkih-mangkih cangkin cangkir cangklek cangklong

eggshell. (in some regions only) low hill. stuck fast. stick out in all directions. men-cangkin carry by the hand while walking. 1. cup, small mug. 2. spur (of a fowl, bird). men-cangklek carry on the hips. k.o. pipe with curved stem.

cangkok cangkrang cangkriman cangkring cangkruk cangkuk

cangkul cangkum cangkung cangkup canguk cangut cantas cantel cantengan cantik canting cantol cantrik cantum cao caos cap

capa capai capak

capal capang capcai capeg capek capelok capeo capgome,capgomek capik capil caping

see CANGKUK 1. 1 leafless branch. 2 cover of a battery lamp. 3 (Auto.) chassis. riddle, conundrum. k.o. tree. sit around doing nothing. 1. 1) shoot, cutting. 2) grafit, transplant. 3) false, imitation. 2. 1) elephant goad, gaff. 2) hook. 3. k.o. tree whose dried flowers provide a medicine. 4. preserved or pickled fish. mattock, hoelike tool. men-cangkum embrance, hug, clasp. squat. men-cangkup eat by tossing food into the mouth with the hand. men-canguk sit with head bowed down. protrude, stick out (as of the hilt of a dagger from the sheath). (Java) sharp-tongued. (nyantel) (Coll.) be hooked on s.t. whitlow. 1 pretty, beautiful (in appearance). 2 (Sport) well executed (smash, goal, etc.). 1 small dipper used to apply wax in batik process. 2 bamboo water scoop. hook. pupil, disciple (of Buddhist or Hindu guru). graft. 1. (China) run. 2. see CINCAU. see SAUS. 1. 1) stamp, seal. 2) trademark, brand name. 3) printed. 4) quality, feature. 5) China seal. 2. sound of sharp instrument perforating a target. 3. (China) ten. 1. (calon perwira) senior military cadet’s rank. 2. k.o. wild camphor plant. 3. game of heads or tails. 1. men-capai 1) reach out for and touch. 2) reach attain. 3) achieve, attain. 2. tired, exhausted, weary. 1. men-, memper- 1) slight, ignore. 2) take lightly, show disdain for. 2. men-, smack o.’s lips (while eating). 3. ter-campak sit straddling s.t. k.o. sandal. wide-spreading (of ears, nostrils, mustache, horns). (China) 1 stir-fried vegetables. 2 bodge-podge, mishmash. (calon pegawai) candidate for civil service. see CAPAI 2. see CAPLOK. (Ambon) hat. celebration of 15 th day of the first China month. lame, paralyzed. k.o. broad sun hat made of palm or pandanus leaves. head covering of woven bamboo of broad conical shape.

capit capita-selecta capjai capjiki caplak caplok capuk capung cara carah carak caraka carang cari carik caring carok carter caruk carut cas cas-cis-cus, cas-cus casanova casis cassette cat catak catat, catet catok catu catuk

catur caturangga caturisme catus catut catutisme caul caung cawak cawan

tweezers. snap at, bite (of crabs). (kapita selekta) anthology of selected topics. see CAPCAI. China card game with 12 cards or dice. 1 dog flea. 2 skin blemish. snatch and swallow. pockmarked. dragonfly. 1 manner, mien. 2 style, fashion, tradition. 3 method. ber-carah in small lots. 1. swallow in a gulp (such as sucking a raw egg, pouring water down o.’s throat, etc.). 2. begin to be visible (e.g., rising sun). 1 enjoy, emissary. 2 (Lit.) messenger. tendril. look for. 1. 1) torn, ripped (of paper, cloth). 2) classifier for paper. 3) (ticket) stub, remnant, scrap. 2. chief clerk of a village. lie in the sun. (Madura) duel to defend o,’s honor. charter. 1. 1) notch, indent. 2) tap (for rubber). 2. ravenous, gluttonous. obscene, filthy (of speech). 1 (Elec.) charge. 2 (Sumatra) charge (a battery). 3( (Sl.) eat. (Coll.) chatter, prattle. (kasanofa) womanizer. (Auto) chassis. see KASET. 1. 1) paint. 2) tint, tinge. 2. Charge ! (exclamation when attacking). horsefly. record, note . . /catokan/ vise, clamp. share, portion, ration. 1. 1) peck at, nibble (of fowl). 2) rap, tap on. 3) hit, harm with the edge of a weapon. 4) cut into (a coconut). 5) a hammer. 2. 1) a spoonful. 2) contents of half a coconut shell. 3. ter-catuk sit with head bowed. 1. chess. 2. four (only in slogans, titles). 3. (Java) talk. chessboard. political chess. see CETUS. 1 tweezers. 2 tongs, pincers. 3 black marketer, scalper, corrupter. mental attitude characterized by efforts to make a profit from o.’s official position. see KAIN. sunken (face). 1. leash .2. dent. ber-cawak have a dimple. cup (without handle).

cawang cawat cawe-cawe cawik cawis cawisan caya cb cb. cc cd cebak cebakan ceban cebar-cebur cebersam cebik cebir cebis ceblek cebok cebol cebong cebur cecah cecak cecap cecar cece cecel ceceng cecer cecincin cecok cecuit cecunguk cecuping cecurut cedal cedera


1. check mark. 2. see CABANG. loincloth, G-string. ber-cawat wear a loincloth. (Coll., Java) pry into, be a busybody. handful. prepare. stock, materials that have been prepared. see CAHAYA. (Citizens’ Band) citizens’ band radio. (cabang) branch (of a firm, etc.). cubic centimeter. see KERTAS. dig, mine. 1 mineral deposit. 2 mine. (Jakarta, China) 10,000, in commercial transactions. sound of splashing. see CERBER. men-cebik extend lower lip as sign of derision. 1. piece. 2. see CEBIK, CIBIR. see CEBIR 1. men-ceblek slap lightly. wash the genitals or anus with water after defecating or urinating. dwarf. tadpole. men-cebur 1 splash. 2 jump, plunge. 3 splash down (of astronaut). se-cecah 1 a moment, awhile. 2 a little, a touch of, dash of. 1. dot, spot, fleck. 2. men-cecah 1) pinch, tweak, nip. 2) pick (pocket). 3. see CICAK. men-cecap taste, savor. men-cecar bully, pester, cross-examine. 1. cubic centimeter, esp. in engine measurements. 2. see CICIT 1,2, chipped. (Jakarta, China) 1,000, in commercial transactions. spilled, scattered (in small quantities). annular. see CEKCOK. low hissing or hushing sound. 1 (Sd) cockroach. 2 (Coll.) shady character, spy. 3 secret police. auriculate. shrew. (Java) suffer from speech defect characterized by pronounciation of / r / as a tap or as / l /. 1. disagreement, conflict, bickering. 2. 1) be flawed, defective. 2) injury. 3. 1) traitorous, faithless, untrustworthy. 2)murder through treachery. 4. see CANDRA 1,2. small, scrubby, undersized (of plants, fruits, etc.).

cedok cedong ceduk cedut-cedut cegah cegak-cegak cegat ceguk cegukan cek cek cek cek cekah cekak

cekakak cekal cekalang cekam cekap cekatan cekau cekcok cekek cekel ceker cekeram ceki cekibar cekik cekikik ceking cekit ceklek cekli ceklik ceko cekok cekoslowakia cekot-cekot ceku cekuh cekuk cekukan

(Jakarta) dipper. men-cedok 1 scoop up (of sand, etc.). 2 dip up, ladle out (liquids). see CEDOK. shrunken (of cheeks), sunken (of eyes). slight twitching feeling, low-level pain in an infection. say s.t. by way of prohibition. strong and active, vigorous, robust. men-cegat 1 hail (taxi), flag down. 2 way lay, hold up. gulp. (Coll.) hiccup. 1. (Fin.) check. 2. examine, check out. 3. see ENCIK. sound of pieces of metal striking e.o. split open. 1. se-cekak a pinch, what can be seized between finger and thumb. 2. 1) short. 2) insufficient, inadequate. 3) too narrow, tight (of clothes). 4) rude, coarse (behavior). 3. fight. (cekikik) sound of laughter, giggles. stalwart, gallant. see CAKALANG. 1.dibble. 2. see CENGKAM. 1. fight. 2. see CAKAP 1. adroit, deft, adept. men-cekau grasp, seize. quarrel, squabble, bicker, fall out. see CEKIK. stingy, miserly. 1 foot (esp. of birds). 2 claw. see CENGKERAM. k.o. China card game. flying lizard. men-cekik strangkle, choke, throttle. sound of a giggle. 1 thin, slender, wasted. 2 frugal, economical. cekit-cekit small pricking pain. men-cekit nibble at, peck at. see CEKLIK. small and attractive (of house and furnishings). 1 sound of clicking. 2 (Ling.). click. Czech. medicine forcibly given. Czechoslovakia. throbbing pain in head. men-ceku prick, dent (with fingernail). men-cekuh search (in o.’s pocket). 1. niche, depression in surface. 2. see CEKOK. 1) notch (in coconut trunk for a foothold). 2) thumb index (of a dictionary).


1 in bad health (of chickens). 2 listless, not feeling up to doing anything.

cekung cekup cekur cekut cel cela

1 sunken (of cheeks). 2 concave. 1. men-cekup seize with closed hand ( a fly, etc.). 2. see CEKUT. k.o. small cultivated plant of gingger family used as medicine. men-cekut pick up with fingertips. (sel) battery cell. 1. 1) defect, flaw, blemish. 2) shortcoming, failing. 3) disgrace, shame. 2. see CELAH. see CEDAL. woodpecker. (Naut.) helm, tiller (of boat). gap, space, fissure, rift, slot. k.o. cosmetic used to blacken eyelid. 1 misfortune. 2 bad luck, unlucky. 3 dammit !, darn it ! 1 go in and out of a house. 2 unsure, uncertain. men-celampak(kan) fling, hurl, throw away. trousers, pants. men-celang stare (with eyes wide open). wide open (of a door, etc.). agape, wide open (of the mouth. men-celapak-i straddle. go in and out of (a house). men-celat jump far, jump high. ber-celatuk chat, joke, gossip. sound of a stone hitting water, splashing sound. 1 stain, blemish, spot. 2 dirty, soiled. (nyelekit) hurting o.’s feelings. (Coll.) apron. crumbs or lefttovers from eating. k.o. zitherlike musical instrument. 1 wild boar. 2 pig. 3 (Derog.) jerk. 1 savings. 2 money box, piggy bank. 1 winding, twisting. 2 bent. lie face up. dye. 1 sound of a small object falling. 2 tick. /celepuk/ 1. 1) sound of a fall, thud, plop. 2) fall with thud or plop. 2. k.o. owl. say s.t. abruptly. 1 keen, sharp-eyed. 2 careful, precise. 1 open (of eyes). 2 see. look around in a dazed way. look around in a dazed way. men-celis chop up, cut in bits. (selo) cello. 1 ail, suffer chronically. 2 fussy, hard to please, finicky.

celad celadi celaga celah celak celaka celam-celum celampak celana celang celangak celangap celapak celas-celos celat celatuk celebuk celekeh celekit celemek celemot celempung celeng celengan celengkang-celengkok celentang celep celepik celepok celetuk celi celik celingak-celinguk celingukan celis cello celomes

celomok celopar celoreng celoteh celsius celung celung-celang celup celupak celupar celur celurit celurut celus celutak celutak celutuk cema cemar cemara

pockmarked (of face). 1 fussy, finicky. 2 talkative, garrulous. menceloreng 1 gash, cut. 2 mark with a strip or slash. empty talk. see SELSIUS. 1. sunken (of eyes), hollow (of cheeks). 2. narrow corral for elephants, water buffalo. jingle, tinkle. men-celup(kan) 1 dip, immerse. 2 dye. (Java) oil lamp without a chimney. see CELOPAR. immersion into boiling liquid. see CLURIT. musk shrew. 1 loose fitting (of rings, clothing, etc.). 2 slip through, get through. willing to eat anything. willing to eat anything. k.o. sandpiper or plover. accuse. 1 dirty, soiled, filthy. 2 besmirched, blackened (name, etc.). 1. casuarina tree. 2. long switch of hair or wig twisted into chignon.

cemas cemat cemberut cembul cembung cembur cemburu cemeeh cemeh

1 worried, disturbed, apprehensive,frightened. 2. discouraged. pull (boat). sullen, glum, morose. small metal box for tobacco. 1 chubby (of cheeks). 2 dome-shaped. men-cembung curve. see CEBUR. 1 jealous. 2 envious. jeer, insult. men-cemeeh(kan) ridicule. 1. 1) blind on o. side. 2) blind but with eyelids open. 2. card game.

cemekian,cemengkian cemer cemerlang cemerut cemeti cemil cemomot cemong cemooh cempaka

k.o. croton tree (seeds used for purges and abortifacients). see CEMEH 1. 1 sparkle, shine, gleam, glisten. 2 bright, gleaming, dazzling. see CEMBERUT. whip. se- cemil a little bit. dirty (of face). 1 dirty, soiled. 2 scratched (face). see CEMUH. 1 k.o tropical manolia, champac. 2 frangipani (and other similar flowering shrubs. k.o. fish with protruding eyes. k.o. tree similar to jackfruit. see CEMPLUNG. k.o. seashore shrub.

cempakul cempedak cempelung cempera

cemperling cempiang cemping cemplak

k.o. small bird. rowdy, roughneck, ruffian, hoodlum. rag, piece of ripped-off cloth. men-cemplak kick a horse to make it go, step on the starter of a motorcycle.

cemplang cemplung cempoa cempolong cempor cempreng cempung cemuh cemuk

bland. 1 sound of a splash. 2 plunge into water. see SEMPOA. plastic piping for sanitation, insulation, etc. k.o. wall lamp with chimney. shrill (of voice). sound of a splash. 1 insult, taunt. 2 ridicule. 1. shaft. 2. shake (stick). men-cemuk hit (with stick). 3. pod (of legumes). 4. cemuk, cemung large metal cup for drinking. k.o. insect. congenital defect, deformity. k.o. straight-edged sword. medium, spiritualist. k.o. bird. k.o. condiment made of fermented, raw shrimp. see CINCANG. k.o. fish, horse mackerel. see CINGCONG. low, base, mean. yellow sandalwood. 1 mushroom, toadstool. 2 fungus, mildew, mold. 1 learned, educated. 2 clever, shrewd. 1 an intellectual. 2 the educated (class). souvenir or memento (esp. exchanged or oresented on official visits).

cenangau cenangga cenangkas cenayang cencala cencaluk cencang cencaru cencong cendala cendana cendawan cendekia cendekiawan cenderamata cenderawasih cenderung cendol cendong cenela ceng ceng-ceng cengal cengam

bird of paradise. 1 inclined, lean, disposed. 2 sloping, leaning. 1 small, doughy rice-flour droplets used in cold drinks. 2 a beverage made with such droplets. k.o. children’s guessing game with pantuns. embroidered slippers or sandals. syrup, molasses. (Bali) k.o. cymbals. k.o. large hardwood tree yielding commercial timber. men-cengam snap at, seize with mouth or beak (as dog, crocodile, etc.).

cengang cengap cengar-cingir cengbeng

surprised, astonished,amazed. men-cengap 1 snap at. 2 gape, pant (for breath). grin foolishly, grimace. (China) grave-cleaning festival.


1 whine, be a crybaby, snivel. 2 terful, sentimental, overly emotional.


(Java) cengenges-an 1 jeering, sneering at, ridiculing. 2 smile sheepishly.

cenger cengger cenggereng cenggeret cenggo cengir

very young (of infants about 1-2 months old), crying stage. see JENGGER. grated coconut or onions fried for use in cooking. k.o. locust. (China) 1,500 in business transactions. wry smile, grin. (nyengir) 1 (Jakarta) grimace, expression made by screwing up o.’s face. 2 smile sheepishly. 1 bad odor or taste. 2 loathsome, nauseating. quarrel. 1. unit of length (about 3.75 m.). 2. a framelike device worn to keep o.’s sarong from touching his healing circumcision wound. grip, squeeze, hold. men-cengkam 1 seize, grasp. 2 ingrown (of toenail). 3 gripping, tenacious, engrossing. fallow, barren (land). fried sticky rice for use in confection. stand on o.’s heels. 1. middleman, broker. 2. see CEKAU. /cengkeh/ see CENGKIH. men-cengkelong withdraw (money). grip, hold. men-cengkeram 1 hold firmly (into o.’s hands). 2 firmly grip.

cengis cengkah cengkal cengkam cengkar cengkaruk cengkat cengkau cengke cengkelong cengkeram cengkerama cengkerawak cengkerik cengki cengkih cengking cengkir cengkok cengkol cengkong cengkung cengkur cengli cengor centadu centang centel centeng

chat, talk. k.o. bird, yellow-crowned bulbul. see JANGKRIK 1. run of luck in cards. 1 clove. 2 (Crd.) club. ber-cengkih spiced with cloves. yelping, squealing (of a dog). half-ripe coconut. 1. crooked, twisted, bent. 2. leaf monkey. twisted, bent. deformed, misshapen. 1. hollow, sunken (of eyes, cheeks). 2. yapping, barking, yelping. 3. bercengkung squat. see CEKUR. (China) reasonable, logical. (Madura) see CINGUR. see BELALANG 1. centang-perenang/perentang in total disarray, in a mess. see CANTEL. 1 guard, watchman. 2 foreman on private land. 3 hired thug, hit-man.

centerik centet

see CANTRIK. 1 stunted, runty (in growth). 2 shrunken. 3 economical.

centil centong

coquettish. 1 rice ladle. 2 dipper with handle. men-centong ladle out, scoop out (rice).

centung cenung cep cepak cepat cepek

ceprat-ceprot cepret cepu, cepuk cepung cerabut ceracah

1 lock, tuft of hair. 2 tuft, crest (of bird). ter-cenung stunned into silent pondering. 1. silent, quiet, sudden silence. 2. see CP. smacking (of lips). fast, speedy, quick. 1 (Jakarta, China) 100, in commercial transactions. cepek-ceng 100,000. 2 k.o. motorcycle with 100 cc. gas tank. see CEPEK. half a cent. cheap, not worth much. shallow and rimmed (of bowl, saucer). see CEPAT. hat (of kind worn by stationmasters). 1. men-cepit sandwich between, jam. 2. see SEPIT. 1 speak out frangkly. 2 speak uninhibitedly. gambling. 1. circle-shaped. 2. sound of stamping feet. men-ceplos-kan blurt out. ceplos-an uninhibited comment. (ceplu’an) k.o. cherry tomato that grows on bush. men-ceplus press. 1 come off (of a handle). 2 break off. 3 broken, damaged. men-cepol strike, hit. sound of pounding (in a small mortar, etc.). sound of clicking (cameras, etc.), sound of squashing (an insect). 1. wooden or metal box (for betel, etc.. 2. tube. 1 sound of a splash. 2 splash. uproot. sound or rain, brooks, etc. men-ceracah babble (brook), drum (rain).

ceracap ceracau cerah cerai ceraka

cymbal, castanets. babble, prattle. 1 bright and clear. 2 sharp (of a photo). 1 divorce. 2 separate. 1. a stand on which clothes are laid for fuming with incense. 2. see CARAKA.

cerakin ceramah

(Lit.) small chest with compartments for medicinal herbs. 1 extracurricular lecture, talk, speech. 2 talkative, communicative, sociable.

cerana cerancang ceranggah cerap

metal container for betel-chewing paraphernalia. ber-cerancang(an) prickly, thorny. ber-, men- 1 forked, branched. 2 prickly, thorny. men-cerap 1 note, observe. 2 show interest in. 3 sense, apprehend, respond.

cepekceng cepeng cepengan ceper cepet cepiau cepit ceplas-ceplos ceplek ceplok ceplos ceplukan ceplus cepol

cerat ceratuk cerau cerawat cerbak cerber cerbergam cerca cercah cercak cercap cerdas cerdet cerdik cerecak cerecat cereceh cerecek cerecis cerek ceremai cerempung cerenah ceret cerewet cergam cergas ceri ceria cericip cericit ceriga ceringis ceriping cerita ceriwis cerkas cerkau cerkrim cerlang cerlih cerling cermai

1 faucet, spigot, tap, nozzle. 2 pour through a spout. 3 drain or draw off (liquids). ber-, men-ceratuk sit with head bowed slightly. sound of a heavy downpour. rocket. not squeamish, willing to eat anything. (cerita bersambung) serialized story. see CERGAM. 1 a censure, reprimand. 2 derision. 3 scorn, disdain. se-cercah a slight s.t. slightly pockmarked. men-cercap flop about, squirm (as fish out of water). 1 intelligent, educated. 2 shrewd, clever. 3 mentally agile. (cerita detektif) detective story. 1 smart, clever, bright. 2 cunning, shrewd, tricky. 1 slightly spotted, lightly pockmarked. 2. see CICAK. sound of chirping. sound of a chirping house lizard. ber-cereceh make a chirping noise. k.o. freshwater fish. sound of sizzling and hissing. 1 kettle. 2 watering can. see CERMAI. see CELEMPUNG. see CERNA. diarhea. 1 fussy, finicky, hard to please. 2 sharp-tongued. (cerita bergambar) story in comic strip form. enterprising, active, energetic. cherry. 1. 1) pure, clean, cleaned. 2) cloudless. 3) cheerful. 2. (Lit.) oaths and formulas read at the installation of a king. sound of chirping or chatter (of birds). sound of chicks. see CURIGA. wide grin. see CRIPING. /ceritera/ story, account, narrative, tale, yarn. talkative when o. should not talk, open o.’s big fat mouth. see CERGAS. men-cerkau grab at. cerkau-an a grab, snatch. (cerita kriminal) detective story, murder mystery. bright, gleaming. see TUPAI. men-cerling 1 ogle. 2 look at from the corner of the eye. k.o. small red fruit often candied.

cermat cermin cerna cernak ceroboh cerobong cerocok cerocos cerompong ceronggah ceropong cerpelai cerpen cerpenis cerpu cersil certa cerucuk cerucup cerucut ceruh ceruk cerup cerurut cerut cerutu cespleng cet cetak cetakan cetar-ceter cetek ceteng ceter cetet ceti cetiao cetit cetok cetrek

1 accurate, precise, punctilious. 2 careful, prudent, cautious, frugal. 3 neat, orderly, conscientious. 1 mirror. 2 shining example, examplar 1 disgested, absorbed, assimilated. 2 dissolved. (cerita anak) children’s story. 1 improper, indecent, immoral. 2 cruel, merciless. 3 untidy, careless, sloppy, messy. 1 chimney, smokestack. 2 ship’s funnel. 1. funnel, spout. 2. 1) palisade at sea’s edge, landing stage, berthing area. 2 breakwater. see CROCOS. see CEROPONG. see CERANGGAH. muzzle of gun, mouth of cannon. mongoose. (cerita pendek) short story. short story writer. k.o. sandal. (cerita silat) martial arts stories. (Geol.) chert. see CEROCOK 1. pointed, tapering, funnel, shaped. cone. completely milled (rice). 1 hole, cleft, niche. 2 cranny, nook. 3 compartment (in drawer, etc.). 4 shaft (in a mine). 5 lane, path. 1 sound of sucking in water. 2 sound of a small object falling. see CELURUT. wind around tightly, squeeze, constrict (as of a snake). cigar, cheroot. cure instantly, provide instant relief. see CAT 1. mold, form, cast, matrix. edition or printing. sound of gunshots, fireworks. 1. 1) shallow (river. etc.). 2) superficial, shallow. 2. sound of a click. mencetek-an click on (a switch). men-ceteng carry by hand. see CETAR-CETER. see CETEK. 1. Indians, often merchants, from Coromandel or Malabar. 2. 1) moneylender (often at high rate of interest). 2) pimp, procuress. /cetiau/ (Jakarta, China) o. million, in commercial transaction. small pinch, impression made on skin by a rough surface. 1. 1) k.o. large China hat. 2) European style hat, pith helmet. 2. sound of a valve in an engine. sound of a switch, a clicking noise.

cetus ceuk cewang cewek cewir cewok cgmi chrom, chroom chrysant chudancho chusetsu ci

ciak ciaka ciaklat, cialat ciami, ciamik ciap ciar ciat ciat-ciut cibir cibuk cicak cicik cicil cicip cicir cicit cidera ciduk cigak cih cihui cik cikal cikal bakal cikalan cikar cikrak

1 sound of s.t. being struck against stone. 2 say s.t. unexpected, unrelated to previous discourse see ACEUK. not clear, clouded. (Sl.) girl, gal. see CEBIR 1. see CEBOK. (Central Gerakan Mahasiswa Indonesia) left wing student organization (pre1965). see KHROM. (krisan) chrysanthemum. (Japanese) military rank in Indonesian auxiliary units during Japanese occupation. (Japanese) submission to the fatherland. 1) 1/10 of a tahil or 2/15 of an ounce. duit-ci k.o China coin with a square hole in the middle. 2) a measure of weight used in illicit drug deals. 1. cheep, sound of birds and chicks. 2. k.o. bird. 3. (China) eat. (China) barefooted. (China) Uh-oh ! Troubles ! 1 handsome, beautiful. 2 (China of good quality. see CIAK 1. men-ciar-ciar bawling, squalling (of babies). en garde ! (sound made when attacking in martial arts). sound of creaking or squeaking. men-cibir curl o.’s lips. (Java) dipper. k.o. small house lizard. 1. men-cicik 1) whistle (of water boiling). 2) flow (of sweat). 2. affectionate form of adress and reference for o.’s elder sister. men-cicil pay in installments. 1. men-cicip 1) taste (during prepartion of food). 2) sip at, eat (a bit). 2. sound of birds, chicks, etc. men-cicip chirp, twitter, cheep. see CECER. 1. great-grandchild, great-great-grandchild. 2. sound of an animal squeaking. squeak (of mouse, etc.). 2) tweet (of canary). see CEDERA 1,2. 1. (Coll.) men-ciduk arrest. ciduk-an detention. 2. see CEDOK. k.o. monkey. exclamation of scorn, disgust, disapproval. whoopee! (exclamation of delight). 1. get out ! shoo ! 2. see ENCIK. 3. see CI. 4. see TACI, CICIK 2. (Java) young coconut. see CAKAL-BAKAL. remnants (of cloth, cake, tin can, etc.). k.o. two-wheeled bullock cart. 1. 1) waste basket. 2) dustpan. 2. see JINGKLAK.

cikutan cilaka cilap cili cilik,cilikan ciling cilok ciluk-ba, cilup-ba cim cimplung

cincoang cincong cincu cindai, cinde cindil cindur mata cinematografis cingah cingam cingangah cingbing cingcai cingcong cingge cingkeh cingur

hiccup. see CELAKA. ter-cilap-cilap flicker. (Ambon) chili. (Java) little, small (esp. of children). see CELENG. men-cilok 1 steal, pilfer. 2 pick pockets. peekaboo (exclamation to babies). see ENCIM. food prepared by boiling with sap or juice that is being boiled down for sugar. (us. Derog.) China, Chinese. Pe-china(n) Chinatown. the intermediate husband which a thrice-divorced Muslim woman must have before remarrying her original husband. (Derog.) sinicization. deformed. (China) not important, it does not matter. hack, chop, mince. 1 k.o. gelatin used in cool drinks. 2 drink made from this gelatin. 3 k.o. plant the leaves of which are used to produce this gelatin. 1 ring. 2 washer for bolts, faucets, etc. men-cincing rise up (of skirt, pants). men-cincing-kan raise up (clothing) for s.o. k.o. bird, blue shortwing. see CINGCONG. boat owner, ship’s captain. k.o. elaborately dyed cloth. baby mouse. 1 sweetheart. 2 souvenir. cinematographic. see CINGANGAH. k.o. small tree found in mangrove swamps. starled, surprised. see CENGBENG. see CINCAI. ado, fuss. (China) parade featuring floats and pantomimes. see CENGKIH. cartilage and meat of the nostrils and ears of cattle (often used in salads).

cinkolim cinse cinta

(Cina Kolonis Imperialis) Colonialist Imperialist China. see SINSE. 1 love, affection. 2 love s.o. 3 have a great interest in. 4 (Lit.) sorrow, regret.

cintrong cintuh ciongsam

(Sl.) love. see SENTUH. see CONGSAM.

cina cina buta cinafikasi cinangga cincai cincang cincau cincin cincing

cip cipan ciplak ciplukan cipoa cipok ciprat cipta ciptakarya ciput circir ciri

cirit cis cit cita citra cituk ciu cium ciut ck-ck-ck claim clash cleguk clik clila-clili clingak-clinguk clingus clola-clolo clupak clurit clurut cm. coaching coan coang coba


1. sound of cheeping. 2. (Sport) a chip (golf). Malay tapir. 1. (Java) ny-(ciplak) chew s.t. noisily. 2. see JIPLAK. k.o. weed. 1. (coll.) cheat, deceive. 2. see SEMPOA. (Coll.) kiss. splash. 1 creative force, creative power. 2 thought, idea. directorate of housing, planning, and urban development. 1 (Coll., Vulg.) female genitalia. 2. see SIPUT. small bell. 1. 1) feature, characteristic. 2) identifying mark, earmark. 3) (Ling.) feature. 4) have a defect, marked by not being good. 2. (Lit.) words (of fidelity) read at the installation of a ruler. 1 diarhea. 2 sediment. 1. exclamation of disgust, bah ! 2. k.o. light rifle. squeak (of mouse, baby bird). 1. feeling, sentiment. 2. see KAIN. image. Citra name of the annual film festival awards. men-cituk snatch. intoxicating distilled beverage. 1 smell. 2 kiss. 1. 1) shrunk(en), shriveled. 2) narrow, tight. 2. sound of squeaking. representation of) a smacking of the tongue tip, an exclamation of astonishment and often disapproval. insurance claim. (kles) 1 dutch attacks on Indonesian territory in 1947 and 1948. 2 (Coll. ) conflict, disagreement. sound of swallowing liquid. men-clik snip. (Java) flustered, embarrassed. (Java) look bewildered. (Java) bashful but coy. (Java) act stupid. see CELUPAK. k.o. sickle (often used as weapon). see CELURUT. (sentimeter) centimeter. (kocing) (Coll.) directions given before a speech, etc. (China) gain a profit. ber-(an), men- protrude, stick up. (cobak) 1 try, make an attempt. 2 try s.t. out. 3 (Coll.) please (with a request to a person on equal or lower footing). 4 (Coll.) just imagine, try considering. 5 (Coll.) just try, let us see you prove (in challenge). 6 (Coll.) if, supposing. all torn up.

coban cobar-cabir cobek coblong coblos cocakrawa cocok

k.o. broad, coarse needle for making nets, etc. see CABIR. 1. mortar (for braying condiments). 2. see SOBEK. small hole. men-coblos 1 perforate, punch. 2 vote by punching ballot. see CUCAK RAWA. 1. 1) agree, tally, jibe. 2) correct, exact. 3) come true. 4) like, be agreeable. 5) compatible (people, colors, etc.). 6) suitable. 2. 1) pin, needle. 2) skewer.


1. men-cocol extend, thrust out, protrude. 2. men-cocol 1) dip with finger. 2) eat ravenously. men-cocok-an stick in, insert. men-cocor 1 hit with o.’s fist. 2 kick (a ball) with the tip of the foot. k.o. flower. 1 mouth of animals. 2 (Vulg.) human mouth. men-codak hold up (of head). scar (on face). k.o. fruit-eating bat. men-coel 1 touch with the tip of thefinger. 2 reprimand, rebuke, admonish.

cocor cocor bebek cocot codak codet codot coel cogan cogok cokek cokelat coker coket coklak-caklik coklat cokmar cokok cokol cokot cola-cala, cola-colo colak-caling colak-colek colang-caling colek colembeng coleng colet collecte colok

colong colot

1emblem. 2 standard, ensign. 1. 1) be erect, vertical. 2) appear, occur. 2. k.o. taper lamp made from empty bottle. k.o. China-Jakarta dance show. see COKLAT. scratch around for food. take a small piece. sound of clicking. 1 brown. 2 chocolate. 3 cocoa. (Lit.) club, cudgel. men-cokok seize, catch (chicken, fish, etc.). ber-cokol 1 settle, reside. 2 squat. 3 be in existence s.w., extant. men-cokoli dominate s.t. (nyokot) take a large bite out of s.t. talk nonsense. in disarray. touch lightly, pinch lightly. in disorder. touch lightly with the fingertips and pinch. 1.columbine. 2 k.o. pastry like lady fingers. men-coleng hold up, steal by force, rip off. pen-coleng thief. se-colet a bit. men-colet-kan daub, smear. (kolekte) collection (at church). 1. 1) piece of cloth dipped in oil and used as a light. 2) fuse, wick. 2. men-, meny- striking, glaring. 3. men- poke with finger, poke finger into s.t. (Jakarta, Java) men-, ny- steal. men-colot spring, leap, jump (like a frog).

colt comat-comot comberan combi comblang combol combong combor comek comel

(kol) a brand of light pick-up truck frequently rebuilt as a minibus and used as a passenger vehicle. pick in a variety of ways. drainage ditch, sewer. (kombi) k.o. minibus. 1 matchmaker, go-between. 2 (Sl.) pimp, procurer. see TOMBOL. see KECUBUNG 1. horse feed (grass, rice bran and rice husks mixed with water). 1. small goatee just beneath the lower lip. 2. k.o. cuttlefish. 1. gumbling, nagging. 2. (Lit.) 1) dainty, exquisite. 2) winsome, pretty.

comite comot compang-camping compeng compes concong conderong condong

see KOMITE. 1. grimy, dirty, filthy. 2. in tatters, frayed, ragged. torn on the edge. chipped, jagged on the edge (chinaware, etc.). men-concong go forward without turning around. see CENDERUNG. 1 leaning, inclining to o. side. 2 inclined, sympathetic. 3 set. 4 off, insane.


(Conference of the New Emerging Force) 3d world organization created by Sukarno. upturned. men-conet turn upward (of moustache, tail, etc.). menge-cong brew tea. men-congak 1 raise o.’s head, hold o,’s head high. 2 calculate in o.’s head. 3 dictate mathematics problems. 1 deaf. 2 inflamed (of the eare). ter-congget-congget move up and down (of tail, etc.). erect. men-conggok stand or sit erect. congkah-cangkih stick out at an angle, uneven, irregular. 1. proud, arrogant, snooty. 2. 1) cowrie shell. 2) k.o. board game with receptacles often played with shells as tokens. protruding everywhere. see CUNGKIL. see CONGKAK 2. sound of galloping hooves. 1 guard house, sentry post. 2. men-congkong squat. (Java) quarrel. see CONGGOK. men-congol stick out suddenly (through a small hole). (Java) snout, muzzle. k.o. sleeveless, high-collared China dress. (kontener) container (as in shipping). (kontenerisasi) changing over to shipping by containers. smear, stain, blemish. 1 specimen, sample. 2 model. 3 pattern, design. 4 example.

conet cong congak congek congget conggok congkah congkak congkar-cangkir congkel congklak congklang congkong congkrah congok congol congor congsam container containerisasi conteng contoh

contong cop copet coplok coplot copot cor corak corak-carik corat-coret corek coreng coret coro corong corot corps cotok cowboy cowek cowok cp cpm cq crat

cret cring criping crocos crongos crop-crop crossboy cruat-cruit cs cuaca cuai cuap cuar, cuat cuat-cuit

cone-shaped container made from papper or banana leaf. 1. 1) electric plug or socket. 2) lightbulb socket. 2. see CUP 1. pickpocket. 1 come loose, break off. 2 detached, apart. see COPLOK. 1 dislodged. 2 broken off, detached, loosened. 3 Gracious ! (exclamation of surprise, somewhat effeminate). men-cor 1 cast, found. 2 pour concrete. 1 design, motif, pattern. 2 color. 3 stripe (of flag). 4 type, from. 5 feature, characteristic, color. in tatters, in shreds. 1 rough (of draft, sketch). 2 first draft (of composition). 3 scrawled. 1 long line, scratch. 2 streak. 1 scratch, streak. 2 smear. 1 scratch. 2 streak, smear. 1 (Java) cockroach. 2 (Derog.) creep, bum. 1) funnel (for bottles, etc.). 2) shaft (for ventilation), funnel (ship). 3) microphone, megaphone. 4) mine shaft. spout, nozzle (of watering can). (koreps) corps. beak, bill. men-cotok peck at. (koboi) 1 cowboy. 2 rough, rowdy. see COBEK 1. (Coll.) young fellow, guy, boyfriend. (cep) (representation of) sound made by smacking tongue and closing lips, used to calm children. (Corps Polisi Militer) Military Police. (ceki) (casu quo) (Leg.) in this case. 1 sound of s.t. squirting. 2 shit ! strong exlamation of disapproval. crat-cret 1 emission of feces in diarrhea. 2 go to the bathroom frequently. see CRAT, CERET. sound of jingling. fried cassava chips. rattle on. ny- (Coll.) talk glibly and fast. buck-toothed. ny- sticking out, growing outward. sound of metal pieces hitting e.o. (krosboi) punk, delinquent. talk in large groups all at once. (cum suis) and associates. weather. insignificant, unimportant, trivial. (Coll.) talk. 1) stick up high, project upward. 2) stretch out o.’s legs. 3) stick out, be too visible. see CRUAT-CRUIT.

cubit cublik cubung cubung-cubung cuca

pinch between forefinger and thumb. k.o. oil lamp with chimney and reflector. see KECUBUNG 1. fly larva. magic formula (for treating wounds). men-cuca pronounce a spell.

cucak rawa, cucak rowo cuci cucimaki cucu cucuh cucuk cucunda cucung cucunguk cucup cucur

k.o. bird, yellowcrowned bulbul. wash. verbal abuse. grandchild. 1 kindle, light. 2 switch on (a light). 1. 1) bill, beak. 2) (Mil.) front line. 2. see COCOK 2. your grandchild (respectful form, esp. in writing letters). grandchild. see CECUNGUK. 1 a kiss. 2 suck, slurp. 1. a flow, trickle. 2. fried cake made of rice flour and sugar. 3. k.o. bird, large frogmouth. 4. (Naut.) bowsprit (of ship). see CECURUT. 1. shark. 2. men-cucut 1) kiss. 2) suck. (senosit) (Phys.) coenocyte. 1 sound of expectoration. 2 huh ! (exclamation of distaste, cynical disfavor, etc.). men-cuik steam and salt (fish). 1 chunk. 2 chipped. se-cuil a little bit. (Coll.) Lord ! Gosh ! (exclamation of distaste). men-cuing shred meat with the fingers. 1. sound of squeaking. 2. movement of fingers. 1. (Auto.) choke. 2. mosquito larva. 3. see CUKULELE. vinegar. 1 (customs) duty, toll, tax. 2 excise duty. 3 tariff. 1.game of draughts. 2. (Vulg.) have sexual intercourse. see CUNGKIL. bib. 1 pick. 2 fork (for eating0. 1 well-to-do financier, financial backer. 2 capitalist (engaged in illegal practices). 3 broker, wholesale distributor. a mode of (often illegal) cooperation between authorities and (us. China) financiers. ukulele. 1 enough, sufficient, adequate. 2 exactly, precisely. 3 well-to-do, prosperous. 4 complete. 5 quite, rather. 1 razor, shaver. 2 tonsure. rhinoceros horn. k.o. shrub, the flowers of which are used to perfume tea and clothes.

cucurut cucut cuenosit cuh cuik cuil cuilah cuing-cuing cuit cuk cuka cukai, cuke cuki cukil cukin cukit cukong cukongisme cukulele cukup cukur cula culan

culas culik cuma cuman cumbu

1. 1) lazy, indolen. 2) slow, plodding, poky. 3) clumsy, awkward. 2. deceitful, dishonest, not straightforward. men-culik kidnap, abduct. 1 only, merely. 2 only, but. (Coll.) only. 1 flattery. 2 sweet talk, honeyed words. 3 joke, jest, good-natured banter.

cumi-cumi cumlaud cumpang-camping cun cunam cunang-cuning cuncum cunda cundang cundrik cunduk cung cungap cungkil cungkilan cungkup cunguk cungul cungur cuosangiin cup cupai cupak cupang cupar

1. squid. 2. 1) evildoer, criminal. 2) traitor. 3 enemy spy. (kumlot) with distinction (esp. of academic achievements). see COMPANG-CAMPING. 1. inch. 2. (child language) kiss. pliers, pincers. time at random. k.o. cone-shaped pastry with sweet filling. see CUCUNDA. 1. defeat. 2. incite, instigate, foment. k.o. small kris. large pin for holding a chignon in place. 1. (Java) laddy, sonny, aterm of address. 2. k.o. machine gun. pant, gasp (for breath). crowbar, lever. chunks peried from s.t. (coconut, etc.) dome or cover over grave. see CECUNGUK. see CONGOL. see JUNGUR. Indonesian advisory body assisting the Japanese occupation. 1. smack (of kiss). 2. That is mine ! (assertive exclamation). neglect, ignore. 1. a measure of volume, esp. for rice. 2. bowl (of an opium pipe). (Coll.) love-bite, hickey. 1. deride, sneer at. 2. a man who is stingy and a busybody in the kitchen.


/cupet/ 1 inadequate, short, insufficient, skimpy. 2 shortsighted. 3 petty, narrow, bigoted. ear lobe. see CELUPAK. pick out a small portion. /cupu-cupu/ 1 box for pills. 2 posthole, hole for mast. too short. sound of spouting. joke, jest. men-curah fall (of rain). 1 loose, detached, apart. 2 clear, evident, real. steep, precipitous, sheer, abrupt (cliff, abyss, etc.). dishonest, fraudulent, deceitful. spout, nozzle. men-curat gush out, spew forth, spout.

cuping cuplak cuplik cupu cupul cur cura curah curai curam curang curat

curat-coret cureng

see CORAT-CORET. deep-socketed (of eyes). ny- (nyureng) (Java) put on serious face, frown.

curi curiga curu-curu curuk cus cutbrai cuti cuwil cv d d-1 d-2 d-3 d. d.a. d/p da da’wa da’wah dab dabing dabung dabus dacin, dacing

1 steal. 2 surreptitious. suspicious, distrusful. diarhea or dysentery. (Java) waterfall. sound of fizzing or sizzling (i.e. water poured on a fire). /cutbray/ see CELANA. leave, furlough. see CUIL. (Commanditaire Vennootschop) Limited Partnership. d, the 4th letter of the alphabet. (diploma satu) o.-year diploma program. (diploma dua) two-year diploma program. (diploma tiga) three-year diploma program. (danau) lake. (dengan alamat) c/o., in care of. (dengan perantaraan) via s.o. 1. (China) at, on, in. 2. daa, daag (Coll.) goodbye. see DAKWA. see DAKWAH. men-dab dub a film. dubbing. (Lit.) ber-, men- file teeth (for aesthetic or religious reasons). see DEBUS 2. k.o. portable balances scale. men-dacin weigh items with such a scale.

dada dadah dadak dadal dadap dadar dadih dadu daduh daeng

1 chest, thorax. 2 bosom. 1. medicine, medicinal herb. 2. (Coll.) wave goodbye, bye-bye. men-dadak sudden. fall down or burst apart (as of dike or dam). flowering trees of Erythrina spp. 1 fry a mixture spread into a pan. 2 omelette. (Lit.) fermented water buffalo milk. 1. 1) dice. 2) cube. 2. pink, light brownish-red. /dadung/ 1. (Lit.) sing a lullaby. 2. (Java, Sunda, Naut.) hawser. (Makassar) 1 tittle of rank in S. Sulawesi. 2 respectful term of address for pedicab drivers. 1 territory, esp. the size of a province. 2 area, region. 3 outlying district. sedaerah from the same region. provincialism. 1 list, roster. 2 (pol.) slate. sensation rapid heartbeat (caused by fear, anxiety, etc.). 1. (M) resistance, civil unrest. 2. see DAHAGA. 1. from outside the region. 2. trade, commerce. 3. men-dagang carry on shoulder.

daerah daerahisme daftar dag-dig-dug daga dagang

dagel dagelan dagi daging dagu dah dahaga dahagi dahak daham dahan dahar dahi dahlia dahsat, dahsyat dahulu dahyang dai daidan daidancho, daidanco daif daim daing dajal


men-dagel joke, clown about. 1 joking, clowning. 2 short humorous skit. see DAHAGI. 1 meat. 2 flesh. chin. 1. see DEH. 2. see DA 2. 3. see SUDAH. 1. thirst. 2. 1) opposition. 2) subordination. oppose orders. phlegm, sputum. see DEHAM. bough, branch. (Java) eat (referring to respected person). forehead, brow. dahlia. 1 horrifying, terrifying. 2 awe-inspiring, imposing. (Lit.) previous. (Java) guardian spirit. (Islam) 1 proselytizer. 2 revival mullah. (Japanese) battalion. (Japanese) battalion commander. 1 weak, powerless. 2 incompetent. (Islam) eternal, enduring. dried fish or meat. 1 (Islam) a being of the days preceding the Last Judgment who tempts humans to evil, esp. licentious activities. 2 (Islam) irreligious person who tempts others to be antireligious and licentious. 3 liar, deceiver. 4 (Coll.) Christian usage) k.o. devil. 1. see TIDAK. 2. (Coll.) roof. 3. sound of s.t. exploding. see DEKAP 1. 1. stubborn, obstinate, hardheaded. 2. see ZAKAR. see DEKAP 1. 1 inner life. 2 intimate. 1. grime, esp. on o,’s body. 2. men-daki climb (hill, mountain). /dakocang/ 1 k.o. black inflatable doll. 2 defamatory nickname for Malaysia (1960s). game played on board with depressions to be filled with cowrie shells.

dakron daksa daksina daktiloskopi daktur daku dakwa dakwah dal dalal

Dacron. 1 skilled, able. 2 proper. (Lit.) 1 right side. 2 south. dactylography. see REDAKTUR. (Lit.) me. charge, accusation, indictment. religious proselytizing, missionary endeavor. (Java) 5th in series of eight years. 1 go-between, intermediary. 2 agent, broker.

dak dakap dakar dakep dakhil daki dakocan

dalam dalang dalem dalfin dalih dalil dalu daluwarsa dam damai damak daman damar damast damba damban dambin dambun dame damen dami damir dampak dampar damping damprat damsyik dan dana danau danawa dandan dandang dandi dang dang dang dut, dangdut dangai dangau dangir dangkal

1 interior, inside. 2 in, within. 3 deep. 4 thoughtful, serious, deep. 1 narrator and puppeteer of traditional shadow plays. 2 matermind, power behind the scenes. 1. (Java) 1) residence of high official, palace of king. 2) tittle for person who possesses such a residence. 2. see DALAM. dolphin. excuse, pretext. 1 (Islam) argumentation. 2 proposition, theorem. (Java, Sunda, Jakarta) ripe. 1 overdue, expired. 1. 1) checkers. 2) checkered (design) 2. sound of thump of drum. 3. (China) greedy. 4. dam. peace, tranquillity. blowpipe dart. (Naut.) sheet (of large sail). 1 resin of certain trees collected as an article of trade. 2 resin torch.3 oil lamp. damask. long , yearn. see LAMBAN. sound of thud, plop, or thump. sound of sonorous thud. see DAMAI. (Java) rice straw. see DAMAI. symbol in Arabic script to indicate closed syllable. impact. bump into, collid with. men-dampar 1 cast s.t. ashore. 2 break (of nerves). close, near. contiguous, side by side. abuse, scolding. Damascus. 1. and. 2. particle requesting confirmation, right ? 3. (Sort) ranking. 1 donation. 2 fund. lake. ogre. 1. grooming, personal embellishment. 2. (Lit.) additional platform on a ship’s deck. 1. large metal vessel for steaming rice. 2. (Lit.) cormorant. 1 (Lit.) k.o. drum. 2 (Bib.) k.o. lyre. (Lit.) title for female nobility. 1 beating of drums (in Indian movies). 2 popular music with strong beat reminiscent of Hindi and Arabic music. 3 dance to such music. k.o. cake. 1. loom up. 2. small temporary hut in agricultural fields. (Java) men-dangir (i) hoe before planting. 1 shallow. 2 superficial (of knowlwdge, etc.).

dangkung dangsa danguk danramil dansa dansanak dansi danta danu dapat daptar dapur dar dara darab darah darajat daras darat dari daripada darma darmabakti darmasiswa darmatamu darmawisata darmawisatawan darsana, darsono daru-daru darulbaka darulfana darun darurat darus darusalam darwis das dasa dasadarma dasalomba dasar

dasariah dasasila

k.o. leprosy. see DANSA. ber-, men-, ter- sit with chin in hands and stare. (Komandan Rayon Militer) commander of the army administrative unit at the level of the camat. Western-style dance. (M) relative, kin. see DANSA. (Lit.) elephant tusk, ivory. /Danuh/ (Zod.) Sagittarius. 1 can, be able. 2 may. 3 get, obtain. be obtained. 5 be found. see DAFTAR. 1 kitchen, galley. 2 stove, kiln. 3 firebox (in furnace, locomotive). 4 (Coll.) place where s.t. other than food is cooked up. sound of loud crash or explosion. 1. virgin, young girl. 2. see BURUNG. (Math.) multiplication. blood. see DERAJAH. men-daras 1 (Islam) recite the Koran. 2 study, investigate deeply. 1 land, shore. 2 upland, hinterland. 1 from. 2 (coll.) of. 3 out of (a series). 4 starting at or from. 5 than. 1 (Lit.) from. 2 than. 3 better than. (Lit.) 1 duty, obligation. 2 service, good deed. volunteer work, service of value to the state. (Lit.) student scholarship, fellowship. (Lit.) leadership grant. 1 excursion, outing. 2 field trip. excursionist. see JAMBU. k.o. tree used for commercial timber. (Islam) The hereafter. (Islam) present transitory world. se-darun in unison. emergency. see DARAS. 1 Jerusalem. 2 (Lit.) abode of happiness. dervish, fakir. boom (of gun), bang (of gun). (Lit.) inintervals of 10. the 10 duties of Indonesian Boy Scouts. decathlon. 1 base, foundation. 2 basis. 3 nature. 4 (so-and-so) is like that because that is the way people of his or her type are. 5 background. basic. the Ten Commandments.

dasawarsa dasi daster dasun daswati

decade, decennial. necktie. 1 house dress, lounging grown. 2 doctor’s lab coat. (Lit.). k.o. garlic. (Daerah Swatantra Tingkat) autonomous administrative region (pre-1970s).

data datang datar dati datu datuk

data. men-data encode for processing (on computer). 1 come. 2 arrive. 1 flat, level, smooth. 2 superficial. (Daerah Swantantra Tingkat) autonomous administrative region. (in some region only) title of headman. 1 oldest male of family clan, headman. 2 grandfather (in some parts of Indonesia and Malaysia). 3 honorific term of reference and address (for strangers, dangerous animals). 4 term of adress to persons in high positions, us. as tuk or to. 1 gray. 2 roan. (Lit.) 1 good fortune. 2 expression of deference to nobility. 1 leaf. 2 playing card. 3 balade or other flat thing. 1 cycle (of years). 2 rotation. fine wire. dawai-dawai strings (for musical instruments). 1. ink. 2. cold drink made from rice or arrowroot flour, coconut milk and palm sugar. (Java) order, command. 1. 1) power, energy, capacity. 2) effort. 2. trick, ruse. 3. see BARAT. 1 foster mother. 2 wet nurse. 1 native ethnic groups of Kalimantan. 2 (Coll.) American Indian. (Lit.) lady-in-waiting. men-dayu rumble like distant thunder. 1 oar. 2 pedal (bicycle). (drum band) marching band. (di bawah) below, under, beneath. (daerah bebas becak) area in which pedicabs are not allowed to operate.

dauk daulat daun daur dawai dawat, dawet dawuh daya dayah dayak dayang dayu dayung db db. dbb dbp. de facto, de fakto debak debam debap debar debarkasi debas debat debet debik debil debing

(di bawah pimpinan) under the direction of (referring to bands). de facto. sound of thud, esp. blow hitting the mark. sound of heavy object falling with resonant thud (such as coconut falling to ground). sound of object hitting ground. sensation of pulse beat. debarkation. sound of exhaling. debate, discussion. debit. sound of a goat bleat. mentally retarded, psychologically unstable. sound of light object falling.

debirokratisasi debit debitor deboasasi debos debu debuk debum debung debup debur

debut decak

debureaucratization. rate of flow, discharge (of water). debtor. deforestation. (Coll.) nge-debos boasting. dust, grit. sound of thud. sound of muffled blow (such as when striking mattress). sound of resonant blow such as drum beat. sound of light object falling. 1 sound of splashing (object falling into water, surf, etc). 2 pounding of heart. 1. sound whistling, sound of howling wind. 2. ritual display of invulnerability in West Java. sound of light popping (e.g. breaking wind). sound of click, esp. of tongue to express astonishment, enjoyment, etc.

decap deceh, decih

sound of smacking o.’s lips. sound of clicking with tongue and teeth to express disapproval, tsk tsk.

decing decit decur dedah dedak

sound of light metallic ringing. sound of chirp (of chicks, etc.). sound of water spraying. exposed, uncovered. mixture of rice and bran, by-product of milling used as animal feed.

dedangkot dedas dedau dedaunan dede dedek dedel dedemenan dedemitan dedengkot dedes dedikasi dedolarisasi deduksi deduktif deeskalasi defaitis defaitisme defensif defile definisi

see DEDENGKOT. sound of crackling of small arms. men-dedau cry out loudly, scream. foliage, leaves. see DIDEH. (Java, Jakarta) see DEDAK. ripped. rip out (a seam, etc.). (Jakarta) o.’s favorite thing or person. 1 ghost, apparition. 2 (Java) do s.t. secretly. (Coll.) prominent figure, big shot. 1. 1) civet cat. 2) musk. 2. men-dedes slice thinly. dedication. (Fin.) removal of dollar as standard of currency valuation. deduction. deductive. de-escalation. (Lit.) defeatist. defeatism. defensive. 1 (Mil.) review, march past. 2 file past (a coffin). definition.


definitif defisiensi defisit deflasi defleksi deformasi degam degan degap degar degdeg, degdegan degen degenerasi degil deging degleng degradasi degub deguk degum degung degup degur deh dehem dehidrasi dehoi dek dekaden dekadensi dekah-dekah dekak-dekak dekam dekan dekap dekar dekat dekih dekik dekil deking deklamasi

definitive. deficiensy. deficit. deflation. deflection. deformation. sound of boom, such as thunder, cannon, etc. (Java) young coconut. 1. sturdy, robust. 2. 1) sound of nonmetallic surface being struck. 2) heartbeat. 1 sound of a surface being struck hard. 2 sound of breaking down a door. sensation of pounding (of heart). (Sport) foil in fencing. degeneration. obstinate, headstrong. ber-deging persevere through thick and thin. slanting (of walls of decrepit buildings). degradation. see DEGUP. sound of gurgle. sound of boom, such as cannon being fired. 1 sound of gong. 2 (Sunda) gamelan. sound of gulp. sound of surf. (Jakarta 1 come on, please do (an urging particle). 2 Oh, all right, Iwill agree. 3 that is the way it is, I guarantee you. clearing of throat. dehydration. see INDEHOI. 1. (Naut.) deck. 2. (Coll.) blanket. decadent. decadence. see TAWA. abacus. ber-men 1 be in crouching position (of cat, etc.). 2 be cooped up. 3 be incarcerated. bamboo rat. 1. with folded arms. ber-, men- embrace, hug. 2. near. 3. noise of heartbeat. men-dekar fight with a sword. 1 near, close by. 2 vicinity. sound of a chuckle. small indentation. caked with dirt. 1 protection, shelter, cover. 2 patron, protector. 3 (Fin.) reserve formal stylized recitation of poetry, etc.

deklamator deklarasi deklerer deklinasi dekolonisasi dekon

orator (esp. of poetry). 1 customs declaration. 2 voucher. (Crd.) declarer. 1 (Astr.) declination. 2 (Ling.) declension. decolonization. (Deklarasi Ekonomi) Economic Declaration (enunciated by Sukarno in 1963).

dekonsentrasi dekor dekorasi dekret dekuk dekur dekus dekut delah delapan delegasi delep deles deligir delik delikan delikuensi delima delman delong delta delujur dema demagog demagogi demah demam deman demang

decontration. decor. 1 decoration, decor. 2 (Mil.) medal, ribbon. /dekrit/ decree, edict. work hard. see DEKUT. sound of hissing or snorting. sound of cooing. k.o. saltwalter fish. eight. delegation. (Java) 1 sink, go below surface. 2 make o.s unobstrusive. pure-blooded. delegate (power). wide-open (of eyes). (Java) game of hide and seek. deliquency. pomegranate. k.o. two-wheeled buggy. sunken (of eye). delta. see JELUJUR. (dewan mahasiswa) student council. demagogue. demagoguery. warm compress. 1 fever, feverish. 2 (Coll.) fad. like, be fond of. 1 village headman in Java. 2 customary law expert. 3 village gvt. officer.

demarkasi dembam dembum demek demen demes demi

demarcation. see DEBAM. see DEBUM. moist, still wet. see DEMAN. flat (of nose). 1. 1) for the sake of. 2) by (in oaths). 2. 1) as soon as. 2) (immediately) after , by. 1 such. 2 thus, such was the case. demilitarization.

demikian demiliterisasi

demisioner demit demo demobilisan demobilisasi demograf demografi demografis demokrasi demokrat demokratis demokratisasi demokratiser demonstarsi demonstran demoralisasi demoralisir demotrasi dempak dempal dempang dempel dempet,dempet dempir dempit demplon dempok,dempuk dempul dempung den denah denai denak denas dencang dencing dencis denda dendam dendang dendeng denderang dengan

1 ask for resignation of a cabinet. 2 strip (of authority, power). see DEDEMITAN. 1. (delman bermotor) small motorized threewheeled vehicle used for public transportation. 2. see DEMONSTRASI. demobilized member of armed forces. demobilization. demographer. demography. demographic. democracy. democrat. democratic. democratization. /demokratisir/ democratize. 1 demonstration, protest. 2 demonstration (of cars, radios, etc.). participant in demonstration, protester demoralization. men-demoralisir demoralization. see DEMONSTRASI. 1 low and flat. 2 stocky. (Java) physically strong. hollow sounding (as the fall of empty barrel). near to. stuck together. sound made by cymbal. see DEMPET. (Jakarta) cute, pretty. ber-dempok bump against, collide with. glazier’s putty, boat caulking. sound of s.t. falling into water. see RADEN. sketch, blueprint, ground plan. trail, track (of wild game). decoy (used in hunting). (Dewan Nasional) national council. ber-dencang rattle, clang. see DENTING. see SARDEN. fine. 1 reverenge, vengeance. 2 grudge, resentment. 3 yearning, longing. 1. crow (bird). 2. see DANDANG 1. jerked meat. sound of drum or heavy steps. 1 with, accompanying. 2 and. 3 by, by means of. 4 in. 5 by way of. 56 in the manner of.

dengap dengar denger dengih denging dengkang dengkang-dengkol dengki dengkik dengking dengkir dengklang dengkul dengkung dengkur dengkus denguk dengung dengus dengut

ber-dengap 1pound, beat (of heart). 2 pant, be out of breath, gasp (for breath). hear. (Java, Jakarta) see DENGAR. sound of rapid breathing or gasping. sound of ringing (in ears). ber-, men- buzz, ring (in ears). sound of croaking frogs. crooked, bent and bowed (of hand, tree branch, etc.). envy, spite. become weak from lack of food. 1 sound of dog yelping. 2 a yelp, squeal, or scream. men-dengkir chirp. lame, limping. (Java, Jakarta) knee. 1growl (of dog). 2 sound of metal on metal. 1 snore, snoring. 2 grunt. 3 purr. /dengu/ 1. whinny, snort. 2. dengu see DUNGU. sound of sobbing. sound of droning, buzzing, purring, etc. 1 snort (of animals). 2 deride with a snort. sound of murmuring (of quail), sound of vibrating (of xylophone, gong).

denok denotasi densitas dentam dentang dentar denting dentum dentung dentur denudasi denyak denyar denyit denyut deodoran dep depa depag depak depan depang depap deparlu

(Java) term of address to young girl, esp as nok. denotation. density. sound of gunfire, pounding on anvil, etc. sound of clanging or loud explosion. clang. sound of jingle or tinkle (of money, piano, keys, etc.). sound of boom (explosion, cannon, etc.). sound of clap of thunder. sound of pop, small explosion, etc. ber-, men- crackle, pop. denudation. see ENYAK. flash. sound of shrieking and high-pitched noises. throb, beat. deodorant. men-, menge- pigeonhole, shelve (a question). fathom. (Departemen Agama) Department of Rreligious Affairs. 1. akick. 2. sound of clap, clip-clop (esp. of horses’hoofs, etc.). 1 fron. 2 ahead. 3 coming, next. ber-depang stretch out both arms sideways. sound of slap (i.e. palm of o.’s hand striking table, etc.). (Departemen Luar Negeri) Department of Foreign Affairs.

deparpolisasi departemen depdagri dependensi deperdag depersonalisir depertan depinisi depisen depkeh depkes depkeu deplu depnaker depnakertranskop

(Pol.) simplification of political party structures, decreasing of number of political parties. ministry. (Departemen Dalam Negeri) Department of Internal Affairs. 1 dependency, dependence. 2 (colonial) possession. (Departemen Perdagangan) Department of Commerce. men-depersonalisir depersonalize. (Departemen Pertanian) Department of Agriculture. see DEFINISI. see DEVISA. (Departemen Kehakiman) Department of Justice. (Departemen Kesehatan) Department of Health. (Departemen Keuangan) Department of Finance. (Departemen Luar Negeri) Department of Foreign Affairs. (Departemen Tenaga Kerja) Department of Labor. (Departemen Tenaga Kerja Transmigrasi dan Koperasi) Department of Labor, Population Resettlement, and Cooperatives (until 1978).

depo depok depolitisasi deponir deportasi deposan deposito depot deppen depresi depresiasi deprok

see DEPOT. reside. depoliticization. men-deponir delay, put on ice. deportation. depositor. (Fin.) fixed deposit (us. bearing high interest). refreshment stand. (Departemen Penerangan) Department of Information. financial depression. (Fin.) depreciation. (me)n-1 sit on floor without folding legs. 2 (Coll.) sit s.w. uninvited.

depsos depteri depus deputasi deputi der dera derai

(Departemen Sosial) Department of Social Services. diphtheria. sound of sighing, exhaling air, etc. deputation, delegation. deputy. sound of explosion. lash (of whip), lashing. 1. sound of water dripping on or beating against glass, etc. 2. grain.


1 degree. 2 rank, level. 3 standard. 4 Latinate qualifiers of university degree (e.g. cum laude, etc.). sound of snap (such as tree branch breaking, gnashing of teeth, etc.).

derak deram derang

sound of rumble (thunder, tigers roar, drum roll, etc.). sound of ringing clank (chains or coins falling, of small gongs, etc.). ber-, men- make a resonant, often metalic sound.


deresi deret deretak derhaka deriji derik deril dering deris derit derita derma dermaga dermatalog dermatologi dermawan dermimil derobos dersana dersik deru deruji deruk derum

sound of stamping on flat surface (horse’s) trot, marching feet, etc.), trop, clop. 1. swift (esp. of flowing liquids). 2. sound of trash or sand being stepped on. 3. see DARAS. sound of roaring (wind-borne rain, etc.). 1. crane, cargo boom. 2 see DERET. men-derep harvest rice. 1. men-deres tap tree to extract sap (suga palm). pen-deres tapper. 2. menderes recite the Koran. (R.R.) passenger car. row, line, series. sound of repeated rattling. see DURHAKA. see JERUJI. creaking sound. see DRIL. 1 sound of tinkling (bells, etc.). 2 sound of crickets chirping. sound of rustling (of stepping on dry grass, of cutting cloth, etc.). sound of squeak (a brake, etc.). suffering. alms, donation. pen-derma donor. quay, pier. dermatologist. dermatology. donor, philanthropist. (Java) 1 mumble. 2 talk incessantly. see TEROBOS. see JAMBU. sound of sighing or rustling (leaves in wind). sound made by storm, thunder, large trucks, planes, etc. see JERUJI. sound of heavy object crashing. 1. sound of muffled rumble (distant thunder, whir of engine). 2. see DRUM.

derun,derung derup-derap derus,derut derwis desa desah desak desapraja desar desas-desus desau desegregasi desember

see DERUM 1. sound of many footsteps. sound of objects being rubbed or shifted. /derwisy/ see DARWIS. village. 1 sound of wheezing or huffing. 2 swishing (of leaves, etc.). 3 sigh. 1. sound of crumpling paper. 2. see DESA. sound of sizzling or hissing. 1 sound of hissing or whispering. 2 rumor. sound of soft rustling. desegregation. December.

deras derau derek derep deres

desentralisir desersi desertir desik desimal desimeter desinfeksi desing desintegrasi desir desis,desit deskripsi deskriptif despot despotisme destar destilasi destruksi destruktif desuk desur desus desut detail detailer detak detar detas detasemen detasering detasir detdot deteksi detektif detektor detel deterjen determinan determinasi determinisme detik detil deting detonator detus,detup devaluasi devaluir

men-desentralisir decentralize. desertion. deserter, defector. sound of light snapping (branch breaking, etc.). ber-, men- rustle. 1 decimal. 2 decimal fracton. 10 centimeters. disinfectant. sound of whizzing (wind blowing, shot fired, etc.). disintegration. sound of hissing, rustling, or slurping. sound of hissing or sizzling. description. men-deskripsi-kan describe. descriptive. despot. despotism. Java head cloth, k.o. turban. see DISTILASI. destruction. destructive. see DESAK 1. sound of forceful rustling. sound of light whispering. sound of forceful blowing. see DETEL. medical sales representative. sound of tapping. sound of sizzling or whirring (roasting corn, wheels turning, etc.). sound of light crackling explosion (eggshell breaking, etc.). (Mil.) detachment. temporary deployment to another place of work. men-detasir (Mil.) detail, detach to another unit. sound of tooting. ber-detdot-detdot sound the horns. detection, discovery. /detektip/ detective. detector. detail. detergent. determinant. determination, decision. determinism. 1 sound of ticking (of clock). 2 second (unit of time), moment. see DETEL. sound of light twanging (i.e. of plucked guitar string, etc.). detonator. sound of light explosion (gun firing, firecracker, etc.). (Fin.) devaluation. (Fin.) men-devaluir devaluate.

deviasi devisa dewa dewan dewangga dewani dewasa dewasawan dewata dewe,dewek dewi dewi-dewi dg. dh.

didia diabet diacon diafan diafragma diagnosa diagnostik diakritis dialek dialektik dialektis dialog diam diameter diametrikal dian diancuk diang

deviation. /devisen, devizen/ (Fin.) foreign exchange. god, idol. 1 council. 2 board. k.o. cloth design. 1 council member. 2 council. 1 adult, of age. 2 (Lit.) time. a mature person. gods. (Java) o.’s own. 1 goddless. 2 darling, beloved. (Naut.) davit. (daeng) title in S. Sulawesi. 1. (dahulu) formerly. 2. (dengan hormat) with respectful salutation (in correspondence). see LALIM. 1. term used in names of associations. 2. see DARMA. see ZAT. see LALIM. 1 in, at, on, upon (general locative preposition). 2 (Coll.) at, on (temporal preposition). 3d person passive verbal prefix. 1 he,she. 2 (Coll.) it. diabetes. (Rel.) deacon. diaphanous. /diafrakma/ (Anat.) diaphragm. /diagnose/ diagnosis. diagnostic. diacritical. (Ling.) dialect. /dialektika/ dialectic. dialedtical. /dialoog/dialogue. 1. 1) silent, quiet. 2) motionless. 3) idle. 2. reside. diameter. /diametris/ diametrical. taper or oil lamp. (Java, Vulg.) Dammit ! Fuck you !. 1. warm o.s. near the fire (esp. after childbirth). 2. see MENDIANG.

diare diaspor diat didaktik,didaktis dideh didih

diarhea. diaspora. (Islam) fine imposed for failure in o.’s religious responsibilities. didactic. (Java) coagulated chicken or beef blood as food. men-didih 1 boil. 2 boil, rage.

dhalim dharma dhat dholim di

didik didikan

1 educate. 2 bring up, raise (children). 1 education, upbringing. 2 pupil, product of a certain teacher, alumnus.


1. men-didis slice thinly. 2. (Java) men-didis removes nits and lice from o.’s hair. 1. (Sl.) 1) Frenchman. 2) European. 2. stubbon, obstinate. 3. k.o dance in Aceh. anniversary (of educational institutions, universities, college departments, etc.). 1 (Coll.) diesel motor, electric generator. 2 diesel fuel. diet. (Math) differential. differentation. see DEFINISI. diffraction. diphtheria. diphthong. diffusion. (Java) invulnerable. digital. see DiGDAYA. Boven Digul, place of political exile in Irian Jaya during Dutch period.

dido,didong dies-natalis diesel diet diferensial diferensiasi difinisi difraksi difteri diftong difusi digdaya digital digjaya digul digulis diit dik dikau dikhotomi dikir dikit diklat diko dikol dikotomi dikrit diktat diktator diktatoris diktatur dikte diktum dilak dilalah dilema diletan

orang-Digul o. who was exiled at Boven Digul. see DIET. see ADIK. (Lit.) you. see DIKOTOMI. (Islam) repeatedly chant part of the confession of faith, often in unison, as a form of worship. little, small. (pendidikan dan latihan) training and education program for gvt. and military personnel. see DUKO. 1 calculated, estimated. 2 collated. dichotomy. see DEKRET. written summary of lectures, often used as a university texbook. dictator. men-i rule over (with iron hand). dictatorial. dictatiorial gvt. diction. decision of a high authority. men-dilak roll o.’s eyes. (Java) by God’s will, by chance. dilemma. dilettante.

diletantisme dim dimas dimensi dimesionir dimpit dina dinamik dinamika dinamis dinamisasi dinamisator dinamisir dinamisme dinamit dinamo dinar dinas dinasti dinda dinding dines ding dingdong dingin dingkik dingklik dini diniyah dioksid,dioksida diorama diosis dip dipan dipati dipisi diploma diplomasi diplomat diplomatik direksi direksi, direktris direktif,direktip direktorat direktori

dilettantism. 1. a linear measurement, decimeter. 2. (Auto.) bright headlights. (Java) term of address for younger brother. dimension. see DEMISIONER. see DEMPET. of low esteem, ignoble. dynamic. dynamics. dynamic. dynamicization. dynamist. men-dinamisir make dynamic. dynamism. dynamite. dynamo. 1 various k.o. gold coins, now used as jewelry. 2 unit of money in Middle East. 1 official (gvt.). 2 agency, department. 3 gvt. service, official duty. 4 church service. dynasty. see ADINDA. 1 interior wall, partition. 2 buttress. see DINAS. (Coll.). particle that contradicts o.’s own statement. arcade games, esp. pinball and video. cold. men-dingkik watch, spy on. stool, seat with no back. early. religious (in school names). dioxide. diorama. diocese. (Daftar Isisan Proyek) budget proposal for a project. divan, sofa. see ADIPATI. see DIVISI. diploma, certificate. diplomacy. diplomat. /diplomatis/ diplomatic. management, administration. 1 directress, headmistress. 2 Catholic mother superior. directive. 1 directorate. 2 department, division. directory.

direktur dirgahayu dirgantara diri dirigen dirigir diris dirjen dirus dirut dis disain disainer disel disembarkasi disen disenteri,disentri disersi disertasi disertir disharmoni disiden disintegrasi disipasi disipel disiplin disipliner disjoki disket disko diskontinuitas diskonto diskotek diskredit diskrepansi diskridit diskriminasi diskriminatif diskualifikasi diskualifisir diskusi dislokasi disonan disonansi disorganisasi disparitas

director, headmaster. long live ! long life. sky, upper atmosphere. 1. self. 2. musical director, conductor. men-dirigir direct (an orchestra). men-diris water (plants). (Direktor Jenderal) director general. men-dirus flush with water. (Direktor Utama) managing director. 1. (dinas) service, agency. 2 (diskualifikasi) disqualification. design, pattern. fashion designer. see DIESEL. disembarkation. see DISAIN. dysentery. see DESERSI. dissertation. see DESERTIR. disharmony. dissident. organizational disintegration (of parties, cabinets,etc). dissipation. disciple. discipline. disciplinary. (Coll.) disc jockey. floppy disc. discotheque. dance to disco music. discontinuity. (Fin.) discount. /diskotik/ 1 discotheque. 2 collection of phonograph records. 3 producer of music cassettes. discredit. discrepancy. see DISKREDIT. discrimination. discriminatory. disqualification. men-diskualifisir disqualify. discussion. 1 (Med.) dislocation. 2 disturbance. dissonant. dissonance. disorganization. disparity.


1 (Rel.) dispensation. 2 exemption (from tax, official responsibility, etc.).

dispersi disposisi disproporsi disproporsional distilasi distilat distilir distorsi distribusi distrik ditangsel diteksi ditektif ditel diter. ditjen dito diunggulkan div. divan diversifikasi divide-et-impera dividen divisi diy dk dki dkk. dl. dleweran dll. dlm. dls.,dlsh. dn dng. doa doane doang,doangan dobel dobelop dobi dobis doble dobol

men-dispersi-kan disperse. authorizing signature. disproportion. disproportionate. distillation. distillate. men-distilir distill. distortion. distribution. administrative district. (Jakarta) stuffed to the gills. see DETEKSI. see DETEKTIF. see DETEL. (diterjemahkan) translated. (Direktorat Jendral) Directorate General. ditto. 1 be considered or proposed as superior. 2 (Sport) seeded. (divisi) division. see DIPAN. diversification. divide and rule. dividend. 1 (Mil.) division. 2 (Bio.) phylum. (Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta) Special District of Yogyakarta. (daya kuda) horsepower. (Jaya) (Daerah Khusus Ibukota) Special Capital District (of Jakarta). (dengan kawan-kawan) et al. (dalam) in. (Java) ooze and trickle down slowly. (dan lain-lain) and others, etc. (dalam) in. (dan lain sebagainya) and so forth. [ (Departemen) Dalam Negeri ] (Department) of Internal Affairs. (dengan) with, by means of. (do’a) prayer. see DUANE. (Jakarta) only, no more than. 1 double. 2 (Sport) doubles. double-barreled rifle. (Lit.) laundryman. caps (for toy guns). gold-plated. 1. perforated, torn. men-dobol-kan pierce, puncture. 2. see DOBEL.

dobrak dodet dodok dodol dodor dodos dodot dogdog doger dogma dogmatika dogmatis dogol doha doi dok dokar doking doklonyo dokoh dokok-dokok dokter doktor doktoral doktoranda doktorandus

doktrin doktriner doku dokumen dokumentalis dokumentasi dol dolak-dalik dolan dolar dolarsen dolfin dolim

smashed, broken open (of door, gate, fence, etc.). (Sl.) men-dodet rip open the belly. 1. (Java) squat, kneel sitting on the hams. 2. men-dodok smooth out a metal sheet by hammering. k.o. taffy made of sticky rice, coconut milk, and palm sugar (often with durian). ke-dodor-an loose and ill-fitting (of clothing). plane s.t. (Java) k.o. batik wraparound worn by courtiers and bridgrooms. 1 sound of repeated knocking (at door, etc.). 2 make such a sound. 3 (Sunda) small drum. (Sunda) k.o. folk dance performed by women. dogma. (Rel.) dogmatics. dogmatic. 1 without horns (of horned animals). 2 without combs(of fowl). 3 stupid. (Islam) nonobligatory prayertime around 10 a.m. (do’i) (Sl.) he or she (of o.’s lover). 1. (Navy) dock. 2. see DOKTER. horse-drawn buggy. docking (of ship, etc.). (Coll.) collogne. 1. pendant for a necklace. 2. see DUKUH. see KUE. doctor, physician, esp. holder of doctorate. doctoral studies. 1 female holder of postgraduate degree in humanities below doctoral rank. 2 female college graduate (post-1980). 1 s.o. with postgraduate degree in humanities below doctoral rank (pre1980). 2 academic degree in humanitiesequivalent to baccalaureate (post1980). doctrine. doctrinaire. (Sl.) money. document. documentalist. documentation. 1 damaged or worn because of overuse. 2 (Coll.) crazy, mad. constantly changing, vacillating. (Java) 1 make a visit for pleasire. 2 play. 1 dollar, esp. the US currency. 2 (Coll.) any gold coin. 3 k.o. round, sweet wafer. (Coll.) cent of US currency. dolphin. see LALIM.

dollar dolle-mina dolog dolok dom domba domblong dombrong domein domestik domina dominan dominasi domine dominir domino domisili dompak dompet domplang dompleng dompol don-juan don-yuan donasi donat donatir,donatur donau doncang dondang donder dong

see DOLAR. radical feminist. (depot logistik) warehouse for foodstuff. (Batak) mountain. (Coll.) compass. 1 sheep. 2 (Rel.) the congregation. (Java) open-mouthed due to surprise. ke-dombrong-an baggy, fitting too loose (of clothes). domain (of authority). domestic. term of reference for female Protestant minister. dominant. domination. term of reference for Protestant minister. men-dominir dominate. dominoes. (Leg.) domicile. 1 ber-dompak 1) leap, jump (in fighting). 2) prance (of horses). 2. densely packed (of houses, etc.). 1 wallet. 2 relief fund (often organized by a publication). see-saw. men-dompleng join, double up. pen-dompleng non paying passenger.


bunch. see DON-YUAN. womanizer. donation. doughnut. donor, benefactor. Danube River. men-doncang jump, leap. cradle. (Coll.) scolding. 1. (Coll.) partical asserting that interlocutor should already know or do what o. is asserting. 2. (E. Indonesia) they. men-,ter- 1 pointed upward (of head, rifle muzzle, etc.). 2 gaze up(ward).

dongeng dongkak dongkel dongkol dongkrak dongkrok dongok dongong donor doorslag

1 fairy tale, legend. 2 nonsense. leap up. lever, jack. 1. 1) resentful, acrimonious. 2) irked, vexed. 2. ex-, former. (Auto.) jack. (Java) n- dongkrok remain motionless. 1 ponderous, hulking. 2 stupid. men-dongong stare open-mouthed. donor. see DORSLAG.

dop dopercis,doperten dopis dor doraka dorang doreng dorna dorong dorslag,dorslah dortrap dos dosa dosen dosin dosir dosis dot dower doyan doyong dozer dpc

1. 1) hubcap. 2) caps (for toy guns). 2. (Coll.) baptism. 3. lightbulb. (Coll.) canned sweet peas. see DUMPIS. sound of gunshot. see DURHAKA. 1. k.o. fish. 2. (E. Indonesia) they. (Coll.) striped. see DURNA. men-dorong 1 push. 2 motivate, provide the impetus. 3 urge. onionskin paper. k.o. bicycle with pedal brakes. 1 small box. 2 carton, case. sin. university-level instructor. see LUSIN. dossier. (Med.) dose. men-dosos-kan determine the dosage. 1. 1) nipple. 2) pacifier. 2. sound of a car horn. (Java) having a drooping lower lip. (Jakarta) be fond of. inclined, not straight. bulldozer. (Dewan Pimpinan Cabang) leadership of political party at local level.


(Dewan Pimpinan Daerah) leadership of political party at regional level.


1. (Dewan Pimpinan Pusat) leadership of political party at national level. 2. (dada, pinggang, pinggul) chest, waist, hip measurements. 3. (dana pembinaan pendidikan) k.o. gvt. subsidy to state universities to supplement tuition fees. (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat) Indonesian legistilative assembly. (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Daerah) Assembly at provincial, regional, or municipal level. (Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat Gotong Royong) The Indonesian Parliament (1959-1973). (diphteri, pertussis, tetanus) diphtheria, whooping cough, tetanus vaccine.

dpr dprd dprgr dpt dpt. drdr. dra. draft dragon draimolen drainase

(dapat) can, be able. see also entries with der-. 1. (dari) from. dr.2, Dr.1 (dokter) doctor (of medicine). Dr.2 (doktor) doctor (of philosophy). (doktoranda) title of woman holding post-graduate degree in humanities below doctoral rank. draft (of plan, etc.). manual water pump. carousel. drainage.

dram drama dramatari dramatis dramatisasi dramatisir dramaturg dramaturgi dramawan dramben drastis drat drei drell

see DRUM. drama. dance drama. dramatic. men-dramatisasi-kan dramatize, make into a play. men-dramatisir dramatize, make into a play. dramatist. dramaturgy. stage actor, performer. see DRUMBAND. drastic. 1 wire thread. 2 thread of a screw. k.o. drill. sound of ataccato crackling (gun salvo, etc.). men-drel spray with bullets.

dressoar drg. drh. dribbel, dribel dril drive drodok dromedaris drop droping,dropping

(dreswar) sideboard, buffet. (dokter gigi) dentist. (dokter hewan) veterinarian. men-dribbel (Sport) dribble. k.o. cloth. (drayp) (Sport) drive in golf. (Coll.) dry dock. dromedary. mints, cough-drops. allocation, us from outside ordinary channels (direct order of president, etc.). (Dokterandus) title of o. holding graduate degree in humanities below doctoral rank. 1 drum. 2 oil drum, canister for chemicals. (dramben) marching band. (domine) Protestant clergyman. (dan sebagainya) etc. (dan selanjutnya) and so forth. (dan seterusnya) and so on. see DASWATI. (Datuk) title in Malaysia and certain parts of Indonesia. (detik) second moment. (ditandatangani oleh) signed by. two. (ber)-dua-dua 1 two by two 2 both. see IPAR. banner, ensign. 1 duel. 2 (Coll.) traffic collision. (Ling.) dual. dualism. customs. see DAB. (Java) saliva reddened by betel chewing.

drs. drum drumband ds. dsb. dsl. dst.,dstnya dt dt. dtk. dto. dua duai duaja dual dualis dualisme duane dub dubang

dubes dubilah dubun dubur duda dudu duduk dudut duet duga dugal dugang dugden dugder dugong duh duhai duilah

(Duta Besar) ambasador. (Isl., Coll.) God forbid ! hyena. anus. widower. follow s.o., continue on (without looking back). 1 sit. 2state, situation. 3 live, dwell, reside. 4 settle, go to the bottom (of dregs). 1. (Java) pull, tug at. 2. (child language) penis. duet. guess, estimate. (Java) naughty. restrain s.t. with a rope so that it will not fall. (Java) invulnerable. (Java) week-long festival before fasting month. dugong. see ADUH. see ADUHAI. /duillah/ (Coll.) My gosh ! (exclamation of surprise or astonishment).

duit duk duka dukacarita dukacita dukana duko duku dukuh dukun dukung

money. kerchief. grief, sorrow. /dukacerita/ tragedy, story with sad theme. profound sorrow. taking pleasure in sex, lascivious. spray paint (for cars, etc.). lanseh totree or its fruit. hamlet. indigenous medical practitioner, shaman. men-dukung 1 carry as o. would carry a child, on the back or straddling the hip (with support of the arm) 2 support, espous (a couse).

dulang duli dulu

1. food tray. 2. printer’s galley. 3. men-dulang feed (a child). (Lit.) 1 dust. 2 expression in royal tittles. 1 formerly, previously. 2 first (before doing s.t. else). 3 before, prior. 4 for the time being. (Java) kin, family. sound of drum or cannon. (Java) nag, complain. caps (for toy guns, etc.). sound of drum. see DONGAK. 1 dull-witted, mentally slow. 2 gullible. 1 world. 2 (Bio.) kingdom. se-dunia the whole world. worldly, secular. worldly, profane.

dulur dum-dum dumel dumpis dung dungak dungu dunia duniawi duniawiah

dunsanak dup dupa dupak duplik duplikasi duplikat dur duren durga durhaka duri durian durja durjana durna dursila dus dusel dusi dusin dusta dusun dut duta dutawati duyun duyung dwi dwiarti dwibahasa dwibahasawan dwidasawarsa dwifungsi dwiguna dwihuruf dwikewarganegaraan dwikora dwimakna dwipekanan dwisuku dwitunggal dwiwarna dwiwulanan

(M) relatives. see DOP 2. incense. see DEPAK 1. (Leg.) rejoinder, rebuttal. duplication (of effort, etc.). /duplo/ duplicate, carbon copy. sound of explosion. (Java) see DURIAN. Hindu goddess of destruction. rebellious, insubordinate. 1 thorn, burr, spine. 2 fish bone. durian fruit and tree. see MURAM. (Lit.) evil, wicked. 1 (Java) name of character in the wayang, adviser first to o. side and later the other. 2 intrigue-ridden adviser. (Java) unethical. 1. shower (bath). 2. (Coll.) so, consequently. 3. see DOS. (Java) snuggle up close. men-dusi continue to feel drowsy after nap. men-dusin 1 be awake. 2 be conscious of, realize. 1 lie, falsehood. 2 tell a lie. 1 (Lit.) orchard. 2 village far from urban areas. (Coll.) dead. ambassador. ambassadress. ber-duyun-duyun in throughs. see DUGONG. two (formal and only in certain constructions). ambiguous. bilingual. a bilingual. 20th anniversary. dual function, esp. of the military, referring to its soldierly and political roles. dual-purpose. (Ling.) digraph. dual citizenship. (dwikomando rakyat) The people’s two mandates: crush Malaysia and defend the revolution (slogan of Sukarno era). ambiguous. biweekly. (Ling.) disyllabic. duumvirate, two working as o. the Indonesian flag, the Red and White. bimonthly.

dynamo dysentri dz e e-e e-e-e ebam eban ebang ebek ebeng ebi eboh ebom ebonit ebor ebro ec. ece ecean ecek ecek-ecek eceng ecer eco edah edan edap edar edisi edit editor edukasi edukatif eem-eem efectivitas efek efektif effekten efisien efisiensi egah egois egoisme egoistis

see DINAMO. see DISENTRI. see also entries with d-. l-.or z-. 1.the 5th letter of the alphabet. 2. Ha ! emphatic particle. 3. Hey ! interjection to attact attention or to express astonishment. (child language) doo-doo, feces. Say ! interjection of amazement or of being amusingly offended. porcelain pot with lid. see HEBAN. see BANG 2. awning. seee IBING. dried shrimps. see HEBOH. see BOM 1. ebonite. see BOR. two- or four-wheeled carriage. (ekonomi) economics (used in academic degrees). make a fool of, kid, make fun of. kidding, fooling. apparently, outwardly. ecek-ecek not be serious, just appear as. k.o. legume. k.o. water plant with red leaves and edible flowers. retail. price of a single item. (Java) tasty, delicious. see IDAH 1. 1 wild, frantic. 2 (Coll.) insane, mad, crazy. see IDAP. 1turn, revolve. 2 circle (of flying plane) 3 circulate (of money, etc.). edition (of book, etc.). edit (manuscript, etc.). /editur/ editor (of manuscript, etc.). education. /edukatip/ educative, instructive. (child language) yummy, tasty. effectiveness. 1. effect. 2. efek, efekten (Fin.) share, stock. /efektip/ effective. see EFEK 2. efficient. efficiency. glorious. egoist, egoistic. egoism. egoistic.


meng-egol 1 pry up, lift with a lever in a jerky motion. 2 sway o’s hips.


meng-egos 1 evade. 2 evade, get around s.t., get out of the way of s.t.

egosentris egosentrisme egrang egung eh ehm

egocentric. egocentricity. stilts. see GONG 1. ugh, interjection expressing disgust. 1. whatsit (particle used to avoid saying actual word). 2. (Coll.) uh-huh, yes.

ei eit eja ejakulasi ejan ejawantah ejek ek eka ekabahasa ekabahasawan ekamarga ekamarta ekaprasetia-pancakarsa

see E 2. exclamation used when trying to avoid physical or verbal attack. spell. ejaculation of semen. meng-ejan strain abdominal muscles when defecating. visible, manifest. mock, ridicule, make fun of. 1. meng-ek calibrate. 2. oak. one, single (in formal compounds and slogans). (Ling.) monolingual. /ekabasawan/ (Lit.) monolingual person. one-way (traffic, road). unidimensional. title of 1978 speech by Suharto, in which he gave his interpretation of the Pancasila. (Rel.) Eucharist. condensation of the Pancasila into o. principle (1960s). (Ling.) monosyllabic. monochromatic. o. year. panting, out of breath. see EKUIVALEN. see EKUIVALENSI. echo. ecology. ecological. economist. econometrics. 1 economics. 2 economy. 3 household management. economical. 1 tail (of animals). 2 classifier used for animals. 3 tail (end) (of kite, parade, train, etc.). 4 follower, adherent, hanger-on. 5 bad consequence, aftermath. 6 the last digits in a lottery number. ecosystem. 1. 1) (Leg.) (cited from. 2) imported from. 2. eks-ex-, former. (eksemplar) copy, issue, number.

ekaristi ekasila ekasuku ekawarna ekawarsa ekeh-ekeh ekivalen ekivalensi eko ekologi ekologis ekonom ekonometri ekonomi ekonomis ekor

ekosistem eks eks.

eksak eksamen eksaminator eksekusi eksem eksemplar eksentrik eksepsi ekses ekshibisi eksim eksistensi eksistensialisme eksit ekskavasi eksklusif eksklusivisme ekskursi ekskutif eksodus eksogami eksogen eksotik ekspansi ekspansif ekspansionis ekspedisi ekspeditur eksperimen eksperimental eksperimentasi eksperimentil eksplisit eksploatasi eksploatir eksploitasi eksploitir eksplorasi eksplosi eksplosif eksplotasi ekspo eksponen ekspor eksportir ekspos

/eksakta/ exact sciences (mathematics and physics). (Acad.) examination. (Acad.) o. who administers an examination. 1 execution, carrying out. 2 execution, putting to death. /eksema/ eczema. copy (of book), issue (of periodical). eccentric. (Leg.) demurrer,exception. excess. /eksibisi/ exhibition. see EKSEM. existence. existentialism. exit permit from the immigration office. excavation. 1 exclusive, select. 2 excluded, without. exclusivism. excursion. executive. exodus, mass migration out of a place. exogamy. exogenous. /eksotis/ exotic. expansion (of territory, gas, etc.). expansive. 1 expansionist. 2 expansionistic. 1. 1) shipping, forwarding. 2) mail room 9of large institution). 2. 1) expedition, jaunt, campaign. 2) (Mil.) dispatching of troops. shipping agent. experiment. experimental. experimentation. see EXPERIMENTAL. explicit. see EKSPLOITASI. see EKSPLOITIR. 1 development, working. 2 exploitation, use, operation. meng-eksploitir 1 work, use. 2 exploit. exploration. explosion. explosive. see EKSPLOITASI. see EKSPOSISI. 1 (Math.) exponent. 2 exponent (of idea, theory, etc.). export. exporter. meng-ekspos expose, reveal, uncover.

ekspose eksposisi ekspres ekspresi ekspresif ekspresionis ekspresionisme ekspresionistis ekstase ekstensif ekstern ekstra

expose. 1 exposition, fair. 2 exposition, explanation. 1 express, fast (public transport). 2 special delivery. 1 expressiveness. 2 expression. expressive. expressionist (art). expressionism (art). expressionistic (art). extasy. extensive 1 external. 2 not a resident. 1. 1) extra, more. 2) extraordinary, in a special way. 3) previws or shorts shown in addition to the main filn. 2. outside of a certain institution.

ekstradisi ekstrak ekstrakuliluler ekstrane ekstraparlementer ekstrapolasi ekstrauniversiter ekstrem ekstremis ekstremisme ekstremitas ekstrim ekstrovert ekuin ekuivalen ekuivalensi ekumis ekwivalen ekwivalensi ela elaborasi elah elang elastik elastisitas electroteknik elegi elektrifikasi elektris elektrisir elektro elektroda elektrodinamika

extradition. extract. extracurricular. (Acad.) outside participant in an examination. extraparliamentary. extrapolation. outside of the university. extreme. extremist. extremism. extremity. see EKSTREM. extrovert. (Ekonomi, Keuangan dan Industri) economy, finance, and industry. equivalent. equivalency. ecumenical. see EKUIVALEN. see EKUIVALENSI. unit of linear measure, 91,4 cm. or about o. yard. elaboration. 1 trick. 2 pretext, excuse. hawk, eagle or any large bird of prey. /elastis/ elastic. /elastisitet/ elasticity. electrical engineering. elegy. electrification. (Coll.) electrical. meng-elektrisir electrify. 1 concerning electrical matters. 2 electrical engineering. /elektrode/ (Phys.) electrode. electrodinamics.

elektrolisa elektrolit elektrolitis elektromagnit elektron elektronik elektronika elektronis elemen elementer eleng eliminasi eliminir eling elips elipsis elipsoide elit elitis elitisme elo elok elon elpiji els eltor elu elu-elu eluk elus em email emak emam emang emansipasi emas emat embacang embah embalau emban

electrolysis. electrolyte. electrolytic. electromagnet. electron. 1 electronic. 2 electronics. electronics. see ELEKTRONIK. 1 element. 2 (Chem.) element. elementary. rock (of boat). meng-eliminasi-kan eliminate. eliminate. (Java) remember (esp. in spiritualism). ellipse. (Ling.) ellipsis. elipsoid. /elite/ elite. elitist. elitism. see ELA. 1 beautiful, lovely. 2 good. see KELON. (liquid propane gas) liquid propane gas. (Europese Lagere School) k.o. elemtary school of colonial period with instruction in Dutch for Europeans and the indigenous elite. (Med.) eltor, k.o. cholera. see LU. 1. meng-elu-elu come in waves (of sound), reverberate. 2. acclaim give applause. see LUK. meng-elus stroke. elus-an a caress. 2 flattery. see M 1. enamel. see MAK. (child language) eat. (Sunda) term off address and reference for o.’s uncle. emancipation. gold. 1. (Che.) checkmate. 2. see MAT2. k.o. mango. (Java) 1 term of address and reference for o.’s grandparent. 2 term of address and reference for old person, teacher, or mystic. shellac. 1. 1) breastband, waistband, sash. 2) belly band (for horses). 2. mengemban 1) carry out, execute, perform. 2) support. 3.nursemaid.

embara embarau embargo embarkasi embat embek embel embel-embel ember embi embik embok embol embrat embrio embriologi embun embus embusan

roam, rove wander. 1 palisade, wood or stone embankment. 2 piling (of pier, etc.). embargo. embarkation. lash s.o. down with strip of bamboo, rope, etc. see EMBIK. (Jakarta) swamp covered with plant growth. 1 details. 2 insignificant addition, supplement. 3 side issue of little importance. pail, bucket. (Jakarta, Sunda) term of address for o.’s aunt. 1 a bleat. 2 sheep, goat. see MBOK 2. meng-embol swell, puff up. see EMRAT. (Biol.) embryo, fetus. (Biol.) embryology. 1 dew. 2 condensed vapor. 3 haze. 1. aspirate. 2. scoot ! go away ! 1 bellows. 2 blowing, blast (of wind). 3 (Ling.) aspiration. 4 suggestion.

embut emigran emigrasi emik emirat emis emisi

move up and down (i.e. of the chest of sleeping person). emigrant. emigration. (child language) drink. emirate. see KEMIS 1. 1 issue (of banknote, security, stock, etc.). 2 emission (of semen, light, etc.).

emiter emoh emolumen emong emosi emosional empal empang empap

o. who issues a security or banknote. (Java) be unwilling. emolument, perquisite. meng-emong 1 care for, look after. 2 direct an enterprise. 1 emotion. 2 emotional. 3 be emotional. /emosionil/ emotional. (Java) spiced and fried chunks of beef. 1 (fish)pond. 2 embankment. 3 dam. ber-empap gamble by tossing a coin. meng-empap strike with heavy or flat object (oar, palm of hand, etc.). meng-empar drift off, be off course (of ship, etc.). meng-empas be tossed, dashed against, throw o.s. down. four. see EMPEK-EMPEK. k.o. fishcake (S. Sumatra specialty). gizzards. gall, bile.

empar empas empat empe-empe empe-empek empedal empedu


1 (China) term of address and reference for o,’s parent’s older brother or brother-in-law. 2 (Coll.) ter of address for old China man.

empelas empelop empenak

see AMPLAS 1,2. see AMPLOP. meng-empenak 1 spoil, coodle, pamper. 2 (friendly) persuasion, prais, flattery. see EMPING. /emperan/ 1 veranda, porch. 2 overhang, awning. (Jakarta) annoyed, angry. paper trumpet, ballon with a whistle. cracker made of dried fish or other viand fried rice flour. (Java) eager, want to. 1 chips made of pounded new rice toasted and served with palm sugar. 2 fried chips made of Gnetum gnemon fruit. empirical. /empirisme/ empiricism. 1 (Mil.) emplacement. 2 (R.R.) railway yard. 1 (Java) sheer, layer. 2 (Coll.) classifier for sheet of mosquito coils. rise, overflow (of water). meng-empoh-i inundate, flood. (Jakarta) 1 term address and reference for o.’s older sister. 2 term of address to lower class women. (Java) spices. 1 breathe, blow on. 2 expose fruit to smoke to speed up ripening process.

empeng emper empet empet-empet empeyek empik emping empiris empirisisme emplasemen emplek empoh empok empon-empon empos empu empuk

1 (Lit.) master craftsman. 2 armorer. 3 master. 1 soft (mattress, etc.). 2 tender, well-done (of food). 3 easy to defeat or cheat. 4 well-worn (of cloth). 5 soft and pleasant (of voice, sounds).

empul empulur empunya emrat emulsi emut en enak enam enap

meng-empul bob up and down (of boat, etc.). pith or soft core of palm tree. owner. (Jakarta) large watering can. emulsion. ng-emut have in o.’s mouth, such. (Coll.) and. 1 nice, tasty, delicious. 2 nice, pleasant. 3 well. six. 1. ponder, consider deeply, give a great deal of thought to. 2. see ENDAP 1.

enau encek enceng encer encik

sugar palm. 1. (Java) stand on s.t. 2. see ENCIK. see ECENG. see INCAR. 1 (China) term of address and reference for father’s younger brother. 2 (China) term of address for a man of o’s father’s generation. 3 (Lit.) term of address for a woman teacher.


encit encok encot endak endal endap

endasan endemi endemis enderia endon endong endosemen endosir endrin enduk endus endut enek energi,enerji enerjetik,enerjik enersi enes enga,engah engak engap engas enggak enggan enggang engget enggil enggokan engkah engkak engkang engkar engkau engkel

1 (China) term of address for father’s younger brother’s wife. 2 (China) term of address or reference for woman of o.’s mother’s generation. 3 wife of the store owner. (China) cloth, fabric. 1 rheumatic, stiff. 2 rheumatism. 3 gout. see INCUT 2. 1 see NDAK 1. 2. see HENDAK. meng-endal 1 stuff, cram (into bag, etc.). 2 elastic, resilient, springy. 1. meng-endap 1) settle, precipitate. 2) be present, be there (but not put to any use). 2. meng-endap-endap, ber-endap-endap move stealthily, move in crouching position. 3. see TANAH. chopping board. endemic disease. endemic. see INDERIA. (Java) (me)ng-endon stay for a considerable length of time. (Sunda) see ENDON. endosement (of checks). endorse (checks). brand of pesticide. meng-endrin kill with Endrine. see GENDUK. 1 get wind of, smell, whiff. 2 get wind of, find out, discover. endut-endut-an throb, beat, pound. nauseated, feel sick. energy. energetic. see ENERGI. (Java) meng-enes languish from sadness. 1. (Jakarta) be aware, be conscious. 2. ter-engah-engah 1) panting, puffin. 2) in hurry. 1 drowsy, sleepy. 2 (Med.) comatose. 3 dazed. 1 panting, puffing. 2 tight in the chest, breathe with difficulty. stink, stench, foul odor. see NGGAK. reluctant, averse, unwilling. hornbill. (Jakarta) meng-engget hook (fruit, etc.). ber-enggil toothed, serrated, notched. (Jakarta, Java) curve (in road, etc.). 1. wood glue. 2. 1) half ripe, partially ripe. 2) partially cooked. (Java) k.o. crow. meng-engkang walk with legs wide apart. see INGKAR. 1 you, familiar pronoun for 2d person singular, often abbreviated as kau. 2 (Coll.) your. 3 (Rel.) Thou, Thee. single, not manifold.


(China) term of address and reference for mother’s younger brother’s wife.

engko engkoh

see ENGKAU. (China) term of address and reference for elder brother or male of age similar to o.’s elder brother. 1 crank (of machine). 2 wrench. (China, Jakarta) term of address and reference for grandfather. 1 (China) term of address and reference for mother’s younger brother. 2 (Lit.) term of address and reference for highly respected individual of both sexes. 1. k.o. bird similar to barbet. 2. meng-engkuk-engkuk bend or push s.o. down. 1 hinge. 2 (R.R.) switch. (China) 1term of address and reference for older brother’s wife. 2 respectful term of address for woman old enough to be married but not of a generation older than the speaker. see INJAK. 1. meng-enjal stuff, cram. 2. see ANJAL. see ENSIM. meng-enjut 1 push or pull with a jerk. 2 pedal (a bicycle, etc.). (Rel.) encyclical. encyclopedia. /ensima/ enzyme. (Coll.) et cetera. who knows, I do not know. entah-berentah fabled, imaginary. see ENTAH. meng-entak 1 stamp on with force. 2 thrust, stab. 3 pound, throb as if being stamped on. (Jakarta) later. meng-entas take or pull s.t. out. meng-entas-kan raise achild to adulthood so that it becomes s.t. (Jakarta and among Arabs) you. meng-enten graft, implant. 1 light (in weight), 2 light (feelings, etc.). 3 easy, inconsequential. 4 mild (of cigarrettes, etc.). see ETERNIT. see MENTIMUN. (Java) ng-entit steal (small and trivial objects). (Java) Manuila duck. entomologist. entomology. entomological. (Vulg.) (me)ng-entot fuck, screw. entry (in dictionary, etc.). meng-(entrog-entrog) shake. go away, get out.

engkol engkong engku

engkuk engsel engso

enjak enjal enjima enjot, enjut ensiklik ensiklopedi ensim ensopor entah entah-berentah entak entar entas ente enten enteng enternit entimun entit entog entomolog entomologi entomologis entot entri entrog enyah

enyak enyek enzim,enzima epak epek epidemi epidemiologi epigrafi epik epilepsi episentrum episode epistemologi epok epolet epos era erak eram erang erang-erot erat ercis ereng eret eretan erik ering erloji erobik erong eropa,eropah eropanisasi erosi erot erotik erotis erpah erpekad erte erti eru erwe

meng-enyak tread on, step on, press, stamp. te(pe)r-enyak fall back with thud (in a chair etc.). (Java) answer in a mocking way. see ENSIM. see PAK 1. (Coll.) belt. epidemic. epidemiology. epigraphy. epic. epilepsy. epicenter. episode. epistemology. k.o. plaited bag to hold ingredients for betel chewing. epaulette. epic. era. screeching sound. meng-eram 1 hatch, brood. 2 crouch on all fours (as of water buffalo in pond, tiger set to pounce on prey, etc.). 3 brood. groaning, moaning from pain. zig-zag, askew, awry. 1 tight, firm. 2 firm (of promise, etc.). 3 close (of relationship). peas. see RENG. meng-eret 1 drag, pull. 2 snate, lure, take in s.o. sleigh, sledge. meng-erik scream, shout, trumpet (of elephant). k.o. bird of prey. see ARLOJI. 1 aerobic. 2 exercise. lubang-erong (Naut.) scupperhole. Europe, European. Europeanization. erosion. 1. distorted, wry (of face). 2. ber-erot in a row, following exactly in e.o.’s traces. 1 eroticism. 2 erotic. erotic. land leased on a long-term basis. see RPKAD. see RT. (me)ng-erti 1 understand. 2 (Java) know. the Australian pine (Casuarina sp.). see RW 2.


esa,esa esah esak esang esde esei eseis esek eselon esema esembling esempe esens esensi esensiil eser eset esha eskadron eskalasi eskas eskatologi eskatologis eslandia esok esot espos espres esrar estafet,estapet estetika estetis et etalage,etalase etatisme etek

1 ice. es balok/batang block of ice. es-batu ice cube. es-serut shaved ice. 2 confection or drink with ice. es-campur iced mixed with fruits and syrup. esteler iced fruit-cocktail with topping of condensed milk. es-lilin/loli/mambo/ roli popsicle. (Lit.) single, one. see SAH 1. sakit-esak be short of breath. see KESANG. see SD. essay. essayist. see DEMAM. 1 echelon. 2 (Mil.) echelon, battle-array. see SMA. see ASEMBLING. see SMP. essence, odor, scent. essence, quintessence, gist. essential. see SR. see EZ. see SH. squadron. escalation. icebox, refrigerator. eschatology. eschatological. Iceland. tomorrow, the next day. see INGSUT. see EKSPOS. see EKSPRES. see TANDA. (Sport) relay race. aesthetics. aesthetic. see EIT. shop window. statism. 1. ng-etek crave. 2. (M) term of address for mother’s younger sister.

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eter eternit ethika,etik,etika etiket etimologi etiologi

1 ether, upper air. 2 (Med.). ether. plasterboard. ethics. 1. label (on bottle, etc.). 2. etiquette. etimology. etiology.

etis etnis etnisitas etnografi etnolinguistik etnologi etnologis etos etsa evakuasi evaluasi evaluir evangelis evangelisasi evolusi ewa ewe ex eyang eyd. eyel ez,ez,e-zet,ezet f fa faal faali fabel fabrik fabrikan fabrikasi fadihat fadil fadilat,fadzilat faedah faham failasuf failit fait-accompli fajar fakih fakir fakta faktor faktual,faktuil

ethical. ethnic. ethnicity. ethnography. ethnolinguistics. ethnology. ethnological. ethos, ethics. etch. evacuation. evaluation. meng-evaluir evaluate facts, etc. 1 evangelist. 2 evangelical. evangelization. evolution. (Java) averse, unwilling. (Vulg.) meng-, ng-ewe copulate, have sexual intercourse. see also entries with eks. (Java) term of addres and reference for grandparent. (Ejaan Yang Disempurnakan) official Indonesian and Malaysian spelling system since 1972. obstinate in argument. (Economische Zaken) Ministry of Economic Affairs (in colonial period). f, the 6th letter of the alphabet. (firma) firm. 1. 1) deed, work . 2) (Med.) function, action (of body, organs, etc.). 2. sign, omen. physiological. fable. see PABRIK. maker, manufacturer. manufacture, product. disgrace, shame, ignominy. prominent, eminent, famous. excellence, prominence. use, benefit, profit. see PAHAM. see FILSUF. see FAYIT. (fetakompli) fait accompli. dawn. (Islam) expert in canon law. 1 poor, destitute, indigent. Muslim or Hindu religious mendicant. fact. 1 factor, element. 2 (Math.) factor. factual.

faktur fakultas fakultatif,fakultatip fakultet falak falsafah,falsafat falsafi fam famili familial familier fana fanatik fanatisme fani fantasi fantastis faraid,faraidz faraj fardhu,fardu faring farji farmakologi farmakope farmasi fasal fase faset fasid fasih fasihat fasik fasilita fasis fasisme fatal fatalis fatalisme fatehah fatsal fatwa favorit fayit fe feb

invoice. school of a university, faculty. optional. see FAKULTAS. 1 celestial sphere. 2 (outer) space. 1 philosophy, philosophical system. philosophical. family name (esp. in E. Indonesia). 1 relative. 2 family. familylike. 1 accustomed, used to doing. 2 intimate. 3 have an intimate or homelike atmosphere. 1 transitory, fleeting. 2 perishable. adhering strictly to a religion. fanaticism. perishable. 1 fantasy, illusion, fancy. 2 imagination. 3 fancy. fantastic. (Islam) law of inheritance. see FARJI. 1 obligatory. 2 (Islam) religious obligation. (Anat.) pharynx. vulva. pharmacology. pharmacopoeia. pharmacy, drugstore. see PASAL. phase. facet. imperfect. 1 fluent. 2 eloquent, quick-witted. 3 glib. eloquence. godless, atheistic. /fasilitas/ facilities or conveniences put at o.’s service. fascist. facism. fatal. fatalist. fatalism. see ALFATIHAH. see PASAL. 1 (Islam) a binding ruling in religious matters. 2 instructions, guidance of an order person. favorite. bankrupt. (Fakultas Ekonomi) School of Economics. (Februari) February.

februari federal federalis federalisme federalistis federasi felbet feminin feminisme fener fenomena,fenomin fentilasi feodal feodalisme feodalistis feri fermentasi fertilitas festival fetsin fh fhipk,fhpk fiasko figur figura figuran fihak fikh fikir fiksi fiktif filamen filantrop filantropi filantropis filateli filatelis filem filial filing filipin,filipina,filipinas fill film filolog filologi filologis

February. federal. federalist. federalism. federalistic. federation. cot. feminine feminism. see FINEER. phenomenon. see VENTILASI. feudal. feudalism. feudalistic. ferry. fermentation. fertility. festival. see VETSIN. (Fakultas Hukum) School of Law. (Fakultas Hukum dan (Ilmu) Pengetahuan Kemasyarakatan) School of Law and Social Sciences. fiasco. 1 figure, shape. 2 figure, personage (in a story). see PIGURA. supernumerary (actor or actress), extras (in a movie). see PIHAK. see FIQH. pikir. fiction. fictitious. filament. philanthropist. philanthropy. philantrophical. philately. philatelist. see FILM. branch (of a firm, etc.). (Coll.) 1 feeling, intuition. 2 lottery hunch. the Philippines. 1 behavior, deeds. 2 (Lit.) verb. 1 film for camera. 2 film, movie. philologist. philology. philological.

filosofi filosofis filsafah,filsafat filsafati filsuf filum filusuf final finalis finansial,finansiil finansir fineer,finir finlandia fipa,fippa

firaun firdaus firdausi firma firman firus fis fisik fisika fisiografi fisiografis fisiologi fisioterapi fisip

philosophy. philosophical. philosophy,ideology. 2 philosophical system. 3 (Coll.) mysticism. philosophical. philosopher. (Biol.) phylum. see FILSUF. (Sport) finals. finalist. financial. financier. veneer. Finland. [Fakultas Ilmu Pasti dan (Pengetahuan) Alam] School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences. [Fakultas Ilmu Pasti dan Alam] School of Mathematics and Physics. (Islam) study of laws pertaining to ritual obligations. (fir’aon) see FIRAUN. 1reading of s.o.’s character (by palmistry, physiognomy, etc.). 2 ability to prophesy the future. 3 presentiment, hunc, foreboding. (fir’aun) 1pharaoh. 2 tyrant. paradise. heavenly, paradisiacal. firm, company, enterprise. saying, decree (diving or royal). k.o. gemstone, turquoise. [Fakultas Ilmu Sosial] School of Social Sciences. physical. physics. physiography. physiographic. physiology. physioterapy. [Fakultas Ilmu Sosial dan Ilmu Politik] School of Social and Polotical Sciences.

fisipen fiskal

(Sport) kingpin. 1 fiscal. 2 (Mil.) judge advocate. 3 departure tax was paid, exit-tax receipt.

fissi fiting fitnah fitrah

(Phys.) fission. see FITTING. slander, calumny. 1. (Islam in rice or cah paide at end of fasting month. 2. fitrah,fitrat natural tendency, disposition, character. pure, natural. light cocket, fixture. [Fakultas Kedokteran, Fakultas Keguruan] School of medicine, Schoolof Teacher Training.

fipia fiqh,fiqih firaon firasat

fitri fitting fk

fkg fkh fkip flai

[Fakultas Kedokteran Gigi] School of Dentistry. [Fakultas Kedokteran Hewan] School of Veterinary Medicine. [Fakultas Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan] Normal School. (Sl.) euphoric and disoriented due to drugs or intoxicating beverages.

flamboyan flanel flat fleksibel fleksibilitas fles flet flipper floret floridasi flu fluktuasi fluor fluoroskop fly fly-over fobi fohte,fokhte foklor fokus folio fondamen fondasi fonds fonem fonemik fonemis fonetik fonetis fonologi fonologis forklif formal formalisir formalitas formasi

poinciana tree. flanel. (flet) apartment. flexible. flexibility. see PLES. see FLAT. (Coll.) dolphin. (Sport) foil. fluoridation. influenza, a cold. fluctuation. fluoride. fluoroscope. see FLAI. traffic overpass. see PHOBI. (Coll.) humid. folklore 1 focus (of lens). 2 focus (of attention). foolscap-size paper. foundation. foundation. (Fin.) fund. (Ling.) phoneme. (Ling.) phonemics. (Ling.) phonemic. (Ling.) phonetics. (Ling.) phonetic. (Ling.) phonology. (Ling.) phonological. (foklif, poklip) forklift. formal. memf- formalize. formality. 1 formation. 2 (Mil.) formation. 3 position, aline item in the official budget for a certain employee. format, form. (Pol.) person or committee appointed by an assembly to form the executive leadership, cabinet, etc. Formica. see FORMAL.

format formatir,formatur formika formil

formulasi formule formulir forsir forum fosfat fosfor fosil foto fotograf,fotografer fotografi fotokopi fotosintesa,fotosintesis foya,foya-foya fps fr. fragmen fragmentaris fraksi framboesia frambos frambosen frambus frambusia franco,franko

formulation. formula. form, declaration, blank. memf- force, compel. forum, open discussion. phosphate. phosphorus. fossil. photograph, picture. photographer. photography. 1 photocopy. 2 (Coll.) print of a video casette. (Biol.) photosynthesis. (ber)- foya be extravagant with money, throw money around. (Fakultas Pasca Sarjana) Graduate School. (frater) (Rel.) brother, friar. /fragmenta/ fragment. fragmentary. faction (in parliament), section (of political party). frambesia, yaws. raspberry. raspberry flavored syrup. see FRAMBOS. see FRAMBOESIA. surcharge paid to an expediter for shipments sent to a certain place.

frasa, frase frater fraude fregat frekuensi,frekwensi frigiditas frikatif friksi friser frobel front frontal fronton fruktosa frustrasi fs fuad fufu fulan fuli fulus

(Ling.) phrase. (Rel.) friar, brother. fraud, swindle. frigate. frequency. sexual frigidity. (Ling.) fricative. friction. (Coll.) freezer, freezer compartment. (Coll.) kindergarten. 1 (Pol.) fron, cadre. 2 (Mil.) front (line). frontal, head-on. jai alai arena. fructose. 1 frustration. 2 frustrated. [Fakultas Sastra] School of Literature. (Lit.) heart. meat of copra dried by heat. see POLAN. mace, the whorled interior skin or membrane of nutmeg. 1 filthy lucre. 2 (Coll.) money.

fumigasi fundamental,fundementil fungisida fungsi fungsional fungsionalisasi fungsionalisme fungsionaris,fungsioner fungsionil funisia fuqoro-wal-masakin furak furuj furuk fusi futbal futur futurolog futurologi futurologis fuyonghai g g. g30s gaang gaba-gaba

gabag gabah gabai gabak gabardine gabas gabir gableg,gablek gabruk gabug,gabuk gabung gabus gacok,gacuk


fumigation. fundamental. fungicide. 1 fungtion, office, job. 2 fungtion, purpose. see FUNGSIONIL. fungtionalization. functionalism. functionary, official. fungtional. Phoenicia. (Islam) the poor and the needy. difference,dissimilarity. (Lit) star. teaching of ethics based on principles of religion. 1 (Phys.) fusion. 2 (Pol.) fusion, coalition. soccer. (Ling.) future. futurologist. futurology. futurological. (China) foo young, an omelette with meat and vegetables served with sweet and sour sauce. g, the 7th letter of the alphabet. 1. (gunung) mt., mount. 2. (gerakan) movement. [Gerakan 30 September] September 30th Movement, the 1965 attempt to seize control of the gvt. mole cricket. (Ambon) 1 garlands and other decorations made of palm fronds. 2 bamboo gate decorated with garlands of fronds, etc. 3 roof of sago palm fronds. 4 dried sago palm stems, esp. as building material. German measles. unhulled paddy separated from the stalks. see GAPAI. 1. cloudy, overcast. meng-gabak gloomy, dark. 2. see GABAG. gabardine. 1. in a hurry, hurriedly. 2. rough, coarse, not tidy. clumsy, awkward, maladroit. (Java) be capable of doing s.t. sound of banging. 1 empty (of rice, kernels, etc.). 2sterile. 3 childless. 1 bundle, sheaf. 2 cluster. 1. 1) k.o. tree, the soft wood of which is used as cork, scraper, etc. 2) cork. 2. k.o. wiely eaten freshwater fish, snakehead. the marble, card, etc. which o. picks as the means of winning in children’s game of marbles, cards, etc., where the object is to accumulate marbles, etc. club, bludgeon, cudgel.

gada-gada gadai gadang

ship’s weathervane. 1 pawning. 2 security. ber-gadai borrow money by pawning s.t. 1. large, big. rumah-gadang (Minang) large sprawling house,esp. the matrilineal clan house. 2. large sieve. 3. ber-gadang see BEGADANG.

gadang-gadang gadar gadas gaden gading gading-gading gadis gado

meng-gadang hope for s.t. see KADAR 1. bowling pin. see SURAT. 1 elephant tusk. 2 ivory. 3 ivory color. 1 joist, truss. 2 ribs of ship. 1 girl. 2 maiden, virgin. meng-gado eat side dishes without rice. gado-gado 1 k.o. salad eaten with peanut sauce. 2 s.t. consisting of various elements. 1. 1) noisy. 2) boisterous, rowdy. 3) tumult. 2. meng-gaduh farm s.o.’s land or raise s.o.’s animals for a share in the product. arrogant, conceited. k.o. creeping edible tuber which is toxic if not cooked properly. fake, bogus, imitation. (Coll.) old. hook, snare. meng-gaet 1 snatch, hook. 2 rake in. 3 tickle with fingers to catch s.o.’s attention. see GOGO 1. 1 strong. 2 brawny, muscular. 3 handsome, dashing. 4 heroic, brave, dauntless. meng-gagai climb a tree by embracing the trunk. raven, crow. fail. 1 handle. 2 stem, stalk, spadix. 1. stammer, stutter. 2. meng-gagap feel, grope. have an idea. 1 idea. 2 concept. 1. meng-gagau grope. 2. ber-gagau-gagau-an scream uncontrollably.

gaduh gaduk gadung gadungan gae, gaek gaet gaga gagah gagai gagak gagal gagang gagap gagas gagasan gagau gagu gaguk gahar gahara gahari gaharu gaib

gaing gairah,gairat

1 mute, dumb. 2 empty-minded, void of ideas. see gagap 1. meng-gahar scrub, scour. (Lit.) of royal descent. moderate. k.o. tree eaglewood, the rotted xylem of which yields fragrant resinous material. 1 mysterious. 2 invisible, hidden, inscrutable (meaning, etc.). 3 disappear, vanish (of gods, etc.) 4 belonging to the invisible (divine or supernatural) sphere. 5 in absence. (Naut.) sheer. passion, strong desire.

gait gajah gaji gajih gajuh gajul gak gakang gala

galah galak galaksi galang galant galantin galar galas

galasi galat galau galbani galengan galenika galgal gali

galib galing galing-galing galir galon galungan galur galuran galvanisasi gama

meng-gait 1 pull, book, pluck (fruit, etc. with a pole). 2 wheedle money, etc. from s.o.). 3 swipe, steal, purloin. 1 elephant. gajah-mada 1) the Prime Minister of Majapahit. 2) name of a university in Yogyakarta. 2. (Che.) bishop. wage, salary. (Java) fatty portions of meat. cashew. scoundrel, rascal. ber-gajul 1 hang around engaging in petty criminal activities. 2 act like a scoundrel. see NGGAK. (ga’ang) see GAANG. 1. resin, pitch. 2 caulking. 3 a resin-collecting bee. gala-gala putty. 2. galayudha (Mil.) field test. 3. main-gala-asin k.o. children’s game. 4. see SEGALA. 1. 1) punting pole. 2) spear. 2. see GALA 3. 1 fierce, vicious. 2 sharp and mean. 3 impudent, forward. galaxy. girder, supporting beam. gallant. galantine, k.o. meatloaf. 1 k.o. mat made of bamboo pounded flat. 2 board, two-by-four. 1 carrying pole. 2 goods carried on a shoulder pole. 2 peddle merchandise (carried in containers suspended from carrying poles). (Jakarta) k.o. poisonous spider. see RALAT. hubbub, confusion. meng-galbani galvanize. (Java) small dike in rice field. k.o. patent medicine. hurried and rude (in activity, behavior, etc.). 1. meng-gali 1) dig ( hole, well, mine, grave). 2) dig up (potatoes, etc.), excavate, unearth, exhume. 3) delve. 4) unearth, discover. 2. [gabungan anak liar] ( Sl.) 1) gang of street toughs. 2) racketeers. normal. see IKAL. k.o. wild climbing vine. 1 loose (of screws, key, ring, etc.). 2 fluent, glib, articulate. 3 agile, nimble, spry. gallon. Balinese celebration, lasting 10 days and occurring once every 210 days according to the wuku calendar. 1 furrow, groove. 2 channel. probing back into s.t. meng-galvanisasi-kan galvanize. (Gajah Mada) Gajah Mada University in Yogyakarta.


gampang gampar gamparan gamping gamuh gan gana-gini ganang ganas gancang gancaran ganco, gancu

meng-gamak-gamak 1 take s.t. in hand to feel size or estimate its weight. 2 estimate, make a guess. 3 put o.’s hand threateningly on the hilt of a dagger. planting of gamal trees to eliminate elephant grass. see GAMANG. weapon. ber-gaman armed. 1 nervouse, afraid. 2 feel dizzy from heights. sea cucumber, sea slug. male student at Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta. female tudent at Gajah Mada University, Yogyakarta. [gambar] illustration, picture. traditional instrument similar to xylophone. gambang-keromong 1 small popular Chinese-Indonesian orchestra. 2 Jakarta gamelan. yoke. 1 picture, drawing. 2 sketch. k.o. squash. 1 gambier, ingredient used in betel chewing, tanning and dyeing. 2 the climbing plant that produces gambier. (Java) 1 clear, understandable.2 explicit, mincing no words. ng-gamblok 1 be attached to, hold on to. 2 join. (Java) 1 a make dancer. 2 k.o. dance. 1 k.o. six-stringed, plucked instrument of Arabic origin, us. accompanied by a drum. 2 band with such an instrument or a harmonium and with other instruments plaing Arabian songs. 1 peat moss. 2 turf. (Java) k.o. woman’s dance. ng-gambyong perform this dance (gim) 1 expression signalling end of a game. 2 (Sl.) dead. gamelan orchestra. see GAMIT. k.o. Arab-style shirt. ber-gamit(an) 1 nudge, atap s.o. on the shoulder, arm. 2 attract s.o.’s attention. easy. stike, slap. 1 slap, stroke. 2 wooden clog, flapping slipper. limestone. k.o. water jar. see JURAGAN. see GONO-GINI. see GUNUNG. savage, ferocious, vicious. 2 malignant (tumor). quick, spray, alert. (Java) prose. 1 pole with a hook (e.g. to pluck fruit from trees). 2 boat hook. 3 pickax.

ganda gandal

1. fold. 2. 1) opponent of unequal strength. 2) (Sport) handicap. gandal-an, peng-gandal obstache, hindrance.

gamalisasi gamam gaman gamang gamat gamawan gamawati gamb. gambang gambangan gambar gambas gambir gamblang gamblok gambuh gambus

gambut gambyong game gamelan gamik gamis gamit

gandapita gandapura gandar gandaria,gandariah gandarukam gandarusa gandaruwa gandasuli gandel ganden gandeng ganderuwo gandes gandik

k.o. cake. k.o. tree whose fragrant leaves are used for medicinal purposes and whose seeds smell like musk. 1. 1) lever, arm of scales. 2) axle of wheel. 3) carrying pole. 2. drive a vehicle. ko. tree bearing edible fruit, used for medicinal purposes. k.o. tree that provides resin used for caulking, soap, etc. various k.o. small trees the leaves of which are used for medicinal purposes.

gandin ganding gandol gandos gandrung gandu ganduh

see GENDRUWO. k.o. medicinal herb. clapper (bell). see GANDIN. ber-gandeng 1 side by side, arm in arm. 2 coupled. see GENDRUWO. (Java) graceful, charming, elegant. 1 golden ornament worn on forehead by bride. 2 ornament on top of a kris. 3 milling stone. large mallet. see GANDENG. see GANDUL. k.o. cookie made of rice flour and coconut. 1 infatuated, in love, crazy about. 2 devoted to a cause. k.o. flat black seed as marble. ber-, meng- barter, exchange by providing s.t. extra in the exchance.

gandul gandum gandung gandungan ganesa gang

ber-gandul-an hang down (of several things). 1 wheat. 2 wheat flour. outrigger. see GADUNGAN. Ganesha, Hindu elephant god. 1. 1) alley, narrow street. 2) corridor, passageway. 2. gang (of thieves, etc.).


1. algae, seaweed. 2. space between two objects. 3. ber-gangang 1) warm o.s. by a fire. 2) warm things on a fire. meng-ganggu 1 disturb. 2 disturb, intrude on, interfere with. 3 annoy, molest. meng-ganggut pull, tug. 1. brass. 2. k.o. meat dish. meng-gangsa fry with little oil. 3. see ANGSA.

ganggu ganggut gangsa gangsal gangsang gangsar gangsing gangsir ganja

see GASAL. see GASANG. see GANGSIR. see GASING. (Java) mole cricket. meng-gangsir undermine, dig a tunnel, furrow. penggangsir s.t. that burrows. 1 hemp plant. 2 hashish, marijuana. peng-ganja drug addict.

ganjak ganjal ganjar ganjaran ganjat ganjel ganjen ganjil ganjur gantang gantar gantel ganteng gantet ganthol ganti gantol gantole gantung ganyah ganyang ganyar ganyong ganyut gaok gap gapa,gapah gapai gapak gapik gapil gapit gaple gaplek gaplok gapmni gapu gapura

ber-ganjak budge, move a bit. 1 a wedge. 2 a prop, support. reward. 1 reward. 2 just deserts, punishment, retribution. 1 have a cramp (in muscles, etc.). 2 tangled (of thread, etc.). see GANJAL. (Coll.) coquettish. 1 uneven, odd (of numbers). 2 queer, odd, abnormal. 1. k.o. lance or pike. meng-ganjur-i spear s.t. 2. k.o. rice borer. 3. ber-ganjur withdraw, pull back. measure of rice equivalent to 3.125 kg, around o. quart. stake, post. 1. (Java) meng-gantel-i hang from. 2. stick. handsome, dashing. (Java, Jakarta) stick. see GANTOL. 1 substitute, replacement. 2 change (name, clothes, etc.). 3 over (of radio operators). (Java) meng-gantol catch with a large hook. gantol-an good-sized hook to sieze with. hang glider. meng-gantung 1 hang (a person) 2 hang up (clothes). 3 adjourn, suspend (a legal case) 4 be suspended. meng-ganyah 1 polish (with sandpaper, etc.). 2 rub or massage vigorously, scrub. 3 strike hard (with a fist). meng-ganyang 1 eat raw, devour. 2 smash, crush. 3 eliminate, wipe out. hard (of uncooked tubers). (Java, Sunda) k.o. edible tuber. see GANYAR. (Java) 1 k.o. bird, crow. 2 cawing sound. meng-gaok caw. 1 sound of slapping on a table. 2 sound of heartbeat. 1. skillful, adroit, agile. 2. gapah see GOPOH. ber-an, meng-(2) 1 reach for, extend the hand for,grasp after. 2 wave (o.’s hand) to. 3 achieve, attain. see GAPA. see GOPOH. meng-gapil interfere in. pincers, tweezers, clamp. dominoes. dried cassava. (Java) meng-gaplok slap s.o. on the back. [Gabubgab Pengusaha Makanan – Minuman] Association of Food and Drink Producers. meng-gapu reach, extend to. gate, gateway, portal.


garage garah

1 (Java) scene in traditional wayang depicting turbulence and war. 2 turbulence, commotion (in war or of nature). 3 natural phenomenon (earthquake, typhoon, etc.). regarded as an omen (us, bad). 4 just be cause (of). [garase] see GARASI. 1. frighten away, chase away (birds, etc.). 2. garah-garah joking, jesting.

garam garan garandir garang

1 salt. 2 a mineral salt. 3 experience, effectiveness (in idioms). (Java) handle. meng-garandir guarantee. 1) fierce, cruel, ferocious. 2) vivid (of colors). 3) very strong. 4) angry.

garangan garansi garap garas garasi garau garba, garbha garbis garda gardan garden,gardin gardu

mongoose. guarantee, warrant. meng-garap work on. 1. shin. 2. meng-garas eat, gobble up. garage. hoarse. (Biol.) embryo. (Java) k.o. round, yellow and black melon. guard. (Auto.) differential gear. see GORDEN. 1 guardhouse. 2 bus shelter. 3 (Mil.) depot, dump, magazine. 4 (Tech.). relay station. (Java) o. of the three major Muslim religious festivals. (Java) k.o. cicada that appears at end of rainy season. Gareng son of Semar in Java shadow play. handcuffs. meng-gari handcuff, shackle, manacle. strange, peculiar, exotic. 1 dry and crispy, crunchy. 2 cool (of a relationship). 1 line. 2 (Sport) finish line. 3 frontier, border. 4 (Sport) boundaries, bounds.

garebek gareng gari garib garing garis garisah garit garneren,garnering garnisun garong garpu garu garuda garuk garung garut garwa gas

instinct. 1. scratch. 2. meng-garit move. [harneren,harnering] (Coll.0 cake icing or decoration. (Mil.) garrison. robber. fork. 1. harrow. 2. see GAHARU. 1 mythical bird, mounted by god Vishnu. 2 bird in official seal of Rerpublic of Indonesia. round up. 1. meng-garung 1 grow, roar. 2 cry or weep loudly. 2 see GARONG. meng-garut abrade, chafe. /garwo/ (Honorific, Java) spouse. 1 gas. 2 vapor from gasoline.

gasak gasal gasang gasing gasket gasolin gasung gatal

1 fight. 2 hit. (Math.) uneven, odd (of a number). lustful, lecherous, lascivious. a top. ber-gasing spin a top. gasket. gasoline. sandbar. 1 itch. 2 eager for s.t. (money, etc., but esp. sex). 1 itchiness. 2 irritation.

gatot gatra gatuk gatutkaca gaul gaun gaung gawai gawal gawang

(Java) sliced dried cassava boiled with coconut milk. phrase (in a sentence or in music). (Java) match, meet, coincide. son of Bima, o. of the Pendawa brothers in the Java wayang. ber-gaul associate. gown, Wedding dress. 1. echo, reverberation. 2. hole, ravine. see GAWE. mistake, error. 1 gate. 2 (Sport) goal posts. 3 (Sport) hurdles. gawang-gawang-an wicket.

gawar gawat gawe gawir gaya gayal gayam gayang gayang-gayang gayem gayeng

gbr. gebah gebang gebar geber

warning sign (us. by means of ropes). 1 critical, serious, grave. 2 dangerous, risky. 3 bad, terrible. (Jakarta, Java) work. (Sunda) escarpment. 1 energy, force. 2 style, form, manner. 3 musical note, melody. 1 elastic. 2 tough of meat. k.o. semicultivated Inocarpus tree with pulpy fruits eaten cooked. staggering, reeling (from dizziness, drunkenness, etc.). a rack. (Java) meng-gayem(i) chew the cud. (Java) 1 pleasant, warm, cordial (attitude). 2 cheerful, interesting (conversation). 1. hang low (of fruit on tree or bush). 2. aspiration, ideal, objective. menggayuh achieve. 1 water dipper, scoop. 2. attack(with sword or blow). ber-gayut hang, swing. (gambar) illustration. [Garis-garis Besar Haluan Negara] (Pol.0 Broad Outlines of the Nation’s Direction. see GB. meng-gebah chase away, chase out. (Java) tall thornless jungle palm with large leaves. see KAIN. 1. meng-geber vibrate (of an engine). 2. meng-geber give too much of s.t.

gebes geblak

meng-gebes-kan move s.t. (Java) ng-geblak fall backward.

gayuh gayung gayut gb. gbhn

geblas geblek geblok gebok gebos gebrak gebrakan gebres gebu gebuk gebyah gebyak gebyar gebyur gecak gecar gecek gedabah gedang gede gedebak

gedebar-gedebur gedeblak-gedebluk gedebok

(Java) meng-geblas go away hurriedly. see GOBLOK. (Java) 1 bolt of cloth. 2 wad of money. bolt of cloth. 1. meng-gebos scold, snap at, sanarl at. 2. (Java) meng-gebos suddenly let off smoke. sound of a door slamming, board crashing to floor, etc. 1 (karate) blow, chop. 2 blow, slap (on table, etc.). (Java) sneeze. meng-gebu-gebu 1 flare up (of fire, revolt). 2 rage. 3 be tense and excited with enthusiasm, worked up for action. meng-gebuk beat (a drum). meng-gebuk-i pummel, beat up. (Java) meng-gebyah-uyah consider all to be the same, make no distinction. (Java) meng-gebyak perform, stage. (Java) sparkle, shine, glitter. (Java) meng-gebyur splash a large amount of water on s.o. or s.t. gebyur-an water splashed out. see GECEK. trembling, fright. meng-gecar shudder, tremle (from fear). (Java) meng-gecek 1 crush, smash (i.e. food to soften it, etc.). 2 catch, seize, grasp. triangle-shaped gold hair ornament. 1. large, big. meng-gedang-kan enlarge, increase, expand. 2. (Sunda) papaya. (Coll.) big, large. ke-gede-an too big. peng-gede (Sl.) big shot. gedebak-gedebuk/gedebur 1 sound of s.t. heavy having fallen. 2 sound of footsteps on a floor. meng-gedebuk-kan stamp s.t. down hard.

gedebum gedebung

sound of beating or throbbing, beat or throb. sound of wrestling and fighting. 1. (Java) trunk of a banana plant, esp. as a place to arrange wayang puppets. 2. see GEDEBUK. loud sound of s.t. heavy falling, very loud stamping of the feet. sound of heavy footsteps. ber-gedebuk with a thud. (ber)-gedebuk-an make a pounding or thudding noise. see GEDEBUK. square of cloth formed into a pouch often for betel leaves and tobacco.

gedebur gedek gedempak gedempol gedeng gedobros gedok gedombrongan

see GEDEBAR-GEDEBUR. panel of woven or plaited bamboo (for house walls, etc.). tambourine. fat, obese. (Java) sheaf (of rice). (Java) ng- talk nonsense. meng-gedok weave. gedok-an primitive handloom. (Coll.) too large (of clothes).

gedebrak-gedebruk gedebuk

gedoncak gedong gedongan gedor gedruk gedubrak gedubrang gedumbreng gedumel gedung

geduyut gegabah gegak gegaman gegaokan gegap gegar gegares gegas gegat gegau gegep geger gegetuk gegetun geguyon gejala gejolak gejos gejug gejuju gelabak gelabur geladah geladak geladi geladir gelagah gelagak gelagapan gelagar

ber-gedoncak beat (of heart). fancy house, mansion. having or living in a large, stone house. meng-gedor 1 pound on. 2 break in to plunder. (Java) meng-gedruk stamp. gedruk-an stamping (of feet). (Java) meng-gedubrak make a sudden popping or crashing noise. see GEDUBRAK. sound of jangling or clanking (e.g. of cans banging against e.o.). gedubrangan keep making this sound. see KEDUMEL. building (us. of brick concrete), edifice. gedung-bertingkat multistoried building. gedung-instansi 1 public building. 2 building owned by a firm. ber-geduyut droop, bend (from heavy branches, etc.). rash, reckless, hasty. see GEGAP 1. hand weapon. (Java) caw. gegap-gempita uproarious, noisy, clamorous. shaking, swaying. ber-gegar-an tremble, shake, rumble (plurally). stuff, gorge o.s. lots of movement and activity. ber-gegas-an hurry. 1. k.o. insect, silverfish. 2 see KEGAT. ter-gegau starled, wake up with a start. pliers, tweezers. 1 commotion, tumult. 2 be in a tumult. see GETUK 1. surprised, dumbfounded. joke, make a joke. 1 symptom, indication. 2 tendency. peng-gejala-an process of be coming conspicuous. 1 flaming, fire. 2 fluctuation (in prices). sound of sizzling (when water is poured over hot coals, etc.). (Java) meng-gejug kick in fighting (in martial arts, dance). gejug-an kick, blow with the feet. meng-gejuju build up, pile up (of clouds). see GELETAK. meng-gelabur plunge into water. see GELEDAH. 1. (Naut.) deck. 2. 1) mongrel dog. 2) criminal. rehearsal. 1 mucus, phlegm. 2 slime. wild sugarcane. see GELEGAK. 1 stutter, stammer. 2 confused, flustered, upsed. 3 losing direction. 4 make gasping noises when drowning. ber-gelagar-an thunder (of cannons).

gelagat gelagepan gelak gelakak gelam gelama gelamai gelambir gelandang gelandangan gelang gelanggang gelangsar gelantar gelanting,gelantung gelantur gelap

1 sign, indication. 2 symptom. 3 attitude. 4 habits. see GELAGAPAN. 1 laughter. 2 laugh, chortle. hearty laugh. k.o.Melaleuca tree and its bark which is used for caulking. 1. k.o. sea fish. 2. mucus, phlegm. sweet made of pounded sticky rice, coconut, and sugar. meng-gelamai prepare this sweet. wattle of fowl, jowls, or other watterlike skinfold in animals. ber-(an), menggelambir hang down like jowls. (Sport) halfback. vagrant, homeless drifter. bracelet. gelang-gelang tapeworm. per-gelang-an circle. 1 circular area in which an event takes place : arena, forum, pit, ring. 2 a round area which forms the backround for s.t. meng-gelangsar slide, slip up. meng-gelantar bleach, dry in the sun. ber-gelantung hang down, dangle, steady o.s. by holding onto s.t. above.

gelatik gelayaran gelayut gelebap gelebar

meng-gelantur flow forth, come forth. 1 dark. 2 unclear, obscure. 3 secret, illicit, clandestine(organization). penggelap embezzler. meng-gelapai fight feebly (of cocks). 1. 1) title. 2) academic title, degree. 3) alias. 2. meng-gelar spread out. gelaran carpet, mat to sit on. glass (for drinking). meng-gelas coat kite string with ground glass. 1. meng-gelatak tickle. 2. meng-gelatak-i hunt or search through (pockets, drawers, etc.0. k.o. bird that eats rice crops, Java finch. stagger. see GAYUT. sound of an object falling, plop. ber-, ter flap (of sail, shirt, tail, etc.). meng-gelebar plop o.s. down.

geleber,geleberan gelebuk gelebur gelebyar gelecek,gelecik geledah geledang

hang loosely, hang in folds (of skin, clothing). sound of an object falling. meng-gelebur plunge, jump into (a fire, etc.). ber-fly around. meng-gelecek skid, slip, slide. meng-geledah search (a building), frisk (a person), ransack. meng-geledang extend the arms (as if to ward or hold off s.t. or s.o.).

geledek geleding geledur gelegak

thunder, lightning. meng-geleding twist, warp (of wood, etc.). have folds (of fat around the abdomen). ber-, meng- 1 buble, effervesce, fizz, seethe. 2 wheeze. meng-gelegak-kan bring to a boil, make s.t. seethe or wheeze.

gelapai gelar gelas gelatak

gelegapan gelegar

see GELAGAPAN. 1. (floor) beam, girder, joint. 2. thundering, rumbling, sound of cannon.

gelegata gelek gelekak gelekek gelemat gelemberan gelembung

itchy rash, prickly heat. 1. meng-gelek 1 roll over. 2 roll. 3 run over, crush as in mortar. 4 dodge, get out of the way. 2. (Sl.) marijuana. meng-peel (of paint, scabs, etc.). meng-gelekek giggle, snicker. (Naut.) forecastle. wattle of fowl. 1 bubble. 2 (Anat.) vesicle. 3 swollen. ber-, meng-gelembung be inflated.

gelembur gelempang gelemprang gelendong gelendot geleng

ripple. see GELIMPAH. ber-gelemprang high-pitched, piercing (of sound). s.t. to wind s.t. around : bobbin, spool, coil, reel. meng-gelendot pull to attract attention. move from side to side (of o.’s head) geleng-an a shake of the head.

gelenggang gelentang gelentar gelenyar gelepak gelepar gelepek gelepok gelepung gelepur geler geleser

see GELINGGANG. ber-gelentang roll over. see GELETAR. meng-gelenyar tingle. sag, collapse (of bridge, etc.). fluttering. hang loosely, hang limply (of flag, etc.). /gelepot/ muddy, muddied. sound of heavy object hitting water. flapping, fluttering (of dying or fighting fowl). see GILIR. meng-geleser 1 begin to turn, begin movement. 2 flutter, move agitatedly.

geleta geletak geletar geletik

long-necked jug. flounder, flutter. meng-geletak sprawl. ber-, meng-geletar 1 shiver, tremble. 2 beat (of o.’s heart). meng-geletik 1 move agitatedly, twitch, squirm. 2 make tick-tock sound (of watch or clock). 3 throb, beat (of o.’s heart). meng-tinkle (as of ice in a glass). meng-geletis twitch, squirm. chattering (of teeth). 1. 1) amused, tickled. 2) ticklish. 3) set o.’s teeth on edge, give o. the creeps. 2. see BUAH. writhe, wriggle. ber-geliang wriggle, squirm. geliat-geliut writhe, wriggle. see GELIMBIR. meng-gelicik-kan avoid, evade. ter-gelicik skid, slip. see GULIGA.

geleting geletis geletuk geli geliang,geliang-geliut geliat gelibir gelicik geliga

geligi geligir geligis

see GIGI. geligir-hidung bridge of nose. meng-geligis 1 tremble, quiver, shudder, shake. 2 chatter (of teeth).

geligit gelimang

meng-geligit bite repeatedly. ber-gelimang be soiled, smeared, covered with s.t. wet. gelimang-an shallow pools of liquid, mud, etc. hang loosely, hang in folds. meng-gelimbir dangle, be pendulous. gelimbiran sagging. ber-gelimpah-an be sprawled face up all over. meng-gelinang form in the corners of the eyes (of tears). meng-gelincir slip, skid. ter-gelincuh stumble. wheel. caster. 1 red lead. 2 red dye, red paint. shudder, get the creeps. k.o. shrub, used to treat ringworm. ber-, meng-gelingsir 1 slide or slip down while revolving. 2 descend, go down (of the sun). 3 shift or move downward or forward.

gelimbir gelimpah, gelimpang gelinang gelincir gelincuh gelinding gelindingan gelinggam gelinggaman gelinggang gelingsir

gelinjang gelintang gelintin gelinting gelintir gelis gelisah gelisir gelita gelitar gelitik geliut gelo gelo,gelok gelobok gelocak gelodar gelogok gelohok gelojak gelojoh gelokak gelomang gelombang

meng-gelinjang 1 jump up and down. 2 wriggle with pleasure. ter-gelintang sprawled. ber-gelinting 1 sticky. 2 thick, concentrated. meng-gelinting 1 roll (cigarette, etc.). 2 writhe, squirm. 1 pellet. 2 counter used with small pelletlike objects. 3 counter used with persons. 4 a general all-purpose counter. (Sunda) lovely, pretty. 1 nervous, on edge, restless. 2 worried, concerned. meng-gelisir slide s.t. a short distance. see GULITA. meng-gelitar struggle, move about to free o.s. 1 tickle, tickling. 2 stimulus, incitement, inducement. ber-geliut writhe, squirm. (Java) be disappointed and therefore be hurt and angry. 1 out of o.’s mind, crzy. 2 unmannered, foolish. meng-gelobok make a sound like a bottle being filled with water. see GELOJAK. 1. meng-gelodar squirm, writhe. 2. turbid from mud. 1. swig (of whiskey), gulp (of water). meng-gelogok 1) gulp down. 2) seethe, boil. 3) spill a large quantity. 2. a threat. ter-gelohok opened wide. ber-, ter-gelojak slap, wash against (of waves against side of boat). 1 gluttonous. 2 greedy. see GELOPAK. see GELUMANG. 1 a long unbroken wave or swell. 2 phase, facet.

gelompar gelondang gelondong geloneng gelonggong gelongsor gelonjak gelontor gelopak gelora gelosang gelosok gelosor gelotak gelotrak geluduk geluga gelugur gelugut geluh geluk gelulur gelumang gelumbang geluncur gelundung gelung gelungsur geluntung geluntur gelup gelupur gelusak gelut gelutuk geluyur gema gemaca gemah-ripah gemak gemal gemala

meng-gelombar leap or jump up. (ber)-gelondang-an make a resounding sound (e.g. an empty can). roll, bunch. small gong. ber-gelonggong eat through, nibble at. see GELOSOR. jumping up and down. meng-gelonjang arise. meng-gelontor 1 spray with water in order to remove s.t. 2 drink a great deal. meng-gelopak peel off (of bark, paint, etc.). 1. 1) seething, tempestuousness, turbulence. 2) enthusiasm, violent passion. ber-, 2. [gelanggang olahraga] Sport Stadium. meng-gelosang hurry up, speed s.o. up. meng-gelosok rub hard, scrub vigorously. ber-gelosor slip. meng-gelosor slide down. meng-gelotak split a coconut shell. rattle. meng-gelotrak rattle (of chains). deep, far-off thunder. ber-geluduk thunder, rumble. red lead. k.o. forest tree with yellow edible fruits similar to mangosteen but sour. meng-gelugut shiver from cold, chatter (of teeth). loam. coconut shell. meng-gelulur 1 slide down, fall. 2 slip down (of trousers). muddied, wet with s.t. dirty. see GELOMBANG. see GELINCIR. 1. ber-gelundung-an roll downward (of several things). 2. see GELONDONG. 1 coil (of rope, etc.), bun of hair. 2 curve, turn. see GELOSOR. (ber)geluntung-an laze around in bed. meng-geluntur glide, slide, ride smoothly along. fall out, drop out (of teeth). see GELEPUR. meng-gelusak trouble, throw *thoughts, etc.)into turnmoil. 1 wrestle. 2 romp, play in rough-and-tumble fashion. 3 quarrel. see GELETUK. see KELUYUR. wcho, reverberate. plaited bamboo for walls and ceiling. (Java) very prosperous. 1. meng-gemak-gemak handle, finger. 2. k.o. wild quail. bunch (of twigs, paddy), sheaf. meng-gemal 1 put together in sheaf or bunch. 2 hold, grasp. magic stone, probably bezoar.

geman gemang gemap gemar gemas gemawan gembala gembang gembar-gembor gembel gembereng gembili gembira gembleng

afraid, frightened. peng-gemani coward. 1. thick, cylinder-shaped (long, etc.). 2. k.o. fish. ter-gemap astounded, dumbfounded. be fond of, delight in. 1 annoyed, put out, irritated. 2 passionate, with heat. 3 be moved emotionally to do s.t. physical from anger, love, etc. clouds moving rapidly by in sky. 1 shepherd, herdsman. 2 (Rel.) shepherd (of the flock). meng-gembala-(i ) tend, look a fter. pudgy. ranting. meng-gembar-gembor-kan propagandize, tout, shout about.

gembong gembor gembos gembreng gembrot gembul gembung

see JEMBEL. see GEMBRENG. see KEMBILI. 1 glad, happy. 2 cheerful, gay. ber-, ter-gembleng united, welded into o. meng-gembleng unite. penggembleng-an unification. meng-gemblok-i cling to. padlock. meng-gembol carry (in baf, pocket, piece of cloth). gembol-an s.t. carried (in bag, etc.). leader, brains, prominent figure. 1. see GEMBAR-GEMBOR. 2. watering can. deflated. k.o. flat knobless gong. (Java) big-bellied, paunchy. 1. always hungry, never satisfied. 2. full, fat. 1 swollen, distended, puffed (of stomach, cheek, etc.). 2 stuffed, filled.

gembur gemelai gemelegar gemelentam gemeletak gemeletap gemeletuk gemelintang gemelugut gementar gemercak gemercik gemerencang gemerencik gemerencing gemerencung gemeresik

loose (of soil). 2 crumbly (of bread). see GEMULAI. see GELEGAR 2. sound of booming cannon fire. shiver, chatter (of teeth). sound of tapping (of fingers on table or glass pane, etc.). see GELETUK. full of stars. 1 shake, shiver (from cold). 2 shudder. see GEMETAR. splatter, splashing. see GEMERICIK. sound of clanging. sound of splattering. see GEMERINCING. see GEMERENCANG. 1 sound of rustling (of leaves). 2 sound of paper being crumpled.

gemblok gembok gembol

gemeretak gemeretuk gemericik gemerincing

sound of chattering teeth. /gemeretup/ sound of rattling or clanging. /gemerincik/ sound of water flowing in a small stream. sound of clinking or tinkling (e.g. glass breaking, jingling money, etc.).

gemerlap gemerocok gemertak,gemertakan gemertuk,gemertup gemerusuk gemerutuk gemes gemetar gemi gemik gemilang gemilap geminasi geming geminte gempa gempal gempar gempel gempet,gempit gempil gempita gempul-gempul gempur

shining, gleaming, sparkling brightly. see GEMERCAK. sound of a crack or rattle. see GELETUK. rustle. see GELETUK. see GEMAS. tremble. gemetar-an trembling, tremor. see IKAN. meng-gemik signal with the finger. brilliant, shining, bright. see GEMERLAP, GILAP. ke-gemilap-an glitter. (Ling.) gemination. ber-geming keep quiet, be motionless. /kheminte/ (Coll.) municipality. gempa-bumi earthquake. ber-gempa shake, jolt. 1. sturdy, plump (of build). 2. see GUMPAL. uproar, commotion. ke-gempar-an tumult, stir. adhere, fuse. meng-gempet push into a corner. (Java) chipped,damaged. gempila-an chip, splinter, sliver. loud. meng-gempita be noisy, loud. panting, out of breath. 1 attack and destroy. 2 demolish (an argument, idea, etc.). 3 demolish.

gempuran gemuk gemulai gemulung gemuruh genah genang

attack, assault, charge, onslaught. 1 fat, corpulent, obese. 2 fat, grease. 3 rich (of oil). 4 fertilizer. 1 supple, pliant. 2 swaying (of leaves in wind, etc.). rolling (of waves). 1 thundering, cannonading. 2 camorous, tumultuous. (Java) 1 proper. 2 straightened out, settled. ber-, meng-, ter- filling a place and not flowing (water). meng-genangi inundate, whelm s.t. genang-an puddle, flooded area (caused by water backup, etc.). 1exactly enough, whole. 2 even (numbers). se-genap all, entire. unceasing, incessant, unbroken. 1 stopped, suspended. 2 stunted (in growth). ter-gencat 1 halted, stopped. 2 oppressed. gencat-an cessation. see GENCAR. meng-gencet 1 (Jakarta) squeeze, press. 2 urge, press. 3 (Jakarta) crush. 4 suppress, crush. 1 physical or psychological pressure. 2 suppression.

genap gencar gencat gencer gencet gencetan

gendak gendala gendang gendeng gender genderang genderuwo gendi gending gendir gendong

gendruwo genduk gendut gene genealogi genealogisasi genelalogis generalisir generasi generatif generator genetika genggam genggang genggong gengsi gengsot genial genialitas genit genitif,genitip genjah genjang genjer genjer-genjer genjik genjot genjur

(Jakarta, Java) mistress, concubine. hindrance, obstacle. 1. 1) k.o. drum. 2) mosque drum. 2. a roll (of paper). (Java) dumb, stupid. k.o. metallophone with keys suspended on thongs or cords over sounding tubes, a gamelan instrument. k.o. large drum. see GENDRUWO. see KENDI. (Java) musical composition for gamelan. see GENDER. meng-gendong carry (esp. children) on the small of the back or the hip, supported by the waist and o. arm, often with the help of a cloth sling, carry (a child) astraddle. (Java) malevolent (male) spirit. (Java) 1 girl. 2 term of address for girls, esp. as nduk for little girls or for waitress or maid. 1 corpulent, potbellied. 2 (Coll.) pregnant. 3 (Coll.) very profitable. gene. genealogy. generalization. genealogistical. meng-generalize. generation. (Ling.) generative. generator. genetics. handful. meng-genggam clutch, hold in o.’s grasp. genggam-an 1 s.t. held in the hand, a handful. 2 grasp, grip, clutch. 1. 1) ajar, slightly open. 2) fissure, split. ber-, ter- be ajar (of a door, etc.). 2. gingham. 1. 1) bamboo jew’s harp. 2) harmonica. 2. (small) house surrounded by water. 1. (Lit.) collateral relative. 2. 1) prestige .2) (Sl.) put on airs. k.o. dance. ng-gengsot dance such a dance. genial. geniality. firtatious, vain. (Ling.) genitive. early-ripening (of certain rice or fruit varieties). 1 askew. 2 (Math.) rhomboid, parallelogram. k.o. edible riverine plant. song associated with Indonesian Communist party. (Vul.) an imprecation : you pig ! meng-genjot 1 operate a pedal or treadle. 2 do s.t. all at once, push s.t. to the limits. 3 (Mil.) attack (en masse). stiff (of hair).

gensi genta gentar gentas

see GENGSI 2. bell (in churches, worn by cattle, etc.). ber-genta ring out. 1 vibrate (of plucked string), quiver. 2 tremble (with fear), fear. 1 pinched off (with thumbnail), broken off (of stem of flower). 2 finished.

gentat gentayangan gentel genteng gentik genting

gepok geprak gepuk

(Lit.) dented. meander, roam, ramble. pill, pellet. roof-tile. per-gentengan-an imbrication, overlapping. see GETIK. 1. (Lit.) 1) narrow, thin, slender in the middle. 2) frayed, worn thin. 3) critical, tense. 2. see GENTENG. large earthenware bowl for water. (Jakarta) surly, offensive (of speech, words). awry, askew. geodesy. geophysical. geophysics. geophysicist. geography. geographycal. geochemistry. (Sunda) ber-, meng-geol sway, swing. geology. geological. geologist. geometry. geometrical. geopolitics. geopolitical. geothermic. 1. see KEPAK 1. 2.(Jakarta) kick. see GELEPAR. flat and rather thin, us. of s.t. not flat (a cake that fails to rise, a malformed head, a plate rather than a soup bowl, etc.). 1. (Java, Jakarta) k.o. sweet cake. 2. meng-geplak strike with the back of the hand. bundle, sheaf. gepok-an bundle, sheaf, wad. meng-geprak hit with banging sound (us. the head). 1. (M) fat, obese. 2. meng-gepuk 1) beat, pound. 2) crack (with hammer).

ger ger-ger gera gerabah gerabak

see also entries with gr- ger. 1 sound of boisterous laughter. 2 sound of snoring. meng-gera frighten, threaten (by starling actions). earthenware vessels. meng-gerabak trickle, flow (of tears).

gentong gentus genyot geodesi geofisik geofisika geofisikawan geografi geografis geokimia geol geologi geologis geologiwan geometri,geometrika geometris geopolitik geopolitis geotermis gepak,gepak gepar gepeng geplak


gerabang geradakan geragai geragap geragas geragau geragot gerah geraham gerai gerak geram geramang gerami geranat gerang gerang-an geranggang gerantam gerantang geranyam

1 sound of repeated, various thumping noises (of heavy footsteps, falling chairs, futniture being moved). 2 do s.t. hurriedly or without care or regard for others. 1 large rip. 2 gaping hole (in wall). 1 uneven, coarse (surface, etc.). 2 rough (action, handling, etc.). k.o. hook for catching crocodiles. meng-geragap be nervous and uncontrolled (of speech). geragap-an hace difficulty speaking (from nervousness, fear, atc.). (Java) ng-geragas gluttonous. 1. meng-gerafgau claw at. 2. see UDANG. meng-geragot damage s.t. slightly by nibbling or gnawing at it. 1. 1) stifflingly hot, sultry. 2) (Coll.) sick. 2. see GERUH 1. molar. meng-gerai dig, excavate. 2. (Lit.) small stand or platform. 3. meng-, ter be loose (of hair). 1 movement. 2 twitch, jerk (of eyelid, shoulder, etc., often regarded as an omen). peng-gerakan activation. 1. 1) infuriated. 2 (Lit.) passionate. k.o. long-legged ant. see GURAMI. see GRANAT. tooth blackener. can it be ?, an expression of wondering or double. (Java) bamboo spear. sound of cannon, explosion, etc. 1 tumult, din, racket. 2 snarl, growl. 1. meng-geranyam have a tingling sensation (from striking o.’s funny bone, etc.). 2. (M) meng-geranyang come up in waves (e.g. heat off a tin roof).

gerapai gerasakan gerat geratak geratih gerayang

meng-gerapai grope. rough (of a surface). meng0gerat-kan gnash. (Jakarta) meng-geratak search, look for (everywhere). (M) canter. 1. meng-gerayang 1) craw (of insects, snakes, etc.). 2) scratch the head). 2. (Jakarta) meng-gerayang grope, esp. probe stealthily (in order to steal).

gerbak gerbang gerbangkertasusila

meng-gerbak pervade (of odors). 1. disheveled (of hair). 2. gate, esp. ceremonial arches. [Gersik-Jombang-Kertosono- Surabaya-Sidoarjo-Lamgongan] metropolitan Surabaya area. sound of rustling. railway coach. see GEMERICIK. sound of s.t. hard falling suddenly. sound of loud slamming. meng-gerdam fall with loud noise (as of heavy object hitting floor).

gerbas-gerbus gerbong gercik gerdak gerdam

gerdum gerebak-gerebek gerecak gerecok gereformeers,gereformir geregetan gereh gereja gerejani gerejawan gerejawi gerek gerelap geremeng gerendel gerendeng

sound of loud thud. 1 come up (in large number) on s.o. unawares. 2 raid s.t. 3 (Jakarta) gang up on s.o. sound of fizzing. meng-gerecok annoy, bother, nag. reformed (church), Calvinist Protestant sect. tense from restraining pent-up emotions. (Java) dried salted fish of any kind except enchovy. 1 church. 2 (Coll.) church services. ecclesiastical. churchman, an ecclesiastical. ecclesiastical. drill. meng-gerek 1 drill (a hole), perforate. 2 bore (of a rodent). see GELAP. vibration. (M) see GERENDEL. meng-gerendeng strike a threatening posture (e.g. bull about to attack).

gerentang gerenyam gerenyau gerenyeng,gerenying gerenyet,gerenyit gerenyot,gerenyut

see GERANTAM. see GERANYAM. impertinent, saucy. 1 display the teeth (of dog, mongkey, etc.). 2 grin broadly. 1 muscle spasm, twitching (of mucles). 2 sound of squeaking. 1 with the corners of the mouth pulled up or down. 2 sneering, grimacing


1. meng-gerepes fidget, fiddle (with o.’s fingers). 2. bergerepes uneven, rough (of a surface, etc.). see KARESEH-PESEH. sound of rustling. meng-geret 1 scratch, scrape. 2 screech, squeak. geret-an matches, lighter.

gereseh-peseh geresek geret geretak,geretek geretang gergaji gergajul gergasi gerham gerhana geriap geriatri geriatrik gericau geridik geridip gerigi gerigik

meng-geretek 1crackle. 2 gnash o.’s teeth. (M) meng-geretang adopt a fighting posture. saw. (Jakarta) scoundrel, blackguard. giant. see GERAHAM. 1. eclipse. 2. in difficulty. meng-geriap become small (of drooping eyelids, fading lamps). /geriatria/ geriatrics. geriatric. sound of repetitive twittering or chattering (e.g. birds, geese, monkeys, etc.). meng-geridik-kan (bulu roma) make the hair stand on end. meng-geridip blink. serration, a serries of notches. k.o. bamboo water-scoop, with a handle.

gerigis gerigit gerik gerilya gerilyawan gerilyawati gerim gerimis gerincing gerinda gerindin gerinding gering geringsing gerinjal gerinjam gerinting gerinyau gerinyit gerip geripir gerisik gerising gerit

gerit-gerit gerita gerlap gerlip germo germut gero-gero geroak gerobak gerobok gerocok gerodak gerogi gerogoh gerogol gerogot

ber-gerigis serrated, cogged (file, etc.). meng-gerigit gnaw at. see GERAK. guerrilla. ber-gerilya wage guerrilla warfare. male guerrilla fighter. female guerrilla fighter. k.o. coarse flannel. drizzle. sound of thinkling. meng-gerincing-kan jingle s.t. (keys, etc.). grindstone, emery wheel. meng-gerinda hone s.t. (M) suffer from shivers (esp. a horse disease). k.o. jew’s harp. 1 (Java, Jakarta) ill, esp. of animals. 2 (Lit.) ill (of royalty). peng-gering 1 sickly. 2 potion to cause illness. 1. k.o. batik pattern. 2. see GERISING. see GINJAL. 1. whetstone for filling teeth. 2. ear scoop (for clearing outer earduct). k.o. grass. meng-gerinyau feel itchy. see GERENYOT. slate pencil. (Coll.) court clerk. sound of rustling. distort o.’s face (from pain). 1. sound of scratch (e.g. chalk across black-board). ber-, meng- gerit screech (from scraping), squeak (of chair on floor). 2. meng-gerit nibble, gnaw. k.o. vine yielding k.o. latex. see GURITA 1. see KERLIP 1. see KERLIP 1. 1 pimp, procurer, panderer. 2 brothel keeper. per-germo-an matters pertaining to pandering. meng-germut-i crowd, swarm around. (Java) wail. have a large, gaping tear, esp. in clothing. 1 cart, wagon. 2 (R.R.) car. 1. 1) (Jakarta) k.o. bamboo cupboard for food storage. 2) (Lit.) large clothes wardrobe. 2. meng-gerobok bubble, gurgle. sound of falling water. ber-gerocok-an foam (of fountain). sound of clattering (stone rolling on floor, stamping of feet, etc.). 1 somewhat afraid. 2 embarrassed. 3 dazed, dizzy. meng-gerogoh(i) grab at, grope. (Lit.) palisades. meng-gerogot-i 1 (Jakarta) gnaw on (of rats, etc.), chew at. 2 undermine (a plan or duty). 3 embezzle, steal little by little.

gerohok gerombol gerombolan gerong geronggang gerontang gerontologi geronyot geropes geropyak geropyok geros gerosok gerowot gerpol gerr gersah,gersak gersang gersik gertak gertakan gertap gertik geru gerubuk geruduk gerugul gerugut geruh geruit geruk gerumbul gerumit gerumpung gerumuk gerumut gerun gerundang gerundel gerung gerunggung gerunjal gerup gerupis

hollow, empty. assemble, collect. 1 group, bunch, cluster. 2 gang, band (of thieves, etc.). 1 (Jakarta) hole or cavity in the earth. 2 (Java) sunken (of eyes). 1. k.o. tree yielding house timber. 2. geronggang, geronggong 1) cavity (in tree, etc.), 2) be hollow. sound of erratic chattering or clattering (falling cans, etc.). /gerontologia/ gerontology. 1 throb with pain. 2 twitch. see GERUPIS. (Java) sound of a crash. ber-geropyak thump, thud (of tree falling, etc.). meng-geropyok (Java) 1 stage a raid, give chase. 2 round up. 1. (Jakarta) meng-geros snore. 2. see GROS 1. 1. sound of rustling (e.g. dry leaves when walked over). 2. meng-gerosokgerosok wade. see GEROGOT. [gerilya politik] political guerrilla. sound of laughter, snoring, purring of a cat. sound of crackling (e.g. dried twigs, leaves, etc.). 1 dry, barren (of hair, land, etc.). 2 coarse (of hair). k.o. coarse sand. 1 snarl, snapping. 2 threaten. 1 snarling,snapping 2 threat , intimidation 3 spurring (of a horse). sound of repeated tapping. meng-gertik make a grating noise. (Lit.) meng-geru roar (of tiger, etc.). see GERABAK. (Java) meng-geruduk attack en masse. see GEROGOL. grooved, corrugated. misfortune, bad luck . see KERUIT. sound of object scraping scross hard surface. density. meng-gerumbul be gathered in a place. meng-gerumit perform fine, meticulous work. mutilated, deformed (nose). meng-gerumuk sit hunched up. swarm. overwhelming fear (on seeing a serious car accident, etc.). (M) tadpole. meng-gerundel complain, pout. sound of roaring. k.o. tree. meng-gerunjal 1 jolt. 2 appear suddenly. 3 cause jolts. the portion of the loom in which the comb is fixed. tinker at, putter at (o.’s work).

gerus gerut gerutan gerutu gerutuan gerutup,gerutus geruyak gesa gesek gesekan gesel,geser gesit gesper gestapu getah getak-getuk

shell used to polish cloth. 1 sound of scratching. 2 scraping, scratching. 1 scratch. 2 claw. 1. rough, coarse (of texture). 2. say s.t. in complaint. complain, gripe. sound of rattling explosion (of machine gun, firecrackers, etc.). meng-geruyak shake, make s.t. turbulent. ber-, (ber)gesa-gesa in a hurry, in haste. rub, scrape. 1 rubbing, friction. 2 stringed instrument. (Ling.) fricative. 1 nimble, adroit, agile. 2 skillful. clasp, buckle. meng-gesper-kan buckle (belt, etc.). [Gerakan September Tiga Puluh] September 30th Movement, the 1965 attemp to seize control of the gvt. 1 sap, latex, resin. 2 (Biol.) gland secretion. sound of knocking or pounding (e.g. butcher’s cleaver on cutting block).


cover of rthin material (paper, cloth, skin) tightly drawn over an opening.


1. broken. meng-getap grate, crunch. 2. getap ,getapan 1 quicktempereted. 2 easily shocked. 1 tremble. 2 (Ling.) trill. 1 vibration, quiver, shiver. 2 (Ling.) trill. 3 (Med.) pulsation. 4 frequency.

getar getaran getas

getu getuk

1. 1) brittle (of wood, etc.). 2) easily heartbroken, oversensitive. 2. (Jakarta) clear, distinct (change, etc.). 1. (Jakarta) small raft. 2. see GITIK. meng-getik 1 tap lightly, flick (with finger). 2 nip between o,’s fingers. getikan a pinch, a nip. se-getil a pinch of s.t. 1. bitter. 2. see GETIL. 1 brittle. 2 frail (of health). sound of pounding. stick to hit with. diligent, industrious, harworking. sound of flailing (e.g. palm fronds). meng-getrok strike repeatedly (to remove contenst of can, jar, etc.). meng-getu crush with fingernail. 1. (Java) k.o. sweet steamed loaf of pounded cassava. 2. see GETOK.

getun geulis gewang geyong geyong-geyong gh-

ke-getun-an surprise, astonishment. /gelis/ see GELIS. 1. mother-of-pearl. 2. see GIWANG. (Jakarta) large-buttocked. (Java) dangle. see also entries with g-.

getek getik getil getir getis getok getokan getol getrok

ghaib gi gia giam giat gibas gidig,gidik gigau gigi gigih gigil,gigir gigir-gunung gigis gigit gila gila – gilaan gilang-cemerlang gilang-gemilang gilap gilas giles gili gili-gili gilik giling gilir giliran gim

gimana gimnastik gimpal gin ginang-ginang gincu ginekolog ginekologi gingsir gini ginjal,ginjel giok gips gir

see SEMBAHYANG, GAIB. (Coll.) see PERGI. [Garuda Indonesian Airways] the Indonesian national airline. k.o. hardwood tree. energetic, active. 1. see KIBAS. 2. see KAMBING. ber-gidig shudder, shiver (e.g. due to gruesome situation). see IGAU. 1 tooth. 2. toothlike object. 3 cog, gear. 4 edge or extremity. 1. persevering. 2. half-cooked rice. 3. see GIGIL. meng-gigir shiver, tremble. (Java) mountain ridge, range of hills. (Java) see KIKIS. bite s.t. 1. 1) insane, crazy. 2) obsessed, infatuated. 2. meng-i, meng-kan (M) look after, take care for s.o. 1) foolhardy, foolish. 2) frantic, like mad. 3) exessive, beyond reason. glittering and bright. bright and brilliant. meng-gilap lustrous, shining (of s.t. polished). meng-gilas 1 crush, pulverize. 2 run over. 3 overrun, cross over. see GILAS. (M) meng-gili-gili 1 tickle. 2 incite, egg on, needle. 1 bund, earthen dike. 2 sidewalk. 1. meng-gilik roll over s.t. to crush it. 2. see GILI. meng-giling 1 roll (cigarette, steel). 2 mill, grind (wheat, coffee, pepper, etc.). 3 flatten (s.t. with a roller). 1 alternate, pass through cycles. 2 take turns. 1 turn, shift. 2 serve (in tennis). 1. gold thread. 2. 1) the gymnasium of colonial period offering Latin and Greek courses. 2) attend such a school. 3. see GAME. (Coll.). (Coll.) see BAGAIMANA. gymnastics. locket, pendant. gin. sticky rice sweetmeat. lipstick. gynecologist. gynecology. see GELINGSIR. (Coll.) see BEGINI. se-gini this much. kidney. (China0 jade. 1 gypsum. 2 plaster cast (on sprain or fracture). gear wheel, cogwheel (of car, bicycle, etc.).

girang giras girik girik-girik giring giring-giring giringan giris giro giro-pos giroskop gisar gisik gisil gita gitar gitaris gites gitik gitu giuk giur giwang gizi gk glgl. gladi gladiol glasiasi glasir glaukoma glazur glek-glek-glek glendem

gletser glikosa gliserin global glondongan glos

glad, happy. k.o. coarse linen. 1 ID card. 2 chit, voucher. 3 title of land ownership (containing land measurements). 4 schedule of rounds by guards. areca nut crusher. see TEMU 1. 1. bell (on bicycle, clothing, etc.). 2. plants used for fertilizer. giringan (Java) fel fear and horror. (Fin.) 1 clearing, clearing account. 2 credit transfer. 3 check for deposit only. 1 postal money transfer. 2 postal clearing. gyroscope. 1. see KISAR. 2. see GESEL. (Java) beach. see GESEL. (Java) hymn, song. guitar. ber-gitar play the guitar. guitarist. (Java) meng-gites crush lice between tips of a.’s fingernails. (Vul., SL.) meng-gitik have sex with a woman. (Coll.) see BEGITU. gitu-gitu so-so, all the same. se-gitu that much. gituan that sort of (bad, dirty) thing. (Naut.) guy. meng-giur-kan 1 arouse sexual excitement. 2 arouse interest, temp. ear stud. nutrient. [gaya kuda] horsepower. see also entries with gel-. [gelar] title. rehearsal. /gladiole/ gladiolus. (Geol.) glaciation. see GLAZUR. glaucoma. 1 glazing (of tile, etc.). 2 tooth enamel. 3 cake frosting. sound of gulping down liquids. /glenggem/ 1. sound of s.t. heavy rolling slowly (wheels of train, etc.). 2. glenggem (Java) eat s.t. or put s.t. in o.’s pocket quietly without letting anyone know to avoid sharing it. glacier. see GLUKOSA. glycerine. 1 global, overall. 2 broad. (Coll.) unprocessed timber. (Ling.) gloss.

glosarium glotal glotalisasi glotis glotokronologi glugut glukosa go go-go goa goal gobah goban gobang

(Ling.) glossary. (Ling.) glottal. (Ling.) glottalization. (Ling., Anat.) glottis. (Ling.) glottochronology. (Java) fine hairs of the bamboo. glucose. 1. (China) five. go-ban 50,000. go-cap 50. go-ceng 5,000. go-pek 500. gotiau five million. 2. GO gonorrhea. see SISTEM. see GUA 1. see GOL. see KUBAH. see GO 1. k.o. colonial era coin (valued at two-and-a half cents) with hole in middle.

gobar gobek

somber. metallic cylinder with plunger to mince betel chew, esp. for toothless elders. meng-gobek pound areca nut with such a device.

gobernor gobet goblek goblok gocan gocap gocek goceng gocet gocoh goda

see GUBERNUR. meng-gobet cut very thin, grate. 1 finished, done. 2 done as o. pleases. stupid. (Jakarta) toss and turn (ino.’s sleep). see GO 1. meng-gocek (Sport) maneuver with the foot. see GO 1. see GOCEK. ber-gocoh fight, pummel. meng-goda 1 tempt. 2 plague, tease, torment. goda-an temptation.

godam godek godog,godok godot goek gogo gogoh gogok

sledgehammer. strike, pound (of fist, club, etc.). side whiskers, sideburns. ber-godek growing side burns. s.t. boiled. meng-godot slice, saw thinly. sound of clearing the throat. 1. nonirigated rice field. 2. go-go dance. meng-gogoh shiver. (Java) meng-gogok 1 drink straight from a pitcher or bucket. 2 guzzle, swill.

gogos gohok gohong gojlog,gojlok

see GUGUS. (Jakarta) k.o. plant bearing sour purple fruit. (M) hole, cave. meng-gojlok 1 shake up (from accident, etc.). 2 haze (new students, etc.).



gol gol. golak


1. goal, score, point. 2 achieve a goal. 3 (Sport) goal, goal post. [golongan] group. ber-golak 1 boil (of water). 2 seethe, churn. brew, boil. turbulence, upheaval. 1 up and down. 2 to and fro. fly (of trousers). 1. ber-golek 1) rol. 2) lie down. 2. (Coll.) k.o. wooden rod-puppet used in a genre of wayang. golek-an (Java) doll, puppet. lie down. ber-goler 1 turn or roll over. 2 lie down. /golef/ pe-golf golfer. [Golongan Karya] (Pol.) the Group of Functionaries, a political party established by gvt. for technocrats and civil servants. (Pol.0 process or movement to enlist support and secure victory for Golkar.


machete (often somewhat short). meng-golok slash with such a weapon.

golongan golongan golongisme gombak gombal gombang gombeng gombinis gombol gombrong gombyok gombyor gomok gompal gompyok goncang gonceng gondang gondok

1 group 2 class . 1 group 2 class . mentality characterized by divisiveness and group-orientation. 1 forelock. 2 tuft, crest. empty, false. 1. glazed earthenware jar. 2. (M) handsome, good-looking. meng-gombeng enlarge (a hole), interspace s.t. see KOMUNIS. bunch (of keys, etc.). (Jakarta) loose-fitting (of clothing). (Java) tassel, fringe. baggy (of k.o. pants). see GEMUK. (Jakarta) torn down, broken. 1. thick (of hair, leaves). 2 betasseled. 2. (Biol.) gonad. 1 shake. 2 shaky, swaying. 3 unstable, changeable. see BONCENG. (Java) 1 snail, slug. 2 name for various k.o. mollusks. 1. goiter. 2. (Java) angry in a suppressed way. gondok-an easily irritated.


1. meng-gondol 1 (Java) carry in mouth (of dog, etc.). 2 walk away with or win (a championship). 3 (Coll.)steal or swipe. peng-gondol winner, champion (of tournament, etc.). 2. see GUNDUL. goiter. gondong-an s.t. similar to goiter. see GANDARUKAM. see GENDRUWO. long-haired, esp. of men. 1. gong. meng-gong-kan second a motion, idea, etc. 2. sound of barking.

golak-galik golbi golek goler golf golkar

gondong gondorukem gondoruwo gondrong gong gonggong

1. sound of barking. ber-, meng- 1) bark (of dog). 2) ( Coll.) scold. 2. (Lit) meng-gonggong carry in mouth (of animals).

gongli gongseng goni goniometri gonjong gono-gini gonorea, gonori gonta-ganti gontai gontok gontokan gonyak gonyok gonyokan gopeh gopek gorden,gordin gordon gorek goreng gores goret gori gorila gorok gorong-gorong gosip gosok gosong gossip got gotes gotiau gotong gotong-royong gotri gotrok goyah goyak goyang goyangan goyor

(Sunda) (bagong lieur) willing sexual partner. meng-gongseng fry s.t without oil. 1 jute. 2 gunny-sack. goniometry. (Lit.) steep and pointedd, pitched (of roof, etc.). property acquired jointly, esp. during marriage, and which is divided equally in event of divorce. gonorrhea. 1 muttually, reciprocally. 2 take turns, ber-gonta-ganti alternate. slow. hit with the fists in anger. 1 quarrel. 2 engage in a conflict, fistfight, etc. meng-gonyak-kan (Lit.) ridicule, deride. meng-gonyok wipe, scour, make clean. 1 wiping, cleaning. 2 scourge, wiping out. quick. gopoh-gopoh in a hurry, hurriedly. ter(gopoh-gopoh) hurry, hurriedly, hastily. see GO 1. curtain. see KORDON. meng-gorek scratch. peng-gorek-an scratching, scraping. s.t. fried, fried food. meng-goreng fry. 1 scratch. 2 etch lines into s.t. see GORES. (Java) unripe jackfruit. gorilla. cut (a throat). peng-gorok-an slaughtering. water-channel. gossip. meng-gosip-kan gossip about s.t. gosip-gosip-an spreading by word of mouth. gosok-gigi (Coll.) toothbrush. 1. sandbar. 2. (Java) burnt, scorched, singed. see GOSIP. gutter, drain. meng-gotes pluck, pick, gather. see GO 1. meng-gotong carry s.t. so heavy two or more people must cooperate. gotong-an heavy burden, shared load. community self-help, mutual cooperation. ber-gotong-royong cooperate, share work. (Java) pellet, buckshot. (Java) k.o. narrow-gauge railway (used for transporting sugar). loose, wobbly (of teeth,chair legs, etc.). meng-goyak (M) shake or rock s.t. shaky, wobbly, unsteady. 1 oscillation, staggering. 2 fluctuation. see GUYUR.

gr grgrad gradag gradah,gradak gradasi graduil graf grafik,grafika grafis grafit gragal gram gramang gramatika gramatikal gramopon granat granit grapik grasi gratifikasi gratis

[Gotong Royong] mutual aid. see also entries with ger-. degree. (Java) sound of dragging or moving over a rough surface. gradag-an clatter, tumult. see GELEDAH. gradation. gradual. (Ling.0 graph, letter (of a writing system). on a graph. graphic. graphite. bits of plaster, cement, rocks left over from construction. gram. see GERAMANG. (Ling.) grammar. (Ling.) grammatical. phonograph. grenade. granite. see GRAFIK. clemency granted by head of state. 1 bonus (for workers). 2 dividend (for shareholders). free, gratis. meng-gratis-kan give away for free. gratis-an s.t. for free.

gravir gravitasi grebeg, grebek gregatan gregel

engraving (in trophies, etc.). (Phys.) gravity. see GAREBEG. see GEREGETAN. (Java) ng-gregel-i nervous to the point of quivering (and lossing grip of s.t.).

greges greget grehon gremet

(Java) feverfish. ng-greges suffer or tremble from a fever. see GEREGETAN. greyhound. (Java) meng-gremet advance very slowly. meng-gremet-i crawl on s.t.

grendel grengseng grepe gres grifir,gripir grimis grobak grodok

latch, door bolt. (Java) feeling of excitement or anticipation. see GERAPAI. (Sl.) brand new (car, etc.). see GERIPIR. see GERIMIS. see GEROBAK. sound of dragging or bumping (i.e. metal banging against metal, etc.).

grogi grogol


grogot grojok grojokan grombolan gros grosir growak grumbul grundel grup gua

see GEROGOT. gush forth. flushing. see GEROMBOL. 1. gross, unit of measure. 2. (Ambon) large. wholesaler, distributor. having a hole or flaw. see GEROMBOL. see GERUNDEL. group. 1. cave, grotto. 2. (Jakarta, China, Coll.). I, familiar firts person pronoun.

gual-gail guam gub. gubah

loose, wobby (of teeth). theush (children’s disease). [gubernur] governor. 1. gubah-an 1) arrangement or composition (of music, flowers). 2) literary work. 2. see KUBAH. 1. clump, pile 9of stone, soil etc.). 2. cambium, soft wood between bark and xylem. 1. notch in tree for foothold when climbing. 2. ber-gubang roll over to clean itself (of animals). 3. see GOBANG. meng-gubel coax, urge. 1 gvt. (colonial period). 2 residence of the governor. governor. (M) meng-gubit beckon to. meng-gubris heed, pay attention to (a request, etc.). 1 hut, shack. 2 shelter in rice field. porcelain or earthenware jug. 1 warehouse, storehouse. 2 storeroom, pantry. (Java) steamed mixed vegetables with grated coconut and chili peppers.

gubal gubang gubel gubernemen gubernur gubit gubris gubuk guci gudang gudangan gudeg gudel gudik

gugat gugatan gugu

(Java) young jackfruit cocked in coconut milk with spices. 1. water buffalo calf. 2. plaque (on o.’s teeth). 1. scabies. gudik-an mangy. 2. ter-gudik-gudik flop about (of dog’s tail, fish on land, etc.). see GUA 2. 1. meng-gugah 1) waken, arouse. 2) move (s.o.’s heart, conscience). tergugah awakened, aroused. gugah-an the moving of s.t. 2. menggugah(kan) grouse, complain, grumble. a shock, jerk, jolt. meng-gugat shake, rock s.t. 1) accustion. 2) (Leg.) suit. 3) claim. 4) criticism. (Java) meng-gugu listen to and obey s.o. ter-gugu trusted, relied on.


1. meng-guguh 1) beat (a drum). 2) knock on (a door). 2. (Jakarta) very old.


1. hillock, knoll. 2. meng-, ter-guguk cry with gasping, boo-hoo sounds.

gue gugah

gugup gugur gugus guha guik guit gul gula gulai gulali gulana gulat gulden gule gulet guli guliga guling gulir gulita gulma gulu-banyak gulung gulut gum gumal gumala gumalai gumam gumpal gumuk gumul gumulan gumun gun guna guna-guna gunapa gunawan guncang gundah gundal

panickly, nervouse, jittery. ke-gugup-an nervousness, jumpiness. penggugup a nervous person. 1 fall (of leaves, hair, etc.) 2 fall prematurely (of fruit, fetus, etc.). group, cluster. see GUA 1. meng-guik-guik squeal (of pig). meng-guit 1 touch with the feet. 2 infringe on. see GOL. sugar. gula-gula 1 sweets, candy. 2 mistress. k.o. curry. 1 taffy. 2 k.o. syrupy sweet. see GUNDAH. ber-gulat wrestle e.o. wrestler. guilder (monettary unit in colonial times or the current Dutch unit). see GULAI. 1. see GULAT. 2. see GELUT. marbles. bezoar, esp. when used as amulet. ber-guling 1 roll. 2 sleep with a bolster. ber-gulir move, roll on, go. dark. weeds. (Auto.) curved part of exhaust pipe. 1 roll. 2 coil (of rope). peng-gulung roller. ber-, ter- (gulut-gulut ) in hurry, hastily, in haste. meng-gulut hurry s.t. up, accelerate. sound of boom (cannon, etc.). 1 wrinkled, creased (of cloth). 2 rumpled, crumpled (of paper). see GEMALA. see GEMULAI. gumam-an a murmur. 1 clod, clump (of earth, clay, clouds, etc.). 2 wad, ball. (Java) knoll. 1 wrestle. 2 struggle. a tangle (of issues, boys wrestling, etc.). (Java) astonished, surprised. 1 (China sleep. 2. fine-toothed comb in weaving machines to separate threads. 1 use, purpose. 2 for, in order to. magic, magical formulas. (Coll.) what for ? 1 (Lit.) virtuous, noble. 2 useful (person). see GONCANG. depressed, dejected. gundah-gulana despondent. 1. 1) notch (in wood). 2) knot (in string) as indicator in counting. 2. see BEGUNDAL.


coarse brush (for cleaning a horse, etc.). meng-gundar use such a brush.

gundi gundik gundu gunduk gundukan gundul gung gunggung gungli guni gunjai gunjing

see LEGUNDI. concubine, mistress. 1 k.o. nut used as a marble. 2 marble. ber-gundu play marbles. ber-gunduk-gunduk be piled up in several heaps. heap, pile. 1 bald. 2 bare, barren (of land). 3 leafless. see GONG 1. sum total. gunggung-an the total. see GONGLI. see GONI. tassel, tuft. gossip. ber-gunjing gossip with s.o. else. meng-gunjing-kan say s.t. bad about s.o. gunjing-an slanderous gossip. 1. owned by an absentee landlord. 2. see GONTAI. rattling (e.g. of seeds in fruit). ber-guntak rattle. 1 scissors, shears, clippers. 2 (CoLL.) cut, clip, trim. 1 clipping (from newspaper, etc.). 2 cut, style of cutting (a pattern, etc.).

guntai guntak gunting guntingan guntung guntur gunung gunungan gup gurah guram gurami guras gurat guratan gurau gurdi gurem guri gurih gurinda gurindam guris gurit gurita

1 flat, level, smooth. 2 short. 3 blunt, flat. meng-guntung top (a tree, pole, etc.). thunder. mountain . 1 (Java) mountainlike figure in the wayang play symbolizing the universe. 2 imitation mountain. sound of mutted thud. ber-gurah gargle, rinse. meng-gurah rinse s.t. out (vat, o.’s mouth, bottle, etc.). 1. dull, dim, hazy. 2. 1 chiken flea. 2 insignificant, inconsequential. 3. gums. k.o. fish, gurami. see KURAS 2. 1 scratch, line. 2 (Jakarta, Sl.) lines in the palm. 1 sketch, outline. 2 facial wrinkle. 1 a joke. 2 say jokingly. ber-gurau joke, jest. gurau-an joke, prank. drill, auger. (Jakarta, Java) see GURAM 1,2. small earthen pot. 1 deliciously oily 9and salty) but causing thirst (of fried fish, etc.). 2 delicious in general. ke-gurih-an too salty and crisp. see GERINDA. (Lit.) 1 aphorism in two lines. 2 rhapsodical type of free verse. see GORES. 1 philosophical verse. 2 simple verse in rhyme. meng-gurit poetize, versify, write poetry. 1. octopus. 2. baby’s vest.

guru guruh gurun gurung gus gusah gusar gusi gusti gusur gutik gutural guyah guyon guyub

teacher. thunder. ber-, meng-guruh thunder, boom. wasteland, desert. (Java) windpipe, esophagus, gullet. gurung-an water channel. 1. (Java) respectful term of address by adults to boys or youth. 2 see BAGUS. (Java) meng-gusah chase away. angry. gums. 1 the Lord. 2 Lord ! exclamation of hope. 3. aristocratic title. gusur-an an area condemned for right of way or public use. meng-gutik touch with tips of fingers. guttural. see GOYAH. (Java) ber-guyon joking. guyon-an joke, object of fun. 1. (Java) friendly, close, mutually helpful. ke-guyub-an communality. perguyub-an community organization based on ascribed status. 2. see KUYUP.

guyur guyuran gwo-yeu h h.

ber-guyur bathed in (sweat, etc.). splash. /kwo-i/ see KUOYU. h, the 8th letter of the alphabet. 1. [Haji] (Islam) title of o. who has made the pilgrimade to Mecca. 2. [Hijriah] year of the Arabic calendar. 1406 in the year 1406 of the Hijriah.


1. huh (question marker) 2. 1) Humph ! (exclamation of derision). 2) Ah ! (exclamation of discovery). 3) Ha ! (exclamation of disbelief).

ha. haacih,haaciu haah haak habelur habib

[hektar] hectare. see HACIH. see HA 2. see HAK 3. see HABLUR. respectful term of address for ethnic Arabs who can trace their ancestry to Muh. (Bib.) Abel, o. of Adam’s sons. 1 finished, used up. 2 completed, through, concluded. crystal. 1 Ethiopia, Byssinia. 2 African. /hacing, haciu, hacu / Atchoo ! (sound of a sneeze). boundary, limit. see ADANG. 1 across (the street). 2 side. 3 facing in a certain direction. 1 front. 2 future. 3 presence. (Islam) ritual impurity. see ADAT 1. 1 prize. 2 reward. 3 gift. with a gift. present s.t., donate.

habil habis hablur habsyi hacih had hadang hadap hadapan hadas hadat hadiah

hadir hadirat hadirin hadis

hadlir hadlirat hadlirin hadrah hadrat hafal hafalan hah haha hai hai-alai haid haik hailai hairan haisom haiwan haiyaa haj hajar hajat haji hajing hajjah hak hakekat,hakikat hakiki hakim hakjing hakul-yakin hal hal. hala halai-balai halal

be present. 1 (Rel.) presence (of God). 2 female members of the audience. those present, audience. (Islam) traditional collection of stories relating words or deeds of Muhammad the chief source of guidance for understanding religious questions. see HADIR. see HADIRAT. see HADIRIN. 1 (Islam) communal gathering, us. mystical, sometimes including group chanting with tambourine accompaniment. 2 tambourine. 1 ( Islam) religious gathering. 2 presence. 1 know by heart, memories. 2 know s.t. very well. material to be memorized. see HA 2. sound of loughter. 1 Hey ! (exclamation to call s.o.’s attention). 2 What ! (exclamation of surprise). see HAILAI. menstruation. Charge ! (exclamation shouted when attacking). (Sport) jai alai. see HERAN. (China) k.o. dish made of sea cucumber. see HEWAN. (China) 1 Greetings ! 2 exclamation of disapproval. (Islam) pilgrimage to Mecca. meng-hajar beat up, thrash soundly. hajar-an beating, thrashing. 1 wish, desire. 2 intent, intention. 3 (Euphemism) urination or defecation. (Islam) 1 o. who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca. 2 title and term of address for such a pilgrim. see HACIH. see HAJJAH. 1.1) right. 2) rightful authority. 2. heel (of shoe). 3. knit. 1 truth, reality. 2 essence. true, real, authentic. judge. meng-hakim-i pass judgment on, judge s.t. Departmen-kehakiman Ministry of justice. see HACIH. (Lit.) be truly convinced of s.t. 1. 1) matter, thing. 2) case. 3) concerning. 2. galvanized sheet iron. [halaman] page of book. direction. 1 ignored, neglected. 2 in confusion. 1 (Islam) allowed, permitted. 2. rightfull, legal.


1 (Islam) ask and give forgiveness at the end of the fasting period. 2 a gathering of social group (workers at same office, people of same ethnic origin, etc.) soon after Islam fasting month for such a purpose.

halaman halang halangan halat halau halia halilintar halimbubu halimun halintar halipan halkum halma halo halsduk halte halter haluan

1 yard (of a house). 2 premises. 3 page (of book). 1. ber-halang-an be hindered, handicapped. 2. see ALANG 1. hindrance, obstacle. 1. see HELAH. 2. see ALAT 2. expel s.o. ginger. 1 flash of lightning. 2 thunderbolt. whirlwind. mist, fog. see HALILINTAR. see LIPAN. Adam’s apple. Chinese checkers. hello. neck scarf. stopping place for public vehicles. dumbbell, bar bell. 1 (Naut.) bow, prow. 2 direction. 3 foremost section. se-haluan of the same course. 1 refined, cultured, sensitive. 2 soft, delicate, smooth (of skin, cloth, etc.) 3 unseen (of spirits). 4 small. 5 finely pounded or granulated of flour, etc.).


halusinasi halwa ham hama

hambalang hambar hambat hambatan hambung hambur hamburger hambus hamenworst hamil

hallucination. fruits preserved in sugar. ham. 1 plant disease, pest. 2 infection. 3 pest, scourge. meng-hama-kan contaminate. (Zod.) Aries. 1 slave, servant. 2 (Lit.) I, esp. when talking to s.o. of higher rank, often in formal prayers. 3 (Lit) yes. a great deal of violence (esp. in reference to martial art films). 1 tasteless, flat, insipid. 2 vapid, trite. checked, blocked. 1 obstacle, obstruction. 2 barrier, fence, wall. 3 (Ling.) closure. see AMBUNG. jump. k.o. sandwich, served with sauces in sliced bun. see EMBUS 1. /hamemwors/ luncheon meat. pregnant, pregnancy. meng-i, meng-kan impregnate, make pregnant.

haminte hamis

see GEMINTE. see AMIS.

hamal hamba

hampa hampai hampar hamparan hampedal hampedu hampir hampiran hamud hamun hamzah hana hanacaraka hancing hancur handai handal handikap handuk hang hangar hangat hanggar hangit hangus

1 empty. 2 without result. see AMPAI 1. 1 spread (rug, etc.). 2 explain, elucidate. 1 rug, carpet. 2 spread out area. see EMPEDAL. see EMPEDU. 1 near, close. 2 almost. hampir-an vicinity, neighborhood. vicinity, neighborhood. acid. ber-hamun-hamun rail at, be abusive. letter of Arabic alphabet representing glottal stop. 1 wide and uninhabited. 2 empty, deserted the Java, Sunda, or Madurese syllabary. stench, foul odor. 1 shattered, smashed. 2 dissolved. friend, companion. see ANDAL. (Sport) handicap. towel. (Lit.) male title. see HANGGAR 1. warm. 1. 1) airplain hangar. 2) sports hall. 2. see ANGGAR 2, ANGGAR 3. see ANGIT. 1 burnt, scorched. 2 singed. 3 (Coll.) completely used up (of money).

hanjut hankam hanra hansip

meng-hanjut hit s.o., crush s.o. [Pertahanan dan Keamanan] Defense and Security. [Pertahanan Rakyat] lower level civilian defense units. [Pertahanan Sipil] civilian defense units often given neighborhood patrol tasks. child’s play- and sleepwear with short sleeves and short legs. 1 fight, scuffle. 2 collide with. 3 infringe on. blow, smack, punch. see ANTAR 1. meng-hantir wield, manage, handle. 1 ghost. 2 evil spirit. (Lit.) the white monkey, sacred hero of the Ramayana. 1 only. 2 only, however. see ANYIR. 1 washed away, drift. 2 drift, wander. 3 lose o.s. (in reveries, etc.). (China) filial piety. see APAK. see HAFAL. see HAVERMUT. 1 completely remove. 2 clean s.t., wipe off (blackboard). see HARFIAH.

hansop hantam hantaman hantar hantir hantu hanuman hanya hanyir hanyut hao hapak hapal hapermot hapus harafiah

harakah,harakat harakiri haral haram haramjadah harangaso harap harapiah harasia harbor,hardbord hardik hardikan harfiah harga hari harian haribaan harim harimau haring harini harkah,harkat harlah harmoni harmonik harmonika harmonis harmonisasi harmonium harpa harpis harpus hart harta hartawan haru haru-biru haruan harum harun harung harus has

wowel (in Arabic grammar). (Japanese) suicide. see ARAL. 1 (Islam) forbidden, proscribed. 2 (Coll.) on no account, under no circumstances. 3 Never ! (an exclamation of strong denial). /haramzadah/ illegitimate (child). (Sunda) k.o. tuber. (Lit.) war. see HARFIAH. (Sl.) see RAHASIA. beaverboard, hardboard. say s.t. sharply, snarl. rebuke,scolding, harsh words. literal, word for word. price, cost, value. day. se-hari-hari every day. 1 daily. 2 daily newspaper. lap. wife, female members of the family (esp. among those of Arabic descent or educational background). tiger. 1. herring. 2. see ARING 1,2. (Coll.) today. 1 level, standard. 2 rate, value. 3 dignity. [hari lahir] inniversary, birthday. harmony. see HARMONIS. harmonica. 1 harmonious. 2 harmonic. harmonization. harmonium. harp. harpist. resin used by violinists. (Crd.) heart. property, wealth. wealthy person, person of means. haru-biru commotion, uproar, tumult. ter-haru moved, touched, affected. ke-haru-an emotional. see HARU. k.o. freshwater fish. 1 fragnant, aromatic. 2 fragnance, aroma. (Bib.) Aaron. 2 (Islam) o. of the prophets. see ARUNG. 1 have to, must. 2 (Islam) permitted by religion, neither sinful nor meritorious, e.g. eating, bathing, etc. 1. filet, tenderloin. 2. gauze, fine screening.

hasa hasad hasan hasiat hasil hasrat hassan hasta hastakarya hasud hasung hasut hasutan

(Ambon) sail along the shore. envy, spite. good, beautiful, handsome. see KHASIAT. 1 yield, crop. 2 product. 3 result, outcome, output. success 1 longing, desir. 2 propensity. berhasrat 1 desire, wish. see HASAN. cubic. meng-cubic measure in cubics. 1 handicrafts. 2 (Sl.) petting. see HASAD. see ASUNG. incite, goad, stir up. 1 instigation, provocation, fomentation. 2 agitation (for civil rights, etc.).

hasyiah hasyis hati hatsil hatta hatur haus havermut hawa hawa-nafsu hawai,hawaian hawar hawatir hawe hawiah hayal hayali hayat hayati hayo hayun hb hb. hbs


1 edge, border. 2 marginal annotation. hashish. 1 liver. 2 seat of emotions. 3 (Crd.) heart. see HASIL. (Lit.) then, thereupon. see ATUR 2. 1. 1) thirsty. 2) thirst, thirstiness. 2. see AUS. oatmeal. 1 air. 2 climate, weather. meng-hawa evaporate. carnal desire, lust. Hawaiian-style music. blight. see KUATIR. see AWE. (Islam., Lit.) depths of hell. see KHAYAL. see KHAYALI. life. biological, vital. 1 Come ! (in exhortations). 2 Behold! There you have it ! see AYUN. /habe/ k.o. pencil. [hari bulan] (Lit.) date. [Hoogere Burger School] four-year secondary school for children of the elite (colonial period). [honoris causa] honorary. [Hollandsh-Chineesche School] Dutch-medium primary school for well-to-do Ch [colonial period]. 1. huh (interrogative particle). 2. umm (hesitation particle). 3. see HAI.

heban hebat

(Lit.) hurl, throw s.t. heavy, throw with both hands. unusually intensive (excitement, attractiveness, intelligence, violence, etc.).

hc. hcs

heboh hedonisme hee heeh heehm hegemoni heh hei heiho hejan hejrah hek hektar hektoliter hela helah helai helak helat heleng heli helicak helikopter helipad helium helm hem hemat hembalang hembus hemong hempang hempas hempes hendak hendam-karam hendap hendel heng hengah hengkang hening hentak hentam

1 commotion, uproar. 2 fuss, row, stir. 3 sensational. hedonism. (Coll.) uh huh, yes. see HA 2. see EHM 1. hegemony. see HE 1. see HAI. indigenous militia during the Japanese period. see EJAN. see HIJRAH. (Coll.) fence (around yard, etc.). hectare. hectoliter. meng-hela drag, haul, pull (carriage, wagon, etc.). (Lit.) 1 trick, ruse. 2 excuse, pretext. 1 sheet (of paper, etc.). 2 a counter for paper, cloth, leaf, etc. ber-helai in sheets, unbound. ber-helak be wafted or lifted back (of long things, whips, etc.). 1. celebration, party. 2. see HELAH. meng-heleng turn, look. [helikopter] helicopter. [helikopter becak] three-wheeled motorized pedicab. helicopter. [helikopter pad] helicopter pad. helium. /helem/ motorcycle helmet, hard hat. um (exclamation of distaste, scorn). 1. judgment, observation. 2. thrifty, economical, thrift. ber-hembalang tumble head over heels. see EMBUS 1. (Sl.) homo, male homosexual. see EMPANG. see EMPAS. see HIMPIT. 1 wish (to do s.t.). 2 intend, be going to. 3 be about to. hendak-nya be desirable that, should. destroyed, wiped out. see ENDAP 1. handle (of door, etc.). (Sport) Hands ! (said when soccer ball is touched with hands). see ENGA 2. see ENGKANG. 1 clear. 2 silent, quiet. see ENTAK. meng-hentam-kan stamp (the foot). hentam-an 1 foot stamping. 2 big explosion.

henti henyak heos hepatitis her heran herba herbisida herder herdislokasi hereng herik hering hero heroik heroin heroisme herot hert,herrt hetero heterogen heteroseks heuristis hewan hewani hey hi hianat hiansay hias hiatus hiba hibah hibernasi hibrida hibuk hibur hiburan hidam hidang

stopping, stoppage. henti-an (Ling.) stop. see ENYAK. meng-heos blow with a bursting sound (of steam, etc.). hepatitis. 1 retake (an exam). 2 makeup exam. 1 surprised, amazed. 2 astonisment. herb. herbicide. German shepherd dog. re-dislocation (of shoulder, etc.). see ERENG. see ERIK. k.o. fish, herring. 1 popular sports figure. 2 s.o. of considerate prowess. heroic. heroin. heroism. see EROT 1. sound of s.t. being ripped. heterosexual. heterogeneous. heterosexual. heuristic. 1 domesticated animal. 2 animal (as a class). /hewaniah/ of an animal. see HAI. Ha ! (exclamation uttered when teasing s.o.). see KHIANAT. (China) son-in law. ber-hias 1 be decorated, adorned. 2 dress o.s., groom o.s. hiatus. see IBA. bequest, grant (from foundation, etc.). hibernation. hybrid. see SIBUK. 1 comfort, cheer up, divert. 2 entertain. 1 consolation, solace, comfort. 2 entertainment. see IDAM. meng-hidang-kan 1 serve (food, drink). 2 present (entertainment, etc.).

hidap hidayah hidmat hidrat hidrogen hidrolik

see IDAP. /hidayat/ (God’s) guidance. see KHIDMAT. (Chem.) hydrate. hydrogen. hydraulic.

hidrolisis hidrolistrik hidrologi hidrologis hidu hidung hidup hierarki higiene higienis hih hihi hii hijarah hijau hijriah hikayat hikmah

hydrolysis. hydroelectric. hydrology. hydrological. meng-hidu sniff in, inhale. nose. 1 be alive, live. 2 life. 3 fresh. 4 (Coll.) run, go, esp. of machines. 5 long live ! 6 (Ling.) prevocalic (of consonants). see HIRARKI. hygiene. hygienic. Ugh ! (exclamation of distaste, disgust). sound of twittering and giggling. /hiih/ (China) oh ! (exclamation of terror). (Islam) flight of Muh. from Mecca to Medina. 1 green, verdant. 2 inexperienced. of the Islam calendar. 1 tale, story, romance. 2 history, account. /hikmat/ 1 wisdom, philosophy. 2 magical power. 3 power in general.

hikwan hilang hilap hilat hilir

(China) fish balls. 1 be lost, vanish. 2 pass away, die. see KHILAF. see HELAH. lower course, downstream. meng-hilir-mudikkan steer, lead by the nose.

himar himbau himmah himne himpitan himpitan himpun himpunan hina hinaan hinai hindar hindia hindu hinduisasi hingar hingga hinggap hintai hio hiolo

zebra. see IMBAU. /himmat/ see HEMAT 1,2. a solemn song, often the antherm of an organization. 1 be very close together. 2 (Math.) coincide. 1 be very close together. 2 (Math.) coincide. assemble, gather. 1 association, club. 2 collection, compilation. contemptible. 1 insult, indignity, affront. 2 taunt, gibe . see INAI. 1 pull to o. side. 2 avoid (a blow, etc.). (Lit.) Indies. see INDUK. hinduization. noisy. ke-hingar-bingaran boisterousness. until, up to. ber-hingga limited, finite. 1 perch, alight. 2 attack (of disease, infection, etc.). see INTAI. (China) joss stick. (China) incense burner.

hioswa hiperbole hiperbolisme hipertensi hipis hipmi hipnotis hipnotisir hipnotisme hipokrasi hipokrit hipotea hipotek hipotenusa hipuk hirap hirarki hirarkis hirau hiris hiru-biru hiru-hara hiruk hirup his hisab hisak hisap hisit histeri histeris histologi histologik historikus historiografi historis historisitas hit hitam hitung hiu hiung hiur

see HIO. hyperbole. hyperbolism. hypertension. 1 young Western traveler on a low budget. 2 a style of Western-influenced grooming characterized by unkempt hair and clothing. [Himpunan Pengusaha Muda Indonesia] Indonesian Association of Young Businessmen. hypnotic. meng-hipnotis hypnotize. meng-hipnotisir hypnotize. hypnotism. hypocrisy. hypocrite. /hipotesis/ hypothesis. mortgage. (Math.) hypotenuse. see IPUK. disappear, vanish. hierarchy. hierarchical. meng-hirau-kan heed, note, pay attention to. see IRIS. see HARU-BIRU. see HURU-HARA. hiruk-pikuk/piruk tumult, hullabaloo, hurly-burly (of the crowd). ke-hirukpirukan racket, noise, din. whiff, sniff. 1. 1) Shame ! (exclamation of scorn). 2) Shhh ! 2. (Coll.) yeast. computation, calculation, reckoning. meng-hisab (Astr.) calculate, compute. ter-hisab counted. see ISAK. see ISAP. (China) shark fin (for soup). hysteria. hysterical. (Med.) histology. (Med.) histological. historian. historiography. historic, historical. historicity. extremely popular. 1 black. 2 dark, swarthy. (Coll.) arithmetic. shark. meng-hiung whistle. see IUR.

hiwan hkbp hla hlm. hlo hmi ho ho,ho. hoakiau hobat hobi hodeng hofmester hoho hoi hojat hokah hoki hokki hol holan holopis homo homogen homonim homonimi homoseksual homoseksualitas honar honda hong hongaria hongeroedeem honggi honghouw hongi hongsi honor honorer honorifik hooi hop hopbiro

see HIKWAN. (Huria Kristen Batak Protestan] The Batak Protestant Church. see LHA. [halaman] page (of book). see LHO. [Himpunan Mahasiswa Islam] Muslim Students’ Association. oh ! [hongeroedeem] malnutrition. /Hoakiauw/ overseas Chinese. see OBAT. 1 hobby, s.t. o. likes. 2 like s.t. comportment, the way o. carries o.s. chief musician of a palace (colonial period). sound of laughter. Hey ! (esp. when calling s.o. from afar). see HUJAT. hookah. (China) good luck. field hockey. (Islam) annual, ritual feast to commemorate the dead. /Hollan/ (Coll.) Netherlands. (kuntul baris) Yo-heave-ho (exclamation to summon up strength when lifting things). male homosexual. homogeneous. homonym. homonymy. /homoseksuil, homoseks/ see HOMO. homosexuality. see ONAR. (Coll.) motorcycle. 1. (Sport) home base. 2. earthen pipe for drainage. 3. see BURUNG. Hungary. /hongerudim/ malnutrition, undernourishment. see HONGI. (China) empress. punitive 17th-century expeditions by Dutch in the Moluccas to extirpate spice trees. (Cina) rheumatism. /honorarium/ 1 honorarium, stipend. 2 payment for services. 1 honorary. 2 not officially confirmed (in o.’s job) and so paid by stipends not salary. honorific. see HOI. 1. (Coll.) head, chief. 2. Stop ! Whoah ! (exclamation only). (Coll.) central (gvt.) office.

hopeng hopyes horas horden hore horison horisontal hormat hormon horn horoskop hortikultura hortikulturis hoskut hospes hospital hospitalisasi hostes hosti hot hotdog hotel houder hower hoyak hoyong hph hr. hrs. huap hubaya-hubaya hubung hubungan

/hoping/ (China) close friend. hard coffee-flavored caramel. Greetings ! Long live ! (Batak greeting). /hordeng/ curtains, drapery. Hurrah ! Hurray ! horizon. horizontal. 1 honor, respect, esteem. 2 respectful. hormone. /horen/ ice-cream cone. horoscope. horticulture. horticulturist. houscoat, dressing gown. (Biol.) viral or bacterial host. hospital. hospitalization. 1 taxi dancer, bar waitress. 2 prostitute. (Rel.) host, consecrated wafer. (Coll.) 1 sexy. 2 sexually aroused. very popular. sandwich in hot dog bun. hotel. cartridge pouch or box on soldier’s belt. k.o. artillery piece. see OYAK 2. see HUYUNG. [Hak Pengusahaan Hutan] logging concession. [harian] daily newspaper. [harus] must. see SUAP. make sure that…., above all, by all means. connect, related. 1 connection, relationship. 2 contact. 3 context. 4 coupling (in poetry).

huduh huh hujah hujan hujat hujung huk huk-huk hukum hukuman hulam huler

see ODOH. Ha ! (exclamation of derision, scorn, etc.). proof, evidence. berhujah argue, adduce arguments. rain. blasphemy. see UJUNG. 1. (Sport) hook. 2. (Coll.) 1) corner (of room). 2) intersection. 1 sound of coughing. 2 coughing. 1 law. 2 verdict. 1 punishment 2 prisoner . see ULAM. rice huller.


hulubalang hulur huma humaniora humanisme humas humbalang humor humoris humoristis hun

1. 1) upper course (of river). 2) beginning of s.t. (in set phrases). peng-hulu see PENGHULU. 2. 1) upper end (of a pole). 2) hilt. 3) top of head, head (in certain phrases only). 1 commander, war chief. 2 district chief (in Aceh). see ULUR 1. 1 field for dry rice cultivation. 2 newly cleared land for agriculture. the humanities. humanism. [Hubungan Masyarakat] public relations. see HEMBALANG. joke. humorist. humorous. (China) unit of measure for weight (1/10 tael) or lenght (1/12 inch).

huncue huni hunjam hunjuk hunkwe hunus hunyi hup-hup hura

(China) tobacco pipe. occupy, dwell or reside in. stuck, inserted. see UNJUK. k.o. gelatin made from mung bean flour. unsheathed (sword, dagger). see HUNI. exclamation to encourage o. to jump. Hooray ! (exclamation of pleasure, delight). ber-hura shout hurrah.

hura-hura huriah huru-hara huruf hurufuah hurung hurup hus husap husaren-sla

(Sl.) not to be taken seriously. (Sumatra) district. 1 disturbance. 2 hurly-burly. 3 riot. letter, characters. see HARFIAH. see URUNG. see HURUF. hush ! be quiet ! see USAP. k.o. vegetable and fruit salad with mayonnaise and sometimes bits of cold meats. Hurrah ! (Islam) grandson of Muh. martyred in religious war. Hussain’s and his brother Hassan’s deaths are commemorated on asyura. see HOSTES. see KHUSYU. see KHUSUS. see HUS. (Zod.) Pisces. woods, forest. debt, obligation. having a debt.

huse hussain hustis husuk husus husy hut hutan hutang hutangan

huyung hvs hwa-hwe hwee hyang hydrolistrik hygiene hygienis hyperbolis hypertensi hypnotisir i i’gris. ia iain ialah iau ib iba ibadah,ibadat ibah ibarat ibing

iblis ibni,ibnu ibrani ibrit ibtida ibtidaiyah ibu

ibuk ibul ibunda ibus icak-cole icak-icak icip id ida

ter-huyung-huyung stagger, falter. [houstvrij schrijfpapier] bond paper of 60-100 gram thickness (lit., bondpaper free of wood). (China) popular game of numbers for gambling. (Cina) association. tittle of authochthonous or Hindu deity. Wisnu Vishnu. see HIDROLISTRIK. see HIGIENE. see HIGIENIS. hyperbolic. see HIPERTENSI. see HIPNOTISIR. i, the 9th letter of the alphabet. [Inggeris] England, English. 1. (Lit.) he, she, it. 2. yes. [Insitut Agama Islam Negeri] Gvt. Institute for Islam Studies. is, are (in formal statements of equivalence). see NGIAU. [Irian Barat] Irian Jaya (Indonesian New Guinea). 1 pity, compassion. 2 moved, touched, compassionate. 1 act of devotion. 2 religious service. see HIBAH. 1 like. 2 simile, metaphor. (Sunda) meng-ibing dance a traditional dance with a woman who is a professional entertainer. peng-ibing female entertainer who dance with men in the audience. devil, Satan. see BIN. (Lit.) Hebrew. see NGIBRIT. (Lit.) beginning. (Islam) primary school. 1 mother. 2 form of address to older woman or o. in higher position, i.e. teacher, employer, etc., esp. as bu. 3 lady, woman of high standing. 4 most important or main part of s.t. feminine, motherly. per-ibu-an matriarchal. see SIBUK. k.o. large thornless palm that yields poisonous fruit. (Lit.) mother (used in letters). k.o. palm whose leaves are used for plaiting mats, etc. defaulter on payments. 1 pretend, act as if. 2 fake, spurious. icip-icip food sample. meng-icip(i) taste, try. (Islam) holiday (in the names of certain celebrations). (Bali) title of nobility.


1. gift to establish ties of love between men and women, love token. mengidah-kan a gift as an introduction to courtship. 2. see IDDAH.


1 craving. 2 craving of pregnant woman for special foods. 3 desire, aspiration. see HIDANG. meng-idap 1 ail, be ill over a long period. 2 contract (a disease). see HIDAYAH. (Islam) 100-day waiting period before a widow or divorced woman may remarry. idea. ideal. idealist. idealization. meng-idealisir idealize. idealism. idealistic. idem, same as what went before. identification. meng-identifisir identify. identical. 1 identity. 2 identification. ideology. ideological. eyelash. better to do (so-and-so) than… [Ikatan Dokter Indonesia] Indonesian Physicians Association. ugh !, exclamation expressing distaste. see IDUL. see IZIN. idiom. idiomatic. popular idol. (Islam) idul Adha/korban feast of the sacrifice, the day that commemorates the sacrifice of Ismail by Ibrahim, a holy day associated with the pilgrimage to Mecca. idul-Fitri feast celebrating the end of fasting period.

idang idap idayat iddah ide ideal idealis idealisasi idealisir idealisme idealistis idem identifikasi identifisir identik identitas ideologi ideologis idep idep-idep idi idih,idii idil idin idiom idiomatis idola idul

idung idup idzin ied ifaf,iffah ifitah ifrit iftar iga igal

see HIDUNG. see HIDUP. see IZIN. see ID. (Islam) sexual abstinence. (Islam) opening prayer. evil spirit. (Islam) ending of fast. (Java) rib. dancing.

igama igau igel ih ihlas ihram ihsan ihtiar ihtilam ihtimal ihwal ii ijab ijabah,ijabat ijajah ijajil ijasah,ijazah ijen,ijin ijma,ijmak ijmal ijo


ijtihad ijtima ijuk ik ika ikal ikamat ikan

ikat ikel iket ikhlas ikhtiar

see AGAMA. meng-igau 1 talk in o.’s sleep. 2 be delirious, rave. see IGAL. ugh, exclamation showing disgust. see IKHLAS. (Islam) consecration for use in the pilgrimage to Mecca. 1 good deeds. 2 charity. see IKHTIAR. nocturnal emission. meng-ihtimal-kan 1 order s.o. to do. 2 assign a task to. see HAL 1. see HII. 1 final offer. 2 agreement, consent. 3 answerto prayer. approval. see IJASAH. devil. 1 diploma. 2 certificate to practice a profession. ber-ijazah licensed, certified. see IZIN. 1 (Islam) consensus of opinion among scholars. 2 unanimous agreement or approval. resume, summary. 1. 1) buy rice from a farmer by paying for in long before the harvest. 2) give a scholarship to o. who promises to work for the donor after graduation. 2. see HIJAU. 1. 1 buy rice from a farmer by paying for in long before the harvest. 2 give a scholarship to o. who promises to work for the donor after graduation. 1 individual interpretation and judgment. 2 personal examination of s.t. 3 diligence, effort. astral conjunction. 1. palm fiber from the sugar palm. meng-ijuk bristly (of mustache). 2. terijuk embarrassed, abashed, ashamed. (Coll.) I. see EKA. 1 curl, lock. 2 curly, wavy. (Islam) final call to prayer. 1 fish. ikan-asin salted fish. ikan-buntal puffer fish. ikan-cuik steamed, salted fish. ikan-hiu shark. ikan-lele freshwater catfish ikan-lumba-lumab dolphin. ikan-mas goldfish, carp. ikan-julung-julung garfish. ikansalam/salem salmon. 2 meat. 1 string, cord to tie. 2 bunch, bundle, sheaf. 3 band. 4 method of tie-dying material being woven. see IKAL. see IKAT. sincere, with all o.’s heart and soul. 1 initiative. 2 free choice, decision. 3 course, means of action.

ikhtiari ikhtilaf ikhtirafan ikhtisar ikhtisariah ikhwal ikhwan ikip ikke iklan iklanisasi iklas iklim iklimatisasi ikonis ikonografi ikrab ikrar iktibar iktidal iktikad iktikal iktisab iktisad ikut ilah ilahi ilahiat ilai ilalang ilam-ilam ilang ilanun ilar ilas ilas-ilas ilat ilat-ilat iler iles iles-iles ilham ilir illustratif ilmiah

optional. 1 difference, divergence, discrepancy. 2 deviation. recognition. 1 summary, recapitulation. 2 synopsis, abstract, outline. succinct, brief. see HAL 1. 1 brother, comrade. 2 fraternal, brotherly. [Institut Keguruan Ilmu Pendidikan] Teachers’ Training College. (Coll.) I, me, my. advertisement. commerialization of publications. per-iklanisasi-an advertising. see IKHLAS. 1 climate. 2 climate (political, etc.). acclimatization. iconic. iconography. see AKRAB. promise, pledge, declaration of intent. see ITIBAR. (Islam) proper standing posture when performing prayer ritual. see ITIKAD. religious retreat. legal profit. (Lit.) economy, economic matters. 1 follow, go along. 2 participate, join (in), also do. 3 stay with s.o. in his or her house. 4 be a follower or servant of s.o. a god. ber-ilah athheistic, godless. meng-ilah-kan deify. ke-ilah-an divinity, godliness. (Islam) God (in set expression). godliness, divineness. meng-ilai-ilai 1 neigh. 2 laugh uproariously. see ALANG-ALANG. hazy, vague, barely visible. see HILANG. see LANUN. see ILER. meng-ilas squash, crush, or mash underfoot. k.o. small tuber. physically handicapped, physical defect. k.o. sole or flounder. slobber, spittle. iler-an drool. see ILAS. see ILAS-ILAS. 1 divine inspiration. 2 inspiration, brainstorm. see HILIR. illustrative. scientific.

ilmiawan ilmiyah ilmiyawan ilmu ilmuwan ilusi ilustrasi image imaginatif imaj imajinasi imajinatif imajiner imak imam imamat iman imanen imani imbak imbal

scientist, scholar. see ILMIAH. see ILMIAWAN. 1 knowledge. 2 science, branch of science. 3 esoteric knowledge. ber-ilmu learned, erudite, scholarly. see ILMIAWAN. illusion. ber-ilusi have illusions. illustration. see IMAJ. imaginative. /imej/ image. imagination. see IMAGINATIF. imaginary. meng-imak-imak-i mock, parrot s.o. 1 (Islam) leader of communal prayer. 2 title of chief of an Islam state. 3 Catholic priest. 1 leadership. 2 priesthood. 1 faith, belief, creed. 2 confidence, belief in s.t. ber-iman faithful, believing.

imej imigran imigrasi iming

immanent. /imaniah/ religious, pious. meng-imbak-imbak image, dream of. 1 lopsided, askew, awry. 2 unbalanced, off balance. imbal-an repayment for s.t. good. 1 balance. 2 match, equal. 1 air current. 2 (Phys.) electrical current. se-imbas at first glance, superficially. appeal. built in. 1 supplement. 2 extra, small addition given in the bargain to please a customer. imbuh-an s.t. extra given. 2 (Ling.) affix. see IMAJ. immigrant. 1 immigration. 2 Bureau of immigration. meng-(iming-iming) tantalize, entice. meng-iming-kan use s.t. to entice.

imitasi imka imla imlek imobilitas imoral,imoril impak impas impek imperalis

imitation. [Ikatan Masehi Kepemudaan Am] YMCA. /imlah, imlak/ dictation. 1 China calendar. 2 China New Year. immobility. immoral. /impek/ impact. 1. impase, deadlock. 2. 1) paid off (of debt). 2) squeare, equal. see IMPAK. imperialist.

imbang imbas imbau imbo imbuh

imperatif imperialisme imperialistis imperium impersonalitas impi impit implemen implementasi implikasi implisir implisit impor importir impoten impotensi imprealisme impregnasi impresaris impresi impresif impresionis imprialis improvisasi improvisator impuls impulsif impun imrovisir imsak imsakiah imun imunisasi imunitas imunologi in-absentia inai

inang inap inas inaugurasi inayah,inayat incang

imperative. imperialism. imperialistic. empire. impersonality, impersonal character. meng-impi dream, hope. meng-impi-kan dream of. impi-an dream, vision, wish. see HIMPIT. implement, tool. implementation. implication. meng-implisir 1 implicate. 2 imply. implicit. import. meng-impor import, bring in. peng-impor importer. importer. impotent. impotence. see IMPERIALISME. impregnation. impresario. impression. impressive. Impressionist. see IMPERIALIS. improvisation. ber-improvisasi improvise. improviser. impulse. impulsive. see HIMPUN. meng-improvisir improvise. (Islam) predawn, time that the fast must begin. (Islam) fasting calendar. (Med) immune. (Med) immunization. (Med.) immunity. (Med.) immunology. /in absensia/ in absentia. 1 henna. 2 red nail polish. ber-inai have o.’s nails stained with henna (in preparation for marriage ceremony). meng-inai apply henna to the fingernails. 1 wet nurse, nursemaid. 2 (M) female trader. inang-inang 1 mistress. 2 (North Sumatra) female pedler of smuggled goods. meng-inap spend the night, stay overnight. carbuncle on nape of neck. inauguration. help, aid, assistance. meng-incang 1 aim at. 2 peek.

incang-incut incar incaran incek inci incir incit incrit-incrit incut indah

indang indap indar indarus indayang indehoi indek indekos indeks indeksasi inden indentifikasi indentitas indentor independen indera

inderaloka inderia index indian indik indikasi indikator inding individu individual individualisasi individualisir individualisme

1 zigzag. 2 askew, not of equal length (of things that are supposed to be equal, e.g. chair legs). drill, borer. 1 aim (of gun, etc.). 2 target, thing aimed at. tread on s.t. inch. see INCAR. be off ! go away ! dole out. 1. lame, crippled. 2. see INCANG-INCUT. 1. meng-indah-kan heed, pay attention to. per-indah-an appreciation, interest. 2. 1) beautiful, attractive, handsome. 2) precious, valuable. memer-indah 1) beautify. 2) embelish. ke-indah-an beauty. meng-indang winnow (rice). see ENDAP 1,2. see HINDAR. (Sport) cock that has been defeated and forfeited to the winner. coconut palm frond. /indehoy/ have sex or pet heavily. ber-indehoi engage in sexual activity. indehoi-an be on a heavy date, be making out with e.o. see INDEKS. rent room and board. have s.o. rent a room s.w. 1 index. 2 (Econ.) price increase. (Econ.) indexing. 1. pivot. 2. partially prepaid. see IDENTIFIKASI. see IDENTITAS. 1 o. who orders s.t. prepaid. 2 depositor. independent. 1. 1) the god Indra. 2) the gods. ke-indera-an (Lit.) the heavens, abode of the gods. 2. o. of the five senses. peng-indera-an sensation, sensory perception. (Lit.) the abode of the gods. o. of the five senses. sensation. see INDEKS. American Indian. meng-indik approach crawling or bent over. 1 indication. 2 suspicion that s.o. is a communist. indicator. meng-inding 1 listen attentively for s.t. 2 be on the lookout for, lie in wait for. an individual. individual. individualization. meng-individualisir individualize. individualism.

individualistis individualitas individuil indo

individualistic. individuality. see INDIVIDUAL. a Eurasian. Indo Belanda o. who is of Dutch and Indonesian parentage.

indoktrinasi indoktrinator indoktrinir indologi indonesia indonesianisasi indonesianisme indra indrawi indria induk

indoctrination. indoctrinator. meng-indoktrinir indoctrinate. Indonesian Studies. 1 Indonesia, Indonesian. 2 Indonesian language. Indonesianization. Indonesianism. see INDERA 1. sensory. see INDERIA. 1 mother (us. only for animals). 2 chief, main, prime. 3 s.t. that can be regarded as a mother, thing from which s.t. else descends, the essence of a substance from which a large amount develops. per-induk-an brood, family.

induksi induktif indulgensi indung indusemen industri industrialis industrialisasi industrialisir industriawan industriil industriwan inefisiensi inep inersi,inertia infanteri infark,infarkt infeksi infertil infiks infiltran infiltrasi infiltrir infinitif inflasi inflatoir infleksi influensa

induction. induce. inductive. indulgence. 1 mother (of animals). 2 the thing from which s.t. else springs. inducement. industry. industry, industrial affairs. industrialist. industrialization. meng-industrialisir industrialize. industrialist. industrial. see INDUSTRIAWAN. inefficiency. see INAP. /inersia/ inertia. infantry. (Med.) infarct. infection. (Med.) infertile. (Ling.) infix. infiltrator. infiltration. ber-infiltrasi infiltrate, carry out infiltration. meng-intfiltrir infiltrate s.t. (Ling.) infinitive. (Econ.) inflation.suffer from inflation. (Econ.) /inflatwar/ inflationary. (Ling.) inflection. influenza.

info informan informasi informatif informil infrastruktur infus infusi inga ingar ingat ingatan ingau inggang-inggung inggeris inggih inggris inggu inggung ingin ingkar ingkel ingko ingsut ingus ingusan inhalasi inheren inhibisi ini

inisial inisiasi inisiatif inisiator injak injap injeksi injil injili,injiliah injin inkarnasi inkaso inklaring

see INFORMASI. informant, source. information. meng-informasi inform s.o. informative. informal. ke-informil-an informality. infrastructure. (Med.) meng-infus give an infusion or intravenous feeding. infusion. ter-inga-inga 1 dazed, lost in thought. 2 surprised. see HINGAR. 1 remember, recall. 2 attentive, careful. 3 plan, intend. 1 memory, remembrance. 2 thought, idea, notion, purpose. see IGAU. stagger, totter. England, English. ke-nggeris-inggeris-an Anglicized. (Java) yes (to s.o. of higher position). see INGGERIS. 1. asafetida. 2. k.o. coral fish. see INGGANG-INGGUNG. wish, desire. ke-ingin-tahuan curiosity. 1 reluctant. 2 refuse, fail to keep o.’s word. meng-(ingkel-ingkel) 1 tease, pester. 2 oppress, maltreat, torture. see ENGKO. ber-ingsut shift, move slowly. nasal mucus, snot. 1 runny-nosed. 2 inexperienced. inhalation. inherent. inhibition. 1 this, these. 2 now. 3 this (coming period of time). 4 here (in introductions). 5 hesitation word when o. does not wish to plunge directly into s.t. 1 initial. 2 initials. inisiation. meng-inisiasi-kan inisiate. initiative. o. who initiates s.t. injak-injak 1 pedal (esp. for gas in cars). 2 stirrup. 3 running board. having spikes turned inward (of traps that permit entrance, but make egress impossible). (Med.) injection. 1 (Bib.) Gospel. 2 (Bib.) New Testament. 3 (Islam) the sacred book revealed to the prophet Jesus. peng-injil evangelist, preacher. evangelical. (Coll.) engine. incarnation. meng-inkarnasi-kan incarnate. payment, collection, cashing of a check. banking clearance.

inklinasi inklusif inkompatibilitas inkonsekwensi inkonstitusional inkonvensional inkorporasi inkubasi inkubator inkuisisi inlander inmas innalillahiwainnailaihiraji’un inokulasi inovasi inovatif inpentaris inplensa,inplinsa inporman inpres inreyen insaf insan insang insani insektisida inseminasi insentif insersi inseting insiden insidensi insidentil insinuasi insinye insinyur insisi inskripsi insolvensi inspeksi inspektorat inspektur inspirasi instalasi instalatur

inclination. inclusive. incompatibility. inconsistency. /inkonstitusianil/ unconstitutional. /inkonvensionil/ unconventional. incorporation. meng-inkorporasi-kan incorporate. incubation. incubator. inquisition. indigene (during colonial times, often Derog.). [intensifikasi massal] program of agricultural intensification on a massive scale. (Islam) We are truly Allah’s and to Him we return (in obituaries and eulogies). inoculation. innovation. innovative. see INVENTARIS. see INFLUENSA. see INFORMAN. [Instruksi Presiden] Presidentaial Directive. meng-inreyen break in a motor or motorized vehicle. insaf-akan realize, understand. meng-insaf-i realize, be aware of. man, human being. ke-insan-an being a person, o.’s humanity. fish gills. /insaniah/ human. insecticide. insemination. incentive. insertion. see INSTING. incident. incidence. incidental. insinuation. meng-insinuasi-kan insinuate. badge, identifying button. engineer. ke-insinyur-an engineering. incision. inscription. insolvency. 1 inspectorate. 2 inspection. inspectorate. inspector. inspiration. meng-inspirasi-kan inspire. 1 installation (of the new chairman, etc.) 2 installation. installer, fitter, electrician.

instansi insting,instink institusionalisasi institusionil institut instruksi instruktur instrumen instrumental instrumentasi insubordinasi insya-allah insyaf intai intaian intan integraitas integral integrasi integratif integrir intel

1 (Leg.) level of a court’s jurisdiction, instance. 2 institute, agency. instinct. institutionalization. institutional. institute. 1 instruction, directive. 2 briefing. instructor. instrument. instrumental. instrumentation. insubordination. (Islam) God willing. see INSAF. meng-intai 1 spy on, watch surreptitiously. 2 lurk, lie in wait. place from which o. can spy. diamond. integrity. integral. integration. integrative. meng-integrir integrate. 1 intelligence (service). 2 intelligence agent, informer. 3 agent provocateur.

intelek intelektual intelektualisme intelektuil inteligensi intelijen intendan intens intensi intensif intensifikasi intensitas interaksi interdependensi interen interes interesan interferensi interim interinsuler interiur interjeksi interkom interlokal

intellect. intellectual. intelectuallism. intellectual. /inteligensia/ intelligence. /intelijens/ 1 intelligence, intelligent. 2 intelligence service. /intendans/ (Mil.) quartermaster. intense. intention. intensive. meng-intensif-kan intensify. intensification. /intensitet/ intensity. interaction. ber-interaksi interact. interdependence. see INTERN. interest in s.t. interesting. interference. interim. interinsular. interior. interjection. intercom. (Tel.) long distance call, make a long distance call.

intermeso intern internasional

internasionalisasi internasionalisme internat internir interniran internis internit interogaif interogasi interpelan interpelasi interpiu interpolasi interpretasi intertip interupsi intervensi interviu inti intikad intil intim intimidasi intip intisari intoleran intonasi intra intra-universiter intransitif intrik intrikatif introduksi introdusir introspeksi introversi intrusi intuisi intuitif invalid

intermezzo. 1 internal, domestic. 2 within the local school and not at national level (e.g. of examinations). international. meng-internasional-kan make s.t. up to international standards. ke-internasional-an on an international scale. internationalization. internationalism. dormitory, esp. in the colonial period. meng-internir intern, imprison. 1 internee. 2 internment camp. (Med.) internist. see ETERNIT. interrogative. 2 questioning. interrogation. meng-interogasi interrogate. (Leg.) questioner. (Leg.) interpellation. see INTERVIU. interpolation. meng-interpolasi-kan interpolate. interpretation. meng-interpretasi-kan interpret, construe. Intertype. interruption. meng-interupsi interrupt. intervention. interview. 1 kernel, nucleus. 2 gist, core. 3 filling, contents (of pie, etc.). meng-intisarikan make an abstract of. (Lit.) criticism. meng-intil follow on s.o.s’ heels. intimate, close (friend, etc.). intimidation. meng-intimidasi intimidate. meng-intip(i) spy on, pep at. peng-intip-an spying, surveillance. see INTI. intolerant. intonation. see INTRA-UNIVERSITER. intrauniversity. (Ling.) intransitive. intrigue, conspiracy, plot. meng-intrik engage in intrigue. full of intrigues. introduction. meng-introdusir introduce. introspection. introversion. intrusion. intuition. intuitive. /invalide/ invalid, o. who is sickly.

invasi inventaris inventarisasi inventarisir inversi investasi investigasi investor invitasi inyeksi ionis ionisasi ionosfer,ionosfir ipa ipar ipb ipeda ipil-ipil iprit

ips ipuh

invasion. inventory, list of stock in a store. peng-inventaris-an inventorying. stock taking. inventory, take stock. meng-inventarisir to inventory. inversion. (Fin.) investment. meng-investasi(kan) invest. investigation. investor. 1 invitation. 2 (Sport) invitational (tennis, golf, etc.). see INJEKSI. (Chem.) ionic. (Chem.) ionization. (Phys.) ionosphere. (Ilmu Pasti /Alam) mathematical and natural sciences. brother, sister, or cousin-in-law. per-an, ke-an relationship through marriage. [Institut Pertanian Bogor] Bogor Institute of Agriculture. [Iuran Pembangunan Daerah] land or crop tax for regional development. k.o. tree, lamtoro, a rapidly growing leguminosa planted as a shade tree for coffee plants and for firewood and animal fodder. 1. meng-iprit run away out of fear. 2. (Sunda) marry a beautiful woman who is in reality a supernatural snake that can make her husband rich.


[Ilmu Pengetahuan Sosial] social studies. 1 k.o. tree, the sap of which is used as poison for weapon tips. 2 the poison from this tree. 3 vicious (of person). ber-ipuh having this poison applied to it. meng-ipuk grow, cultivate. ipuk-an seedling. peng-ipuk-an seedbed.

ir. ira

[Insinyur] title of o. who has received an engineering degree. 1 section (of lemon, orange, durian). 2 sinew (in meat). 3 grain (in wood).

iradah,iradat iram irama iras irasional irat irbar ireda

(Islam) willof God. change color, turn pale. rhythm, cadence. similar. /irasionil/ irrational. thin strip (of bamboo, etc.). [Irian Barat] Indonesian (W.) New Guinea. [Iuran Rehabilitasi Daerah] a tax on commercial properties for regional rehabilitation. irrelevant. jealous of s.o.’s attainment or status, full of envious resentment. peng-iri o. who easily becomes jealous. New Guinea. Irian-Barat/Jaya Indonesian New guinea. Irian-Timur Papua New Guinea.

irelevan iri irian

irid irigasi irik iring irit iritasi irja ironi ironis irup irus isa isak isang isap isapan isarah,isarat isbat iseng isi


see IRIT 1. irrigation. meng-irigasi-kan irrigate. meng-irik thresh by stamping with the feet. ter-irit get sifted out. peng-irit a fail. accompany, escort, go along. 1. economical, frugal. meng-,meng-kan economize on, save. 2. see ERET. irritation. [Irian Jaya] Indonesian New Guinea. irony. ironic. see HIRUP. 1 ladle made of a coconut shell. 2 ladle. 1. see SEMBAHYANG. 2. (Coll.) see BISA 1. 3. (Islam) Jesus. sob. see INSANG. meng-isap 1 suck. 2 smoke. 3 absorb (liquid). s.t inhaled or sucked . see ISYARAT. 1 confirmation, ratification. 2 positive. do s.t. for fun, do s.t. without any serious purpose. iseng-iseng 1 do s.t. just to amuse o.s. 2 casually, leisurely. 1 contents. 2 volume, capacity, content 9of barrel, jar, etc.) 3 substance. 4 the people who live in a certain place. meng-isi fill up.

isin isit islah islam islamisasi ism isme isnin isolasi isolasionisme isolemen isolir isomorfis isotop israfil

1 (Islam) o. of God’s names or attributes. 2 (Ling., in old or Arab-style grammars) nominal. (Java) shy, embarrassed, ashamed. gums. settlement of a dispute. Islam. Islamization. see ISIM. ism. see SENEN. 1. cellophane tape. 2. isolation. isolate. isolationism. isolation. meng-isolir-kan 1 isolate. 2 (Elec.) insulate. isomorphic. (Chem.) isotope. (Islam angel of great size who will blow the trumpet on the Last Day.

israk,isrok issue istal istana

(Islam) Muh.’s miraculous flight from Mecca to Jerusalem. see ISU. horse barn, stable. palace, castle. ber-istana dwell in a palace.

istanggi isteri istiadat istibra


see SETANGGI. see ISTRI. custom, tradition. meng-istiadat-kan institute s.t. as a custom. (Islam) period of sexual abstinence for a woman after divorce or widowhood so that there may be no question of the paternity of a baby she might be carrying. utter astaghfirullah to ask God’s forgiveness thereby. ber-istigfar utter this formula. technical term. per-istilah-an terminology. utilization. 1 special, extraordinary, different from others. 2 special, better than normal. (Islam) cleansing after defecation and urination or before ritual ablution.

istiqlal istirahat istri

liberty, freedom, independence. 1 rest. 2 pause, break, intermission, recess. wife, married woman. ber-istri have a wife, be married ( of a man).

isu isya isyarat isytihar isyu itam itb itibar itidal itik itikad

1 issue, problem. 2 rumors. see SEMBAHYANG. sign, signal. proclamation. meng-isytihar-kan proclaim. see ISU. see HITAM. [Institut Teknologi Bandung] Bandung Institute of Technology. /i’tibar/ (Islam) lesson, example, comparison. /i’tidal/ (Islam) symmetry, equilibrium. 1. duck. 2. meng-itik-air liur make s.o. drool for s.t., stimulate a desire to eat s.t. /i’tikad/ 1 conviction. 2 determination, will. meng-itikad-kan convince s.o.

itil itlak

(Vulg.) clitoris. acceptance of a theory without examination. meng-itlak-kan generalize.

ittifak itu

(Islam) agreement, compromise. 1 that, those. 2 the. 3 there. 4 hesitation word when o. cannot find the right word. 5 clause marker : when, if, in the particular case that, at the particular time that. see HITUNG. ber-iur contribute. 1 contribution. 2 subscription, levy. 3 premium (insurance, etc.) 4 dues.

istigfar istilah istimal istimewa

itung iur iuran iya iyal iyuran izin

see IA 2, YA 1. dependants. see IUR. 1 permission. 2 permit, license, franchise (to operate bus line, etc.) 1 permit, allow. 2 license s.o. or s.t.

j ja jab jabal jabang-bayi jabar jabat jabatan jabel jabil-jabil jabotabek jabung jabur jaburan jada jadah jadajat jadam jadi

jadi – jadian jadinya jadwal jaga jagabaya jagad jagal

jagang jagat jago jagorawi jagung jagur jahan

j, the 10th letter of the alphabet. see SAJA. /jep/ (Sport) jab (in boxing). 1. mountain. men-jabal loom large (of mountain, etc.) 2. men-jabal 1) rob, mug. 2) steal from s.o. (Java) 1 newborn baby. 2 exclamation of great surprise. [Jawa Barat] West Java. ber-jabat(an) tangan shake hands. 1 function is to take care of foreign visitors. 2 position, post. see JABAL 2. ber-jabil slovenly, sloppy (of clothes). [Jakarta Bogor Tangerang Bekasi] the megapolis of Jakarta and its satellite cities. resin. see ZABUR. 1 snaks, sweet tidbits. 2 (Islam, Java) light repast for congregation after evening prayers during fasting month. see JUADAH. anak-jadah illegitimate child. men-jadah-kan anak father an illegitimate child. (Zod.) Capricorn. k.o. strong laxative. 1 become, get. 2 so, therefore, thus, hence. 3 end up doing s.t. 4 work (out), become effective, come off. 5 finished, accomplished. 6 be, serve or work as. 1 an animal with supernatural powers which is owned by s.o and visible only to its owner 2 imitation . 1 outcome 2 consequently . 1 schedule. 2 table, list. 1 wake up. 2 guard, watchman. 3 be on duty (of physician, pharmacist, etc.). 4 preserve. 5 be on the lookout for. (Java) village constable. see JAGAT. 1. small-scale trader. ber-jagal trade in retail goods, hawk wares. jagal-an small wares. 2. butcher, slaughterer. pe-jagal-an abatoir, slaughterhouse. 1. support, prop, stand, pole (used for support). 2. moat. world. se-jagat universal, world-wide. 1 cock, rooster. 2 gamecock. 3 champion, athlete. 4 (Pol.) candidate. 5 charismatic leader of a group. [Jakarta Bogor Ciawi] expressway between Jakarta and Ciawi via Bogor. 1. corn, maize. men-jagung sprout (of rice, acne, etc.). 2. [Jaksa Agung] attorney general. robust, sturdy, big for o.’s age. Ki-, si- jagur name of the sacred cannon in Jakarta. k.o. catfish.

jahanam jahat jahe jahid jahil jahiliah jahit jail jailangkung

jaitun jaiz jaja jajag jajah

1 (Rel.) hell. 2 (Vul.) a strong oath. bad, wicked, evil. gingger. see ZAHID. 1. 1) stupid, ignorant, unenlightened. 2) (Islam) ignorance of religion’s teachings. 3) cruel. 4) rascal, scamp. 2. see JAIL. (Islam) age of pagan ignorance preceeding the Islam era. sewing. /ja’il/ mischievous, sneaky. men-jail-i mistreat, pick on s.o. device used in a seance : a straw man into whice the spirit of a departed person not personally familiar to the audience has entered: this is fitted with s.t. to write responses to questions. see ZAIT. (Islam) allowed but not required. ber-, men-jaja hawk, peddle, vend. jaja-an merchandise that is peddled. pen-jaja hawker, peddler. see JAJAK. men-jajah 1 colonize, take over (a country). 2 traverse, tour. jajah-an 1 colony, subjugated territory. 2 (Lit.) district. pen-jajah colonizer.


men-jajak-i probe, sound out. 2 (Naut.) fathom, take soundings, plumb.

jajal jajan

men-jajal try, test. 1 a sweet, anack. 2 eat snacks. 3 (Humorous) patronize a prostitute (of married men). jajan-jajan-an various k.o. snacks. 1. row, line. 1 row, line. 2 series. 3 array. imitation. men-jajat imitate. bachelor. jaka-tingting (Java) young man who has never had sex. keper-jakaan bachelorhood. jackal. see ZAKAR. k.o. pandanus tree. see ZAKAT. [Jakarta Barat] West Jakart. jacket, sport coat. jackpot. [Jakarta Pusat] Central Jakarta. (Leg.) public prosecutor, district attorney. [Jakarta Selatan] South Jakarta. [Jakarta Timur] East Jakarta. Adam’s apple. [Jakarta Utara] North Jakarta. net, esp. a hand-held casting net. men-jala fish with a casting net. frost, cold air. vrious k.o. starling and mynas.

jajar jajaran jajat jaka jakal jakar jakas jakat jakbar jaket jakpot jakpus jaksa jaksel jaktim jakum,jakun jakut jala jalad jalak


jambal jamban jambang jambar jambatan jambe,jambi jambian jamblang

1 road, path, street. 2 course s.t. follows. 3 way, manner. 4 course. 5 be going on, be approaching. 6 lineal family relation. 7 pass, go. wild, untamed, undomesticated (of animals). see JAILANGKUNG. creeping (vines). climbing pole. see TAJALI. 1 k.o. grass which produces hard edible seeds : Job’s tears. 2 name of popular song of old Batavia. (Islam, in fixed phrases only) sublime, exalted. 1 weave, plait together (into a rattan blind, wickerwork, etc.). 2 make s.t. be closer or more intense. 3 compose (stories, etc.). 1 s.t. braided, wickerwork. 2 combination. (Java) creature. cock’s spur. ber-jalu have a spur. 1 strip, stripe. 2 traffic lane. 3 (R.R.) track. 4 space between two rows of plants, column between two lines. men-jalar-i provide with streaks, streak o,’s hair. jalur-an wake of a ship. see JELUS. jalousie, venetian blinds. (Bib.) Goliath. 1 hour. 2 o’clock. 3 time for doing s.t. 4 watch, clock. jam-jam-an on an hourly basis. see JEMAAH. inanimate. men-jamah(i) 1 touch, feel, handle s.t. or s.o. 2 sleep with, have sexual relations with. 3 attack. 1. plural. 2. ordinary, customary. se-jamak-jamak-nya normally. men-jamakkan make or cinsider s.t. customary. (Islam., in fixed phrases only) beauty. period, epoch. se-jaman coeval. men-jaman be up-to-date. 1. diadem. 2. moment. 1. 1) bunch (of flowers, onions, keys, etc.). 2) tuft (of hair), plume (on horses). men-jambak pull, tear out hair, seize by the forelock. 2. k.o. fruit, jambu or rose-apple. k.o. fish. privy, toilet, latrine. 1. 1) vase, pot. 2) large earthen cooking pot. 2. see CAMBANG. 1. shelter, temporary shed or hut. 2. serving, portion. see JEMBATAN. (Lit.) areca nut. k.o. fish. k.o. sweet-sour and astringent fruit, dark purple about the size of an olive.

jambore jambret jambrud

jamboree. o. who snatches purses, jewelry, etc. emerald.

jalang jalangkung jalar jalaran jali jali-jali jalil jalin jalinan jalma jalu jalur

jalus jalusi jalut jam jamaah jamadah jamah jamak jamal jaman jamang jambak

jambrut jambu jambu-jambu jambul jamhur jami jamiah jamik jamin jamjam jamnas jampang jampi jampuk jamput jamu jamung jamur jan. jana jana-bijana janabah,janabat janah,janat janangau jancuk janda jandal-jendul jang jangak jangan

jangar jangat janggal janggel janggelan jangger janggi janggo janggut jangir

see JAMRUD. k.o. fruit, the rose-apple. tuft, tassel. 1 tuft, plume (on horse). 2 crest (on bird). 3 front wave (in hair), tuft of hair. jambul-jambul cowlick. (Lit.) o. well-versed in religion. (Islam) mesjid-jami principal mosque. /jamiat/ 1 gathering. 2 association. see JAMI. 1 guarantor. 2 guarantee, security. see ZAMZAM. [jambore nasional] national (Boy or Girl Scout) jamboree. see CAMBANG. magic formula or spell, incantation. 1. k.o. owl. 2. men-jampuk interrupt s.o. (Vulg.) a harsh curse, screw you ! 1. 1) guest. 2) meal, offering (in set phrases). jamu-an dishes and drinks served to guests. 2. tonic made of medicinal herbs. torch. fungus, mushroom, toadstool. ber-jamur be covered with mold. jamur-an moldy. [Januari] January. see JANA BIJANA. (Lit.) birthplace. [Islam] 1 impure, ceremonially unclean. 2 impurity after coitus. see JANNAH. k.o. rice bug. see ANCUK. 1 widow, (less commonly) widower. ke-janda-an widowhood. bumpy, with bumps on skin. (Sunda) form of address to small boys or waiters. dissolute, licentious. libertine, rake. 1. 1) do not. 2 should not, ought not to. jangan-kan, jangan-pun let alone, much less. 2. (Java) vegetables cooked with soup or gravy. jangan-an green vegetables. vertigo. 1 skin, hide. 2 rind. 3 bark (of tree). 4 rawhide rope. 1 awkward, clumsy. 2 inelegant, displeasing (of sound or sight), discordant. 3 unbecoming, improper, indecent (of behavior). (Java) corncob, young corn on the cob. tentative, provisional. see JANGIR. 1 black or exotic person. 2 s.t. bizarre or different from the usual. cowboy, cowboylike. 1 beard. 2 chin. 1 Balinese dancing girl. 2 k.o. Balinese dance and music.


1 (Tech.) compass for describing circles, etc. 2 period of time. 3 phase.

jangkah jangkang

step, stride. men-jangkang 1 straddle, stand with legs wide apart. 2 be wide apart (of legs). even. 1 anchor. 2 roots that begin above ground (like mangrove roots). shallows, ford. 1 reach. 2 reach to. 3 reach for. 4 reach out. 5 reach out, extend to. 1 reach. 2 extent, scope, range. see JANGKRIK 1. cords of a shoulder basket. scattered around in a disorderly manner. see JONGKANG 2. 1 be contagious. 2 spread (of disease, fire). 3 contagious, infectious (of music, etc.). 1. cricket. 2. (Java) exclamation used as a euphemism for diancuk. 1 heron. 2 tall, long-legged (of a person). jangkung-an stilts. sea urchin. (Biol.) fetus, embryo. 1. (Java) long and slender (of the neck). 2. (M) see JENJANG 1. 1 promise, agreement, agree. 2 condition. 3 engagement, appointment. 4 delay, deferral. 5 dying hour. see JALMA. (Rel.) paradise, heaven. 1 male, masculine (of animals). 2 bold, valiant. 3 dashing, valiant. 4 virile, manly, macho. pe-jantan stud. per-jantan-an pederasty. 1. ber-, men-jantang be clear, stand out (of blood vessels). 2. ter-jangkat blink from bright lights. see JENTERA. see JENTIK. 1 heart. 2 the heart as the seat of the emotions. 3 thick portion of hands, arms, legs, or feet. 4 heart-shaped ornament of necklace, watch.

jangkap jangkar jangkat jangkau jangkauan jangkerik jangki,jankih jangkih-mangkih jangking jangkit jangkrik jangkung janik janin janjang janji janma jannah,jannat jantan jantang jantera jantik jantung

jantungan jantur janturan januari janubi janur jap japen japit japu,japuk jara jarab

1 suffer a heart attack. 2 heart disease. 1 magic trick, sleight-of-hand. 2 magic spell. puppeteer’s narration in a shadow play. January. see KUTUB. young coconut leaf. 1 completed. 2 in agreement or accord. (Jawatan Penerangan) gvt. information office. tongs, clamp. k.o. small fish. small drill, auger. men-jara drill, bore. scabies.

jarah jarak jaram jarambab jaran jarang

jaras jarem jargon jari jariah,jariat jaring jaringan jaro jarong jarot jarum jarwa jas jasa jasad jasadi jasirah jasmani jasmaniah jasuka jaswadi jatah jateng jati jatim jatmika jatuh jauh jauhar jauhari jauza jaw.

1. men-jarah plunder. jarah-an plunder, booty, spoils. 2. see ZARAH, ZIARAH. 1. distance between, gap. men-jarak-kan separate. pen-jarak-an spacing (of pregnancy, plants, etc.). 2. castor oil plant. cold compress. see JEREMBAB. (Java) horse. 1 rare, scare. 2 infrequently, rarely, seldom. 3 spaced, wide apart (of teeth, plants, etc.). 4 coarse in texture (cloth). 5 spare (of inhabitants), scanty (of hair). 1. bunch. 2 wicker basket. beuised, black and blue. jargon. 1 digit (finger or toe). 2 digitlike projection (eg. wheelspokes, squid tentacles, etc.). see AMAL. dragnet or seine (not a casting net), net used in sports. 1 net. 2 network (TV, road, radio). 3 (Anat.) tissue. bamboo lath or slat. k.o. of tree. fiber in fruit or vegetables. 1 sewing or hypodermic needle. 2 pin. 3 hand of clock, pointer. 4 trick, ruse. explanation of the meaning, exegesis. jarwa-dosok (Ling.) associative etymology. coat. 1 merit. 2 service. 3 commendable or meritorious service. (Biol.) 1 body. 2 organism. jasad-renik microorganism. bodily, physical. see JAZIRAH. body. bodily. kebutuhan-jasmaniah physical needs. [Jawa, Sumatera, Kalimantan] Java, Sumatra, Borneo. see JAS. 1 allotment, allocation. 2 quota. 3 bribe. [Jawa Tengah] Central Java. 1. k.o. hardwood tree, teak. 2. see SEJATI. [Jawa Timur] East Java. 1 polite. 2 modest. 1 fall. 2 fall (of prices, gvt.). 3 fall from a high position. 4 fail, flunk. 5 lead, reach, arrive. 6 related. 1. far, distant, remote. 2 far, by far. se-jauh as far as. 1 jewel. 2 embryo. 1 jeweler. 2 expert, specialist. (Zod.) Gemini. [Jawatan] office, division, bureau.

jawa jawab jawahir jawanisasi jawat jawawut jawi

jawi-jawi jawil jaya jazirah jazz jeans jebah jebai jebak jebakan jebang jebar-jebur jebat jebik jeblok jeblos jebobok jebol jebolan jebret jebrol jebuh jebul jebung jeda jedar-jedor jeding jedul jegal jegang jegil jegleg

1 Java, Javanese. 2 (Java) s.t of local origin rather than the imported or foreign kind. 3 (Java) well-bred. reply, answer, response. instrinsic. Javanization. se-jawat colleague. jawat-an office, division, bureau. (Java) millet. 1.ox, cow. 2. 1) Malaya or Indonesia (as the homeland of Indonesians or Malays who are in Mecca). 2) the script for writing Malay or Indonesian with Arabic letters. k.o. large ficus tree. men-jawil touch s.o. in order to get attention. 1 victory. 2 victorious, glorious. 3 prosperous. peninsula. /jes/ jazz. /jin, jins/ 1 denim. 2 jeans. 1. full, broad (of face). 2. ber-jebah 1) profuse, copious, abundant. 2 assorted, various. ber-jebai scattered, spread about. trap. trap, snare. long shield made of wood and covered with hide. 1 splashing of water while bathing. 2 pouring of water over o.s. musk. men-jebat-i anoint. jebat-jebat-an fragrant aromas, perfumes. thick or hanging (of lower lip). curl the lower lip down (to tease). 1. muddy. ke-jeblok 1) be stuck, mired in mud. 2) be tricked, cheated. 2. sag, drop (of prices, inflation, etc.). give way. stand on end (of hair), ruffle (of feathers). 1 broken down. 2 perforated. 1 dropout or graduate. 2 ex, former. 1. scratched, scrawled. men-jebret scratch, scrawl (o’s signature). 2. sound of a staples. men-jebrol erupt. k.o. fish. see JEBOL. k.o. fish, the leatherjacket. 1 rest, respite, take a rest. 2 (Poetry) caesura. 3 (Ling.) juncture. sound of a firearm. 1. (Java) k.o. tub to store water. 2. curl upward (of lips). (Java) sudden appearance. (Java) men-jegal 1 stop, intercept s.o. 2 (Sport) keep an opponent from winning. 1 stuff, inflexible. 2 tense, tight. men-jegil 1 bulge (of eyes). 2 stab. (Jakarta) sound of clicking.

jeglegan jeglong jegog jegrag jegung jejadian jejak jejaka jejal jejala jejamu jejas jejawi jejek jejel jejenang jejer jejungkrak jek jeket jeksi jel jela jeladan jelaga jelai jelajah jelak jelalat jelang jelangak jelangkung jelantah jelapak jelas jelata jelatang jelatik jeleh jelek jeleleh

staple for a stapler. have a hole in it. ber-jeglong bumpy, have bumps (of road). jeglong-an (Java) pothole. (Java) men-jegog to bark. (Java) men-jegrag stand on end (of hair). (Naut.0 sea chest, place for storing rigging, sails, etc. an invisible animal with supernatural powers, obedient to its human master. 1. 1) trail, track (of animal). 2) footstep, footprint. 3) (Naut.) wake. 2. 1) straight, erect. 2) stable. 1 youth, young man. 2 bachelor, unmarried young man. ber-jejal 1 crowd, jam. 2 be jampacked (with spectators, etc.). ber-jejal(an) thronged, crowded. men-jejal stuff full. network. herbs of various sorts. lacerated, laceration, lesion. k.o. large ficus tree, the banyan. stable, sound, firm (of a society, etc.). see JEJAL. frame of door or window. (Java) a row of leather puppets arrayed in preparation for use in performance. (jejungkrakan) totally razed. (Crd.) jack. jacket. see INJEKSI. (Coll.) jail. ber-(jela-jela) dangle, swing to and fro (of rope, etc.). dangling. k.o. bird that feeds on rice. carbon black, soot, lampblack. 1. 1) k.o. plant, Job’s tears. 2) barley. 2. jam, jelly. men-jelajah-kan analyze, examine, investigate. 1 bored, satiated. 2 be tired. ter-jelak full, stuffed (with food). glance. jelalat-an glance about, ogle. 1 call on, pay o,’s respects to. 2 visit. 3. to (used to address mail). 4 around, toward. 5 approach, come close to. look upward. see JAILANGKUNG. oil that has been used for frying and will be reused. ber-, ter- jelapak flop down from weariness. 1 clear, distinct. 2 unequivocal, explicit (instructions, etc.). see RAKYAT. 1 stinging nettle. 2 agitator. see GELATIK. (Java) nj-jeleh-i disgusting, sickening. 1 ugly. 2 bad, evil (thoughts, etc.). 3 bad, poor in quality, not good. dribble, slobber.

jelempah jelengar jelentik jelepak jeli jelik jelimet jeling jelir jelita jelititan jelma jelmaan

lie scattered about. surprised, stunned into silence. tap or touch s.t. lightly. fall backward with a plop, lie. 1 charming, ravishing, beautiful 9of eyes). 2 sharp (in observation). see JELEK. hair-splitting, meticulous. cast a sideways glance, ogle. men-jelir project, protrude, stick out. 1 lovely, sweet. 2 graceful, charming, beautiful. loveliness. look around in a confused way. men-jelma assume a form. 1 incarnation, creation. 2 thing into which s.t. has been transformed.

jelu jeluak jeluang jeluat jelujur jeluk jelum jelumat

(Java) 1 irked, piqued, annoyed. 2 dejected. vomit. bark cloth. protrude. 1 baste (a hem). 2 tie or stitch together. cup, container. ber-jelum bathe by wetting the body, but not showering. men-jelum give s.o. a sponge bath. men-jelumat mend with fine stitching. jelumat-an a darn (in socks, etc.).

jelungkap jeluntung,jeluntur jelunut jelus jelut

men-jelungkap 1 spring loose. 2 recoil. see CACAR. viscous. men-jelunut adhere, cohere, stick. (Coll.) jealous, spiteful. men-jelut 1 feel upset in the stomach. 2 be upset, annoyed, or irked.


k.o. tree that produces milky sap from which a rubber substitute can be made. jam, jelly. 1 community, assembly. 2 (Rel.) congregation. later on, in the future. 1 head. 2 skull. se-jemang a moment. heart. finger. conceited, arrogant. measure of lenght, two fathoms or about 2.4 meters. men-jemba reach out for, grab at. jemba-an two fathoms. men-, ter-(jembak-jembak) flutter in the wind. k.o. supernatural creature, gnome. 1 bridge. 2 bridge, bond between. 1 poor, shabby, squalid. 2 wanderer, hobo, tramp. (Jakarta) dirty, muddy.

jem jemaah,jemaat jemah jemala jemang jemantung jemari jemawa jemba jembak jembalang jembatan jembel jember

jembiah jemblem jembrot jembut jemeki jempalik,jempalit jemparing jempol jemput jemputan jemu jemuas jemuju jemur jemuran jen. jenabah,jenabat jenaha jenak jenakawan jenang

k.o. dagger. k.o. confection of fried cassava. /jembrut/ see JAMBRUD. (Java, Jakarta) pubic hair. spangle, sequin. 1 turn a somesault, tumble over. 2 be upside down. (Java) arrow. 1 thumb. 2 thumbs up, tops, first rate. men-jempol fingerprint s.o. jempolan first-rate in quality. 1 a pinch. 2 a little bit of s.t. 1 pick up service, limousine. 2 laundry on the line or in the sun. 3 invitation. 4(M) marriage proposal to a man. 1 tired. 2 sick of, fed up with. filthy, covered with dirt, mud, or food. 1. caraway seed. 2. (Sunda) k.o. timber tree. 1 sunbathe. 2 dry in the sun. 3 dried rice plant. 1 items being dried. 2 the wash, laundry. [jenderal] (Mil.) general. see JANABAH, JANABAT. /jenahar/ k.o. fish, red snapper. 1. a moment. se-jenak an instant.2. 1) comfortable, at o.’s ease. 2) sound asleep. humorist, comic. 1. 1) doorframe or window frame. 2) doorpost. 2. 1) (Sport) referee at cockfight. 2) (Navy) steward. 3. 1) porridge, puddling, or any food which is thick and viscous. 2) molten metal or wet cement.

jenangau jenasah,jenazah

k.o. rice bug. corpse, mortal remains, cadaver. men-kan bury, inter. pen-an interment.

jendal-jendul jendela jenderal jendol jendul jeneng jenewer jeng

bumpy, with a bump on the skin. window. jendela-geser sliding window. 1 general (rank). 2 general, comprehensive. swollen (from a bump). ber-, men- stick out (of s.t. round). see JENDAL-JENDUL. (Java) 1 name. 2 status. Dutch gin. (Java) polite form of address for a woman the same age or younger than speaker. 1 embarrassed. 2 reluctant. see JANGAT. 1. jengek-an mockery, ridicule. 2. (M) woman trader of smuggled or illegal consumer goods. (Jakarta) overgrown, overlarge, exceptionally big for o.’s age. cock’s comb. ber-jengger have a comb. beard. ber-jenggot have a beard. see JENGUK.

jengah jengat jengek jenggar-jenggur jengger jenggot jengguk

jenggul jenggur jengiit-jengit jengit jengkal jengkang jengkau jengkek jengkel jengkelit jengkelitan jengkeng jengker jengkerik jengket jengki jengking jengkit jengkol

jengkolet jengkot jengkrik jenguk jengul jeni jenial jenialitas jenis jenjam jenjang jenjeng jentai jentaka jentat jentat-jentit jentelmen jentera jentik jentret jenuh jepang jepet, jepit

see JENDOL. see JENGGAR-JENGGUR. bob up and down (of dog’s tail, head, etc.). ber-jengit look starled. span (of the hand, about nine inches). ke-, men-, ter- 1 fall or topple backward. 2 lie on o.’s back. 3 (Vulg.) die, kick the bucket. see JANGKAU. ber-jengkek 1 jump with joy. 2 walk on high heels. annoyed, irritated, irked. men-jengkelit do a handspring, tumble.handspring, somersault. handspring, somersault. 1. ber-jengkeng-an sticking out in every direction. 2. see JINGKAT. stiff, rigid 9of corpse). see JANGKRIK 1. see JINGKAT. kind used by cowboy. 1. men-jengking lie with bottom up. 2. see KALA 2. see JENGKING 1. k.o. tree the beans of which are eaten raw, the Phithecolobium. jengkol-an suffer excessive urination from eating too many of these beans. ber-, men-jengkolet capsize, turn turle, tumble over. ber-, men-jengkot 1 limp. 2 be lame. see JANGKRIK 1. ber-jenguk-an look or peer out (of many people). men-jenguk-kan stick (the head) out. men-jengul protrude. men-jengul-kan stick s.t. out. 1. genius. 2. see ZENI 1. brilliant, gifted, talented. genius, talent. 1 kind, sort, genre. 2 (Biol.) species, race.3 gender. tranquil, untroubled, secure. 1. 1) ladder, scaffold, trellis. 2) stairs, staircase, flight of stairs. 3) stage, level. 2. see JANJANG 1. 3. see BURUNG. see JINJING 1. ter-jentai be caught s.w., situated. (Lit.) misery. men-jentat leap, jump (of fleas, etc.). (Java) way of walking sexily. sportsmanlike. 1 wheel in a machine or device. 2 mill, turbine. 3 spinning wheel. jentik-jentik mosquito larva. (Jakarta, Java) row, line. 1 surfeited, having had too much of s.t., sick and tired. 2 saturated. Japan, Japanese. 1 tweezers. 2 clip, clamp.


men-jeprat sprinkle, splash, splatter (of water). jeprat-jepret snap pictures.

jepret jepun jeput jera jerabai jeragan jeragih jerah jerahak jerahap

sound of clicking or snapping . jepret-an stapler. see JEPANG. 1. se-jeput hari all day long. 2. see JEMPUT. 1 be cured of a habit, learn o.’s lesson. 2 wary, chary, leery. ber-(jerabai-jerabai) with tattered edges, in tassels. see JURAGAN. k.o. weed. 1. 1) abundant, plentiful. 2) prevalent (of disease, etc.). 2. learn a lesson, have had enough. ter-jerahak neglected, abandoned (of work, a problem, etc.). men-jerahap lie on o.’s stomach. ter-jerahak fall into a prone position.


ber-jerait(an) interwined, interwoven, intergrown (of plants, etc.).

jerajak jeram jeramah

see JERJAK. 1. rapids, cataracs. 2. see JARAM. ber-jeramah tug or pull at. men-jeramah attack viciously, fall upon prey.

jerambab jerambah jerambai jerambang jerami jeran jerang jerangau

see JEREMBAB. platform terrace annexed to a house used for washing things. see JERABAI. glow that sometimes appears at night over marshy areas. 1 dried rice stalks. 2 straw. see JERA. men-jerang 1 heat s.t. 2 place s.t. on the fire or stove. the sweet flag, awild rush with pungent root stock and sweet-smelling flowers, widely used for medicinal purposes. men-jerangkak crawl on hands and knees. ber-jerangkang stick up, project upward. ter-jerangkang standing, in position projecting upward. (Java) skeleton. men-jerap absorb. ter-jerap absorbed. giraflfe. 1 snate, lasso. 2 ruse, trick. noose, trap. florid, deep red. nimble, sprightly. pimple, blackhead, acne. [Jerman Barat] West Germany. adhere, stick. men-jerembab throw o.s. down headlong. see JEREPET. ter-jerembun suddenly become visible (of huge object). ber-, men-, ter- suddenly meet, suddenly come face to face with. 1. 1) squinting. 2) cross-eyed. 2. men-jereng spread s.t. out.

jerangkak jerangkang jerangkong jerap jerapah jerat jeratan jerau jeraus jerawat jerbar jerejak jerembab,jerembap jerembet jerembun jerempak jereng

jerepet jeri jeriau jerigen jerih jeriji jeriken jering jerit jerjak jerkah jermal jerman jermang jernang jernih

jeroan jerohok jerojol jerongkang jerongkok jerongkong jerubung jeruji jeruju jeruk

1 linked together (of links in chain). 2 grown togheter (of fingers, etc.). jerepet-an coalescence. 1 frightened, afraid. men-jeri-kan fearsome. joists used to support floor or roof. see JERIKEN. tired, weary. jerih-lelah/payah exertion, effort. 1. finger. 2. see JERUJI. jerrycan. 1. Pithecolobium tree, with edible seeds considered beneficial to kidneys. 2. k.o. cricket with strong chirping sound. 1 a scream, shriek. 2 clamor. 3 strong complaint. bars at window, grid, latticework. snarl, growl. men-jerkah snarl or snap at s.o. fish trap conmsisting of closely spaced stakes behind which the fish get caught when the tide goes out. German, Germany. props for boat on beach. dragon’s blood, red dye obtained from fruit of k.o. rattan. 1 clear (of water, air, eyes, etc.). pure (of liquids, etc.). make s.t. clear, clear up (a misunderstanding). 2 purify, cleanse. purification. (Java) innards, entrails as food. ter-jerohok fall or sink into a hole. men-, ter-jerojol stick out. jerongkang-korang head over heels. ter-jerongkang fall backward. men-jerongkok sit with the chin on o,’s knees. men-jerongkong lean forward and press chest against the knees. terjerongkong fall prostrate. awning, canopy, tarpaulin. 1 trellis, grating, lattice. 2 grating, iron bars. ber-jeruji supplied with a grating or iron bars. k.o. small shrub. citrus fruit. jeruk-bali pomelo. jeruk-garut/kepruk tangering or orange that peels easly. jeruk-purut small fragrant k.o. lime used as medicine.

jerukun jerukup jerumat jerumbai jerumun jerumus

men-jerukun cover or spread over. men-jerukup overarch. men-jerumat darn, mend. tassle, fringe. 1 lair of wild boar. 2 shelter, hide-out. men-jerumus-kan 1 drop s.t. on its face. 2 make s.t. fall down or into a hole.

jerung jerungkau

k.o. large shark. men-jerungkau hang down like hair over the face or branches of a willow tree. bent upward. men-jerungkis damage, harm. see JERUKUP.

jerungkis jerungkup

jet jetis jetisasi jetset jewang jewawut jewer jiarah jiawang jib jibaku

jijit jika,jikalau jilat jilat-jilat jilatisme jilbab

(Av.) jet. men-jetis make banging noise of firecracker. replacing old fashioned aircraft with jets. 1 sophisticated, well trained. 2 (Sl.) ugly but fashionable. snatch s.t. up. see JAWAWUT. men-jewer 1 pull or tweak s.o.’s ear. 2 reprimand, scold s.o. see ZIARAH. k.o. monitor lizard. (Naut.) jib sail. (Japanese) 1 suicide attack. 2 make a suicide attack, participate in a suicide squad. ber-jibaku engage in a suicide attack. (Japanese) suicide squadron. aptitude, talent. ber-jibun 1 pile (of work). 2 teem, swarm (of ants). opium dust. 1 border around a letter or printed page. 2 wooden ruler.1 provide a line. 2 make a line with a ruler. forehead. see TANJIDOR. see JADWAL. (China) 25. 1 tartar, plaque, dirt on teeth. 2 dirty person, tramp. ber-jigong have dirt on it (of teeth). (Lit.) target. (Islam) holy war. ber-jihad engage in a holy war. side. see JIN 1. (China) twenty-first day of the first China month (end of the Cap Go Meh celebration). see JEJAK 1. see JIDAT. 1 repugnant, abhorrent, nauseating. 2 disgusted, nauseated.1 loathe, abhor, abominate. 2 nauseating, loathsome. see JINJIT 2. 1 if. 2 when (future, general). bootlicker. men-jilat-jilat purr (of cat). mental attitude characterized by seeking benefits by bootlicking. (Islam) female headgear that exposes fase but not ears, neck, or hair.


volume. ber-jilid bound (of book, etc.). men-jilid bind (book, periodicals)

jimak jimat jimbit jin

coitus. ber-, men- have sexual intercourse. charm, talisman, amulet. se-jimbit a pinch, a small amount. 1. 1) genie. 2) evil spirit. 2. Gin.

jibakutai jiblah jibun jicing jidar jidat jidor,jidur jidwal jigo jigong jih jihad jihat jihin jiitmeh jijak jijat jijik

jina,jinah jinak jinawi jinerap jingau jingga

see ZINA. 1 tame, domesticated (animal). 2 gentle, docile, moderate. 3 (Med.) benign (tumor). see GEMAH-RIPAH. absorbant. men-jingau peer at. colors ranging from orange to bright red. men-jingga become orange.

jinggering jingkat

1 high-heeled (shoes). 2 longstemmed (glass). ber-(2), bersi-, men-jingkat stand or walk on tiptoes. ter-jingkat be startled.

jingkek jingkik jingklak

1 tiptoe. 2 high-heeled shoes. ber-jingkik-jingkik hop on o. leg. /jingkrak/ 1. jump up and down (for joy). 2. straddle (horse, fence, etc.).


1. slender and tapering (neck). 2. 1) leader. 2) necromancer. 3. se JENJANG 1. 1. men-jinjing carry s.t. light in o.’s hand. 2. k.o. fast-growing tree that yields cheap lumber. 3. ber-jinjing stand on tiptoes. 1. stand on tiptoes. 2. men-jinjit carry in the hand. 3. men-jinjit 1) pull s.t. that is not stiff. 2) tweak (an ear). ginseng. caraway seed. jintan-hitam cumin. jintan-manis anise seed. jintan-putih white cumin. jeep. ber-jip go by jeep. 1. branch, twig. 2. melon, gourd. 3. see BIPANG. men-jiplak 1 copy. 2 cheat on an exam, crib. 3 plagiarize, fake s.t. by copying it. 1 a copy. 2 plagiatism, imitation that pretends to be the real thing. men-jiprat splash, splatter. k.o. tree with edible fruit. 1 neighbor. 2 kin, relative. see JERANGKONG. 1. tomb, mousoleum. 2. jirat, jiret see JERAT. (Med.) leucorrhea. see JERIKEN. 1. men-jirus sprinkle water on, pour a small amount of water over. 2. see TIRUS. (Anat.) body. (China) seven, in commercial transactions. see AKAR. men-jitak slap s.o. (China) 700 (used in commercial transactions). accurate, precise, exact. 1 soul, spirit. 2 spirit, the principle behind s.t. 3 inhabitant. psychic, psychological. name of gvt.-owned life insurance company.

jinjing jinjit jinsom jintan,jinten jip jipang jiplak jiplakan jiprat jirak jiran jirangkong jirat jirian jirigen jirus jisim jit jitah jitak jitpek jitu jiwa jiwani jiwasraya

jka jkt. jkta. jl., jln. jlimet jml. jng. jo. joang joanglo,joanlo joblos jobong jodo,jodoh jogar joget

[Jawatan Kereta Api] see PJKA. [Jakarta] Jakarta. [Jawatan Kereta Api] Indonesia Railways. [Jalan] street, road. see JELIMET. [jumlah] amount. [Jatinegara] a district in Jakarta. [juncto] (Leg.) connected with. see JUANG. (China) chafing dish, food warmer. see JEBLOS. (Jakarta) prostitute. 1 marriage partner, mate. 2 match, be a match, be a mate (to). 3 be in agreement over. game of checkers. 1 k.o. classical Java dance accompanied by the gamelan. 2 k.o. dance to lively music, us. for couples. 3 o. who performs a dance of this type.

joglo jogo jogo-tirto

(Java) steep upper section of roof of traditional Java mansion. see KACANG. (Java) officer in village in charge of distribution of water for irrigation.


jolong jolong-jolong jolor

(Jakarta) nge-, n-jogrog be in a place without moving. jogrok-kan thrust s.t. in front of o. 1 world, universe. 2 champion. 1. k.o. fast-growing shade tree the crown of which yields firewood. 2. see BINTANG, ZOHRAH. 3. see JAUHAR. see JAUHARI. k.o simian. piling, palisades. 1 seat (of car, pedicab, etc.). 2 car upholstery. (Sport) jockey. ber-, men- jolak blaze. men-jolek wrap s.t. in leaves. 1 palanquin. 2 team of horses. se-joli a couple, twosome. yawl, k.o. small boat. men-jolok 1 prod at s.t. with a pole, etc., to knock it down. 2 probe, ferret out. 3 pole finger down throat, into nose, etc. 1. men-jolong project, protrude. 2. (M) see JULUNG 2. see IKAN. men-jolor 1 creep, crawl 9of snakes, etc.) 2 inch forward on o.’s belly.

jombang jompak jomplang jompo jompong

(M) handsome, pretty, beautiful. rear, prance (of horse, etc.). see JUMPLANG. (Java) old, decrepit, infirm. rumah 0rang-jompo old folks’ home. pe-jompong-an rallying place.

johan johar johari joja,jojo jojol jok joki jolak jolek joli joli-joli jolok

jon-towel jong jongang jonget jonggol jonghe jongkang jongkar-jangkir jongkat jongko jongkok jongkong jongos jonjot jontrot jor-jor joran joreng jori jornalis jorok jorong jotakan jotos jotosan jrang-jreng jrangkung jrawut jreng-jreng jring-jring jrs. jua juadah juak

jual juang juang-juang juar

(Jakarta) young fellow that puts on airs. see JUNG. see JONGKANG 2. curved upward at the tip or side. representative, responsible person. jonggol-an responsibility. k.o. weed. 1. k.o. boat. 2. protruding 9of teeth, upper lip, etc.). jongkang-jangking sticking out right and left. 3. sticking out all over (esp. of teeth). see JUNGKAT. stall (in market). ber-, men- jongkok squat. ber-jongkok-jongkok be obsequious. ter-jongkok in a squatting position. k.o. dugout canoe. (now considered Derog.) houseboy, waiter. 1 tuft (of hair). 2 flake. men-jonjot extract, pluck. men-jontrot poke, thrust s.t. by poking it. (Java) push, elbow aside. jor-jor-an vie with o. another, compete. jor-jor drumband marching band competition. fishing rod. joran ampai divining rod. small piece (of cloth), small clod (of earth). men-joreng slice thin. team of horses. see JURNALIS. 1. 1) slovenly, slipshod. 2) dirty, untidy. 2. men-jorok stick out, project, protrude. 1. ellipse, elliptical, oval-shaped.2 metal V-shaped holder for betel leaf. 3. a corner. (Java) be on unfriendly terms. fist. boxing, fisticuffs. sound of plucking a guitar, banjo, etc. see JERANGKONG. rumpled, disheveled, messed up. sound of coins clinking, tinkling sound (of guitar, etc.). sound of tinkling (of guitar, mandolin). [jurusan] 1 direction. 2 academic field. 1 nothing or nobody but, only. 2 even if it is, no matter. 3 nevertheless. 4 also. 1 delicacy made of rice. 2 cake or cookies. 3 provicions, foodstuffs. 1. ber-juak compete. men-juak incite, instigate 9a fight). pen-juak instigator. 2. men-juak be projecting upward. men-juak-kan hoist a sail, project s.t. upward. sell, sale. struggle. medan-juang battlefield. ber-juang fight, struggle. fighter, warrior, freedom fighter. sharing in the same struggle. k.o. shrub. see JOHAR 1.

juara jubah jubal,jubel jubin jubir jubit jublek jubur judas,judes judi judo judoka judokang judul juga juhi juih juita juja jujai jujat juju jujuh jujur jujut julai julak julang julat juli julig juling julir julita julo julu juluk julung julung-julung

1 champion. 2 referee in a cockfight. long flowing robe 9including religious habits, Arabic garments, etc.). berjuang wear such a robe. ber-(2), ber-an, -an crowd around. men-jubal-kan cram, jam. floor tile. (jurubicara) spokesperson. see CUBIT. amazed, astronished. (Anat.) anus. 1 cruel, vicious (esp. in speech). 2 hars and rude, unmannered. gambling. pe(n)-judi gambler. (Sport) judo. pe-judi expert in judo. (Sport) expert in judo. (Sport) judo hall. 1 title (of book, etc.). 2 caption (under cartoon, etc.) 3 credits (in movie or on TV). 4 heading. 1 also, too. 2 even if. 3 no matter what, how, who, etc. 4 rather. 5 anyway. (China) dried squid. curled (of lips). sweet, lovely, beautiful. (zod.) Gemini. (Lit.) ceaseless, incessant. (Lit.) slander, insult, (verbal) abuse. 1. men-juju feed (a baby) pre-chewed food. 2. see TUJU. ber-, men-jujuh be incessant, unceasing. 1. honest, on the level. ke-jujur-an honesty, integrity. 2. men-jujur-i present a bride-price to. men-jujut pull, tug at (rope, etc.). slender end of stem of a creeping plant, runner of a creeping plant. menjulai-kan dangle s.t. see JOLAK. men-julang 1 soar, tower. 2 carry on the shoulder. 3 hold in high esteem, esteem highly. (Lit.) range, reach. se-julat-mata as far as the eye can see. July. (Java) cunning, sly (in negative sense). cross-eyed. men-juling-i steal a glance at, glance at a bit. harpoorr. see JELITA. lottery played by neighborhood wives at monthly get-together. ber-julo play julo. ber-julu-an stretch out (in all directions). men-julu extend, stick out (of tongue, etc.). julu-an 1 stick, stave, bar. 2 line, row. named, called. juluk-an sobriquet, nickname. 1. (Java) fated to be unlucky. 2. for the first time. see IKAN.

julur jumaah jumaat jumadilakhir jumadilawal jumantara jumanten jumat jumbai jumblah jumblang jumbuh jumlah jumpa jumpalit jumplang jumpluk jumpul jumput jumud junam juncto jung jungat jungkal jungkang jungkar jungkat jungkel,jungkil jungkir jungkit jungkrak jungkung jungur jungut juni junjung junjungan junta juntai

stick out (of several things). /juma’ah/see JEMAAH. /juma’at/ see JUMAT, JUM’AT. the 6th month of the Arabic calendar. the 5th month of the Arabic calendar. firmament, outer or upper atmosphere. emerald. see JEMAAH. tassle, fringe. se-jumbai a bunch of s.t. that hangs down. ber-(jumbaijumbai) 1 tassled, fringed. 2 frayed. 3 flutter. see JUMLAH. cesspool, septic tank. similar, edentical.men-jumbuh-kan make s.t. compatible. ke-jumbuh-an identity. 1 sum, amount, total. 2 number, quantity. 3 (Ling.) number. men-jumlahkan add or count up. men-jumlah-kan adding, totaling. meet. ber-jumpalit turn a somersault. unbalanced, unequal. pile. se-jumpluk a pile of. k.o. mullet. a pinch of s.t. 1 stiff, rigid, unbending. 2 old-fashioned, resistant to change. men-junam 1 dive (of planem bird). 2 attack in flight. /yungkto/ (Leg.) in connection with. k.o. boat, China junk. men-jungat tilt upward (of boat, cart, etc.). men-jungkal-kan 1 overturn s.t. 2 overthrow, bring down (a regime, etc.). ter-jungkal tumble forward. jungkang-jungkit bob up and down. men-jungkar project, protrude. jungkat-jungkit bob up and down. men-jungkat slant, tilt. jungkat-an seesaw. see JUNGKAL. jungkir-balik 1 upside-down, topsy-turvy. 2 turn a somersault. 3 be in a dither. men-jungkir flip over. see JUNGKANG. men-jungkrak raze (a building). men-jungkrak-an push s.t. aside. see JONGKONG. 1 snout, sword (of swordfish). 2 (Navy) bow. mountain spur. June. ber-junjung-an have a husband . 1 o. who is esteemed. 2 adoration. 3 pole for climbing plants. 4 (Formal) o,’s husband. junta. ber-, men-, ter- dangle.

juntrung juntrungn junub

organized, orderly. 1 organization, unit. 2 purpose, aim. (Islam) ritual impure or soiled (after coitus, giving birth, menstruation, etc.)

junun jup jura juragan

possessed by a devil. (Sl.) yep ! men-jura how out of respect. 1 skipper (of small craft). 2 owner of an enterprise. 3 (in some regions only) respectful address by villager to man of nobility or higher class.


1 bunch. 2 row, sequence. ber-, ter-, men- dangle, hang down (of hair, tassels, etc.). ber-jurai-an hang down (in large numbers). see JORAN. ravine, gorge, chasm. jurang-kenistaan the depths of misery. jurangpemisah gap. jurang-juriat generation gap. (Leg.) jury. men-juri be amember of the jury in a competition. pen-juri-an judging a case by a jury. see ZURIAT. see YYURIDIKSI. see YURIDIS. k.o. supernatural being. section, segment (of fruit). see YURIS. see YURISPRUDENSI. journalist, reporter. jurnalism. skilled worker. juru-bicara spokesman, spokeswoman. juru-damai peacekeeper, peacemaker. ke-juru-rawatan nursing. 1. step, movements in martial arts. 2. moment. 1. sound of steam locomotive. 2. (Tennis) deuce. 3. juice. men-jus make a drink out of. 4. see JUZ. see DUSTA. exactly, precisely. million. ber-(juta-juta) by the millions. millionaire. see JUANG. (Islam) section of the Koran. k, the 11th letter of the alphabet. [kaca] page. [kredit semester) (Acad.) semester credit. see KAH. [kepala] head, chief. see KABAH. [kabupaten] regency (administrative unit]. (M) tale, story. [kepala bagian] administrative section head.

juran jurang juri juriat juridiksi juridis jurik juring,juringan juris jurisprudensi jurnalis jurnalistik juru jurus jus justa justru juta jutawan juwang juz k k. k.s. ka ka. kaabah kab. kaba kabag


kabisah kabit kabriolet kabu-kabu

1. (Islam) the small cubicle shrine in the Great Mosque of Mecca which contains the famous black Stone of Mecca. It represents the direction (kiblah) to which Muslims turn in praying. 2. symbol of the Islam political party. see KEBAL. news, report. 1. (Coll.) beret. 2. see MALAM 1. kabarnya see KEBAT. see KB. cable. (Islam) Cain, Abel’s brother. nomadic tribe. 1. (Naut.) cabin. kabin-pengemudi (Av.) cockpit. 2. cream crackers. 1 governmental cabinet. 2 cabinet (for medicine, etc.). 1. mighty (of God). 2. meng-kabir reverse the direction of a boat by paddling perpendicular to the hull. /kabisat/ leap year. thief, pickpocket. (Auto.) convertible. 1 kapok. 2 fluffy material like kapok. ber-kabu-kabu fluffy, downy, cottony.

kabul kabuli kabung kabupaten

answered, granted (of a prayer, request). see NASI 1. white mourning headband. 1 regency, area headed by a bupati. 2 residence or office of the bupati.


1. 1) hazy (view), vague, blurred, clouded (vision). 2) fading (of hopes), unclear (of handwriting, speech, etc.). 3) haze. 2. 1) bolt (of a horse). 2) run off, flee. nebulous. 1. mist, haze, fog. 1) sprayer. 2) atomizer. 3) carburetor. 2. see KEBUT 2.

kabal kabar kabaret kabarnya kabat kabe kabel kabil kabilah kabin kabinet kabir

kabus kabut kaca kacak kacang

kacapiring kacapuri kacar kacau

kacek kaci

1. 1) glass. 2) mirror. 3) example. 2. page (of book, etc.). 1. 1) dashing, robust, vigorous. 2) conceited. 2. meng-kacak determine the weight or size of s.t. by holding it in the hand. pea, bean, peanut. kacang-asin salted peanuts. kacang-buncis green beans. kacang kapri peas. kacang kedelai soybean. kacang-mede/mende cashew. kacang merah kidney bean. gardenia. main building of a palace. line used to fish for squid and cuttlefish. 1 in disorder, in an uproar. 2 confused (mind, situation). 3 in disarray. kacaubalau/bilau chaotic, disorganized, in total confusion. different, dissimilar. k.o. white cotton cloth from India.

kacip kacir kaco kacoa kacokan kacu

1 scissors used primarily for cutting areca nut. 2 gardening scissors. see KUCAR-KACIR. see NGACO. /kacoak/ cockroach. see KACUKAN. 1. handkerchief. 2. coagulated areca nut juice used in leather tanning.

kacuk kacung kada

meng-kacuk mix, put in disorder, muddle. 1 lad, boy. 2 errand boy, houseboy. (Islam) 1 divine decree. 2 make up for unobserved days of fasting month or for missing o. of obligatory prayers. k.o. lizard. /kadaluwarsa/ see KEDALUWARSA. see KHADAM. 1. sometime. kadang-kala occasionally, once in a while. 2. meng-kadangnasi skim water off the surface of rice to hasten cooking. 3. blood relationship. 1. 1) degree, content. 2) standard, level, amount. 3) value, quality. 4) fate. 2. meng-kadar sleep outdoors. k.o. skin fungus causing white blotches. real estate registry. 1 cadaver. 2 dead and uninspired. quay. 1 cadre. 2 framework. (E. Indonesia) chair. forming of cadres. [kepala desa] village head. 1. 1) cadet. 2) midshipman. 2. pickpocket. 3. k.o. white bread or roll.

kadal kadaluarsa kadam kadang

kadar kadas kadaster kadaver kade kader kadera kaderisasi kades kadet kadi kadim kadin kadinda kadipaten kadir kado kadok

1 (Islam) judge in religious court. 2 arbiter, referee. 1. eternal. 2. close, intimate. [Kamar Dagang Industri] the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. [Kamar Dagang dan Industri Daerah] the Provincial Chamber of Commerce and Industry. (in the colonial period) area ruled over by an adipati. almighty. gift, present. 1. long pepper leaf used as a substitute for the betel leaf. 2. see KADA.


(Java) 1 go too far, overdo. 2 take an irrevocable step o. should not.

kadut kaedah kaf kafan kafarat kafe

1 sack, bag. 2 sacking. see KAIDAH. the letters K and Q in the Arabic alphabet. see KAPAN 2. see KEPARAT 1. cafe.

kafein kafetaria kafilah kafir kaftan kagak kaget kagok kagol kagum kah kahaf kahan kahar kahat kahin kahiyangan kahot kahrab kahwa kahwin kahyangan kaidah kaifiat kail kail-kail kaimat kain kaing kais kaisar kaisaryah kait kaiwan kajanah kajang kajat kaji kak kakah kakak

kakaktua kakanda

caffeine. small restaurant with a limited menu us. in a school or workplace. 1 desert caravan. 2 (Mil.) convoy, column, contingent. infidel, unbeliever. k.o. cloak. (Jakarta) no, not. startled, shocked. 1 clumsy, awkward (esp. in feeling o. is doing s.t. improper). 2 speaking a language with a foreign or dialectal accent. frustrated. amazed, struck with amazement and admiration. birdlime, glue. (Lit.) cave. proboscis monkey. 1. k.o. vehicle pulled by a draft animal. 2. all-powerful. scarcity, famine. soothsayer, diviner. see KAYANGAN. old-fashioned, ancient. amber. (Lit.) the beverage coffee. see KAWIN. see KAYANGAN. 1 norm, rule. 2 principle. 3 theorem. quality. meng-kail fish with hook and line. peng-kail angler. tonsilitis. quantity. 1 cloth, fabric, material. 2 sarong. yelp with (of dogs). scratch, scrape for food (of chickens, etc.). 1 emperor. 2 Caesar. ke-kaisar-an empire. 1 imperial. 2 (Med.) Caesarean. 1 hook, barb. 2 catch. (Astr.) Saturn. see KHAZANAH. movable sunshade of bamboo laths, wickerwork or palm thatch. see HAJAT. 1. knowledge, teaching (esp. religious). meng-kaji recite Koranic verses. 2. mengk-kaji inspect, examine, investigate. 1. k.o. glue used in bookbinding. 2. see KAKAK 1. ber-kakah burst out laughing. 1. 1) older sibling or cousin. 2) term of address or reference (esp. as kak) for a person somewhat older than the epeaker. 3) term of address to o.’s husband (in some areas). 2. boisterous laughter. see KAKATUA. (Lit.) elder brother or sister (esp. in letters).

kakang kakao kakap

kakas kakatua kakawin kakeas kakek kaken-kaken kakerlak kaki kakok kaktus kaku kakung kakus kala kala-kala kalah kalai kalajengking kalak kalakat kalam kalang kalang-kabut kalangan kalap kalas kalau

kalawarta kalbar kalbu kaldera kaldron kaldu kalelep

(Java) elder brother. cocoa. 1. 1) name given to many k.o. large fish. 2) big-time criminal, gangster. 3) large-scale (firm, operation). 2. meng-kakap patrol, scout. 3. meng-kakap 1) hold, grasp. 2) work a wet rice-field. meng-kakas scratch, scrape. 1 cockatoo. 2 pincers, pliers with pincer shape (like the beak of a cockatoo). 3 k.o. fish. k.o. old Java poetry. doubletime, quicktime in marching, jogging. 1 grandfather or grand-uncle. 2 term of address for an old man. kakekmoyang ancestor. kaken-kaken-ninen-ninen grow as old as grandparents. (Coll.) 1 cockroach. 2 s.o. as vile as a cockroach. 1. 1) foot, leg. 2) foot (measurement). 3) classifier for flowers or umbrellas. 4) edge of an area. 2. see KAKEK. 3. see KHAKI. (M) hold. cactus. 1 stiff, rigid. 2 clumsy, awkward, ungainly. (honorific, Java) male. ((Coll.) privy, latrine. 1. 1) time, era, period, age. 2) (Ling.) tense. 2. 1) scorpion. kala-lipan centipede. 2) (Zod.) Scorpio. 3. mare. (Naut.) sea anchor. 1 defeated. 2 lose. 3 inferior to. 1. meng-kalai 1) lie down. 2) lean. 2. meng-kalai rub, polish s.t. tarnished. scorpion. (Math.) 1 reciprocal. 2 inverse. bamboo basket for moist cookies. 1. 1) pen made from a leaf rib. 2) (Lit.) writing instrument. 2. word, saying. 3. see KALEM. transverse support, prop. confused, chaotic. 1 circle, arena. 2 realm. 3 circle. 1 possessed by an evil spirit. 2 be beside o.s. with anger. 1 thole-strap for an oar. 2 band around the hilt of a machete. 1 if. 2 when (future). 3 as for…, in the case of… 4 (Coll.) whether (introducing an indirect question). 5 (Coll.) that (introducing an indirect statement). 1 magazine, periodical. 2 bulletin. [Kalimantan Barat] West Kalimantan. 1 heart. 2 mind. caldera (of a volcano). cauldron. broth, stock (for soup). (Java) 1 be submerged, lowered. 2 drowned.

kalem kalender kaleng kalerek kalesa kali kalian kaliber kalibut kalifah kaligrafi kalimah kalimantan kalimantang kalimat

calm, cool, patient, relaxed. calendar. 1 tin can. 2 tin. 3 tin plate. see KELERAK. source of animal protein. 1. river. 2. 1) time, times. 2) (Math.) times. 3) fold (suffix). 3. (Jkt) probably. 4. (Jkt) very. (Pl.) you (form of address to equals, younger persons or persons of lower status). 1 caliber (of gun). 2 importance, class. chaos. 1 caliph. 2 caliphate. calligraphy. see SYAHADAT. Borneo. Kalimantan-Utara Sarawak and Sabah. 1 pennant. 2 white beam of light. sentence, independent clause. kalimat-ingkar negative sentence. kalimatmajemuk setara compound sentence. kalimat-majemuk bertingkat complex sentence. kalimat-penjelas declarative sentence.

kalingan kalio kalis

(Java) partially hidden, with obstructed view. see KLIO. 1 dull, lacking luster (of a surface). 2 immune to disease, not allowing air, water, or some other extraneous substance to penetrate. 3 pure.

kalium kalkarim kalkir kalkulasi kalkulator kalkulir kalkun kalo kalong kalor kalori kalpataruh

potassium. /kalkarium/ wallpaint. meng-kalkir trace s.t. over s.t. calculation. calculator. meng-kalkulir calculate. turkey. 1. strainer. 2. kalo, kalok see KALAU. see KELUANG. (Phys.) heat. calorie. 1 (Lit.) k.o. mythological tree that never dies. 2 annual prize awarded to o. who has made an outstanding contribution to preserving the environment.

kalsel kalselteng kalsium kalteng kaltim kalu kalui kalung

[Kalimantan Selatan] South Kalimantan. [Kalimantan Selatan dan Tengah] South and Central Borneo. calcium. [Kalimantan Tengah] Central Borneo. [Kalimantan Timur] East Borneo. see KALAU. k.o. fish, gurami. necklace.

kalurahan kalut kalwan kam kama kamadean kamar kamariah kamat kambang kambar kambeh kambek kambeli kambi kambing kamboja kambrat kambuh kambus kambut kamera kamerad kameraman kamerjas kamfer kamhar kami kamil kamis kamis kamisolen kamit kamitua kamli kamling kamp kampagne kampai kampak kampanye kampas kampemen

see LURAH 1. confused, chaotic. (Astr.) Uranus. internment or prison camp. (Lit.) love, passion. parasite. 1. room, chamber. 2. (Lit.) moon. 3. ornamental sash around the waist, cummerbund. pertaining to the moon. 1. (Islam) the call to begin prayer. 2. k.o. tree. see AMBANG 2. k.o. large sea turtle. gourd. 1 make a comeback. 2 (Coll.) be reconciled (of lovers). k.o. woolen fabric. 1 rib, frame. 2 peneling, winscoting. goat. kambing-domba sheep. meng-kambing-hitamkan place the blame on, make the scapegoat. k.o. tree, frangipani. 1 comrade. 2 accomplice, party to a crime. 3 small party, get together. have or suffer a relapse. blocked, stopped up (of drain). k.o. woven basket. camera. comrade. camera man. /kameryas/ man’s dressing gown. see KAMPER. camel hair wool. 1 we, us, our (excluding the person addressed). 2 I (deferential). perfect. Thursday. Thursday. /kamisosolen/ unable to speak properly from overexcitement. see KOMAT-KAMIT. deputy village chief in Central Java. sewe KAMBELI. [keamanan lingkungan] law and order of the neigborhood. /kem/ see KAM. see KAMPANYE. 1. ber-kampai(an) lie supine, stretched out. 2. (Japanese) Cheers ! (on raising a toast). adze. meng-kampak cut with an adze. campaign. see KANVAS. military encampment.

kamper kampil kampiun kampleng kampong kampret kampuh kampung kampus kamrat kamsia kamso kamtibmas kamu kamuflase kamuflasering kamuflir kamuplase kamus kan

camphor, mothballs. /kampit/ small sack. champion, very clever or skilled. meng-kampleng slap (s.o. in the face). see KAMPUNG. 1. k.o. small bat. 2. shucks ! 1 shawl, wrap. 2 two thin strips of paper or cloth sewn together, seam. berkampuh see KAIN. 1 village. 2 quarter. 3 residential area for lower classes in town or city.

kancut kanda kandang kandar

campus. camshaft. (China) thank you. (Java) rustic, provincial. [keamanan dan ketertiban masyarakat] peace and order in society. you, your (familiar, singular and plural). kamu-sekalian all of you. camouflage. camouflaging. meng-kamuflir camouflage. see KAMUFLASE. dictionary, lexicon. 1. 1) It is the case, isn’t it ? 2) because as you well know… 2. short form for akan 1. 3. container for boiling tea. 4. see KANS. preserved olives. child. kanak-kanak (Lit.) small child. 1 canal. 2 channel. 1 right. 2 (Pol.) rightist. kanan-luar (Sport) outside right. canape. 1. the canari tree or its nuts. 2. see KENARI 2. 1 large pot for cooking rice. 2 s.t. figuratively comparable to a deep pot : depths (of despair), abyss (of misery). see KENCANA. filled to the brim. 1 mouse deer. 2 a clever individual. button. kancing-jepret 1 snap. 2 push button. kancing-manset cufflinks. kancing-ritsleting/sorok zipper. loin cloth, jockstrap. see KAKANDA. 1 stable, stall, pen. 2 place to keep vehicles, boats, etc. meng-kandar(kan) operate a vehicle. peng-kandar driver, operator.

kandas kandel kandi kandidat kandil kandis

1 run aground, founder (of a shiop etc.). 2 fail. 1 thick, heavy. 2 rich, well-to-do. 1. pouch, small bag. 2. see ASAM. candidate. 1 lamp. 2 chandelier, candelabra. 3 candlestick. tree with small sour fruit.

kana kanak kanal kanan kanape kanari kancah kancana kancap kancil kancing

kandung kandungan kang kangen kangka kangkang

1 womb, uterus. 2 pouch like part of the body. 1.uterus,womb 2.contens 3.unborn child,fetus 4.pouch. 1. large earthenware container. 2. see KAKANG. 3. see KEKANG. (Java) long for, miss s.t. (China) gambier plantation. 1. meng-kangkang 1) wide apart (of legs). 2) straddle, sit astride. 2. mengkangkang strangle. meng-kangkang-i take by force or illegally.

kangker kangkung kangmas kangsa kangsar kangsen kangtau kanguru kanibal kanigara kanin kanisah kanjang kanjar kanjeng kanji kanker kano kanon kanonisasi kanopi kanpas kans kanselir kanta kantang kantih kantil kantin kantong kantor kantuk kantung

see KANKER. 1. k.o. leafy vegetable, us growing in water. 2. large frog or toad. (Java) 1 older brother. 2 term of address for o.’s husband. see GANGSA 1. k.o. tall tree. appointment, have an appointment. (China) chance, opportunity (in business). kangaroo. cannibal. sunflower. canine. see KENISAH. ber-kanjang persevering, persistent. k.o. large dagger. (Java) form of address or reference for a high-ranking noble. 1. starch. 2. China characters used in Japanese. cancer. kanker-ganas malignant tumor. canoe. 1. cannon 2. rent for a plot of ground. canonization. canopy. see KANVAS. chance, opportunity. chancellor. lens. mud flats. thread, yard. 1. (Java) the champac, k.o. magnolia. 2. see KONTAL-KANTIL. canteen, us. attached to a workplace. see KANTUNG. 1 office. 2 office, agency. sleepiness, drowsiness. meng-kantuk feel sleepy. 1 pocket. 2 bag, pouch. 3 pouchlike part of body. kantung-buah zakar scrotum. kantung-empedu gall bladder. kantung-kemih/kencing bladder.

kanun kanvas

(Rell.) canon law. 1 canvas. 2 floor of boxing ring. 3 piece of tire or tube used in patching. 4 brake lining. [Kantor Wilayah] regional office.


kanya kaok kaoliang kaolin kaos

(Zod.) Virgo. 1 cackle (of chickens). 2 yell, shout (of children). sorghum. kaolin. 1 sock, stocking. 2 singlet, undershirt. ber-kaos wear an undershirt.

kap kapa-kapa kapabel kapabilitas kapah

1 (Auto.) roof of a car. 2 shade (of lamp, etc.). a sunshade on a boat, us. of palm thatch or a temporary sunshade, esp. in the yard for a wedding (or other) feast. capabel, able. capability. ter-kapah-kapah 1 starled, trembling from fright. 2 gasping (for breath).


move as if wanting to clutch at s.t. ter-kapai-kapai flutter, fail around.

kapak kapal kapan

1. ax. 2. see KEPAK 1. 1. ship, boat, vessel. 2. 1) callous. 2) stubborn, insentive. 1. when ? kapan-saja 1) any time whatsoever. 2) exactly when. 2. shroud of unbleached cotton. 3. (Jakarta) because, as you well know…

kapanewon kapang kapar kaparat kapas kapasitas kapatihan kapbir kape kapel kapelan kaper kapi kapilah kapin kapir kapiran kapita kapital kapitalis kapitalisme kapitan

subdistrict of a kabupaten (county). 1 ship worm or worm that gets into rice. 2 mold, mildew. flotsam, driftwood. see KEPARAT 1. 1 cotton. 2 cotton plant. 3 fleece. 4 (Med.) cotton, gauze. /kapasitet/ capacity. see PATIH 1. see KABIR. 1 spatula. 2 putty knife. chapel. chaplain. (Java) moth. 1. (Naut.) pulley block. 2. see KAPE. see KAFILAH. (Geol.) limestone. see KAFIR. (Java) 1 be neglected. 2 let down. 3 beyond help. see PER. (Fin.) capital. capitalist. capitalism. 1. leader for the China, Arabs or certain other local ethnic leaders under the Dutch. 2. /kapiten/ see KAPTEN. capitulation. see KAVELING. kaplok-dadabeat o.’s breast. /kapocis/ condom.

kapitulasi kapling kaplok kapoces

kapok kapol kapolda kapolres kapolri kapolsek kapolwil kaporal kaporit kaprah kapri kapsalon kapstok kapsul kapt. kapten kapu-kapu kapuk kapul kapung kapur kapurancang kar kar. kara karaba karaben karaeng karaf karah karak karakter karakterdes karakterisasi karakterisir karakteristik karam karamba karambol karang

karangkitri karantina

1. learn o.’s lesson, be curred. 2. see KAPUK 1. see KAPUL. [kepala polisi daerah] head of the provincial police. [kepala polisi resort] head of the county police. [kepala polisi Republik Indonesia] head of the Indonesian police. [kepala polisi sektor] head of the district police. [kepala polisi wilayah] head of the regional police. see KOPRAL. chlorine. usual, ordinary. snow peas. beauty parlor. clothes hook, hatrack. 1. capsule. 2. hair piece. [kapten] captain. 1 (Mil.) captain, lieutenant (in Navy). 2 see KAPITAN 1. k.o. plant, the leaves of which resemble lettuce, formerly found in aboundance floating on slow-moving or stagnant water. 1. 1) kapok. 2) kapok tree. 2. rice granary or barn. /kapulaga/kapulogo/ cardamom. see APUNG. 1. lime. kapur-barus 1) camphor. 2) mothballs. 2. calcium. (Java) stand with the hand cupped covering the genitals as a sign of deference (of men). map, chart. 1. [karangan] article. 2. [karesidenan] residency. 1. see KACANG. 2. see BATANG. k.o. fish trap. /karabin/ carbine. title of nobility in South Sulawesi. decanter. 1 stain. 2 tartar (on teeth). see KERAK. character. [kader penggerak teritorial desa] cadre of the Golkar Party assigned to rural areas. characterization. meng-karakterisir characterize. characteristic. 1 be shipwrecked, founder, go under. 2 fail, founder. basket put in a stream for raising fish. /karambola/ billiards game. 1. coral, coral reef, atoll. karang-gigi tartar (on teeth). karang-endapan encrustation. 2. karang-taruna neighborhood youth association. 3. stay, sojourn. fruit-producing trees in a yard. quarantine.

karap karapan-sapi karar karas karas-karas karat karate karateka karau karavan karawitan

shuttlecomb on a weaving loom. bull race. 1 calm, peaceful. 2 stable, steadfast, unchanging. aloes wood, camphor tree. k.o. fried cookie made of wheat flour. 1. stain, rust. 2. 1) carat. 2) quality, value. karate. o. who engages in karate. ber-karau mixed. meng-karau mix, stir s.t. (Auto.) camper. (Java, Sunda) gamelan music and singing accompanied by a gamelan.

karbit karbohidrat karbol karbon karbonaci karburator karcis kardamunggu kardan kardinal kardiograf kardiografi kardiogram kardiolog kardiologi kardus kare karedok karena kareseh-peseh karesidenan karet kargo kari karib karier karieris karierisme karih karikatur karikatural karikaturis karil karim karir

carbide. carbohydrate. 1. carbolic acid. 2. Indonesian airforce cadet. carbon. /karbonacis/ baking powder. carburetor. 1 ticket. 2 calling card. cardamom. (Auto.) differential (of gearing, transmision). cardinal. cardiographs. cardiography. cardiogram. cardiologist. cardiology. 1 cardboard. 2 cardboard box. see KARI. (Sunda) cooked vegetable salad. 1 because, because of. 2 reason, cause. babble in Dutch. residency (administrative unit of the colonial period). 1 rubber. 2 elastic. 2 condom. freight. a dish of meat cooked in a spicy sauce. kari-ayam chicken curry. close, intimate friend. career. o. who is ambitions for a career. out to promote o.’s career. mix, stir s.t. caricature. caricatural. caricaturist. 1. [karya ilmiah] scholarly paper. 2. rabbit. generous, magnanimous (of God). see KARIER.

karisma karismatik karitatif karkas karma

charisma. /karismatis/ charismatic. charitable (institution). carcass (of a slaughtered animal). s.t. (us. bad) that happens to o. because of deeds in a previous life.

karna karnaval karnivor karo karosel karoseri karper karpet karpus karsa karsinom kartel kartika kartini

see KARENA. carnival. carnivore. [kepala biro] head of a department or division. carousel. 1 body of a car. 2 body shop. carp. carpet. see KERPUS 2. (Lit.) wish, intention. karsa-dan karya will and work. /karsinoma/ carcinoma. cartel. (Lit.) star. kartika-Yudha/Yudo (Mil.) Star Wars. Raden Ajeng Kartini, a 19th-century Java woman, who distinguished herself in fields where women were traditionally excluded.

kartografi karton kartotek kartu kartun kartunis karu karuhun karun karung karunia karusel karut karya

cartography. 1 carton. 2 cardboard, hardboard. /kartotik/ card file. 1 card. 2 playing card. cartoon. 2. see KARTON. cartoonist. 1. meng-karu 1) interrupt s.o. 2) stir s.t. 2) karu-an see KERUAN. ancestor. see HARTA. bag, sack. gift, grant from above. meng-karunia-i favor, reward s.o. see KAROSEL. 1 confused, muddled. 2 chaotic. 1 work, opus. 2 work, labor, activity. 3 creation (of a designer, etc.).

karyawan karyawati kas kasa kasab

white collar worker, official employee, functionary. female white collar worker, official employee, functionary. 1. 1) cash, money supply.2) cashier’s window. 3) treasury. 2. 1) (wooden) case, (watch) case. 2) wardrobe, armoire. 1. gauze. 2. see KASSA. [Kepala Staf Angkatan Bersenjata] Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces.

kasad kasah-kosoh kasai

intention, purpose. sound of s.t. cracking against s.t. and breaking. 1 fragrant shampoo. 2 ointment for the skin. 3 lotion.

kasak kasak-kisik kasal kasam kasanah kasap kasar

1. meng-kasak rub s.t. 2. meng-kasak persuade s.o. /kasak-kusuk/ 1 whispering, whispers. 2 intrigue. [Kepala Staf Angkatan Laut] Navy Chief of Staff. grudge, spite. see KHAZANAH. coarse, rough to the touch. 1 coarse, rough, rugged (of facial features). 2 crude. 3 coarse, uncouth.


1 (Leg.) the jurisdiction of the highest court beyond which there is no appeal. 2 appeal to the supreme court. in plain view. rafter. cassava. see KASPE. cash receipt. ledger. see KASEMEK. see KESUMAT. k.o. smooth-skinned sweet fruit the size of an apple and eaten fresh.

kasatmata kasau kasava kasbi kasbon kasbuk kasemak kasemat kasemek kasep kaset kasi kasian kasiat kasidah kasih kasim kasima kasino kasip kasir kasmaran kasno kaso kaspe kassa kasta kastengel kasti kastil kastroli kasturi kasuari kasumat kasur

see KASIP. cassette. 1. (Coll.) 1) give. 2) cause (allow) s.o. to. 3) put. 2. [kepala seksi] administrative section head. see KASIH 1. see KHASIAT. religious chant in Arabic sung to the rhythm of a gambus. 1. love, affection. 2. see KASI 1. castrated. upset, discioncerted. casino. too late. cashier. (Java) smitten with love. [bekas cino] (Derog.) China who adopts an Indonesian name. /kasok/ see KASAU. cassava. 1 cashier, cashier’s desk. 2 ticket or box office. caste in society. cheese stick. k.o. children’s game similar to baseball. castle. castor oil. see KESTURI. cassowary. see KESUMAT. mattress.

kasus kasut kat kata katabelece katah katai katak katakombe katalis katalisasi katalisator katalog katalogisasi katalogus katam katan katang-katang katapel katarak kate katebelece katedral kategis kategori kategoris katek katekese kateketik katekis katekisasi katekismus katekumen katel katepel katering kates kateterisasi kati katib katifah katig katik katil katimaha

case (legal, medical, grammatical), example. sandal, slipper. (Coll.) playing card. 1 word. 2 says, said. see KATEBELECE. thrown. 1 midget, dwarf, pygmy. 2 bantam chicken. frog, toad. 2 short, stocky, thick set. catacomb. catalyst, catalystic (factor). catalysis. catalyst. catalog. cataloging of books. see KATALOG. see KHATAM. see KHITAN. 1. a climbing plant. 2. plaited basket carried on the back. /katapuil/ see KETAPEL. /katarakta/ (Med.) cataract. see KATAI. informal note from o. powerful figure to another asking for action (to by pass bureaucracy or the like). cathedral. see KATEKIS. category. categorical. 1. armpit. meng-katek-i tickle. 2. see KATAI. catechism. catechetical. catechist. (Rel.) confirmation class. catechism. catechumen. (Java) k.o. large black spider. see KETAPEL. catering. (Java) papaya. cathetrization. catty (1/3 pounds or 617 grams). see KHATIB. chenille. k.o. knapsack of plaited materials. see KATAI. 1 sleeping platform of solid materials. 2 bier. k.o. beautifully grained wood used for making kris sheats and walking sticks.

katimumul katir katistiwa katoda katok katolik katrol katu katul katulistiwa katun katung katup kau kaul kaula kaum kaus kausa kaut kav. kavaleri kaveling kawa-kawa kawah kawak kawakan kawal kawalat kawan

corn on o.’s foot. outrigger. see KHATULISTIWA. /katode/ cathode. (Java) shorts, undershorts. Catholic. pulley. peng-katrol-an lifting, hoisting. k.o. bush yielding edible leaves and berries. see BEKATUL. see KHATULISTIWA. cotton, cloth. (M) sea turtlle. 1 valve. 2 shut tight. 1. (China) nine. 2. see ENGKAU. 1 a vow. 2 to vow. /kawula/ servant, subject. 1. 1) social, political, or economic community. 2) family, clan. 3) ethnic group. 2. religious official who is in charge of the mosque. see KAOS. causa, movement. scoop up with the hand. [kaveling] lot, parcel of land. cavalry. lot, parcel of land. spider. 1 cauldron, kettle. 2 crater. old. experienced, veteran. 1 guard, sentry, watchman. 2 watch. see KUALAT. 1 friend, comrade. 2 companion. 3 comrade (of communists). se-kawan 1 a herd, flock, school (of fish). 2 a gang (of bandits), group of people.

kawang kawanisme kawanua kawas kawasan kawat kawatir kawedanan

see TENGKAWANG. cronyism. fellow countryman (of Menadonese). ber-kawas border on. region, area, sphere. 1 wire, filement. 2 cable, telegram. see KUATIR. 1 subdistrict within a kabupaten. 2 residence of the subdistrict officer.

kawi kawin kawiryan kawista kawruh

see BAHASA 1, BATU. 1 be married. 2 capulate. (Java) military, having to do with military officers. k.o. cultivated tree and its fruit, the wood apple (Bengal quince). (Java) knowledge.

kawul kawung

tinder. (Java) 1 sugar palm leaf used as wrapper for cigarettes. 2 k.o. motif in batik.


1. 1) wealthy, rich, well-to-do, well-off. 2) rich, having in abundance. 3) (Lit.) able, having power. 2. kaya, kayak (Coll.) like, as.

kayal kayangan kayap kayau kayu kayuh

see KHAYAL. 1 abode of the Hindu Gods. 2 heaven (as a wonderful place). itchy abscess or carbuncle. 1. meng-kayau headhunt. peng-kayau headhunter. 2. meng-kayau flood, inundate. 1. 1) wood, timber. 2) tree. 1. bolt (of cloth – us. 40 yards in length). 2. 1) paddle. 2) bicycle pedal.

kayun kazanah kb kbri

1 popular, sell well. 2 sold out. see KHAZANAH. [Keluarga Berencana] Family Planning. [Kedutaan Besar Republic Indonesia] Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia.

kck ke

[Kredit Candak Kulak] credit extended to small middlemen. to, going to. ke-atas upward. ke-bawah downward. ke-dalam 1) into. 2) inward. ke-muka to the front. ke-pada to. see PADA. ke-samping to the side.

ke-tengah kea-kea keabadian keabnormalan keabsahan keadaan keadilan keagamaan keagungan keahlian keajaiban keajegan keakbaran keakraban keaktifan keakuan keakuran keamanan keampuhan keampunan keanehan keanekaan keanekaragaman keanekawarnaan

see TENGAH. king parrot. 1 durability, permanence. 2 eternity, perpetuity. abnormality. validity, legality. situation, condition. 1 justice, justness. 2 judicature. religious, religiousness. 1 grandeur, majesty. 2 greatness, mastery. expertise, skill, competence, know-how. 1 miracle. 2 mystery, wonder. 3 remarkableness. regularity, constancy. exaltation, elevation, glorification. 1 intimacy, familiarity. 2 solidarity. being active. egoism. 1 conformity. 2 harmony. 1 safety, security. 2 peacefulness, tranquillity. 1. 1) magical power. 2) potency. 2. flooded, inundated. forgiveness, pardon. 1 oddity, peculiarity. 2 idiosyncrasy. variety. variety, diversity. variety, miscellany, assortment.

keanggunan keangkara-murkaan keangkaraan keangkuhan keantengan keapatisan keapikan kearifan kearsipan kebabal kebacut kebadutan kebah kebaji kebal kebam kebambam kebangetan kebas

kebat kebat-kebit kebaya kebayakan kebayan kebel kebeler kebelet kebembem kebendaan keberadaan keberangkatan keberhasilan kebersamaan keberuntungan kebes kebet kebin kebiri keblinger kebluk kebo

1 elegance. 2 affectation. 3 haughtiness, aloofness. ruthlessness, evilness. 1 greed, covetousness. 2 ruthlessness. 1 arrogance, conceit. 2 vanity. imperturbability, calm. apathy. neatness, tidiness. 1 learning, wisdom. 2 ability. 1 archival matters. 2 records. young jackfruit. (Java) gone too far, taken an irrevocable step. 1 clowning, buffoonery. 2 ridicule. 3 absurdity, ridiculousness. break out in sweat after a high fever has broken. k.o. spell (that makes a married couple love or hate e.o.). 1 invulnerable (to bullets, etc.). 2 immune (from prosecution, taxes, etc.). 3 insentive. lead-gray. k.o. mango. excessively, terribly, overly. 1. 1) paralyzed, paralysis. 2) stiff from fatigue. 3) numb. 2. meng-kebas(kan) 1) shake out (a cloth, bedsheet, etc.). 2) flap (wings), wag the tail. bunch, bundle. kebat-an 1 bond. 2 tightener, wrapper. nervous, agitated. k.o. woman’s blouse the front of which is pinned together, us. worn with a sarong. 1 overly fat, quite obese. 2 very stout. 3 plumpness, stoutness, obesity. 1. village official in charge of security. 2. see NENEK. see KEBAL. (Coll.) accidentally cut oneself with a sharp object. (Coll.) have an urgent need to do s.t. (esp. defecate or urinate). see KEBAMBAM. 1 matter. 2 material, physical, substantive. 3 material wealth. existence. departure. success togetherness. keberuntungan wet, soaked. (Java, Jakarta) pages of a book. 1 (Naut.) cabin. 2 movie projection booth. 1 castrated, neutered. 2 emasculated. (Coll.) 1 confused, dizzy. 2 come to thing the wrong way about s.t., lose perspective on s.t. (Sunda) be fond of sleeping, sleep soundly. see KERBAU.

kebon kebrutalan kebuk kebuli kebun

1 (Coll.) gardener. 2 (Coll.) janitor. 3 garden. brutality. cylindrical tool for making rice-flour vermicelli. see NASI 1. 1 garden. kebun-binatang zoo. kebun-bunga flower garden. kebun-raya the botanical garden at Bogor. 2 estate, plantation. 3 (Coll.) gardener.

kebur keburu kebut

meng-kebur churn, whip up the ocean. see BURU. 1. (me)ng-(k)ebut 1) drive at excessive speed. 2) race, have a drag race. 3) speed up an activity. 4) compete fiercely, push ahead. 2. meng-kebut(i) dust off (furniture, etc.). [kecamatan] subdistrict. see KECUH-KECAH. ber-(2), ter-kecai smashed, broken to bits (of glass, pottery, etc.), torn to shreds (of paper, cloth). 1. make a smacking sound while eating to express astonishment or call an animal. 2. ber-kacak-pinggang with hands on the waist and arms akimbo. ke`cak k.o. Balinese group dance featuring a seated chorus, the monkey dance. meng-kecam(kan) 1 critize. 2 investigate, consider carefully. 3 revoew, write a criticism of (a book, play, atc.). shoot, sprout. per-kecambah-an germination. sound of murmuring. raging, uproar. (Java) 1 can handled or picked up. 2 caught, seized. joke, jest. see CANTOL. 1 sound of smacking the tongue. 2 word. kecap-an taste of s.t. see CAPAI 2. 1. k.o. plicked stringed instrument. 2. k.o. sour fruit grown commercially in some areas. (Java) ng-kecaprak open o.’s big mouth (when o. should be quiet). k.o. salad of unripe fruits with a pungent sauce. 1 (Java) cross-eyed. 2 (Jakarta, Sl.) great, good looking. 1. tadpole. 2. chitchat, small talk. 1 accident, mishap. 2 bad luck. 1 disappointed, fail to meet s.o. or find s.o. at home and feel bad about it. 2 feel cheated or fooled, feel o. has been made a fool of. kecele-bule completely fooled. see KESELEG. see KECELE. 1 inclination, preference. 2 tendency, willingness. 3 trend. with o. eye closed. k.o. cymbal (in the gamelan orchestra). beauty. 1 disappointed. 2 fail to meet the success o. had been expecting.

kec. kecah kecai kecak

kecam kecambah kecamik kecamuk kecandak kecandan kecantol kecap kecapean kecapi kecaprak kecar kece kecebong kecelakaan kecele

kecelek kecelik kecenderungan keceng kecer kecerlangan kecewa

keci keciak kecibak kecicak kecik kecil kecimpung kecimus kecindan kecipak kecipir keciput kecit keciut kecoak kecoh kecomak-kecemik kecrek kecrekan kecres kecu kecuak kecuali kecubung kecuh-kecah kecumbung kecumik kecundang kecup kecut

keda kedabu kedadak kedah kedai kedal kedaluwarsa kedang kedangkai

(Naut.) ketch. ber-keciak cheep, peep (of chickens). sound of water splashing. ber-kecicak stamp with the feet. (Coll.) see KECIL. 1 small. 2 little, young. 3 minor, insignificant, trivial. ber-kecimpung(an) 1 splash around. 2 plunge into an activity. scorn. meng-kecimus show scorn with the lips. see KECANDAN. sound of splashing water. k.o. four-sided bean eaten as a vegetable. k.o. small cake sprinkled with sesame seeds. see KECIL. whistling, whizzing (of bullets). see KACOA. spit s.t. out. kecoh-an cuspidor. 1 for the mouth to move with out uttering anything. 2 chew slowly with lots of food in the mouth. (Java) pieces of metal on strings which are made to rattle for sound effects in the wayang. 1 (Java) instrument used by an itinerant welder to attact the attention of would-be customers. 2 (Coll.) handcuffs. (Java) meng-kecres 1 strike (a match). 2 slash. (Java) robber, bandit. see KACOA. 1 except. 2 aside from, besides. 1. 1) k.o. poisonous plant with large trumpet-shaped flowers, the jimson. 2) cone-shaped. 2. see BATU. make a fuss. see BATU. ber-mumble, mutter. see CUNDANG 1. sound of a kiss. kecup-an kiss. 1. 1) wrinkled, shriveled, shrunken. 2) seared (from flames). 3) afraid. coward. 2. sour (of taste, face). 3. ber-kecut-kecut screak, squeak,screech (of a wheel that needs lubricating). see KEDAH. k.o. tree producing firewood. choleric diarrhea. open wide (of mouth), spread wide (of legs). shop, small place that sells s.t. or serves food. fungoid disease of the hands and feet. 1 superannuated. 2 barred by statute of limitations. 1. 1) outstretched (of hands, arm, etc.). 2) extension (opposite of flection of limbs). 2. meng-kedang drain, pour water off rice. k.o. plant, the leaves of which are used as medicine.


1 hermetical, impermeable, watertight. kedap-abu dustproof. kedap-air waterproof, watertight. kedap-suara soundproof. 2. closemeshed, tighly woven (of cloth, wickerwork, etc.). ke-kedap-an impermeability.

kedar kedasih kedaton kedau kedaung

see KADAR 1. (Java) k.o. cuckoo. see KERATON. meng-kedau scream (for help). /kedawung/ k.o. large forest tree, the bark, leaves and seeds of which are used medicinally. ter-kedek-kedek 1 stagger. 2 waddle, toddle. a myrobalan, a tree and its fruit, used medicinally not moving freely, stopped up here and there. miserly. (Jakarta) be agitated, kick the feet in agitation. stingy. /kedele/ soybean. 1. sound of s.t. falling into water. 2. wormy, worm eaten (of fruit, etc.).

kedek kedekai kedekak-kedekuk kedekar kedekeran kedekut kedelai kedempung kedengkang kedengkik kedengkung keder kedera kederang kedi kedian kedidi kedik kedip kedirgantaraan kedok kedombak kedomprengan kedondong kedosenan kedubes keduduk keduk kedumel kedung kedurjanaan kedut kedutaan keeper kegat

sound of a gong being struck. very thin, thin as a rail, skin and bones. sound of a deep gong being struck. (Jakarta) confused, lose o.’s way. k.o. small mullet. spiny bush, the roots of which are made into dye. 1 transvestite. 2 a preadolescent girl. 3 lacking sexual power. see KEMUDIAN. k.o. plover or sandpiper. bent slightly backward (of body). 1 wink (of an eye). 2 flicker. aerospace affairs. 1 mask. 2 guise, cover. ber-kedok wear a mask, masked. 1 k.o. forest tree. 2 k.o. fish. sound of metal objects clattering. /kedongdong/ k.o. tree with edible, but fibrous, sour, plumlike fruit sometimes eaten cooked. having to do with lecturers. [Kedutaan Besar] Embassy. 1. see SENDUDUK. 2. see DUDUK. (Java) a scoop. meng-keduk 1 scoop. 2 rake in (a profit). grumble, complain under o.’s breath. 1 pool. 2 center of information. evil, crime. 1. 1) fold, crease. 2) wrinkled, crumpled (of paper). 2. a twitch. embassy. /kiper/ (Sport) goalie. bite hard.

kegatalan kegemaran kegemukan kegencaran kegendutan kegenitan kegerahan kegerejaan kegetolan kegiatan kegigihan kegoblokan kegombrongan kegoncangan kegundahan kehadiran kehampaan kehancuran keharuman keharusan kehausan kehel kehendak keheningan keheranan kehewanan kehilangan kehukuman kehutanan keibu – ibuan keimaman keimigrasian keindividuan keinflasian keistimewaan kejadian kejahanaman kejahatan kejai kejaksaan kejam kejamas

1 itchiness. 2 irritation. 1 o.’s hobby, what o. is fond of, amusement. 2 fondness, passion. too fat, overweight. 1 too fast, too often. 2 rapidity. 1 corpulence. 2 too fat. coquettishness. 1) suffer from sultry weather. 2) mugginess. ecclesiastical, concerning the church. industry, industriousness, diligence. 1 energy, ardor. 2 activity. persistence, perseverance. stupidity, folly. too large, too loose. 1 jolt, jarring. 2 shock. depression, dejection, despondency. presence, attendance. 1 emptiness. 2 disappointment. 3 vacuum. destruction. 1 fragrance. 2 fame, renown. 1 necessity, requirement. 2 imperative, must. 1) suffer thirst, be thirsty. 2) thirst, thirstiness. 1 crooked, twisted, deformed. 2 off course (of ship, plane, etc.). 3 sprained, twisted (ankle, etc.). wish, desire. 1 clarity, purity. 2 stillness, silence, quietness. 1 wonder, miracle. 2 be amazed. pertaining to animals. 1 suffer from a loss. 2 loss. legal, juridical. forestry, silviculture. feminine, motherly. Catholic priesthood. matters pertaining to immigration. individuality. suffer from inflation. 1 peculiarity, peculiar feature. 2 special treatment, s.t. better than the normal. 1 (bib) creation,genesis 2 incident , event , occurrence 3 ffair,party,get together 4 case . acused experience. 1 evil, wickedness. 2 felony, misdeed, crime. k.o. tree producing rubber. ber-kejai stretch (after sleeping). 1 office of the counsel for the prosecution. 2 attorney (general). 3 judiciary. 1. closed (of eyes). 2. 1) cruel, brutal. 2) (Coll.) stingy, miserly. a lotion for rinsing the hair made from water in which the ashes of rice stalks have been immersed.

kejang kejangkitan

1 stiff. 2 in convulsions, seized with a camp or spasm. 1 conatminated, infected, smitten by (virus, germ, disease). 2 smitten by.

kejap kejar

kejayaan kejeblos kejelian kejelitaan kejen kejengkang keji kejip kejiwaan kejora kejot keju kejuju kejumudan

a wink of the eye, blink. se-kejap(mata) a second. 1. ber-kejar-kejar-an 1) chase e.o. 2) race e.o. 3) compete (in achievement). pursuing of. 2. [kelompok belajar] study group. materialism. materialism. 1 stiff, rigit. 2 firm, sturdy, tight. 1 distance, distant place. 2 too far. 1 mysticism associated with the Java view of the world. 2 general Java knowledge. 1glory, fame. 2 prosperity, wealth. see JEBLOS. carefulness of observation or work. kejelitaan plowshare. see JENGKANG. despicable, shameful, contemptible (deed). see KEDIP, KEJAP. spiritual, psychic, psychological. morning star. see KEJUT. cheese. keju-kacang peanut butter. meng-kejuju flowing, streaming ceaselessly. 1 obstinancy, unbendingness. 2 being old-fashioned, resistant to change.


stiff, unbending, inflexible (of bristles in a brush, hair, fibers, etc.).

kejuruan kejut kek

1 vocational. 2 vocation, trade. 1 frightened, scared. 2 startled. kejut-an jolt, shock. 1. you could have… or you could have s.t. else, it does not matter if it is….or if it is… 2. see KAKEK. /kekah/ see AKEKAH. confusion, disorder. infidel state, paganism. long-tailed leaf monkey. 1 eternal, everlasting. 2 durable, lasting. 3 colorfast. confusion, bewilderment. confusion. scum, plankton or algae floating on surface of water. puerile, childish. failure. 1 bridle, reins. 2 restraint, curb. see KEKEP. k.o. bird, leafbird.

kejasmanian kejasmanian kejat kejauhan kejawen

keka kekacauan kekafiran kekah kekal kekalapan kekalutan kekam kekanak – kanakan kekandasan kekang kekap kekapas

kekar kekaras kekas kekasih kekat kekau kekawin keke kekeh kekek kekekalan kekeliruan kekentalan kekenyangan kekep keker kekerabatan kekhasan kekhi kekhianatan kekhidmatan kekhilafan kekisi kekocakan kekok kekompakan kekudung kekunoan kel. kelab kelabakan kelabang kelabat kelabu keladak keladan keladau keladi kelagepan kelah kelahi

1. 1) open, unfolded. 2) spread out. 2. 1) solid, firm (body, etc.) 2) squat, hefty. 3) tight, close (of weaving, etc.). see KARAS-KARAS. see KAKAS. beloved, sweetheart. scum or algae floating on the surface of water. wake up suddenly from a deep sleep. see KAKAWIN. see BURUNG. ter-kekeh-kekeh laugh loudly. 1. ter-kekek-kekek giggle, snicker. 2. see BURUNG. 1 constancy. 2 durability. error, mistake. viscosity, thick consistency. 1satiation. 2 too full, overly full. (Jakarta) ng-(k)ekep-in hold in tight embrace, get hold of. 1 binoculars. 2 telescope. 1 kinship. 2 (Ling.) genetic relationship. special characteristics. /keki/ (Jakarta, China) 1 annoyed, irritated, resentful. 2 ill at ease, uncomfortable. treason, betrayal. solemnity, respectfulness, obedience. mistake, error, slip. lattice. 1 hilarity. 2 smartness. 3 being arrogant. clumsy, awkward, blundering. 1 compactness. 2 harmony, solidarity. 3 togetherness, cohesiveness. scarf used as head covering. 1conservatism. 2 antiquity. [keluarga] family. see KLAB-MALAM. 1 flounder about, run around like a chicken without a head. 2 be at a loss (what to do). 1. k.o. centipede. 2. braid (of hair). fenugreek, k.o. aromatic seed used as a spice or medicine. gray, ash colored. dregs, sediment, residue. the champhor tree. meng-keladau keep an eye on. 1 taro. 2 calladium, general name for aroids. tua-tua-keladi the older o. gets the worse (or better) he is. chore. 1 complaint. 2 a charge. 3 tell on s.o., complain. quarrel, argument, fight. ber-kelahi fight with the fists, clash, fight over.

kelai kelainan kelak kelak-kelik kelak-keling kelak-keluk kelakar kelakar kelakat kelakatu kelakson kelakuan kelalang kelalap kelam kelamai kelambai kelambanan

see KALAI 1. 1 difference, deviation. 2 aberration, anomaly, disorder. 1. later. 2. k.o. bird, cuckoo-dove. 3. see KELAH. flickering (of light, etc.). see KERAKELING. 1 curve, curves. 2 details, ins and outs of s.t. a joke, jest, wisecrack. a joke, jest, wisecrack. see KALAKAT. flying ant. see KLAKSON. 1 deed, act. 2 behavior, demeanor. slender-necked earthenware bottle, decanter. see KELELAP. 1. 1) dull, overcast. 2) dark, obscure. 3) dim (of eyesight). 2. clamp. see GELAMAI. see KELEMBAI. 1 indolence. 2 torpor, inertia. 3 laziness. 4 awkwardness, clumsiness.

kelambir kelambit kelambu kelamin kelamun kelan kelana kelancangan kelang kelang-kabut kelangkan kelangkang kelanjar kelantang kelantang-kelanting kelap kelapa

1. see KERAMBIL. 2. see GELAMBIR. flying fox. mosquito net. 1 pair, couple (male and female). 2 sex, gender. meng-(k)elamun daydream, muse. k.o. vegetable, China broccoli. wanderer, rover. ber-, meng- roam, wander. 1 presumption, effrontery. 2 impudence, insolence. see KILANG. see KALANG-KABUT. see LANGKAN. crotch, groin. see KELENJAR. meng-kelantang beach, whiten, dry in the sun. sound of knocking, ratting, chattering, etc. kelap-kelip blinking, flickering. coconut. kelapa-gading coconut with yellow-colored hull. kelapa-kering 1 copra. 2 desicated coconut. 1 hunger. 2 famine, starvation. 3 be famished. 1. (Coll.) 1) ready, done, finished. 2) settled, in order, arranged. 2. notch, indentation. k.o. fruit worm. diamond-shaped pattern (of clotch, plaited mat, etc.). k.o. small lizard. k.o. freshwater fish. 1. 1) class. 2) classroom. 3) grade. 4) (Biol.) class. 2. neap tide. 1. camel’s hump. 2. (Java) mat. see KELUSUH-KELASAH.

kelaparan kelar kelarah kelarai kelarap kelari kelas kelasa kelasah

kelasak kelasi kelat

kelawar kelayab kelayah kelayang kelayap kelayu kelder kelebat kelebek kelebu kelebut kelece keledai keledang keledar keledek keleh kelejat kelek kelelakian kelelap kelelawar keleleran kelelesa kelelot keleluasan kelem kelemapih kelemarin kelemayar kelemayuh kelembahang kelembai kelembak kelemban kelembuai kelembubu kelembung kelempai kelemping

(Lit.) long body shield. 1. sailor, ordinary seaman. 2. proboscis monkey. 1. (Naut.) brace, sheet (of sailing vessel). 2. astringent (of fruits). 3. name given to various myrtaceous trees. 4 meng-kelat stuck (of eyes as after waking up). 1. (Crd.) club. 2. see KELELAWAR. see KELAYAP. ter-kelayah be stretched out. k.o. bird, swallow. (Coll.) ber-(an), nge- roam the streets. k.o. tree. cellar. see KELIBAT 2. /kelebet/ folded at the corner or edge (dog-eared pages of a book, tuckedin edge of a bedspread, etc.). 1 taking in water (of foundering ship). 2 sink (of a ship, boat). 1 shoe last, shoe tree. 2 mold for hats. meng-kelece-i tease. donkey, ass. 1 k.o. large timber tree. 2. k.o. Artocarpus tree that produces small, delicious fruit. ber-keledar approach carefully. see UBI. see KELIH. ber-kelejat-an tremble or shiver strongly, have convulsions. 1 banister. 2 armrest. 3 armpit. masculinity. sink into the water, disapper from sight. cave bat. scattered around, strewn about. chameleon. stick out the tongue. freedom (an action). (Coll.) sunk, foundered, submerged. gangrene. see KEMARIN. k.o. luminous millipede. gangrene. k.o. aroid. supernatural being depicted as a giant female with red hair. 1. aloes wood. 2. China rhubarb. ber-kelemban go roundabout, go around. large dark-shelled snail. whirlwind. inflated. ter-kelempai stretched out weakly. (Jakarta) flabby and sagging (of breasts or belly).

kelemumur kelencer kelendara kelendungan keleneng kelengahan kelengar kelenggara kelengkeng kelengkong kelening kelenjar

kelentang kelenteng

dandruff. (me)ng-, kelencer-an take a walk, go on a tour. (Naut.) ring attaching yard to mast. slack. 1 sound of a bell. 2 small bell (of a bike, etc.). ber-keleneng clang, tinkle (of bell). 1 neglectfulness, inattentiveness. 2 idleness. see LENGAR. see SELENGGARA. 1. longan, k.o. fruit similar to rambutan or lychee, but smaller with smooth brown skin. 2. small hornbill. intrigue, conspiracy. see KELENENG. gland. kelenjar-air mata tear duct. kelenjar-dada/susu mammary gland. kelenjar-getah bening lymph gland. kelenjar-gondok thyroid gland.

kelepak kelepat kelepek kelepet kelepik kelepir kelepon kelepuk kelepur keler

1. sound of a tin can being struck. 2. see KELANTANG. sound of the tinkling of a bell. kelenteng/kelenting 1 China temple. 2 pagoda. suppleness, pliability. 1. (Vulg.) clitoris. 2. ornamental climbing plant with blue flowers. /kelentong/ 1 speech intonation. 2 tone of voice. 1 sound of a cowbell. 2 wooden bell. 1 sound of a small gong. 2 small gong. see KLEP. ber-, meng-, ter- hang down limply (of a flag, ears of a hound, broken branch, etc.). sound of a hand slapping s.t. meng-kelepak (Naut.) caulk. /kele`pe`k/ meng-, ter flutter. see KELEBEK. see KELEPEK. testicles. k.o. round cake of sticky rice filled with coconut and palm sugar. sound of an object falling to the ground. see GELEPUR. (Coll.) a Westerner who converts to Islam and follows indigenous customs.


k.o. fruit producing soapy foam used for washing clothes, esp. batik.

kelerek kelereng kelesa keleseh-peseh kelesek

see KLERK. 1. marbles. ber-kelereng play or shoot marbles. 2. see KELERAK. k.o. river fish. see KERESEH-PESEH. dried skin of banana trunk (cut up in strips and used as twine for wrapping packages). kelestarian

kelentikan kelentit kelentom kelentung kelenung kelep kelepai


kelet keletah keletak keletang keletar keletik keleting keletuk

keletung keletus kelewang kelewar kelewat kelezatan keli kelian keliar kelibang kelibat

kelici kelicih kelicikan kelih kelihatan kelik kelik-kelok keliki-kanji kelikik kelikir keliling kelilip kelilipan kelim kelima kelimis kelimpungan kelimun kelincahan kelinci

be stuck on. 1 coquettish. 2 affected (in manner). sound of a pebble striking wood. ber-keletak make a clacking sound with wooden or leather heels. sound of jingling or tinkling (of silver coins). see GELETAR. sound of ticking. sound of tinkling (of coins, etc.). 1. 1) sound of rapping on a hollow wooden surface, table, etc. 2) sound of creaking (of wooden furniture, floor, etc.). 2. see JAMBU. sound of a can being struck. (me)ng-keletus bite, chew on hard things. see KLEWANG. (Naut.) foresail. see LEWAT. 1 taste. 2 delicacy. 3 infatuated, enamored. 4 enjoyment, pleasure. edible river catfish. 1. tin mine. 2. (Bali) village official. 3. see KALIAN. ber-keliar-an 1 roam or wander about, drift from o. place to another. 2 swarm about (of ants, birds, etc.). swarm about, fly around (of insects). 1. double-bladed paddled. 2. appearing for a flash. ber-kelibat(an) be visible for only a second, flash by. se-kelibat(an) in a moment. 3. see LIBAT. a hand nut (for playing with), marbles. /kelicik/ 1 skid. 2 slip. 1 cunning, wiliness, ability to twist words. 2 artifice, scheme. look, turn the head to look. 1 visible, in sight. 2 discernible. 1. slight curve, turn. 2. make a loud sound. 3. see KLIK. k.o. small stinging red ant. (M) k.o. weed the seeds of which adhere to cloth. giggle, titter. 1. rattan nose ring (for cattle). 2. see KERIKIL. 1 circumference, area around. 2 periphery. 3 surroundings. ber-keliling go around. (Java, Jakarta) speck in the eye. get s.t. in the eye. hem. 1. 5th. 2. the five. see KLIMIS. (Java, Jakarta) confused, distraught. group, crowd. 1 liveliness, friskiness. 2 agility. rabbit, hare. kelinci-hutan black-naped hare. kelinci-percobaan guinea pig.

kelincir kelinciran kelindan kelindas keling kelingking kelingsir kelinik kelining kelinjat kelintar kelinting kelintingan kelintung kelip

kelipat kelipik kelir keliru kelis kelit kelitak keliti kelitik keliwat keliwer kelobot kelocak keloceh keloget kelojot kelojotan kelok kelola kelom kelomben kelompang kelompok kelon

slip, skid 1 oilness. 2 slickness. 3 smoothness. 1 newly spun thread. 2 conveyor rope of the spinning wheel. 3 thread on a needle. 4 bobbin, spool. see LINDAS. 1. (Derog.) a person from S. India. 2. rivet. little finger, pinkie. kelingking-kaki little toe. enlargement of the testicles due to hernia and descent of intestines or accumulation of water. see KLINIK. see KELINTING 1. ter-kelinjat-kelinjat move o.’s body nervously. (ber)kelintar-an 1 walk or roam about, walk up and down or back and forth. 2 hang around, lurk. small bell. tinkle (of bells). rattle (of a snake). 1. kelip-kelip 1) firefly. 2) spangles, sequins. 3) flicker. ber-kelip 1) blink. 2) twinkle, glitter (of spangled things). 2. a coin valued at five cents (in the colonial period). ber-kelipat folded, pleated. speck. 1. color. 2. 1) curtain, screen. 2) screen for a movie, shadow play, etc. 3) disguise, cover, mask. 1 wrong, erroneous. 2 be mistaken, make a mistake. meng-kelis dodge. ber-kelit zigzag, dart back and forth. sound of seeds rattling inside dried fruit. (Naut.) oarlock, rowlock. 1. see GELITIK. 2. see WAYANG see LEWAT. see SELIWER. see KLOBOT. ber-kelocak shake. see CELOTEH. ber-keloget-keloget wriggle, writhe. convulse. 1. convulse. 2. writhin in pain. curve, bend, turn. 1 manage (a business, etc.). 2 carry out, execute (a job, etc.). wooden clogs. kelom-geulis (Sunda) woman’s wooden dress slipper. see KOLEMBEN 2, KOLEMBENG2. 1 empty. 2 empty eggshell, fruit peel, etc. 1 group. 2 cluster. 3 category. (Java) accompaniment of s.o. lying down (esp. of a small child by an older person).

keloneng kelong kelongkong kelongsong kelontang kelontong kelonyo kelop kelopak kelor

kelos keloset kelosok kelotak kelotok keloyak keloyang keloyor kelu keluak keluan keluang keluar keluaran keluarga kelub kelubak kelubi kelubung keluburan kelucak kelucuan kelugasan keluh keluhuran kelui keluih keluk kelukup kelukur keluli

sound of a ringing bell. large sea fish trap with two or three compartments. young coconut. 1 husk. 2 wrapper (of paper, leaf, etc.). 3 cartridge case. rattling sound of tin cans, clappers, etc. 1 bamboo clapper (used by peddlers or hawkers). 2 peddler. 3 sundries, fiveand-dime goods. /kelonyor/ eau de cologne. 1 jibe, tally, square. 2 balanced. 3 fit togheter. 4 be in agreement. 1 (Biol.) sheath, spathe, calyx, bract. kelopak-bunga sepal. 2 calyxlike covering for s.t. other than a plant. the merunggai tree, a small quick-growing tree cultivated for its edible piunnate leaves. Dunia tidak sedaun-kelor The world is bigger than a merunggai leaf (There is plenty of opportunity to find a lover). reel, spool, bobbin. see KLOSET. rub hard, scour. kelotak-kelotek bustling about (in the kitchen, etc.). ber-kelotak rustle, jangle (of silverware, etc.). meng-(k)elotok fall off, be shed (of akin, feathers, peels). ber-keloyak slough (the skin). ter-keloyak be peeled (of skin). 1 k.o. small bird. 2 a stupid person. see KELUYUR. dumb, mute, speechless (from fright). the fruit of the kepayang tree used as a spice. nose rope (for cattle). k.o. fruit-eating bat. 1 go or come out. 2 exxit, leave, go off (the track). 3 turn out to be. 1 s.t. produced, output. 2 graduate. 3 (Bib.) Exodus. 1 family. 2 relative. 3 (Biol.) genus. 4 group of people like a family. see KLUB. see KUBAK. k.o. salacca palm with bitter edible fruit. cover, veil. pit for trapping animals. see KELOCAK. 1 humor, joking. 2 cuteness. 1 matter-of-factness, efficiancy. 2 simplicity, uneffectedness. 1 sigh, moan. 2 complaint. 1 grandeur, majesty. 2 nobleness (of character). ramie, k.o. fiber. see KLUWIH. curved. ber-keluk 1 bend 2 have curves. keluk-an buckling. k.o. timber-yielding tree. ber-kelukur(an) abraded, scraped, grazed (of skin). steel rods for reinforcing cement.

kelulu kelumit kelumpang

proper, fitting. bit, part. k.o. tall tree with malodorous flowers that yields soft, cheap wood.

kelumun kelun keluna kelunak kelung kelungguhan kelupaan kelupas kelupur keluron keluronan keluruk kelurut kelus kelusuh-kelasah kelut-melut kelutum kelutut

conver(let), wrapping. 1. ber-kelun billow (of smoke). 2. see KELON. k.o. woody vine. k.o. tuber. 1 bent. 2 hollow, concave. job, position. 1 forget s.t. 2 forgetfulness. get peeled off. flutter. (Java) miscarriage, premature stillbirth. keluron-an have a miscarriage, bear a premature baby that dies. have a miscarriage, bear a premature baby that dies. (Java) crow, go cock-a-doodle-do. whitlow. 1. abraded, scraped (of skin). 2. see KELOS. very nervous. crisis, critical stage (of an illness, political situation, etc.). k.o. artocarpus tree the wood of which withstands water. k.o. wasplike insect the nests of which exude a sweet sticky substance.

keluwak keluyuk keluyur kem. kemacetan kemah kemah-kemih kemahakuasaan kemak-kemik kemakmuran kemaksiatan kemal kemala kemalangan kemalingan kemam kemamang kemampuan kemana kemanakan kemanan kemandang kemang

see KELUAK. (China) meat dish with sweet sauce. 1 loaf around, stroll about without purpose. 2 hang around. [Kementrian] ministry, department. 1 jamming, sticking, stagnation. 2 stoppage, shutdown. 1 tent. 2 camp. 3 awning aboard ship. ber- chew. kemahakuasaan 1. ber- chew. 2. mumble. prosperity. kemaksiatan 1 moist, damp, clammy. 2 dingy, grubby. see GEMALA. 1 bad luck, calamity, distress. 2 struck by disaster or bad luck. 1 robbed. 2 theft, robbery. ber-kemam mumble. (Java) evil spirit in the shape of a flaming head. 1ability, capability. 2 prosperity. see MANA 1. see KEMENAKAN. (Java) a percussion instrument used to mark the rhythm. see KUMANDANG. 1. a supernatural being that attacks babies. 2. k.o. wild mango.

kemangi kemangkatan kemanjaan kemanten kemanunggalan kemanusiaan kemarahan kemarau kemaren kemarhaenan kemari kemarin kemaron kemartiran kemaruk kemas

k.o. basil. death, demise. comforting, familiarity. /kemantin/ (Coll.) newlywed, bride or bridegroom. total integration. 1 humanity, being a human. 2 human nature. 3 humanism. 1 fury, anger, wrath. 2 very angry. 1 dray (of a season or the hold of a boat after bailing). 2 dry season. 3 having no money. see KEMARIN. proletarianism. come here. 1 yerterday. 2 (Java) in the past. k.o. earthenware waterjug. martydom. 1 ravenous (esp. after a long illness). 2 greedy, covetous. 1 orderly, well kept (of a house, etc.), cleared away. 2 crated, boxed.

kemasakan kemasukan

maturity. 1 possessed. 2 entered accidentally, have s.t. manage to get into it.

kemasyarakatan kemasyhuran kemat kemat-kamit kematu kemauan kemawan kemayu kembal kembala-kembali kembali

social. fame, renown. see HIKMAH. see KOMAT-KAMIT. hard as stone. kemauan see AWAN. (Java) coquettish. small wickerwork container (of rattan, bamboo or palm leaves). go back and forth. 1 return, revert to. 2 once again. 3 you are welcome. 4 change (of money).

kemban kembang kembar kembara kemben kembeng kembili kembira kembiri kemboja kembok kembol kembu kembung

breast cloth (wrapped around the upper part of a woman’s body). 1 flower. 2 breed (of germs, etc.). 1 twin. 2 in duplicate. 3 identical. 4 match, twin. see EMBARA. see KEMBAN. meng-(k)embeng flood, overflow. k.o. large us. purplish edible tuber. scatter in all directions (of a fleeing army, etc.). see KEBIRI. see KAMBOJA. 1. see KOBOK. 2. see GEMBOK. meng- bulge (of pockets, etc.). k.o. small basket for fish. 1. filled with air, puffed up, puffing, fill. 2. k.o. round rice basket.

kembur kemburuan kembut kemegahan kemeja kemejan kemekaran kemekmek kemelut kememadaian kemenakan kemenangan kemencongan kemendang kemendur kemengkalan kemenis kementam kemenyan kemerdekaan kemerduan kemeresak kemerlap kemerup kemerut kemesraan kemet kemi kemidi kemih kemik kemil kemilap kemilau kemiliteran keminting,kemiri keminusan kemiringan kemis kemiskinan kemlandingan kemoceng kemolekan kemong

chat, engage in small talk. jealous. k.o. woven basket. greatness, glory. western-style shirt. see HIU. efflorescence. (Jakarta) be fascinated. crisis, critical stage (of illness, fever, political situation, etc.). satisfactoriness, sufficiency. nephew, niece. victory. 1 declivity. 2 going off in a skewed direction. mirage or shimmer caused by hot air. 1 (Naut.) commander. 2 harbor master. 3 civil official (during the colonial period). 4 overseer, foreman. irritation, annoyance. see KOMUNIS. booming, thundering. incense derived from gum benzoin. freedom, liberty, independence. sweetness of voice. sound of rustling. see GEMERLAP. flicker. see KERUT1. 1 absorption. 2 love, feeling of being intimate. o. with the magical power to have intercourse with a woman from afar. 1. sucking fish, the remora. 2. see KEMIH. see KOMIDI. (Formal) urine. dented. (me)ng-(k)emil eat snacks. kemil-an snacks. see GEMILAP sheen, shiny, shining (of metal, jewel, velvet, moon, etc.). military. candlenut tree and its fruit. unproductiveness. declivity, slope. 1. beg. 2. see PENATU. proverty, destitution. the ipil-ipil, a fast-growing tree with edible beans planted to shade coffee and used as cattle feed or for green manure. see KEMUCING. loveliness, beauty. 1. sunken (of cheeks). 2. a small gong of the Java gamelan.

kemot kempa kempal kempang kempang-kempis kempas kempas-kempis kempeitai kempek kempek kempelang kempes kempih

see KEMUT 1,2. a press. see KIMPAL. k.o. canoe. pant. k.o. tree. panting for breath. Japanese military police (or a member of it) during the occupation. bag for betel. bag for betel. see KEMPLANG 1. see KEMPIH. /kempis/ 1 deflated, flat (tire, etc.) 2 sunken (of cheeks, chest, etc.) 3 penniless. meng-(k)empih/(k)empis collapse (of lung, vein).

kempit kemplang

kempunan kempung kempungan kemreket kemringet kemrungsung kemu kemucak kemucing kemudi

1. k.o. earthenware jug. 2. see KEPIT. 1. meng-(k)emplang strike (esp. with the fist). kemplang-an blow, hit. 2. meng- sell fruit wholesale to middleman before harvesting. 3. meng- 1 not pay. 2 embezzle. twanging sound. (Java) mallet for softening batik cloth. k.o. martial art. flat, deflated. 1. sunken, hollow (of cheeks). 2. broke, penniless. k.o. round box with lid for clothing. 1 soft, mushy (of food which is fully cooked). 2 very ripe (of fruit). 3 rotten, spoiled of food). 1. k.o. gamelan instrument containing several small horizontal gongs. 2. berkempul-kempul pant, be out of breath. 1 be in a quandary, nervous, desperate. 2 long or yearn for. sunken (of cheeks from loss of teeth). 1 abdomen. 2 bladder. gnash (of teeth). (Java) sweaty. ber-kemringet break into a sweat. (Java) uncomfortable, ill at ease. 1. ber-, meng- rinse out the mouth. 2. meng- mutter, mumble. see KEMUNCAK. feather duster. 1 helm, rudder. 2 steering wheel. 3 reins (of gvt., management, etc.).

kemudian kemudu-kudu kemuka kemukus kemul kemuliaan

afterwards, later, then. see SELAK 2. see MUKA. k.o. pepper, the cubeb. 1. (Java) blanket, coverlet. 2. munch, gnaw at or on. magnificence, pomp, glory.

kempleng kemplong kempo kempos kempot kempu kempuh kempul

kemumu kemuncak kemuncup kemunduran kemung kemungkus kemuning kemunting kemurnian kemusykilan kemut

kemutul ken kena

kenal kenalpot kenan

kenang kenang – kenangan kenanga kenap kenapa kenari kencan kencana kencang kencang-kencung kencar kenceng kencerang-kencering kencing

kenco kencong kencung

1. k.o. seaweed. 2. k.o. aroid, the leaves and roots of which are eaten. 3. dandruff. peak, top, summit, apex. k.o. grass, the seeds of which adhere to o.’s clothing. 1.decline,decrease. 2.deterioration. 3. cutback (in production). see KEMONG 2. addled (of an egg). 1 yellow (color). 2 k.o. tree producing beautiful yellow wood. the rose-myrtle, ashrub producing dark red edible berries. 1 purity, genuineness. 2 chastity. kemusykilan 1. 1) throb, beat (of pulse). 2) stagger. 2. 1) suck on (a piece of candy or as sexual act). 2) move up and down (of mouth when eating). kemut-an hard candy that is sucked. k.o. hardwood tree. (Japanese) regency. 1 be touched adversely, struck, hit, or affected by s.t. unpleasant, come into contact with. 2 hit s.t. 3 be subject to. 4 fit, be the right thing, be on the mark. 5 (Coll., Java) be allowed. 1 know, be familiar. 2 be acquainted with. see KNALPOT. 1. birthmark. 2. ber-kenan 1) have the pleasure of , be so kind as to. 2) agree, approve of, endorse. memper-kenan-kan permit, allow. be reminded of, think of. 1 souvenir, keepsake, memento. 2 remembrances, fond memories. 3 ideals of the past. the ylang-ylang or cananga, a shrub the flowers of which produce oils for perfume. small table. 1 whay. 2 what happened to. 1. the canari tree and its nuts. kenari- Belanda almond. 2. canary. 1 date, appointment. 2 date. (Lit.) gold. 1 fast, quick, speedy. 2 taut, tight. 3 selling well. clanking sound. ter-kencar-kencar 1 nervous, agitated. 2 in haste, hastily. 1. bow drill. 2. frying pan. sound of jingling coins or metal ornaments. 1 urine. 2 urinate. kencing-batu kidney stone. kencing-darah blood in the urine. kencing-gula/manis diabetes. kencing-nanah gonorrhea. (Japanese) regent. 1. crooked, askew, awry. 2. pitcher plant. see KENCANG-KENCUNG.


greater galingale, a root crop resembling ginger, used as spice and medicine. masih bau-kencur still a virgin/still young and inexperience.


1 cowries, shell money. 2 a chest or oblong box adorned with shell, glass, etc. lover, mistress. ber-kendak have an affair with. kendak-an paramour.

kendak kendakan kendala kendali kendang

paramour. constraint, obstacle. reins. 1. k.o. small drum covered with leather at each end. ber-kendang(an) play a kendang. kendang-an membrane in ear. 2. ream of paper (480 sheets).

kendara kendaraan kendat,kendatan kendati kendeka kendi kendil kendiri kendit kendo

ber-kendara ride (in or on s.t.). 1 vehicle. 2 mount. interruption. /kendati pun/ 1 although. 2 not to mention, much less. see KAYU 1. k.o. earthware flask with a neck and spout 9us for drinking water). (Java) pot for cooking rice. (Coll.) see SENDIRI. 1 cloth belt, sash. 2 girdle. (Java) soft, slow (tone). / ke`ndo / martial arts with Japanese staffs.

kendong kendor kenduduk kendur kenduri kenek kenekadan keneker kenes keng kengkang kengkeng

meng- carry s.t. in a cloth. see KENDUR. 1. see UBI. 2. see SENDUDUK. 1 slack (of rope, business). 2 loose. 3 flabby, not trim (of body). 4 lifeless, weak, without pep. 5 (Ling.) lax. 6 slacken. (Islam) ritual meal. assistent to a driver. determination. marbles. ber-keneker play marbles. 1 coquettish. 2 affected (of female). bark, yelp (of dogs). see KANGKANG 2. meng-kengkeng-kengkeng 1 yelp, howl (of a dog). 2 whimper, whine.

kenidai kenikir kenikmatan

name given to several k.o. bushes or trees. the cosmos, an ornamental flower with edible leaves. 1 bliss, enjoyment. 2 comfort, amenity 3.the privilege of benefiting from s.t.

kening kenini kenisah kenohong kenong

1 brow, forehead. 2 eyebrow. see KININE. (Bib.) the temple in Jerusalem. leprosy. (Java) k.o. small gong of the gamelan.

kenop kenpeitai kensel kental kentang kentar kentara kentel kenteng kentit kentong kentongan kentrang-kentring kentut kenung kenup kenyal kenyam kenyamanan kenyang kenyat-kenyit kenyataan kenyi kenyinyiran kenyir kenyit kenyot,kenyut kenyot,kenyut – an keok keonaran keong kep kep. kepabrikan kepada kepah kepahlawanan kepai kepak kepaksa kepal kepala

1. 1) knob, button. 2) button (of shirt, etc.). 2. see KNOP. see KEMPEITAI. kena-kensel experience a cancellation (us. of a trip). 1 thick (of syrup). 2 strong (of coffee). 3 close (of friendships). potato. unit of weight for gold. 1 visible. 2 discernible, apparent, evident. see KENTAL. see GENTENG. (Java, Jakarta) meng-(k)entit 1 steal s.t. 2 hide s.t. /kentung/ 1 sound of a gong. 2 gong. 1 drum made from bamboo or wood which is struck to sound an alarm. 2 alarm sounded by this drum. /kentrang-kentrung/ sound of strumming, strings being plucked. 1 flatus, stomach gas. 2 break wind, fart. 1 sound of gong. 2 a horizontal gong in the gamelan. 1. truncheon, bludgeon, billy club. 2. see KENOP. 1 tough, rubbery (of meat, etc.). 2 elastic (of fibers, etc.). meng-(k)enyam 1 taste, sample (food) 2 savor s.t. 3 experience, sample. 1 freshness, fit feeling. 2 pleasure. 1 satisfied, sated. 2 saturated. /kenyat-kenyut/ pulsate, throb. kenyataan /kenyih/ 1 sickly. 2 susceptible to disease. talkativeness, loquacity. crave (food). meng-kenyit wink. meng-kenyit-kan wrinkle (the brows). meng-(k)enyot suck (a nipple, etc.). 1 nipple for baby’s bottle. 2 candy to suck on. 1. defeated, beaten (in sports). 2. cackle, cluck. 1 confusion, boisterousness. 2 sensation. 3 disturbance. 1 snail. 2 shape of snail’s shell, coil, or spiral. 1. cap, detonator, blasting cap. 2. (Coll.) form of address to a kapten. 3. cowlick, tuft or similar configuration of hair on animals. 1. [keputusan] decision, decree. 2. [kepulauan] archipelago. industrialization. see PADA 1. k.o. mollusk. heroism. see KAPAI. 1. wing (of bird, fowl). 2. see PAK. ke`pak1. meng-(k)epak carry on the hip. ke`pak 2. meng-ke`pak-ke`pak flutter. (Coll.) see PAKSA 1. 1 lump, clod. 2 fist. se-kepal a handful or fistful. 1 head. 2 head, brain. 3 leader, head, chief executive. 4 the uppermost or foremost, principal part. 5 person, (per) head.

kepalang kepam kepandaian kepang kepanggung kepaniteraan kepanjangan kepar keparat kepasifan kepastian kepatang kepawangan kepaya kepayang kepecong kepek kepekaan kepekatan kepelbagaian kepelet kepenak kepencong kepencut kependekan kependetaan kependudukan kepeng kepengacaraan kepenghuluan kepengin kepengurusan kepentingan kepepet kepepet keper keperagawatian keperawanan kepergian kepergok keperosok keperwiraan kepesatan

insufficient, inadequate. 1 musty, stale. 2 faded. cleverness, skill. k.o. tree, the rotten xylem of which yields fragrant material. see PANGGUNG. secretariat. 1 too long. 2 lenght. 3 duration. 4 continuation. k.o. perchlike fish. /ke`par/ twilled cloth. 1. (Vulg.) 1) dammit !, damned, accursed. 2) rogue. 3) infidel, heathen. 2. atonement through good deeds, sacrifice, etc. passivity, inaction. 1 certainty. 2 assurance. 3 for sure. (M) yesterday. the field of animal training. see PAPAYA. k.o. large tree which produces the spice keluwak. fall asleep (of leg or arm). 1. (Java) notes for cheating on a test. 2. see KEMPEK. sensitivity. 1 thickness, concentration, density. 2 darkness. diversity. 1 be made to fall in love by magical means. 2 be seduced. see ENAK. fruit of the kepayang tree used as spice. (Java) fall in love, be attracted to. 1 abbreviation. 2 shortness. 3 too short. clergy, ministry. demography , see DUDUK. coin with square hole in center formerly worth 1/8 of a cent (in the colonial era). matters dealing with lawyers. territory of a penghulu. see KEPINGIN. management, leadership (of an organization). 1 importance. 2 (self-) interest. see PEPET. see PEPET. 1.see KEPAR. 2. see KIPER. modeling. 1 spinsterhood, maidenhood. 2 virginity. 1 departure. 2 trip, journey. 3 going, passing, death. see PERGOK. sink in, slip into. heroism. speed, momentum.


meng(kepet-kepet)kan shake, manipulate s.t. ke`pe`t 1. (Jakarta) fin (of a fish). 2. fail to clean o.s. after defecating or fail to bathe. ng-(k)epet (Vulg.) be a shit ass. 3. ng-(k)epet magically turn into an animal.

kepetang kepetangan kepialu kepiat kepiatuan kepik kepil kepiluan kepincangan kepincut kepinding keping

see KEPATANG. secret agent. migraine headache. dried coconut husk. orphaned. 1. dented (of fender, etc.). 2. k.o. insect harmful to agriculture. near, close or next to, alongside (of a ship). 1 sadness. 2 emotion, being moved. 1 lameness. 2 defect. 3 imbalance. (Java) attracted, drawn to. bedbug. 1 chip, fragment. 2 splinter, sliver, shard. 3 counter for flat thin objects.

kepingan kepingin kepinis kepinjal kepintaran kepintasan kepiran kepis kepit kepitan kepiting keplak kepleset keplok kepodang kepoh kepompong keponakan kepongahan kepos kepot

fragment. desire, want strongly. kepingin-tahu curious, eager to know. ironwood. flea. cleverness, skill. 1 overcome, surmounted. 2 cut short. 3 intercepted. see KAPIRAN. k.o. basket for holding freshly caught fish. pressed between arm and side or between two fingers. 1 clamp, pincers. 2 o.’s hold. crab. meng-keplak slap (us. the head). slip. applause. ber-keplok clap, applaud. see KEPUDANG. /kepok/ deflect, ward off (a blow). cocoon, chrysalis, pupa. nephew, niece. conceit, arrogance. see POS. 1. meng-kepot swerve, zigzag. 2. 1) crumpled, creased. 2) tousled, disheveled. [Keputusan Presiden] presidential decree, executive order. 1 military. 2 heroism. (Java) small wooden box tapped for a castinetlike beat. meng-keprak hit, tap on s.t. prune, trim, cut back. spill, spray. (Jakarta) slap with the back of the hand. 1. see KEPLOK. 2. see JERUK.

keppres keprajuritan keprak kepras kepret kepretan keprok

kepruk kepudang kepuh kepujanggaan kepuk kepul kepulaga kepulangan kepulauan kepulesan kepundan kepundung kepung kepunjulan kepura – puraan kepurbakalaan kepuspa – ragaman kepustakaan keputrian kepuyuh kepuyuk kepyur kerkera kerab kerabang kerabat kerabik kerabit kerabu kerabunan keracak keracap keradikalan keraeng keragaman keraguan kerah kerahi kerai kerait kerajaan

1. see JERUK. 2. meng-kepruk smash, break open. oriole. 1. 1) bulging (of briefcase, packet, etc.). 2) billowing (of sails). 2. k.o. tree producing soft, cheap wood and striking flowers. literary. 1. 1) basket made of bark to hold rice, etc. 2) name given to other baskets. 2. dented. billowing smoke. see KAPUL. action of going back. archipelago. see PULAS 1. 1 lava. 2 crater. a tree with sour fruit similar to the Lansium. encircling, sit or stand around. kepung-an encirclement, area surrounded. superiority, being a bit better or more than others. dissimilation, pretense. archaeological. variegation. 1 literature. 2 documents. 3 bibliography. 1 women’s affairs. 2 womanhood. see PUYUH 1. cockroach. (Java) men-kepyur sprinkle down. see also entries with kr-. k.o. ape. kera-belanda proboscis monkey. see AKRAB. eggshell. relative, family. see KERABIT. torn, ripped, rent. 1. salad of raw vegetables or unripe fruits. meng-kerabu prepare kerabu. 2. ear studs (jewelry). myopia. 1. elated, jump with joy. 2. (Naut.) make good speed (of sailing vessels). 3. see KRECEK. k.o. wooden or bamboo musical instrument. radicalism. see KARAENG. variety, diversity. 1 hesitancy. 2 doubt. 1. corvee. 2. collar. k.o. small melon. 1 blinds made of thin bamboo slats. 2 awning. creaky (chair, bicycle, etc.). 1 empire, kingdom. 2 royal.

kerajang kerajinan kerak kerakal kerakap kerakeling kerakyatan keram kerama keraman keramas keramat kerambil kerambit keramik kerampang keramunting keran

gold leaf. 1 industry,diligence. 2 handicraft. 1 rice crust adhering to the pot. 2 encrustation. kerak-bumi the earth’s crust. kerak-besi iron slag. gravel (e.g.) for roadbed). betel leaf that has grown thick and tough. brass knuckles. 1 democracy, rule by the people. 2 populist. 1. have cramps. 2. imprison, incarcerate, lock up. curse, spell. see KRAMAN. shampoo. 1 sacred, holy. 2 possessing supernatural qualities. 3 shrine, sacred spot.

keranji keranjing keranjingan keranta kerantong-kerantung kerap

(Java) coconut. 1 short clawlike dagger. 2 short sickle. ceramics. perineum, crotch see KEMUNTING. 1. tap, faucet, spigot. 2. crane, derrick. 3. brazier, portable stove. 4. ngkeran work as an assistant. see KARENA. 1 confusion. 2 (Ling.) contamination. (Islam) a bier, consisting of a framework of bamboo or wooden laths which support the cloth covering a corpse. 1 cockle shells. 2 mollusks and their shells. 1 crisscross, askew, awry (of lines). 2 irregular (in shape). 3 rambling (of a house, city layout). 4 conniving, scheming. clattering (of dishes). see KERENGGA. see SEMUT. 1 skeleton. 2 framework. 3 ship’s hull. 4 design, plan. k.o. hard wood used for making wheel rims, hoe handles, etc. 1. see KELANGKANG. 2. see SEMUT. 1 jail, lock up. 2 cage. 3 playpen. office clerk. k.o. basket. keranjang-pakaian clothes hamper. keranjang sampah wastebasket. k.o. timber tree. be fond of. 1 possessed (by bad spirit, etc.), mania. 2 have a mania for s.t. louse found on a dead or dying body. bamboo or wooden drum used as an alarm. 1. 1) close. 2) often, frequently. 2. meng-kerap race bulls. kerap-an bull race.

kerap-kerap kerapai

sound of munching. see GERAPAI.

kerana kerancuan keranda kerang kerang-keroh kerang-kerung kerangga keranggang kerangka kerangkai kerangkang kerangkeng kerani keranjang

kerapatan kerapis kerapu kerapuhan keras

keras-keras keras-tulang kerasan kerasulan kerat

density. see KEROPAS-KERAPIS. k.o. seafish, the grouper. 1 fragility. 2 brittleness, crispness. 1 hard (not soft). 2 (Phys.) solid state. 3 tight, not flexible, taut. 4 strong. 5 hard (with effort). 6 gruff (speech, attitude). 7 loud (voice, etc.). 8 stern, stringent (measures). 9 seriously. k.o. crispy cookie. k.o. plant, the leaves of which are used for medicinal purposes. see KRASAN. 1 attribute of a messenger of God. 2 apostolate. 1. 1) slice, piece, part. 2) part (of a house, road, town). 2. sound of munching. meng-(k)erat nibble, gnaw. 3. see KARAT 1. 4 see KRAT.


palace, esp. of a Java ruler. ke-keraton-an having to do with the court.


kerdam kerdil kerdip kerdom kerdum kerdus kerdut kere kereat-kereot kerebok kerecek kereceng keredak

1. k.o. wasp that lives underground or has a nest made of earth. 2. k.o. plant. crime-infested, unsafe. 1 filigree. 2 openwork (on cloth, embroidery, lacework). band of iron or plaited rattan (on the handle of knife or chisel). see CACING. 1. k.o. wild breadfruit tree. 2. see GERBANG 2. meng-kerbat mulut gag s.o. 1 carabao, water buffalo. 2 stupid person. see KECAP. crunching sound. meng-kercing-kan mata shut o.’s eyes. meng-kercit-kan mata wink. k.o. rush used for weaving mats, etc. 1 dregs, sediment (of coffee, wine, etc.). 2 objects of no value, junk. 3 modest way to refer to o.’s own possessions. boom, loud, resonating sound. 1 dwarf, stunted. 2 small-minded. see KEDIP. ber(r)-kerdom-kerdom cuss, engage in abusive language. booming, resounding sound. see KARDUS. 1 wrinkled. 2 corrugated. see KERAI. / ke`re`/ 1. (Java) puppy. 2. beggar, vagrant, tramp. rickety, squeaking. meng-kerebok tear s.t. see KERCEK. see KECENG. 1 caked, dried-up dirt (on people, animals, etc.). 2 dried mucus in the nose.


see KEDIP.

kerawanan kerawang kerawat kerawit kerbang kerbat kerbau kercap kercek kercing kercit kercut kerdak

keredok keredong kerei kerek

see KAREDOK. cover, blanket. see KERAI. see KERIK. /ke`re`k/ 1. hoist, pulley (block). meng-(k)erek 1) hoist, raise (a flag). 2) lift with a hoist (as of a cargo). 2. a measure for palm sugar.

kerekah kerekatan kereket kerekot

kerena kerencang,kerencing,kerencung kerendahan kerendang kereneng kereng kerengga kerengkam kerengket kerenikan kereningan kerenyam kerenyau kerenyit kerenyot kerenyut kerepas kerepes kerepot kerepotan kererangga keresak,keresek

see KERKAH. adhesiveness. sound of squeaking or cracking (of wood, teeth grating, etc.). /kerekut/ 1 grown deformed (of hands, limbs, fingers, etc.). 2 rough, uneven (of a floor). 3 stingy, avaricious. 1 willingness. 2 agreement, consent. 3 blessing, favor (of God). triviality. pinworms, intestinal worms. -an, ke-an 1 suffer from pinworms. 2 itch in the anus from pinworms. wrinkled, furrowed (of the face). 1 strraight razor. 2 pocketknife. /kerempeng/ emaciated, thin. lower abdomen. see KEMUNTING. 1 impressive, handsome (of a man). 2 dashing, well-dressed. 3 spirited, fast (of a horse). /ke`ren/ see KERN. see KARENA. sound of clanging chains, etc. 1 too short. 2 lowness. k.o. spreading weed with edible leaves used as fodder. (Java) a net of bamboo strips for carrying small loose items. gruff, surly, grumpy. see KERING 1. k.o. large biting red ant. a seaweed. shiver with fear. porosity, delicateness. tinkling sound. geranium. see KERNYAU 1. see KERNYIT. meng-kerenyot 1 grin. 2 twist or distort o.’s mouth. see KERNYUT 1,2. blind in o. eye. meng-kerepes grope for s.t. wrinkled. 1 stir, bustle. 2 very busy. see KERENGGA. sound of rustling or snapping (of dry leaves). ber-, ter- rustle, crunch.

kerese-pese keresek


kerelaan keremehan keremi keremot kerempagi kerempang kerempung keremunting keren

kereseng keresmian

cracked open, slightly open. 1 official confirmation, official announcement. 2 of an official character.

keresmis keresot keret kereta

see KISMIS. wrinkled, furrowed (of forehead). 1. meng-keret cut s.t. 2. see MENGKERET. 1 carriage, cart. kereta-api train. per-kereta-apian railway affairs. 2 car.

keretak keretan keretek keretik keretot kereweng kerezekian keri keria keriang-keriut keriap keriat-keriut keributan kericau kericik keridas keridik kerih keriilan kerik kerikam kerikan kerikil kerikit kerimut kerincing

sound of snapping or cracking. a pull. bridge. see KERTIK. deformed (of limbs, fingers, etc.), uneven (of a surface). fragment of broken tile. kerezekian k.o. small sickle for cutting grass. k.o. cake made of sugar, flour, and potatoes. sound of squeezing and creaking (e.g. stairs). ber-an, meng-keriap swarm. see KERIANG-KERIUT. stir, commotion, disturbance. 1 chirp, twitter. 2 chatter. sound of splashing water. see KADAS. mole cricket. sound of a screaming monkey. reality. meng-kerik scrape or shave off or s.t., k.o. linen. kerikan pebble, gravel. meng-kerikit gnaw, nibble. meng-kerimut 1 undo, rumple. 2 hurt (feelings, etc.). 1 sound of tinkling, jingling. 2 k.o. musical instrument, the triangle.

kerinduan kering

1 longing, yearning. 2 (Coll.) favorite. 1. 1) dry, dried off or up. 2) arid. 3) not lucrative, poorly paid. 4) crispy. 5) dish made of ingredients chopped up, spiced, and fried until crisp. 2. sound of ringing. 1 lightness. 2 relief, dispensation. /keringet/ sweat, perspiration. sound of bicycle bells, carts, etc. kidney. k.o. hardwood tree used for construction. hang in clusters or bunches (fruit, etc.). 1. salted shellfish. 2. see KERITING. ber-kerinyit see KERNYIT.

keringanan keringat kerining kerinjal kerinjing kerintil kerinting kerinyit

kerinyut kerip

see KERNYUT 1,2. meng-kerip 1 crackle (of gravel, etc.). 2 nibble, gnaw (of rat, squirrel).


kerjang kerjantara kerjap kerjasama kerkah kerkak kerkap kerkau kerkop kerkup kerlap kerling

crispy chips( of banana, potato, tempeh, etc.). keripik-elektronik microchip. meng-keripik flake, scale s.t. 1. wrinkled, furrowed, wizened (of face, etc.). 2. see JERUK. kris, k.o. wavy double-bladed dagger. 1 rustling sound. 2 dried banana leaf. 1 rustling. 2 peeling off. grin. see KRISTEN. see KISUT. sound of scraping on metal. 1. sound of crackling. 2. see KRITIK. curly, kinky (of hair). din, clamor. crowing. sound of creaking, squeaking, or scraping. see PRIWIL. 1 work. 2 accupation, job. 3 activity. 4 celebration (of an important rite in life). see EMAS. employment agency. see KEJAP. cooperation. meng-kerkah rip apart with the teeth and eat.crunch on s.t. sound of a bone being crushed. see KERKAH, KERKAK, KERAKAP. meng-kerkau seize with a claw. (Coll.) Christian cemetery. sound of cracking. 1. glare, glistening. 2. meng-, te- doze off for a moment. 1. glance out of the corner of the eyes. 2. shining, gleaming, sparkling.

kerlingan kerlip kerma kermak kermi kern kernai kernek kerneli kernet kernyat-kernyut kernyau kernyih

light given off. 1. flickering (of light). 2. fall in love. see KERAMA. k.o. herb. see KEREMI. /ke`ren/ (Coll.) nucleus, nuclear. meng-kernai cut into small pieces (of meat, vegetables). see KENEK. vanilla. see KENEK. sound of creaking (of door, shoes, floor, etc.). 1. sound of crunching, sound of s.o. munching. 2. hoarse (of voice). grinning, making faces (to show ridicule).

keriput keris kerisik kerisikan kerising keristen kerisut kerit keritik keriting keriuhan keriuk keriut keriwil kerja

kernying kernyit kernyut kero kerobak

bare the teeth or fangs. furrow. 1. wrinkle. 2. gnashing of teeth. 3. be-kernyut pulsate (of arteries). 1. bed with springs. 2. squinting, cross-eyed. 1 with holes. 2 with a large rip (of a sail, flag, etc.). 3 scarred, pockmarked.

kerobek kerocetan kerocok

see ROBEK. disorder, confusion. rattling noise, sound of liquid being shaken in a bottle, or of light objects falling rapidly. see KERUDUNG. 1 false, deceptive, crooked. 2 confusing, hazy, unclear. 1. currycomb. 2. see KERUK. sound of gurgling. see KERUMUK 1. (Sunda) set of kettle gongs suspended horizontally in a row. (Coll.) crown (symbol of Dutch rule). 1. 1) sound of clanking, jingling (of cow bells, etc.). 2) popular Indonesian music originating from Portuguese songs. 3) k.o. small guitar or ukulele. 2. deepest recess of a fish trap. 3. k.o. plant which furnishes green fertilizer.

kerodong keroh kerok kerolok keromok keromong keron keroncong

keroncor kerong kerong-kerong kerongkongan kerongsang kerongsong kerontang keropak keropas-kerapis keropeng keropes keropok keropong keropos kerosak kerosang kerosek kerosi kerosin kerosok kerosong kerotak

male horseshoe crab. /kerong-kerang/ sound of a heavy object being shaken in a tin can. k.o. small sea perch. 1 throat. 2 gullet, esophagus, pharynx. brooch, esp. a set of three brooches used to fasten together women’s traditional blouses. see KELONGSONG. 1. sound of ratting (of a bucket). 2. see KERING 1. palm leaf manuscript used to write on. small articles or objects of no value. ber- do work or activity of no importance. scab (of a wound, skin eruption, rash). meng- pick a scab. dried nasal mucus. 1. se-keropok small group. 2. 1) hollow, empty. 2) eaten at by ants. 3. see KERUPUK. hollow, eaten away (of interiors). 1 porous, spongy. 2 hollow, rotten. 3 rarefied (gas). sound of treading on dry leaves or twigs. see KERONGSANG. sound of swishing (e.g. rinsing uncooked rice). see KURSI 1. kerosene. 1. sound of treading on dry leaves. 2. see TEMBAKAU. sloughed skin (of reptiles). meng-kerosong molt, slough the skin. sound of things grinding or clashing against e.o.

kerotot keroyok kerpai kerpas kerpik kerpis kerpu kerpus kerren kersai kersak kersang kersen kersik kersip kersmis kersuk kertah kertang kertap kertas kertau kertik kertika kerting kertu kertuk kertus keruan kerubung kerubut kerucil kerucut kerudung keruh keruing keruit keruk kerukunan

1 grooved (of a file). 2 pockmarked, furrowed, wringkled (ike the skin of a tangerine). gang up on, swarm overhelm. keroyok-an attack by overwhelming numbers. cartridge of cracking (e.g. a branch being snapped). sound of rustling, (e.g. treading on bushes, etc.). see KERPAK. see KERPAS. (Geol.) blende. 1. k.o. headgear, k.o. cap. 2. a plastered ridge along the top of a tile roof. 3. guardhouse, cell. see KEREN. crumbly, loose (of cooked rice, sand). sound of treading on dray grass. see GERSANG. cherry. 1. grit, gravel, coarse sand. 2. see KERISIK. see KEDIP. (Coll.) Christmas. sound of loud rustling. k.o. land crab. 1. caked (with mud, dried blood, pus). 2. sound of striking a tin can. 3. k.o. sea fish, a large and vicious grouper. sound of a door being slammed. 1. paper. 2. sound of paper being cumpled. mulberry tree. ticking sound. see KARTIKA. sound of tinging. see KARTU. sound of knocking. 1. cartridge (of a gun). 2. sound of paper being crumpled. known. ber-, meng- encircling in numbers. meng-kerubung-i crowd around. 1. meng-kerubut gang up on, mob s.o. kerubut-an crowd. 2. k.o. parasite bearing showy flowers. see WAYANG. 1 cone. 2 conical paper wrapper (for peanuts, etc.). veil. kerudung-lampu lampshade. 1. 1) turbid, muddy. 2) disturbed, clouded (of face). 3) restless. 2. snoring. ber-,1 snore. 2 purr (of a cat). k.o. tree. ber-keruit-keruit wiggle, wriggle at its end, wag (a tail). 1 scrathing, scraping sound. 2 dredging.1 dredging. 2 exploition. harmony, concord.

kerukut kerul keruma kerumit kerumuk kerumun kerumus kerun kerung kerungkuhan kerunia keruntang-pungkang keruntung kerunyit kerunyut kerup kerupawanan kerupuk

kerupung kerus kerusi kerusuhan kerusut kerut kerutak kerutu kerutup keruwing keruyuk kes kes. kesa kesad kesah kesak kesakitan kesal kesalahfahaman kesalehan

1 curled up or over, warped (of wood, etc.), curled (of leaves). 2 deformed (of hands, feet). curl (in the hair, etc.). k.o. itching mite. meng-kerumit gnaw, nibble (of rabbits, mice). 1. ber-, meng-kerumut be crumpled, wrinkled. 2. ber- sump (in a chair), sink down. 1 swarm over, cluster arround, throng, mill about. 2 assemble, come together. kerumun-an throng, crowd, mob. meng-kerumus 1 embrace and kiss. 2 fondle, caress. see KERON. concave, hollow, hollowed out (of a spoon, bowl). dilapidated, decayed, worn-out. see KARUNIA. head-over-heels. 1 piggy bank (made of a bamboo cylinder). 2 fish basket. meng-keruntungkan place s.t. in a keruntung. see KERNYIT. wrinkle, furrow (in face). sound of munching. beauty, handsomeness. chips made of flour flavored with fish or shrimp. kerupuk-belinjo chips made from the fruit of the belinjo. kerupuk-kerak chip made of hard-boiled rice and fruit. kerupuk-kulit crackled water-buffalo rinds. see KEROPENG. k.o. carbonated drink (e.g. orange crush). see KURSI. 1 disturbance, riot. 2 turbulence, turmoil. ber-, meng-kerusut 1 shrink (of material). 2 crease, wrinkle. 1. 1) furrow, wrinkle. 2) curl (in hair). 2. sound of scraping. crunch (on a bone). see GERUTU. sound of cracling (e.g. dry leaves burning). see KERUING. 1. see KERIUK. 2. see KEROYOK. (Coll.) cash. 1. [kesebelasan] soccer team. 2. [kesehatan] health. first (us. only of planting season). see KASAD. moan, sigh. /ke`sah/ see KISAH. meng-kesak 1 shift, move slowly (from o. place to another). 2 move or shift s.t. kesakitan 1 fed up. 2 dejected. 3 piqued, peevish, cross. misunderstanding. piety.

kesamaan kesambet

sameness, similarity. 1. (Java) be seized with a sudden illness, attributed to possession by an evil spirit. 2. 1) struck by a sharp object. 2) struck with disease.

kesambi kesampaian kesamping kesan kesana kesandung kesang kesanggupan kesangsang kesap-kesip kesasar kesastraan kesastrawanan kesat kesatria kesatuan kesayangan kesebalan kesebelasan kesederhanaan kesediaan kesedihan kesegaran kesehatian kesejahteraan kesejatian kesejukan kesek kesel keselamatan keseleg keselektifan keseleo keseluruhan kesemanan kesemarakan kesemat kesembarangan kesembronoan kesembuhan kesemek kesementaraan kesemestaan

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k.o. tree yielding wood for chacoal. achieved, accomplished. see SAMPING 1. 1 impression. 2 trace. see SANA. see SANDUNG. blow o.’s nose by pressing o. nostril with the finger. 1 power, capability, performance. 2 readiness to do s.t. (Java) be caught (of a kite in a tree, etc.). blink (of the eyes). lost, strayed away. (things pertaining to) literature. matters pertaining to men of letters. 1 stiff, rough. 2 rough and dry (of skin). 3 shaggy, hairy. 1 noble (caste), knight. 2 acting with noble qualities. 1 (Mil.) unit. 2 totality. 3 unity, oneness. 1 pity, sorrow. 2 love, affection. 3 darling, favorite. resentment. soccer team. simplicity. readiness, willingness. sorrow, sadness. 1 freshness. 2 health. unanimity in ideal , emotions, etc. 1 prosperity. 2 safety. authenticity, genuineness. 1 cold, coolness. 2 numb with cold. 1 rubbing. 2 door mat. 1. (Java) tired, exhausted. 2 see KESAL. 1 happiness, walfare. 2 safety. 3 salvation. /keselek/ choke on s.t., swallow s.t. the wrong way. selectiveness. be sprained. totality, whole. 1 failure. 2 abortion. splendor. see KESUMAT. arbitrariness, doing things any old way. frivolity, doing things without heeding the rules, recklessness. recovery. see KASEMEK. transitoriness, temporariness. totality.

kesempatan kesempitan kesempurnaan kesemrawutan kesemuaan kesemuanya kesemutan kesenangan kesendatan kesendirian kesenduan kesengajaan kesenggangan kesengitan kesengsaraan kesengsem kesenian kesenimanan kesenjangan kesentengan kesentimentilan kesentosaan kesenyapan kesepadanan kesepakatan kesepelean kesepian keserakahan keserakan keseraman keserampangan keseran keserba-anekaan keserempakan keserentakan keseriusan keserongan kesesatan kesesuaian

1. opportunity. 2 occasion. 1 narrowness, narrow-mindedness. 2 being hard-pressed, shortage. 3 too narrow. 1 perfection. 2 completeness. 1 chaos, lack of organization. 2 be chaotic, disorderly. totality. all of it, everything. see SEMUA. go to sleep, become numb (as of arm or leg. 1 happiness, contentment, pleasure. 2 favorite. 1 clogged up. 2 stagnation. aloneness, solitude. sadness. deliberateness, doing s.t. on purpose. leisureliness, leisure. acrimony, fierceness. misery, suffering, torment. see SENGSEM. thing having to do with art. artistic, matters pertaining to artists. asymmetry, discrepancy. scarcity, shortage. sentimentality, bathos. 1 peace, tranquillity, rest. 2 safety. silence.. correspondence, agreement. agreement reached. triviality. 1 solitude, loneliness. 2 deserted, lonely, (too) quiet. greed. rasp (in voice). frightfulness. randomness. dolly, cart for moving heavy things. diversity. unison, synchronization. unison, simultaneity. seriousness. 1 insincerity, disloyalty. 2 adultery. 1 losing o.’s way. 2 slip, digression, error. 1 uniformity, conformity. 2 suitability, concord, congruity, compatibility.

keset kesetanan kesetia-kawanan kesetiaan kesetrum kesewajaran

1. meng-keset skin, flay (an animal). 2. doormat. 3. see KASET. possessed. solidarity loyalty, allegiance. get a shock (from electricity). 1 genuineness. 2 naturalness.

kesewenang-wenangan kesi kesia-siaan kesiagaan kesialan kesian kesiangan

kesimpang-siuran kesimpulan kesinambungan kesini kesinisan kesinoniman kesintingan kesip kesipitan kesisipan

1 arbitrariness. 2 despotism. 1. white, pale, white as a sheet. 2. see KESU-KESI. (Lit.) futility, uselessness. readiness, preparedness. bad luck. see KASIH 1. 1 caught by daylight. 2 overslept. 3 do s.t. late in the morning which should have been done earlier. ter-kesiap be startled. state of being prepared and on the alert. readiness. stir, bustle, activity. 1 efficiency. 2 energy. 1 efficiency. 2 energy. /kesik-kesik/ sound of whispering. 1 darkness. 2 past. mistake, slip, error. ter-kesima upset, shaken up, unnerved. 1 k.o. climbing herbaceous vine, the crushed leaves of which emit an odor. 2 k.o. tree with malodorous leaves. confusion. conclusion. continuity. see SINI. 1 sarcasm, scorn. 2 cynicism. synonymy. craziness, oddness. 1. seedless 9of fruit). 2. ber-kesip-kesip blink o.’s eyes. narrowness (of eyes). 1 get a splinter under the skin. 2 get s.t. inserted into it by accident.

kesiur keskul keslio kesmak kesodo

sound of whistling or whizzing. a beggar’s bowl. see KESELEO. see KASEMEK. festival of sacrifice held in Tengger during the 10th Java calendar month.

kesohor kesombongan kesomplok kesongaran kesopanan kesorean kesot

see SOHOR. 1 arrogance, boasting. 2 vanity, conceit. 3 arrogant, conceited. 1 (Jakarta) hit, bump into. 2 be broke, penniless. pride, arrogance. good manners, polite behavior. too late (in the afternoon). ber-, meng- kesot 1 drag o.s. along on the ground (e.g. of small tot, a disabled person). 2 shuffle, not lift o.’s feet. sportsmanship. [kesejahteraan rakyat] the welfare of the people.

kesiap kesiap-siagaan kesiapan kesibukan kesigapan kesigapan kesik kesilaman kesilapan kesima kesimbukan

kesportifan kesra

kesrakat kesripahan kesruduk kestabilan kestatistikan kesterilan kesturi kesu-kesi kesuaman kesuari kesuburan kesucian kesudahan kesudian kesuh-kesih kesuk-kesik kesukacitaan kesukaran kesukarelaan kesuksesan kesulitan kesultanan kesuma kesumat kesumba kesumpekan kesunanan kesungguhan kesunyian kesup kesupelan kesuraman kesurupan kesusahan kesusasteraan kesusilaan kesusu kesusutan kesut keswatantraan kesyahbandaran kesyahduan kesyahidan ketaatan ketabahan

(Java) suffering from poverty. suffer the death of a loved o. suffer a head on blow or head on collision. stability. matters pertaining to statistics. sterility. musk, civet. sound of whispering. 1 warmth. 2 feverishness. see KASUARI. 1 fertility. 2 prosperity. 1 purity, chastity. 2 holiness. 1 conclusion, result, consequence. 2 in the end, finally. willingness. panting. sound of rustling or treading on leaves. joy, state of being glad. 1difficulty, hardship. 2 have difficulties, suffer hardship. volunteering. success. difficulty, trouble. sultanate. (Lit.) 1 flower. kesuma-bangsa flower of the nation (youth killed in battle). 2 beautiful (of a woman), noble. 1 conflict, altercation. 2 enmity. 3 hatred 1 various plants tat yield a bright red color. 2 bright red in color. confusion of thought, feeling of being troubled. dominion of the Sunan, i.e. Surakarta. 1 truth, sincerity. 2 seriousness. 3 in all seriousness, earnestly. 1 loneliness. 2 quiet, solitude. 3 feel lonely. sound of sucking. meng-kesup suck o.’s fingers. 1 flexibility. 2 sociability. 1 vagueness, indistinctness. 2 dullness. possessed (by a spirit). 1 difficulty. 2 worry, grief. 3 be in trouble, have difficulties. literature. 1 ethnics. 2 decency, morality. (Java) in a hurry. shrinkage, decrease. ter-kesut-kesut in difficulty and frightened. autonomy. 1 matters pertaining to port authorities and harbormasters. 2 office of harbormaster. serenity. martyrdom. loyalty, fidelity. firmness, determination.

ketabiban ketagihan ketahanan ketahiran ketahuan ketai ketajaman ketak ketakaburan ketakacuhan ketakaran ketakhtaan ketakhyulan ketakjuban ketakong ketakrifan ketaksaan ketakutan ketakziman ketam

ketamakan ketambahan ketambak ketampanan ketampilan ketan ketandusan ketang ketangguhan ketangkap ketangkasan ketap

matters pertaining to such healing. 1 addiction. 2 addicted to. 3 (Coll.) crave for. tenacity, endurance. purity. be faound out, detected. 1. ber-ketai-ketai 1) crumble, fall apart. 2) decompose (of a body, wood, etc.). 2. loser (in a card game). 1 too sharp. 2 sharpness. 3 acuteness. 1. sound of a clack (tapping on a table, etc.). 2. skin fold (of a double chin). arrogance. ketakacuhan standard of living. things concerning the throne. belief in supertitions. astonishment, amazement. pitcher plant. (Ling.) definition. being equivocal. 1 fear, anxiety. 2 frightened, anxious. matters pertaining to honor and respect. 1. 1) tightly closed. 2) with teeth set. 3) (in some regions only) crab. 2. mengketam harvest rice with a knife held within o.’s palm. 3. a carpenter’s tool, the plane. greed. have s.t. added to it. k.o. fish, the pomfret. handsomeness. appearance, presence. sticky or glutinous rice. ketan-hitam black sticky rice. ketan-urap sticky rice with grated coconut. barrenness. tight (of a fit or binding). 1 strength, tenacity. 2 integrity, honesty. (Coll.) seized, arrested. adroitness, skill, dexterity. 1. meng-ketap-bibir 1) press o.’s lips together. 2) bite o.’s lips (out of anger). 2. small knife held in the palm of the hand. 3. see KETAM 3.

ketap-ketip ketapang

blink o.’s eyes repeatedly. k.o. almond tree growing near the seashore whice bears edible nuts.

ketapel ketar ketara ketarap ketarik

/ketapil/ 1 catapult, slingshot. 2 a sling to catch landing planes. 1. tart, sour 9to the taste). 2. see GETAR. see KENTARA. k.o. fish, a wrasse. (Coll.) drawn, attracted.

ketasaufan ketat ketaton ketauhidan ketawa ketawakalan ketaya ketayalan ketayap ketebalan keteduhan ketegakan ketegangan ketegar ketegaran ketegasan keteguhan ketek ketekoran ketekunan ketel

ketela ketelanjangan ketelapan ketelatan ketelatenan keteledoran ketelitian ketelpak ketempuhan ketemu ketemu ketenagakerjaan ketenangan ketenaran keteng ketenggangan ketengikan ketentaraan ketenteraman

/ketasawufan/ (things) having to do with mysticism. 1 tight(of top on bottle, clothes, ring, embrace, etc.). 2 firm, binding (contract, etc.). 3 strict. (Java) get injured. o. ness (of God). laugh. ketawa-cekikikan giggle. attitude of resignation. 1. torch made of bamboo filled with resin. 2. (Coll.) collar made of plaited rattan used as a harness for buffaloes or horses. (Java) do s.t. with a lot of difficulty. white rimless cap worn by those who have made the hajj. thickness. 1 calm, quietness. 2 shelter, shade. 3 sheltered, shaded. uprightness. 1 strained situation, tension. 2 strain, stress. 3 suspense. stubborn, obstinate, obdurate. obstinancy, rigidity. 1 firmness, resoluteness. 2 clearness, explicitness. 3 explanation. 1 firmness, strength. 2 dependability. /kete`k/ 1. (Java) monkey. 2. see KETIK. /ke`te`k/ 1. (Jakarta) armpit. 2. (M) small, little. 1 deficit. 2 be short of. 1 diligence, application. 2 perseverance. 1 thick, close together (of leaves, etc.). 2 crowded, dense (of population). /kete`l/drop (liquid). /ke`te`l/ 1 kettle. 2 (Tech.) boiler. 1 yams. ketela-manis sweet potato. 2 other starchy root crops. ketelapahung/kayu cassava. nakedness, nudity. (Phys.) permeability. tardiness. patience. 1 negligence, carelessness. 2 default (payment, etc.). carefulness. coveralls, jumpsuit. 1 be responsible for. 2 be blamed. ketemu ketemu matters pertaining to manpower. 1 calm and quiet. 2 composure. 1 noise. 2 popularity, fame. 1/2 cent coin (of the colonial era). buy o. or a little at a time, buy retail. keteng-an piecemeal, by the piece. consideration. 1 rancidity. 2 (Coll.) spitefulness. 1 military. 2 military forces. calm, tranquillity.

ketentuan ketepak-ketepak ketepatan ketepel ketepeng ketepil ketepok keterangan ketergantungan keterikan keterjalan keterlaluan ketertambatan ketertandaan ketertegunan ketertiban ketertinggalan ketertutupan keterusan ketes ketetapan keteter ketewasan keti keti-keti ketiada-mampuan ketiadaan ketiak ketial ketiap ketiau ketib ketiban ketibung ketiding ketiduran ketik ketika ketil ketilang ketimang ketimbang

1 certainty. 2 stipulation. 3 determinate, clear, certain. sound of clicking, clickety-clack (of horses on hard surface). 1 happen to be, coincidentally. 2 accuracy, exactness, precision. ketepatanwaktu punctuality. see KETAPEL. k.o. ornamental shrub. see KETAPEL. /ketepuk/ sound of clicking, clickety-clack (of wooden slippers, horse hooves on a hard surface, etc.). 1 information. 2 explanation. 3 official statement. dependence. extreme heat (of sun). steepness. excessive, far too much. attachment. (Ling.) markedness. starled amazement. 1 orderliness, law and order. 2 correct conduct. fact of having fallen behind. reticence, closedness. keterusan drop (of water, etc.). 1 decision. 2 firmness, determination. 3 constancy, steadiness. 1. /keteteran/ 1) fall or lag behind, unable to keep up, left behind. 2) be on the verge of defeat. 2. in chaos, dispersed, disordered. 1 defeat. 2 disaster, mishap. 1. (Java) 100,000. 2. (Sport) wooden ball. k.o. small wasp. condition of inability to achieve or do s.t. ketiadaan armpit. 1 ponderous, have difficulty in moving about because of obesity or gout. 2 very tightfitting (of clothes, cork in a bottle, etc.). small flat-bottomed boat for river journeys. k.o. large tree. see KHATIB. (Java) 1 have s.t. fall on o. 2 be struck by. see KETIMBUNG. k.o. large rattan basket for storing rice. 1 slumber. 2 bed. 3 oversleep, doze off. sound of ticking or clicking (e.g. a watch or typewriter). 1. 1) point in time, moment. 2) when (at a certain point in time). se-ketika an instant, for a moment. 2. see KARTIKA. bit. se-ketil a tiny piece. k.o. bird, a bulbul. buckle, clasp. (Coll.) 1 compared with, than. 2 better (so-and-so) than…

ketimbul ketimbung ketimpangan ketimun ketimuran ketimus ketindihan keting ketinggalan

k.o. breadfruit with seeds. /ketimpung/ sound of splashing in water. 1 imbalance. 2 lameness. 3 partiality, one-sidedness. see MENTIMUN. eastern, Asian. (Java) cake made of corn or cassava with coconut and palm sugar. 1 pressed down, crushed under. 2 have a cramp. tendon of the heel. meng-keting hamstring. 1 remainder. 2 be left out, inadvertently ommited. 3 be left behind.


1 (Coll.) too high, very high. 2 elevated place (podium, plateau, etc.). 3 altitude, height. 4 boastful. 1 (Lit.) Chineseness. 2 act charachteristically Chinese. 1 bite or nip (of a small insect). 2 dime. sound of pitter-patter. sound of clogs. k.o. small drum in the gamelan ensemble. fearful, apprehensive. k.o. red-leaved shrub. 1 get wet from a leak. 2 leak. meng-ketis flick, flip s.t. with a finger. have s.t. left with o. /ketitiran/ (Java) k.o. spotted dove. (Java) steamed porridge or cake of powered cassava with palm sugar and grated coconut. see KETUK 1. children’s game played with bamboo sticks. see KETUL 2. k.o. squash, luffa. stupidity, foolishness. 1 helped. 2 can be helped. dandruff. k.o. tree. scorpion. helmet. 1. a Java drama depicting historical or pseudo-historical events. 2. (Jakarta) k.o. salad consisting of bean sprouts, tofu, rice noodles and a peanut sauce.

ketionghoaan ketip ketipak-ketipuk ketiplak ketipung ketir-ketir ketirah ketirisan ketis ketitipan ketitir ketiwul ketok ketok-kadal ketol ketola ketololan ketolongan ketombe keton ketonggeng ketopong ketorprak

ketot ketotalan ketrampilan ketransmigrasian ketresnoan ketrik ketrok kets ketu

(Auto.) cut-out valve in the engine. totality. skill, know-how. matter pertaining to organized resettlement. (Java) love. meng-ketrik scrape out prior to spackling. meng-ketrok strike, hit s.o., beat. see SEPATU. skull cap. ketu-merah red stocking cap.

ketua ketua-tuaan ketuaan ketuahan ketuan-tuanan ketuat ketuban ketubruk ketuhanan ketuir ketuk ketukan ketukangan ketul ketulah ketulahan ketulangan ketularan ketulenan ketulian ketulusan ketumbar ketumbe ketumbit ketumbu ketumbuhan ketumpahan ketumpang ketumpukan ketumpulan ketunakaryaan ketunanetraan ketundukan ketung ketunggalan ketunggalikaan ketungging ketuntasan ketup ketupa ketupat

1 chairman. 2 elder, chief. 3 moderator. elderly, oldish. ketuaan 1 supernatural power. 2 lucky, fortunate. like a master, make a pretense at being a tuan. wart. fetal membrane. 1 slammed into. 2 struck, run over. divinity, deity. k.o. bush the seeds of which are used medically to neutralize toxins of ingested seafood. 1. knock, tap. 2. (Java) k.o. gamelan instrument, a horizontally suspended bronze kettle. 3. sound of a hen clucking. 1.knock,tapping sound 2.rap,blow 3.beat. skill, craftsmanship. 1. lump, clod. 2. meng-ketul touch, hit against. 3. (Java) dull (of knives, scissors, etc.). affliction sent as punishment for disrespect to elderly people, sacred places, etc. struck by a curse. have a fishbone struck in the throat. infected, contaminated. authenticity, genuineness. suffer from deafness. honesty, sincerity, integrity. coriander. /ketumbi/ 1. see KETOMBE. 2. final dregs. k.o. large weed. k.o. covered basket or hamper. 1 growth. 2 smallpox, skin eruption, etc. 3 grown over. have s.t. spilled on it. ketumpang accidentally piled on. bluntness, dullness. unemployment. blindness. 1 submision. 2 loyalty, obedience. a resonant sound. 1 left alone. 2 singleness, oneness. unity, singleness. k.o. large black scorpion. 1 completeness, thoroughness. 2 (Ling.) exhaustiveness. 1. see KATUP. 2. sound of stamping of feet on planks. 1. k.o. owl. 2. k.o. flower. rice cake boiled in a rhombus-shaped packet of plaited young coconut leaves. ketupat-Ambon/Bangkahulu fist (as used in punching s.o.).

ketupuk ketur keturunan ketus keuangan keudaraan keugal-ugalan keujian keuletan keulungan keumuman keunggulan keunguan keunikan keuniversalan keuniversitasan keuntungan keuring keusangan keusilan keuskupan keutamaan keutuhan keuzuran kevakuman kevitalan kewafatan kewajaran kewajiban kewalahan

kewalian kewan kewangsaan kewanita-wanitaan kewanitaan kewarasan kewarganegaraan kewartal kewartawanan kewaspadaan kewaswasan kewatir kewedanaan kewenangan

k.o. owl. 1. cuspidor, spittoon. 2. ber-ketur croak (of frogs). 1 decline. 2 descent, offspring, scion. 3 generation. 4 inherit. 5 possessed, seized. sharp (in reply), speaking in an angry tone. finances, things having to do with money. matters pertaining to air. 1 naughtiness, mischief. 2 recklessness, inconsiderateness. (M) found out, discovered. tenacity, perseverance. 1 experience, skill. 2 superiority, excellence. generality. superiority, specal quality. purplish. 1 uniqueness. 2 unique thing or phenomenon. universality. matters pertaining to the university. 1 profit. 2 luck. /kering/ inspection, examination. keusangan annoyance, naughtiness. 1 diocese, bishopric. 2 office or residence of a bishop. 1 superiority, excellence. 2 virtue, decency, moral excellence. totality, wholeness. 1 suffer from weakness and illness. 2 agedness. a situation in which a vacuum exists. vitality. death, demise. fittingness. obigation, duty. 1. at a loss what to do (because of a deluge of work, in the face of a superior enemy, etc.), be snowed under. 2. overhelmed (by a task, a person), unable to handle. status as guardian. see HEWAN. kinship. effeminate. kewanitaan health (physical and mental). 1 citizenship. 2 civics (as subject in school). see KUARTAL. journalist, correspondent. 1 vigilance, allertness. 2 caution. anxiety, uneasiness. see KUATIR. 1 district. 2 residence of district chief. competence, authority.

kewibawaan kewijayaan kewiraan kewiraswastaan keyakinan kg. khkhabar khadam khaid khaimah khair khaki khalaik khalak khalayak khali

authority. victory. manliness. entrepreneurship. conviction, firm belief. [kilogram] kilogram. see also entries with k-. see KABAR. /khadim/ (Lit.) 1 servant, slave. 2 wage earner. see HAID. see KEMAH. (Lit.) handsome, beautiful. /kaki/ khaki. see KHALAYAK. (Lit.) creation, handwork, product. 1 creature. 2 the public. 1 free, unoccupied, unengaged. 2 carefree, easygoing. 3 void, deserted.

khalifah khalik khalikah khalil khalis khalkum khalwat khamar khamir khamis khanduri khanjar khaos khaotis kharab kharisma kharismatik khas khasah khasanah khasiat khasis khasumat khat khatam

caliph. (Islam) the Creator. 1 creation. 2 character, behavior. friend, companion. (Rel.) pure, undefiled. see HALKUM. (Rel.) solitude, retirement from the world, retreat. (Lit.) wine, liquor. leavened. see KAMIS. see KENDURI. k.o. large dagger. chaos. chaotic. (Lit.) destroyed, ruined. charisma. charismatic. 1 special, exclusive, for private use. 2 special, specific to s.t. see KASA 1. see KHAZANAH. 1 special quality or virtue, merit. 2 peculiar property. chassis. see KESUMAT. 1 line. 2 handwriting. 3 Arabic calligraphy, esp. as an art form. 1 seal, signet ring. 2 (Islam) final, last. 3 (Islam) read through to the end (esp, the Koran). see KHITAN. 1 preacher at the mosque. 2 a mosque official. (Lit.) carpet, rug.

khatan khatib khatifah

khatulistiwa khaul khawatir khayal khayalan khayali khayat khazanah khewan khianat khidmat khilaf khilafiah khitan khlor khlorida khlorinasi khloroform khodrat khoja khotbah khotib khrom khronis khrysant khuatir khudu khulak khuldi khulki khuluk khurafat khurma khusu khusus khusyu,khusyuk khutbah ki

kia kia-kia kiah

equator. see KAUL. see KUATIR. 1 fancy, vision, imagination. 2 imaginary. fantasy. 1 imaginary. 2 (Islam) in a state of mystic revery. see HAYAT. 1 treasure. 2 treasure. 3 storage area for valuable objects. 4 vocabulary of language. see HEWAN. 1 treason, betrayal. 2 treacherous. 1 respect. 2 humility, submission. 1 wrong, erroneous. 2 commit an error. mistake, error, slip. 1 wrong. 2 uncertain. circumcision. khitan-an feast celebrating a circumcision. chlorine. chloride. chlorination. chloroform. see KODRAT. (Lit.) 1 muslim merchant (us. from abroad). 2 title for such a person. sermon. see KHATIB. chrome. chronic. see CHRYSANT. see KUATIR. humility. (Islam) action of returning the bride-price so that o.’s husband will divorce her. see BUAH. genuine. nature, character. (Lit.) myth, superstition. see KURMA. /khusuk/ see KHUSYU, KHUSYUK. 1 special, different from others. 2 specifically for. 1 devout, devoted, humble before God. 2 engrossed in, deeply absorbed in. see KHOTBAH. 1 title of respect for men learned in religious matters. 2 title used with certain objects of veneration. ki-Jagur name given to an ancient cannon in Jakarta. chain stitch. 1. k.o. shark. 2. (China) have fun, enjoy o.s., be relaxed. meng-kiah(kan) stretch (socks, gloves, etc.). peng-kiah shoehorn.


1 title or reference for a venerated scholar, teacher of Islam. 2 district head (in South Kalimantan). 3 title used with certain objects of veneration.

kiak-kiak kial kiam kiamat kiambang

kianat kiang

k.o. large black ant. gesture. (Islam) erect standing posture during prayer ritual. 1 Judgement day, doomsday. 2 end of world, disaster. k.o. plant formerly found in abundance in stagnant or slow-moving waters, the leaves of which resemble lettuce. /kyambwe/ (China) dried salted plums. 1 all the more. 2 the….so much more…. 3 (Lit.) (following a number) as many as. see KHIANAT. kiang-kiut sound of creaking. kiang-kiang creak, screech, squeak, grate.

kiap kiara kias

pieces of wood used to prop s.t. up. k.o. shade tree. 1 simile, comparison, analogy. 2 analogical reasoning. 3 allusion, hint.


kibik kibir kiblah

1 figure of speech, allegory, metaphor, analogy. 2 criticism by indirect reference or analogy. 3 lesson, moral. analogous. 1. stiff, cramped (of neck, limbs, etc.). 2. trick, secret. 3. meng-kiat shuffle cards. (China) overseas Chinese. ber-, ber-an 1 wave, flutter, fly (of flags, etc.). 2 be displayed. peng-(k)ibar standard-bearer, waver (of flag). 1. meng-(k)ibas wag (tail), sway to and fro, flap (ears, wings). 2. see KAMBING. see KUBIK 2. arrogant, haughty. /kiblat/ 1 direction of Mecca. 2 direction (of the wind). 3 orientation.

kiblik kibul kicak kicang-kecoh kicap kicap-kicup kicau

(Coll.) republic. (Jakarta) bottom, buttocks, rear. see KICAU 1. swindle, deceit of various kinds. 1. see KICAU 1. 2. see KECAP1. repeated blinking of the eyes. 1. ber-kicau 1) chirp, twitter, warble. 2) chatter. 2. ter-kicau swindled.

kicerat kici kicu kicuh kicut kidal

(Jakarta) meng-kicerat spurt out. (Naut.) ketch, brig. 1. 1) deceit. 2 ) deceiver. 2. see KICAU1. see KICU 1. squeak (of a floor, etc.). left-handed. si-kidal southpaw.

kiambwee kian

kiasi kiat kiaupau kibar kibas

kidam kidang kidar kidmat kidul kidung kihanat kijai kijang kijing kiju kik kikih kikil kikir kikis kikisan kikuk kilaf kilah kilai kilan kilang kilang-kelok kilap kilar kilas kilat kilau kiler kili kili-kili kilik kilir kilo kilogram kilometer kilowat kim kima kimah,kimat kimbang

time immemorial, infinite preexistence. see KIJANG. /kider/ see KITAR 1. see KHIDMAT. (Java) south. ballad. kidung-gereja hymn. kidung-rohani a spiritual hymn. astrology, augury. k.o. large timber tree. 1 k.o. small antelope. 2 brand name for k.o. jeep. 1. k.o. edible mussel. 2. (Java) gravestone. see KEJU. /ka i ka/ [ Kredit Investasi Kecil] small business loans. /kikik/ giggle. 1 foot of an animal (for eating). 2 foot of a person (jocking or contemptuous). 1. file, rasp. kikir-an filings. 2. stingy, tightfisted. scraped. (Geol.) alluvium, what has piled up from erosion. clumsy, awkward. see KHILAF. 1. trick, deception, ruse, pretext. 2. k.o. snaillike mollusk. spool or reel of thread (for spinning). 1. span (of the hand). 2. ter-kilan be offended. 1 press, mill, factory for processing or refining natural products. kilang-an millstone or other instrument for refining or processing. winding, tortuous (road, path). 1. shine, gloss, shee, luster. 2. see KHILAF. k.o. edible snail. 1. 1) noose made of rattan. 2) rattan rings used for climbing trees or poles. 2. kilas-balik flashback. 1 flash of lightning. 2 shine, gleam, sheen. 3 done in a flash (in set expressions). luster, reflected shine, glare. (Sl.) university lecture who gives killer exams. seam. nose ring of rope or rattan for an ox or water buffalo. meng-kilik-kilik 1 tickle. 2 amuse. 3 incite s.o. 1. whet (o.’s knife, etc.). 2. be sprained. 1 kilogram. 2 kilometer. kilogram. 1 kilometer. 2 speedometer. kilowatt. k.o. gambling game similar to bingo where the numbers are given out in rhymed verses. the giant clam. price, value, worth. ter-kimbang hestitating, wavering.

kimblo kimia

see KIMLO. chemistry. kimia-analistis analistical chemistry. kimia-anorganik inorganic chemistry. kimia-fisika physical chemistry. kimia-hayat biochemistry.

kimiawi kimis kimka,kimkha kimlo kimono kimpal kimpul kimpus kina kinang kinantang kinca kincah kincan kincang kinces kincir

chemical. chemical, synthetic. damask. k.o. soup with vegetables and meat. kimono, dressing gown. solid, welded. 1. k.o. taro. 2. purse, wallet. ter-kimpus hollow, concave, sunken (of eyes, cheeks). quinine. a chew of betel. 1 be all white (of cock, horse, etc.). 2 very special. syrup of palm sugar. meng-kincah 1 rinse, wash (laundry, etc.). 2 dress, game or fowl. 3 cleanse the genitals. meng-kincan mix, stir s.t. fraud, deceit. (Jakarta) 1 deflated, burst (of boils). 2 blind. spool, reel. kincir-air waterwheel. kincir-angin 1 windmill. 2 propeller.

kincit kincup kineskop kinetis king kingkit kini kinine kinja kinjeng kintaka kintakawan kintal kintil kintut kinurang kinyam kinyang kinyis-kinyis kio kiong kios kip kipa

minor case of diarrhea. small, narrow, restricted (of an opening). TV screen. kinetic. (Crd.) king. k.o. tiny sour citrus fruit. now, nowadays. quinine. jump with joy. dragonfly. archive.archival matters. archivist. 1. see KUINTAL. /kintel/ bullfrog. trail s.o. (Jakarta) youngest child. (Math.) subtrahend. see KENYAM. quartz, rock crystal. still fresh. (China) palanquin. see KEONG. kiosk. kios-buku bookstall. percussion cap. one-legged.

kipai kipang kipar kipas kipat kiper kiprah kiprat kipsiau kipu kir kira kira-kira kirab kirai

kirana kirap kiras kirau kirbat kiri

kirik kirim kiriman

kirmizi kirtya kiruh kirut-mirut kis kisa kisah kisai kisar kisaran

wag. 1. cake made of fried rice or peanuts or sesame seeds with palm sugar. 2. see KEPANG 1. see KEPAR. 1 fan. 2 propeller (of plane, etc.). shake, shale off. goalie, goalkeeper. 1. (Java) gait, pace, progress. 2. part of Java dance which displays making up and dressing. 1. 1) spurt out, jump. 2) hit. 2. splash s.o. or s.t. (China) teakettle. craftsman. 1 examination, test. 2 motor vehicle inspection. 3 get o.s. examinated, get s.t. inspected. guess, reckon, suppose. 1 approximately, about, around. 2 estimate. 3 perhaps, do you thing. 4 probably. 5 reasonable, within reason. 1. carnival. 2. (Java) a ritual procession moving in a circle (e.g. bridal couples, heirlooms, etc.). 1. 1) shake out (wet laundry, tablecloth, rug). 2) winnow (rice, etc.). 3) spread (rice) out to dry. 4) flap (its wings, etc.), push open (a door). 2. long strip. 3. k.o. palm tree. kirai-an open spice. (Java) 1 ray. 2 beautiful. 1. 1) hit (with its wings, of an angry goose, hen). 2) flap. 3) flutter (of wings, flag). 2. disappear, vanish (of ideals, etc.). k.o. timber tree. not quite ripe (of fruit). bag to hold water, wine etc. 1 left. 2 (Naut.) port. 3 command to driver to pull over to let passenger out. 4 leftist. 5 awkward 9behavior). 6 left-handed. 7 unfortunate, unfavorable. 1. mengk-kirik shuder (from fear). 2. pup. kirim-salam/tabik send greetings or regards. 1 shipment, consigment, s.t. sent. 2 missive, missile. 3 item left for safekeeping. 4 rain or some other natural phenomena which comes out of season. (Lit.) scarlet, crimson. (Lit.) society, organization. see KERUH 1. wrinkles. box, chest. 1 small purse. 2 small purse net for coastal fishing. 1 story. 2 narrative. kisah-bersambung serialized story. kisah-perjalanan travelogue. ber-kisah tell a story. peng-kisah narrator. meng-kisai sift (rice). kisai-an sifter, sieve. rotation (of the earth on its axis). 1 revolution, turn. 2 milling (of wheat, etc.). 3 vortex.

kisas kisat kisi kisik kismat kismis kisruh kissah kista kisut kiswah kit kita kitab kitabi kitang kitar kitaran kitik kiting kitiran kiu kiuk kiut kiwir-kiwir kizib kjri kk kkn kko klkl. klabet klabmalam klaim klak-klak klakep klakson klan klar klaras klarifikasi klarinet

retribution. see KESAT. 1 grill, lattice, trellis. whisper. kisar-an gossip. /kismet/ 1 fate, destiny. 2 an interjection expressing resignation, What can o. do ? raisin. 1 chaotic, anarchic. 2 confused, disorganized. see KISAH. cyst. 1 wrinkled, dried up (of skin, etc.). 2 creased (of clothes, etc.). (Islam) veil that covers the Kabah. (Coll.) square, paid up. 1 we (including person addressed), our, us. 2 (Coll.) I (somewhat more humble than aku/gua). 1. (Lit.) 1) book. 2) holy book. 2. partition in a cow’s stomach. possessing the scriptures (of the Christians and Jews). /kitang-kitang/ k.o. small sea ish with venomous dorsal spines. memper-kan, meng-kan shove or push s.o. aside. orbit. meng-kitik-kitik tickle s.o. a bit, a little. 1 propeller, windmill. billiard cue. dominoes. see KICUT. float in the wind. (Lit.) lie, falsehood. [Konsulat Jenderal Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Consulate General. [Kepala Keluarga] head of family, households. [KuliahKerja Nyata] obligatory (rural) social action internship for advanced university students. [Korp Komando ] Marine Corps. see also entries with kl-. 1. [kelas] class. 2. [kurang lebih] more or less, approximately. see KELABAT. nightclub. claim. sound of clicking, clickety-clack (e.g. of shoes). see CEP 1. (Auto.) horn. clan. see KELAR 1. (Java) dry banana leaf. clarification. clarinet.

klas klasemen klash klasi klasifikasi klasik klasikal klat klausa klausul klaver klavier,klavir klawar klecam-klecem kledi klelep klem klemak-klemek klembak klen kleneng klenengan klenger klenik klentang klenteng klep klepek klepon kleptomani klerek kleren-hanger klerikal klerk klerus kles klesot klesotan kletek klewang kliar-klior klien klik

see KELAS 1. classification. /kles/ military clash. see KELASI 1. classification. /klasika/ classic. classical. rough draft. (Ling.) clause. /klausula/ (Leg.) clause, article (Law). (Crd.) clubs. piano. see KLAVER. (Java) smile. k.o. mouth organ from Kalimantan. see KELELAP. 1. clamp. klem-besi iron strap. meng-klem 1) clamp together, rivet. 2) stencil s.t. 2. see KLAIM. slow and sluggish. 1. k.o. cigarette in which tobacco is mixed with gum benzene incense. 2. see KELEMBAK 1,2. see KLAN. k.o. small bell. concert of gamelan music. see LENGAR. secret mystical or magical practices of a questionable nature. klenik-klenikan charlatanism. sound of a bell. 1 China temple. 2 pagoda. valve. (Lit.) student of the STOVIA. k.o. steamed rice cake filled with palm sugar. kleptomania. see KELERAK. (Coll.) clothes hanger. clerical. clerk. clergy. see KLASH. (Java) meng-klesot move squatting close to the ground in a submissive attitude. sitting on the floor. (Java) meng-kletek(i) peel s.t. single-edge sabre, sword with broad, curved blade. aimless, without direction or goal. client, customer. 1 click (of camera, etc.). 2. clique.

klimaks klimatologi klimis klimpungan kling klinik kliningan klinis klintir klio klip kliping klips klir klirak-klirik kliring klise klisma

climax. climatology. smooth, shiny, oily (of hair). be disoriented, confused. sound of small bells. clinic. see KELENENG. clinical. 1 clot. 2 small group. spicy dish of meat stewed with coconut milk. clip. clipping (as from a newspaper). clips. be clear, become clear. ogle. bank clearance, be cleared. 1 negative of photo. 2 print, picture slide of type shown in movie house. 3 photograpic illustration. 4 cut, engraving. 5 cliche. 1 catch cold. 2 irritation. klisma-makanan stomach upset caused by food.

kliwer,kliwir kliwon klm klobot klobotisme klojotan klok klolodan klompen

kliwer-kliwer hanger (for clothes). ber-kliwir-an hang loosely. (Java) the 5th day of the five-day week. [Kapal Layar Motor] motorized sailing boat. (Java) dried corn husk used as cigarette wrapper. tendency toward extensive verbiage without content. (Java) shake, tremble (from injury or illness). bell-shaped (of skirts). /kloloten/ choke from getting s.t. stuck in throat. 1. [kelompok pendengar] fans of a certain radio program. 2. (Biol.) clone.

klontang-klantung klonyo klop klorin klos kloset klosot klotok

hang or go about idly or without purpose. see KELONYO. see KELOP. chlorine. see KELOS. water closet, toilet bowl. see KLESOT. small motorized boat ranging in size from a dugout to a small commercial boat. 1 club. 2 clubhouse. (Java) millipede. hang around, roam about aimlessly. see JAMBU. see KELUAK. (Java) k.o. breadfruit with many seeds. hang around, roam about with no purpose. see KELUYUR.

klub kluing kluntang-kluntung klutuk kluwek kluwih kluyar-kluyur kluyur

km km. kmb kmd kmd. knalpot knil knip knop ko koa koaci koak koalisi koar kobah kobak kobakan kobal,kobalt kobar kobaran kober kobis kobnsultasi koboi kobok kocah-kacih kocai kocak kocar-kacir koceh kocek koci kocik koclok kocoh kocok kocolan

[Kapal Motor] MS (Motorship). 1. [kilometer] kilometer. 2. [kamar] room. [Konperensi Meja Bundar] Round Table Conference. [Koran Masuk Desa] a gvt. police by which newspapers are given wider distribution in rural areas. [komandan] commandant. (Auto.) muffler. [Koninklijk Nederlandsch-Indisch Leger] Dutch colonial army and its members. [Komite Nasional Indonesia Pusat] the Central Indonesian National Committee. see KENOP 1. ko-dan non the o.’s who collaborated (with the Dutch) and the o.’s who did not. (China) k.o. card game. see KWACI. sound of a crow, water buffalo, etc. koak-hitam k.o. bird. coalition. ber-koar 1 scream, shout, yell. 2 talk big, be arrogant. large drum. 1. a three-cornered tear (in a shirt, etc.). 2. see KUBAK. 1) small hole in the ground into which coins are tossed in game. 2) puddle, wallow. cobalt. flaming, in flames (forest, etc.). the raging. (Java) have the opportunity or chance. / kobe`r / Christian graveyard of colonial times. see KUBIS. 1 consultation. 2 consult. 1 cowboy. 2 acting big. 1. 1) group (of people). 2) (Pol.) party. 2. finger bowl. busy doing this and that, niggling, fussing around. k.o. leek. 1. 1) hilarious, amusing. 2) smart, classy, dashing. 3) proud, arrogant. 2. shaking (of a liquid). see KUCAR-KACIR. ng-(k)oceh talk nonsense. pocket in clothes. see PURU. see KOCEK. see KOCOK. haste. hurriedly, in a hurry. meng-(k)ocok 1 shake, mix s.t. 2 mix, stir (egg, dough), shuffle (cards). 3 rub hard. 4 incite s.o. to do s.t. fry of the gabus fish used for bait.


koderat kodi

1 hood (placed over a corpse or s.o. about to be hanget). 2 wrap-around cover with the loose ends bundled up and tied together (e.g. a white cloth wrapped around a corpse in Islam rites). see KUCUR 1. [Komando Daerah Angkatan Laut] Regional Naval Command. camera. meng-kodak take a picture. 1. [Komando Daerah Militer] Regional Military Command. 2. [Komando Daerah Angkatan Udara] Air Force Regional Command. see KADAR 1. [Komando Daerah Udara] Regional Airforce Command. code. kode-etik code of ethics. kode-pos zip code. 1 in lots of 20. 2 of low quality, of the kind sold in lots of 20. 3 common, ordinary by the score. see KODRAT. a score (the normal quantity of wholesale purchase of clothes or clothing).

kodifikasi kodim kodok kodrat

codification. [Komando Distrik Militer] District Military Command. frog. 1 (Islam) God’s omnipotence. 2 power (of nature). 3 nature or character.

kodrati kodya koe koefision koek koeksistensi kogel-laher kognossemen koh kohabitasi kohanudas

see ADI. [kota madya] municipality. see KOWE. coefficient. quacking sound. coexistence. ballbearing. see KONOSEMEN. see ENGKOH. cohabitation. [Komando Pertahanan Udara Nasional] National Air Defense Command.

koheren koherensi kohesi kohir kohol kohong koin koinsidensi koit koitus koja kojoh kojol kojor

coheren. coherence cohesion. tax assessment list. k.o. eye salve. fetid, stinking (of rotten eggs, etc.). (Coll.) coin. coincidence. (Vulg.) die, dead. coitus. 1. water jar with a neck. 2. see KHOJA. flooded (of ricefields). ter-kojol-kojol laugh convulsively. (Vulg.) drop dead.

kocor kodaeral kodak kodam kodar kodau kode koden


1. 1) why ?, how come ? 2) a partical at the end of a phrase denying a presumption or statement of the interlocutor. 2. /kok/ shuttlecock.

koka kokain kokam kokang kokas kokbrut koki kokila koko kokoh kokok kokol


k.o. monkey. cocaine. [kontal kambing] k.o. fried cake. cock a rifle for firing. coke. 1 (Sl.) have sexual intercourse. 2 (Sl., Jakarta) damn you !. (Coll.) cook, chef. see KUKILA. term of address or reference for o.’s elder brother. see KUKUH. crowing. kokok-beluk owl. 1. k.o. fern, bracken. 2. hunched over, doubled up (sitting or lying down). ber-(kokol-kokol) shivering (with fever). cocoon. see KUKUP. k.o. very sour lansium fruit. 1. clamp, bent hook. 2. gnarled (of hands, feet through arthritis, scar tissue, etc.). (Av.) cockpit. cocktail. 1. cabbage. kol-kembang cauliflower. 2. k.o. minibus, name given to passenger vans in general. 3. colt pistol. 4. 1) calculated, estimated. 2) collated. 5. brush (of a generator). 6 (Bri.) call. [kolonel] 1 colonel. 2 (Navy) captain. collaborator. collaboration, esp. with the enemy. see KULAH 1. 1. sweet compote made of starchy fruits (cassava, bananas, etc.) stewed in coconut milk and sugar. 2. see KULAK 2. 1 pond, pool. kolam-air water reservoir. kolam-(be)renang swimming pool. kolam-kaca aquarium. 2 tank. 1. the fruit of the sugar palm. 2. to and fro, back and forth, up and down.

kolar kole-kole kolega kolegial kolegialitas koleh-koleh

see KORAL. (Ambon) dug-out canoe. colleague. colleaguelike. collegiality. 1 tapioca starch. 2 k.o. pastry made from wheat dough rolled into balls.

kolek koleksi kolekte kolektif

kolek-kolek small dinghy. 1 collection. 2 church collection. church collection. collective.

kokon kokop kokosan kokot kokpit koktil kol

kol. kolaborator kolaburasi kolah kolak kolam

kolektivisme kolektor kolemben koleng kolera kolese kolesom kolesterol koli kolibri kolik kolintang koloid,koloida kolok kolokan kolokasi kolokial kolokium kololit kolom kolomnis kolone kolonel kolong koloni kolonial kolonis kolonisasi kolonisir kolonjono kolonyet kolor kolosal kolot kolporteur kolt kolumnis kom koma koma-koma komak-kamik komala komaliwan komandan komandemen

collectivism. /kolektur/ collector of the land tax. columbine ber-koleng 1 float, bob up and down. 2 go hither. cholera. 1 lecture. 2 college. ginseng. cholesterol. piece, bag, bale. humingbird. 1 bacterial infection. 2 colic. k.o. Minahasa musical instrument similar to the marimba. colloid. see KULUK. /kolo’an/ mollycoddled, spoiled so that o. easily cries. collocation. colloquial. colloquium. k.o. liquid shoe polish. printed column. columnist. (Mil.) column. 1 colonel. 2 (Navy) Captain. 1. 1) space underneath s.t. (a house, table, sky, etc.). 2) pit (as in mine). 2. kolong-kolong, kolong-an rattan ring or bracelet. colony. colonial. colonist. colonization. meng-kolonisir colonize. k.o. tall grass used as fodder. perfumed tissue. 1 drawstring. 2 shorts or undershorts. ng-(k)olor bootlick. colossal. 1 old-fashion, traditional. 2 conservative. /kolportir/ 1 peddler, hawker. 2 canvasser (of subscriptions). see KOL 2. see KOLOMNIS. (Coll.) cereal bowl. 1. coma. 2. comma. saffron. see KOMAT-KAMIT. see GEMALA. (Navy) eating utensils supplied on a boat. 1 commander. 2 commandant. commandment.

komandite komanditer komando

limited partner (in a business, o. who provides part of the capital without participating in the management). limited partnership. 1 command, area of military jurisdiction. 2 military command (to do s.t.).


with moving lips but bot speaking aloud (as in offering a silent prayer).

kombali kombang kombek kombi kombinasi kombong kombor

see KEMBALI. see KUMBANG. (Coll.) reconciliation of lovers. a Volkswagen minibus. combination. kombinasi-fitting combination plug or socket. (Java) stable, coop. kombong-an feeding trough for horses. 1. meng-kombor feed a horse. 2. (Java, Jakarta) too big in size, loose fitting. 3. see ES. (Komando Daerah Kepolisian] Regional Police Command. see KOMIDI. 1 troop commander. 2 harbormaster. 3 district head. dwarfish, stunted in growth, diminutive. commentary. commentator. commercial. commercialization. see KOMERSIAL. see KUMIS 2. comet. see KOMPOR. comfort. 1 comedy. 2 theater. komidi-kuda circus. komidi-putar merry-go-round.

komdak komedi komendur komeng komentar komentator komersial komersialisasi komersiil,komersil komes komet komfor komfort komidi komik kominikasi kominike kominis komis komisariat komisaris komisi komisioner komit komite komitmen komkoma komoditi komodo

1 clown, humorist, comic. 2 comics. see KOMUNIKASI. communique. see KOMUNIS. administrative position immediately senior to that of a clerk. 1 office of the commissioner. 2 police headquarters. commissioner, superintendent. 1. 1) commision. 2) commitee (in parliament, etc.). meng-komisi inspect, investigate. 2. 1) commission on a sale. 2) tip, brible. commission agent. see KOMET. committee. commitment. see KOMA-KOMA. commodity, raw materials as an item of trade. 1 an island of the Lesser Sundas. 2 the komodo dragon found on this island.

komodor kompa kompak kompanyi kompanyon komparatif kompartimen kompartimentasi kompas kompeni kompensasi kompensir komperensi komperes kompes kompesan kompeten kompetensi kompetisi kompi kompilasi komplek kompleksitas komplemen komplementaritas komplementer komplet komplikasi komplimen komplit komplong komplot komplotan kompoi kompol komponen kompong komponis kompor kompos komposisi komprador komprang komprehensi

commodore. see POMPA. 1 compact, dense. 2 cohesive (of a group). 3 unified. see KOMPENI. associate, colleague (esp. in business). comparative. two or three departments combined. coordinating of several departments. 1. compass. 2. blackmail. 1 popular term for the Dutch E. India Company. 2 Dutch E. Indies soldier or army. 3 Dutch rule (during the early colonial period). compensation. mengk-kompensir compensate. see KONFERENSI. see KOMPRES. 1 give s.o. the 3rd degree. 2 coerce, torture. 1 the 3d degree. 2 coercion, torture. competent. competence. competition. (Mil.) company. compilation. /kompleks/ 1 complex. 2 (psychological) complex. 3 site, complex (of buildings). complexity. complement, supplement. complementarity. complementary. complete. complication. compliment. see KOMPLET. 1. (Jakarta) stupid. meng-komplong be agape. 2. komplong-Jepang rubber sole of Japanese slippers (without the bands). 1 accomplise, henchman. 2 plot. gang, ring. see KONVOI. see OMPOL. component. 1 mutilated, mangled. 2 amputated, only a stump left (of limbs). composer. hot plate, stove, brazier. compost. composition. comprador. (Java) 1 k.o. bell-bottom trousers. 2 loose-fitting (of pants). comprehension.

komprehensif komprei kompres kompresan kompresi kompresor kompromi kompromistis komputasi komputer komputerisasi kompyuter komres komsat komsek komtabes komunal komunalisme komune komuni komunikasi komunikatif komunike komunis komunisme komunistofobi komutasi komutator komwil konan konang konbes koncah konci konco kondai kondang kondangan konde kondektur kondensasi kondensator kondisi kondite kondom kondomisasi

comprehensive. comfrey. compress. s.t. applied as a compress. kompresan compression. compressor. /kompromis/ compromise. compromising (situation). computation. computer. computerization. see KOMPUTER. [Komando Resort] Police District Command. (Kommunikasi Lewat Satelit] satellite communication. [Komando Sektor] Police Subdistrict Command. [Komando Kota Besar] Metropolitan Police Command. communal. communalism. commune. (Rel.) communion. communication. communicative. communique. communist. communism. irrational fear of communism. commutation. o. who commutes (a juridic sentence). [Komando Wilayah] Subregional Police Command. meng-konan-i assault, beat up s.o. meng-konang-i discover, find out about. [Konperensi Besar] Major Conference. wavelet.fluctuate. 1. (Coll.) female friend. 2. see KUNCI 1. (Java) buddy, crony. chignon, hair bun. 1. 1) famous. 2) high official. 2. 1) invitation. 2) be invited, go to an affair. 3. ditch, canal, small river. 1 invitation. 2 be invited, go to an affair. see KONDAI. conductor on public transportation. condensation. condenser. condition. see KONDUITE. condom. spreading the use of condoms.

kondor konduite kondum koneksi koneksitas koneng koneometri konfederasi konfeksi konferensi konfidensi konfidensial konfigurasi konfirmasi konfiskasi konflik konform konfrontasi konfrontir kong,kong-cu kongesti konggres konghucu kongkalikong kongkang kongkau kongking kongko kongkoan kongkol kongkong kongkow kongkret kongkretisasi kongkretisir kongkur kongkuren kongkurs konglomerat kongregasi kongres kongruen kongsep kongsi

/kondoran/ inguinal hernia. /konduwite/ efficiency report. see KONDOM. connection with s.o. in power. (Leg.) interconnection of jurisdictions. see KUNING, KUNYIT. geometry involving problems. confederation. ready-made clothes. conference. confidence. /konfidensiil/ confidential. configuration. confirmation. confiscation. conflict. be in conformity. 1 the police of political and armed confrontation with Malaysia of the early 1960s. 2 confrontational (attitude, behavior). mengk-konfrontir confront. (China) master, teacher, champion. congestion. see KONGRES. Confucius. intrigue, connivance with s.o. in power to get a favor. see KUNGKANG 2. see KONGKO. (China) k.o. card game. (China) talk, chat. 1 a chat. 2 council of China Officers (colonial period). talking over s.t. 1. loud bark of a dog. 2. see KUNGKUNG. see KONGKO. /kongkrit/ see KONKRET. concretization. mengk-kongkretisir concretize. see KONKURS. /kongkurensi/ see KONKURENSI. see KONKURS. /kon-glomerat/ conglomerate. congregation. congress, convention. congruent. see KONSEP 1,2. (China) 1 commmercial association, partnership. 2 group, association.


see KONSUL 1.

koni konifer konjen konjungsi konjungtur konklusi konkordansi konkret konkuren konkurensi konkurs konon konosemen konotasi konpeksi konpensi konperensi konpergensi konpoi konsekrasi konsekrir konsekuen konsekuensi konsekwen konsekwensi konselet konseling konselor konsensus konsentrasi konsentrat konsentrik konsentrir konsep konsepsional konseptor konseptual konseptualisasi konser konservasi konservatif konservatisme konservator konservatori konserven

[Komite Nasional Olah Raga Indonesia] the Indonesian National Sports Commitee. conifer. [Konsulat Jenderal] Consulate General. conjunction. 1 business outlook. 2 business cycle. 3 upswing, favorable market. conclusion. 1 (Rel.) concordance. 2 agreement. concrete, tangible, solid. 1 rivalry. 2 compete. competition., rivalry. match, contest. 1 they say, purportedly. 2 I wonder. 3 perhaps, it seems. bill of lading. connotation. see KONFEKSI. see KONVENSI. see KONFERENSI. see KONVERGENSI. see KONVOI. consecration. mengk-konsekrir consecrate. consistent. 1 consistency. 2 consequences. see KONSEKUEN. see KONSEKUENSI. see KORSTSLETING. counseling. counselor. consensus. concentration. concentrate. concentric. mengk-konsentrir concentrate. 1. draft, rough copy. 2. konsepsi concept, notion, idea. /konsepsionil/ conceptual. 1 conceiver. 2 drafter (of a plan). conceptual. conceptualization. /konsert/ concert, concerto. conservation. conservative. conservatism. curator (of a museum). conservatory (of music). preserves.

konsesi konsideran konsignasi konsili konsinyasi konsinyator konsinyering konsinyi konsinyir konsisten konsistensi konsol konsolidasi konsolidir konsonan konsorsium konspirasi konspiratif konstan konstatasi konstatering konstatir konstelasi konstipasi konstituante konstitusi konstitusional konstruir konstruksi konstruktif konsul konsulat konsulen konsuler konsult konsultan konsultatif konsumen konsumerisme konsumir konsumsi konsumtif kontak

1 concession, special privilege. 2 concessions, partial surrender of o.,s own interest. /konsiderans/ preamble. see KONSINYASI 2. (Rel.) church council. 1. confinement to military base. 2. consignment. consignor. confinement to base. 1. consignee. 2. see KONSINYIR 1. 1. (Mil.) on alert. 2. consign. consistent. consistency. see KONSUL 1,2. consolidation. consolidate s.t. consonant. consortium. conspiracy. conspiratial. 1 a constant. 2 constant, fixed. draw a conclusion, establish a fact. ascertaining, establishing. mengk-konstatir 1 mention, state. 2 establish a fact, ascertain. constellation. constipation. constituent assembly. constituation. /konstitusionil/ constitutional. mengk-konstruir construct. construction. constructive. 1. consul. 2. consultation. consulate. consultant. consular (affairs). see KONSUL2. consultant. consultative. consumer. consumerism. mengk-konsumir consume. 1 consumption. 2 refresments. consumptive. 1. contact. 2. 1) light switch, ignition. 2) short circuit. 3 electric shock.

kontal-kantil kontaminasi

1 dangle, swing to and fro. 2 flap. contamination.

kontan kontang-kanting konteks konteler kontemplasi kontemplatif kontemporer kontensius kontes kontestan kontestasi kontet kontinen kontinental kontingen kontinu kontinuitas kontinyue kontol kontra kontradiksi kontradiktif kontradiktoris kontradisi kontraksi kontraktan kontraktor kontraktual kontras kontrasepsi kontraseptif kontrelir kontribusi kontrol kontrolir kontroversi kontroversial kontrrak kontur konveks konveksi konvensi konvensional konvergen konvergensi konversasi konversi

1 cash. 2 at that very moment. 3 flatly denying s.t. dangle. context. /kontelir/ district officer of the colonial era (controller). contemplation. contemplative. contemporary. contentious. contest. 1 contestant. 2 candidate (in election). dispute, conflict. stunted in growth. cintinent. continental. contingent, part. /kontinue/ continuous. continuity. see KONTINU. (Vulg.) penis. contra. contradiction. contradictory. contradictory. see KONTRADIKSI. (Fin.) contraction (of money supply). contracting party. contractor. /kontraktuil/ contractual. contrast. contraception. contraseptive. see KONTELER. contribution, donation. /kontrole/ 1 control, supervision. 2 trip supervisor. 3 control. 1. controller, ticket taker. 2. see KONTELER. controversy. /kontroversiil/ controversial. contract. kontrak-an s.t. leased (out). contour. convex. convection. 1 convention, congress. 2 agreement. 3 convention, custom. /konvensionil/ conventional. convergent. convergence. conversation. conversion.

konvertibel konvoi konvulsi konyak konyan konyol konyong konyungsi konyungtur kooperasi kooperatif koops koordinasi koordinat koordinator koordinatorat koordinir kop kopah kopak kopasgat kopek kopel kopeleng kopelrim koper koperak koperal koperasi koperatif koperator kopet kopi kopiah kopkamtib koplak koplam koplet kopling kopok kopong

convertible (car). convoy. convulsions. cognac. (China) New Year’s celebration. 1 foolish, inviting, problem onto o.s. 2 constant bad luck. 3 incompetent, not up to snuff. sudden, suddenly. see KONJUNGSI. see KONJUNGTUR. see KOPERASI. see KOPERATIF. [Komando Operasional] Operational Command. /ko’ordinasi/ coordination. /ko’ordinat/ coordinate. /ko’ordinator/ coordinator. office of coordinating staff. /ko’ordinir/ coordinate. 1. 1) head. 2) letterhead. 3 head of a recorder. 2. nge-kop give cupping suction treatment by applying a heated glass to the skin. quantity of blood. 1. peel (potatoes, etc.). 2. see KUPAK. [Komando Pasukan Gerak Cepat] Rapid Action Force Command. 1. 1) flaccid (of breasts). 2 (in some regions only) teat. 2. meng-kopek peel with the nails. 1. (Auto.) universal joint. 2. see RUMAH. /kopeling/ 1 clutch. 2 connection. a broad army belt (for carrying grenades, etc.). see KOPOR. see KOPRAK. see KOPRAL. 1 a cooperative (economic enterprise). 2 cooperation. cooperative. cooperator. narrow (of opening, street, passage). 1. coffee. 2. copy, draft. k.o. rimless cap, headdress worn by Muslim men and also by Indonesian men in general as a symbol of national identity. [Komando Pemulihan Keamanan dan Ketertiban] Command for the Restoration of Security and Public Order. /koplakan, kopla’an/ place where carts minibuses, and other vehicles gather to await paddengers. /koplamp/ headlight. see KUPLET. see KOPELENG. /kopokan/ have a runny ear. (Java,Jakarta) empty, hollow.

kopor kopra koprak kopral koprol kopula kopur kopure kopyok kopyor

kor korah korak koral koramil koran korat-karit korban korden kordinasi kordinat kordinir kordon kored korek koreksi koreksian korektif korektor korelasi korem koreng korengan koreografer koreografi kores koresponden korespondensi koresta koret

1 trunk, footlocker. 2 suitcase. copra. bamboo clapper to frighten birds. 1 (Mil.) corporal. 2 (Navy) petty officer 3d class. somesault, tumble. (Ling.) copula. (Fin.) denomination. denomination, note of money. 1 shake s.t., esp. to blend or mix it up. 2 shake up pieces of paper for lottery. 3 (Coll.) dancing. a coconut that has developed differently from the others in the bunch and has soft flesh blended with the juice and is esp. tasty and highly prized for snacks. choir. 1 sphere. 2 spherical. [kommando perak] 1 name of a crime organization that specializes in pilfering from delivery trucks. 2 petty extortionist. coral. [Komando Rayon Militer] Military Headquarters at the ward [kecamatan] level. (Islam) the Qur’an. dislocated, scattered, in disorder. 1 sacrifice. 2 (Islam) religious offering, the offering made at rites celebrating idul adha. 3 victims. see GORDEN. see KOORDINASI. see KOORDINAT. see KOORDINIR. cordon worn with an academic gown. k.o. small hoe with short handle. matches, cigarette lighter. korek-kuping earpick. correction. 1 corrected material. 2 papers to be corrected. corrective. 1 proofreader. 2 corection fluid (for stencils). correlation. [Komando Resort Militer] Military Command (at a level below the residency). 1 sore, ulceration. 2 scab (over a sore). suffer from skin infections. choreographer. choreography. [Komando Resort] District Police Command. (newspaper) correspondent. correspondence. [Komando Resort Kota] Metropolitan Police Command. 1. leftovers. 2. see KOREK 1. 3. see KURET.

kori koriah koridor korma korned kornel kornet korok koroner korong korosi korosif korporasi korpri

1. (Java) door. 2. see QARI. see QARIAH. corridor. see KURMA. see KORNET 2. 1. (Sport) corner kick. 2. see KOLONEL. 1. canned corned beef. 2. see KENEK. 1. excavation, excavated tunnel. snore. a coronary (attack). surroundings. corrosion. corrosive. Corporation. [Korp Pegawai Republik Indonesia] the Indonesian Civil Service Corps.

korps korsase korsel korset korsi korsleting korting kortison kortsleting korum korup korupsi koruptor korut korve korvet kos kosak-kasik kosakata kosambi kosar kosbas kosek kosel

/korep, koreps/ corps. corsage. merry-go-round, carousel. corset. see KURSI 1. see KORTSLETING. discount. cortisone. 1 short circuit. 2 (Coll.) misunderstand e.o. see KUORUM. corrupt. corruption, graft. o. who is corrupt. [Korea Utara] North Korea. corvee. k.o. warship, a corvette. 1 room and board or just board. 2 board with s.o. 1 rustling. 2 fidgeting, restless. vocabulary, glossary. see KESAMBI. k.o. autocarpus tree yielding edible fruits and timber. landlord, landlady. door mat. 1 hem and haw. 2 work in fits and starts. 3 have difficulty with tough meat.

kosen koset kosinus kosmetik kosmografi kosmologi kosmonaut

1. window or door frame. 2 brave, courageous, daring. see KESET 2. (Math.) cosine. /kosmetika/ cosmetics. cosmography. cosmology. /kosmonot/ cosmonaut.

kosmopolit kosmos kosok kosong

/kosmopolitan/ cosmopolite, a sophisticate. cosmos. kosok-balik antonym, opposite, reverse. 1 empty, blank, zero. 2 (Crd) void suit. 3 unoccupied. 4 hole, empty space.

kosponser kost koster kosthuis kostik kostim

cosponsor. see KOS. manager of a rectory. /koshoys/ boarding house. caustic (soda). /kostum/ 1 costum. 2 woman’s Westernstyle clothing. 3 dress uniform, formal dress. [Komando Strategi Nasional] National Strategic Command. 1 city, town. 2 fort. kota-an urbane, from the city. total. 1 hang down (as of old fruit). 2 left to dry up, desicated. 1 box. 2 compartment, cubicle. 3 drawer. 4 boxshaped section of a garden divided into beds, of paddy fields, etc. motion by which s.o. indicates his presence. parapet. /kotangens/ (Math.) cotangent. see KHOTBAH. 1. 1) tail feather. 2) tail plumed with a tuftlike end (e.g. of a comet). 2. a cackle (of a hen). penis sheath of Irian. ter-koteng-koteng alone, friendless. see KOTREK. bits of thread or lint. [Kolera, Tipes, Paratipes] immunization against cholera, typhoid, and paratyphoid. 1. kotok-ayam having defective vision, i.e. nearsighted or suffering from night blindness. 2. short (of pants legs). cut off, amputated. 1 dirty, soiled, filthy. 2 dirty, vile, filthy (words, etc.). 3 gross (of income, profits). 1 feces, dung, manure. 2 muck, waste. 3 impurity. corkscrew. quota. /kafer, kofer/ . [Korps Wanita Angkatan Darat] Army Women’s Corps. ber-kowak-kowak 1 jabber, chatter. 2 shout (of drunkards, people wild with joy or excitement). [Korps Wanita Angkatan Laut] Navy Women’s Corps. (Coll., Derog., Java, Jakarta) you. see KUWEK. see KOAR. [Komando Wilayah) Police Subregion Command.

kostranas kota kotah kotai kotak kotak-katik kotamara kotangen kotbah kotek koteka koteng koterek kotes kotipa kotok kotong kotor kotoran kotrek kotum kover kowad kowak kowal kowe kowek kower kowil

kowilhan kowiltabes koyak koyakan koyan koye koyer koyo kozyn kpd. kpm krkrah kram krama kraman kramat kran kranggang krans krasan krat kraton kre kreasi kreatif kreativitas kreator krecek kreda kredap kredep kredibilitas kredit kreditir kredo krei krem kremasi krematorium kremes kremi krempeng kremus

[Komando Wilayah Pertahanan] Defence Territorial Command. [Komando Wilayah Kota Besar] Metropolitan Police Command. 1 torn, ripped. 2 lacerated (of the hand, etc.). koyak-koyak in rags or tatters. koyak-an tear, rip, rent. tear, rip, rent. measurement of weight or capacity (27-40 piculs). see KOHIR. (Sport) pitcher in games where a ball is thrown to be batted back. /koyok/ 1. nonsense. 2. (China salve put in a medical plaster. 3 stray dog. see KOSEN 1. [kepada] to. [Koninkliske Paketvaart Maatschappij] The Royal Mail Packet Lines (of the colonial era). see also entries with ker-. see KERAH 2. see KERAM 1. see KROMO. rebellion. see KERAMAT. see KERAN 1. k.o. red ant. funerary wreathe. (Coll.) feel at home, like a place o. is new at. crate, case of 24 bottles. see KERATON. see KERAI. creation. creative. creativity. creator. buffalo skin processed for eating. see KRIDA. ber-kredap-an glitter, shine, flicker. scintillate. (Fin.) credibility. credit. /kreditor/ creditor. (Rel.) credo, creed. see KERAI. 1 cream of milk. 2 skin-care salve. 3 cream colored, light-yellow. cremation. crematorium. k.o. cake made of cassava and palm sugar. see KEREMI. see KEREMPANG. chew a.t. crispy into small pieces.

kreolin kreosot krep krepyak kreseh-peseh kresek kresna kresten kretek kri kriat-kriut kribo kricika krida kridit kriditor kriir krim kriminal kriminalitas kriminologi kring kripik krisis kristal kristalisasi kristalisir kristen kristenisasi kristus kriteria kriterium kritik kritikal kritikus kritis kritisi kriuk-kriuk kriwil kriya kriyawan kriyawati kroco

creolin, a preparation of creosol and resin soap used as a deodorant and disinfecrant. creosote. crepe paper. blinds. see KARESEH-PESEH. 1. see KERESEK. 2. thin plastic bag with handle. central figure of the Mahabharata. see KRISTEN. 1. k.o. cigarette containing choped cloves. 2. (Java) horse-drawn cart. [Kapal Republik Indonesia] an Indonesian Flagship. see KERIANG-KERIUT. frizzy (of hair, like Africans, Melanesian, etc.). (od.) Scorpio. activity, physical activity (as opposed to office, school work). see KREDIT. pupil who must repeat many school subjects. create. see KREM. /kriminil/ criminal (law, ast, etc.). /kriminalitet/ criminality. criminology. 1. cell, small group of believers who work together (e.g. Catholics, etc.). 2. see KERING 2. see KERIPIK. crisis. crystal. crystallization. crystallize. 1 Christian. 2 Protestan. /kristianisasi/ Christianization. Christ. criteria. criterion. 1 criticism. 2 critical. critical. critic. critical, serious (of patient, situation). see KRITIKUS. see KERIUK. see PRIWIL. skill. male salesclerk. female slaesclerk. 1. k.o. small snail. 2 of little value, of no great importance. 3 loest economic class.

kroket krokot krol kromo kromosom krompyang kron kroncong krong kronik kronis kronologi kronologis kropok krosak krosboi krosgirl krosmama krosok krospapa kroto krtikawan kruis kruk krukas krul kruntel krupuk krupukan krus krutuk ks ksatria ktp ktt ku kukuaci kuade kuadran kuadrat kuah kuak kuala kualahan kualat

croquettes. purslane. see KERUL. 1 the polite form of Java used to and among upper-class people. 2 the common people. chromosome. 1 sound of s.t. crashing to the floor. 2 sound of tin cans. see KERON. see KERONCONG 1. see KERONG. chronicle. chronic. chronology. chronological. 1 empty, without concent. 2 soft, weak. 3 moldy. see KEROSAK. (Coll.) delinquent youth. (Coll.) female delinquent. (Coll.) a woman who goes after young men. see KEROSOK 1. a man who goes after young women. red ant eggs (fed to birds). literary critic. crotch. crutches. crankcase. see KERUL. (Java) rolled up, curled. see KERUPUK. confused, doing s.t. hastily. see KERUS, KURS. bombard. [Kepala Staf] Chief of Staff. see KESATRIA. [Kartu Tanda Penduduk/Pengenal] residence indentification card. [Konperensi Tingkat Tinggi] Summit Conference. see KUE. first person agent marker of passive verb. see KWACI. seat at which couples sit in wedding ceremony. quadrant. quadrate. gravy, broth, thin sauce, (thin) dressing. 1. low (of buffalo), croak (of frogs). 2. part (in the hair). estuary, river mouth, confluence. see KEWALAHAN. 1 accursed, damned. 2 struck down by a calamity.


1 wide-mouthed clay pot for cooking. 2 (in some regions only) iron wok.

kualifikasi kualitas kualitatif kualitet kualon kuangwung kuantitas kuantitatif kuantum kuap kuar kuarsa kuarsit kuartal

1 qualification, limitation. 2 qualification, fitness, eligibility quality. qualitative. quality. step-(relation). ibu-kualon stepmother. k.o. beetle in coconut trees. quantity. quantitative. quantum. a yawn. meng-kuar loosen or undo with a stick. quartz. quartzite. a period of three months. kuartal-an 1 quarterly examination. 2 s.t. to mark the beginning of a threemonth period. quarters. 1. 1) small brush for painting, writing. 2) shaving brush. 3) applicator. 2. k.o. lemonade. scratch the ground (of a chicken, etc.). 1 power, might. 2 authority given to s.o. 3 capable, able, powerful.1 dominate. 2 take charge, be in command. 3 master (a language, a raging fire, etc.). 4 have control over (o.’s feelings). 1 strong, powerful. 2 sturdy. 3 forceful (personality), fervent (believer, etc.). 4 be able to. 5 loud (of voice, noise). afraid, apprehensive about. k.o. pheasant. gall, bile. k.o. climbing plant. Cuba. mengk-kuba (Coll.) hijack a plane. 1 dome, vault, cupola. 2 (Mil.) turret. meng-kubak 1 peel 9potatoes, etc.). 2 strip (bark from a tree). mudhole, mudpuddle. arch. (Jakarta, Java) 1 turn s.t. around. 2 stir. 1. meng-kubik peel (with the fingernails). 2 cubic. (Jakarta) swollen (of eyes). k.o. flying lizard. cabbage. tiny bit. 1 unsuccessful, afailure. 2 left undone. Coptic. 1 fortification, fortress, stockade. 2 bunker, entrenchment. 1. flying lemur. 2. box for raising mushrooms. grave, tomb. cube.

kuartir kuas kuas-kais kuasa

kuat kuatir kuau kuaya kuayah kuba kubah kubak kubang kubat kubek kubik kubil kubin kubis kubit kubra kubti kubu kubung kubur kubus

kucai kucak kucam kucar-kacir kucek kucel kucerpen kucica kucil kucindan kucing kucing-kucingan kucir kuco kucung kucup kucur kucut kuda kudai kudang kudangan kudap kudeta kudi kudian kudil kudrat kudrati kudu kuduk kudung kudus kue kue kuek kufu kufur kuhap kuhd kuhp kui

1. k.o. leek or green onion. 2. be isolated from o.’s friends. see KOCAK 2. pale, wan, drained (of energy or vitality). 1 in disorder, in a mess. 2 disorganized, inadequately supervised. 1 rub. 2 do the laundry. 3 crush, grind, mash. crumpeled, creased. [kumpulan cerita pendek] collection of short stories. k.o. small bird. 1 expel (from family, clan, relationship, political party, etc.), ostracize, excommunicate. 2 squeeze out (toothpaste, glue, etc.). see KECANDAN. cat, a feline. 1 calf (of leg). 2 biceps, muscle of leg or arm. 3 toy litten. 4 play tag. 1 cowlick. 2 tuft of hair (left on top of a child’s shaved head). 3 tassel. 4 pigtail. village chief (in Japanese times). see KOCONG. 1. be closed (of s.t. that folds up). 2. see KECUP. 1 gushing, pouring forth. 2. k.o. fried cake of rice flour. see KECUT 1. 1 horse. 2 (Che.) knight. 3 a vaulting horse for gymnastics. 4 timbering for a roof. 1 small, rattan basket. 2 round silver betel leaf holder. (Java) coo, talk babytalk. wish or request by fianceee that her future husband must fulfill. /kudap-kudap/ snack, tidbit. coup d’etat. meng-kudeta carry out a coup d’etat. 1. k.o. machete. 2. see KODI. see KEMUDIAN. /kudis/ scabies. see KODRAT. see ADI. 1. flower. 2. (Java) must, have to. 3. k.o. red dye. 1. nape of the neck. 2. see NASI. 1. crippled, maimed. 2. veil. holy, sacred, sacrosanct. /kueh/ cooky, cake. /kueh/ cooky, cake. noise, ado, commotion. see KUPU, KUPUAN. infidel, atheist, unbeliever. [Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Acara Pidana] Criminal Code. [Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Dagang] code of business law. 1. [Kitab Undang-Undang Hukum Pidana] Criminal Code. 2. [Kasih Uang Habis Perkara] (Coll.) Give me money and that is that. 1. goldsmith’s crucible. 2. genuflect.

kuih kuil kuin kuing kuini kuintal kuintet kuir kuis kuit kuitansi kuiz kujang kujur kujut kuk kukai kukang kukila kuku kukuh kukuk kukukbeluk kukukkeruyuk kukul kukup kukur kukuruyak kukus kukut kul kulah kulai kulak kulan kulansing kulasi kulat kuldi kuli kuliah kulik kulikat kulim

see KUE. temple or shrine currently used by practicing Indian Hindus. (Crd.) queen. yelping of a dog. k.o. mango. measure of 100 kilograms. quintet. weeding sickle. 1. meng-kuis(kan) 1) kick s.t. aside. 2) scratch the earth (of a chicken, etc.). 3) stir up (a fire). 2. quiz. kuit-gamit beckon (s.o to approach). see KWITANSI. see KUIS 2. cleaver, chopping knife. 1. spear for catching fish. 2. stiff, rigid. se-kujur the entire (body). ber-kujut hang strangle or choke o.s. 1 yoke. 2 collar, harness. k.o. fish. 1. see KUNGKANG 2. 2. see KOKANG. 1 mynah bird. 2 (Java) bird in general. 1 fingernail, toenail. 2 claw, s.t. like a claw. 3 hoof. 1 sturdy, strong (house, etc.), hefty. 2 firm, tenacious. see KOKOK. k.o. owl. cock-a-doodle-doo. 1. acne, pimple. 2. see KOKOL 2. alluvium, silt. 1. cooing (of a dove). 2. grater. see KUKUKERUYUK. 1. marten. 2. steam, vapor. kukus-an rice steamer. adopted. see KOL 2. 1. a small basin us. build into the bathroom for bathing and other purposes. 2. k.o. mango. drooping, hanging down. 1. a cubic measture for rice, etc. 2. buy goods for resale. kulak-an wholesale. k.o. tree of forest that furnishes guttapercha. see BATU. see OKULASI. toadstool, mushroom, fungus. see BUAH. coolie, laborer, porter. university lecture. scream of a bird. ber-kulik cry out, scream (of birds of prey). disposition, character. k.o. hardwood.

kulino kulintang kulipat kulir kulit

kumala kuman kumandang kumanga kumat kumat-kamit kumba kumbah kumbang

(Java) 1 be accustomed to. 2 be good at doing s.t. see KOLINTANG. 1 successor. 2 deputy. trowel. 1 skin. 2 hide, leather. 3 (tree) bark. 4 peel, husk, shell, crust. 5 cover (of a magazine). refrigerator, icebox. see KULIAH. culmination. (Java) west. 1 (Java) what is called out to announce o.’s arival at s.o.’s house, ask to come in. 2 (Coll.) ask for an OK to proceed. cultive. culture. /kulturil/ cultural. cult. 1. heart (as seat of emotions). 2. boil or steam (vegetables). (Java) a man’s court headdress shaped like a fez. millipede. 1 foreskin. 2 appellation for boys. ber-kulup not circumcised. k.o. breadfruit with many seeds. k.o. hardwood similar to the lansium. (China) sweet and sour cooking. see LAUT. see KOMA-KOMA. notch. 1 rumpled, disheveled of clothes. 2 dingy of a room. 3 dog-eared (of magazines). see GEMALA. germ, microbe. echo, reverberation. /kumango/ see BARANG 1. have a relapse. see KOMAT-KAMIT. 1 basin, bowl. 2 the protuberance on the forehead of an elephant. 1 wash, do the laundry. 2 rinse. 1 bumblebee. 2 beetle. 3 black (color of animal). meng-kumbang buzz.

kumbar kumbara kumbik kumbu kumico kumidi kumilap kumin kuminter

k.o. thorny, stemless palm resembling the Salacca. see EMBARA. the candlenut tree and its fruit. narrow-mouthed basket for holding freshly caught fish. head of a quarter (during the Japanese occupation). see KOMIDI. see KELAP. granule, mole. (Java) thing o. is smart when o. is not.

kulkas kulliah kulminasi kulon kulonuwun kultivir kultur kultural kultus kulub kuluk kulum-kulum kulup kulur kulut kuluyak kulzum kuma-kuma kumai kumal

kumis kumisi kumit kumkuma kumlah kumpal kumpar kumparan kumpi kumplit kumpul kumpulan kumuh kumulasi kumur kumus kun kuna kunang-kunang kuncah kuncara kuncen kunci kuncir kuncung kuncup kundai kundang kundektur kundur kung kungkang kungki kungkum kungkung kuning

kunir kunjung

1. mustache. kumis-kucing a herb the leaves of which have diuretic properties. 2. see KOMIS. see KOMISI 1,2. mote. see KOMA-KOMA. see MATI. 1. ter-kumpal-kumpal be tossed about (esp. a difficult situation). 2. see GUMPAL. wind (thread, twine, etc.) on a spool. 1 spool, reel. 2 coil, bobbin. great grandparent. see KOMPLET. (Mil.) fall in !. kumpul-kebo live together out of matrimony. 1 collection. 2 horde, drove. 3 herd (of cattle). 4 (Coll.) association. dirty, vile, base, low. cumulation. ber-kumur rinse the mouth. ber-kumur-kumur gargle. k.o. forest tree yielding good timber and resin. 1. apron, skirt. 2. (Islam) come into being. kun-fayakun ! Become ! And it came into being. see KUNO. firefly, glowworm. 1 bale of straw. 2 measure for a bale. (Lit.) famous, renowned. caretaker of a sacred place. 1. 1) key. 2) key, solution. 3) lock, fastening. 4) wrench. 5) joints. 6) locked, fastened. 2. see TEMU 1. /kuncit/ see KUCIR. 1 tuft, crest (of feathers). 2 tuft of hair from the crown to the forehead. 1. bud (of flower. 2 closed (of flowers). 3 not circumcised. see KONDAI. see KONDANG 2. see KONDEKTUR. 1 wax gounrd, alarge green melon-shaped fruit growing on vines and eating as a vegetable. 2 go home (honorific, Java). (Java) having a properly developed voice (of a dove). 1 sloth. 2. k.o. large frog. gnaw at s.t. k.o. large forest tree yielding a hard but undurable timber. (Java) diri bathe submerging o.s. in the water. shackles, locks (for a prisoner). yellow. kuning-gading ivory colored, cream colored. kunign-kepodang canary yellow. kuning-mas golden. kuning-telur egg yolk. kuning-an brass. (Java) see KUNYIT. 1. ber-kunjung pay a visit, call on s.o. 2. tak-kunjung never (was it, willit be).

kuno kuntal-kantil kuntau kuntet kuntianak

kuntit kuntuan kuntul kuntum kuntung kunun kunut kunyah kunyam kunyit kunyuk kunyung kuorum kuota kuoyu kup kupak kupang kupas kupasan kupat-kapit kupel kuper kupet kupiah kuping

1 ancient. 2 old-fashioned, dated. see KONTAL-KANTIL. China boxing (kung-fu). see KONTET. /kuntilanak/ (Java) a malicious supernatural beiong that is the spirit of a woman who died in childbirth and that appears as a beautiful young woman with a hole in her back. meng-kuntit(i) tail, shadow, follow s.o. China silk. 1. heron, egret. 2. tailles (of fowl). 3 see KONTOL. 1 flower bud ready to open. 2 (Lit.) a budding girl. 3 classifier or counter for flowers. pigtail as formerly worn by China men. see KONON. see DOA. meng-kunyah 1 chew, masticate. 2 digest (advice, a problem, etc.) kunyahan cud. shrunken, sunken (of cheeks from loss of teeth). turmeric. 1 monkey. 2 a stupid person, an idiot. see KONYONG. quorum. quota. /kwo-i/ (China) Mandarin Chinese. 1. howdah (on elephant). 2 coup, political power move. broken, damaged. 1. k.o. shellfish. 2. a coin of former times. 1 remove peel or shells. 2 strip s.o. (of clothes). 3 analyze (a problem).


1 peels. 2 analysis. 1 wagging (of a tail). 2 dangling limply. cupola. [kurang pergaulan] (Sl.) socially awkward. 1 bulb of a thermometer. 2 developing tray (in photography). see KOPIAH. ear. kuping-gajah 1 anthurium, caladium. 2 k.o. cookie in the shape of an elephant ear. 1. cutter in tailor or dress shop. 2. meng-kupir (Crd.) cut (the cards).

kuplet kuplok kupnat kupon kupu kupu-kupu kupui kupur

couplet. see KULUK. dark (in tailoring). coupon. /kupuan/ rank (by birth, nobility). butterfly. kupu-kupu-malam prostitute. large forest tree with reddish wood and edible fruit. 1. k.o. wild raspberry. 2. see KUFUR.

kur kura kura-kura kurai kuran kurang kurap kurapan kurapat kuras kuratif kurator kurawal kurban kurcaci kuret kurfa kuria kurik kurikuler kurikulum kuring kuriositas kurir kuririk kurkuma kurma kurnia kurou kurs kursemangat kursi kursif kursis kursus kurun kurung kurus kurut kuruyuk kus

1. 1) coo (of a pigeon). 2) sound made in calling chickens to come and eat. 2. see KOR. (Anat.) spleen. turtle. 1 grain in wood. 2 vein in marble, damascened veins in a kris blade. see KORAN. 1. 1) less, decrease. 2) minus, less, until (of time). 3) lack s.t. 4) not…enough, not quite, do not quite. 2. (Med.) milt. ringworm. kurap-anjing mange. 1 coered with scabs (of aninmals). 2 fraudulent. see KHURAFAT. 1. printed paper folded over several times for binding into a book. 2. kurasotak brain drain. curative, healing, therapeutic. 1 curator, keeper. 2 (Leg.) receiver (in bankruptcy). braces (of graphics). see KORBAN. 1 Brownie Scout. 2 gnome, a small supernatural being. curette. curve. (Rel.) parish (in the Batak area). speckled. curricular. curriculum. scabby, with sores. curiosity. courier. cricket. 1 turmeric. 2 saffron. date palm, dates. see KARUNIA. k.o. edible saltwater fish. (Fin.) a rate of exchange. see KUR 1. 1. 1) chair. 2) (official) position. 3) seat (in parliament). 2. see AYAT. italics. course taker, o. who attend courses. 1 course (of study). 2 nondegree course offered outside of the college or university system. 1 century, era. 2 time frame. 1 cage. 2 prison. 3 (Naut.) cabin. 4 parenttheis, brackets. 1 thin, emaciated, lean. 2 meager. 3 barren, sterile (land). ber-kurut be wrinkled. crow (of a cock). see DEKUS.

kusa kusal kusam kusau kusen kusir kuskus kusta kusuk kusuma kusus kusut

elephant goad. roll s.t. between the hands (like a cigarette). 1 dull, lusterless. 2 dim, dull (of light). 3 pallid (of face). 1 confused, mixed up. 2 tousled (of hair). see KOSEN 1. coachman. cuscus. leprosy. 1. rub the body with leaves. 2. see KHUSYU. (Java, Lit.) flower. kusuma-bangsa a nation’s heroes. see KHUSUS. 1. 1) tousled (of hair). 2) tangled (of thread, etc.). 3) rumpled (of clothes). 4) complicated, involved, intricate. kusut-an kink, twist. 2. see USUT.

kutak kutak-katik

meng-kutak-an shake s.t. hard. 1 tinkering with, working on various things. 2 mixing into other people’s things. 1 camisole, a woman’s underblouse used instead of a brassiere. 2 brassiere. 3 armored vest. be busily engaged in s.t. see KUTAT-KUTET. meng-kuti tear into very small strips. ber-kutik move slightly. cuticle. wart. see KETILANG. constantly follow. 1 pick up small bits (money, rice grains, etc.). 2 copy a portion, cite, excerpt s.t. 1 louse. 2 name for fleas, ticks, and other insects which infest people or animals. a piece of cloth sewn between the lapels of a kebaya to cover the bosom.

kutang kutat-kutet kutet kuti kutik kutikula kutil kutilang kuting kutip kutu kutu-baru kutub kutuk kutung kuud kuwaci kuwah kuwalat kuwek

pole. 1. 1) curse, malediction. 2) bane, curse (of o.’s existence), blight. 2. measure for rioce equal to four handfuls. (Java) amputated, cut off (of limbs). /ku’ut/ [Koperasi Unit Usha Desa] Village Cooperative. see KWACI. see KUAH. see KUALAT. (Java, Humorous] coming from the regions that have a distinct accent.

kuwih kuwu kuwuk kuwung

see KUE. village administrative official in charge of water. see KUCING. rainbow.

kuya kuyu kuyuh kuyung kuyup

labur lacak

k.o. small turtle. dull, lusterless (eye, eye, etc.). urine. k.o. large timber tree. see BASAH. kuyup-kuyup soaking, sopping wet, soaked through and through. [kaset video] video cassette. see also entries with ku-. 1. [kwintal] 100 kilograms. 2.[kawan] comrade. qua. salted dried watermelon seeds eaten as a snack. see KUALITAS. see KUARTAL. see KUAS 1. receipt. [kawat] wire, cable. /kyai/ see KIAI. see KIA-KIA 2. l, twelfth letter of the alphabet. [letter of creadit]. [letter of creadit]. see LHA. 1 profit. 2 benefit, gain. k.o. tree yielding wood used to make furniture. spider. k.o. sea fish. hammer out iron sheets. exhausted, consumed, used up. label. see LABRAK. (Naut.) rigging. freshwater turtle. (Phon.) labial. labile, changing, unstable. 1. labyrinth. 2. inner ear. laboratory assistant. laboratory. beating. labrak-an attack, thrashing. 1. gourd, squash. 2. flask. 1 vegetable marrow. 2 gourd for carrying water. 1 hanging down, trailing (of shirt sleeve, curtain, etc.). 2 classifier for curtains. 1. whitewash s.t. 2. pay laborers in kind or in money. 3. windfall. 1. drag slightly (of anchor). 2. trace, track. 3. abundant, in great quantity.

lacur lacut

1. immoral, indecent. 2. unlucky, working out poorly. whip.

kv kwkw. kwa kwaci kwalitas kwartal kwas kwitansi kwt. kyahi kyakya l l/c l/c la laba labah labah-labah labak labang labas label laberak laberang labi-labi labial labil labirin laboran laboratorium labrak labu labu-air labuh

lada ladah ladam ladan ladang laden lading ladok ladu ladung lafaldz laga laga-lagaan lagak lagam lagi

lagian lagu lagu – marhaban lah

lahad lahak lahan lahap lahar lahat laher lahir lahiriah laici laif laik laila lailahailla’llah

lailat lain

black or white pepper. soiled, dirty. polluted. horseshoe. see MINYAK. unirrigated agricultural field. (Java) o. who serves. laden-an service. 1. cleaner. 2. cargo. haughty, arrogant, overbearing. lava. stagnant (water). /lafal, lafaz/ 1 pronunciation of a word or phoneme. 2 wording, text. 3 the correct version. 1. fight. 2. brag, boast, put on airs. 1 proud. 2 boastful. 1 attitude. manner, behavior. 2 mannerism. 3. bluff. 1. horse’s bit. 2. see RAGAM. 1. 1) again. 2) still, further. 3) still (when it shoul not be so). 4) (with negatives) any more, any longer. 5) more, else, other. 6) as well (as). 2. be in the process of. (Jakarta) moreever. 1 melody, tune, song. 2 way, manner. 3 intonation. lagu – marhaban 1. 1) particle urging action. 2) That is it ! Believe me ! (particle requesting belief). 3) particle of assent. 4) particle marking predicate. 5) trivializing particle (with question words). 2. see LHA. 3. see TELAH1. (Islam) niche in the wall of a grave for the corpse. rotten, spoiled (of food). 1. 1) land, terrain. 2) area. 3) soil. 2. see PERLAHAN. ravenous, gluttonous. 1 lava. 2 (Geol.) volcanic mudflow. see LAHAD. ball-bearing. 1. 1) external, extrinsic, outward. 2) worldy, material. 2. come into being, be born. lahir-nya genesis. 1 external, extrinsic. 2 physical, material. see LECI. attenuate, weaken, enfeeble. see LAYAK. /lailah/ My word ! (an exclamation of surprise and us. disapproval). /la ilaha illa’llahu/ 1 (Islam) There is no god but Allah (the beginning of the profession of faith). 2 Good God ! (an exclamation uttered when under extreme emotional stress). lailat-al kadar (Islam) The night of the 26 to 27 th of the fasting month (the night in which the Koran was revealed). 1 other, another. 2 different. 3 besides, not including.

lais lajang lajat lajim lajnah lajo laju lajur lak

laka lakab lakak lakan laki

1. backwater, i.e. to push a paddle or oar toward the bow (to reverse the boat, etc.). 2. k.o. pandanus. remain unmarried (past usual marrying age). 1 serious (illness). 2 extreme, very much. see LAZIM. (Islam) committee. lajo (Java) commute to and from a place of employment or study. 1 fast, quick, rapid. 2 rate. 1 row. 2 strip (of cloth). 3 column (in a paper). 4 lane. 5 line (of defense). lajur-an neck (of land). 1. 1) sealing wax. 2) lacquer. 2. (China) six. lak-ban 60,oo. lak-ban go 65,000. lak-cap 60. lak-cap go 65. lak-ceng 6000. lak-pek 600. lak-pek ceng 600,000. lak-pek go 650. lak-pek go ceng 650,000. lak-tiau six million.

laksamana laksana laksanawan laktasi laktosa laku

large liana with red heartwood (used for joss sticks). title, epithet (for dead or deposed rulers). strike with a heavy object. /laken/ 1 sheet. 2 felt. 3 woolen cloth. 4 vellet. (Coll.) husband. laki-laki 1 man, amle (of humans). 2 (China, Ambon) male (of animals). throat, gullet. litmus. 1 curse, malediction. 2 anathema. 1 play, drama. 2 act. 3 story. 1. 10,000. 2. 1) lfine noodles similar to vermicelli. 2) k.o. dish prepared with such noodles. admiral. 1 quality, characteristic. 2 like, resembling. manager, executor. lactation. lactose. 1 behavior, conduct, attitude. 2 valid, in effect. 3 in demand, sell well.

lakum lakur lalab lalah lalai

k.o. vine. (Lit.) fuse (of metals). see LALAP. 1. gluttonous. 2. destroy undergrowth in order to plant. 1. 1) careless, negligent. 2) absent-minded, indifferent. 2. see TALI.

lalang lalap lalar lalat lalau laler lali lalim

1. k.o. coarse grass. 2. see LALU. dish of raw vegetables and a spicy sauce. (Ambon) see LALAT. a fly. lalat-hijau bluebottle. (Lit.) keep s.o. from trespassing. (Java, Jakarta) see LALAT. 1 numb, insentive (to pain). 2 anesthetized. 3 (Java) forget. tyrannical, despotic, cruel.

laklakan lakmus laknat lakon laksa

lalu lama laman lamang lamar lamaran lamat-lamat lambai lambak lamban lambang lambangsari lambar lambat lambat-laun lambau lambo lambung lambur lamin lamp. lampai lampam lampar lampas lampau lampias lampin lamping lampion lampir lampiran lampok lampor lampoyang lampu lampung lampus lampuyang lamtoro lamtorogung

1 pass. 2 past, last. 3 then. 1 long (of duration). 2 old, long standing. (Coll.) see HALAMAN. k.o. long straight single-edged sword. 1 ask for the hand of. 2 propose marriage to s.o. 3 apply for (a job). 1 (marriage) proposal. 2 application. /lamat-lamatan/ vague, indistinct, scarcely visible. wave o.’s hands. pile, heap. lambak-an earth used to build up bunds in a rice field. 1 languid, inolent. 2 clumsy, awkward, ungainly. sign, symbol. (Euphemism, Java) sexual intercourse. underlayer. lambar-an pad, base. 1 slow-moving, leisurely. lambat-laun 1)gradually, in the long run. 2) finally. 3) sooner or later. 2 late. 1 gradually, in the long run. 2 finally. 3 sooner or later. (Coll.) farming. (Sulawesi) k.o. single-masted cargo boat. 1. 1) side (of ship, person), flank. 2) an interior cavity. 2. the bounce (of a ball, etc.). k.o. large jellyfish. me-lamin decorate the bed of the newlyweds.dais on whic the bridal couple sits. [lampiran] 1 supplement. 2 enclosure. slim, slender. k.o. fish. be scattered or spread about. (Lit.) 1 polish, rub (furniture, etc.) 2 hone, shapen (a knife). past. flowing readily.release. 1 diaper. 2 pot holder. a slope. China paper lantern. attachments. 1 enclosure. 2 attachment. 3 appendix, annex. 4 supplement. (M) pile of harvested rice. (Java) howling sound of evil spirits heard on rivers. see LEMPUYANG. 1 lamp. 2 light. float (of wood, etc.). see MAMPUS. see LEMPUYANG. the Leucaena glauca, a fast-growing tree used for firewood the leaves of which furnish fodder. a fast-growing tree similar in use to the lamtoro but considerably taller.


lancaran lancing-lancingan lancip lancong lancung

1. (Lit.) 1) although. 2) provided that, if. 2. pile up (in a disorderly fashion). 3. muse, daydream. 1) fantasy, daydream. 2) speculation. almost blind. (Java) male. mudbank. silt. k.o. three-masted ship. see LENCANA. 1. 1) dare to do s.t. without proper permision. 2) impudent. 2. k.o. fast sailboat. 3. box or container for betel-chewing ingredients. smooth, slick (of surface). 1. 1) fast, swit (of vessels, cars, etc.). 2) fluent. 3) smooth (of discussions, etc.). 2. pe-lancar girder. k.o. swift sailboat. Java-style trousers. 1 sharp and pointed. 2 (Math.) acute. go sightseeing, take a pleasure trip. 1. 1) false, fake, imitation. 2) faithless, untrue (friend). 2. see LANCONG.


1. attack violently, knock down s.o. 2.. pan (tin, gold). 3. lye, alkali.

landai landak landas landasan landau landrad landreform landskap landung lang

slope slightly (of hollocks, etc.). landai-an hilt of a kris. porcupine. landak-laut sea urchin. 1 base. 2 substratum. 1 base. 2 anvil. me-landau pan or wash (gold, tin). (Coll.) court of law. /lenriforem/ land reform. (Coll.) scenery. 1 trailing, hanging down. 2 slack. 1 table or stand for selling. 2 set of stacked containers for carrying food. 3. see ELANG. open s.t. widely. 1 horsefly. 2 bluebottle fly. /langcia/ (China) rickshaw. fishnet. 1 way, custom, style. 2 melody, tune. ber-langgan-an be(come) a customer of (a store). 2 subscribe to. 1 customer, client. 2 (regular) subscriber. see TUNGGANG 1. 1. (Islam) prayer house (not used for Friday prayer). 2. eternal, imperishable. proud, arrogant, haughty. k.o. large mackerel. 1 a shrub, the leaves of which are used for preparing a shampoo. 2 herbal shampoo.

lamunan lamur lanang lanar lanau lanca lancana lancang lancap lancar

langah langau langca langgai langgam langgan langganan langgang langgar langgeng langguk langi langir

langit langka langkah langkai langkan langkap langkas langkat langkau langkitang langlang langsai langsam langsar langsat langsep langsi langsing langsir langsuir langsung langu langut lanja lanja – lanjaan lanjai lanjam lanjang lanjar lanjaran lanjirat lanjung lanjur lanjut lanseng lanset lansir lanskap lantai lantak lantam lantamal lantan

1 sky. 2 the heavens. scarce, rare. 1 step, stride. 2 step, action, measure. slim, slender. 1 balcony. 2 balustrade, railing. k.o. palm tree. 1. dexterous. 2. (Lit.) lose all its fruits (of a tree). three days from now, the day after the day after tomorrow. me-langkau-i 1 overlook, skip. 2 leave out, omit. k.o. edible mollusc. nightwatchman. paid, settled (of bill, accounts). (Coll.) slow. 1. tall and slender. 2. 1) fortunate, lucky. 2) happy. the Lansium tree and its clusters of small, yellow fruit. see LANGSAT. a shrill sound. 1. slim, slender, slvelte. 2.(Coll.) me-langsing go back and forth, go up and down. 3. loud (of sound). 1. thin, slender. 2. lancer. k.o. wailing female vampire, preying on newly delivered mothers in childrenth and their infants. 1 direct, straight. 2 immediately, straightaway. ber-langsung go on, take place. 1 rotten (of odor). 2 unpleasant (of taste). me-langut sad, melancholy. me-lanja go on a visit. go anywhere. slim, slender. plowshare. 1. slender. 2 see TELANJANG. long and tapering. bean, pole, trellis. court of law. 1 small and slender (of sugarcane, etc.). 2 tall, high. protracted, stretched, dragged out. 1 advanced. 2 long, detailed. 3 continue, continued. reheat by steaming. (Med.) lancet. 1. 1) launch s.t. 2) spread, distribute (news, etc.). 2. see LANGSIR. see LANDSKAP. 1 floor. 2 story (of a building). piston, pile.1 hammer s.t. 2 ram, drive (a pile). 1 proud. 2 haughty, arrougant. brag, boast of s.t. [Pangkalan Utama Angkatan Laut] first-class naval base. me-lantan 1 spoil s.o. 2 care for (o.’s body). 3 economize on (clothing by wearing poorer quality).

lantang lantar lantaran lantas lantera lantik lanting lanting-lanting lantun lantung lantur lanuma lanun lanut lanyah lanyak lanyau laos laoteng lap lap-lapan lapad lapah lapal lapan lapang lapangan lapar lapat-lapat lapaz lapih lapik lapis lapor laporan lapuk lapun lapur lara larang larangan larap

1 shrill, piercing (voice). 2 clear, distinct (of voice, view). 1. ter-, te-lantar neglected. 2. see PELANTAR. 1) reason. 2) (Coll.) because. 1 straightaway, directly, forthwith, then. 2 and so ? see LANTERA. install, inaugurate. 1) thrown, tossed. 2) no longer useful, useless.1 slingshot. 2. hold out at arm’s length. platform at river bank (for bathing and laundering). me-lantun 1 rebound (of a ball, spring). 2 reflect. 3 ricochet. 1. putrid, stinking (odor). 2 1) aloud bang. 2) verbose. 3.nge-lantun laze about, do things without purpose. me-lantur-kan divert, distract s.o. [pangkalan utama] main base. pirate. [pangkalan udara] air base. muddy. me-lanyak 1 trample down (earth). 2 step on, run down, disparage (s.o. or s.t.). 3 hit hard. soft mud (with a hard crust). galingale, aplant of the ginger family. see LOTENG. 1 towel. 2 rag. (Sl.) be in love. see LAFADZ. me-lapah 1 skin, flay, dress (an animal). 2 devour. see LAFADZ. (Coll.) see DELAPAN. 1 open, wide, spacious. 2 free, unoccupied. 3 roomy. 1 field, square. 2 sphere, range (of activity). 1 hungry. 2 hunger. (Java, Jakarta) 1 vague, barely visible. 2 barely audible. see LAFADZ. see LAPIS. 1 base, underlayer. 2 lining. 3 mat. 1 layer, lining. 2 row. 3 (Geol.) stratum. 4 in layers. report. 1report, occount. 2 statement. 1 moldy, putrefied, mildewed. 2 rotten, decayed (of wood, etc.), weakened. 3 obsolete, out-of-date (regulation, etc.). trap. 1. twitch, flutter (of a bird, etc.) 2. see LAPOR. 1 ill, sick. 2 painful. 1 forbid, prohibit, ban. 2 interdict. 1 prohibition, ban, interdiction. 2 embargo. 3 (Ling.) prohibitive. in demand, selling.slacken, pay out ( arope).


larat lari larih larik laring laringektomi laris laron lars laru larung larut las lasa lasah lasak lasat laskar laso lastik lasykar lat lata lataboga latah

latak latam latang latar latat lateks laten latif latih latin

1. 1) pitch, key, scale. 2) harmonym, harmonious. 2. 1) barrel (of rifle, cannon, etc.). 2) classifier for rifles. 3) straight and cylindrical. 3. (M) district. 1. 1) be protracted, be drawn out (of an illness). 2) drag (of anchor). 3 wander. 2. k.o. Moluccan orchid. 3. see MELARAT. 1. run. 2 escape, leave. (Lit.) drink together. 1. row, line.1 turn on a lathe. 2 bore, drill (a hole) in. (Anat.) larynx. laryngectomy. popular, in demand, selling well.1 the first item sold in a work day, throught to stimulate later sales. 2 s.t. that sells well, best seller. flying white ant. boot, esp. military boots. (Java) fermenting agent added to make vinegar. (Java) float (esp. of offering, corpses). 1. 1) soluble. 2) fused, dissolved. larut-an (Chem.) solution. 2. 1) protracted. 2) late, far-advanced (of night). weld, joint. 1 numb (of o.’s limbs). 2 paralyzed. 3 callus on the sole. 1. spread flat (mat, fish for drying, etc.). 2. everyday clothes, work clothes. 1. 1) restless, restive, fidgety. 2) energetic, hyperkinetic (of a child). 3) peevish, petulant. 2. see LASAH 2. (M) serious (of illness). 1 (Lit.) pre-modern soldiers. 2 paramilitary troops,guerilla-fighters. lasso. see ELASTIK. see LASKAR. 1. 1) interval. 2) the space between planks. 2. late. 3. lath. 1. 1) humble, degrading. 2) dirty, ugly. 2. see LATAH 1. (Lit.) herbivore. 1. 1) a nervouse condition characterized by erratic involuntary imitative behavior, often pornographic or socially disapproved. 2) (Coll.) other irrational imitative behavior (e.g. imitation of speech, etc.). 3) madly in love. 2. piles of leaves, etc. residue (in oil or paint). solid, compact. see JELATANG. (Java) 1 yard. 2 surface, plane. 3 background, backdrop. see MELATAT-MELOTOT. latex. latent. 1 fine, handsome. 2 gentle, delicate. accustomed, wont. 1 Latin. 2 Roman 9type, letters).

lattah latuh latung latur laturahmi lauh lauk laun laung laur laut lawa lawa-lawa lawai lawak lawalata lawamah lawan lawang lawar lawas lawat lawe lawean lawi,lawi-lawi lawon layah layak layan layang layap layar layat layu layuh layuk layur lazat lazim

see LATAH 1. edible seaweed. 1 petroleum. 2 kerosene. 1 blistered. 2 blister. (Islam) having close personal relationships. see LOH 1. side dish, esp. meat or fish served with rice. dawdle, procrastinate, dally. loud voice or sound. bent, curved. sea, ocean. 1. crossbeam. 2. small bat. 3. /lawah/ vast, extensive (of view). /lawah-lawah/ see LABAH-LABAH. thread for weaving. 1. joke, jest, gag. pelawak comedian, jokester. 2. feeding trough. 3. see TEMU 1. (Coll., Ambon) ber-lawalata trek on foot, walk a considerable distance. see NAFSU. 1 opponent, adversary, rival. 2 enemy, foe. 3 (Leg.) respondent. 4 the contrary, the opposite. 5 against, versus. 1. door, gate. 2. 1) mace. 2) clove flowers. slice of meat or fish. 1. 1) long (time). 2) old. me-lawas no longer bearing (of fruit tree). 2. see LUAS. 1 paya a visit. 2 make a trip. 3 (Coll.) make a visit of conolence. 1 yarn, thread. 2 cotton waste. lawe-an place where thread is being woven. k.o. headless ghost. long tailfeather. (Java) white cotton. lawon-tenun woven material. 1. veil. 2. bend over backward, bow. 3. flat-edged metal plate. 4. see LAYAP. 1 proper, suitable. 2 reasonable, fair (price). 3 like. 1 serve, wait on (guests), take care of (customers). 2 supply. 3 man. 4 service. 1. 1) kite. 2) k.o. bird, swift. 2. cut s.t. in half (e.g. mango, etc.). 1. low (close to the surface). 2. doze, nod. 1. 1) sail. 2) screen (TV or movie). 3) blind, shade (of window, door). 2. see IKAN. make a visit of condolence. 1 withered, faded, wilted (of flowers). 2 weak, pale. 1 paralyzed. 2 weak, feeble, debilitated. sway (to the left or right). me-layur 1 singe, scorch s.t. 2 sear s.t. see LEZAT. 1 usual, customary, common. 2 compulsry, obligatory.

lazuardi lbh lbr. le leak lebah lebai lebak lebam leban lebap lebar lebaran lebas lebat lebe leber lebih lebihan lebu lebuh lebuk lebum lebun lebur lecah lecak lecap lecat leceh lecek lecet leci lecit lecit-lecit leco lecok lecot lecuh lecup lecur

1 lapis lazuly. 2 azure. [Lembaga Bantuan Hukum] legal aid services. [lebar] wide, width. see TOLE. see LEYAK. bee. lebah-laut k.o. jelly fish. 1 mosque official. 2 mosque servant. 1. 1) valley. 2) lowlands. 2. sound of a slap. sound made by a falling object. /le`bam/ k.o. small edible fish. 1. 1) lead-colored. 2) (Med.) hematoma. 2. k.o. tree whose bark and leaves are used for medicinal purposes. sound of fruit falling to the ground. 1 broad, wide, extensive. 2 width, breadht. day of celebration at end of fasting month.. Lebaran-Haji festival celebrated on the 10th day of the 12th Islam month. whip s.o. 1 luxuriant, dense (of fruit on trees, hair, etc.). 2 heavy (of rain). see LEBAI. spill or run over. 1 more, -er. 2 more than. 1 excess, surplus. 2 remainder. dust. broad road. 1. sound of a stone hitting the ground. 2. loose (of soil). me-lebuk (tanah) loosen (soil). sound of a thud. deceit, fraud. 1 smelted. 2 dissolved, melted. 1 melt, fuse. 2 destroy, wipe out. 3 merge. 1 muddy. 2 glutinous. 1. muddy, slushy, miry. 2. plain, ordinary (of faces). see BASAH. 1. raw (of throat). 2. see LICIN. 1. sloppy, unkempt (of dress). 2. talkative. 3. vile. 1 disheveled, unkempt. 2 crumpled (of paper, etc.). /le`ce`k/ worn (of locks, latches, etc.). 1. chafed. 2 blister (on foot, etc.). 3 scratched. the lychee fruit and tree. 1 slip away. 2 ooze through. snap fastener. dwarf, midget. very slick. see LECUT. shriveled up (of cooked vegetables). sound of a kiss. 1. sound of a whip’s lash. 2. blister.


ledor ledos leduk ledung lega legah legak-legok legal legalisasi legalisir legalistis legalitas legam legar legasi legat legen legenda legendaris leger legi legion legislatif legit legitimasi legitimir legiun lego legojo legok legong legu legundi legung leha leher

1 explode (of a bomb, etc.). 2 erupt (of a volcano). 3 break out, burst out. 4 (Sl.) become a sensation. 1. (Java) 1) k,.o. dance performed at feast by hired dancers joined by honored spectators. 2) such a hired dancer. 2. (Jakarta) tease. see LEDING. inflamed, red (of eyes). me-leding warp, sag (of floors, etc.). /le`ding/ plumbing, running water. tukang-leding plumber. see TELEDOR. 1 explode, burst. 2 collapse. me-leduk explode. me-ledung bend, give (of a bridge). 1 roomy, open. 2 free, not busy. 3 relieved, free of worry. see LEGA. see LENGGAK-LENGGOK. /lekhal/ legal. legalization. legalize. legalistic. legality. (Lit.) black. 1 take turn. 2 revolve, circle about. legation. straight, fixed. (Java) unfermented toddy. 1 legend, myth. 2 legend (on maps, etc.). legendary. /lekher/ ledger. /le`ge`r/ 1 floor joist. 2 wine vat. (Java) the first day of the five-day week. 1 legion. 2 association. legislative. (Sunda) 1 sweet. 2 sticky. legitimation. me-legitimir legitimatize. see LEGION. release. see ALGOJO. 1 concave. 2 dented. 3 pothole. k.o. Balinese dance by young girls. plait (rug, mat). k.o. shrub. k.o. tree. /lehah/ careless, inattentive. (ber)leha-leha (Coll.) take it easy. neck. leher-baju collar. leher-botol neck of bottle. leher-rahim cervix.

leja lejang

me-leja 1 reprimand. 2 abuse, revile. 1 fast, swift. 2 flash. 3 (Sport) lap.

ledek ledeng ledes leding


1. me-lejat flip (of a fish). me-lejat-lejat flip-flop, writhe. 2. see LEZAT.

lejit lek-lekan leka

me-lejit 1 run off, make a dash. 2 increase suddenly, skyrocket. (Java) all-night get-together. 1 negligent, careless, inattentive. 2 absorbed in, engrossed, lost in thought.

lekah lekak-lekuk lekak-liku lekam lekam-lekum lekang

crack, aperture. bumpy (of road, ground). /lekak-likuk/ 1 with many bends. 2 intricacies (of a plan, etc.). hold between thumb and index finger. a loud noise. 1 cracked (of hard ground). 2 fission. 3 easily separated (fruit from its pit, friends from e.o., etc.). ber-lekap embrace, cuddle up (to s.o.). sound of crunching or rattling. plaited rattan stand to hold round-bottomed vessels. /le`kar/ 1 reading stand for the Koran. 2 lectern. 1 fast, switft, quick. 2 soon. lekas-an (Coll.) hurry. sticky, stick. 1 adhering, sticking. 2 addicted. 3 close (of friendship). smudge. streaky, mottled. sticky, viscous. curving, winding (of road, etc.). [Lembaga Kebudayaan Rakyat] the People’s Cultural Association, a left-wing literary and cultural organization until the mid-1960s. lexicographer. lexicography. (Ling.) lexicostatistics. a rank of university teachers, similar to associate professor. see ELEKTRIS. reading matter. lean on o.’s elbow. sound of a cough or difficult breathing. 1 hollow (in the cheeks), concavity. 1 dent. 2 indentation. 1. see HALKUM. 2. see LEKAM. 1 hollow. 2 curved, bent. sound of cracking o.’s knuckles, snapping sticks in two, etc. 1. smart, jaunty. 2. whim, caprice. spider. k.o. fresh-water turtle. tired, weary, worn-out, exhausted. droop (of tree branch, etc.). man, male. 1 story (in a shadow play). 2 life story. k.o. fish.

lekap lekap-lekap lekar lekas lekat lekat-lekat lekeh lekir lekit lekok lekra leksikograf leksikografi leksikostatistik lektor lektris lektur leku lekuh-lekih lekuk lekukan lekum lekung lekup-lekap lela lelabah lelabi lelah lelai lelaki lelakon lelan

lelancur lelang lelangit lelap lelar lelas lelatu lelawa lele leleh lelembut lelep

1 half-grown chicken. 2 youngster, young whippersnapper. auction. 1 palate. 2 house ceiling. sound asleep. (M) use continually. 1 smooth (after polisthing). 2 blister, blistered (of skin). spark. cave bat. k.o. freshwater catfish. 1 melt (of wax, etc.). 2 calm down. k.o. trouble-making invisible spirit. 1. (Java) 1) submerge, immerse, dip s.t. 2) drown s.o. or s.t. 2. see LELAP.

leler lelet lelewa leli lelonobroto leluasa

drip with (perspiration). (Java) nge-lelet very slow. ber-lelewa 1 show off, put on airs. 2 gaudy, flashy, showy. lily. (Java) lead an ascetic itinerant way of life. 1 free, unhampered, unimpeded. 2 lavish, generous, liberal (in giving).

lelucon leluhur leluing lelung leluri lem lemah

1 joke, jest. 2 spoof, farce. ancestors, forefathers. k.o. banyan tree. see LELANG. 1 ancestor. 2 predecessor. glue. 1 weak (of body, argument, etc.), low (of battery), fading (of radio). 2 (Ling.) unstressed (of syllable). 3 limp, supple. lemah-gemulai graceful.

lemak lemang

1 fat, grease. 2 greasy. 3 sweet (in speech), suave. 1 glutinous rice roasted in bamboo tubes. 2. k.o. cake of grated cassava and coconut with palm sugar steamed in bamboo tubes. cupboard, wardrobe, case. lemari-arsip filing cabinet. lemari-besi safe.

lemari lemas lemau lembab lembaga lembah lembai lembak lembam lembang lembar

1 limp, faint, languid. 2 supple, pliant, flexible. 1 soft (of s.t. that should be hard or crisp) 2 weak. 1 damp, moist, humid. 2 dull (of a drum sound) 3 clumsy, awkward. 4 indolent. 1. institute, league, organization, institution. 2. embryo, sprout. valley, dale. see LAMBAI. me-lembak 1 boil over. 2 spill over. 1. 1) weak, tired, languid. 2) swollen from fatigue, weeping, etc. (of facial features). 2. see LEBAM. 1 dent, hollow. 2 dented. 3 valley. 1. 1) sheet (of paper). 2) classifier for paper, etc. 2. 1) thread, string. 2) classifier for hair, thread, etc.

lembaran lembayung lembega lembek

lembusir lembut lemek lemes lemet

1 page. 2 sheet (of s.t. thin like paper). 3 paper, pamphlet. 1 the water hyacinth. 2 reddish purple, crimson. k.o. shrub with medicinal qualities 1 soft (of a pillow, etc.), flabby (flesh). 2 soft, mushy (of porridge, etc.). 3 loose, slack (of rope, springs). 4 weak. (Java) coquettish. edge, rim (of plate, hat, etc.). see LEMBEK. 1 spear, lance. 2 (Sport) javelin. ox, cow, bull. 1. (of a bruise, balloon, etc.). 2. see LAMBUNG 2. 1. work done outside of normal working hours. lembur-kerja overtime (work). 2. see LAMBUR. withers, shoulder (of beef, etc.). 1 soft. 2 meek, tender, gentle. softening, toning down. protective underlayer. 1. (Sunda) the most polite speech level. 2. see LEMAS. k.o. cake of grated coconut steamed in banana leaves or corn husks.

lemhanas lemigas

[Lembaga Pertahanan Nasional] National Defense Institute. [Lembaga Minyak dan Gas Bumi] Institute for Petroleum and Natural Gas.

lemon lemot lempai lempang lempar lemparan lempem lempeng lemper

see LIMUN 1. smeared all over with s.t. see L;AMPAI. straight. 1 throw. 2 (Sport) throwing event. a pitch, toss, throw. see MELEMPEM. (Java) see LEMPANG. k.o. snack made of steamed glutinous rice with meat or other stuffing and wrapped in a bananas leaf. see LEMPENG. a fold. k.o. candied fruit (often durian). see LEPUH. see LEMPOK. 1. clay. 2. soft and light (of eood). a medicinal plant of the ginger family see MELUKUT. k.o. fish, the oil sardine. see LEMBUSIR. 1. (Coll.) lens. 2. see LIN 2. soundly asleep. linen. k.o. small sea fish. 1 emblem, badge. 2 insignia, ribbon.

lembeng lembidang lembik lembing lembu lembung lembur

lemping lempit lempok lempuh lempuk lempung lempuyang lemukut lemuru lemusir len lena lenan lencam lencana


lender,lendir lendot

in a straight line. lencang-kanan (Mil.) form a straight line by looking to the right. veer, swerve, turn. see KELENCER. me-lencing flee. (Java) tall and slim. slip away or out (as of a seed between o.’s fingers). 1. (Jakarta) 1) veer, swerve. 2) go astray, depart (from the right path). 2. see BASAH. mucus, phlegm. hang on to (arm, sarong edge, etc., e.g. a child hanging on to his mother).

lendung lendungan lenga lengah lengai lengak lengan lengang

1 bent inward, curved. 2 bowed down (from old age). deflection. sesame. 1 careless, inattentive. 2 carefree, nonchalant. 1 unskilled, maladroit. 2 inactive, dawdling. 3 neglectful. 1 look up. 2 (Jakarta) look up in surprise. 1 arm. 2 sleeve. 3 arm (of scales). 1 lonely, deserted. 2 quiet, slack (of business). 3 vacant, unoccupied.

lengar lengas lengat lengau lenger lenggak lenggak-lenggok lengganan lenggang

1 dazed, drowsy. 2 dizzy. 1 moist, damp, humid. 2 moisture. steam (rice, etc.). see LANGAU. see LENGAR. look up. a swaying movement. see LANGGAN. 1 pause or rest for a moment. 2 be free, have a free moment. /le`nggang/ 1 swinging, swaying. 2 (Naut.) roll, wallow (of a boat). see SELENGGARA. 1. (M) floor, story. scream, shriek. swinging, swaying. see LEGUNDI. 1. me-lenggut nod, doze. 2. (Phys.) precession. 1 crafty, wily, tricky. 2 dishonest. see LEKANG. 1 complete. 2 fully equipped. 3 comprehensive. see KELENGKENG. be sticky, adhering. see RENGKIANG. millipede. 1 shrill, strident. 2 say stridently, shriek. 3 wail (of siren). see LANGKITANG. curve, bend. k.o. ginger plant, the galangale.

lenceng lencer lencing lencir lencit lencong

lenggara lenggek lenggok lenggundi lenggut lengit lengkang lengkap lengkeng lengket lengkiang lengkibang lengking lengkitang lengkok lengkuas

lengkung lengkur lengong lengos lengser lengset lenguh lenguk lengung lening lenja lenjuang lenong lensa lenso lentang lentang-lentok lentera lentik lenting lentok lentuk lentum lentun lentung lentur lenyah lenyak lenyap lenyau lenyeh leo leot lepa lepa-lepa lepai lepang lepas lepasan lepat lepau

1. 1) curve, bend. 2) arc. 3) hollow. 2. sound of hammer on iron. see DENGKUR. me-lengong look back at. 1 turn o.’s head to the side. 2 avoid looking at s.o. 1) slide down (of the sun, skirt). 2) grease s.t. 2. baking pan, cooking sheet. 3. (Sunda) prime minister. be-lengset folded outward 9of edge of eyelid). a bellow (of a bull). me-lenguk hum, buzz. muse, ponder, brood (over bad news). sounding of a bell. 1. me-lenja be brazen, become bold. 2. ring, hoop. k.o. small bush. (Jakarta) k.o. folk theater. lens. (E. Indonesia) handkerchief. tarian-lenso k.o. dance with scarves. 1. clapper (of bell). 2. me-lentang-kan stretch s.t. out. mene-lentang lie on o.’s back. leaning to o. side (of the head). lantern. lentera-laut lighthouse beacon. curved, curving. 1. springy, resilient, bouncy. 2. sound of small metal objects hitting a stone. se-lenting a tiny (audible) bit. bent to o. side (of the head). me-lentuk be flexible. see DENTUM. see LANTUN. 1. sound of clapper or drum. 2. me-lentung touch s.o. or s.t. 1 bent, curved. 2 (Phys.) refraction. 3 flexible. 4 warped. see LANYAH. sound asleep. disappeared, lost (from sight). see LANYAU. 1 knead (dough). 2 mash (potatoes). (Coll.) 1 male lion. 2 astrological sign. me-leot bend (of wire, etc.). 1. plaster, mortar, caulking. 2. 1) lie sprawled out. 2) be long enough to trail on the ground (of a dress, etc.). the lower part of a palm trunk. /le`pa-le`pa/ (E. Indonesia) dugout canoe. partially paralyzed, withered (of foot, hand). cucumber. 1 free, liberated (of bird, etc.), be rid of. 2 undone, detached. 3 (Ling.) released. 4 after. 5 past, last. 1 graduate, alumnus, alumna. 2 former, ex-. k.o. snack made of sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves. food stall.

lepeh lepek leper leperansir leperi lepih lepit lepoh lepot lepra leprosari lepu lepuh lepuk lerai lerak leram lerang lerang-lerang lerap lerek lereng leret lerok lerum les

lesah lesak lesam lesan lesap lesapan lesat lesau lesbi lesbril lesbumi leset lesi,lesih lesing

chew and spit s.t. out. 1. soaking wet, drenched. 2. saucer. 3. slap s.o. see LEVER 1,2. /le`pe`r/ 1 flat, level. 2 shallow (of bowl). see LEVERANSIR. see RIFRI. 1 edge of plaited mat (folded back into the plaitwork). 2 folded back (of a page). folded over. lepit-an a fold. 1. ter-lepoh sprained, twisted 9of ankle, etc.). 2 me-lepoh plaster, daub s.t. 1 smeared, smudges, soiled (with blood, mud, etc.). 2 be bemirched (of reputation). leprosy. leprosarium. fish with toxic spines, i.e. stone fish, scorpions fish, etc. a blister. see LAPUK. break up a fight, separate (fighters). 1. broken open (of house, lock). 2. see KELERAK. see DERAM. strip (of cloth). stretcher, litter. see DERAP. see KELERAK. 1. 1) slope (of mountain). 2) rim of a wheel, edge (of a coin or of s.t. round). 2. having diagonal stripes (of fabric. 1 row, line. 2 series. me-leret stretch out straight. me-lerok squint in anger. see DERUM 1. 1. 1) extracurricular tutorial lesson. 2) nonscholastic course. 3) take lessons. 2. list, roster. 3. 1) picture frame. 2) trim. 4. reins (for horse). see LASAH 1. 1. sound of rustling (of leaves, rain). 2. see LASAH 2. softened. target, goal. disappeared, vanished. (Phys.) dissipation. fly away, take off. see DESAU. /lesbian, lesbis/ lesbian. (Coll.) reading glasses. [Lembaga Seni Budayawan Muslimin Indonesia] Muslim Cultural Association of Indonesia, a branch of the Islam party in the 1960s. 1 fall short of (target, estimate). 2 decline (in quality). see PUTIH. see DESING. /le`sing/ lecture.

lesit lesnar lesot lestari lestek lesu lesung lesus lesut let leta letai letak letal letang letda letek letenan leter leterlek leterseter letih letik leting letjen letkol letnan letoi letok letos letraset lettu letuk letum letung letup letus leukemi,leukimia lever leveransir levis lewat

1. hum, buzz (of wasps). 2. 1) spray, spout, gush. 2) blow o.’s nose. (Coll.) reading desk, lectern. (Java) sit on the ground or floor. 1 eternal, everlasting. 2 long-lasting. slingshot. 1 listless, weak (from lack of food or sleep). 2 sluggish, slack (of business). 3 depressed, blue. mortar (for pounding rice). lesung-pipi dimple (in cheek). see DESUS. /le`sus/ 1 whirlwind. 2 cyclone. sound of swishing made by a sword or whip. see LAT 1. /le`t/ 1. (Sort) let ball. 2. see LETNAN. base, shameful, contemptible. despise, holid s.o. in contempt. 1 weak. 2 tired, listless. 1 location, site. 2 disposition, set up. me-letak-kan put, place s.t. /le`tak/ exhausted, weary, fatigued. lethal. sound of a hammer on iron. [letnan muda] 2d lieutenant. crack (of earth). see LETNAN. /le`te`r/ 1. 1) letter. 2) type, front. 2. be-, me- 1) quack repeatedly (of a duck flock). 2) babble, prattle, talk incessantly. (Coll.) lit., word for word. typesetter. tired, weary, worn out. sound of glass cracking from contact with excessive heat. 1. me-leting flap about (of fish in basket). 2. sound of tinkling metallic objects. [letnan-jenderal] lieutenant general. [letnan-kolonel] lieutenant colonel. lieutenant, often let as a term of familiar address. 2 (Navy) lieutenant (junior grade). thin and weak, emaciated. see LETUK. me-letos stare. k.o. lettering sheet rubbed with a pencil. /letu/ [letnan satu] first lieutenant. sound of knocking. see DENTUM. sound of drumbeats. sound of an explosion. sound of a large explosion. /lekemi, lekemia/ leukemia. 1. (Anat.) the liver. 2. me-lever supply, provide (goods). supplier, purveyor. (Coll.) blue denim jeans. 1 via, through, by way of. 2 beyond, past. 3 past, over.

leyak leyeh lezat lha


liang liang-liong liang-liuk liar liat

liau libanon libat liberal liberalisasi liberalisme libur licak licau lichtdruk lici licik licin lid lidah lidas lidi lift liga ligas ligat ligyat lih. lihai lihat lihay lijn

(Bali) k.o. evil spirit. ber-leyeh lie around.lie back. delicious, luscious. (Java) 1 Well, yes, of course ! (particle conceding the obvious). 2 well now (particle bringing previous discussion to its conclusion. That is it ! (particle of recognition). (Java) 1 My ! (exclamation of surprise at learning s.t. unexpected). 2 Remember ? (reminder or warning particle). 3 Right ! (emphatic particle to draw interlocutor’s attention). 1 hole, pit. 2 opening, aperture. (China) 1 China New Year’s dragon dance. 2 paper dragon used in such parades. sway like a drunken person. 1 wild, primitive (animal, tribe, etc.). 2 wild illegal, unauthorized (school, organization, etc.). 1. 1) tough, rubbery (of meat). 2) tough, hardened (of champion, criminal). 3) clayey (soil). liat-liut meandering (of a river). ke-liat-an plasticity. 2. see LIHAT. suppurate, fester (of a sore). LEBANON. me-libat 1 become wrapped around. 2 bandage, wrap (a wound). 3 involve. unconventional. process of loosening up procedures, etc. (Pol.) liberalism. leave, vacation. crushed flat. shiny, glossy, lustrous. /likhdruk, lithdruk/ phototypography. see LECI. 1 sly, crafty, tricky. 2 cagey, wily. 1 slippery, slick. 2 glossy, smooth. 3 bare, grassless (of land). 4 smooth, suave, smooth-tongued. 5 cunning, crafty. (Lit.) member of committee, party, etc. tongue. itching, sore (esp. eround mouth and tongue). palm leaf rib. sapu-lidi a broom made of such splintered ribs. elevator. league. center. me-ligas canter. adept, quick to adjust. me-ligat gyrate, spin. (China) hardworking. [lihat] see. 1 shrewd, astute. 2 wily, cunning. 3 terrific, tremendous. 1 see. 2 refer to. see LIHAI. see LIN 1.

lika-liku likas likat likeur likir liku liku – liku likuida likuidasi likuidatur likuide likuidir likuiditas likur

limbur limitasi limosin

1 details, inner workings. 2 vagaries. me-likas reel in, wind (on a reel). 1. 1) thick and sticky. 2) turbid. pe-likat adhesive. 2. shy. liqueur. 1. liqueur. 2. k.o. plant with edible tubers. 1 curve, bend (in the road). 2 coil. 3 bay, inlet. 1 intricacies. 2 vagaries. (Ling.) liquid. liquidation. liquidator. liquid (assets). liquidate. (Fin.) liquidity (of capital). (Java) se-likur 21. tiga-likur 23. likur-an 21 to 29. se-likur-an blackjack, 21 (card game). see also entries with liku-. purple. 1 candle. 2 wax. s.t. small. turn, twist. lilit-nya circumference. 1 coil. 2 winding. 3 twist. phrase derived from the Arabic for “there is no God but Allah” see LEM. five. lima-belas fifteen. lima-puluh fifty. (Java) k.o. silk fabric. 1 pyramid. 2 dipper or cup made of young palm leaves. citrus fruit. 1 waste. limbah-pertanian compost heap. 2 cesspool. wave (the arms). footbridge. 1. wash (gold, rice, etc.). 2. loiter, lounge about. see IKAN. see HALIMBUBU. emerald dove. 1. 1) inner harbor. 2) dry dock. 3) fenced-in bathing place. 2. 1) unsteady because top heavy. 2) bewildered, confused. 1. me-limbur flood, inundate. 2. see SABUR. limitation. 1 limousine. 2 minibus serving passengers between hotels and airports.

limpa limpah limpas limpit limpung limun lin

(Anat.) spleen. 1abundant. 2 affluent. 3 overflow, plentiful, profuse. me-limpas-kan let run off, let overflow. layer, lamina, sheet. ber-limpit laminated, in layers. be in a dither. 1. soda pop, carbonated beverage. 2. invisible, dark. 1. line, route. 2. line, edge, boundary line (of sports field, etc.).

likwlila lilin liliput lilit lilitan lilo-lilo lim lima limar limas limau limbah limbai limban limbang limbat limbubu limbuk limbung

lina linang lincah lincak lincam lincip lincir lindak lindang lindap

/linen/ see LINEN. trickle, drop (of tears, sweat, etc.). 1 energetic, lively, active. 2 agile. (Java) low bamboo bench for sitting or sleeping. 1 flash by quickly (lightning,, emotions). 2 sudden stab. pointed (of a pencil). slick, smooth, slippery. boil over. finished, over. (M) 1 shade. 2 poor (of visibility), overcast. 3 obscure (of a question).

lindas lindi lindih

/lindes/ 1 knock down, run over. 2 crush (pepper, etc.). 1 lye. 2 (Chem.) alkali. /lindis/ 1 crush s.t. 2 level, smooth s.t. 3 crush, put down (a rebellion, etc).

lindu lindung

(Java) earthquake. 1. ber-lindung 1) take shelter (under a tree, etc.). 2 be under the protection of.1) protection. 2) patronage, sponsorship. 2. eel. (Java, Jakarta) talk in o.’s sleep. linen. look about bewildered. 1 phallus in Hindu temples. 2 commemorative post. see SEDELINGGAM. (Lit.) covered decking at bow and stern of a boat. k.o. crowbar. (Java) sharp edge. 1 circle. 2 bend, coil. 3 rim (of wheel). 4 hoop (of barrel). 5 circumference.

lindur linen lingar lingga linggam linggi linggis lingir lingkar lingkung lingkungan lingkup lingkupan linglung lingsang lingsir lini lino linotip lintabung lintah lintang

1 circle. 2 circumference. 3 perimeter. 1 circles. 2 area, surroundings. 3 sphere, domain, range. scope, range. scope, range. 1 absent-minded, preoccupied. 2 confused, dazed. 3 weak, not aware of things. otter. set (of the sun). line, edge. see PAHAT. linotype. k.o. grass. leech. lintah-darat usurer, profiteer. 1. 1) across. 2) (Geog.) latitude. 2. (Java) star. lintang-kemukur comet.

lintangan lintas lintasan

1) deterrent. 2) hindrance, obstacle, barrier. move (quickly) across. 1 flash (of light, etc.). 2 line. 3 (Sport) track, course. 4 orbit, trajectory.

lintibang linting lintingan lintir lintuh lintup linu

(M) centipede. roll (a cigarette). hand-rolled cigarette. roll. (M) weak, soft. see LINGKUP. 1. 1) shooting pain (of teeth, nerves, etc.). 2) rheumatic pain. 2. earthquake.

linyak linyap linyar lio liong liontin lipan lipas lipat lipen,lipenstip liperi lipi

(M) presed flat. see LENYAP. (Coll.) ruler. (China) brick kiln. (China) dragon. medallion, locket, pendant. centipede. cockroach. fold, crease. lipstick. see RIFRI. [Lembaga Ilmu Pengetahuan Indonesia] The Indonesian Academy of Sciences. see LEPER. hem s.t. 1 in thin of various colors. 2 (Derog.) Eurasians. lipstick. comfort, consolation, solace. cover (an event). cover. winch. low, sweet-sounding, gentle, soft (of voice). 1. 1) sharp glance. 2) a glance to left or right. 2. pierce, perforate, bore through. 3. lyrics. k.o. batik pattern consisting of decorated parallel lines. see LES 2. LES 3, LES 4. louse egg, nit. see GELISAH. oral, spoken. 1 license, permit. 2 franchise. disinfectant of creosot in soap, Lysol. cigar. electricity, electric. electrical, by means of electricity. 1 withered, wizened, atrophied. 2 wilted, faded. see LETAK. litany. [Penelitian dan Pengembangan] Research and Development. see LETNAN.

lipir lipit liplap lipstik lipur liput liputan lir lirih lirik liris lis lisa lisah lisan lisensi lisol lisong listrik listris lisut litak litani litbang litenan

liter literator literatur literer litnan litografi litup liturgi liturgis liuk liuk-liuk liung-liung liur liut liwaath liwat liwet liyer-liyer lk. lkmd

liter. man of letters. literature. literary. see LETNAN. lithography. see LINGKUP. /liturgia/ liturgy. liturgical. wriggle. whistle made of a rice stalk. k.o. sea fish. saliva, drool. leathery, tough. /liwa:t/ (Lit.) sodomy. 1. /liwa:t/ (Lit.) sodomy. 2. see LEWAT. (Java) nasi-liwet boilet rice. me-liwet boil rice. (Java) doze. [lebih kurang] approximately, ca. [Lembaga Ketahanan Masyarakat Desa] village social activities group.


1. [Luar Negeri] abroad, foreign. 2. [Lembaran Negara] national statues.

lo loak

see LHO. barang-loak seconhand things. pasar-loak flea market. put s.t. used up for sale, resell. greedy, avaricious, selfish.covet, crave. radish. lobak-merah beet. see LUBAN. see LUBANG. spangles. 1. lobby, foyer. 2 (Pol.) s.o. who intervenes at political meetings to argue (informally) for a certain cause tree with edible fruit (used in fruit salads). go around to various people to persuade them to do s.t. (Coll.) me-, nge-loco masturbate. (Lit.) me-locok move up and down (of a pump handle, etc.). 1. chafed, blistered (of hand, foot). 2. see LUCUT 1. [lotto daerah] legalized lottery restricted to a certain region. whale. k.o. vegetable dish cooked with coconut milk. 1. (Java, Jakarta) stripped (threads of screw, etc.). 2. soften s.t. by sticking it in water. covered glass jar. metal. logarithm. 1 (Lit.) word, wordlist. 2 dialect. 3 way of speaking, accent.

loba lobak loban lobang loberci lobi lobi-lobi lobiing loco locok locot loda lodan lodeh lodoh lodong logam logaritma logat

loge logika logis logistik logo loh loha lohjinawi lohor loji lojot lok lok-lok loka lokah lokakarya lokal lokalisasi

lokalisir lokalitas lokan lokasi lokcan,lokchuan lokek loket lokio lokir loko lokro loksun loktong lola lolak-lolok loleng loli, lolipop loloh lolong lolos lomba lombar lombok

see LOSE. logic. logical, reasonable. logistics. logogram. 1. writing tablet. 2. see LHO. see DOHA. (Java) 1 lush, luxuriant, fertile. 2 wellpopulated. 1 (Islam) midday prayer, o. of the five obligatory prayer rituals. 2 midday, noontime. 1 (Lit.) warehouse of a colonial trading company. 2 (Coll.) large, colonial style house. writhin in pain. see LOKO. pearl. (Lit.) place, shop. see LUKAH. workshop, seminar. 1 local. 2 place. 1 prostituation complex organized in order to confine prostitution to only o. area. 2 confinement of prostitution to o. area. 3 complex for confining poor, sick, etc. me-lokalisir localize. locality. k.o. edible bivalve. lokan-laut conch. site. ber-lokasi located. (China) silk crepe. stingy, miserly. counter (of post offices, immigration office, etc.), ticket window. (China) chives. (Che.) exchange position of s.t. with the rook. /lokomotif/ locomotive. loose, slack. ng-lokro despondent. (China) consumptive with blood in spittle. prostitute. [lonte lanang] (Sl.) male prostitute. /lola / me-lola manage, run s.t. (Coll.) look around uncertain about what to do. (China) paper lantern. lollipop. 1. me-loloh overfeed s.o. 2. loose, slack (of clothes). howling. 1 slip off (of a ring, etc.). 2 slip away, bolt (from jail, etc.). 3 be allowed to get through or out. a race, contest. me-lombar 1 pay out rope. 2 follow an urge to. chili.

lombong lomi lomot lompat lompong lompongsagu lomprot loncat lonceng loncer loncong loncos londang londar londo londong londot loneng long longak-longok longgar longgok longgor longkop longkopan longo longok longong longsong longsongan longsor longsoran longtorso lonjak lonjakan lonjong lonjor lonsong lontang-lantung lontar

lonte lontok

1 mine, quarry. 2 crater. (China) k.o. viscous noodle dish. (Jakarta) nge-lomot suck in. a leap, jump. lompat-galah pole vault. lompat-jauh long jump. lompat-katak leapfrog. me-lompong empty, bare. k.o. sweet made of boiled sago filled with coconut and palm sugar. be sloppy. 1. leap, jump (esp. high or from a height). 2. frog. 1 bell, chime. 2 wall clock. loose (of a screw). see LUNCUNG. tapering. buffalo wallow. locus. (Java) white person. 1 wash away. 2 destroy, wipe out. stripped (of the threads of a screw, etc.). (Java) 1 balustrade, railing. 2 low wall before house. 1. k.o. large firecracker. 2. (Lit.) k.o. bottomless coffin. 3. see SULUNG. (Coll.) look around unsure of what to do. 1 loose (of rope, clothes, screw, etc.). 2 fax (in discipline). 3 not binding (of contract, friendship). heap, pile, stack. grow tall. peel (of paint). flake (of peeling paint). 1 gawk. 2 be open-mouthed (from surprise)., bewildered. take a peek. agape, open-mouthed. me-longsong peel (fruit, etc.) shell of spent bullet. slide (of embankments, hills, etc.). 1 landslide. 2 soil erosion. strapless bra combined with corset to cover the torso. jump. 1 leap, jump. 2 bump (in plane flight). 1 tapering, pointed. 2 oval, egg-shaped (esp. of faces). 1. stalk, stick. 2 classifier for soap. see LONGSONG. 1 go about with no purpose or destination. 2 neglected, ignored. 1. 1) palmyra palm the leaves of which may be written on. 2) manuscript of such palm leaves. 2. lonta-martil (Sport) hammer throw. (Java) prostitute. squat (of a bottle).

lontong lontos loop lopak-lopak lopakan lopek loper lopis lopong lor lorek loreng lori lornyet lorong lorot los lose losin losmen losong-kosong lot lotek loteng lotere lotok lotong lotot lotre lotto loudspeaker lowak lowong lowongan loyal loyalitas loyang loyar loyo loyong loyor lp

food consisting of rice steamed in a banana leaf. smooth and cylindrical (of a pillar). /lop/ (gun) barrel. (Jakarta) woven pouch for tobacco. (Jakarta) puddle. k.o. small boat. 1 messenger, errand boy. 2 delivery man. k.o. cake of glutinous rice steamed in banana leaves. see LOMPONG. (Java) north. striped. stripe. (R.R.) flatcar us. to transport sugarcane. lorgnette. 1 path, lane, trail. 2 alley(way). 3 hallway, corridor. 1. me-lorot decline, drop (of prices, etc.).lower, decrease s.t. 2. me-lorot remove wax fom batik between dyeings. 1. (Naut.) pilot. 2. shed without interior walls, hangar. 3. (Coll.) 1) free, loose. 2) slack, not taut. 3) not restrictive, unrestricted. 1. box seats, first-class seats in a movie house. 2. house guest. see LUSIN. inn, cheap hotel. completely empty. see LOTERE. k.o. raw vegetable salad served with spicy sause. 1 upper story, upstairs. 2 top floor, attic. 3 cerling. 1. lottery, raffle, pool. 2 lottery ticket. me-lotere gamble, participate in lottery. nge-lotok chip off. black or gray long-tailed monkey. staring (of eyes).open wide (of eyes), bulge out 9of eyes, when angry, etc.). see LOTERE. k.o. lottery (1960s). /lotspiker/ (Coll.) loudspeaker. see LOAK. empty, vacan, unfilled. 1 vacancy, (job) opening. 2 gap, vacum. loyal. loyalty. 1 brass. 2 large tray. 3 casserole dish, baking pan. extravagant, wasteful. 1. weak, faint. 2 exhausted. me-loyong stagger, totter. 1 (Jakarta) slither. 2 (Coll.) leave without saying goodbye. 1. [Lembaga Pemasyarakatan] correctional institution, jail. 2. [long-play] long-play album.

lsd lt. ltd. lts. lu luah luak luang luap luar luas luasnya luat luban lubang luber lubuk lucu lucup lucut ludah ludang ludas luding ludruk lugas lugat lugu luh luhak luhung luhur lui luik luing luk luka lukah lukat lukis lukisan luks luku lukup

[Lembaga Sosial Desa] village social activity group. 1. [lantai] story, floor. 2. [letnan] lieutenent. [letnan dua] 2d lieutenant. [letnan satu] first lieutenant. (Jakarta, China, Coll.) you. sickening, nauseating. 1. (Java) k.o. civer cat. 2. a dug well 3. decrease, reduce s.t. 4 see LOAK. 5. see LUHAK. 6. see LUAH. empty, vacant, free. 1 overflow (of a river). 2 boil over (of water). 3 flare up. 1 outside, outer part. 2 beyond. 1 wide, broad. 2 extensive, vast (forests, etc.). 3 capacious, commodious (trunk, room). 4 far-ranging (discussion). 1 width. 2 area, extent, scope. see LUAH. incense. 1 hole, orifice. 2. cavity, hollow. 3 burrow, pit. me-luber overflow, run over. overflowing (of water, etc.). deep pool in a stream. 1 funny, amusing. 2 cute. see LUCUT 2. 1. me-lucut slip off (of a ring, bold, etc.). sal;iva, spittle. k.o. dugout canoe. /ludes/ 1 finished, allgone (of money, etc.). 2 completely destroyed. 3 extinguished (of a flame). Spanish mackerel. East Java folk theater in which all parts are played by men. 1 simple, unadorned. 2 businesslike, direct, to the point. see LOGAT. simple, plain, unadorned. see LHO. district. 1 noble, supreme. 2 superb, exquisite. 1 glorious, supreme. 2 lofty (ideals). 3 upright, noble. (China) money. 1 retch. 2 drip, trickle. k.o. banyan tree. curve (on a kris). 1 injury, wound. 2 (Coll.) injured. k.o. fishtrap used in shallow water. come loose (of adhesive tape). 1 paint, draw. 2 depict, describe. 1 painting, drawing, portrayal. 2 design. luxurious. (Java) plowshare. see TELUNGKUP.

lukut luli lulu luluh luluk

various k.o. riverine weeds. 1. spindle for making cotton thread. 2. k.o. fish similar to smelt. see MELULU. 1 crushed (to powder). 2 (Ling.) assimilated. mud. ber-luluk muddy. terluluk loose and ready for planting (of soil).

lulum lulur

suck (o.’s finger). 1. tenderloin (of beef). 2. swallow whole, gobbe up. 3. (Java) herbal cosmetic used to lighten o.’s complexion. 1. 1) pass (a tes). 2) be granted (permission).1) permit, allow, grant. 2) yield to (pleas). 3) pass (an exam). 1) graduate. 2) alumnus, alumna. 2. see LOLOS. ber-lumang smeared. grease. fine, pulverized. 1 reasonable, moderate. 2 pretty fair, not bad. cetaceous mammal (i.e. dolphin, etc.). rice barn. melted. without interruption, continuous, uninterrupted. 1 mortar (used in pestle). 2 rice jar. see LOMPAT. (China) eggroll. see KUDA. paralyzed (of a person, organ or business). mud. 1 normal, customary, usual. 2 commonplace, ordinary. a smear. soil (of face). 1 moss, lichen, bryophyte. 2 algae. 1 soft (food, etc.). 2 easy-going, tractable in disposition. 3. benign (of tumor). 1. paid, settled. me-i, me-kan pay, settle (a debt), expiate (a sin), discharge (o.’s duty). 2. 10 base. 2) (Naut.) keel. mud. 1 smutty, fifthy, obscene. 2 shameless, brazen. miss or fall short of (the mark). see LANCIP. protruding (of chin, snout). move with gliding action. (Ling.) glide. see LONCOS. grub, larva (of beetle). river catfish. chameleon. 1. 1) curve, bend. 2) bow and arrow. 2. see LONG 1,2,3. (Java) me-lungguh sit at ease.

lulus lulusan lumang lumas lumat lumayan lumba-lumba lumbung lumer lumintu lumpang lumpat lumpia lumping lumpuh lumpur lumrah lumur lumus lumut lunak lunas lunau luncah luncat luncip luncung luncur luncuran luncus lundi lundu lunduk lung lungguh

lungguk lungkrah lungkum lungkup lunglai lunglit lungsin lungsur

see LONGGOK. weak, tired. see MUNGKUM. see TELUNGKUP. weak, exhausted. [balung kulit] (Java) emaciated. warp in a loom. 1. me-kan, nge-lungsur hand s.t. down (a toy, coat, etc.). 2. see LUNCUR.

lunjak lunjur lunta luntang-lanting luntang-lantung luntas luntur

see LONJAK. strech out (of arms and legs). be in constant dissiculty, suffer constantly. 1 loaf about, hack around. 2 be out. (Coll.) go alone. see BELUNTAS. 1 faded, become discolored. 2 changeable (of opinion). 3 out-dated (of theory, policy, etc.). 1. magnifying glass. 2. see LOOP. forget. roll of fatty tissue in a fish’s stomach above the roe. see LOPAK-LOPAK. k.o. mollusc. see PAPAN 1. see LOPIS. hammer flat (bamboo for flooring). 1 sliupped away, escaped. 2 not on target. 1. village chief. ke-lurah-an political district administrered by the lurah. 2. 1) ravine, gorge, gully. 2 groove. (Java) striped woven material. lurik-an wear such cloth. (Lit.) chase, run after. (Java) clotch for covering a bier. (Jakarta) see LURUB. 1 drop (of fruit, leaves, feathers). 2 be touching to the heart. 3 (Phys.) disintegrate. 4 become emotionally affected. me-luruk assault on a large scale. straight, undeviating. 1. 1) draw o.’s hand over s.t. firmly. 2) massage (by pressing in long strokes). 3) strip off (leaves, etc.) by squeezing between the fingers and pulling lengthwise. 2 see LURUH. see ELUS. the day after tomorrow. dozen. lusin-an by the dozen. 5th anniversary (of an institution). old and faded, worn-out (esp. of cloth, paper, etc.). see LUNCUR. penetration by a sharp weapon. crumpled, wrinkled.

lup lupa lupa-lupa lupak lupat lupi lupis lupuh luput lurah lurik luru lurub luruban luruh luruk lurus lurut

lus lusa lusin lustrum lusuh lusur lut luti

lutung lutut

see LOTONG. 1. obey without questioning. 2. a scented powder for cleaning babies.

luwak luwes luyu luyur m

see LUAK 1. 1 smooth, well-mannered, sociable. 2 attractive. 3 flexible. sleepy. see KELUYUR. 1. m, 13 th letter of the alphabet. 2. [mens] (Euphemism) have o.’s period.

m’thai. m. m.pd. m.ts. ma’ ma’da ma’jizat ma’lum ma’lumat ma’mur ma’na ma’nawi ma’rifat ma’ruf ma’ruh ma’siat ma-lima maab maaf maag

mabur macak macam macam-macam macan macapat macat,macet

[Muang Thai] Thailand. 1. [meter] meter. 2. [menit] minute. [Magister Pendidikan] Master of Education. M.Ts. see MAK. see MAK. see MUKJIZAT. see MAKLUM. see MAKLUMAT. see MAKMUR. see MAKNA. see MAKNAWI. see MAKRIFAT. see MAKRUF. see MAKRUH. see MAKSIAT. see MO-LIMO. (Islam) place of return. 1 forgive, pardon. 2 forgiveness, pardon. /makh/ 1 stomach (as source of sickness). 2 (Coll.) suffer a stomach disorder. (Islam) religious teacher. see MAAF. [Markas besar] headquarters. see MABUK. (Islam) accepted by Allah (of o.’s pilgrimage). 1 drunk, intoxicated. 2 nauseated, on the verge of vomiting. mabuk-darat carsick. mabuk-laut seasick. mabuk-udara airsick. (Java) flee, run away. (Java) dress up. 1 kind, sort, quality, type. 2 way, method. 1 various. 2 do all sorts of things. (Java) tiger. macan-tutul panther. k.o. six-line Java verse form. 1 stuck, not running smoothly, out of order. 2 interference, disturbance.

macik macikwe

see MAK. (China) k.o. pastry filled with fried sesame seeds.

maalim maap mabes mabok mabrur mabuk

maciok,macok macromada madah madahan madaliun madan madang madap madarsah madat maddi madep madhap madikipe madinah madipantat madon madona madrasah madu madya madzab madznun maem maesan mafela mafhum magang magel magersari maggi maghrib magik magis magister magnet,magnit magrib magribi magun mah mah. maha mahaasih mahabharata mahadahsyat

(China) mahjong. macro. stupid, feebleminded, dull. 1 eulogy, praise. 2 stanza. songs. /medalyun/ see MEDALYON. mine. (Java, Jakarta) eat rice. (Java) face. see MADRASAH. 1. opium. ber-madat opium. 2. watchtower. (Islam) material rather than spiritual. see MADAP. see MAZHAB. (Vulg., Jakarta) swear word, mother-fucker. Medina. (Vulg., Jakarta) swear word, mother-fucker. (Java) chase after women. madonna. 1 Islam school. 2 (Islam) institution of learning. 1. 1) honey. 2) very sweet (of a smile). 2. co-wife. 1 (in set formal phrases) medium, average. 2 level of Java language between kromo and ngoko. see MADZHAB. see MAJENUN. see MAIN. see MESAN. shawl. know, understand, comprehend. 1. 1) candidate, apprentice. 2) clerk. 3) volunteer. 2. overripe. 1 half-ripe. 2 incomplete in knowledge. 1 tenant. 2 fringe area. bouillon cubes. see MAGRIB. /mejik/ magic. magical. master’s degree. see MAKNIT. 1 west. 2 at sunset. 3 (Islam) sunset prayer. western, esp. of western Africa. fixed, permanent. magun-angin porthole. 1. ( Jakarta, Sunda) particle to mark the topic. 2. see MAAG. [maha] great. great, very. All-loving (God). the Mahabharata, important story in the literatures of Indonesia. tremendous, fantastic.

mahadewa mahadewi mahadper mahaduta mahaesa mahaguru mahakeramat mahakuasa mahal mahamenteri mahameru mahamulia mahap mahapencipta mahar maharaja maharajalela maharani maharupa mahasayang mahasiswa mahasiswi mahasuci mahatahu mahbub mahbubah mahdi maherat mahful mahir mahkamah mahkota mahligai mahmilub

mahmud mahoni mahsul mahsyar mahyong maido maik main

1 the Hindu god Siva. 2 supreme deity. the Hindu goddess Batara Durga. [Mahkamah Angkatan Darat dalam Perang] Wartime Military Court. ambassador. The Great Unity, God. professor. most sacred or holy. the Almighty. 1 expensive. 2 scarce, difficult to find. (Lit.) high official at old-courts. the holy mountain, seat of the gods. exalted, lofty, sublime, illustrious. see MAAF. the Almighty Creator. (Islam) brideprice. sovereign, emperor. 1 rage. 2 rampage. operate unchecked. /maharatu/ empress. extremely beautiful. the All-Merciful (of God). university student. female university student. the Most Holy (of God). 1 omniscient. 2 (Coll.) arrogant. (Lit.) lover, sweetheart (male). (Lit.) beloved (woman). (Islam) messianic guide who will come just before the end of the world to lead the faithful. see MAIRAT. stored in the mind. me-mahful-kan memorize. skilled, well-versed, clever. court of law. mahkamah-Agung Supreme Court. 1 crown. 1 (Biol.) corona (in efflorescence). 3 crown of the tooth. 4 sweetheart. palace (us, figuratively). [Mahkamah Militer Luar Biasa] speial court-martial for members of the armed forces involved in the G30S incident or for members of the Communist Party. (Lit.) praised. mahogany. see HASIL. see PADANG. mahjong. doubt s.t. microphone. 1 play. 2 engage in some (us. not quite respectable). activity. 3 play (a show). 4 do s.t. unthinkingly, needlessly. 5 have sex.

mair mairat maisena mait maitua maizena majadaya majal majalah majas majelis majemuk majenun majikan majikanisme majir majong maju majuh majun majung majusi mak maka makalah makam makan

makanan makanya makar makara

makaroni makarya makasar makasi makassar makbul makcik

see MAHIR. 1 (Islam) ascension. 2 (Coll.) disappear, die. cornmeal. (Java) see MAYAT. (in some regions only) old woman. see MAISENA. in o. piece (of poles, sticks). blunt, dull. magazine, periodical, journal. /mmajasi/ (just a) figure of a speech. 1 souncil, committee. 2 meeting, session. 3 meeting chamber. (Ling.) compound, complex. possessed, insane. employer, boss. authoritarian mental attitude. barren, sterile. dust cloth. 1 go forward, advance, progress. 2 thrive, progress. 3 progressive, forward looking. 1 gluttonous. 2 overeager. 1. see MAKJUN. 2. see MAJONG. putty. Persian or Zoroastrian’religion. 1 mother. 2 term of address or reference for a woman who is older than the speaker and who might fittingly be called “mother”. 1 then, so. 2 particle introducing the main clause which follows a conditional or temporal clause. working paper (for a conference, etc.), short paper. grave, resting place, burial plot. 1 eat, eat a meal. 2 take, swallow, ingest. 3 meal, food. 4 destroy, consume. 5 take, require, consume. 6 make a living by (in set phrases). 7 hit, strike. 8 in working condition. 9 range of a weapon, draw of a ship. food , provisions. consequently, because of that, no wonder ! 1. 1) trick, tactics. 2) attack, assault. 3) attack against the gvt. 2. 1) hard and tough (of fruits and vegetables). 2) unripe (of fruit). 1 mythological creature said to cause eclipses. 2 an astrological sign( Cancer). 3. curvilinear motif like the tail of a shrimp, e.g. as found on ancient temple gargoyles. macaroni. practical. Macassar, Macassarese. see TERIMA-KASIH. see MAKASAR. 1 fulfilled, answered. 2 accepted, realized. 3 effective. see MAK.


broker, intermediary in a sale. makelar-an system of using brokers.

makenah makeruh maket makhdum makhluk makhudum maki makin makjizat makjun maklaf maklum maklumat makmal makmum makmur makna maknawi maknawiah maknit makota makrifat makruf makruh maksi maksiat

see MUKENAH. see MAKRUH. scale model, mockup. sir (honororific, generally used of o. well versed in religion). creature. see MAKHDUM. maki-maki abuse, esp. with vulgar language. increasingly, the more. see MUKJIZAT. tonic to increase aman’s sexual ability. see MALAF. 1 know, be knowledgeable. 2 be understanding of a situation. announcement, declaration. announce, proclaim, declare. (in some region only) laboratory. (Islam) congregation, follower of a religious leader in prayer. 1 prosperous, rich, wealthy. 2 luxurious. 1 meaning. 2 purpose, sense. 1 spiriitual. 2 meaningful. according to intent rather than literal (of an interpretation). magnet. see MAHKOTA. 1 knowledge. 2 the higest knowledge (in mysticism,). 1 known. 2 good (of deeds). (Islam) s.t. the avoidance of which yields merit but the performance of which is not sinful. large-scale, major. in violation of God’s law, immoral (esp. sexually immoral). sin, wickedness.

maksimal maksud maktab maktub makul makulat makzul mal mala

/maksimum/ maximal, maximum. 1 purpose, aim. 2 intention, plan. 3 meaning sense. Koranic elementary school. recorded. /ma’kul/ rational, logical, reasonable. ma’kulat/ (Islam) metaphysics. deposed, dethroned. 1 by (in measurements). 2 times (multiplication). 1 disaster, misfortune, accident. spot, stain, flaw, blot on o.’s reputation.

malaekat malaf malagizi malah malaikat

see MALAIKAT. /ma’laf/ manager. malnutrition. infact, instead, on the contrary. angel. malaikat-maut angel of death. malaikat-pelindung guardian angel.


angel of death.

malaise malak malaka malakalmaut malakama

malakut malam

malan malang malap malapetaka malar malari malas malaun maleman males malese maligai malih malik malikul-maut malim malin maling malinjo malis malu maluku malung mam mama mamah mamai mamak mamalia mamanda

/malese/ see MALESE. see MALAIKAT. Malacca. see MALAIKATULMAUT. /malakamo/ buah si-malakama proverbial fruit which brings bad luck to s.o. who is dear to the possessor if he eats it and equally bad luck to another dear person if he does not est it. (Lit.) kingdom. 1. 1) evening, night. 2) the night an event takes place. 3) (preceding the name of a day). 4) following the name of a day). 2. wax, paraffin. have an uneasy feeling, anxious, concerned. 1 transverse, across. 2 unlucky, unfortunate. 1 dim (of light). 2 smoldering. misfortune, great disaster. 1 continous, more and more. 2 but in fact, but instead even… malar-an (Ling.) continuant. [Malapetaka 15 Januari] anti-Japanese riots of January 15, 1974. 1 lazy, indolent. 2 not feel like, not be up to.sluggard, lazy person. (Islam) accursed. (Islam) last 10 days of the fasting month during which the descent of the divine inspiration is celebrate see MALAS. economic depression. see MAHLIGAI. (Java) changed, altered. 1 owner, proprietor. 2 (Lit.) king. the angel of death. 1. 1) leader, guide. 2) pilot (of ship). 3) magician. 2. see MAALIM. (Rel.) master. 1 thief. 2 steal. see MELINJO 1. 1 faded, pale (of colors). 2 vague. 1 shy, bashful, embarrassed. 2 respectful and humble. 3 ashamed. 4 shame. Moluccas. k.o. sea fish. 1. (Coll.) mother. 2. see MAEM. 1 mother. 2 (Ambon) aunt. 3 (Ambon) term of address for women the age of o.’s mother. chew. me-mamah chew, masticate. pe-mamah biak ruminant. 1 walk in o.’s sleep. 2 drowsy. (M) mother’s brother. mammals. term of respect for o.’s mamak, esp. in letters.


mambang mambeg mambruk mambu mami mamik mampan mampat

1. 1) dizzy. 2) frightened, confused. 2. (Sunda) 1) term of address for parents’ younger brother. 2) term of address for men older than the speaker, esp. as mang. k.o. supernatural being associated with crimson sunsets. (Java) stagnant (of water in a swamp or stream that is stopped up). k.o. bird from E. Indonesia with unusual plumage. (Java) smelling bad. tainted. 1 (child language) mother, mommy. 2 madame in a brothel. tasting bad. see MEMPAN. /mampet/ 1 solid, compact, compressed. 2 clogged up. 3 excellent, fine.

mampir mampu mampuh mampung mampus

drop in, come by, call at. 1 capable, able. 2 well-to-do, wealthy. 3 afford, be able. see MAMPU. porous (of coal, sponge). (Vulg.) 1 die. 2 exclamation about s.t. unfortunate.enterminate, finish off.

mamut mana

mammoth. 1. 1) where. 2) which, which person. 3) how (can it be). 4) what kind, which kind. 2. particle preceding a list of problems o. is facing.

manai manajemen manalagi manao manasik manasuka manat manau mancanegara mancawarna mancis mancung manda mandah mandala mandam mandar mandarsah mandat mandataris mandau mandeg mandeng mandering mandi

pale, colorless (of complexion). management. name given to esp. good varieties of fruits (esp. mangos). k.o. large rattan. manual, guide. manasik-haji guide for those going on the haji. as you like, voluntarily. firm and permanent agreement. see MANAO. foreign countries. varicolored, multicolored. matches, lighter. 1 sharp, pointed. 2 dry sheath of a coconut. 1. bear to do, put up with. 2. storage place for rice. 1. bear to do, put up with. 2. storage place for rice. 3. see MALAH. 1 arena, area in a circle. 2 area or field of operations. 1 drunk, intoxicated. 2 madly in love. k.o. waterfowl. see MADRASAH. 1 gvt. orders to make paymen. 2 mandate. o. entrusted with a mandate. k.o. sword made in Borneo. /mandek/ (Java) 1 stop, get stuck, stall. 2 stagnate. (Java) knowing o.’s proper position. see MINDERING. 1 bathe, take a bath. 2 go swimming.

mandiang mandiri mandor mandraguna mandu mandul mandung mandur maneken manfaat mang mangap mangau mangga manggan manggis manggung manggut mangir mangka mangkak mangkal mangkasar mangkat mangkel mangkin mangkir mangkok mangku mangkubumi mangkuk mangkus mangoni mangpang-mungpung mangro mangsa mangsai mangset mangsi mangu mangut mangut-ikan mani

see MENDIANG. stand alone, be autonomous. see MANDUR. invulnerable. opinion, point of view, thesis. barrent, sterile. rooster, cock. foreman, overseer. /manekin/ mannequin. 1 use, benefit. 2 profit. see MAMANG 2. (Java) 1 gape. 2 yawn. agape. 1. mango. 2. /manggaq/ (Sunda) please. manganese. /mangistan/ mangosteen. 1 coo (of doves). 2 perform (of a band, theater troupe, etc.). nod (in agreement). manggut-manggut nod the head. (Java) k.o. powder to lighten the skin. see MAKA. faded and dull. 1. see PANGKAL. 2. see MANGKEL. see MAKASAR. (Honorific) pass away, die, depart this world. annoyed, irritated. see MAKIN. 1 be absent. 2 be missing, lack. 3 fail. see MANGKUK. see PANGKU. o. of the high administrators in the Malay and Java courts. cup, bowl. efficacious, effective. see MAHONI. taking advantage of a favorable situation (us. in an unsavory way). in a dual capacity. ke-mangro-an duality. 1 prey, bait. 2 victim. see MASAI. see MANSET. 1 (Ling.) ink. 2 powdered charcoal for blackening the teeth. 1 confused, dazed. 2 taken aback, speechless. 3 thoughtful. 1 confused, dazed. 2 doze. dish of fish in spicy coconut milk. sperm. pancuran-sperma ejaculation of sperm. per-mani-an insemination.

maniak manifes manifestasi

maniac. bill of lading, manifest. manifestation.

manifesto manik manikam manikebu manikur manikuris manipol manipolis manipolisasi manipulasi manipulir manis manisan manja manjung manjur manover manpaat mans manset mansuh mantab mantakan mantan mantap mantel mantep mantera manteri mantik mantiki mantol mantram mantri mantu mantuk manuk manunggal manusia manusiawi manut manuver

manifesto, political statement. manik-mata pupil. manik-manik 1 beads. 2 beads of perspiration, small droplets. gem, precious stone. [Manifesto Kebudayaan] anticommunist intellectual manifesto of 1964. manicure. manicurist. [Manifesto Politik] Sukarno’s 1959 manifeto of political orientation. ManipolUsdek manifesto of political reorganization. o. who follow Sukarno’s 1959 manifesto. bringing society into conformity with Sukarno’s 1959 manifesto. manipulation. manipulate. 1 sweet. 2 talking sweetly. 3 attractive, cute. 4 nicely done. manis-an candy, sweets. candy, sweets.1 sweetener. 2 cosmetics. 3 decoration. 1 spoiled. 2 attached, friendly. 3 intimate, close in feeling. 1. k.o. large torch used during fishing. 2. k.o. small boat. 1 efficacious. 2 strong, effective. 3 powerful. maneuver. see MANFAAT. (Crd.) game (in bridge). 1 cuff. 2 cuff links. / mansukh/ 1 abrogated. 2 expired, null, invalid. 2 cancel, annul. see MANTAP. that is why, therefore. former. steady, stable, unwavering. 1 coat, cardigan, cape. 2 casting. 3 condom. see MANTAP. magic formula. see MANTRI 1. logic, thinking based on reason rather than emotion. logical. see MANTEL. see MANTERA. 1. low-ranking gvt. employee us. a technician. 2. see MENTERI. 1. (Java) hold wedding for o.’s doughter. 2. see MENANTU. 1. the real meanting. 2. nodding the head. 1 (Java) bird (in set phrases). manuk-dewata bird of paradise. 2 (child language) penis. be united. 1 human being, man. 2 human. human, humane. (Java) obeidient, tending to follow ordesr see MANOVER.

manyala-bob manyar manyun manyung manzil maoni map mapak mapalus mapan mapang mapram mar mara marabunta marah marajalele marak marakas maras maraton marawal marbut marcapada marem maret marga

margarin margasatwa marge marhaban marhaen marhaeni marhaenis marhaenisme marhum marhumah mari marihuana marijuana marikan marikh

(Sl.) excellent, terrific. see BURUNG. pout in distate. k.o. fish. rest house, a place to spend the night on a trip. see MAHONI. portfolio, file folder. map-ordner/ortner/thick folder with clips. mapsnelhekhter binder with clips. meet s.o., welcome. mutual assistence. (Java) established, in proper place, order. show, display. [Masa Prabakti Mahasiswa] time of initiating freshmen as full-fledged members of the student body. (Che.) queen. 1. danger, disaster. 2. advance, progress, approach. k.o. voracious African ant. 1 angry. 2 anger, fury. 3 become angry. see MAHARAJALELA. glow, luster. k.o. percussion instrument, maraca. very anxious, frightened. marathon. 1 banner. 2 (Mil.) the colors. caretaker of the mosque. the earth, this world as opposed to heaven (in wayang stories). (Java) satisfied, content, complacent. March. 1. 1) (Batak) clan. 2) (Biol.) genus. 3) (South Sumatra) District. 4) family name. 2. (Lit.) street, way. bina-marga highway construction, road maintenance. margarine. wild animals, fauna. /marse/ margin. (Islam) Welcome ! (esp. used in Islam school circles).melody for praising the Prophert on Mikraj. working classes : peasantry, petty vendors, small-time artisans. female marhaen. o. who fights for the interest of the have-nots. movement to fight for the interests of the have-nots. see ALMARHUM. the late (female). 1 come here. 2 please (do). 3 goodbye. 4 let us (do). see MARIJUANA. /mariyuana/ marijuana. (Coll.) American. Mars.

marin marinir maritim marjin markas markis markisa markonis marksis marksisme marmar marmot,marmut maro,maron mars marsda marsdya marsekal marsma marsose martabak martabat martel martelar martil martir marus marwah marxis maryam mas

masa masa-bodoh masaalah masai masak masakan masakat masakh,masakan. masakini masal masalah masalla masam

(Coll.) see KEMARIN. marine, marines. maritime. margin (of profit). 1 station, office. 2 army or police post, barracks. markas-besar headquarters. 1. awning against sun. 2. k.o. setting for gems. /markisah/ 1 passion fruit. 2 syrup made from passion fruit. ship’s radio operator. Marxist. Marxism. /marmer/ marble. guinea pig. /maron/ (Java) system of renting rice fields sharing the crop 50-50. marching tune. [marsekal muda] major general in the air force. [marsekal madya] lieutenant general in the air force. air marshal. [marsekal pertama] brigadier general in the air force. military police, constabulary of colonial period. k.o. thick folded crepe filled with spices and pieces of meat. 1 rank, grade, status. 2 prestige. 3 value. 4 (Chem.) valence. see MARTIL. see MARTIR. hammer. (Rel.) martyr. martydom. clotted blood (as in food). 1 pride, dignity. 2 manliness. see MARKSIS. 1 Mariam. 2 (Rel.) Mary, the mother of Jesus. 1. 1) sir, brother (used to address or refer to contemporary males, including wife to husband, us. only for Java). 2) Java title below raden. 2. see EMAS. 1. 1) time, period. 2) during. 3) phase. 2. see MASAK 1. see MASA 1. see MASALAH. tangled. 1. impossible, it is inconceivable. 2. 1) ripe. 2) cooked, done. 3) mature. 4 experienced, ready to handle. 5) cook. 1) food, cooking. 2) cooking utensils. difficulty. see MASAK 1. the present time. massive. 1 problem, complication. 2 question. see MASYA ALLAH, MUSHOLA. sour, acid.

masap masarakat masdar maseh masehi masgul mashab mashaf mashur masih masin masin-masing masinasi masinis masir masjid masjul maskapai maskara maskat masker maski maskot maskulin maslahat masmur massa massal massalisasi mastautin mastika masturbasi masuk masukan masup masyaallah masyakat masyarakat masyawarat masygul masyhur masyrik masyuk masyumi

me-masap evaporate. see MASYARAKAT. infinitive. Jesus, the Messiah. Christian, us. Protestant. see MASYGUL. see MAZHAB. handwritten text of the Koran. see MASYHUR. see MASEH. (Java) 1 salty, briny. 2 brackish. masin-an pickles. 1 each. 2 respective, respectively. machinations. engineer of a ship or locomotive. granular. see MESJID. see MASYGUL. company, enterprise. mascara. k.o. shirt or outer jacket. 1 makeup mask (for a facial). 2 gas mask, fencing mask. see MESKI. mascot. masculine. use, benefit. see MAZMUR. mass. see MASAL. spread of s.t. to the masses. reside at. see MESTIKA. masturbation. 1 enter, go into. 2 set (of the sun). 3 be present at work. 4 be included. 5 participate, join. 6 almost, just about. input. (Jakarta) see MASUK. (Islam) Good heavens ! My God ! (an exclamation expressing strong disapproval). see MASAKAT. 1 society, community. 2 inhabitants, people. see MUSYAWARAH. sad, downhearted. arouse concern. well-known, famous. (Lit.) the Orient. (Lit.) beloved, sweetheart. (Majlis Syuro Muslimin Indonesia) a modernist Islam party prior to 1960.

mat mata

1. tempo. 2. /mat-matan/ (Java) sitting around enjoying o.s. 1. 1) eye. 2) the important part of s.t., source, center. 3) type. 4) cutting edge, point of s.t. sharp. 2. se-(mata-mata) only, nothing other than.

mata-mata matahari matalamat matang matari matematik matematikus matematis mateng materi materialis materiil materos mati

see MATA 1. the sun. matahari-terbenam sunset. matahari terbit sunrise. objective, target. 1 ripe. 2 done, cooked. 3 mature, adult. see MATAHARI. /matematika/ mathematics. mathematician. see mathematical. see MATANG. see METERAI. /materialistis/ materialistic. material (help, contribution). see MATROS. 1 die, be dead. 2 stop, go out (of lights, gas, etc.), stop existing 3 fixed, inflexible. 4 numb. 5 (Ling.) word-final (of consonants not followed by a vowel). matinee. 1 Matthew. 2 (Bib.) the Book of Mattew. see MATALAMAT. (Java) rational. 1 dimension. 2 musical measure, bar. 3 ideal, measure. (Sport) mattress, mat. sailor. units of weight for gold (= 2.4 carats). 1 shall, will. 2 wish, want. 3 wish. concrete, real, tangible. all that has existence, the universe. (Islam) 1 our Lord. 2 the Honorable (title of a Muslim scholar). /maulud/ (Islam) 1 Muh.’s birthday. 2 stories of Muh.’s birth. 1. stinking, disgusting 2. 1) roar of a tiger. 2) tiger. would like. /mau pun/ 1 although, in spite of the fact. 2 as well as. 1 death. 2 hour of death for humans. 3 tremendous, terrible. pe-an, ke-an mortality. rose. 1. orangutan. 2. mawas-diri self-correction through introspection. chaotic, disorganized. illusion, hallucination. maya-maya clear and transparent. spadix, palm blossom. world of the heavens (in wayang stories). human corpse. see MAYOR2. see MAYAT.

matine matius matlamat maton matra matras matros matu mau maujud maujudat maulana maulid maung maunya maupun maut mawar mawas mawut maya mayang mayapada mayat mayeur mayit

mayong mayor mayoritas mayur mazbah mazhab mazmur mb mbad mbah mbak mbal mbau mbek mbeleri mbeling mbengok mblekek mbois mbok mbokmas mck mebea-bingo mebel mebeler mecicil medali medalyon medan medang mede media median mediasi mediomedit meditasi medok mee meester mega megafon megah

see MAHYONG. 1. (Mil.) 1) major. 2) lieutenant commander. 2. (Music) major (key). majority. see MAYOR 1, SAYUR. (Islam) place of ritual slaughter. 1 (Islam) school of thought concerning Muslim law 2 (Rel.) sect. 3 school of thought, school of scientific discipline. 1 (Bib.) Book of Psalms. 2 psalm. [Markas Besar] headquarters. [Markas Besar Angkatan Darat] army headquarters. 1 leader, champion. 2 see EMBAH. /mbakyu/ term of address to a Java woman contemporary. [Markas Besar Angkatan Laut] navy headquarters. [Markas Besar Angkatan Udara] air force headquarters. (Java, Coll.) 1 bleat. 2 goat. (Java) cut into something. 1 naughty (of children). 2 antiestablishment, tongue-in-cheek literature or policy. (Java) shout, yell. oversatiated, overfull. behave and dress like a young man. 1. (Java) a coaxing particle. 2. (Java) form of address for older Java woman of humble origin. (Java) see MBOK 2. [mandi cuci kakus] public bathing, washing, and toilet facilities. k.o. three-wheeled vehicle with motorcycle engine. furniture. 1 pertaining to furniture. 2 furniture. opened wide (of eyes) out of illness or bad behavior. medal. medallion, pendant. 1 field, plain, square. 2 domain, realm. various Luarinaceae trees or trees bearing similar timber. see MENTE. media. median. mediation. medical. stingy. meditation. 1. speaking with a heavy Java (esp. West Java) accent. 2. /meduk/ 1porous. 2 dirty, filthy. 3 done. [Masyarakat Ekonomi Eropa] European Common Market see MESTER. cloud. mega-mendung rain cloud. megaphone. 1 glotious. 2 fame, glory. 3 luxurious, grandiose.

megah megal-megol megan megap-megap megapon megar megat megrek mei meja mejam mejan mejen mek mekah mekanik mekanis mekanisasi mekanisir mekanisme mekankan mekap mekar mekasi mekis meksiko mel melabuhkan

1 glotious. 2 fame, glory. 3 luxurious, grandiose. sway the hips provocatively. k.o. paste made from fruit. gasp for breath. see MEGAFON. see MEKAR. spin (of a top). 1 continuously sick. 2 emaciated. May. 1 table. 2 (Crd.) dummy. turn, spin. see MEJEN. dysentery. (Sl.) term of address to a friend of either sex. Mecca. /mekanika/ (Phys.) mechanics. mechanical. mechanization. mechanize. mechanism. /mekangkang/ see KANGKANG 1. (Coll.) makeup. 1 open up, blossom. 2 rise. see TERIMAKASIH. see MENGKIS. Mexico. 1. report, present o.s. 2. illegal highway toll. 1 drop, lower (anchor, blinds). 2 give birth to, drop (a foal, calf, etc.).

melacur melacurkan meladeni melahirkan melainkan melak-melak melaka melakonkan melaksanakan

carry on or perform prostitution. prostitute s.t. 1 serve, wait on (a customer, etc.). 2 pay attention, listen to. 1 express, utter s.t. 2 think out (an idea). 1 but, but rather. 2 except. openly, clearly, obviously (when cheating s.o.). Malacca. 1 present (a play). 2 act out (a story, play, etc.). 1 bring about, cause to materialize. 2 implement s.t., execute (an order). 3 perform (a religious obligation). 1 carry out, execute. 2 make, do. 3 bring about. 4 commit, perpetrate (a crime). eat such a dish, eat voraciously. 2 utterly destroy, defeat. 3 rape. 1 pass through (town, diplomatic, channels, etc.). 2 by means of. 1 ask for the hand of. 2 propose marriage to s.o. 3 apply for (a job). wave o.’s hands. 1 be indolent, lazy. 2 be clumsy. k.o. flat-bottomed boat.

melakukan melalap melalui melamar melambai melamban melambang

melambangkan melambatkan melambungkan melamin melampai melampas melampaui melancong melanda melandakan

1 symbolize. 2 demonstrate in a graphic way, epitomize. 1 retard, slow s.t. down or up. 2 delay. throw, toss s.t. upward. decorate the bed of the newlyweds. graceful (of trees, women, etc.). melampas 1 pass by s.t., go by way of s.t. 2 pass over. 3 exceed, overstep. go sightseeing, take a pleasure trip 1. attack violently, knock down s.o. 2.. pan (tin, gold). 1 crash or ram s.t. into s.t. 2 pound, overwhelm (of storms, fire, etc.).

melandasi melandaskan melanding

base s.t. on. 1 rest s.t. on s.t. 2 base. /melandingan/ k.o. fast-growing tree used for shading other plants, the beans of which are edible and the leaves of which are used as fodder.

melang melangah melanggar melanggengkan melangit melanglang melangsir

anxious, restless. open s.t. widely. 1 collide with s.t., run into s.t. 2 break (the law, etc.)., contravene. perpetuate, preserve. 1 soar skyward. 2 sky high. 1 make the rounds. 2 wander. 1) (R.R.) shunt trains from o. track to another. 2) (Coll.) move back and forth. stretch. /melankolis/ melancholic. 1 floor, install a floor. 2 take the floor (esp. to dance). 3 hit rock bottom.

melanjar melankolik melantai melantak melantakkan melantamkan melantarkan melantik melanting melantingkan melapangkan melaporkan melar melarang melarapkan melarat melaratkan melarih melarik melarikan melas

1 hammer s.t. 2 ram, drive (a pile). drum s.t. in. brag, boast of s.t. 1 because s.t. 2 pass on (a suggestion, etc.). install, inaugurate s.o. throw, toss s.t. melantingkan 1 clear space for s.o 2 relieve s.o. report, notify, inform. 1 stretch, expand, rise. 2 expansion. 3 elastic. 1 forbid, prohibit, ban. 2 interdict. slacken, pay out ( arope).. poor, miserable. impoverish, make poor and miserable. pour (a drink). 1 turn on a lathe. 2 bore, drill (a hole) in. 1 cause s.t. to go, run off with s.t. 2 kidnap, abduct s.o. 3 drive (a car, etc.) at a high speed. miserable, inspiring pity.

melasa melata melatat-melotot melati melaung melawat melayah melayahkan melayang melayani melayap

molasses. creep, crawl, slitter. bulge (of the eyes). jasmine. 1 shout, scream, call out loudly. 2 summon, appeal to s.o. 1 paya a visit. 2 make a trip. 3 (Coll.) make a visit of conolence. bend over backward, bow. cover (the face) with a veil. 1. 1) fly. 2) drift, waft about. 2. cut s.t. in half ( e.g. mango, etc.). 1 serve, wait on (guests), take care of (customers). 2 supply. 3 man. 4 service. 1. fly just above the water’s surface seeking fish (of birds). 2. doze, nod.

melayat melayu

make a visit of condolence. 1 Malay, Malayan. 2 Indonesian and not Caucasian (self-deprecatory).

meleber melebihi

spill or run over. 1 exceed (expectations, etc.). 2 eclipse, overshadow s.t. 3 add more (to s.t.).

melebur melecit meledek meledos melego

1 melt, fuse. 2 destroy, wipe out. 3 merge. 1 slip away. 2 ooze through. (Jakarta) tease. 1 explode, burst. 2 collapse. 1 hand over, transfer s.t. 2 sell s.t., release for sale. 3 (Sl.) sell cheaply, dump. 1 be awake, have o.’s eyes open. 2 be aware of the world, educated.

melek melekam melekap melekapkan melela meleleh melelepkan meleler meleletkan melemaskan melembung melembungkan melempar melempari melemparkan melempem melenceng melencit melencong

hold between thumb and index finger. 1 stick, adhere. 2 draw together. 1 affix s.t. 2 press. 1 flaunt. 2 swagger, boast. 3 brandish (a sword). 4 chalenge with a sword. 5 rampage, storm, tear around. 1 trickle, drip (of tears, etc.0. 2 melt. (Java) 1 submerge, immerse, dip s.t. 2 drown s.o. or s.t. 1 drip, trickle, slobber. 2 stray, wander (of thoughts). spread, smear (s.t.). 1 weaken, soften s.t. 2 smother, stifle, suffocate s.o. 3 refine. 4 accommodate. melembung inflate, blow up (a balloon). 1.throw s.t 2. ( coll ) dispose s.t 3.trow ( esp. with stone ). pelt s.o. or s.t. Throw , hurl , toss. 1 soggy, not properly dry and crisp. 2 lack hardness, grown weak. veer, swerve, turn. slip away or out (as of a seed between o.’s fingers). (Jakarta) 1 veer, swerve. 2 go astray, depart (from the right path).

melendung meleng melengak melengangkan melenggak – lenggok melenggarakan melengos melengser melenguh melentik melentukan melenyapkan melepehkan melepoh meler melerai melesat meleset melesit melestarikan meletakan meletup meletus meliau meligi melihat melihat-lihat melihati melihatkan melik melikuidir melimbaikan melimbang melindangkan melindap melindas melindi melindih meling melingar melingkupi melingsir melingsirkan

1 sag. 2 flex. see MELING. 1 look up. 2 (Jakarta) look up in surprise. 1 empty, vacate s.t., clear s.t. out. 2 give s.t. appearance. twist and turn, swing and sway. arrange, take care of. 1 turn o.’s head to the side. 2 avoid looking at s.o. 1. 1) slide down (of the sun, skirt). 2) grease s.t. 2. baking pan, cooking sheet. 3. (Sunda) prime minister. 1 gasp for breath. 2 bellow. cirve upward or back (esp. of eyelashes). blend s.t. 1 cause s.t. to vanish. 2 abolish, repeal, abrogate. 3 destroy, get rid of s.t. chew and spit s.t. out. plaster, daub s.t. run (of nose). break up a fight, separate (fighters). fly away, take off. 1 miss the target, be wrong. 2 depression, slump. 1. hum, buzz (of wasps). 2. 1) spray, spout, gush. 2) blow o.’s nose. 1 continue, perpetuate s.t. 2 conserve, preserve (environment). despise, holid s.o. in contempt. 1 explode. 2 go off (gun, cannon). 1 explode, erupt (volcano, boil, etc.). 2 break out, erupt 9of a war, quarrel, epidemic). suppurate only, purely. 1 see s.o. or s.t. 2 observe. 3 discern. look around, browse. 1 look at, scrutinize. 2 see, visit, look in on s.o. 1 show s.t. 2 observe, look at carefully. greedy. liquidate. wave (the arms). 1. wash (gold, rice, etc.). 2. loiter, lounge about. run through, squander, dissiplate (o.’s wealth). 1 become overcast. 2 fade (of light). 1 knock down, run over. 2 crush (pepper, etc.). leach s.t. 1 crush s.t. 2 level, smooth s.t. 3 crush, put down (a rebellion, etc.). 1 careless, sloppy, untidy. 2 look aside, be inattentive. look about bewildered. 1 cover (the head). 2 encompass, cover, include. set (of the sun). unroll or let down o.’s sleeves.

melinjo melintangi melintasi melintir melioner melipatgandakan meliput meliputi melirik melisankan melit meliuk meliwis melk melobakan melocok melodi melodika melodoh melolong meloloskan melonceng melondongkan melongo melongong melongsor melonjak melonjak-lonjak melonjakkan melor melorotkan melotot meluahkan meluaki meluangkan meluap melucu melucutkan melukut melulu melulum melulur meluluskan melumatkan

1. tree (Gnetum gnemon) bearing edible leaves and seeds. 2. carelessly negligent. 1) obstruct, block s.t. 2) lie across s.t. 1 rush past, pass in a hurry. 2 flash by s.t. 3 cross (over), traverse. 4 overcome (difficulties). roll. see MILYUNER. multiply. cover (an event). 1 cover, envelop s.t. 2 comprise, include. 3 pervade. pierce, perforate, bore through. express, utter, put into words. curious, inquisitive. 1 bend (of a tree, etc.). 2 flicker. see BELIBIS. canned milk. covet, crave. piston rod. melody. k.o. wind instrument with keys like a piano. soften s.t. by sticking it in water. 1 howl, yelp (of a dog). 2 scream, wail. 1 slip off s.t. 2 realease (s.o., a secret, etc.). 3 allow s.t. to get through or out. 1 strike (of bells, chimes). 2 ring, call. 3 toll (the death of). 1 wash away. 2 destroy, wipe out. 1 gawk. 2 be open-mouthed (from surprise)., bewildered. agape, open-mouthed. slide down, collapse. jump up. 1 bounce around. 2 be elastic or springy. 3 boast, brag, be haughty. give a bounce or stimulus to. k.o. two-wheeled carriage. lower, decrease s.t. open wide (of eyes), bulge out 9of eyes, when angry, etc.). vomit (up). decrease, reduce s.t. 1 vacate. 2 make room for. 3 make time for. 1 overflow (of a river). 2 boil over (of water). 3 flare up. chapfe, rub, cause a blister. 1 take off (clothes, ring, etc.). 2 loosen, untie (a knot). 1 pieces of rice broken off in pounding. 2 s.t. insignificant. exclusively, only. suck (o.’s finger). 1. swallow whole, goble up. 2. apply this cosmetic. 1) permit, allow, grant. 2) yield to (pleas). 3) pass (an exam) 1 pulverize. 2 smash, destroy.

meluncur melunjur melupakan melupuh melur melurut

memmemabukkan memacul memadahkan memadam memadamkan memagut memakai memakaikan memakamkan memaklumatkan memakmuran memaktubkan memalingi memalingkan memamah memampang memampuskan memanah memancar memancarkan memancung memancur memang

1 slide. 2 skim. protrude, stick out. forget, forget about. hammer flat (bamboo for flooring). jasmine. 1 draw o.’s hand over s.t. firmly. 2 massage (by pressing in long strokes). 3 strip off (leaves, etc.) by squeezing between the fingers and pulling lengthwise. see also entries with p- or m-. intoxicate. squeeze or press out. 1 express, pronounce. 2 relate. become extinguished, go out. 1 extinguish, put out. 2 suppress, put out. 1 peck. 2 bite (of snake). 3 embrace 1 wear, apply a dressing. 2 use, make use of. 3 require, take. put something on someone. bury, inter. announce, proclaim, declare. make s.t prosper . write down. steal from, rob. swing round, alter the course of, divert. chew, masticate. 1 extend, widen, spread out. 2 explain. enterminate, finish off. shoot at with bow and arrow. 1 spout, spray, gush. 2 sprout. 1 radiatte. 2 spout, spray s.t. out. 3 broadcast. cut off, decapitate, amputate. gush, spout, pour out or down. 1 yes, you are right, it is indeed so. 2 Yes, I concede the point (but…).

memanggil memanggilkan memanggul memangkas memangkur memanjat memantapkan memantau memanterai memantik memantis memantuk-mantukkan memantul memapangkan

1 call, summon, send for s.o. 2 name, call. 1 call s.o. by a certain name. 2 summon on behalf of. carry on o.’s shoulder. 1 cut, trim hair. 2 prune, trim. till, work the soil. climb. place on a solid footing. monitor s.t., observe. charm, cast a spell on, read a magic formula to affect s.t. 1 strike fire. 2 snap o.’s fingers. blacken eyebrows. nodding the head. bounce back, bounce off. show, display.

memaparkan memapas memar memarahi memarhabankan memarun memasang memasok memasrahi memasuki memasukkan memasygulkan memasyhurkan mematuk mematutkan memayungi membmembaji membalap membalas membanting membantu membantut membarut membasir membatak membawa membawakan membayang membayangi membayangkan membayat membeber membedil membedol membegal membekuk membela membelanjai membelanjakan membelerang membeludak

1 roll out, flatten. 2 explain, relate. 1 remove, take off. 2 take everything away. 3 resist. 4 criticize. bruised. reprimand, scold. greet a newborn baby by singing religious melodies to it. burn bushes or weeds to clear. 1 tall in or on. 2 install. 3 fasten, pin, post. 4) turn on. 5 put in, enter a wager. 6 set. supply (a certain commodity). turn over, entrust to. 1 enter. 2 meddle in. 1 take, put into. 2 import. 3 enter s.t. in. 4 (Sport) enter (a goal). arouse concern. 1 make s.o. or s.t. famous. 2 spread (news), make s.t. well known. 1 peck, bite. 2 grab with the beak. 3 manage to achieve s.t. correct, put in order, fit. 1 screen. 2 protect. 3 drape over. see also entries with b-. 1) spilt s.t. with a wedge. 2 hold together with a peg. 1 race, compete. 2 speed, hurry a long. 1.answer,reply 2.repay , reward 3.avenge,take revenge,punish. 1 veer sharply 2 change direction (in o,s politics,opinion,attitudes). 1 help, aid, assist. 2 support, back up. hinder, prevent. 1) scrub, clean, polish, wipe (floors, etc.). 2) grease (a pan). see MUBASIR. 1 rob, plunder, pillage. 2 wander, roam. 1 carry (bag, suitcase, etc.). 2 bring, take along. 1 bring s.t for s.o 2 present (a song ,violin solo,working paper etc) , perform. 3 portray,present. 4 recite (a poem). 1 cloud over,darken . 2 be reflected 3 apper (on o,s face) . 1 shade 2 shadow , follow closely 3 hover about ominously . 1 reflect an image 2 show s.t describe 3 reflect on,image . 1 initiate. 2 honor, respect. 1 spread, unfold, display. 2 open up (a map). 3 unfurl. 4 reveal, disclose (a secret). 1 fire, shoot. 2 use a rifle, have a rifle. uproot. 1 rob. 2 hijack, holdup. 1) capture, arrest. 2) swindle, trick, fool. 1 look after, provide material support. 2 help, assist s.o. 1 finance, defray expenses of. 2 bear the expense of. spend s.t. 1 treat with sulphur. 2 fumigate. 1) explode, burst out. 2) rage, boil up.

membenamkan memberangkatkan memberengut memberhentikan memberi memberikan memberlakukan membersut membetas membidik membikin membina memble memblokir membongkar

memborong membran membreidel membrondong membuang membubarkan membujuk membujur membumbui memburu memecahkan memedi memegang memek memelet memelihara memelitur memencet memencil memendam memendamkan memenggal

1 drown, immerse. 2 suppress. 3 sink (a knife in s.o.). 4 sink, scuttle (a ship). 5 incarcerate, jail. dispatch, send. grumble, gripe. 1 stop (a vehicle). 2 dismiss s.o. from his job. 1 give, bestow. 2 offer, put up. 3 (Coll.) let. 4 put on, apply s.t. 5 (Coll.) hit, strike. 6 add (in recipes). 1 give, hand over. 2 extend, confer. put into effect, cause to be effective. 1 hiss, spit at (of dogs, cats). 2 glate at, glower at. 1 rip, tear. 2 crack. 1 peer, look. 2 take aim, draw bead on (by closing o. eye). 3 engage in sharpshooting. 1 make, build. 2 fix, repair. 3 cast a spell. 1 build, found, construct. 2 develop, cultivate. 1 pout, be sullen. 2 (Sl.) ugly, lousy, no good. 1 blockade. 2 obstruct. 3 (Fin.) freeze (account), stop (check). 1 force open. 2 break in. 3 demolish, wreck (building). 4 disclose, uncrate, unpack. 5 unload, discharge (ship). 6 open up, uncrate, unpack. 7 dismantle, disassemble, take apart (engine). 1 buy up the entire stock, take all of s.t. 2 do an entire job. 3 hold various positions. 1 filter in automobile engine. 2 membrane. 1 check, curb. 2 muzzle (critics), close down (press). 1 fire a volley. 2 shell, bombard. 1 throw, cast. 2 throw away, cast off, discard. 3 exile, banish. 4 waste (time. energy, money). 1 disperse s.t., break up. 2 dissolve, liquidate. 3 close down (a factory). 1 persuade s.o. 2 trick, cheat s.o. 1 stretch out. 2 lie alongside. 3 stretch, run. 4 horizontal. 1 season s.t. , add spice to s.t. 2 add flavor to s.t. , add color to s.t. (speech, conversation, etc.). 1 chased after us. 2 pursue (wealth, position). 1 analyze, solve. 2 split. 3 break. 4 destroy. 5 disperse, dissect. (Java) ghost. 1 hold, take hold of. 2 handle. 3 control. 4 occupy, hold. 1 whimper, whine. 2 nag. 1 lick, stick out tongue. 2 flatter, play up to s.o. 3 make s.o. fall in love with o. by magical means. 1 take care of, protect. 2 raise, rear. 3 keep, maintain. varnish, polish furniture. 1 crush, smash. 2 push, press. far from everything. bury, hide away. bury, hide away. cut off, cut to pieces.

memengkol mementang mementing mementingkan memenuhi memerah memeras memerasi memerdekakan memergoki memeriksa

turn, branch off. open, extend, spread out. pluck strings or make s.t. give off a sound of “ting”. 1 emphasize. 2 bring to noice, advance. 3 consider important. 1 fill. 2 fulfill, comply with a request. 3 meet a demand. 1. redden, become red. 2. 1) squeeze. 2) milk. 1 press, squeeze. 2 milk. 3 blackmail, put the squeeze on. 1 press (many things). 2 squeeze juice on to. 1 liberate, release, set free. 2 acquit, exonerate, absolve. 1 catch by surprise. 2 catch s.o. red-handed. 1 investigate, look into. 2 control, inspect. 3 cross-exampine, interrogate.

memeriksakan memetik

have s.t. examined. 1 pick flowers. 2 fire (gun). 3 strum, pluck (strings of musical instrument). 4 snap o.’s fingers. 5 quote from a book. pick many things. see also entries with f-. 1 trap birds with sticky substance. 2 attract, be attractive. 1 carry on the shoulders. 2 shoulder, bear. sort, classify. 1 wind. 2 entwine, twist. draft into the service. dream of, dream about. lead, guide. 1 propose, ask in marriage. 2 apply for job. 1 require, demand. 2 request, ask. 3 propose to. request from s.o. spin, twine. take a short cut. 1 intercept, interrupt, cut s.o. short. 2 cut off, block o.’s way. 3 cut in (in traffic). strush between the fingernails. 1. hold with forearms, clinch. pick up with thumb and forefinger, get a pinch of. memoirs. Java) wrap in a shroud. (Phys.) modulate. carry in o.’s arms. carry a baby in o.’s arms. explanatory statement, memorandum. 1 gnaw at, bite into. 2 steal. 1 cut (off), slice. 2 slaughter. 3 operate on, amputate. 4 reduce, cut, deduct wages, abbreviate a word. 5 take a short cut. 1 cut s.t. off from. 2 cut many things. take a picture, photograph. put on a show, present. stuff, gorge.

memetiki memfmemikat memikul memilahkan memilin memilisikan memimpikan memimpin meminang meminta memintai memintal memintas memintasi memites memiting memjumput memoar memocong memodulir memondong memopong memori memoroti memotong memotongi memotret mempagelarkan mempajuh

mempaleh mempampat mempan mempancal mempangah mempangkung memparajikan memparani memparap mempasah mempasung

(Sunda) take care of a fighting or racing animal. press, squeeze. 1 be vulnerable. 2 be sensitive to 3 be effective. press down on with foot, step on (the gas). open the mouth in astonishment. hit with a club. abort a fetus. approach, go to. hammer, pound. plane (wood). 1 lock legs between two pieces of wood. 2 repress, muzzle (the press).

mempayang mempejalkan mempelai mempelajari

support s.o. in walking. press down. bride and/or bridegroom. 1 study carefully, diligently, in depth. 2 study, scrutinize (proposal).

mempelajarkan mempelam mempelantingkan mempelas mempelitur mempeng mempengaruhi mempentangkan memper memperalat memperalatkan memperbaiki

1 teach, offer as instruction. 2 teach thoroughly. mango. throw out in all directions. see AMPLAS 1. varnish, polish furniture. persevere. influence. shoot s.t. off, loose (an arrow). resemble, be similar to. manipulate, treat or use as an instrument. 1 marry off. 2 arrange a traditional feast. 1 repair (road, etc.). 2 correct (mistake, etc.). 3 improve s.t., reform. 4 improve upon, break (record). make rushing noise (of water). 1 use, utilize. 2 make use of, resort to. 1.pay attention , take not of 2.watch,observe. specify. 1 lighten, alleviate. 2 make light of. (Math.) multiply. slow (s.o. or s.t.) up or down. show, display, exhibit. 1 laminate. 2 fold. 1 make sweeter. 2 make ccuter more attraction. facilitate, make s.t. easier. 1 unite, joint, ally. 2 concentrate s.t. on. 1. offer or present s.t. to a high personnage. 2 (Lit.) inform or report to a royal personnage. 3 dedicate. 4 present a performance. damn, send to the devil. bring into line, coordinate. invite, ask.

mempercak mempergunakan memperhatikan memperinciskan memperingankan memperkalikan memperlamban memperlihatkan memperlimitkan mempermanis mempermudah mempersatukan mempersembahkan mempersetankan mempersetujukan mempersilakan

mempersoalkan mempersulit mempertahankan mempertajam mempertalikan mempertambah mempertandingkan mempertanggungjawabkan mempertanggungkan mempertanyakan mempertapakan mempertaruhkan mempertarungkan mempertautkan mempertebal mempertegang mempertegas memperteguhkan memperteliti mempertempurkan mempertemukan mempertenggangkan mempertengkarkan mempertentangkan mempertikaikan mempertimbangkan mempertinggikan mempertololkan mempertontonkan mempertopeng mempertuankan mempertuhankan mempertukarkan mempertunangkan mempertunggangkan mempertunjukkan memperulet memperundikan memperuntukkan mempesai mempetieskan mempijah mempijahkan mempindai memplak memplombir mempocoki

1 question s.t. 2 discuss, deal with. 1 complicate s.t., render s.t. difficult. 2 cause difficulties for s.o. defend, maintain. exacerbate. 1 tie to. 2 link, connect. 3 joint. s.o. (in marriage). cause s.t. to increase. 1 compare s.t. with. 2 put into combat. account for, justify. make s.o. responsible for s.t. call s.t. into question. achieve through asceticism. 1 pawn. 2 entrust. 3 risk. 1 cause persons or animals to fight. 2. risk. 1 combine s.t. 2 sew up a wound. 3 attach s.t. strengthen, reinforce. make tenser. 1 clarify, explain. 2 affirm. 1 confirm s.t. 2 strengthen s.t. scrutinize. 1 fight for s.t. 2 cause s.o. to fight (on behalf of another). 1 (Lit.) unite s.o. or s.t. 2 confront. 1 get along on, be economical. 2 consider. make s.t. the subject of a dispute. 1 oppose. 2 contrast. 1 differentiate. 2 make s.t. a subject for a quarrel. consider s.t., mull s.t. over. 1 make s.t. higher. 2 enhance. consider s.o. a fool, make a fool of. 1 show (off), exhibit. 2 play, perform. 1 mask, hide, disguise. 2 use as a mask. 1 respect. 2 address s.o. as tuan. consider as a god, deify. 1 barter. 2 vary, alternate. affiance. hold upside down. 1 show, exhibit. 2 demonstrate. make tough, cause to perserve. raffle off s.t. allocate, assign. tousle (hair). 1 put on ice. 2 put on the back burner. spawn. hatch (fish, etc.). scrutinize, look at carefully. extremely white. 1 fill (tooth). 2 stop, plug up. (Java) fill a certain position temporarily.

mempolemikkan mempoles mempreteli

memumpun memuncak memundurkan memungkinkan memungut memupuk memurahkan memvakumkan memverbalkan memveterankan memvisualisasikan memvonis menmena menabahkan menabal menabalkan menabok menaboki menabuh

carry out a debate over. 1 polish. 2 apply makeup. 1 dismantle, tear apart. 2 remove, take out. 3 find out a secret, question thoroughly. 4 wipe out, clear away. publicize. destroy, exterminate. carry on the back. load, cargo. tie together. see PUNYA. break, pry open. hide s.t. inside. nauseating, repugnant. sickening, make o. feel nauseous. grind, crush, pound. worship, revere. praise, commend. 1 hit, strike. 2 defeat. return to a place. 1 give back, return, bring back, send s.t. back to where it came from. 2 return what has been expended. collect, gather. culminate, reach a crest. make s.t back up. enable, make possible. 1 pick, pick up. 2 collect. 3 harvest. 4 quote. 5 adopt (child, etc.). put traditional medicines on a wound. lower the price. put in a vacuum. verbalize, put into words. retire s.o. from the army. visualize. sentence, condemn s.o. see also entries with t-, n-. arbitrarily, in a highhanded and unfair fashion. make firm, make determined. crown or declare s.o. king. install s.o. as king. slap, esp. the head. repeatedly slap s.o. 1. strike a gong, etc. 2. 1) strike such a drum. 2) drum on s.t. with o.’s finger.

menabun menabur menaburi menaburkan

collect and burn s.t. 1 sow, broadcast (seed). 2 scratter s.t. about.. 1 sow s.t. (a field, etc.). 2 spread over s.t., scatter all over s.t. 1 sow with s.t. 2 scatter, spread.

mempublisir mempunahkan mempundak mempungah mempunjut mempunyai mempuput mempurukkan memuakkan memualkan memubutkan memuja memuji memukul memulangi memulangkan


1 store liquids, collect liquids in receptacles. 2 (Coll.) receive stolen goods.

menadahkan menadbirkan menag menagama menagih menagihkan menahan

obtain s.t. (esp. liquids) or whit s.t. manage, administer. [Menteri Agama] Minister of Religious Affair [Menteri Agama] Minister of Religion. 1 dun, collect o.’s debts. 2 demand fulfillment of (a promise, etc.). collect a debt for s.o. 1 hold back, restrain, with hold. 2 detain, arrest. 3 provide support for, hold up. intensify, reach a critical point. sharpen s.t., whet s.t. aristocratic, distinguished, prominent. astonish, amaze. estimate, value, appraise. 1 frighten s.o. 2 fear s.t. 1 cause s.o. to fear, frighten s.o. 2 fear s.t. lend money as a profession. advance s.o. money. reason or think s.t. out. tie with a rope. tie s.t. or s.o. to. conclude s.t. add to, increase. increase s.t. 1 add a.t. 2 cause s.t. to increase. 1 bank up earth to control water flow or irrigate fields, etc. 2 apply a poultice. 3 obstruct movement. patch, mend. apply a patch to s.t. 1 patch with s.t. 2 patch on behalf of s.o. 1. mine, dig. 2. cross a body of water by a small passenger boat. 3. fasten with a thick rope. 4. separate from but refuse to support or divorce o.’s wife. tether, tie up. (Thea.) do theatrical stunts (magic shows, farces, etc.). cause to put on some needed weight. beat a drum. beat on s.t. understand. 2 think, suppose. (Coll.) see. make s.t. visible, show. 1 patch or mend (clothes, inner tube, etc.). 2 patch, plaster. 1 affix a patch, etc. so that it adheres. 2 cause s.t.to adhere. 1. cut in slices. 2. 1) looking like a tramp. 2) show off, put on. beat, slap. slap repeatedly.

menajam menajamkan menak menakjubkan menaksir menakuti menakutkan menalang menalangi menalarkan menali menalikan menamatkan menambah menambahi menambahkan menambak menambal menambali menambalkan menambang

menambatkan menambul menambunkan menambur menamburi menampa menampak menampakkan menampal menampalkan menampang menampar menampari

menamparkan menampas menampel menampi menampik menampilkan

use s.t. to slap. (Lit.) lop off. (Sport) hit a ball or shutlecock. winnow s.t. reject, refuse. 1 put s.o. or s.t. forward. 2 bring forward to show to the public, show.


1 intercept and retain falling water (rain, waterfall, spigot, etc.). 2 receive, accommodate, take in. intercept and retain (water) with s.t. menanah 1 cook rice (by boiling). 2 boil. 1 plant s.t. 2 cover with earth. 3 (Fin.) invest. plant on s.t. 1 implant s.t. 2 (Fin.) invest. 1 embed s.t., implant s.t. 2 implanted, stick (of s.t. sharp). 1 implant s.t., embed s.t. 2 transfix with o.’s eyes. 1 sign s.t., make a mark on s.t. 2 remark, perceive. signify, indicate. 1. spend everything, completely finish s.t. 2. state s.t. firmly, stress s.t.

menampungkan menanah menanak menanam menanami menanamkan menancap menancapkan menandai menandakan menandaskan menandatangani menandingi menandingkan menandu menanduk menandur menanduri menang menangani menanggali menanggalkan menanggam menanggang menanggap menanggapi menangguhkan menangguk menanggul menanggulangi menanggung menanggungkan menangis menangisi menangkal menangkap

sign s.t. 1 be equal to, be comparable with. 2 stand up to. 3 compete with. compare. carry in a litter. 1 butt. 2 (Sport) shoot (at billiards). plant s.t. plant on or in. 1 win, come out on top. 2 pass an examination. 1 handle, take in hand (job, problem, etc.). 2 strike with the hand. 1 strip s.o. or s.t. 2 strip s.t. off. 1. 1) strip off, take off. 2) pull out. 2. date. dovetail s.t. restrain o.’s appetites. 1. 1) listen carefully. 2) note attentively. 2. hire a performer. receive, perceive. postpone, delay s.t., put off. fish with such a net or scoop. build a dike, embankment. ward off, cope with. 1 carry on o.’s shoulders. 2 bear s.t. (emotion, duty, etc.). 3 guarantee, assume liability for. 1 bear. 2 be responsible for s.t. weep. weep over, bemoan. avoid, ward off a (catastrophe). 1 catch. 2 seize, arrest. 3 comprehend, grasp.

menangkapi menangkapkan menangkis menangkisi menangkring menangkul menangkup menangkupkan menangsel menanjak menanjakan menanjul menanjung menantang menanti menanti-nanti menantikan menantu menanya menanyai menanyakan menapai menapak menapaki menapakkan menapal menapis menaplaki menapuk menara menarafkan menarah menari menari-nari menarik

1 arrest repeatedly. 2 seize or arrest a large number of people. capture on behalf of. 1 ward off parry. 2 repulse, repel. parry or repulse several things. 1 (Coll.) sir, sir high where easily visible. fish with a net. 1 close (of two sides uniting). 2 fall face downward. lay s.t. face down. (Coll.) 1 wedge s.t. 2 insert s.t. 1 slope upward. 2 ascend, climb. 1 cause s.t. to slope upward. 2 bring s.t. upward. snare s.t. with such a noose. 1 look like a cape. 2 sail along the cape. challenge. wait. 1 wait a long time. 2 look forward to. 1 wait for. 2 watch for. son-or daughter-in-law. 1 (Coll.) ask. 2 ask for a woman’s hand in marriage. repeatedly question, interrogate. ask about s.t. 1 become fermented. 2 ferment s.t. 1 measure with the palm of the hand or sole of the foot. 2 step, tread on. 3 follow in the footsteps of, do same thing s.o. else did. follow in the footsteps of. set (foot) down. 1. apply a poultice or plaster. 2. make horseshoes. 1 filter s.t. 2 sort through s.t. 3 censor s.t. cover s.t. with a tablecloth. (Java) slap. tower,minaret. 1 evaluate, grade s.t. 2 give the rank of. plane s.t. smooth. dance, esp. non-Western dances.. jump (with joy), dance up and down. 1 draw, pull. 2 draw out, extract. 3 drive. 4 collect. 5 attractive, interesting.

menarik-narik menarikan menariki menarikkan menaruh menaruhi menaruhkan menasak menat menata

1 repeatedly drag, pull. 2implicate s.o. dance s.t., dance a certain k.o. dance. pull repeatedly on. draw or pull for s.o. 1 put, place. 2 maintain.. 1 put s.t. on s.t. 2 bet on s.t. 1 place, put. 2 bet. stanch bleeding. see MINAT. put in order, organize.

menatah menatang menatap menatapi menatar menatih menatu menawaki menawan menawar menawari

menawarkan menayang menayangkan menayub mencmencabik mencacah mencaci mencak mencanai mencang-mencong mencangkul mencantelkan mencapit mencarah mencarak mencatat mencawiskan mencegah mencekal mencekoki mencelanai mencelur menceng menceret mencereweti mencicit mencipta

inlay s.t. carry in outstretched palm of hands. observe intently. examine s.t. closely. upgrade s.t. 1 teach s.o. to walk by holding his hands. 2 give support with the hand to s.o. walking. see PENATU. (Lit.) throw stone at. 1 capture in war. 2 subdue. 3 intern, imprison. 1. weaken (strength or effectiveness of s.t.). 2. 1) bargain. 2) offer a price for s.t. 1. 1) make magic or venom ineffective by using spells, charms, potions, etc. 2) seduce, tempt. 3) pacify, calm down. 2. 1) offer to s.o. 2) repeatedly bargain. 1. make (magic, etc.) ineffective. 2. offer s.o. or s.t. (for sale, use, in marriage, etc.). 1 carry s.t. resting on o.’s palms. 2 (Lit.) carry, waft. (Lit.) present. dance with a professional dancer in k.o. traditional dance. see also entries with c-. 1 rip s.t. 2 lacerate. 1 chop s.t. into fine bits, mince (meat, etc.). 2 chop up food for animals. 1 scorn, jeer at, ridicule. 2 curse out, swear at. mencak-mencak 1 be out of sorts. 2 move convulsively. 1 sharpen, polish (on grindstone). 2 make even (with ruler). 3 smooth (the way). not in a straight line, contorted. be engaged in hoeing, prepare (ground) for cultivation. put s.t. on a hook. snap at, bite (of crabs). 1 cut into small bits. 2 sell piecemeal. 1. swallow in a gulp (such as sucking a raw egg, pouring water down o.’s throat, etc.). 2. begin to be visible (e.g., rising sun). 1 make a note of, record. 2 register, chalk up. prepare. 1 restrain, prevent, prohibit. 2 combat, guard against. 1 hold firmly, grasp tightly, seize. 2 arrest, capture. 1 force s.o. or s.t. to take medicine. 2 indoctrinate. put trousers on s.o. or s.t. 1 boil (an egg). 2 scald (a chicken to remove feather). slanted, skewed. see CERET. 1 criticize, find fault with. 2 order about. squeak (of mouse, etc.). 2) tweet (of canary). 1 compose. 2 be creative.

mencit mencium mencla-mencle menclok mencok mencomot mencong mencopot

mencurahi mendmendadak mendagri mendak mendam mendampak mendap mende mendedeli mendepak mendera menderum mendesak mendestruksi mendesuskan mendewakan mendiang mendieselkan mendikai mendikbud

mouse. 1 kiss. 2 smell, sniff. 3 sense, learn about. (Java) inconsistent, unreliable. (Java) perch (of birds). see MENCLOK. 1) seizy, nab, grab and hold. 2) snatch off. 3) pick. 1 askew, aslant. 2 without any specific direction or aim. 1 take off, remove (shoes, etc.). 2 pull out, extract (a nail). 3 untie. 4 remove, take away. 1) shine, glare. 2) radiate. (Jakarta) miss a target, fail, not be in a straight line. see CERET. 1 neglect. 2 look down on, hold in contempt. 3 ignore. 1) be flipped, pushed away with a springy motion. 2) spring back. 3) bend outward to project in a point. 1 pour on. 2 bestow upon, shower. 3 expend. see also entries with d-. see DADAK. [Menteri dalam Negerei] Minister for Internal Affairs. 1 sink down, bow down. 2 approach bowing. drunk. bump into, collid with. 1 sink, settle. 2 sediment, deposit. see MENTE. rip out (a seam, etc.). 1) kick (ball, etc.). 2) fire, dismiss, kick out, expel s.o. banyan tree. kneel (of elephant, camel, etc.). 1 push, shove. 2 urge, insist. destroy. spread s.t. as gossip. 1 deify. 2 idolize s.o. the late. change (bus engines, etc.). to diesel fuel. small watermelon. [Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan] Minister of Education and Culture.

mendikte mending mendingan mendisketkan mendobrak mendodosi mendonan mendongengkan mendongkel

1 dictate to s.o. 2 command s.o. 1 fairly good, well off, mild (of climate). 2 average, middling. 1 fairing well, well off. 2 average, middling. 3 better, preferable. store on a disc. 1 batter down, break in. 2 (Mil.) penetrate (defenses). 1 dig s.t. up. 2 (Coll.) steal little by little. immigrant, stranger. narrate (stories, etc.). 1 lift up, pry loose. 2 remove by force, oust s.o. 3 reveal (secrets).

mencorong mencos mencret mencuaikan mencuat , cuar

mendongkrak mendreng mendudu mendudut menduga mendung mendusel mendusin mendut menebah menebak menebal menebalkan menebang menebangi menebari menebarkan menebas

menebaskan menebat menebeng

menebengi menebengkan menebok menebuk menebus meneduh meneduhi meneduhkan meneer menegahkan menegak menegakkan menegang menegangkan menegarkan menegaskan menegel

1 jack up (car, etc.). 2 assist s.o. in achieving his purpose. 3 praise, esp. in sycophantic manner. see MINDERING. follow s.o., continue on (without looking back). (Java) pull, tug at. 1 (Naut.) take depth bearings. 2 understand, fathom. 3 presume, expect. cloudy, overcast. (Java) snuggle up close. 1 be awake. 2 be conscious of, realize. k.o. cake made of sticky rice with grated coconut and brown sugar wrapped in banana leaves. strike a flat surface. 1. guess. 2. chop off, cut off. become thick. 1 thicken s.t. 2 reinforce. fell. repeatedly chop down. scatter in or on s.t. 1 spread around, disperse. 2 spread and throw s.t. out. 1. cut down (shrubs, vegetation, etc. but not large trees). 2. 1) buy up a harvest’s yield before it has been harvested. 2) (Java) buy up all of s.t. produced. 1. cut with s.t., use s.t. to cut down. 2. contract to sell o.’s harvest while it is still in the fields. create a pond with dam. 1. 1) put up temporary screen (mat, sail, etc.). 2) spread out cloth, mats, etc. for display. 2. sponge s.t., freeload, ride or live with (for free). protect or screen s.t. allow or arrange for s.o. to live for free, mooch, etc. firmly strike with fist. 1 perforate s.t. 2 bore through s.t. 1 redeem s.t. by paying cash or exchanging some other object. 2 compensate for some wrong. 3 fulfill. 1 be shady. 2 become calm. provide shade or shelter for. 1 calm s.o. down. 2 make s.t. sheltered or shaded. meneer forbit, prevent s.t. become upright. 1 erect, build. 2 cause s.t. to be upright. 3 maintain. tighten, become tight, be tight, tense. 1 tighten, make taut. 2 strain, make tense. stiffen s.t. 1 explain, clarify. 2 assert, insist. cover with floor tiles.

meneguhkan meneguk meneguki menegur

1 confirm s.t. 2 strengthen s.t. swallow s.t., gulp down. repeatedly swallow or gulp s.t. 1 address s.o. (in order to open a conversation). 2 admonish, reprimand.

menejer menekadkan menekak menekan menekankan menekat menekel meneken meneker menekuk menekukkan menekuni menekur menekuri meneladan meneladani meneladankan menelahkan menelan

manager. make (a decision, o.s.) resolute. stick to the palate. 1 press, push down. 2 suppress, repress, oppress. 3 compress. 1 stress, emphasize s.t. 2 press with s.t. embroider s.t. manage, handle. sign s.t. light a fire with a flint. fold s.t. stiff. fold s.t., bend s.t. over. occupy o.s. diligently with s.t. 1 bend, bow. 2 meditate. 1 stare at. 2 bend, bow o.’s hed over s.t. follow the example of. set an example of hisbrilliant sister. make s.t. an example, provide a model. predict. 1 swallow. 2 swallow up. 3. endure patienly (insults, etc.) 4 require, consume. 1 strip s.o. or s.t. 2 strip s.o. of. 1 cause injury (by sharp weapons). 2 (Phys.) permeate. persevere in s.t. neglect s.t. send a telegram. rest a part of the body s.w. measure with o.’s hand. cause s.t. to slope at an angle. cause s.t. to be at an angle. phone s.o. phone on s.o.’s behalf. bind hand and foot, wrap s.t. up entirely. 1 examine carefully. 2 research s.t. curve around, be curved. overlap lie face downward. lie face downward on s.t. place s.t. face downward. produce s.t. as if laying an egg (s.t. new, s.t. dropped, etc.). 1 unravel s.t. 2 investigate, explore. 1 go along, follow. 2 trace, follow. 3 research, investigate. kneel.

menelanjangi menelap menelateni meneledorkan menelegram menelekkan menelempap menelengi menelengkan menelepon meneleponkan menelikung meneliti meneluk menelumpang menelungkup menelungkupi menelungkupkan menelurkan menelusur menelusuri menelutut

menemani menembaga menembak

accompany s.o. become copper-colored. 1 fire a gun. 2 aim at, intend. 3 (Sport) shoot (a basket), make a goal, etc.

menembaki menembakkan menembangkan menembok menembung menembus menembusi menembuskan menempa menempahkan menempati menempatkan menempekan menempel menempelak menempelengi menempeli menempelkan menempias menempiaskan menemplek menemplok menempuh

repeatedly fire on s.t. 1 shoot with s.t. 2 shoot s.t. out. sing or recite (a tembang). 1. wall s.t. up. 2. cover batik with wax to resist dye. hit with a cudgel. 1 pierce, stab. 2 penetrate, break through. 3 emerge, come out. penetrate s.t. pierce with s.t. make metal objects, manufacture knives, etc. 1 book ahead of time. 2 make to order. occupy. put s.t. in a certain place. 1 make s.t. into this foodstuff. 2 consider s.t. trivial or low grade. 1 adhere, cling. 2 (Coll.) patch. 3 (Coll.) be right up next to. reproach s.o. slap s.o. on the face or side of the head. 1 stick to, make s.t. stick to. 2 sponge, freeload on s.t. 3 cover s.t. by sticking materials. 4 (Sl.) bribe. stick s.t. on. 1 splash up. 2 splash on s.t. splash s.t. onto. attached to, hanging on or against. 1 lean on. 2 depend. 1 attack, assail. 2 go through, endure by passing through. 3 take on, take up.

menempuhkan menempur menemui

make s.o. responsible for s.t. attack, assail. 1 go to meet s.o. 2 come upon, run into. 3 experience s.t. (us. unpleasant).

menemukan menenangkan menendang menendas menengadah menengadahi menengadahkan menengah

1 find, meet with. 2 find, discover. calm s.o. down. 1 kick. 2 (Coll.) expel s.o. decapitate. look up. look up at s.t. cause s.t. to face upward. 1 move to the center. 2 middle, intermediate. 3 average. 4 be neutral. 5 intecede, mediate. 1 intercede, mediate. 2 intervene. come between. plow. restrain. to squat.

menengahi menengahkan menenggala menenggang menenggek

menenggelamkan menengkari menengok menengoki menengokkan menentang menentangi menentangkan menenteng menentir menentu menentukan menenungkan menepak

menerakan menerang menerangi menerangkan menerap menerapkan menerawang

1 cause s.t. to sink. 2 make s.t. disappear. fight over s.t. 1 view s.t. 2 visit. 3 look. 4 make predictions. repeatedly look at or visit. turn o.’s head to look. 1 gaze directly at. 2 facing toward. 3 oppose. 4 defy. repeatedly oppose. 1 bring o.s. face to face with. 2 cause s.o. to face. carry in o.’s hand, while walking. 1 give s.o. a tutorial or preliminary exam. 2 (Sl.) educate. certain, stabilized. 1 determine, establish. 2 make certain about s.t. 1 tell fortunes. 2 bewitch s.o. slap slightly. menepak-air-didulang, terpercik-muka-sendiri. Slapping a tray full of water will only get your own face splashed. 1 head straight for s.t. 2 fulfill. menepati-janji fulfill a promise. 1 aim, direct. 2 set, adjust. 1 move to o. side. 2 go along the side of (road, etc.). move s.t. to o. side, pull s.t. over. 1. 1) skim, glid low. 2) skim s.t. 2. ward off s.t. clap, slap. 1 pound into flour. 2 powdery. make s.t. into flour. 1 seal s.t. 2 calibrate. 3 print s.t. 1 take a shortcut, bypass. 2 (Coll.) bypass red tape or other obstacles by bribing. 1 calibrate. 2 stamp, seal, imprint s.t. dawn, become light. 1 light s.t. 2 remove undergrowth. 1 explain, clarify. 2 declare, state. 3 illuminate s.t. 4 indicate. 1. adjust, apply, arrange. 2. do inlaid work. apply. 1. make holes (in s.t.). 2. muse, be lost in thought, he gazed at the valley.

menerawangi menerbangi menerbangkan menerbitkan meneriaki meneriakkan menerima menerimakan menerjang menerjangi menerjangkan menerjuni menerjunkan

cause s.o. to be lost in thought, trouble o. fly over. 1 cause s.t. to fly, blow s.t. away. 2 flee with s.t. 1 cause, produce. 2 publish. 3 put in print. shout at s.o. 1 yell out s.t. 2 show off. 1 accept, approve. 2 receive. 3 (Coll., Java) be passive. hand s.t. over. lunge, attack. trample on. lunge at with. 1 jump in(to) 2 occupy o.s. with s.t. cause s.t. to dive downward.

menepati menepatkan menepi menepikan menepis menepuk menepung menepungkan menera menerabas

menerka menerkam menerkup menerobos menerompetkan meneropong meneropongi menerpa

menetapi menetapkan menetas menetaskan menetek meneteki menetekkan menetes menetesi meneteskan menetralisir menewaskan mengmengaba-abakan mengabadikan mengabaikan

guess, surmise. pounce on. fall on s.t. 1 break through. 2 cut in a line or queue (at a bank, etc.). proclaim loudly. 1 look through a telescop. 2 observe carefully, study, scrutinize. examine carefully, focus carefully on s.t. 1 (Lit.) jump at (often in anger or passion). 2 attack (of meteorological phenomenon). 1 continue. 2 forward, pass (on). 1 hack at s.t. 2 hack with s.t. be compact, compressed. compact s.t. 1. 1) settle at, maintain a permanent residence at. 2) stabilize. 2. (Lit.) blot up a liquid (ink, water, etc.). 1 fulfill. 2 carry out. 1 decide, determine. 2 maintain, establish, secure. 3 determine. 1 crack or slit s.t. open by force from the interior. 1 cause s.t. to break out. 2 hatch s.t. suckle. give suck to, breast-feed. have s.o. else breast-feed a baby. drip. srinkle on s.t. expel a liquid drop by drop. neutralize. 1 defeat, overcome. 2 kill, slay. see also entries with k-, ng- or beginning with a vowel. give orders (for drill, etc.). 1 immortalize, record for posterity. 2 perpetuate. 1 ignore, disregard. 2 underestimate, minimize. 3 make light of, belinttle.

mengabar mengabari mengabarkan mengabdi mengabdikan mengabenkan mengabolisikan mengabonemenkan mengabortus mengabsahkan mengabstrakkan mengabstraksikan mengacak-acak mengacarakan mengacau

1 brake. 2 impede, hinder. 3 remove. 4 lessen. inform, let s.o. know. report s.t. serve. subjugate, make subservient. cremate. abolish. subscribe for s.o. abort (a fetus). 1 endorse, approve. 2 legalize. shorten. make abstract. 1 mess up, put in disorder. 2 disturb, upset, confuse. 1 place on the agenda. 2 bring up with (a judge, etc.). 1 stir (a drink, paint, etc.). 2 stir up trouble.

meneruskan menetakkan menetal menetalkan menetap


1 mix, stir s.t. up throroughly. 2 make s.t. confusing. 3 stir up trouble.


1. 1) point. 2) refer. 2. shape, mold, cut (cookies). 3.. 1) ponder a way to achieve a purpose. 2) strike a threatening pose (with gun, knife).

mengacuhkan mengacukan


heed, care about, be concerned about. 1. 1) point at with s.t. 2) threaten (with a weapon). 3) refer. 2. advocate, suggest, propose. point upward. 1 hold up (the hand to greet or answer). 2 point s.t. invent, fabricate, concoct (stories). say what is not true or does not exist. 1 organize, arrange. 2 give, hold, deliver (a lecture). 3 create, make. 4 launch. 5 cause, bring about (a catastrophe, etc.). 6 establish (boundaries), bring about, effect (a consolidation). adapt. 1 hear, try (a case). 2 administer justice. 3 bring to justice. 1. 1) pit. 2) bump, hit (o.’s head). 3) contest. 2. 1) complain about. 2) sue, bring legal action. 3) inform, squeal, tell on, report. complain about. 1 distribute. 2 handle, manage. indulge in glorification. 1 glorify, exalt, elevate. 2 praise. unite in marriage. 1 irrigate (rice field). 2 dilute with water. 3 give to drink. carry on the back. amazing, miraculous. 1 invite, ask. 2 urge. 3 challenge, invite. 1 teach (a subject). 2 teach s.o. 3 give s.o. a lesson be will not forget. 4 train, coach. 1 teach s.t. 2 lecture, rebuke. 1 file, submit (a protest). 2 file, submit. 3 send, submit, present. 4 set forward, propose, put a motion. 5 indict, remand. 6 lodge, enter (a complaint). enter into an agreement, fix contractually. 1 seek a way. 2 deceive, double-cross. endeavor, seek a way, work s.t. out. end, close. bring close, strengthen (friendships, etc.). activate. /mengaktualisir/ bring up to date, actualize. 1 confess, admit. 2 guarantee, promise. 3 claim to be. 4 consider as o.’s own. 5 always talk about o.’s., boast about o.’s. 1 acknowledge, admit. 2 confess, admit. 3 recognize, acknowledge.

mengakurkan mengalami

1 reconcile. 2 check. 3 harmonize (colors, etc.). experience.

mengacung mengacungkan mengada-ada mengada-adakan mengadakan

mengadaptasi mengadili mengadu mengadukan mengageni mengagung-agungkan mengagungkan mengahadkan mengairi mengais mengajaibkan mengajak mengajar mengajarkan mengajukan

mengakadkan mengakali mengakalkan mengakhiri mengakrabkan mengaktifkan mengaktualisasikan mengaku

mengalap mengalasi mengalaskan mengalih mengalihbahasakan mengalihkan mengalir mengaliri mengalirkan mengalun mengalunkan mengamahi mengamalkan mengamanahkan mengamankan mengamat-amati mengambil mengambili mengambilkan mengambul mengambulkan mengampai mengampuni mengampunkan mengamputasi mengamuk menganalisa mengancaikan mengancam mengancamkan mengandaikan mengandalkan mengandung menganeksasi menganga mengangah mengangan-angankan menganggap mengangguk mengangguk-angguk menganggukkan

1 pick (fruit). 2 abduct. 1 cover. 2 lay a base or foundation for. 1 put s.t. down as a base (cloth, rug, etc.). 2 base (o.’s complaint, accusation). change, replace s.t. with s.t. else. translate. shift, move s.t. 1. 1) flow. 2) pour, stream, flow (of money, people). 3) stream down. 2. catch crocodiles (with a baited line). flow through. 1 channel. 2 siphon. 3 shed (tears). 4 aim, point. 1 pitch, heave. 2 be in steady, rhythmic movement. put s.t. in steady motion. /mengamanati/ deliver a speech, give advice. 1 put into practice, apply. 2 do s.t. regularly. 3 carry out with devotion. 1 entrust, commit. 2 instruct, order. 3 dedicate, set aside. 1 pacify, render safe. 2 place in protective custody, hold in custody. 3 hand over for safekeeping. 4 reassure. 5 prosecute. 1 watch closely, keep track of. 2 inspect. 3 monitor, guard. 1 take. 2 get, fetch. 3 subtract. 4 adopt (a child, a policy). keep taking. get or fetch for s.o. 1 bounce, rebound, ricochet. 2 bob up and down. bounce (a ball). 1 hang on, over. 2 hang out s.t. to dry (e.g. tobacco). 3 hit, strike. 1 forgive s.o. 2 pardon, commute (a sentence). 1 forgive s.t. 2 condone. amputate. 1 go berserk, run amuck. 2 rage violently. analyze. wreck, damage. threaten. 1 threaten with s.t. 2 threatening. suppose, assume. 1 rely on. 2 trade on. 1.be pregnant with 2.have wtihin it , contains. annex, appropriate, take possession of. 1 be agape be wide open. 2 gape, gawk. 1 have fiery coals. 2 see API. 1 recall, ponder, contemplate. 2 imagine, fantasize. 1. regard as, consider, deem. 2. (Lit.) nod the head to invite another to join in dancing or drinking. nod (in agreement). keep nodding. 1 nod (the head). 2 agree to.

menganggur menganggut mengangkasa mengangkat

1. 1) be unemployed, be idle. 2) lie idle. 2. 1) prepare cutting for planting. 2) transplant, plant with a slip. 1 nod due to drowsiness. 2 move erractically, pitch (of a ship). 1 be airbone. 2 soar, take off. 3 come to the fore. 1 lift (up), raise. 2 appoint, designate. 3 promote. 4 remove, take away. 5 take up. 6 adopt (a child), adapt (written material). 7 nab, pick up.

mengangkati mengangkatkan mengangkut mengangkuti mengangon mengangsu mengangsur mengangsuri mengangsurkan mengangut menganiayai menganjak menganjal menganjur

remove (many things). 1 lift up, raise. 2 roll up (o,’s sleeves). 1 carry, transport. 2 carry away. 3 contain. pick up, collect. (Java) graze cattle. (Java) 1 draw water. 2 absorb, draw upon. 3 gain knowledge. 1 do gradually. 2 pay in installments. 3 move. pay for s.t. installments. 1 order s.o. to move. 2 pay s.t. in installments. 3 move forward. 1 nap, doze. 2 fritter o.’s time away. 1 maltreat, torture, beat viciously. 2 tyrannize, persecute. transplant, reset (plants). 1 bounce, rebound. 2 elastic, springy, resilient. 1. 1) stick out, jut out, protrude. 2) move on or toward. 2. withdraw.

menganjuri menganjurkan

1 lead, head (a parade). 2 pioneer, take the initiative. 1 suggest, propose, recommend. 2 extend, project, thrust s.t. out. 3 hand over, pass. 1 deliver, bring s.t. 2 carry, transmit. 1 come or be between. 2 intercede, mediate. bring or send to s.o. 1 accompany, bring s.o. to a destination. 2 see off. 3 introduce. (Java) 1 trust, believe in. 2 be faithful to. 3 let, permit. 1 dangle, sway. 2 swing. anticipate. bump or strike s.t. against. bounce, rebound (of a ball.). sting. bestow on s.o. bestow, confer (a degree), present a gift to s.o. 1 follow, submit to. 2 practice, profess (a religion). plait. gape. mengap-mengap pant, gasp for breath. 1 why ? 2 doing what ? make or make s.t. into apam. 1appeal, enter an appeal. 2 take roll. 1 flank. 2 press between s.t., clamp. 3 hold by pressing between. 4 staple (paper together). 5 enclose on either side. 1 reject (because of poor quality). 2 condemn (a building). 3 prohibit, ban.

mengantar mengantarai mengantari mengantarkan mengantep menganting mengantisipasi mengantukkan mengantul mengantup menganugerahi menganugerahkan menganuti menganyam mengap mengapa mengapam mengapel mengapit mengapkir

mengaplikasikan mengaplos mengaplus mengapresiasi mengapung mengapungi mengapungkan mengarah mengarahkan mengarak mengarang mengarangkan mengarcakan mengarit mengartikan mengarung mengarungi mengasah mengatakan mengatur mengaturkan mengayun mengecat mengecer mengeja mengeksitkan mengelabui mengelap mengelola mengeluarkan

mengeluk mengelupur mengeluyur mengembang mengembara mengembungkan mengempaskan mengempih

apply, put to use, administer. relieve. applaud. appreciate, relish, enjoy. 1float. 2 float upward, soar. hover about, float about. set or keep afloat (of a canoe, toy boat, etc.). 1 aim, direct. 2 aim at. 3 manage, direct, administer. 4 head for. 1 direct, aim, point. 2 make efforts in a certain direction. 3 give directions or instructions, direct. accompany in a procession. 1 string (beads, jewels), arrange (flowers). 1 arrange, string s.t. 2 write or compose for s.o. cast into a statue, make a likeness. cut grass. 1 interpret, construe. 2 bear a meaning for, lead o. to understand. wade across, cross. 1 cross s.t. 2 sail through s.t. 3 ford, wade across. 4 wade through, plod through (o.’s studies, work). 1 sharpen. 2 file (teeth). 3 polish, shine, burnish (a gem). 4 grind, whet, hone. 5 plane (a board). say s.t. , say that… 1 put in order, straighten up. 2 regulate, organize. 3 arrange, settle. 4 string, thread. 1 offer, give (used on solemn occasions or to s.o. of higher authority). 2 say, express to a person of high status. household furnishings. see CAT. sell retail. spell. expel, dismiss. deceive s.o. wipe s.t. with a cloth. 1 manage (a business, etc.). 2 carry out, execute (a job, etc.). 1 take or put outside. 2 expel, eject, remove, discharge (an employee). 3 issue (an order, a ticket), publish (a book), say what o. has on o.’s mind. 4 export s.t. 5 produce, manufactore. 7 secrete (a fluid), discharge (blood), exhale s.t. bend, make s.t. supple. flutter. 1 loaf around, stroll about without purpose. 2 hang around. 1 expand. 2 unfurl (sail, wings, etc.). 3 open (an umbrella, book, etc.) 4 swell. roam, rove wander. puff up (o,s cheeks ), inflate , blow up ( a ballon,etc ). 1 throw, dash, hurl s.t. against. 2 slam (door, etc.). collapse (of lung, vein).

mengempih (s) mengemuka – kan mengemukakan mengemut

collapse (of lung, vein). 1 suggest, propose, put forward. 2 put to the front. 3 confront 1 suggest, propose, put forward. 2 put to the front. 3 confront s.o. 1. 1) throb, beat (of pulse). 2) stagger. 2. 1) suck on (a piece of candy or as sexual act). 2) move up and down (of mouth when eating).

mengenai mengenal

1 concerning, about. 2 see KENA. 1 know, be acquainted with. 2 recognize. 3 distinguish, make out. 4 diagnose (an illness). 1 remember, recall. 2 commemorate. 3 remind 9o. of s.o.). 1.hold the reins 2.restrain 3.manage,lead. 1 drive (a car). 2 ride (a horse). 1 get wind of, smell, whiff. 2 get wind of, find out, discover. coagulate, clot (of blood), curdle (of milk). chase a way , evict . hold a franchise, lease the rights to provide a service. try s.t. on. mop. 1split (a plank). 2 slice , cu t into thin pieces. 1 carry s.t. under the arm. 2 clasp. 3 pinch. prune, trim, cut back. 1 surround, encircle. 2 besiege. 1 mobilize, conscript (workers, militia, etc.). 2 mobilize to do s.t., assemble (to carry out s.t.). 1 work on s.t. to prepare it. 2 (Coll.) have sex with. 1 do carry out. 2 work ( a field, land, etc.). 3 finish off, eliminate, kill. 4 perform (a task). frown. gang up on, swarm overhelm. (Mil.) place in a cell. 1 understand. 2 (Java) know. 1) curry, rub down, groom (a horse). 2) chafe s.o. with a coin as a medical treatment. 1.1) arrange s.t., set s.t. 2) typeset. 2. trick s.o. type s.t. in a master sheet. 1 know, understand s.t. 2 detect, find out. tickle under the arm. buy o. or a little at a time, buy retail. 1 intercede, mediate. 2 intervene. 1 set forth. 2 (Leg.) subpoena, , summon. 1 boil meat until very tender. 2 steam rice in a certain way. 1 knock on (a door). 2 pound out (a dent, etc.). 1.make a knocking noise on. 2.knock on. complete, perfect. strike with a bang. 1 hire, employ. 2 pay a salary or wage. 1 (Lit.) knight. 2 chief indoctrinator.

mengenangkan mengendalikan mengendarai mengendus mengental mengenyahkan mengepak mengepas mengepel mengeping mengepit mengepras mengepung mengerahkan mengerjai mengerjakan mengernyit mengeroyok mengerpus mengerti mengeruk mengeset mengesit mengetahui mengeteki mengeteng mengetengahi mengetengahkan mengetim mengetuk mengetuki mengga menggabruk menggaji menggala

menggambarkan menggampangkan

1 explain s.t. by drawing it. 2 depict, describe. 1 facilitate, smooth (the way). 2 take lightly, consider s.t. easy which is hard.

menggapai menggarang menggarisbawahi menggarong menggaruk

menggelikan menggelinding menggelitik menggelora menggelumangi menggeluti menggemakan menggembirakan

pick up, hold, with tweezers. (Java) 1 roast s.t. 2 dry s.t. 1 underline, underscore (word, sentence, etc.). 2 emphasize. 1 rob, commit a robbery. 2 plunder, loot, pillage. 1 scratch (head, arm, etc.), curry (horse), scape (pan, etc.), rake. 2 round up people (in a raid). 3 rob, clean out. 1 rub hard, 2 attack, assault (by hitting or kicking). 3 take by force. 4 pilfer, steal. 5 thrash. 6 devour. dig, excavate. 1 strike, slash. 2 cast an evil spell on. 3 stab. 4 do footwork (in silat or other self-defense art). 1 thump, pound on (a table, etc.). 2 crash. 3 hit. 4 instigate, urge, move. 5 shake off. ear-shatering, ear-splitting. wrinkle (the skin, etc.). flutter, twitch, flap (as of wings, of dying fowl), flounder, squim (of fish in net). 1) encourage. 2) ridiculous,absurd. 1 roll (of ball, etc.). 2 revolver. 3 (Sl.) get . 1 tickle. 2 prod, encourage, incite. 3 beat of o.’s heart. 1) rage, seethe (of sea). 2) impassioned (of speech), full of spirit. spread on, smear with. 1 embrace. 2 wrestle with. 3 seize, embrace. wrinkle (the skin, etc.). 1 cheer up, make happy, gladden. 2 enliven (a party , etc.). 3 rejoice over s.t.

menggemborkan menggendalakan menggeram menggerantang menggerontang menggertakan menggeruh menggerumuti menggerung menggerus

1) bruit about, noise about. 2) ballyhoo, plug, pour out. obstruct, hinder, hamper. 1. be furious. 2. sound of growl. 1 snarl at s.o. 2 intimidate (with o.’s speech). 1 make such a noise. 2 threaten with loud noises. 1 intimidate. 2 spur (a horse). 3 gnash o,’s teeth. 1) snore. 2) roar (of animals). 1 swarm over s.t. (of ants, etc.). 2 crowd (the thoughts). 1 make a roarong noise (elephant, engine, etc.). 2 cry loudly. 1 polish s.t. with a sheel until it shines. 2 crush, grind. 3 bray (in a mortar).

menggerutu menggetah menggetil menggetok menggigit menggiring

grumble, complain. 1 tap (a tree), collect sap. 2 catch birds with birdlime. pinch, hold between two fingers 1 hit, strike. 2 knock on (with a hammer, gravel, knuckles, etc.). 1 bite s.t. 2 scathing (critique, etc.). 1) herd, drive (livestock). 2) escort a criminal (to prison, court, etc.).

menggasak menggaung menggayung menggebrak menggegapkan menggelemburkan menggelepar-gelepar

menggodam menggok menggolak menggosipkan menggosok menggoyahkan menggugat menggugurkan menggula menggulai menggulaikan menggulingkan

strike, pound (of fist, club, etc.). make a turn. brew, boi gossip about s.t. 1 rub. 2 incite, instigate. 3 shine or polish s.t. 4 iron (clothing). 1 make s.t. wobble or shake. 2 make s.t. 1) accuse, charge. 2) criticize, judge. 3) claim, demand. 1 cause s.t to fall out prematurely. 2 topple, bring down. flatter, butter up. prepare a curry. 1 cook s.t. as a curry. 2 prepare a curry for others. 1 roll s.t. 2 topple, overthrow. 3 (Sport) defeat.overthrow, deposer.

menggulirkan menggumalkan menggumamkan menggumpal menggumpalkan menggunduk menggunduli

make s.t. roll. 1 wrinkle s.t. 2 rumple or crumple s.t. mutter s.t. 1 lump up , clot. 2 cause s.t. to congeal or clot. 1 make s.t into a lump 2 make s.t coagulate . 1 pile up. 2 be shaped like a heap. 1 shave s.o. bald. 2 clean s.o. out (financially). 3 make barren, denude (forests, etc.). 1 cut with scissor or shears. 2 (Coll.) deceive, swindle. 1 thunder. 2 boom out (of a sound). 1 pile up, mount up. 2 resemble a mountain. act like a teacher to s.o., be a know-it-all to s.o. provoke s.o. to anger. 1 haul, drag. 2 condemn (property for public use, etc.), remove (people from their land). (Jakarta) flatten, level to the ground (buildings).

menggunting mengguntur menggunung menggurui menggusarkan menggusur

mengguyur menghabisi menghadiahkan menghadiri menghafalkan menghalakan menghalangi menghalaukan menghambat menghampiri menghamuni menghancurkan menghangat menghangatkan menghanguskan menghantam

1 spray, splash. 2 pour (liquid) in large quantities. 1 end, finish (speech, etc.) 2 finish off, wipe out. 3 spend (time). present s.t., donate. attend, be present at. memorize, learn by heart. 1direct, guide, steer. 2 aim at. 1) block s.o.’s way. 2) hamper. 1 chase away, drive away. 2 drive, herd. 1 hamper, impede. 2 head off s.o. or s.t., obstruct. approach, come close to. 1 abuse s.o., revile s.o. 2 curse. 1 smash, shatter (building, glass, hopes, etc.). 2 dissolve (sugar in water, etc.). 3 crush (a stone). become hot. 1 warm up (food, etc.). heat s.t. peng-hangat warmer. 1 roast until burnt. 2 burn, singe, scorch. 1 strike hard. 2 pound, pummel. 3 attack vigorously. 4 (Coll.) go at (o.’s food).

menghantamkan menghantui menghapus menghapuskan

1 strike s.t. 2 strike with s.t. 1 frighten. 2 haunt, obsess. 1 completely remove. 2 clean s.t., wipe off (blackboard). 1 eliminate s.t., wipe out. 2 nullify (a contract), expunge (a record).

mengharamkan menghardik mengharuskan menghasilkan menghayati menghendaki menghentikan

menghitamkan menghitung menghubungi menghubungkan menghukum menghunjam menghunjamkan menghunus menghuru – harakan menghutangkan mengi mengiang mengibaratkan

1 forbid, prohibit. 2 abjure, abstain from. 1 snap at. 2 scold, dress down, rebuke. compel, require. 1 produce. 2 deliver, produce results. 1 experience to the full, comprehend fully. 2 inspire, vivify. 1 wish for s.t. 2 require, demand. 1 stop, halt (car, production, etc.). 2 end, put an end to s.t. 3 fire, dismiss. 4 (Av.) feather (a motor). cause amazement, be astonishing. 2 be suprised at s.t. 1 give grant, award. 2 donate, bequeath. 1 revivem bring to life. 2 turn on (radio, TV, light, etc.). 4 rekindle (interest, political party, etc.). narrate stories. disappear. squeeze, press. 1 humiliate, insult. 2 affront, offend s.o. 1 draw on, inhale (cigarette, etc.). 2 slurp (up), sip at. 3 sniff in. 4 (Ling.) implosive. 1 blacken (hair, teeth). 2 blacken, denigrate, sully (a reputation). 1 count, do sums. 2 calculate. 3 count in, reckon. 1 contact, get in touch with. 2 get ahold of. 1 connect, join. 2 put s.o. in contact with s.o. 1 punish s.o. 2 judge, criticize. 3 sentence to. 1 pierce s.t. so it is fixed. 2 penetrate. 3 (Av.) dive. 1 thrust in, insert (by stabbing). 2 shower on. unsheathe, draw (sword). excite to violence, bring about confusion. lend s.t. /mengih/ 1 asthma. 2 pant, have difficulty breathing. 1. rainbow. 2. continually whine, hum, or buzz. 1 follow s.o’s example. 2 compare s.t., say s.t. is like. 4 treat like s.t.

mengibuli mengidealkan mengigal mengikhtiarkan mengimami mengimbas mengimbau mengimbaukan mengimigrasikan mengimlikasikan

lie to s.o., cheat, deceive. idealize. 1 strut, show off. 2 display its feathers. 3 dance in a strutting way. 1 make an effort to. 2 arrange for. 3 make a suggestion. lead prayer service at mosque. 1 blow. 2 (Tech.) induce (air flow or electrical current). appeal. call out or appeal for. bring to the Immigration Bureau. 1 implicate. 2 imply.

mengherankan menghibahkan menghidupkan menghikayatkan menghilang menghimpit menghina menghirup


1 aim (gun, pistol, etc.). 2 have o.’s eye on s.o. or s.t., set o.’s sights on s.o.

mengincitkan mengindekoskan mengindenkan mengindikasikan menginduksikan mengingat

shoo, chase s.o. away. have s.o. rent a room s.w. order s.t by making a down payment.. indicate s.t. induce. 1 remember, recall, recollect. 2 think of, keep in mind. 3 considering, in the light of. 1 disavow, go back on. 2 deny (a fact). .1 tread or step on. 2 enter a certain age or status. 1 disobey, disregard, ignore (a law, regulation, etc.) 2 be disrespectful of, hold a low opinion of. inject, give an injection. present a check to the issuing bank for payment. issue an executive order. integrate. make a long distance call. instruct. inventory, take stock. 1 spurt out, jump. 2 hit. splash someone or something. resemble. split into thin strips. 1.send,dispatch s.t 2.leave s.t for safekeeping,entrust s.t . 1 escort. 2 have s.o. follow. 1 Islamize, convert to Islam. 2 circumcise. ke-islam-an Islamic. isolate. give s.o a rest or pause. 1 make an issue of. 2 gossip about s.t. beckon, signal. 1 permit, allow. 2 license s.o. or s.t. predict, foretell, prophesy. consider s.o. an infidel. 1 hold. 2 work, do. 1 unripe (of fruit). 2 improperly ripened because of defect. 3 annoyed, irritated. croked, winding. (Jakarta) see BARANGKALI. 1beach (a boat etc.). 2 cause s.t. to fail, frustrate. see MAKARA. 1 confuse s.o. 2 lie, tell a falsehood. see MAKASAR. delay, postpone. open a book to a certain page. seize or take by force, snatch. get s.t. stuck in the throat.

mengingkari menginjak menginjak – injak menginjeksi menginkasokan menginpreskan mengintergrasikan menginterlokal mengintruksikan menginvestarikan mengiprat mengiprati mengiras mengirat mengirimkan mengiringkan mengislamkan mengisolasikan mengistirahatkan mengisukan mengisyaratkan mengizinkan mengkadimkan mengkafirkan mengkakok mengkal mengkal-pengkol mengkali mengkandaskan mengkara mengkarut mengkasar mengkasipkan mengkebet mengkedut mengkelan

mengkelosok mengkemam mengkencongkan mengkeramatkan mengkeret mengkerkahi mengkernying mengkeruh mengkerut mengkerutak mengkesat mengkesip mengketiaki mengkhatamkan mengkhotbahi mengkhotbahkan mengkikis mengkilap mengkilapkan mengkilas mengkilaskan mengkilat mengkili mengkimbang – kimbang

mengkirik mengkis mengkisruhkan mengklir mengklirkan mengkocah mengkodak mengkopyok

rub hard, scour. 1 retain in the mouth. 2 mumble. 1) twist, bend (s.o.’s words). 2) curl (o.’s lips). 1 consider sacred. 2 respect highly. 1 shrink. 2 angry. 3 afraid, scared. 4. double up with pain. crunch on s.t. bare the teeth or fangs. 1 snore. 2 purr (of a cat). shrink s.t. crunch (on a bone). wipe dry. suck (on a juicy fruit, etc.). put or carry s.t. under the arms. finish, conclude (the reading of the Koran). preach at, lecture s.o. preach s.t. via a sermon. 1 erode. 2 make s.t. disappear bit by bit. shine. shine, polish (shoes, silver, etc.). 1) trap (animals, birds). 2) tighten (up). releas, let s.t. go quickly. 1shine. 2 flash. hem s.t. 1 circle, hover (of a plane, bird, etc.) 2 move back and forth, go to and fro, be very restless. forge metal. shake with fright. wag s.t. 1 shake out (wet laundry, tablecloth, rug). 2 winnow (rice, etc.). 3 spread (rice) out to dry. 4 flap (its wings, etc.), push open (a door). 1. 1) hit (with its wings, of an angry goose, hen). 2) flap. 3) flutter (of wings, flag). 2. disappear, vanish (of ideals, etc.). make o.’s flesh creep, shiver. 1 challenge. 2 scorn, taunt. upset, disrupt. be clear, become clear. 1 finish s.t. 2 clear s.t. up. mengkocah take a picture. 1shake s.t., esp. to blend or mix it up. 2 shake up pieces of paper for lottery.

mengkover mengkremus mengkuang mengkuatirkan mengkubit

1 cover, include. 2 cover (a story). chew a.t. crispy into small pieces. see BANGKUANG. 1 cause apprehension, alarm. 2 be worried about. 1 pinch s.o. 2 tap s.o. on the arm or shoulder to attract his attention.

mengkimpal mengking mengkipaikan mengkiraikan mengkirap

mengkudu mengkuit mengkulminasi mengkungkang mengkungkung mengkupas mengkutip mengobarkan mengobati mengobatkan mengobrak-abrik mengobral mengobrol mengobroli mengoceh mengocok mengoek mengojok mengokang mengolah mengomel mengompes mengompreng mengomprengkan mengongkok-ongkok mengongkoki mengoper mengorak mengorek mengorganisir mengorok mengosek mengot mengotori mengoyak mengoyak-oyak mengsol mengtangsikan menguakkan


see BENGKUDU. 1 beckon, motion (with fingers, hand, for s.o. to come nearer). 2 tap, prod (with a finger or pencil to attact attention). be at the pinnacle. gnaw at s.t. 1 shackle, restrain. 2 impede movement. 3 dominate. mengkupas mengkutip 1 inspire, fire s.o. up. 2 fan flames, inflame a situation. 3 arouse passions, stir up feelings. treat s.o. or s.t. 1 treat s.t. medically. 2 treat with s.t. 1 destroy, ruin. 2 upset, tip over, turn upside down. 1 sell out, sell cheaply. 2 spend or dispose of s.t. freely. chat. repeatedly talk about, gossip about. 1 bable, jabber. 2 twitter of bird. 1 shake, mix s.t. 2 mix, stir (eggs, dough), shuffle (cards). 3 rub hard. 4 incite s.o. to do s.t. quack like a duck. (Coll.) make s.o. do s.t. bad. cock a rifle for firing. process, turn s.t. into s.t. better. grumble and complain. 1 give s.o. the 3rd degree. 2 coerce, torture. operate office or gvt. vehicles for personal profit. use an official or company car illegally as a taxi. (M) walk with a stoop. mengongkoki 1 take s.t. over. 2 hand over, pass s.t. to. 3 transfer. 1. uncoil, unfold. 2. (Jakarta) 1) shake s.t. violently. 2) bring s.t. to disorder. 1 scrape, get s.t. by scraping. 2 dig up secrets. organize. (Jakarta) 1 snort, drone. 2 snore. 1 clean a floor with a brush. 2 rinse or wash food. 3 run water on whetstone while sharpening. crooked, curved. contaminate s.t., polute, foul (a river, the environment). (Java) chase after. (M) shake s.t. loose. 1 askew, aslant. 2 crazy. confine to quarters. 1 make a rent , opening in 2 break open a window , door , safe , barricade ,etc . 3 push apart ( as of people , in ordeer to get through a crowd ) . finance s.t.

menguangkan menguap menguapi menguapkan menguarkan menguasai mengubah mengubahi mengubahkan menguban mengubani mengubar

1 cash in s.t. 2 sell s.t. (jewelry, etc.) for cash. 1 evaporate, vaporize. 2 become steam. steam s.t. 1 steam. 2 let evaporate. proclaim s.t. menguasai 1 change, become different. 2 alter, modify. change or modify several things. alter on behalf of s.o. be graying. 1 pull out gray hairs. 2 cause gray hair (through worry, etc.) 1. paint or dye s.t. with such material. 2 unroll s.t. and spread it out.


1. stir vigorously by hand. 2. (Jakarta, Java) 1 turn s.t. around. 2 stir.

menguber-uber mengubini mengubit

go after, pursue. tile s.t. 1 pinch s.o. 2 tap s.o. on the arm or shoulder to attract his attention.

menguburkan mengucai mengucap mengucapi

bury, inter, lay to rest. be isolated from o.’s friends. (Islam) worship God by pronouncing His names and attributes. 1 say s.t. to s.o. 2 recite spells over s.o., treat s.o. who is ill by reciting prayers and invocations. express. 1 rub. 2 do the laundry. 3 crush, grind, mash. (Jakarta, Java) rub with o.’s hands. 1 expel (from family, clan, relationship, political party, etc.), ostracize, excommunicate. 2 squeeze out (toothpaste, glue, etc.). chase after, pursue. stir. rumple hair, string, or other hairlike material. 1 taste s.t. 2 snack, eat between meals. 1 reel, wind. 2 disentangle. 1 go on the air (radio, etc.). 2 go up in the air (balloons, etc.). 1 air (programs). 2 put s.t. in the air, let s.t. fly. (Java, Jakarta) stir. 1 go upstream. 2 return to o.’s ancestral village. (Java) smoke s.t. (Java) claim as o.’s own. threaten, intimidate. sob. squeal (of pigs). say s.t. 1 examine. 2 put to the test, try. 1 reach an end or a top. 2 become sharp or pointed. 3 intensify. carve s.t., engrave.

mengucapkan mengucek mengucek-ngucek mengucilkan mengudak mengudak-udak mengudal-adul mengudap mengudar mengudara mengudarakan mengudek mengudik mengudut mengugem mengugut menguhuk-uhuk menguik mengujar menguji mengujung mengukir

mengukirkan mengukup mengukur mengukurkan mengulah mengulak mengulang mengulangi mengulangkan mengulap-ulapkan mengulas mengulasi mengulaskan menguleg mengulem mengulet menguli mengulik mengulir mengulitkan mengulur mengulur-ulur menguluri mengulurkan

carve into or on s.t. perfume s.t., incense s.t. 1 measure, survey. 2 read a meter. measure against s.t. prepare. buy goods for resale. 1 repeat s.t. 2 study over again. 1 repeat, do s.t. again. 2 visit frequently. repeat for s.o. perform such a gesture with (the hand). 1. 1) cover, wrap. 2) daub (in painting). 2. 1) review, comment on. 2) explain, analyze. 1 put a cover on s.t. 2 daub over and over. 1. use s.t. to cover. 2. divide into sections. /mengulek/ pulverize, grind. invite. stretch (after sleeping). knead (dough). investigate. put in a screw. put s.o. to sleep by singing lullabies. 1 pay out. 2 extend. 3 make concessions. repeatedly extend s.t. hand over to s.o. 1 pay out (a rope, etc.). 2 pass s.t. out, stick s.t. out. 3 extend, stretch.

mengumak-umik mengumbah mengumbai-umbaikan mengumban mengumbang mengumbar mengumbat mengumbuk mengumbul mengumpak-umpak mengumpamakan mengumpan mengumpani mengumpankan mengumpat mengumpati mengumpet mengumpetkan mengumpil

(Java) silently mouth words. 1 wash, do the laundry. 2 rinse. swing, dangle s.t. 1 sling. 2 throw away. float. free s.t., let loose. extract s.t. difficult to remove. 1 swindle. 2 persuade. 3 appease, talk in a friendly way to s.o. bubble up, rise rapidly. extol a person to the skies. 1 compare. 2 take as an example. 3 assume, suppose. tempt, lure. 1 bait s.t. 2 entice. use s.t. as bait. swear, curse (in reproach). swear at s.o. go hide, lie low. hide s.t. 1 lift, raise. 2 row, scull.


1 gather , assemble , concentrate (forces ) 2 collect ( stamp,coins,etc) 3 amass,accumulate ( a for tune , an art collection , eetc ) .

mengumumkan mengunclik mengunda-unda mengundang mengundangkan mengundat-undat mengundi mengunduh mengundung-undungkan mengundur-undurkan mengundurkan mengung mengungap mengunggis mengunggul-unggulkan mengungguli mengunggulkan mengunggunkan mengunggut mengungkai mengungkap mengungkapi mengungkapkan mengungkat-ungkat mengungkil mengungkit mengungkit-ungkit mengungsi mengungsikan mengungu menguniversalkan mengunjuk mengunjukkan mengunjur mengunjurkan mengunjut mengunsuri menguntai menguntal

1 announce, notify. 2 publish. walk without looking left or right. tow o. behind the other. invite, summon. legislate, establish by law. (Java) dig up old grievances. draw (lots, straws, etc.). (Java) pick (fruit from tree). use as a head covering. keep postponing. mengundurkan see MENUNG. gasp for breath. nibble, gnaw at. show off. surpass. mengunggulkan pile (wood, etc.). pull at, tug. 1 untie, undo, loosen. 2 break open. 3 undo, take off. 4 disclose. 1 express (with words, face or gestures). 2 reveal, uncover. dig up. 1 give expression to. 2 utter, pronounce. 3 uncover, reveal. bring up old sore points. pry up. 1 pry up. 2 pry (into other people’s business). 1 bob up and down. 2 open up old sore points. flee. evacuate s.o. become purple. /menguniversilkan/ make s.t. universal. 1 extend the hand. 2 indicate, point out. 1 raise or extend o.’s hand. 2 present, hand over, pass. stretch o.s. stretch s.o. or s.t. out. wrap up in a bundle, make into a bundle. be an element of. 1 dangle, hang down. 2 string s.t. 1. roll s.t. into pellet shape. 2. 1) swallow a large quantity. 2) (Vulg.) eat.

menguntal-nguntal menguntali menguntil mengunting

wad up. menguntali dangle, hang down. sound, plumb.

menguntir menguntukkan menguntungkan mengunyah mengunyai mengupacarai mengupahi mengupahkan mengupam mengupayakan mengupgrade mengupil mengurah mengurai menguraikan mengurapi mengurapkan mengurat menguruk menguruki mengurungkan mengurup mengurus mengurusi menguruskan mengurut

twist. allocate, assign. cause s.o. to enjoy a profit or benefit. 1 chew, masticate. 2 digest (advice, a problem, etc.) do s.t. slowly. /mengupacarakan/ hold a ceremony for. pay s.o. wages or some remuneration. have s.t. done upon payment. polish, burnish. strive for, seek. /apgred/ upgrade s.t. 1 pick o.’s nose. 2 form scab on a wound. 1 (M) demolish, tear down. 2. relate. become disentangled. 1 loosen, disentangle (o.’s hair, a fastening, etc.). 2 scatter. 3 explain, analyze. rub with ointment. apply s.t. to the body. 1 be rooted. 2 become tough. 1 bury. 2 fill (with soil, sand, etc.). put sand or soil on. 1 cause to fail. 2 abandon, cancel. 1 barter, exchange. 2 change money. 1 arrange matters (with a higher-up). 2 take care of, manage. take care of. 1 manage, run. 2 take care of on s.o.’s behalf, handle for s.o. 1. 1) massage, rub. 2) caress, stroke. 2. 1) put in the right order. 2 trace s.t.

mengurutkan mengusahakan mengusang mengusap mengusapkan mengusik mengusir mengusuli mengusulkan mengusung mengusut mengutak-atik mengutamakan mengutarakan mengutik

put s.t. in the right order. 1 carry on, expend o.’s energy at s.t. 2 organize, manage. dry up, wither. 1 wipe s.t. off. 2 caress, stroke. wipe with s.t. 1 tease. 2 touch on. 3 (Phys.) perturb. chase away, drive out, expel. examine s.o. propose, suggest. carry (together with others) on the shoulders. 1 feel all over, handle. 2 examine. /mengutak-utik/ tinker with s.t. consider as most important, give priority to. present, state in public. 1.tinker with 2.pick (o.s nose ) 3.cavil,look for faults in another person.

mengutik-utik mengutip

touch with a finger, poke into s.t. to examinate it. 1 pick up small bits (money, rice grains, etc.). 2 copy a portion, cite, excerpt s.t.

mengutuskan menguyel-uyelkan menhankam

delegate s.o. cause to jostle. [Menteri Pertahanan dan keamanan] Minister of Defense and Security.

menhub meni meniadakan meniangi meniarap meniarapkan meniduri menidurkan menikam

[Menteri Perhubungan] Minister of Communication. orange paint used as antirust primer. 1 abolish, destroy, nullify. 2 consider nonexistent. provide with poles, posts, masts, etc. (lie) face downward. place s.o. or s.t. face downward. 1 (of a man) to have intercourse with s.o. 2 lie or sleep on s.t. 1 put to bed. 2 lay s.t. down. 1 stab s.o. 2 be cutting, be biting (words, wind, etc.). 3 put up a stake in a card game, etc. stab with s.t. 1enjoy. 2 benefit from. 1 curve or bend. 2 make a turn. issue a traffic ticket. 1 tell the future. 2 observe carefully, watch. 3 consider, examine carefully. 4 supervise. rock (a child) in o.’s arms or a cradle. 1 (Lit.) test the balance of s.t. by shifting it in o.’s hand. 2 observe by holding in the hand. 3 consider an issue carefully. 1 bail out (a boat). 2 draw (water) from a well, etc. counterbalance, counter s.t. 1 weigh. 2 consider, take into account. menimbang-terimakan hand over, transfer. 1 repay, counterbalance. 2 be in proportion to. weigh out on behalf of s.o. (Java) 1 interfere in s.o.’s affairs. 2 butt in on a conversation. interrupt a conversation. 1 make s.t. to come to the surface. 2 cause s.t. to occur or appear. 1 be heaped up, become piles. 2 be piled up on. 3 heap s.t. up. heap piles on s.t. 1 pile s.t.up. 2 accumulate s.t. fill up s.t. 1 fall on. 2 descend upon, strike down. 1 cause s.t. to fall upon. 2 blame. 1 be unbalanced. 2 limp. (Jakarta) swipe, pilfer. (Jakarta) throw at. throw s.t. lull to sleep. take ation against. carry on s.t. 1 crush with snapping action (esp. insects). 2 oppress. 3 suppress.

menikamkan menikmati menikung menilang menilik menimang menimang-nimang menimba menimbali menimbang menimbangi menimbangkan menimbrung menimbrungi menimbulkan menimbun menimbuni menimbunkan menimbusi menimpai menimpakan menimpang menimpe menimpuki menimpukkan meninabobokan menindak menindakkan menindas


meniup meniupi meniupkan

/menindihi/ 1 press with s.t. heavy, place a weight on s.t. 2 suppress. 3 oppress. press wiht s.t. pierce. die, pass away. 1 live in, stay at. 2 leave behind to, bequeath. 1 leave s.t. behind. 2 leave. 1 go high, rise, advance. 2 boast, be boastful. 1 raise, heighten. 2 increase, enhance. 1. put on airs toward s.o., contradict. 2. strike a musical instrument to accompany other instruments. (Lit.) peer from a window. (Sunda) surround. 1 rise, mount. 2 be promoted, advance. 3 terrace. 1 increase s.t., raise. 2 upgrade. 1 watch, observe at a distance. 2 view, consider. 3 observe s.t., reconnoiter s.t., survey s.t. 4 guess from afar. be engaged in a fist fight. 1 become thin. 2 diminish, become less and less. 1. make s.t. thin. 2. dilute s.t. 3 reduce, decrease. deceive s.o. 1. finely ground grains of rice. 2. see MENEER. (Java, Jakarta) tired from speaking (of the lips). imitate, do as s.o. does. imitate s.t. taper, come to a point. darn, mend. give to s.o. to mend. minute. command, decree s.o. walk on s.t. elevated, narrow, and long. 1 drip. 2 place a period. 1 stress, emphasize. 2 count heavily on. sprinkle on s.t. cause s.t. to drip. entrust to s.o. /menitip/ entrust s.t. to s.o. for a short period. sound an alarm in such a way. 1(Java) become incarnate. 2 (Coll.) descend into o.’s offspring (of traits, etc.). 1 blow. 2 blow air into or through. 1 blow on s.t. 2 blow on s.o. as part of a healing ritual. 1 cause to spread, cause to fan out. 2 blow on or up on behalf of s.o.


see also entries with j-. 1 takehold of, grasp. 2 occupy an office.

menindihkan menindik meninggal meninggali meninggalkan meninggi meninggikan meningkahi meningkap meningkar meningkat meningkatkan meninjau meninju menipis menipiskan menipu menir meniran meniru menirukan menirus menisiki menisikkan menit menitahkan meniti menitik menitikberatkan menitiki menitikkan menitipi menitipkan menitir menitis


1 become 2 be 3 as,be 4 boil down to 5 succeed ,win out,go through with.


1 make into s.t 2 conclude ,bring into being 3 create ,make 4 cause bring about , bring to pass. 1 ruin, destroy. 2 curse, swear at. 1 sew, stitch. 2 tailor. tailor, seamstress. 1 probe, sound out. 2 (Naut.) fathom, take soundings, plumb. pull, drag s.t. see SEMENJAK. 1 wolk on 2 undorge , endure ( an operation , military training ,punishment, etc ) 3 go through a period of o,s life . 4 travel trhough s.w .

menjahanamkan menjahit menjajaki menjajarkan menjak menjalani


1 drive ( car et ), operate ( machine) 2 start , put into operation ( a car etc ) 3 carry out , perform (o,s duty ) put into effect 4 serve ( prison sentence ) .

menjalar menjangan menjangat menjangkakan menjangkau menjaring

1 creep, crawl (of snakes, plants). 2 spread (of fire, disease, etc.). (Java, Lit.) deer. 1 skin, flay, fleece. 2 strip bark. 1 measure (with calipers). 2 plan, work out. 1 reach. 2 reach to. 3 reach for. 4 reach out. 5 reach out, extend to. 1 catch or pick up in a net. 2 encompass, embrace (a large area, etc.).


1 let fall , drop 2 drop , supply a lower level with money 3 toppley , overthrow , bring down ( the gvt,regime ) 4 ruin , topple , ruin a good name 5 (leg) pass (a sentence,judgement),hand down (a verdict,decision) .

menjauhi menjawikan menjayakan menjebak menjebloskan menjebol

1 avoid, keep away from. 2 be far from. 1 translate into Malay. 2 put into the Malay script. glorify, extol. 1 trap (animals, birds). 2 trap, frame s.o. 1 throw s.t. into. 2 throw (into jail). 1 break down (a door, etc.). 2 penetrate (enemy lines, etc.). 3 break through (a wall, etc.). 1 produce, bring forth, give birth to. 2 eject, expel s.t. interfere with, interrupt. punch a hole in. 1 cruis over seas, cross land areas. 2 explore (an area, etc.). 3 examine.

menjebrolkan menjegali menjeglegkan menjelajah menjelang menjelangak menjelempah menjelirkan menjelmakan menjelujur menjelujuri

1 call on, pay o,’s respects to. 2 visit. 3. to (used to address mail). 4 around, toward. 5 approach, come close to. look upward. lie scattered about. stick out (o.’s tongue). 1 create. 2 realize, bring about.3 transform s.o. or s.t. 1 baste (a hem). 2 tie or stitch together. 1 stitch s.t. on. 2 hold s.t. together with a thread. 3 go over the lenght of s.t. 4 investigate.

menjemput menjemukan menjemur menjenguk menjentik

1 pick up (with fingertips). 2 pick up (figuratively). 3 call for, fetch. 1 bore s.o., boring. 2 tiresome, irksome. spread out in the sun to dry. 1 look or observe with head thrust forward. 2 pay a call, look in on. 1 pinch, tweak, nip. 2 flick, rap with the fingers. 3 rap, scold, criticize s.o.

menjepitkan menjepret menjerakan

1 squeeze, pinch s.t. 2 clip s.t., affix s.t. with clips. 1 hit with a slingshot. 2 take a snapshot of. 1 teach s.o. a lesson. 2 frighten, intimidate. 3 be wary of, learn to avoid.

menjerat menjeriau menjering menjernihkan menjewang menjidari menjijikan menjilat menjinakan menjiwai menjojol menjorokan menjotoskan menjuarai menjublek menjulur menjumpai menjurus

1 snare. 2 trick, deceive, round up (criminals). 3 entice, inveigle (customers). 4 snarl, tangle. install such joists. chirp, cheep (of birds, etc.). 1 make s.t. clear, clear up (a misunderstanding). 2 purify, cleanse snatch s.t. up. 1 provide a line. 2 make a line with a ruler. 1 loathe, abhor, abominate. 2 nauseating, loathsome. 1 lick. 2 flatter, curry (favor), apple polish. curl the lower lip down (to tease). menjiwai 1 protrude (of eyes). 2 protrude upward (of palisades, etc.). 1 make s.t. protrude. 2 push or shunt aside. menjotoskan win out, come up as champion. be silent, speechless (us. in bewilderment). 1 stick outward. 2 panhandle, beg in street. 1 find. 2 go to meet. 3 meet with, encounter. 1) point, lead (in certain direction, etc.). 2) go in a certain direction.

menkeh menkes menkesra menkeu menko menkop menlu menmud menobatkan menodong menodongkan menohok menohokkan menohorkan menojok menojokkan menojor

[Menteri Kehakiman] Minister of Justice. [Menteri Kesehatan] Minister of Public Health. [Menteri Kesejahteraan Rakyat] Minister of Public Welfare. [Menteri Keuangan] Minister of Finance. [Menteri Koordinator] Coordinating Minister. [Menteri Koperasi] Minister of Cooperatives. [Menteri Luar Negeri] Minister of Foreign Affairs. [Menteri Muda] Undersecretary. crown, install. 1 threaten s.o. by pointing a weapon. 2 commit armed robbery. threaten by pointing with s.t. stab downward. use s.t. in a downward piercing motion. dry s.t. up. thrust (s.t. long) into s.t. thrust s.t. (of long things). hit with a fist.

menokoh menokohi menokohkan menokok menokong menolak

cheat, deceive. run, lead (a group). feature s.t. 1. give or say s.t. extra. 2. tap, pound at. shave. 1 push. 2 push aside, prevent. 3 repel. 4 reject. refuse. 5 (Math.) subtract.

menolakkan menoleh menolehkan menolok menolong menolongi menombak menombok

1 push away. 2 push off on to. 1 turn o.’s head. 2 look toward by turning the head. cause o.’s head or attention to turn somewhat. compare. help, aid, assist s.o. repeatedly help with s.t. stab with a spear. 1 (Jakarta) pay extra, pay an additional fee. 2 stake out money in gambling.

menomboki menonggak

1 add a sum of money to. 2 pay extra (of many persons). 3 bet on. 1. make s.t. erecrt. 2. drink from a container by pouring its contens down o.’s throat. 1 raise hight . 2 cane s.o. 1 hold up with s.t. 2 raise. 1 squat on s.t., hang out around at. 2 squat on land. let s.t. remain idle. hit with the fist, fight. 1 protrude, stick out. 2 conspicuous, prominent. show s.t. off which is not worth showing off. menonjolkan 1 watch for entertainment, observe. 2 go to the movie. 1 visit the family of o.’s future in-laws (to obtain information). 2 meet e.o. for mutual inspection (of future bridal pairs in arranged marriages).

menongkat menongkatkan menongkrongi menongkrongkan menonjok menonjol menonjol-nonjolkan menonjolkan menonton menontoni

menontonkan menopang menopangkan menor menoreh menpan menpen menpera menperdag menperhub menpora menpplh

1 show (off), exhibit. 2 play, perform. 1 prop up, shore up. 2 tidak-menopang contradict. lean s.t. on. garish, gaudy in dress or make up. 1 make a shallow cut. 2 slit open. [Menteri Negara Penertiban Aparatur Negara] State Minister or Control of Machinery of the State. [Menteri Penerangan] Minister of Information. [Menteri Negara Urusan Perumahan Rakayat] State Minister of Public Housing. [Menteri perdagangan] Minister of Trade. see MENHUB. [Menteri Negara Pemuda dan Olah Raga] State Minister of Youth and Sports. [Menteri Negara Pembinaan dan Pelestarian Lingkungan Hidup] State Minister of Environmental Affairs.


mentmentaati mentabukan mentafahus mentah

[Menteri Negara Riset dan Teknologi] State Minister of Research and Technology. (Coll.) menstruation, menstruate. /Mensesneg/ (Menteri Sekretaris Negara] Secretary of State. put into a prison cell. centralize. service (of engines, etc.). k.o. rush. call attention to, point out. give a signal. systematization. systematize. 1 suspend s.o. 2 adjourn. crank, start a car with a crank. utter s.t. as a slogan, make s.t. into a slogan. solder. sort (of mail, etc.). [Menteri Sosial] Minister for Social Affairs. stabilize. mark a text with a highlighting pen. (Coll.) start an angine. 1 set up barricades around s.t. 2 (Mil.) take up a position. sterilize. stimulate. stimulate. menstruation. sublimate. subordinate. make into a substantive. substitute. 1 purify, disinfect, clean. 2 sanctify. persuade s.o. to be of the same opinion. /mensyariatkan/declare a certain deed to be Islam law. 1 be grateful to God to God about s.t. 2. (Coll.) thank s.o. 1.1) attract, absorb o.’s interest. 2) arouse, sexual desire. 2. advise, recommend. see also entries with t-. 1 ahere to, obey s.t. 2 be faithful to. consider s.t. taboo. 1 search s.t. 2 examine s.t. 1 unripe, raw, uncooked. 2 incomplete, unfinished. 3 raw, unrefined.

mentahbiskan mentahkikkan mentajaki mentajin mentajinkan

consecrate, ordain. (Lit.) verify. work soil or chop down weeds with such a tool. 1 feed rice water (to an infant). 2 starch o.’s clothes. make rice water or starch out of s.t.

mens mensekneg menselkan mensentraliser menservis mensiang mensinyalir mensinyalkan mensistematikkan mensistematisasikan menskors menslenger menslogankan mensolder mensortir mensos menstabilisasikan menstabilo menstarter mensteling mensterilkan menstimulasikan menstimulir menstruasi mensublimir mensubordinasikan mensubstantifkan mensubstitusikan mensucikan mensugestikan mensyariahkan mensyukuri mensyurkan

mentajong mentajuk mentajukkan mentak mentakak mentakdirkan mentakhlikkan mentakhtakan mentakik mentaklik mentakrifkan mentakuk mentakukkan mentakung mentakup mentakupkan mentakzimkan mental mentalisme mentalitas mentalkinkan mentamsilkan mentamyizkan mentan mentanang mentandangi mentang mentanting mentargetkan mentari mentasbehkan mentasdikkan mentasrifkan mentatui mentauhidkan mentawuri mente mentega mentek mentelaah menteledorkan mentenarkan menteng mententeramkan

strike (with the arm). 1 protrude. 2 prominent, well known. make s.t. into an editorial.. (Jakarta) probable. ke-mentak-an probability. sew two ends of sarong together (to yield tube shape). predestine, preordain create (of God). crown, enthrone. 1 make incisions to extract sap. 2 notch s.t. read diligently, peruse carefully. define. cut a notch, incision. fix, determine. 1 let s.t. settle. 2 cause liquid to accumulate. close itself together firmly. close s.t. (two symmetrical things) together firmly. respect or esteem s.o. 1 bounce off, rebound. 2 be launched (of a vessel). 3 uninjured. /me`ntal/ way of thinking. mentalism. /mentalitet/ mentality. whispher instructions in the ear of the dead or dying. 1 compare. 2 relate in a parable or analogous manner. discern. [Menteri Pertanian] Minister of Agriculture. carry s.t. with the hands underneath it. visit. mentang-pun although. (se)-mentang-mentang, mentang-kan just because. carry in the palms of the hands. aim for s.t., target s.t. see MATAHARI. extol God. verify. conjugate. injure. 1 acknowlege God’s o.ness. 2 concentrate on s.t. attack in a group. cashew. 1 butter. 2 margarine. k.o. plant disease. analyze, study carefully. neglect, be careless about. make s.o. well known. elite section of Jakarta. menteng-menteng-an in the mode of s.o. or s.t. from this area. 1 pacify. 2 reassure, calm.

menteorikan mentera mentereng menteri

theorize about s.t. see MANTERA. 1 dressed up. 2 luxurious, magnificent. 1 cabinet minister. 2 (Che.) bishop. ke-menteri-an ministry, department.

menterjemahkan menterlantarkan menternakkan menteror mentertawakan mentertibkan menterutamakan menteter mentilawatilkan mentimun mentintai mentip-ex mentiriskan mentiup-tiup mentobatkan mentok mentol mentoleransikan mentolerir mentololkan mentonilkan mentopikkan mentorpedir mentorpedo mentotalkan mentotolkan mentour-of-dutykan mentoyor mentraktir mentraktori mentrampilkan mentransformasikan mentranskripsikan mentransliterasi mentransmigrasikan mentransmutasi mentrase mentrasir mentrindili mentrompetkan mentrondoli mentua

translate. 1) cause s.t. 2) pass on (a suggestion, etc.). breed animals. terrorize. laugh at. 1 straighten up, put in order. 2 control, curb. consider as most important, give the highest priority to. hit repeatedly. recite (Koran) in a competition. cucumber. apply ink to s.t. apply white-out to s.t. 1 cause to leak through. 2 drain. blow a problem out of proportion. cause s.o. to repent and change behavior. (Java) breast of chicken. /me`ntok/ (Java) duck. menthol. tolerate. tolerate. consider s.o. a fool, make a fool of. 1 act, perform. 2 dramatize, put into a play. use as a topic. torpedo s.t. torpedo s.t. add s.t. up, total s.t. cause s.t. to splatter on s.t. transfer s.o. to another post. (Jakarta) strike, punch. treat s.o. do work with a tractor. train s.o. tansform. transcribe. transliterate. resettle s.o. transmute. trace. trace. (Jakarta) rob s.o. trumpet out s.t. (a song, etc.). defeat s.o. see MERTUA.

mentuas mentuba mentubai mentujah mentukul mentul-mentul mentunangi mentunangkan mentunasi mentunu mentunukan menturbakan menturis mentuter mentutul-tutulkan menu menua menuai menuakan menuam menuami menuang menuangi menuangkan menubir menubiri menubruk menubrukkan menuding menudingi menudingkan menuduh menuduhkan menudungi menudungkan menugal menugalkan menugasi menugaskan menuhankan menuil menuju menujukan menukak menukangi

lever s.t. up. spread this poison in a pond. poison fish, etc. with such a poison. (Lit.) stab downward. hammer. springy. take s.o. as o.’s betrothed. affiance. prune. roast a fire. roast for s.o. cause close contact with the people. make a notch or scratch. blow a horn. dab on. 1 diet, what o. eats at a certain meal. 2 what is served at a party. 1 become old. 2 ripen, come to head. 1 harvest rice by cutting each stalk individually close to the ear with such a reaping knife. 2 reap. menuakan be treated with a hot compress. apply a hot compress on s.t. pour s.t. liquid. pour into s.t. 1 pour s.t. out. 2 cause to pour forth. 3 mold, cast. deep, steep. trace the edge of s.t. precipitous. 1 lunge at s.o. 2 collide with, run into. 3 run over, hit s.o. make s.t. crash into. 1 point at s.t. 2 accuse. point at repeatedly. 1. make s.t. slant. 2. point with s.t. accuse s.o. accuse of, charge with s.t. cover s.t. up carefully, repeatedly shade s.t. use s.t. for a cover or shade. dibble with a pointed stick in order to sow seeds. sow seeds in this way. give an assignment to. 1 assign s.t. as a task. 2 assign, place s.o. in an assignment. consider as a god, deify. level s.t. up. 1 go in the direction of. 2 aim, strive. 3 concern, aim (accusation, etc.) at. 4 (Lit.) practice a k.o. sorcery on s.o. 1 point with s.t. 2 cause s.t. to point in a direction. fester. 1 craft s.t. 2 repair s.t.

menukar menukarkan menukas menukik menukiki menukikkan menulahi menular menulari menulikan menulis menulisi menuliskan menulup menumbangkan menumbuhi menumbuhkan menumbuk menumbukkan menumis menumpahi menumpahkan menumpang

menumpangkan menumpas menumpaskan menumpatkan menumpil menumpu menumpuk menumpukan menumpuki menumpukkan menumpul menumpulkan menumpurkan menunaikan menunda menundakan menunduk menunduk-nunduk menunduki

1 change. 2 exchange, barter. give s.t. in exchange. 1. columniate. 2 say in repetition. 1. dive. 2. make a notch. dive at. 1 let dive, point s.t. downward. 2 point s.t. at, direct s.t. to. curse s.o. or s.t. 1 infect, contaminate. 2 spread. spread to s.o. or s.t. make deaf. 1 write. 2 draw. 1 write on s.t. 2 doodle on s.t., jot graffiti on s.t. 1 write s.t. down. write with s.t. blow with a pipe. 1 cause to come crashing down. 2 slaughter (cattle, etc.). sprout up over s.t. 1 make s.t. grow. 2 cause to emerge or sprout up. 1 pound,crush. 2 strike, deliver a blow to. 3 crash into. 4 let the eyes alight on s.t. 1 pound with s.t., beat s.t. against. 2 crush for s.o. saute at high temperatures. spill on s.t. 1 cause s.t. to spill. 2 spill s.t. out, concentrate s.t. 1 ride in, go by. 2 join in, go along with use s.t. belonging to s.o. else. 3 stay with. 4 please, may I, (particle preceding polite queries). 1 cause s.o. or s.t to go with, cause s.o. to be a passenger. 2 cause s.o. to stay with. 1 destroy, eradicate. 2 extinguish. 1 destroy s.t. or s.o.’s behalf. 2 destroy, exterminate. cram s.t., stuff s.t. prop up. 1 become concentrated. 2 support, sustain. 1 pile up, accumulate. 2 pile s.t. up. 1 lean with s.t., lean s.t on to. 2 provide suppport for s.t. or s.o. 3 cause s.t. to rest. 4 concentrate. pile up on top of s.t. 1 pile s.t. up. 2 hoard, accumulate. 1 become blunt. 2 become stupid. blunt s.t. destroy. 1 fulfill, carry out. 2 cash. tow. 1 postpone, delay. 2 adjourn. bow. bow repeatedly, humble o.s bow over s.t.

menundukkan menundung menung

1 cause s.o. or s.t. to bow. 2 cause s.o. to submit. expel, exile. musing, pondering. ber-menung 1 muse, ponder, meditate. 2 act gloomy. pe-menung dreamer, ponderer. per-menung-an contemplation, musing.

menunggak menunggal menunggalkan menunggang menunggangi

be in arrears. 1 be alone. 2 be a single entity. concentrate into o. ride, mount. 1 ride s.t. 2 use an exiting, activity or situation for o.’s own purpose or profit, get a free ride out of. turn s.t. over. 1 move with the rear and higher than the front. 2 sink bow first. 3 be upside down. 4 dive. 5 bulge toward the bottom. 1 place s.t. upside down. 2 lift or raise rear portion. 3 overthrow (a high authority). 1 wait for. 2 look forward to. 3 (Java) stay at a place to take care of what has to be done there. look forward to eagerly for some time. 1 watch over, look after, guard. 2 take care of, tend, nurse. watch over on behalf of s.o. kick. 1. 1) bow o.’s head. 2) submit. 2. 1) push from behind. 2) do s.t. to s.o. from behind. bow s.t. be in a face-downward position. place s.t. or s.o. face downward. wrap s.t. (Lit.) find footing for a leap. kick s.o. or s.t. 1 point toward, indicate. 2 show, indicate. 3 appoint, designate. 4 raise o.’s band. 5 with reference to (your letter). advise s.o., train s.o. 1 point out s.t. 2 indicate. 3 refer. treat exhaustively. 1 guide s.o. or s.t. by a line, the hand, etc. 2 give guidance to. 1 cut into tiny pieces. 2 empty. 1 demand. 2 (Leg.) prosecute, sue. 3 strive for. 1 go down, descend, down (in crossword puzzles). 2 decline, sink, decrease. 3 be herditary. 4 (Ling.) falling (of tones). 1 go down along s.t. 2 go down to, descend to. 1 cause s.t. to go down. 2 discharge passenger or cargo. 3 reduce, lower. 4 send down s.t. to o.’s inferiors. 5 generate (descendants), produce a hereditary line of. straight and erect. (Lit.) tie s.o. to a post as a punishment. 1 follow. 2 according to. 3 imitate, follow along. 4 obey, follow.

menunggangkan menungging menunggingkan menunggu menunggu-nunggu menunggui menunggukan menungkai menungkul menungkulkan menungkup menungkupkan menungkus menunjal menunjang menunjuk menunjuki menunjukkan menuntaskan menuntun menuntung menuntut menurun menuruni menurunkan

menurus menuruskan menurut

menuruti menurutkan menusuk menusuki menusukkan menutuh menutuk menutup menutup-nutupi menutupi menutupkan menuturkan menwa menymenyabet menyabetkan menyabit menyabot menyabur menyadap menyadari menyajikan menyakral menyalang menyalangkan menyalip menyamakan menyamankan menyamaratakan menyambar menyambit menyambut menyampaikan menyampang menyamperi menyan menyandang menyanggah menyanggupkan menyangka menyangkak

1 follow . 2 grant. 3 comply with, observe (regulation, etc.). 1 obey, follow. 2 copy, imitate. 3 cause s.o. to follow or joint in. 1 stab s.o. 2 prick, stick. 3 skewer s.t. 4 vote by perforating the symbol of o.’s choice on the ballot, punch a ballot. 5 penetrate. 1 perforate s.t. in many places. 2 penetrate s.t. stab or prick with s.t. lop off, trim. 1 tap, knock on. 2 strike with o.’s fingers (in martial arts). 1 close, shut. 2 cover. 3 hide, cenceal. 4 fill in, cover over. 5 lock, shut up in jail. cover s.t. up. 1 provide a cover for. 2 cover up. 3 cover or shut repeatedly. menutupkan 1 relate, narrate, tell about. 2 pronounce, express. 3 inform, announce. [Resimen Mahasiswa] students with military training. see also entries with s-, n-, c-. 1 whip. 2 snatch, grab. whip s.t. against. cut (grass, rice, etc.). 2. certain, definitive. sabotage. 1 disappear into the crowd. 2 become confused. 1 make incisions in a tree to obtain sap. 2 sample blood. 3 tap, bug (telephone, information, room, etc.). realize, be aware (of). 1 serve, dish up. 2 provide, supply, present. sanctify, make holy. stab with a knife, dagger. open (eyes), see JALANG. pass, overtake (a car). 1 compare s.t. (with). 2 treat the same as. 3 place on a par, make the same. 1 makefit, freshen up 2 make pleasant or compfortable . 1 treat alike. 2 generalize 3 raze to the ground. 1 swoop down and seize. 2 strike, attack. 3 steal, rob. lash. 1 welcome, receive. 2 accept. 3 parry, reply. 4 on the occasion of. 1. 1) convey, extend (information, etc.). 2) hand over, give. 3) deliver. 2. 1) put on (a dress). 2) carry on a pole. paddle at stern of the boat. call on s.o., drop by to pick s.o. up. see KEMENYAN. 1) carry s.t. strapped over the shoulder. 2) bear (a tittle). protest, oppose, contradicted the truth of the report. 1 enable. 2 promise. 1 think, suppose. 2 suspect. have goose flesh, ruffle feathers.

menyangkul menyangrai menyanyi menyapih menyapu menyargut menyaring menyaru menyaruk menyarungi menyarungkan menyasap menyatakan menyatroni menyatu menyatukan menyaur menyayangkan menyayat menycetak menyebal menyebar menyebar-luaskan menyebarkan menyebuk menyebukan menyebut menyebutkan menyederhanakan menyediakan menyedot menyejukkan menyeka menyekam menyekir menyekutui menyekutukan menyelak menyelakkan menyelam menyelamatkan menyelamkan menyelang

be engaged in hoeing, prepare (ground) for cultivation. (Sunda, Jakarta) fry without oil. sing. wean a child. 1 wipe off, brush off. 2 sweep. 3 finish s.t. rip with o.’s teeth. 1 filter, strain, sift. 2 refine, distill. 3 sift, separate, sort out (information, meaning, etc.). 4 screen (personel for job). disguise o.s. 1. make o.’s way through (bushesh, jungle etc.). 2. have luck (in game), win. 1 encase. 2 put s.t. on. 3 sheathe. use as a sheath, pillowcase, casing, etc. pull up weeds. 1 explain, clarify. 2 declare, assert (Java) be hostile toward. become or be one. 1 unite, joint, ally. 2 concentrate s.t. on. repay a debt. 1.regret ,deplore,consider s.t to be a pity. 2 spare form s.t bad. 1 slice, slash into. 2 touch profoundly. 1 print (books, banknotes, etc.). 2 cast, shape, mold. 3 produce, stamp (coins, etc.). 4 achieve, produce. (Java) deviate (from a principle). spread. spread, disseminate, propagate. menyebarkan 1 infiltrate, penetrate. 2 interrupt a conversation. fill up, plug up. 1 mention. 2 name, call. name, list names. 1 simplify. 2 economize. 1 prepare. 2 set aside (food, funds, etc.) in preparation. 3 equip, supply, make available. 1 suck. 2 inhale, sip from. cool s.t. rub, wipe, polish. shut in, repress. sand s.t., grind. joint, ally o.s. 1. consider as an ally. 2. provide forces as an ally. insist. 1. open (o.’s shirt, etc.). 2. reveal. 1 dive. 2 be under water. 1 save, rescue. 2 bury. 1 convert s.o. to Islam. 2 circumcise. 1 interrupt, intercede. 2 alternate two things. 3. lend.

menyelapi menyelapkan menyelaputi menyelarkan menyelatkan menyelekehi menyeleksi menyelempangkan menyelendangkan menyelenggarakan

take possession of (of a spirit). arouse o.’s fury. from a thin layer around s.t., coat. 1 brand. 2 singe, sear. 3 fry (without oil). insert, thrust between. smear, stain. select. worry about. hang, carry on the shoulder. 1 run s.t., take care of, operate. 2 organize. 3 execute, carry out, implement.

menyelengi menyelesaikan menyeleweng menyelewengkan menyelidiki menyeligi menyelimpang menyelimpat menyelimuti menyelimutkan menyelinap menyelinapi menyelingi menyelip menyelip menyelipkan menyeliputi menyelisik

put money in a piggy bank. 1 finish s.t. 2 solve, settle, discharge (debt, etc.). 1 deviate, digress. 2 engage in improper activity. 3 be unfaithful in an amorous relationship. divert, deflect, s.t. 1 investigate. 2 do research. 3 spy, pry into. throw a javelin. deviate from the right path. stay clear of, wind s.t. 1 cover s.t. with a blanket, 2 cover, hide s.t. 1 hide behind, use as a cover. 2 cover, blanket with s.t. 1 slitther, move stealthily. 2 get, slip away or into s.t. 1 crawl, move stealthily into s.t. 2 get, slip into s.t. intervening, go in between. slip into a place. slip into a place. insert s.t. in between. cover, envelope. 1 go through the hair to pick lice or nits. 2 investigate, get at the bottom of.

menyelisipkan menyelisir menyelit menyelitkan menyelobokkan menyelomot menyelomoti menyelon menyelongkar menyelot menyelubungi menyeluduk menyeluk menyelundup menyelundupkan menyelungkup

insert s.t. go along the edge of s.t. be wedged or inserted in between. insert between two objects. slip s.t. into s.t. (Java) fool, hoodwink. burn, touch fire to s.t. exile, deport. 1 turn over, put in disorder. 2 rummage through. lock. cover with a veil or wrapper. crawl under s.t. feel (around) for. 1 duck into, hide. 2 smuggle. 3 infiltrate. smuggle s.t. in. cover, close.

menyelungkupkan menyeluruh menyelusup menyelusur menyelusuri menyemahkan menyemaikan menyemak menyemakkan menyemangati menyemarakkan menyematkan menyemayamkan menyembah menyembahkan menyembahyangkan menyembam menyembat menyembilu menyembir menyemboyankan menyembuhkan menyembul menyembulkan menyembunyikan menyembur menyemburatkan menyemburiti menyemburkan menyeminarkan menyemir menyempadani menyempal menyempang menyempar menyempatkan menyempil menyempit menyemprit menyemprot menyemprotkan menyempurnakan menyemut menyenakkan

enclose, cover. 1 spread all over. 2 comprehensive. penetrate, infiltrate. slide. 1 go along, follow. 2 go through s.t. carefully. sacrifice s.t. raise seedlings, make seeds germinate. 1 be like underbrush. 2 entangled. 3 confused. 4 worried. 1 allow to become a wilderness, let (a garden, etc.) run wild. 2 confuse, worry. inspire. 1 embellish, adorn. 2 cheer up, brighten. fasten, pin, attach. bury. 1 pay homage. 2 worship. put (the hands or s.o.’s hands) in the position of respectful greeting. pray for, conduct services for. roast in hot ashes. 1 whip up with a jerk. 2 grab while passing. 1 cut (with such a blade). 2 be cutting (of words).. deviate.. 1 give a prearranged signal. 2 use s.t. as a slogan. cure. 1 appear partially, emerge. 2 swell, bulge, protrude. 1 hold out or up. 2 make s.t. protrude, appear. 1 hide s.t. 2 conceal, suppress. 1 squirt, spurt. 2 spray spit at. sparkle. sodomize. spray or spout s.t. out. hold a seminar on. 1 to polish. 2 spread s.t. oily or greasy on, lubricate. 3 bribe, grease the palm. delimit. /tersempal/ 1 stick. 2 gag. trip s.o. push, hurl s.t. 1 make use of. 2 give o. time. /tersempil/ stick out so that a small part can be seen. tighten, narrow, constrict. blow (a whistle). 1 spray. 2 scold. 1 squirt s.t. out. 2 inject, spray. 1 perfect. 2 complete s.t. 3 be given a proper ceremony. swarm, teem. oppress.

menyenandungkan menyenangkan menyendeng menyendengkan menyendiri menyendok menyendoki menyendokkan menyengajakan menyengat menyenget menyengetkan menyenggangkan menyenggol menyengguk menyengihkan menyengkak menyengkang

hum s.t. please, gratify. lean, slant. tilt s.t. 1 be alone, apart, separated. 2 be aloof, isolate o.s. 1 ladle up, ladle out, spoon. 2 scoop up, scoop out. 1 skim. 2 spoonfeed. spoon out on behalf on s.o. do s.t. on purpose. sting s.o. or s.t. slant, be at an angle. put s.t. on an angle. free (time), allow (time) for. 1 snudge with the elbow, brush against. 2 brush against. repeatedly nod (often from weariness). cause to open (the mouth). massage the abdomen with an upward motion.. 1 arrange a crossbar on s.t. 2 have a fish bone, etc.) caught in the throat.

menyengkelit menyengkelitkan menyengsarakan menyenguk menyensus menyentak

be worn in this way. attach to o.’s waist-belt. torment s.o. (Java) sniff. take a census. 1. pull at s.t. 2. (Java) snap at s.o., verbally abuse s.o., tongue-lash.

menyentakkan menyental menyenter menyenteri menyentil

1 pull at, jerk at. 2 startle s.o. rub hard, scour, scrub. 1. shine, light. 2. 1) center (a ball). 2) play as a center. 1 light with a flashlight. 2 expose (in photography). 1 (Jakarta) snap o.’s fingers. 2 flick s.t. with o.’s finger, snap o.’s fingers at s.t. 3 criticize, reprimand. touch s.t., nudge. kick. belittle, consider insignificant (of s.t. which is worth consideration).

menyentuh menyepak menyepelekan menyepi menyerah menyerahi menyerahkan menyerakahi menyeramkan menyerampang menyerandang menyeranikan menyerap

/nyepi/ 1 grow still, become desolate. 2 retire into seclusion. 1 surrender. 2 give in, accede. hand over to s.o., deliver to s.o., submit to s.o. hand s.t. over, transfer s.t. covet. 1 cause o.’s hair to stand on end. 2 terrify. harpoon a.t. with a trident. support with a trestle. 1 convert s.o. to Christianity. 2 legally marry an Indonesian wife (in the colonial period). 1 absorb a fluid. 2 pervade.

menyerapahi menyerati menyeraya menyerbak menyerbakkan menyerbeti menyerbu menyeret menyeretkan menyergap menyerimpung

be abusive, curse. make tight ask for help. be perfumed, be good-smelling. spread s.t. (fragnance, etc.). wipe off with a napkin. attack or invade in a throng. 1 drag s.t. or s.o. 2 cause s.t. to drag. make business sluggish, make sales slow. 1 attack, ambush. 2 catch (in a raid, etc.). 3 snarl at (serimpung) (Jakarta, Jakarta) 1 tie or entangle another’s feet. 2 block s.t., impede s.t. 3 make o. stumble (by hurling s.t. to entangle the feet).

menyering menyeringai menyerit menyerkah menyerkai

plait or twine s.t. 1 grin, grimace. 2 curl into a grin or grimace. remove lice with this comb. break or tear off. 1 wring out (wet clothes, etc.). 2 squeeze out liquid (from cheesecloth, etc.).


1 catch fish with such a fish trap. 2 cover with s.t. (us. cone-shaped).

menyerkup menyerobot menyerok menyerongkan menyeropot menyerpih menyertai menyertakan menyertifikatkan menyeruak

seize or cover with a concave object (a cone, cupped hand, etc.). 1 get in front of. 2 interfere with or take arbitrarily. 1 scoop up (food, etc.). 2 round up in a swoop. tilt s.t., slant s.t. (Jakarta) sip s.t. noisily. 1 splinter. 2 fragment. 1 participate in. 2 accompany s.o. or s.t. enclose. (Leg.) formalize (ownership of land, etc.) with a certificate. 1 make o.’s way through a narrow passage or dense foliage or a crowd. 2 waft out through narrow spaces. polish by grinding. 1 go with the head lowered. 2 (Java, Jakarta) ram into. 3 go into a place unobstrusively. 1. harpoon s.t. 2. blow a whistle. 1 call, shout out s.t. 2 proclaim s.t. treat with serum. go through (bushes, crowds, etc). plane s.t. wash clothes by pounding them. oppress, tighten, constrict. see SESAL. see SESAL. 1 sip, lap up. 2 suck. move or push s.t. aside. lead astray, mislead.

menyerudi menyeruduk menyeruit menyerukan menyerum menyerusuk menyerut menyesah menyesakkan menyesal menyesal menyesap menyesarkan menyesatkan

menyeset menyesuaikan menyetarafkan

skin, peel. adjust, adapt, bring into line. 1 make equal, make equivalent. 2 consider on a par with. 3 balance.

menyetel menyetem menyeterika menyetir menyetop menyetor

1. match. 2. 1) tune up, adjust. 2) turn on. 1. vote for s.o. or s.t. 2. tune up. 1 iron s.t. 2 (Coll.) flatten, smash.. 1 drive, steer. 2 (Coll.) control, wield control over. stop s.t. 1 make a deposit. 2 pay a rental fee. 3 put in storage. 4 (Sl.) defecate.

menyetrum menyetubuhi menyetujui menyetum menyia-nyiakan menyiagakan menyiangi menyiapkan menyiasati

1 induce. 2 electrify, charge. copulate with s.o. agree to s.t., approve s.t. 1 dry-clean with steam. 2 let steam off. make s.t. useless, cause s.t. to have no result, neglect. alert s.o., prepare s.o. for action. clear s.t. of weeds. 1 prepare. 2 finish s.t. pry into s.o.’s affairs or get the better of s.o. (by questioning, using certain tactics or approaches, etc.). punish. 1 separate s.t. 2 cleave s.t. apart. move s.t. aside. 1 stir up, incite. 2 occupy, busy o.s. with. hang out to dry. 1 convene on a matter. 2 (Leg.) bring s.o. or s.t. to trial. investigate. climb up on such a ladder. part (hair). 1 light with a torch. 2 investigate. 1 brush s.t. 2 comb s.t. 3 rake out, harow s.t. 4 (Coll.) take away. 5 (Coll.) wipe out , clean out. 6 (Sport) defeat completely. 1 torture s.o. 2 (Coll.) annoy, irritate. 1 nudge, elbow o.’s way. 2 form a rectangle. 3 curve or bend at a right angle. 1 nudge with elbow. 2 (Coll.) deceive, cheat. disappear. slice with a razor blade. 1 change. 2 shed skin, molt. observe, note carefully. 1. scrutinize, observe attentively. 2. gather, collect. 1 splash, bespatter. 2 break out, appear. 1 store, lay away. 2 have inside, keep s.t. in storage. 1 deviate, diverge. 2 take a side route. 1. 1) button clothing. 2) form a knot. 2. form an embarrassed smile.

menyiasatkan menyibak menyibakkan menyibukkan menyidak menyidangkan menyidik menyigai menyigar menyigi menyikat menyiksa menyiku menyikut menyilam menyilet menyilih menyilik menyimak menyimbah menyimpan menyimpang menyimpul

menyimpulkan menyinarkan menyindir menyinggat menyinggung menyingkap menyingkir menyingkirkan menyingkuri menyingsatkan menyingsing menyingsingkan menyingsring menyintung menyipit menyiram menyirapkan menyirat menyiratkan menyirepkan menyiring menyirnakan menyiru menyisakan menyisi menyisih menyisihkan menyisikan menyisipi menyisipkan menyisir menyisirkan menyita menyiuk menyjelaskan menyjumlahkan menyjunjung menylentik menyobek menyodok

1 form s.t. into a knot. 2 conclude, summarize. 1 radiate, send off. 2 cause s.t. to shine. tease us. by insinuation and allusion. divide, part. 1 touch, contact. 2 offend, insult, hurt (o.’s feelings). 3 touch on, treat (a subject, problem). 1 unveil, expose, open. 2 reveal. 3 be turned back and open a bit (sheets, skirts, etc.). 1 step aside, yield. 2 evacuate, move to. 1 evacuate s.t. 2 remove, put away, lay aside. 3 eliminate, purge, get rid of s.o. or s.t. turn o.’s back to s.o. or s.t., ignore. 1 tighten. 2 roll up. 3 shrink s.t. rise, lift, break clear. roll, tuck up. blow o.’s nose. touch with the elbow. become squinted or narrowed (of eyes). pour (water) over s.t., flush. 1 raise slightly. 2 scare s.o. make a knot. imply. 1 cast a sleeping spell over s.o. 2 (Java) calm s.o. scoop up carefully. 1 make disappear. 2 abolish. 3 destroy, kill. use such a tray to winnow. 1 leave behind. 2 set aside (for later). 1 move to the side. 2 go along the side of s.t. 1 give way, get out of the way. 2 be separate, aloof from. 3 set s.t. aside, put s.t. to the side. 1 set aside, separate out. 2 reject, ignore. 3 (Sport) eliminate. move s.t. to the side. 1 insert into s.t. 2 repair s.t. by putting s.t. flat in between, e.g. insert new parts in roof, etc. insert s.t. in. 1 comb s.t. 2 harrow s.t. comb s.t. for s.o. /mensita/ 1 seize, confiscate. 2 consume (o.’s time or attention). groan, moan. 1 clarify, explain s.t. 2 resolve, settle, clean up (a debt, conflict, etc.). add or count up. 1 carry s.t. on the head, shoulders, or high on the back. 2 respeck, hold in high esteem. 1 snap s.o. or s.t. with o.’s index finger. 2 reprimand s.o. tear, rip. 1. shovel, scoop up. 2. thrust, poke.

menyodorkan menyogok menyohorkan menyokong menyolok menyombol menyondang menyondol

1 thrust s.t. forward, stretch s.t. out. 2 put forth. bribe s.o. make s.o. or s.t. famous. 1 prop up, support. 2 aid. see COLOK 2. cram food into the mouth. lift, raise on o.’s head or shoulders. 1 charge by lowering the head, butt s.t. 2 (Sport) hit the ball with the head.

menyondong menyongel menyongsong


catch shrimp. protrude, jut out. 1. 1) welcome. 2) commemorate. 3) carry out (s.o.’s wishes, etc.). 2. go against. 1. mutilate, disfigure. 2. tug at, give a (sudden) jerk at. 1. push away. 2. copy, cheat in class, crib. yell out s.t. 1 push, slide. 2 urge. 3 propose, suggest. 4 bribe s.o. 1 slide s.t. forward. 2 shove, push forward, hand. 1 shine, gleam, irradiate. 2 project (pictures). 3 gaze, look (of eyes). 4 draw attention to, highlight. 1 illuminate s.t., light up. 2 spotlight s.t. or s.o., give prime importance to.


1. whiten or clean rice. 2. 1) fight, engage in combat. 2) do s.t. with vigor.

menyosor menyruduk menyuap menyuapi menyuarakan menyubal menyuburkan menyudet

use the bill to scoop up or to peck at. ram or butt with o.’s head. 1 eat with the hand. 2 bribe s.o. feed s.o., esp. by placing food in the mouth. 1 give voice to s.t., express s.t. 2 utter. substitute with fake material. 1 make s.t. fertile, make s.t. grow. 2 make s.t. prosper. (Java) 1 make an incision (e.g. on a boil, ulcer). 2 make a connecting passage between canals. stir s.t. put s.t. into a corner. serve (a guest, etc.). with s.t. showgreat respect for s.o. kill. like, love. 1 shear off coconut husks by exerting downward pressure on such a stake. 2 (Lit.) impale s.o. 1. embroider. 2. replace dead rice seedlings with new ones. 1 conjure up s.t. 2 (Coll.) cause s.t. to disappear (esp. in embezzlements, etc.). 1. play the flute. 2. distill. turn s.t. upside down.

menyontakkan menyontek menyorakkan menyorong menyorongkan menyorot

menyudip menyudutkan menyuguhkan menyuhun menyukabumikan menyukai menyula menyulam menyulap menyuling menyulingkan


1 light s.t. with a torch, cast a light upon s.t. 2 inform, instruct. 3 investigate.

menyulur menyulut menyulutkan menyumbang menyumbat menyumbi menyumbur menyumburkan menyumpal menyumpalkan menyumpit menyumpitkan menyunat

menyundak menyundut menyungga menyunggi menyungging menyungkahkan menyungkal menyungkit menyungkupi menyungkur menyungkurkan menyungsang menyungsangkan menyuntih menyuntik menyunting

climb, creep. 1 (Java) kindle, ignite. 2 become heatedly angry ignite or light s.t. on s.o.’s. behalf. 1 contribute. 2 help, assist. stop, close up, plug up. repair the edge of s.t. damaged (e.g. crown a tooth, etc.). 1 protrude. 2 emerge. 1 extend s.t. (hand, leg, tongue, etc.). 2 hang out or raise the flag. 1 plug s.t., fill a gap. 2 (Vul.) feed. plug up, with s.t. shoot with a blowpipe. use as a blowpipe. 1 circumcise s.o. 2 skim money off the top of a budget to that the grantee gets only a portion. 1. have s.o. circumcised. 2. 1) consider a deed meritorious. 2) prescribe for s.o. as a meritorious deed. 1 (M) bump o.’s head. 2 rise. 1.(M) carry. 2. (Lit.) light, kindle. stick with a spike. carry on the head. produced s.t. decorative with delicate details. devour s.t. greedily. plow, dig up. embroider in such a way. cover with s.t. 1 root up, grub up (earth). 2 lower the head (as if to root up). put down, lower. 1 be upside down. 2 go against the grain. place s.t. upside down. (M) cut into small pieces. 1 inject. 2 inoculate, vaccinate. 3 incite. 1. 1) proofread and correct. 2) insert s.t., edit s.t. into. 2.marry s.o. (of men).

menyuntingkan menyuplai menyurati menyuruh menyuruk menyurup menyurut menyurutkan menyusahkan menyusu menyusui

1. place behind the ear or in the hair. 2. have s.o. as a wife. supply s.t. 1 incribe. 2 write a letter to s.o. order s.o. to do s.t. 1 duck the head. 2 hide. set, sink (of heavenly bodies). lessen, subside. 1 withdraw s.t. 2 decrease, lessen. 1 make s.t. difficult. 2 worry about. suckle on the breast. give suck.




1 magically insert s.t. subcutaneously to improve o.’s attraction. 2 (Java) stab with a pin. stick s.t. in. 1 follow, come afterward. 2 follow and catch up with. arrange s.t. in orderly fashion. arrange s.t. in an orderly fashion on s.o.’s behalf. 1 move (below s.t.), pass in a low posture. 2 penetrate, infiltrate. enter into s.t. stealthily. 1 place s.t. below s.t. else. 2 smuggle, have infiltrate. 1.1) go along the edge. 2) trace, follow. 2. chew tobacco. 1 go along the edge. 2 trace, follow. 1 decrease in size, shrink (of cloth, etc.). 2 subside (of a wind, storm, swelling, etc.). 3 wipe off. 1 reduce, decrease. 2 wipe off (repeatedly). decrease s.t.’s size. direct a film or play. shred. (Java) heal magically by blowing on s.t. donate s.t. visit (a sacred place). 1 sound made by a cat, meow. 2 cat. see PEPET. 1 feel s.t. 2 grope (often with sexual implications). 3 guess.. 1 jabber, babble. 2 rave, be delirious. size, carry off (loot, etc.). 1) (Lit.) rise 2) have a ridge . rave, delirious.. 1. catch birds with such a snare. 2. 1) cut into thin slices. 2) blend various proper ingredients into food, etc. 3) eat foods already mixed (rice with vegetables, etc.). 4) make the necessary preparations prior to a main endeavor. tease, entice s.o. 1 pull out (Hir, grass, etc.). 2 cut, tear. 1 disturb. 2 be doubtful. 1 confuse, make s.o. hesitate. 2 put s.t. in doubt. red. 1. cover a corpse with a cloth. 2. 1) alight. 2) kneel down next to. 3) throw o.s. face down. 1. sweep off. 2. president or chairman, formerly used by the Islam party.

merajam merajang merajuk merajut merak merakit merakyat

stone to death. cut into small pieces, mince (vegetables, etc.). pout, sulk. 1 make a net. 2 crochet, knit. peacock. merak-hati affable. 1 make a raft. 2 connect, join, assemble. be close to the people.

menyusukkan menyusul menyusun menyusunkan menyusup menyusupi menyusupkan menyusur menyusuri menyusut menyusuti menyusutkan menyutradarai menyuwir menyuwuk menzakatkan menziarahi meong mepet meraba meraban merabu merabun meracau meracik

meracuk meragas meragu meragukan merah merahap

meralat meralip meram meramalkan merambah merambak meramban merambang merambo merambu merampas meramping merampok meramu merana meranap merancak merancang merancangkan merancap meranda merandai merandau merandek merandungkan merang merangah meranggah meranggak meranggas merangkak merangkak-rangkak merangkakan merangkam merangkum merangkung merangkup merangsek meranjah merantau meranti meranum meranyah meranyuk merapah

correct, rectify. doze off. see MEREM. 1 predict. 2 portend. clear away, cut down. multiply, spread in all directions. (Jakarta) collect grass or leaves for food. at random. destroy completely, annihilate. mark out, plot. seize, carry away. 1 slenderize. 2 worn at the edges. rob, plunder. gather, collect. merana bend over and touch the ground. 1 clip. 2 cut into small bits. 1 stake out, place stakes. 2 plan, make a schedule 1 design. 2 design for s.o. 1 sharpen to a point. 2 masturbate. be-unmarried (past usual marrying age). traverse on foot. 1 eat food that has been mixed together or seasoned. 2 make food tasty by mixing several things together. (Jakarta) stop. violet, step on, infringe. rice straw (of paddy). boast. strip s.t of all its fruit. (Naut.) tow (in embarkation). 1 wither, dry up. 2 molt, shed. 1 crawl on hands and kness. 2 make slow progress. 3 fawn. 1 cringe. 2 stumble. merangkakan merangkam 1 embrance, enclose. 2 include, encompass. squat down, crouch. 1 cup two hands together. 2 cover, embrace. (Jakarta) attack. loot, pillage. 1 leave o.’s home area to make o.’s way in life. 2 wander about. 3 sail along the reaches of a river. k.o. timber tree. ripen. (M) be difficult, agitated (of infants). grumble. walk, step on s.t.

merapali merapat merasa merasai merasakan merat merata meratah meratai meratakan meratap meraun-raun meraung meraup merawai merawan merawat merawati merawatkan merayakan merayap merayau merayu merbah merbau merbuk mercak-mercik mercapada mercon mercu mercun mercy merdeka merdesa merdu mere merealisir merebak merebankan merebung merecak merecall merecup meredah

1 utter a prayer or incantation over s.o. 2 (Sunda) bless and solemnize a wedding. 1 move closer. 2 join together s.t. 3 moor, tie up. 1 feel, sense. 2 think, believe. 1 taste. 2 experience, endure. 3 feel, touch. 4 feel, intuit. 1 cause s.t. to be experienced. 2 experience s.t. see MAIRAT. 1 smooth. 2 be spread evenly. eat o. thing only. 1 cover s.t. completely and evenly, traverse all of s.t. 2 give equal amounts out to, reach all of a population. 1 level s.t. 2 distribute evenly. lament, mourn. promenade. 1 a roar. 2 a moan. scoop up s.t. with the hands. fish with such a device. merawan 1 take care of, nurse. 2 (Lit.) resume o.’s original form. 1 take care of (s.o. ill). 2 sponge or wipe off (baby, patient, etc.). take s.o. for treatment. celebrate. creep, crawl. 1 fumble, grope. 2 rustle. 3 wander around. 4 be troubled. 1 attempt to persuade s.o 2 seduce deceive . k.o. bird. k.o. timber tree. k.o. turtledove. sound of water lapping against the shore. see MARCAPADA. see MERCUN. 1 top point, summit, crow’s nest. 2 tree top. fireworks. mercun-bumbung bamboo cannon using carbide. /mersi/ Mercedes-Benz (esp. as a symbol of opulence). free, independent, liberated. 1 good, beautiful, decent. 2 choosy, fussy. melodious, sweet, clear of voice. /mer/ (Rel.) title for sisters of certain Catholic orders. bring s.t. about. 1. be full of tears. 2. spread (of news, disease). place in the chicken house. sprout (of bamboo). (M) ride (a horse). /merikol/ (Pol.) recall and force resignation of member of parliament for failure to agree with party policies. burgeon. 1. (M) cut down (trees). 2. traverse s.t.

meredakan mereguk merehabiliter merejahkan merejeng merek mereka merekat merekomendir merekrutir merelakan merem meremajakan meremang merembah merembes merembet merembih meremehkan merencah-rencah merencekkan merenda merendah merendahkan merendam merendang merendeng merendengi merenek mereng merengat merengek merenggut merengket merengkuh merengus merenjis merenovasi merentang merentekan merentet merenung merenungi

soothe, calm. gulp down. rehabilitate. transgress s.t. (Jakarta) seize, catch (several people). see MERK. they, them, their. glue s.t. together or to s.t. else. recommend. recruit s.o. 1 allow, consent. 2 acquiesce in. with closed eyes. 1 rejuvenate. 2 replace older persons by younger o.’s. 1. stand on end (of hair). 2. 1) buzz, hum of insects. 2) stream, flow (of perspiration, tears). drop down, flow freely. 1 ooze out, leak. 2 permeate, seep in. 1 creep, climb up. 2 hang down. 3 spread. flow (of tears). 1 belittle, disparage s.t. 2 take lightly, underestimate. 1 wade through, slough through. 2 face s.t. difficult. (Jakarta) clean tree trunk of branches. crochet. 1 descent. 2 be modest. 1 lower. 2 humiliate, disparage. soak, steep. make such a dish. (jakarta) grumble. put together in line. vibrate. see MIRING. 1 crack, split, chap. 2 erupt. 3 have shooting pains whine, whimper. 1 tug at, yank out. 2 obtain s.t. with great endeavor. shiver with fear. (Lit.) tear, pull at. sullen, unhappy. sprinkle, make spots. renovate s.t. 1 stretch, extend. 2 build s.t. that spans or extends outward. lend at interest. line up, extend in a line or series. 1 muse, be wistful. 2 daydream. /merenungkan/ 1 meditation upon, muse over. 2 gaze at thoughtfully.

merenyak merenyeh-renyeh

crush, torture s.t. or s.o. whimper.

merepes merepet merepotkan mereput meres meresap meresek meresmikan mereta-reta meretas mereturkan merewang merger meriah meriak meriam meriang meriap merica mericau mericik-ricik mericis merih merikan merimpung merinai merincikan merincis merinding merindukan meringis meringkaskan meringkuk meringkukkan meringkus merintang-rintang merintangi merintih merisaukan meriskir meritul meriung meriutkan meriyep merjan

1 fidget. 2 waste time. 1 chatter, blabber. 2 splatter (of an oar, etc.). cause a fuse, make difficulties for. putrefy. even, level. 1 penetrate, infiltrate. 2 ooze out, soak through and out. 3 become absorbed, dissipate. 1 look for s.t. by feeling with the hands. 2 investigate. 1 make s.t. official, authenticate s.t. 2 announce officially. talk foolishly and endlessly. rip open, take apart. return (a letter) to sender. 1. 1) swing. 2) (Naut.) yaw. 2. (M) grope about. /merjer/ (Fin.) merger. merry, gay. ripple, move in ripples. meriam feel dizzy and feverish, out of sorts. protrude, swell out. pepper, esp. white pepper. merica-bubuk ground pepper. merica- bulat peppercorns. chatter, twitter. make a rushing sound (such as water in terraced ditch). (Jakarta) slice, chop (ingredients for a dish). throat, windpipe. (Sl.) American. bind the arms and legs. (Lit.) hum. 1 plan, schedule. 2 break s.t. down into sections, details, etc. specify. feel suddenly frightened, feel eerie. 1 yearn for, miss. 2 cause s.o. to yearn (for s.t.). 1. grin, show o.’s teeth. 2.grimace 1 shorten, make brief. 2 summarize, contract. 1 bend over., stoop over. 2 confined, cooped up. 1 cause to bend. 2 imprison, jail, confine. 1 catch by binding the limbs. 2 take into custody, catch. (Lit.) entertain, distract. 1 block (o.’s path). 2 interfere with, hamper. groan, whimper. 1 worry about. 2 make restless, cause worry. risk s.t. 1 (Coll.) reorganize. 2 purge (Sukarno era). conduct or gather for a ceremonial meal. be bent or folded. (Jakarta) dim (lights). red coral beads for making necklaces.

merjer merk merkah-merkah merkurokrom merobek merobohkan

(Fin.) merger. 1 brand, make. 2 trade-mark, label. 3 quality. 4 signboard. sarat (Naut.) draft marks. Mercurochrome. tear. 1 cause to come down. 2 overthrow, bring down. 3 (Sport) floor s.o.

merocok merodong merofel merogoh merogol merokok meromantisir merombak

1 flow (forcefully). 2 (Jakarta) leak. 1. ( Lit.) run into, meet by chance. 2. wander about. (Coll.) do more than o. thing at once. 1 grope, search (in pocket, bag, etc.). 2 grope after s.t. rogol rape s.o. smoke s.t. romanticize. 1 tear down s.t. 2 change the appearance of s.t., remodel. 3 reorganize.

merombeng meromet meromok merompak meronggeng merongkoh merongong merongos merongrong merongrongi merongseng meronta merosot merotok merpati

buy and sell secondhand articles. work at odd jobs. (Lit.) be uneasy, be upset. merompak dance, serve as a dancing girl. walk stooped over. buzz. see MRONGOS. 1 gnaw at s.t. 2 undermine s.t., damage s.t. disturb, upset. 1 grumble. gripe. 2 discontented, unhappy. struggle to get loose. 1 slip off. 2 decline, sink 1 explode repeatedly. 2 grumble. pigeon, dove. merpati-jambul the crested dove. merpati-mahkota crown pigeon. merpati-perdamaian the dove of peace. merpati-pos carrier pigeon.

mersik merta mertamu mertega mertua meru meruah meruap merubu-rubu merubung merucut merudal merugikan merukah

1 shrill. 2 crisp and dry. 3 skinny, lean. see SERTA. (Java) pay a visit. see MENTEGA. parent-in-law. 1 pagoda of Hindu temple. 2 rice heaped into a mountain shape. see MARWAH. 1 steam. 2 bubble up. grope around nervously. flow together in large quantities, gather around. escape, glide loose. shoot with a missile. 1 inflict a financial loss. 2 damage, harm. turn over.

merukunkan merumbai merumuskan meruncingkan merunduk merunggai

appease, bring peace about. grow in strands. formulate. 1 sharpen (a point). 2 aggravate, exacerbate. stoop, bend, bow. k.o. small tree the leaves of which are eaten as a vegatable (Moringa sp).

merungguh merungguhkan merungkau merungkuh merungus merungut meruntai meruntuh meruntun meruntunkan merunyamkan merupakan merupiahkan merurut merutin merutu merutuk mes

squat. pawn, hock. hang down like hair over the face or like willow branches. be worn out, decayed, old. (M) grumble. grumble, gripe. dangle, hang loosely. 1 collapse, come down. 2 infiltrate. pull out. link, join together. 1 make difficult. 2 damage, cause to fail. constitute, form, make up. convert to rupiah. 1 fall down. 2 slip off. become ordinary, routine. k.o. small mosquito. grumble, cuss. residence belonging to a concern or gvt. for housing its employees.

mesakat mesan mesem mesera meses mesigit mesin mesir mesiu mesjid meski mesra mess mester

greedy. tombstone, grave marker. (Java, Jakarta) smile. see MESRA. chocolate sprinkles (on cookies, etc.). see MESJID. machine, engine. Egypt. ammunition. mosque. /meskipun/ although, in spite of (the fact that). 1 very close so as to become fused. 2 intimate, very close. see MES. 1 lawyer, jurist. 2 title of those holding a Dutch or Indonesian law degree. 3 teacher. 1 certain, surely. 2 must, have to. magic jewel, precious stone. mestizo. 1 dirty, filthy, polluted. 2 improper, indecent. 3 immoral. mad, drunk, in a rage. metabolism.

mesti mestika mestis mesum meta metabolisme

metafisik metafisika metafor metah metal metalik metan metari metatesis mete meteorologi meter meterai meti metoda metodik metodis metodologi metonimia metrik metrika metrologi metromini metropolisasi metropolitan metropolitanisasi metrum meubel mevrouw

metaphysical. metaphysics. /metafora/ metaphor. see PUTIH. (Auto.) bushing. metallic. /metana/ methane. see MATAHARI. metathesis. see MENTE. meteorology. meter. stamp, seal to indicate payment, revenue stamps. (Ambon) low tide. /metode/ method. methodology. methodical. methodology. metonymy. metric. metrics. metrology. medium-sized city bus. see METROPOLITANISASI. metropolitan. make s.t. into an urban area. poetic meter. see MEBEL. /mefro/ (Coll.) tern of address or title for Western or westernized women.

mewabah mewabahi mewabahkan

become an epidemic. plague s.o. or s.t. 1 spread an epidenmic disease. 2 cause s.t. to spread like an epidemic.

mewadahi mewafatkan mewah mewahamkan mewahyui mewahyukan mewajarkan mewajibkan mewakafkan mewakili mewakilkan mewalikan mewangi

contain, provide a place for. cause s.o.’s death. luxurious, extravagant. suspect. inspire s.o. reveal s.t. (in a vision). make natural, make proper. make s.t. compulsory. donate s.t. to be used for religious or community use. represent, look after the interests of s.o. or s.t. 1 appoint s.o. as a representative. 2 do s.t. by proxy. 1 act as guardian for. 2 appoint s.o. to be guardian. 1 fragrant. 2 scent, perfume.

mewangikan mewanti-wanti mewarisi mewariskan mewarnai mewarnakan mewartakan mewasiatkan mewasiti mewaspadai mewaspadakan mewataki mewawancarai mewawancarakan mewayangkan mewedel mewejangi mewejangkan mewek meweselkan mewiru mewisudakan mewujudkan meyakini meyakinkan mezbah mh. mhd. mhs. mi mi’raj miak miang miara mib midar midik midodareni mie migas migran migrasi mihrab mihun

perfume s.t. tell s.o. repeatedly, warn. inherit s.t. be queath s.t. 1 apply a color to s.t., color. 2 slant (a story), color s.t. color, paint. report, inform. will, bequeath. be the referee in. keep on guard against. alert s.o. form the character of. interview s.o. make the topic of an interview, interview about. 1 put into a wayang format for presentation. 2 act, perform. (Java) dye. advise, instruct. use s.t. to advise or instruct. 1 start to cry. 2 torn open. send money. pleat s.t. award a degree at graduation ceremony. 1 give shape to, create. 2 bring into reality. be conviced about s.t. 1 convince s.o. 2 make convincing. see MAZBAH. [marah] (M) a title for male nobility. [Muhammad] [mahasiswa] university student. 1. noodles. 2. see MAMI. see MIKRAD. peeping of chickens. 1 small plant hairs. 2 traitor, slanderer. see PELIHARA. [Maluku Irian Barat] Moluccas and Western New Guinea. walk. scrutinize. (Java) celebration on the natural before a wedding. see MI 1. [minyak dan gas bumi] oil and natural gas. migrant. migration. niche or chamber in mosque indicating the direction of Mecca. 1 thin rice noodles. 2 dish containing dried coodles with bits of vegetables.

mijnman mijnvrow

/men man/ (Coll.) my husband. /men fro/ (Coll.) my wife.

mik mika mikin mikrab mikrad mikro mikroba mikrobiologi mikrobis mikrofis mikrofon mikrolet mikron mikropon mikroskop mikroskopis mil milenium mili miligram milik milimeter milioner milir milisi militan militansi militer militerisasi militerisme militeristis miliun milo milukut milyar milyaran milyarder milyun milyuner mimbar mimi mimik mimis mimisan mimpi min

microphone. mica. see MAKIN. /mi’rab/ see MIHRAB. /mikraj, mi;rad/ (Islam) celebration commemorating Muh.’s ascent to Heaven. micro. /mikrobe/ microbe. /mikrobiolokhi, mikrobiologi/ microbiology. /mikrobus/ medium-sized bus. microfiche. see MIKROPON. k.o. minibus or jitney. micron. microphone. microscope. microscopic. mile. millennium. millimeter. milligram. 1 property, possession. 2 fate. millimeter. see MILYUNER. 1 go down to the sea. 2 go down to the city from the outskirts. 1 militia. 2 military man. 3 military service. militant (as in political movement). militancy. 1 soldier. 2 military. militarization. militarism. militaristic. see MILYUN. see MULO. see MELUKUT. billion. by the billions. billionaire. million. millionaire. pulpit, speaker’s platform, rostrum. male horseshoe crab. 1. (child language, Java) drink. 2. facial expression. 3 mimicry. round pellet for rifles, beebee. suffer from nosebleed. dream. mimpi-buruk nightmare. (Math.) minus.

mina minal’aidinwalfaizin minang minat minder mindering

Pisces. congratulations expressed at the end of the fasting month. of the Minangkabau ethnic group. interest, proclivity. feel inferior. sell merchandise on the installment plan traveling through villages.

mindo mindring minerologi mineur

eat breakfast leftovers with rice at noon. see MINDERING. mineralogy. /minir/ 1 snide remark. 2 minor key. 3 melancholy (of atmosphere).

minggat minggir minggu

(Java) 1 flee, run away. 2 Get out of here !. see PINGGIR. 1 week. 2 Sunday. 3 go out for a Sunday picnic or walk. minggu-an weekly.

mingkin mingser miniatur minicar minikata minim minimal minimalisir minimum minit minoritas minta minta-minta mintak mintakat mintaku’lburuj mintal mintang minterad mintuna minum minuman minus

all the more. shift, change position. miniature. /minikar/ k.o. three-wheeled motorized taxi. k.o. play using few words. minimum. minimal. minimize. minimum. see MENIT. /minoritet/ minority. 1 ask, request, beg. 2 please. 3 ask for trouble. (Jakarta) 1 hope. 2 beg for alms. (Coll.) see MINTA. zone, area. zodiac. see PINTAL. see SILANG. municipal council. 1 female horseshoe crab. 2 (Zod.) Gemini. 1 drink, absorb. 2 take in (air, smoke). 1 a drink. 2 beverage. 1 poor, lacking in economic potential. 2 (Math.) minus. unproductiveness.

minyak minyawak mirah miring mirip mirjan miru

oil, grease, fat. see BIAWAK. ruby. 1 at an angle, aslant, sideways. 2 oblique. 3 crazy, resemble. see MERJAN. (Java) pleat a sarong.

mis. misa misai misal misan misbah misbar

[misalnya] for example. (Rel.) Mass. mustache. example, instance. (Jakarta, Java) first cousin. lamp, light, lantern. [gerimis bubar] (Sl.) open-air cinema that lets out when it starts to drizzle.

misi misih misiologi misionaris miskalkulasi miskam miskin miskram misluk mismis misoa misro missa missi mistar mister

(Video) New‼️ Cara Translate File PDF Bahasa Inggris Ke Bahasa Indonesia

1. 1) (Catholic) mission. 2) mission. 2. see MISSI. see MASIH 1. study of missionizing activities. missionary. miscalculation. /miskamp/ miscarriage. poor, needy, destitute. /miskran/ see MISKAM, MISKAMP. /mislukt/ be botched, failed. (Jakarta) 1 avaricious. 2 overly meticulous. small rice and egg noodles. k.o. made of fried cassava filled with brown sugar. see MISA. ideological role. 1 ruler, line. 2 crossbar at goal. 1 term of address or reference for a Caucasian male. 2 (Coll.) term of address for male and female Caucasians. mysterious. mysterious. see MESTI. 1 mystical. 2 o. of a pair of numbers which go together as determined by a lottery in gambling. mystic. mystical. mystics. mysticism. see PISUH. myth. mythology. mythological. (Java) ceremony and feast given for a woman seven months pregnant with her first baby. myth. 1. (Lit.) friend. 2. miter. /mitralyur/ machine gun. see MISAL. (Zod.) Libra. see also entries with mel-, l-. see MOBRIG.

misteri misterius misti mistik mistikus mistis mistisi mistisisme misuh mite mitologi mitologis mitoni mitos mitra mitraliur mitsal mizan mlmobbrig

mobil mobiler mobilet mobilisasi mobilisir mobilitas moblong mobrig

car, automobile. mobil-derek towing truck. see MEBELER. moped or motorbike. mobilization. mobilize. /mobilitet/ mobility. (Jakarta) loose, baggy. [Mobil Brigade] paramilitary branch of national police in the Sukarno era.

mocok mocopat modal modalitas modalwan modar mode model moderat moderator moderen modern modernisasi modernisir moderok modifikasi modin

fill in for a person who is absent. see MACAPAT. financial capital. modality. capitalist, financier. (Vulgar., Java) die. fashion (of clothes). 1 model. 2 the fashion. 3 (Coll.) dressed up fancy. moderate. moderator in a panel, etc. see MODERN. modern. modernization modernize. (Jakarta) 1 mushy (of fruit). 2 damaged, spoiled. modification. me-modifikasi(kan) modify. 1 o. who calls to prayers, muezzin. 2 village religious functionary, esp o. who officiates at circumcisions. stylish. dress maker, designer. 1. (Jakarta) kill. 2. (Java, Jakarta) disheveled, untidy. module. (Ling., Phys.) modulation. see MODUL. (Phys.) modulate. 1 modus. 2 (Ling.) mood. initiative. se-moga May it happen, I hope that. 1 strike. 2 stall, fail, break down. drop out of school. see EMOH. [Muhammad]. 1 ask, request. 2 implore, beseech. seal, signet. 1 socks. 2 stockings. (Sunda) young girl. (Coll.) mug. mocha. see MUHAL.

modis modiste modol modul modulasi module modulir modus moga mogok mogol moh moh. mohon mohor mojah mojang mok moka mokal

mokhal moksa moksai molek molekul molekuler molen moler molig molimo molor molos momen momok momong momot monas moncong moncor mondar mondial mondok moneter mong mongkok mongol monitor monoftong monoftongisasi monogami monografi monogram monoksida monolitik monolog monoloyalitas monopoli monopolisir monoril monosilabis monoton monster monstrans

see MUHAL. redemption (in Hinduism and Budhism). 1. (China) Pekinese dog. 2. (China) a kung fu movement. pretty, cute. loveliness, beauty. molecule. molecular. cement mixer. (Jakarta, Sl.) prostitute. /molekh/ plum and full (of body). the five sins in Java religion : maling, madat, madon, main, minum. stealing, opium smoking, womanizing, gambling, drinking. 1 become longer and longer in time or space. 2 laze around. 3 (Jakarta) sleep. 1 penetrate. 2 go away without paying. 1. monument. 2. 1) temporary police roadblock or speed trap. 2 check motorists in temporary rioadblock. 3. torque. 1 ghost, spook, specter. 2 haunting danger. take care of a baby. momong-an child taken care of. (Java) carry (a load, passengers). [Monumen Nasional] the obelisklike national monument in the center of Lapangan Merdeka in Jakarta. 1 snout, muzzle. 2 spout. me-moncong protrude. 1 flow out. 2 diarrhea. see MUNDAR-MANDIR. on a worldwide scale. 1. fat, squat. 2. see PONDOK. monetary. sound of a gong. 1 stick out. 2 tower above. 3 proud. knotted, gnarled. me-monitor s.t. monophthong. monophthongization. monogamy. monograph. monogram. monoxide. /monolitis/ monolithic. monologue. loyalitas to only o. thing. monopoly. me-monopolisir monopolize. monorail. monosyllabic. monotonous. 1. sample of merchandise. 2 monster. (Rel.) monstrance.

montang-manting montase monte montir montok montor monumen monumental monyet monyong moped mopit mopong morak-marik moral moralis moralistas morat-marit morfem morfin morfinis mori moril moris morong morphin morse mortalitas mortir mosaik mosi moskwa moster mota mote motfologi motif motip motivasi moto motor motorbot motoris motorisasi motorkap

moving about restlessly. 1 assembly. 2 editing (of movie). see MOTE. 1 mechanic, repairman. 2 repair, do mechanical work. well built, plump and full (of child’s body or breats). 1 motor. 2 auto, car. monument (in commemoration of s.t.). grandiose, monumental. 1 monkey. 2 term of abuse. 1. sticking out, protruding (of the mouth, from buck teeth or pouting). 2. humorous term of address to an intimate. moped, motorbike. China writing brush. carry a baby in o.’s arms. see MORAT-MARIT. morality. moralist. morality. confused, disorganized. (Ling.) morpheme. morphine. drug addict. unbleached plain cloth (used for batik, shrouds, etc.). 1 moral, morality. 2 morale. soursop tree. coffeepot, teapot. /mprphinis/ see MORFIN, MORFINIS. Morse code. /mortalitet/ mortality. artillery mortar. mosaic. morion, vote. Moscow. 1. mustard. 2 see MONSTER 1. see KAIN. beads (for necklaces). /morflokhi, morfologi/ (Bio., Ling.) morphology. 1. motif, design. 2. motive. see MOTIF 1,2. motivation. 1. motto. 2 (Coll.) monosodium glutamate. 1 motor, engine. 2 motorcar, auto. 3 motorcycle. 4 moving force behind s.t. 5 (in some regions only) motorboat. motorboat. engineer, motorman. motorization. removable roof of car.

motorpit moyang mpmpo mpok mpot-mpotan mpp mpr,mprs mps. mr. mrongos mtq mu mu’jizat mu’min mu’tamar mua muafakah muai muak mual mualaf mualamat mualim muang-thai muara muasal muat muatan muazin mubadir mubah mubalih mubarak mubarat mubasir,mubazir mubut muci mucikari muda mudah mudah-mudahan

motorcycle. great-grandfather, great-grandparents. see also entries with emp-. [menghitung pajak orang] k.o. sales tax. (Jakarta) term of address to young woman of low class. physically or emotionally painful. [Masa Persiapan Pensiun] period prior to retirement. [Majelis Permusyawaratan Rakyat (Sementara) ] (Provisional) People’s Consultative Council. [menurut pendapat saya] in my opinion. [Meester (in de Rechten) ] a law degree used as a tittle by its holder. (Java) busktoothed. [Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur’an] contest of Koranic recitation. [Majelis Umum] General Assembly. see MUKJIZAT. see MUKMIN. see MUKTAMAR. 1. eel. 2 see SEMUA. /muafakat/ see MUFAKAT. expand, swell. 1 nauseated, revolted. 2 loathe (food or drink). 1 queasy. 2 feel loathing. sickening, make o. feel nauseous. recent convert to Islam. science. /muallim/ 1 (religious) teacher. 2 navigator. 3 pilot, guide. 4 (Navy) deck officer, mate, first mate. /muangtai/ Thailand. 1 estuary, mouth. 2 orifice. origin. 1 contain, hold, accomodate. 2 be contained in a publication. 3 include. 1 load, contents. 2 capacity. 3 cargo. /muazzin, muezzin/, o. who calls to prayers. /mubadzir/ see MUBASIR. (Islam) neutral, neither forbidden not required. /muballigh/ (Islam) preacher, o. who expound a certain idea. blessed, fortunate. (Islam) divorce at the request of the wife. superfluous, waste. fragile, brittle. prostitute. see MUNCIKARI. 1 young (in age). 2 deputy. 3 unripe, green. 4 light, pale. pe-muda youth, young man. easy, simple. facilitate, make s.t. easier. 1 may it be, I hope (that). 2 maybe, perhaps.

mudarat mudi mudigah mudik

/mudharat, mudhorat/ 1 disadvantage. 2 fail. see KEMUDI, MUDA. larva. 1 upstream, upcountry, inland (away from the sea). 2 home to the village.

mudin mudlarat mufaham mufakat

see MODIN. see MUDARAT. undertand. 1 (hold) discussion to reach an agreement. 2 agreement, consensus.

mufasir mufrad mufti

(Islam) commentator (on the Koran). (Lit.) single, simplex. (Islam) adviser on religious law for a region (above the kadi in authority).

muh. muhajirin muhal muhallil

[Muhammad]. (Islam) those who accompanied Mud. on his flight from Mecca. impossible, out the question. (Islam) man who marries a divorced woman only so that be can divorce her to enable her to remary her original husband legally. a Muslim movement. first month of the Muslim year. /muhibbah/ goodwill. (Islam) degree of consanguinity between a man and woman that renders marriage impossible but gives them the right of association.

muhammadiyah muharram muhibah muhrim


[Majelis Ulama Indonesia] Indonesian Council of Religious Scholars.

mujahadah mujahid mujahidin mujair

(Islam) war against deviation from the true principles of religion. (Islam) defender of the faith. (Islam) defender of the faith. k.o. freswater fish widely stocked in inland waters and an important food.

mujarab mujarad mujarrab mujarrad mujtahid mujur muka

effective, efficacious. abstract, not concrete. see MUJARAB. see MUJARAD. (Islam) expert in Muslim law who gives an independent interpretation of the Koran and Hadist. 1 straigh ahead, straight. 2 luck. 3 lucky. 1 face. 2 front. 3 page, side. 4 surface. 5 upcoming. 6 face, reputation.

mukadimah mukah mukenah

/mukaddimah/ introduction, preface. adultery. (Islam) white cloak covering a woman’s head and body worn at prayer.

mukhalaf mukhrim

(Islam) heresy. see MUHRIM.

mukhtasar mukibat mukim mukimin mukjijat mukjizat mukmin mukswa muktabar muktamar mula mulas mulek mules mulhid mulia muliawan mulo multimultipleks multipliksi mulud muluk mulur mulus mulut mumbang mumbul mumet mumi mummi mumpung mumpungisme munafik munas munasabah muncikari muncrat muncul muncung mundam mundar-mandir munding

summary, resume. 1 k.o. huge cassava bred by a man named Mukibat. 2 s.t. unusually large for the thing it is. 1 stay at, be a resident of. 2 residence, distric residents. see MUKJIZAT. miracle. /mukminin/ (Islam) the believers, the faithful. see MOKSA. /muktabir/ respected, venerated. congress, conference. 1 beginning. 2 original cause, basis. slight stomach upset, pain in the stomach. circkle around in a closed space. see MULAS. heretic. noble, sublime, lofty. person worthy of deep esteem. [Meer Uitgebreid Lager Onderwijs] Dutch-language secondary school of colonial times. multi. k.o. plywood. multiplication. see MAULID. 1 high-sounding. 2 bombastic, pompous. 1 elastic. 2 flexible. 1 flawless, pure. 2 sincere. 1 mouth. 2 opening. 3 nozzle. young coconut. (Java) rise, bounce. 1 headache. 2 (Java) dizzy. 3 confused. /mumia/ mummy. see MUMI. take advantage while o. can, as long as. opportunism. 1 (Islam) unbeliever who pretend to be a Muslim. 2 hypocrite. 3 (Sl.) liar. [Musyawarah Nasional] National Deliberative Council. /munasabat/ reasonable, logically acceptable (as an argument, o.’s reaction, etc.). procures, pimp. spurt. emerge, appear, turn up. see MONCONG. large bowl, tub. move back and forth, esp. aimlessly. (Sunda) water buffalo.

mundu mundur mung munggah munggu munggur mungil mungkam mungkar mungkeret mungkin mungkir mungkum mungkur mungpung mungsi munisi munjung munkar muno munsyi muntaber muntah muntup munyeng mupakat muqaddimah mur murad muradif murah murai murajif muram murang murat-marit murba murbai muri murid muring muris murka murni

k.o. small tree and sour fruit. 1 go back, back up. 2 decline, decrease, deteriorate. 3 retreat. see MONG. see PUNGGAH. small hill. k.o. tree. cute, sweet. silent. 1 deny. 2 ignored. see MENGKERET. possible. 1 deny, disavow. 2 renege. dome shaped, overarching. 1. stretcher, palanquin. 2. with o.’s back turned. see MUMPUNG. k.o. herb. munitions. heaping full. (Islam) o. of two angels who interrogate a dead person soon. after he has been buried. keep silent and muse. (Lit.) language teacher. [muntah berak] diarrhea and vomiting, esp. as cholera symptoms. 1. vomit, throw up. 2. fade, run. begin to appear. (Java) dizzy. see MUFAKAT. see MUKADIMAH. Moor. 1 intention. 2 meaning, significance. see MURAJIF. 1 cheap, inexpensive. 2 easy, not subject to a number of conditions. 3 generous. k.o. small bird. (Ling.) synonym. gloomy, depressed. fuse for igniting firecrackers or dynamite. se MORAT-MARIT. common, proletarian. /murbe/ mulberry. 1. k.o. metal flute. 2. see MORI. 1 pupil, student of lower grades. 2 disciple, follower of. in a bad mood. 1. k.o. fabric. 2. greedy, closefisted. 1 anger, fury. 2 (Lit.) angry (esp. of royalty). pure, clean.

mursal mursid murtad murung murup murus musa musabab musabaqah musafir musalla musang musawarah museum musholla musibah musik musikologi musikus musisi musium muskil muslihat muslim muslimah muslimin musna musnah musolla muson muspida mustahak mustahil mustaid mustajab mustakim musti mustika musuh musyafir musyarakah musyawarah musykil musyrik

1. (Islam) messengers of God: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, et al. 2. undisciplinable. /mursyid/ spiritual guide, religious teacher. 1 (Islam) apostate. 2 renegade from social values. melancholy, depressed. (Java) flame, flaming. have loose bowels. Moses. see SEBAB. /musabaqoh/ contest for reciting the Koran. traveler. see MUSHOLLA. civet. see MUSYAWARAH. museum. /musola/ (Islam) small building or room set aside in a public place for performance of religious duties. calamity, disaster. music. musicologist. musician. musicians. 1 season, period. 2 monsoon. see MUSYKIL. 1 trick. 2 strategy, tactics. a Muslim. /muslimat/ Muslim woman. (Pl.) Muslims. (Coll.) see MUSNAH. annihilated, destroyed. see MUSHOLLA. monsoon. [Musyawarah Pimpinan Daerah] council for provincial and lower level gvt. officials. important, crucial. impossible, out of the question. ready, completed, at hand. efficacious, effective. straightforward, sincere. see MESTI. see MESTIKA. 1 enemy, adversary. 2 competitor, contestant. see MUSAFIR. /musyarakat/ partnership. /musyawarat/ 1 meeting, conference. 2 discussion, deliberation. difficult to know or prove. polytheist.

musytari mut mutabar mutah mutakhir mutalaah mutalak mutasi mutawatir mutiara mutlak mutu mutung muwakal muwarikh muzhab muzik n n.a. n.b na naar-boven

the planet Jupiter. see KEMUT 2. /mutabir/ see MUKTABAR, MUKTABIR. see MUNTAH 1. the very latest, most up-to-date (flashion, etc.). study carefully, scrutinize. see MUTLAK. 1 (Biol.) mutation. 2 transfer of gvt. official to a new post or of pupil to a new school, shakeup. handed down from person to person for generations. pearl. absolute, unconditional. 1 pearl. 2 quality, grade. 3 carat. 1 burnt, lost by five. 2 brokenhearted, discouraged. 3 give up. proxy. (Lit.) historian. see MUZHAB. see MUSIK. n, the 14th letter of the alphabet. /en a/ [numpang alamat] (Coll.) c/o, in care of. [nota bene] nota bene. see NAH. /naar bofen/ (Coll.) go to mountain resort areas, esp. for sexual adventures.

naas nabatah nabati nabi

unlucky, ill-omened. (Biol.) vegetable kingdom. concerning plants, phyto-. 1 (Rel.) prophet. 2 (Islam) Muh. and other important religious figures.

nabiah nabrak nabtun naco nada nadapol nadar nadi nadir nadzar nafakah nafas nafi nafiri

(Rel.) prophetess. see TABRAK. (Lit.) a plant. see NAKO. 1 intonation. 2 tone, note. 3 (Ling.) pitch. [Narapidana Politik] political prisoner. see NAZAR 1. (Med.) pulse, artery. 1. rare, unusual. 2. supervisor, inspector. see NAZAR 1. see NAFKAH. breath. (Lit.) me-nafi-kan deny. 1 k.o. valveless ceremonial trumpet us. part of royal paraphernalia. 2 (Bib.) k.o. trumpet. 1 basic necessities of life. 2 money given to o.’s wife (or divorced wife) for household expenses. personal, individual.

nafkah nafsi

nafsu naftalin naga naga-naganya nagari nagasari

natural appetite or desire. naphthalene. dragon. apparently. (M) see NEGERI. k.o. rice-flour cake stuffed with banana bits and steamed in banana leaves.


1 Here. 2 See !(particle implying acceptance of o.’s advice or oponion. fact, common knowledge, etc.). 3 Now then (a particle introducing a new topic of conversation). see NAAS. /Nahdlatul Ulama/ Association of Muslim Scholars, a Muslim political party of 1970’s. (Islam) prohibition, forbiden. (Lit.) grammar. (Islam) mosque official, deputy of local religious affairs. naive. 1 climb, ascend, go up (on). 2 rise, be on the increase. 3 suddenly flare up. 4 ride s.t. /na’im/ delighful, pleasant. see NUJUM. 1 (Islam) defiling filth, s.t. which, if touched, make o. unfit for prayer. 2 excrement. 3 (Coll.) dirty. 1. see ANAK. 2 see HENDAK. sing by turns. 1 naughty, mischievous. 2 wanton. [Tenaga Kerja] work force, manpower. (Naut.) ship’s captain. see NANGKIR. jalousie window. (Sl.) have an eye for, be attracted to. song, poetical composition. 1 logical reasoning. 2 reasonable. [Nasional Lotere] National Loterry. instinct. instinctive. see ENAM. 1 name. 2 fame, title. nama-nya 1 that is just another name for. 2 what else would o. expect (considering what k.o. thing it is). 1 yaws. 2 skin rash. (Coll.) name-plaque. k.o. fruit-bearing tree. visible, evident. nampak-nya apparently. tray. yet, however. (Lit.) which, a particle between a noun and its modifying adjective. suppuration, pus.

nahas nahdatul-ulama nahi nahu naib naif naik naim najam najis nak naka-naka nakal naker nakhoda nakir nako naksir nalam nalar nalo naluri naluriah nam nama nambi nambor namnam nampak nampan namun nan nanah

nanak-nunuk nanap nanar nanas nanda nang-ning-nong nangka nangkir nangkring nanti

(Java) slow-moving (person), slowpoke. 1 with wide-open eyes. 2 amazed. 1 confused. 2 angry. pineapple. see ANAKANDA. sound of metallic resonance (e.g. gamelan, bell, etc.). jackfruit. (Islam) o. of the two angels that observe and record o.’s deeds. see TANGKRING. 1 wait. 2 later, presently. 3 presently at (such-and-such a time), to(night), this (noon, afternoon, etc.). 4 next, it might happen that (so watch out).

nantiasa nanyang napal napas napekah napi napoli napsi napsu naqli naradakwa naraka narapidana narapraja narasumber narayana narkose narkotika narsisisme narwastu nas nasab nasabah nasakh nasakom

see SENANTIASA. /nan-yang/ the overseas Chinese, esp. of S.E. Asia. k.o. clay (eaten for medicinal purposes). 1 roan (of horses). 2. see NAFAS. see NAFKAH. 1. [narapidana] inmate, prisoner. 2. see NAFI. Naples. see NAFSI. see NAFSU. (Islam) reference to relevant citation from Koran. accused, defendant. see NERAKA. 1 convict, prisoner, prison inmate. 2 (Leg.) convicted criminal. gvt. official. resource person, informant. 1 a boyhood name of Kresna. 2 (Lit.) (time) of o.’s youth. narcotics. narcotics. narcissism. spikenard oil. (Islam) authoritative quotation (from the Koran). 1 lineage, descent (in the male line). 2 (family) tie. 1 customer, client. 2 relationship. abrogated. [Nasionalisme, Agama, Komunisme] “Nationalism, Religion, Communism,” political concept in Sukarno era. 1 vulture. 2 see PENASARAN. see NASRANI. see NASIHAT. [panas legi kentel] (Sl.) hot, sweet, and syrupy. 1. 1) cooked rice. 2) a meal (of rice). 2. see NATIE. fate, destiny. advice, admonition. nation. national.

nasar nasarani nasehat nasgitel nasi nasib nasihat nasion nasional

nasionalis nasionalisasi nasionalisir nasionalisme nasip naskah nasofaring nasrani natal natalitas natang natar natie natijah natirlek nato natura naturalisasi naturalisme naturel naudu-billahi

naung nautik nautika nautis navigasi navigator nayaga nayuban nazam nazar nazir ndableg ndak ndang-ndut ndoro ndoroisme nduk ndut-ndutan ne nebeng necis nederlan nefo,nefos

nationalist, nationalistic. nationalization. me-nasionalisir nationalize. nationalism. see NASIB. 1 manuscript. 2 document, original text. (Anat.) nasopharynx. 1 Christian. 2 (Lit.) Portuguese, of Portuguese creole descent. Christmas. Natal-an Christmas celebration. birth rate. (Lit.) small window, opening. basic color, background. /nasi/ (Lit.) nation. (Lit.) core issue (of argument, etc.). (Coll.) of course, naturally. [naskah asli ditetapkan oleh] (Leg.) certified to be a true copy by. in kind. naturalization. naturalism. neutral-colored shoe polish. /nauzu-billahi, naudzu-billahi/ (islam) I find protection in God, God bless us, God forbid that I should ever do it ! (uttered when hearing of a despicable act or fact). 1 shadow, shade. 2 shelter, protection. nautical. nautical science. nautical. navigation. navigator. see NIYAGA. see TAYUB. poem, composition. 1. (Rel.) vow (to do s.t. if prayer is gratted). 2. eagle. see NADIR. /ndablek/ (Java) 1 stubborn. 2 thick skinned. 1 (Coll.) no, not. 2. see HENDAK. see DANG DANG DUT. (Java) master, term of address for a member of the aristocracy. feudal attitude. (Java) see GENDUK. (Coll.) pulsate, throb (with pain, etc.). (China) term address for o.’s mother. (Jakarta) 1 sponge off s.o. 2 hitchhike. (Coll.) neat, well groomed. /Nederland/ the Netherlands. [new emerging forces] newly independent countries (Sukarno-era term).

neg. negara

negarawan negasi negatif neger negeri negosiasi neher nek neka nekad nekar nekara nekat nekel neko-neko nekolim nekrologi nelangsa nelayan nelongso nem nempil nemplok nemu nen nenas nenda nenek

1. [Negeri] country. 2 [Negara] nation, state. state. tamu-negara state guest. negara-berkembang developing country. negara-hukum constitutional state. negara-terbelakang underdeveloped state. statesman. negation. /negatip/ negative. /neher/ (Coll.) Negro, a black (esp. in colonial period). 1 country, land. 2 (M, E. Indonesia) village. 3 state-owned, state-run. negotiation. see NEGER. 1. 1) too rich (foods). 2) indigestion due to greasy foods. 2. see ENEK. /ne`k/ see NENEK. see ANEKA. see NEKAT. marbles. (Lit.) kettledrum. determined, to do s.t. no matter what, ready to take serious risks. see NIKEL. (Java) 1 all k.o. things. 2 do diverse things unnecessarily. [Neokolonialisme, Kolonialisme, Imperialisme] Neocolonialism, Colonialism, Imperialism (Sukarno-era term). necrology. (Java) arousing pity. fisherman. pathetic. see ENAM. (Java) buy s.t. from a place of business that does not normally sell that item, e.g. buy (uncooked) rice from a food stall. 1. position o.s. 2. 1) lean on. 2) depend. see TEMU 2. see NAN. see NANAS. see NENEKANDA. 1 grandmother, great-aunt. 2 (In some regions) grandfather, great-uncle. 3 respectful term of reference and address (esp. as nek) for elderly persons (esp. women) and, in some areas, dangerous wild animals, e.g. tigers, etc.

nenekanda nener neng neng-nong

/nenenda/ grandmother (esp. in letters). young milkfish. (Jakarta, Sunda) polite form of address to younger woman. sound of metallic ringing (e.g. railway crossing bells, gamelan, etc.).

neo neolitis neologisme

neo-. neo-kolonialisme neocolonialim. neolithic. neologism.

neon neonisasi nepotisme neraca neraka nerawang nerimo nerocos nesan nestapa net netral netralis netralisasi netralisir netralisme netralitas netron netto neurolog neurologi neutron neven ngngabehi,ngabei ngaben ngablak ngabrukin ngabuburit ngacau ngaceng ngacir ngaco ngadak-ngadak ngadat ngahari ngai ngak-ngik-ngok ngakak ngalor-ngidul ngambek ngambreng ngambul

fluorescent or neon light. provision of flourescent lamps for street lights. nepotism. 1 pair of scales. 2 balance. 1 hell. 2 destruction, misfortune. translucent, lacy. (java) passive, acquiescent to o.’s fate. see CROCOS. see NISAN. sorrow, grief. 1. clear, precise. 2 (Sport) net. 1 neutral. 2 uncommitted, nonaligned. neutralist. neutralization. neutralize. neutralism. /netralitet/ neutrality. see NEUTRON. (Fin.) net. (Med.) /nerolokh/ neurologist. (Med.) /nerologi, nerolokhi/ neurology. /netron/ neutron. ancillary (of an organization). see also entries with k-. (Java) title of nobility. (Bali) cremation. open wide. (Jakarta) slam or set s.t. down with a crash. (Sunda) seek amusement and distractions while waiting for day’s fast to end. see KACAU. (Coll.) 1 be erect. 2 have an erection. 1. flee, run away. 2. (Coll.) 1) in disarray. 2) helter-skelter. 1. (Coll.) talk at random, talk without knowing what o. is talking about. 2. see KACAU. make a fuss. 1. break down, sulk, go wrong. 2. 1) make a fuss, cry and be naughty. 2) not run properly (of car). see GAHARI. (China) I. /ngak-ngik-nguk/ 1 sound of cacophonic music. 2 low grade music (esp. pop music). boisterous laughter. (Java) in all directions, without direction. pout, mope. have a pervasive odor. (Java) sulk.

ngamen ngana nganga ngangeni ngangut ngantek ngantuk ngap-ngap ngapa ngarai ngarep ngarit ngarsa-dalem ngarti ngaung ngawur ngayau ngengeak ngebet ngebluk ngebodoin ngeden ngedumel ngek-ngek ngelngelantur ngelayap ngelayat ngeledek ngelendot

1 beg while singing playing musical instruments or reciting prayers. 2 be persistent (like a singing beggar). (Coll., Menado, N. Maluku) you (singular). agape. see KANGEN. mumble to o.s. 1. (Java) until. 2. (Coll.) be a lackey. see KANTUK. gasp for breath, pant. (Coll.) see MENGAPA. (M) chasm, gorge. see HARAP. see ARIT. /ngarso dalem/ (Java) the sultan (of Yogya). (Jakarta, Sunda) understand, comprehend. sound of s.t. resonating (airplane, etc.). do s.t. haphazardly or without basis. see KAYAU 1,2. see also entries with e-. or the root alone. sound of a baby crying. (Coll.) want s.t. intensely, desire s.t. very stroungly see KEBLUK. (Jakarta) see BODO 2. (Java, Jakarta) strain during bowel movement. grumble, complain under o.’s breath. sickly. see also entries ngl-, l-. 1 stray (from a path). 2 digress. (Jakarta) wander around. make a visit of condolence. (Jakarta) tease. hang on to (arm, sarong edge, etc., e.g. a child hanging on to his mother).

ngelesot ngelindur ngelmu ngeloneng ngelotok ngeloyor ngelu ngeluyur ngemong ngemut ngenes ngengap ngengat

(Java) sit on the ground or floor. (Java, Jakarta) talk in o.’s sleep. esoteric knowledge. see LONENG. (Jakarta) burst open (of fruit). 1 (Jakarta) slither. 2 (Coll.) leave without saying goodbye. (Java) have a headache. 1 loaf around, stroll about without purpose. 2 hang around. see EMONG. see KEMUT 2. (Java) deeply saddened. gasp for breath, pant. moth.

ngenger ngengkel ngentit ngentot ngenyek ngeong ngepas ngepiah ngepot ngepres ngerngeram ngeran ngereh ngerem ngeres ngeri ngerokok nges ngeslong ngetem ngeteng ngetop ngetrek nggak ngglenggem nggreges nggrengseng ngiang ngiau ngibrit ngibul ngicip ngijo ngik-ngik ngikik ngiler ngilu ngincer ngiprit ngirab ngiung-ngiung

(Java) live with s.o. (esp. relatives) and do chores in return for room and board. see ENGKEL. (Coll.) shortchange s.o. cheat s.o. see ENTOT. see ENYEK. meow. 1 try clothes on. 2 fit (of clothes). 3 be just enough. see PIAH. see KEPOT 1. 1 tight (of clothing). 2 urgent. see also entries r-. see ERAM. see KERAN 4. (Java) boss around. see REM. 1 (Java) unpleasant or irritating sensation due to sand or dust (of sand in o.’s sheets, dust in o.’s eyes, etc.). 2 (Coll.) touching, sad. 1 horrified. 2 horrifying. smoke s.t. (Java) very agreeable. see SLONG. wait for sufficient numbers (of passengers). see KETENG. be on top. 1 operate a public vehicle along such a route. 2 drive a vehicle very fast. (Coll.) no, not. see GLENGGEM 2. see GREGES. see GRENGSENG. sound of whining or steady humming. meow. (Coll.) run out of a place. tell a lie. see ICIP. see IJO 1. 1 sound of squeaking or screeching (e.g. asthmatic wheezing, violin screeching, etc.). 2 suffer from asthma. see KIKIH. see ILER. pain, smart. see INCAR. (Sunda) marry a beautiful woman who is in reality a supernatural snake that can make her husband rich. see KIRAB 2. 1 sound of a siren, etc. 2 motorcade.

nglnglomprot nglunjak ngluyur ngo ngobrol ngoceh ngocok ngok ngoko ngolor ngomel ngomong ngompol ngompoli ngompyang ngoni ngorok ngos-ngosan ngot-ngotan ngotot ngowos ngoyo ngrasani ngreh ngrewes ngublak-ngublek ngubleg-ngubleg ngudang nguing-nguing nguler ngunduh ngungu ngupil ngurek ngut-ngut ngutngit ni niaga niagawan nian niat nibung nica

see also with kl-, l-. be sloppy. insolent, impertinent. see KELUYUR. (China) I. see OBROL. talk nonsense. (Coll.) 1 shake, mix, rub. 2 masturbate. (Jakarta, Sl.) loud smacking kiss. (Java) speech level of Java used among intimates or when speaking to certain people of lower status. see KOLOR. see OMEL. see OMONG. wet the bed or o.’s pants. make s.t. wet by urinating in it. grumble angrily (continuously). (Coll., Menado, N. Maluku) you (plural). snore. (Coll.) gasp and pant. 1 unpredictable. 2 furious. see OTOT 2. (Coll.) 1 leak (of a tire). 2 talk nonsense. (Java) exert o.s. (Java) backbite, gossip about. (Java) look down on. (Java) tidak-ngrewes indifferent. (Java) turn upside down to find s.t. (Java) pester s.o. (Java) coo, talk babytalk. sound of siren. wormlike. see UNDUH. sound of repeated sobbing, choking etc. 1 pick o.’s nose. 2 form scab on a wound. 1 (Java) gnaw. 2 (Coll.) be inguisitive. (Lit.) nervous movement of mouth, twitch. gnawing. (Bali) respectful title for women. 2. (China) you. 3 see NIH. commerce, trade. trader. very, really. intention, plan, aim. berniat intend. k.o. palm, the nibong. /nika/ [Netherlands Indies Civil Administration] postwar adminitrative system imposed by the Dutch in occupied territories.

nifas nigong nih nihil nihilis nihilisme nihilistis nik nikah nikel nikmat nikotin nil nila nilai

1 childbirth, porturition. 2 (Islam) the 40-day period after childbirth during which sexual intercourse is forbidden. dental plaque, film adhering to teeth. 1 particle pointing to s.t. nearby. 2 see INI. nothing, nil. nihilist. nihilism. nihilistic. see NONI. 1 marriage, wedding. 2 marry. nickel (metal). 1 comfort, luxury. 2 deeply enjoyable, pleasant. 3 (Islam) grace. nicotine. Nile. blue dye, indigo. 1 price, value. 2 school grades. 3 percentage, ptoportion. 4 moral value.

nilakandi nilam

1 sapphire. 2 sapphire blue, azure. 1. k.o. shrub yielding fragrant oil, patchouli. 2. see BATU. 3. see BURUNG.

nilem nilep nilon nimbrung

see NILAM 1. take s.t. on the sly. nyilon. (Coll.) join on in conversation where o. is not wanted, butt into discussion.

ninabobo ning ning-neng ningrat ningratisme nini ninik ninik-mamak ninitowok

/ninabobok/ lullaby. see NENG. /ning-nong/ sound of jiggling such as horse drawn carriage, etc. nobility, aristocracy. feudal way of thingking and behaving. see NENEK. (China) term of address for liitle girl. (M) village elders. /ninitowong/ (Java) 1 k.o. spirit possession involving figure made of coconut shell. 2 such a figure of coconut shell. [Nomor Induk Pegawai] 1 official registry number of civil servants. 2 letter of appointment for civil servant thatch palm, nipa palm. 1. see TIPIS 1. 2. see JERUK. (Coll.) Japan. 1. (Coll.) kidney. 2. (Lit.) not, non. sap obtained by tapping inflorescences of various palms used to make sugar. anhydrous. insensible. meaningless. apathy.

nip nipah nipis nipon nir nira nirair nirakal nirarti nirasa

nirbangun nirbau nirbhaya nirgelar nirhawa nirlaras nirleka nirmala nirmana niru nirwana nirwarna nisan nisbah

amorphous. odorless. without danger. nondegree. without air. disharmonious. prehistoric. clean, pure. mode. 1. see TIRU. 2. see NYIRU. nirvana. colorless. gravestone. 1 family name, name descriptive of origin or relationship. 2 (Fin.) ratio.

nisbi niscaya niskala nista nitis

/nisbiah/ relative, proportionate. certainly, surely. abstract, immaterial. 1 insult, abuse. 2 stigma. 3 insulted, humiliated. 1 ( Java) become incarnate. 2 (Coll.) descend into o.’s offspring (of traits, etc.) (Chem.) nitrate. see PAPUA NUGINI. the level of s.t. /niyogo/ (Java) performers in gamelan orchestra. (Java) form a thin line, like a thin line. see JELIMET. [Normalisasi Kehidupan Kampus] a gvt. measure to reduce student militancy in late 1970’s. [nona] Miss. (China, Jakarta) two, in commercial transactions. no-ban 20,000. no-cap twenty. no-ceng 2,000. see NO. royal drum used at installation ceremonies. see NO. 1 stain, spot of dirt. 2 shame, disgrace. /nodule/ (Med.) nodule. (Jakarta) perforate, pierce. see DENOK. 1 dot, poiunt. 2 period (of punctuation) nought, zero. /nomaden/ nomad, nomadic. see NOMER. nomenclature. 1 number. 2 issue (of a periodical). 3 number in a musical show. nominal (in statistics, research, mathematics). see NOMER.

nitrat niugini nivo niyaga njelirit njlimet nkk nn. no noban nobat nocap,noceng noda nodul nojos nok noktah nol nomade nombor nomenklatur nomer nominal nomor

nompang nomplok non non-aliansi non-eksakta non-formal nona

nonaktif none nongkrong nongol noni nonius nonok nonpribumi nonsen nonton nonya noot nopember nopol nora norit norma normal normalisasi norotos norwegia nostalgi nostalgis not nota nota-bene notariat notariil notaris notasi notes notifikasi notilen notok

see TUMPANG. (Coll.) be s.w. in large quantities. 1. (Pol.) noncooperative. 2. nun. 3. see NONI. nonalliance. (Acad.) pertaining to humanities and social sciences rather than exact sciences /non-formil/ 1 outside the regular system, irregular. 2 (Coll.) informal. 1 miss, unmarried European, China, or Westernized well-to-do Indonesian girl in Western dress. 2 term of address for such women. 3 (Ambon) unmarried woman. inactive, laid-off. (Jakarta) see NONA. 1 (Coll.) squat. 2 (Coll.) sit around doing nothing , hang out. 3 idle, not in use. (Jakarta) stick the head out, appear, be conspicious. /nonik/ (Coll.) 1 young girl, esp. European or in European clothes. 2 affectionate term of address for such a girl, esp as nik or non. (Tech.) vernier. (Jakarta, Vulg.) vagina. of foreign descent, nonnative (esp. referring to ethnic Chinese). nonsene, ridiculous. see TONTON. see NYONYA. /not/ see NOT. November. [nomor polisi] vehicle registration number. /norak/ (Jakarta) tacky, in bad taste, vulgar, lower than normal. general term for carbon-based medicine for stomach problems. norm, standard. normal. normalization. sound of firecrackers. Norway. /nostalgia/ nostalgia. nostalgic. musical note. 1 note. 2 statement of account, bill. 3 memorandum. nota bene. office of notary. notarial. notary public. notation. small notebook, notepad. notification. minute, notes (of a meeting). 1. (Java) to the very end. 2. see TUTUK.

notulen notulis novel novela novelis novis novisiat nr. nri nrimo nrp ntar ntb ntr ntt nu nuansa nubuat nudis nudisme nuduh nuftah nugat nugini nuh nujum nukhter nukil nuklir nul numpang numplek nun nunak-nunuk nuntius nunut nur nuraga nurani nurbisa nuri nurmala nus nusa nusakambangan

see NOTILEN. recorder of the minutes of a meeting. novel. novella. novelist. novice. novitiate. [nomor] number. [Negara Republik Indonesia] Republic of Indonesia. see NERIMO. [Nomer Registrasi Pokok] soldier’s registration number. (Coll.) see SEBENTAR. [Nusa Tenggara Barat] Western Lesser Sundas. [Nikah, Talak, Rujuk] be married, divorced, and recorciled. [Nusa Tenggara Timur] East Lesser Sundas. [Nahdlatul Ulama] Association of Muslim Scholars, a Muslim political party of the 1970s. nuance. (Rel., Islam) prophecy, divine revelation. nudist. nudism. see TUDUH. (Biol.) germ, sperm. nougat. see PAPUA NUGINI. (Bib.) Noah. fortune-telling, esp. with stars. objective, balanced (of views, etc.). 1 quotation, quote. 2 excerpt. (Phys.) nuchlear. see NOL. see TUMPANG. 1 pour out, empty all at o. time. 2 be splled out, be in a huge crowd in a place. (Lit.) younder. (Coll.) 1slow in doing s.t. 2 snoop around. papal nuncio. (Java) ride along with. (Lit.) light, ray of light. sympathy. 1 lustrous, illuminated. 2 pure. 3 inner. (Lit.) antidote, esp. charm or incantation against venom. k.o. parrot. see NIRMALA. k.o. flat-headed squid. island, esp. in island names. a penal island off the S. coast of Java.

nusantara nusra nusrabar nusrateng nusratim nusteng nusus nutrisi nutrisionis nuzulul-qur’an nv nyny. nya nyabun nyadran nyah nyaho nyai

1 archipelago. 2 the Indonesian Archipelago. [Nusa Tenggara] the Lesser Sundas. [Nusa Tenggara Barat] Western Lesser Sundas. [Nusa Tenggara Tengah] Central Lesser Sundas. [Nusa Tenggara Timur] East Lesser Sundas. [Nusa Tenggara] the Lesser Sundas. /nusyur/ (Islam) disobedient (of wives, esp. with regard to granting of conjugal rights). nutrition. nutritionist. (Islam) day commemorating descent of the Koran. [Naamloze Vennootschap] Inc., Ltd. see also entries with s-, c-. [Nyonya] Mrs. see NYONYA. see SABUN 1. see SADRAN. 1 see ENYAH. 2. see NYONYA. (Jakarta) 1 know, understand. 2 find out the hard way. 1 term of reference and address for concubine of european or China in colonial period. 2 (Java) respectful term of address to older woman.


1. (Jakarta) term of address and reference for o.’s mother. 2. see NYONYA.

nyala nyalang nyalangwadi nyale nyali nyaman nyambi nyamikan nyampang nyampoh nyamuk nyana nyandu nyang nyangkut nyanyah nyanyi nyap-nyap nyaring nyaris nyaru nyasar nyata

flame. clear (of vision). (Java) arousing suspicion, having s.t. secret about it. see SALAI. 1 gall, bile. 2 guts, daring o. shows in a crisis situation. pleasant, comfortable. see SAMBI. /nyamii’an/ 1 (Java) sweet anacks, candy. 2 (Coll.) mistress. in case, just in case, by chace.1 supposing that, if 2 (Lit.) although. k.o. tree. mosquito. nyamuk-pers newspaper reporter. expect, presume, think. see CANDU. (Coll.) see YANG 1. nyangkut (Java) me-nyanyah chew. sing. (Jakarta) angry. 1 high-pitched, piercing. 2 (Ling.) sonorant. nearly (of s.t. unpleasant). disguised. see SASAR. 1 obvious, evident. 2 real, tangible.

nyatut nyawa nyawang nyekar nyelang nyelekit nyelonong nyelonong nyemek-nyemek nyemplak nyengir nyengir-nyengir nyeni nyeni nyentrik nyenyai nyenyak nyenyeh nyenyep nyepi nyepor nyepret nyepur nyeri nyerimpung nyerocos nyetek nyi nyilu nyinyir nyiplak nyiru nyiur nylentik nylon nyok nyolnyolan nyolok nyolong nyolot nyong


see CATUT. life-sustaining principle, soul. (Java) look. see SEKAR. see NYALANG 1, SELANG 1. (Java) offensive, tending to hurt o.’s feeling. see SELONONG. see SELONONG. become soggy. go to a prostitute. turn up o.’s nose, make a wry face (due to s.t. distasteful). see CENGIR. see SENI 1. see SENI 1. 1 eccentric, act in such a way that o. stands out as different. 2 (Coll.) stick out, be different from every o. else. loosely woven. be sound (of sleep). (Java) suppurating, not healing well (of wound). very quiet. 1. last day of Balinese calendar, when no work is done. 2. see SEPI. see SEPUR. see CEPRET. (Coll.) go by train. painful, sharp (pain). see SERIMPUNG. see CROCOS. see SETEK. (Java) respectful title for women. see NGILU. talkative, fond of chatting. see CIPLAK 1. k.o. flat basket. (Lit.) coconut. see SLENTIK. see NILON. (Jakarta) see AYO. (Coll.) unladylike (of coarse, mannish behavior). see COLOK 2. see COLONG. be blazing with anger. 1 (Ambon) young man. 2 (Ambon) polite term of address for males younger than speaker. 3 (Jakarta) term of address among intimate male friends. cheat on exams.


1 Mrs. (esp. of non-Indonesian, i.e. China, foreigners). 2 lady. 3 (Coll.) wife. 4 term of address (esp. as nya or nyah) for China and Western women.


(E. Indonesia) term of polite address for certain women of high status (e.g. minister’s wife, etc.). see SEREMPET. sip noisily, slurp. fall or slip down in mud headfirst. see CURENG. sensation of stabbing pain. (Java) be soggy (of s.t. that was crisp.). 1. the 15th letter of the alphabet. 2. 1) Oh, interjection expressing surprise. 2) oh that, interjection expressing perception or remembering. 3) interjection expressing strong emotional feeling. 3. (Lit.) oh, vocative marker. [Otomat] (Tel.) dial telephone. oasis. see UBAH. see UBAN. see KOBAR. 1 medicine, potion. 2 toiletry. 3 chemical preparation (e.g. cleaner, repellent, etc.). 4 gunpowder. screwdriver. obeng-belimbing/bintang/kembang Philips screwdriver.

nyrempet nyruput nyungsep nyureng nyut nyutnyut o

o. oase obah oban obar obat obeng oberal obituari oblak oblek obligasi oblok-oblok oblong obor obrak-abrik obral obralan obras obrol obros observasi observatorium obsesi obstetri obstetrikus obyek

see OBRAL. obituary. 1 (Java, Jakarta) spacious. 2 loose, not firm. (Jakarta) tremble. (Fin.) debenture, bond. 1 dish consisting of leftovers or vegetables mixed with spices. 2 (Coll.) offspring of an interethnic marriage. see KAOS 1. 1 torch. 2 (Lit.) guide. 1 destroy, ruin. 2 upset, tip over, turn upside down. 1 clearance sale. 2 do s.t. without prior consideration, be quick to do s.t. sale items. machine hemming. chat. (Coll.) lieutenant colonel. observation. (Astr.) observatory. obsession. (Med.) obstetrics. (Med.) obstetrician. 1. 1) object, thing. 2) (Ling.) object. 3) object, aim. 2. earning on the side, moonlighting.

obyekan obyektif obyektivisme obyektivitas oc. ocak-ocak oceanografi oceanologi oceh ocehan odalan odeklonyo odiensi oditir oditur oditurat odoh odok odoklonyo odol ofensi ofensif oferte ofisial ofisiil ogah ogak-ogak ogal-agil ogal-ogalan oh oha ohm oi! oja ojeg ojo ojok ok okb okd

sideline business, a deal. 1 objective, unbiased. 2 objective, goal. objectivism. objectivity. 1. [opus citatum] op. cit. 2. [organizing committee]. (Java) choke. see OSEANOGRAFI. see OSEONOLOGI. babble, talk nonsense. twaddle, gossip. (Bali) temple festival. see ODOKLONYO. see AUDIENSI. (Coll.) see ODITUR. (Mil. Leg.) military prosecuting attorney, judge advocate. the office of the military prosecutor. 1 ugly. 2 very stupid. (Coll., Jakarta) take s.t. out from inside. cologne. (Coll.) toothpaste. (Mil.) offensive attack. /offensif/ 1 offensive (of behavior). 2 (Mil.) offensive attack. (Coll.) offer. (Sport) an official. official, formal. 1. (Java, Jakarta) be averse to. 2. meng-ogah shake s.t. to loosen it. (Lit.) jester. unsteady, shaky. see UGAL-UGALAN. see O 2. [orang hukuman] convict, prisoner. (Elect.) ohm. 1 hey there ! (interjection to call o.’s attention). 2 interjection to express astonishment or recognition. /ojah/ encourage, incite, egg on. /ojek/ motorcycle or bicycle used for public transport. (Java) do not. ojo-ngoyo ! Take it easy, do not work hard !. (Coll.) make s.o. do s.t. bad. /oke/ OK. [Orang Kaya Baru] nouveau-riche. [Organisasi Keamanan Desa] village security organization (in the 1960s.).

oke oker okey okm

see OK. ocher. see OK. [Orang Kaya Mendadak] nouveau-rich.

oknum okol oksid oksidasi oksigen oktaf oktan oktober oktroi okulasi okuler okulis okultisme okupasi olah

1 a person in a certain capacity, esp. with negative connotation. 2 (Rel., Lit.) person (of God). (Coll.) arm-wrestling. /oksida/ (Chem.) oxide. (Chem.) oxidation. (Chem.) oxygen. octace. octane. October. (Leg.) 1 patent rights. 2 sole agency or manufacturer rights. grafting. /okulir/ ocular. oculist. occultism. 1 (Lit.) job. 2 illegal occupation of land. 1. 1) manner, way of doing things. 2) trick. 2. olah-data data processing.

olahan olahraga olahragawan olahragawati olak olanda old-and-new

1) fickle. 2) whim, caprice. 1 sport. 2 physical exercise. sportsman, athlete. female athlete. circulation of surface water. olak-an whirling, eddying, turning. (Lit.) the Netherlands, Dutch. /ol en nu/ (Coll.) ber-old-and-new celebrate New Year’s Eve with a party.

oldcrack oldefo

/olkrek/ (Coll.) experienced (of old timer). [Old Established Forces] W. capitalist powers (Sukarno-era phrase).


1. 1) because of. 2) by (means or agency). 2. oleh-oleh gift brought back from a trip. 1 shaky. 2 having a strong roll (of ship). meng-oles spread s.t. oily on, lubricate. oles-an a smear. oil, esp. lubricating oil. k.o. filled doughnut. see OLI. oligarchy. oligarchic. (Coll.) person in charge of hibricating (on a ship, in a factory, etc.). (Sport) Olympiad. (Sport) Olympic. /olok-olok/ 1 joke, funny remark. 2 ridicule. see OLIMPIADE. 1. 1)(Coll.) term of address and reference for Western and westernized men, older than the speaker. 2) uncle, term of reference and address in westernized families and in certain regions. 2. (Elec.) ohm.

oleng oles oli olibol olie oligarki oligarkis oliman olimpiade olimpik olok olympiade om


1 (coll.) term of address and reference for grandmother. 2 (Coll.) grandmother, term of reference and address in westernized families and in certain regions. 3 (in some regions only) great-aunt.

ombak ombang-ambing ombyok ombyokan omel omelan omong ompol ompong ompreng

wave. bob up and down, oscillate. (Java) bunch. (Coll.) 1 those belonging to a clique, party, etc. 2 commonplace. grumble and complain. gripe, griping. 1 way of talking. 2 talk, say. (Coll.) urine expelled in bed or in o.’s pants. toothless (of mouths, combs, saw, etc.). 1. k.o. small basket made of bamboo. 2. operate office or gvt. vehicles for personal profit. unregistered public transportation. smoke. (Coll.) lamp chimney. honorary title among the Batak. turnover (in commercial enterprise). /omslah, omslakh/ cover (of magazine). see OMSET. 1) 100 grams. 2) ounce. curved thorn. masturbation. noisy sensation, stir. (Java) irrigate. (Java) peel, shell. fermanted cake made from soybean sediment. (Java) torch. /ondeh-ondeh/ k.o. round fried cake made of rice flour filled with sweetened ground mung beans sprinkled with sesame seeds. (jakarta) giant puppets used in parades. spare parts. subdistrict (in colonial area). estate (esp. in colonial era). slip or other k.o. skirtlike undergarment. (Java) ladder. hide. remote descendants. heaps, stacks, piles. 1 (Java) sit with legs dangling. 2 (Coll.) do nothing. pierced. (M) meng-ongkok-ongkok walk with a stoop. cost, expenses, charges. k.o. cake made of tapioca. [Ongkos Naik Haji] expenses for pilgrimage to Mecca.

omprengan omprong omprongan ompu omset omslag omzet on onak onani onar oncar oncek oncom oncor onde-onde ondel-ondel onderdil onderdistrik onderneming onderok ondo ondok oneng-oneng onggok ongkang-ongkang ongklok ongkok ongkos ongol-ongol onh

onkol ons onslah onta ontang-anting ontologi ontong ontslag onyah-anyih oom op opa

oper opera operasi operasional operasionalisasi operasionil operatif

/onkolen/ decarbonize. see ON. (Coll.) dismissal from a job. see UNTA. (Java) only child. ontology. (Java) the whole banana flower including petals. /onstslah/ see ONSLAH. (Java) dally, dawdle. see OM 1. [Otomat Pemerintah] gvt. telephone dialing system. 1 (Coll.) term of address and reference for westernized men same age as o.’s grandfather. 2 (Coll.) grandfather, term of reference and address in westernized families and in certain regions. 3 (in some regions only) greatuncle. see UPAH. k.o. fried crispy chip made from a roll of steamed rice or cassava. 1. opal. 2. (Naut.) tack. see UPAS 2. k.o. small urban bus or jitney. 1. (Java, Jakarta) attentive, careful. 2. see OVEN. 1 (Auto.) convertible car. 2 (Auto.) convertible with the top down. 3 (Coll.) scantily dressed, esp. having a low neckline. 1 transfer. 2 (Auto.) shift gears. 1 opera. 2 (Coll.) musical drama. 1 operation, campaign, action. 2 (Med.) surgical operation. operational. process of making s.t. operational. see OPERASIONAL. /operatip/ 1 protocol, set of instructions. 2 operative, come into effect.

operator operbelas operet opini opisil oplag

operator. overloaded. operetta. opinion. see OFISIIL. /oplah, oplak, oplakh/ 1 circulation (of periodical). 2 total printing (of book).

oplet opm

see OPELET. [Organisasi Papua Merdeka] Free Papua Organization, secessionist movement of W. New Guinea. tuck (in sewing). 1. 1) photograhic shot. 2) shooting. 2. hospitalization, be hospitalized. 3. see STOCK. (Sport) opponent. meat or chicken dish cooked with coconut cream and various spices.

opah opak opal opas opelet open openkap

opnaisel opname oponen opor

oportunis oposan oposisi opr opset opseter opsi opsihter opsinder opsir opspek opstib opsus optik optimal optimis optimisme optimistis optimum optimumisasi opyok opzhicter or orak orak-arik orang

orang-oranganmata oranye-krus orasi oratoris oratorium orba orbit orde ordinat ordner ordo ordonan

1 opportunist. 2 opportunistic. o. who opposes s.t. opposition. [Organisasi Pertahanan Rakyat] civil defense. 1.typesetting. 2. (Sport) off-sides. 3. meng-opset stuff (animals). 1. typesetter. 2 supervisor. option. see OPSETER 2. /opsiner/ supervisor on plantations, schools, etc. in colonial period, as term of address often siner. (Mil.) officer. [Orientasi Program dan Pengenalan Kampus] University Student’s Orientation. [Operasi Tertib] anticorruption operation. meng-opstib-kan bring order by cracking down on graft. [Operasi Khusus] special intelligence operation of the military. /optika/ optics. best, optimum. optimist, optimistic. optimism. optimistic. optimum. optimizing. (Jakarta) apply s.t. wet to the head. see OPSETER 2. [Olah Raga] sports. 1. uncoil, unfold. 2. (Jakarta) 1) shake s.t. violently. 2) bring s.t. to disorder. (Java) stir-fried cabbage with eggs. 1. 1) person. 2) follower, assistant. 3) one, s.o., an indefinite other party. 4) people in general. 5) numeral clasifier for humans. 6) (Ling.) person. 2. (Coll., Java) 1 because. 2 What are you (they) talking about ! (exclamation of disagreement). (Anat.) pupil of the eye. orange soda pop. oration. oratorical. reflective gathering with poetry reading, prayers, etc. to commemorate or protest s.t. [Orde Baru]sosiopolotical order in Indonesia since 1965. orbit. 1. sociopolitical or economic system. 2. /,order/ 1 order. 2 forced labor (colonial period). [Math] the y Cartesian coordinate. ring binder. 1 Catholic order. 2 (Biol.) order. /ordonans/ (Mil.) orderly.

ordonansi orek-orek org. organa organik organis organisasi organisator organisatoris organisir organisma organsa orgel orhiba ori orientalis orientasi orijinal orkeb orkes orkestra orla orloji orlon ormas ornamen ornitologi oro-oro orok

/ordonnansi/ decree, ordinance. /oret-oret/ (Java, Coll.) 1 doodling, graffity. 2 doodle. [orang] person. organ (musical instrument). organic. 1. organic. 2 organist. organization. organizer. organizational. organize. /organisme/ organism. k.o. fabric, organdy. organ (musical instrument). [Olahraga Hidup Baru] k.o. aerobics. k.o. bamboo. orientalist. orientation. /orisinal, orisinil/ 1 original. 2 the original (copy) of s.t. [organisasi kebudayaan] cultural organization. musical group. orchestra (of classical music). [Orde Lama] sociopolitical order during Sukarno era. see ARLOJI. a synthetic fabric, orlon. [organisasi massa] mass organization. 1 ornament. 2 jewelry. ornithology. 1. k.o. legume. 2. (Java) large, empty field. 1. (Jakarta, Sunda, Java) newborn baby. 2. (Jakarta) 1 snort, drone. 2 snore.

orok-orok orong orong-orong orpol ortodoks ortodonsi ortodonti ortografi ortopedi oseania oseanografi oseanologi oseng-oseng osilasi osio osmosa ot

k.o. sweetmeat made of steamed cassava. see URUNG. (Java) k.o. insect, mole cricket. [Organisasi Politik] political organization. orthodox. orthodontics. orthodontia. orthography. (Med.) orthopedics. Oceania. oceanography. oceanology. stir-fried with chili peppers. oscillation. see WESIO. /osmose/ osmosis. [Orang Tahanan] detained person.

otak otak-atik otak-otak otak-otakan otarki ote ote-ote otek oteng-oteng otentik otentikasi otentisitas oto otobiografi otobis otodidak otokrasi otokratis otokratisme otokritik otomat otomatis otomatisasi otomobil otomotif otonom otonomi otopet otopsi otorisasi otorita otoriter otot oval oven overlaping overste ovulasi owe oyak oyek oyok oyong oyot-oyotan

brain. tinker with s.t. snack made of seafood steamed in banana leaves. otak-otakan see AUTARKI. see OT. k.o. fritter filled with meat or seafood. 1. (Java, Jakarta) loose, esp. of teeth. 2. see IKAN. (Jakarta) k.o. insect. authentic. authentication. authenticity. 1. automotive vehicle, car. 2. cloth binder wrapped around infant’s stomach and chest fastened by strings. see AUTOBIOGRAFI. (Lit.) bus. autodidact, self-taught person. autocracy. autocratic. autocratism. self-criticism (Tel.) automatic dialing. 1 automatic. 2 automatically, of its own. automation. automobile. automotive (industry). autonomous. autonomy. toy scooter. see AUTOPSI. authorization. /otoritas/authority. 1 authoritative. 2 authoritarian. 1. 1) muscle. 2) tendon, sinew. ber-otot strong, very muscled. 2. (me)ngotot 1) persevere, persist. 2) be obstinate, stubborn. oval. (Coll.) oven. meng-oven bake in an oven. /overleping/ overlapping authority. /obros/ (Coll.) lieutenant colonel. (Biol.) ovulation. (China) 1 I, me (used by men only). 2 yes (used by men in affirmative answers). 1. (M) shake s.t. loose. 2. (Java) chase after. (Java) k.o. dish made from cassava. see OYAK 2. k.o. squashlike vegetable. (Java) various k.o. roots.

ozon p p’cis. p’cis. p. p3 p4

pa paal pabean paberik pabian pabila pabrik pacai pacak pacal pacang pacangan pacar pacaran pacat pace pacek paceklik pacet pacinko pacomberan pacu pacuk pacul pada

padah padahal padahan padam padan padanan padang

ozone. the 16th letter of the alphabet. [Perancis] France. [Perancis] France. 1. [pulau] (Geog.) island. 2. [pangeran] prince. see PPP. 1. [Panitia Penyelesaian Perselisihan Perburuhan] labor dispute arbitration committee. 2. [Pedoman Penghayatan dan Pengamalan Pancasila] guidelines for carrying out the principles of Pancasila. [Port Authority] the port area as a place of work (e.g. Tanjung Priok in Jakarta). act, deed. customs office. see PABRIK. see PABEAN. see APABILA. factory. pabrik-an manufacturer. sandalwood dust. 1. roasting spit. 2. mate (of animals). 3. skilled, experienced. slave. affiance. 1 fiance, fiancee. 2 partner (boy or girl). (Coll.) fiance or fiancee, boyfriend or girlfriend. 1 go put with members of opposite sex. 2 be boy and girlfriends. 3 engage. in sexual play. leech. (Java) the mengkudu tree and its fruit. see PACAK 2. 1 famine. 2 time of scarcity before harvest. 3 lack of s.t. important. see PACAT. k.o. gambling game in Japan. see COMBERAN. spur. pacu-jantung heart pacemaker. race. see PATUK. 1. hoe. 2. squeeze or press out. 1.1) at or to (person or instituation), have a feeling toward. 2) in the direction of to or on, from the surface, tip or edge of. 3) at, in (an abstract place). 4 at (a certain time). 5 preposition preceding complement of instransitive verb or noun. omen, warning. 1 whereas, but actually the case is. 2 besides. unfortunate result, just deserts. 1 extinguished. 2 calmed, suppressed, quenched. 1. equal ,match. 1) parable. 2) comparison. 2. border, frontier. 3. promise. 4 dishonest (in gambling). plain, field.

padas padasan padat padepokan paderi padi padma padri padu paduan paduk paduka padusi paedah paes paga pagan pagar pagarisasi pagelar pagelaran pager pagi pagina pagu pagut paguyuban pah paha pahala paham pahar pahat pahatan pahing pahit pahlawan pahlawati pai paidah paido paidon pailit paing pair pais

rock or a layer of hardened soil. cistern, vat. 1 solid, compact. 2 dense. see DEPOK. 1 (Rel.) Catholic priest. 2 Islam purists from W. Sumatra in the early 19th century. 1 rice plant, unhusked rice. 2 tiny, very small. padi-an grain. lotus. see PADERI. 1 solid, compact, fused. 2 in harmony. 3 resolute. fusion, combination, blend, synthesis. baseline. (Lit.) excellency. (M) woman, female. see FAEDAH. (Java) makeup (cosmetics). (Java) basket (hung up to preserve food). firm, solid. 1 fence. 2 hedge. program to provide fences. put on a show, present. show, presentation. see PAGAR. morning. page (of a publication). ceiling. 1 peck. 2 bite (of snake). 3 embrace (Java, sunda) association. see PAK 2. thigh. merit, reward for moral conduct. 1 understanding. 2 view, concept. 3 understand, know. teacart, tea wagon. chisel. carving, relief. see PAING. 1 bitter (in taste). hero, patriot. heroine. 1. pie. 2. (M) go. see FAEDAH. (Java) m-paido disparage, belittle. (Java) cuspidor. see PALIT1. 2d day of Java week. 1. pair-jantung (Med.) pulse deviation. 2. see PAYAR. cook in banana leaves over coals.

pait paitua pajajaran pajak pajang pajar paju pajuh pak pakai pakaian pakal pakam pakan pakansi pakar pakarya,pakaryan pakat pakcik pakde pake(k) pakem paket pakih paking pakir pakis pakking pakne pakpue paksa paksi paksina pakta pakter paktor paktur paku pakuk pakum pal pala

see PAHIT. 1 (Ambon) husband. 2 (Coll.) old man. name of kingdom in West Java. 1 tax. 2 monopoly or franchise given by colonial gvt. mem-(p)ajang dress window, display. mem-(p)ajang-i decorate. see FAJAR. see AJU. stuff, gorge. 1./pa`, pak/ 1) package, parcel. 2) pack. 2. lease, rent a right. 3. /pak/ charter, pact. 4. see BAPA. 1 involve the use of, with, by means of. 2 take (a certain food). 3 wear. 1 clothes, suit, uniform, dress. putty, caulking. see PAKEM 1. woof. holiday, vacation. expert in certain field. (blue-collar) worker, artisan, crafisman. 1. 1) agreement. 2) discussion, convention. 2. see PEKAT. uncle (younger brother or younger cousin of parent). (Java) uncle (older brother or older cousin of o.’s parent). see PAKAI. 1. taking hold well (of brakes). 2. source book for the Java shadow play stories. 1 parcel. 2 package, set of proposals that go together. see FAKIH. 1 gasket. 2 packaging. see FAKIR. k.o. edible fern. see PAKING. (Java) term of address to o.’s husband. /pakpui/ (China) divination. 1.1) force. 2) necessity, compulsion. 2. favorable opportunity. 1 axis. 2 pivot. north. pact. stall selling palm wine. see FAKTOR. see FAKTUR. 1. nail, spike. 2. k.o. edible fern. hit or cut with an axe. a vacuum. 1 lenght of about o. mile. 2 milestone. 3 pole. 1. nutmeg. 2. /sepala-pala/ if and so has already gotten started, been done to a certain extent (o. might as well go ahead and finish it, do it the whole way).

palagan palai palaikat palak palam palang palapa palar palawija paleh palem palen paleolitik paleontologi palet palindrom paling palis palit palka palma palsu paltu palu paluh palun palung palupuh palut pam paman pamarta pambek pamegat pamen pameo pamer pamflet pamili pamit pamong pamor pampang pampas pampasan

(Java) battleground. stew until tender. see PELEKAT. 1. 1) angry. 2) passionate, easily excited. 3) hot, feverish. 2. penis. 3. see FALAK. 1. stop a leak. 2. see PALEM. 1 crossbar. 2 bolt. 3 barrier. name of fruit Gajah Madah swore not to eat until kingdom of Majapahit was united. 1 consider sufficient, all right. 2 count on, hope for. crops planted as 2d crop in dry season. (Sunda) take care of a fighting or racing animal. palm. sundries, ready-made merchandise. (Geol.) paleolithic. (Geol.) paleontology. palette. palindrome. 1. the most. 2. turn. 1. avert o.’s eyes, turn o.’s face away. 2. polish. 1. bankrupt. 2. ointment. (Naut.) hold of a ship. palm (tree). false, counterfeit. 1 assistant. 2 acting, temporary holder of position. 1 hammer. 2 blow. 3 gavel. deep pool. embrace, hug e.o. 1 pool. 2 trough. 3 riverbed. palung-an manger. pounded bamboo. wrapped. [Perusahaan Air Minum] Municipal Water Corporation. uncle (esp. younger brother or younger cousin of parent). (Rel.) savior, redeemer. (Java) pride. patron. (Mil.) an officer of the middle ranks. 1 slogan. 2 saying, proverb. show off. pamer-an exhibition. pamphlet. 1 family. 2 relative. 1 farewell. 2 say goodbye. ber-pamit take leave. 1 guardian, o. who takes care of (us. gvt. official). 2 tutor. 1 pattern inherent in blade of good kris. 2 luster, prestige. 1 wide, broad. 2 obvious. reimbursement, indemnity. reparations payment.

pampat pamplet pamrih pamungkas pamur pan

pancasilais pancasona pancawarna pancawarsa pancawindu pancer panci pancing

press, squeeze. see PAMFLET. 1 profit, reward o. gets for doing s.t. 2 purpose, what o. is after. 1 (Java) final (part). 2 deadly, s.t. that finishes s.t. off. see PAMOR. 1. oven heated with charcoal. pan-pan-an baked in a charcoal oven. 2. (Jakarta) see KAN 1. 1 stupified, stunned. 2 stunned, impressed. bow (and arrow). archery. see PUNAKAWAN. stunned, surprised. 1 warm, hot, heat. 2 fever, feverish. 3 critical. 4 fierce. see PENASARAN. see FANATIK. see FANATISME. skin fungus causing white blotches. 1 penta-, quinti-, five. 2 hand. ber-panca wrestle by pushing o.’s opponent with the hands. the five senses. crematorium. press down on with foot, step on (the gas). pedal. (Spo.) five principles. pentathlon. multifaceted. 1 pole, stake, pile. 2 boundary pole. various, motley, all k.o. pancaran jet. transition period, esp. between monsoons, periods of life, etc. the five basic principles of the Republic of Indonesia: the belief in o. God Almighty, humanity that is just and civilized, the unity of Indonesia, democracy guided by the wisdom of referensentative deliberation, social justice for all Indonesians. o. who is an enthusiastic follower or supporter of Pancasila. invulnerability to death. multicolored. five-year period. a period of 40 years. 1 keep s.o. waiting. 2 leave s.t. going. pan. 1 fishing rod. 2 fishhook. pancing-an elecitation, provocation, inducement.

pancit panco pancoleng

squirt little by little. arm wrestling. thief.

pana panah panahan panakawan panar panas panasaran panatik panatisme panau panca pancaindera pancaka pancal pancalan pancalogi pancalomba pancamuka pancang pancaragam pancaran pancargas pancaroba pancasila

pancong pancung pancur pancuran pancut pancutan pandai pandak pandan pandang pandangan pandega pandemen pandir pandita pandom pandu panduan panekui panekuk panel panelis panembrama

see KUE. 1 train of dress, shirttail. 2 angular, cut off sharply. gush, spout, pour out or down. 1 shower. 2 jet, spray. 3 tap. gush. spray, gush, spurt. 1. 1) bright, smart. 2) capable. 3) know, know how. 2. goldsmith. short. pandanus. a look. 1 view, opinion. 2 s.t.o. sees. 1 employees on a fishing vessel. 2 Boy or Girl Scouts of highest rank (aged 15-17 years). see FONDAMEN. stupid, naive. 1 (Bali) Hindu priest. 2 (Lit.) title of a palace rank. compass. 1 guide. 2 Boy or Girl Scout (in former times). 1 escort. 2 pilot (project). (M) see PANEKUK. crepe, pancake. 1. panel (discussion). 2. panel of wood. panelist. (Java) song welcoming a celebrity opening an important event, etc.

panen pang panga pangab

1 harvest. 2 reap a nice profit. sound of drum. wide open. [Panglima Angkatan Bersenjata] Commanderin Chief of the Armed Forces.

pangabekti pangad

(Java) homage. [Panglima Angkatan Darat] Commander in Chief of the Ground Forces.

pangah pangalungan pangan pangdam pangeran pangestu panggak panggang panggar panggeng panggih panggil panggul panggung

open the mouth in astonishment. (Sunda) money thrown by spectators to actors or dancers. food. [Panglima Daerah Militer] Territorial Military Commander. 1 prince, lord. 2 (Crd.) jack. (Java) 1 blessing. 2 spiritual movement originating in Central Java. proud of s.t. or s.o. 1 baked, roasted. 2 toasted. raised framework, us. used for drying fish. (Jakarta) constant, regular, unchanging. (Java) ritual meeting at the wedding of a couple being married. 1 call, summon, send fors.o. 2 name, call. (Anat.) hip, pelvis. 1 stage, raised platform. 2 grandstand. 3 scaffolding.


1 base, beginning, starting point. 2 cause. 3 base point. 4 (Elect.) pole.


pangku pangkung pangkur panglima pangling panglong pangon pangonan pangreh-praja pangsa pangsan pangsi

1 place to start out from, bridgehead. 2 quay, anchorage. 3 (Mil.) base (for armed forces). get a haircut. haircut or other trim given. 1 rank, position. 2 step, grade (in advancement). 3 floor, story. 4 platform. 5 (Math.) degree, power. /pangking/ raised area in room for sleeping. (Java) wooden base of gamelan. [Panglima Komando Pemulihan Keamanan dan Ketertiban] Commander for the Restoration of Peace, Security, and Order. lap. hit with a club. 1 pickax. 2 mattock, hoe. (Mil.) commander. (Java) fail to recognize. lumber mill. shepherd. pasture. civil service. segment, section (of fruit). see PINGSAN. 1. reel, drum, shaft. 2. 1) k.o. collarless shirt. 2) (China) k.o. black silk.

pangsit pangsiun pangti pangur pangus panguyuban panik panil panili panitera paniteratama panitia panjak panjang panjar panjaran panjat panji pano panorama panser pansiun

(China) k.o. wonton or ravioli. see PENSIUN. [panglima tertinggi] (Mil.) commander in chief. 1 rasp, file. 2 tooth filing. dashing, handsome. see PAGUYUBAN. panic. see PANEL 2. vanilla. 1 clerk of court. 2 registrar. chief secretary. /panitya/ committee. a player in gamelan. long, length. cash advance. down payment. climb. /panji-panji standard, banner, pennant. see PANAU. panorama. (Mil.) armored vehicle. see PENSIUN.

pangkas pangkasan pangkat pangkeng pangkon pangkopkamtib

pantai pantak pantalon pantang pantar pantas pantat pantau pantek pantekosta pantes panti panti-asuhan pantik panting pantis panto pantofel pantok pantomim pantul pantulan pantun

panu panus panutan paohi pap papa papah papak papakan papan papar paparan papas papaya papeda papi papilyun

beach, coast, seashore. mem-pantak penetrate. (Lit.) long trousers. 1 prohibition, forbidden by taboo. 2 avoidance of s.t. taboo. being of the same age as. 1 proper, suitable. 2 reasonable, fair, proper. 3 alert, smart. 4 of course ! no wonder !. 1. 1) behind, bottom, buttock. 2) back part of s.t. 3) base. 2. mem-pantat getah gather rubber. monitor s.t., observe. see PANTIK 1. (Rel.) 1 Whitsuntide, Pentecost. 2 Pentecostal sect. see PANTAS. 1 (Lit.) house, residence. 2 institution, home. orphanage. 1. 1) strike fire. 2) snap o.’s fingers. 2. drill (a well). 1. fall away in numbers. 2. see PONTANG-PANTING. mascara. (Biol.) annual growth ring (on trees). /pantopel/ slippers (with closed toes). the endmost, bottommost, furthest point. pantomime. bounce back, bounce off. 1 reflection. 2 rebound. k.o. traditional poetry, each verse of which consists of two couplets: the first suggests the 2d by sound or other similarity. It is often sung in contests where a boy addresses a quatain to a girl who must answer with a quatrain of her own. (Java) see PANAU. holder for candle or lamp. s.t. to follow, guide, leader. see PAUHI. popping sound. 1. poor, destitute. 2. father, esp in Westernized families. supported. papah-an a support to lean on. 1. flat, level, smooth. 2. ber-papak meet. 1 meeting. 2 welcome, reception. 3 run into, meet. 1. 1) board, plank. 2 shelf. 3 (road) sign. 2. housing, shelter (as basic human need). flat, level. 1 shelf. 2 explanation. 1. 1) remove, take off. 2) take everything away. 3) resist. 4) criticize. 2. meet without stopping. papaya. (Ambon) sago porridge. (Coll.) father. see PAVILYUN.

papirus papras papua-nugini para para-para parabola parabolis paradam parade paradigma paradoks paradom paraf parafin parafrase paragraf parah paraji parak paralel paralelogram param parama-arta paramanusia paramasastera parameter paran parang parap paraplegia paras parasit parasitisme parasitologi parasut parasutis parau pardon pare parem parewa parfum pari paria parik

papyrus. trim, cut to even out. Papua New Guinea. 1. rubber. 2. collective marker referring to people who comprise a group. 3. (Mil.) 1) paratrooper. 2 specially trained troops. loft, shelf over the hearth. (Math.) parabola. (Math.) parabolic. see PERDOM. parade. paradigm. /paradoksal/ paradoxical. see PERDOM. initials. paraffin. paraphrase. paragraph. in serious condition. (Sunda) midwife. 1 difference. 2 partition. 3 interspace. 4 entering a time or era. parallel. (Math.) parallelogram. medicinal powder or ointment, or liquid to rub on body. see AMBEG-PARAMA-ARTA. human race. grammar. parameter. 1 direction. 2 goal, aim. approach, go to. 1. short machete, chopping knife. 2. k.o. fish, the wolf-herring. 1. hammer, pound. 2. see PARAF. (Med.) paraplegia. 1 face, countenance. 2 looks, appearance. 3 smooth. 1. parasite. 2. see PARASUT. parasitism. (Biol.) parasitology. parachute. parachutis. hoarse. clemency, pardon. bitter melon or momordica, a green bitter and warty squashlike vegetable which grows on vines. see PARAM. street-corner loafer. perfume. 1. rayfish, skate. 2. see BINTANG. pariah. in line, in a queue.

parikan paripurna parisadha-hindu-dharma-pusat parit paritas pariter pariwara pariwisata pariwisatawan parji parket parkindo parkir parkiran parkit parlemen parlementer parlementerisme parlente parmasi parmusi paro,paroh paroki paron parpol parpostel parsi parsial,parsiil. partai partikel partikelir partisipasi partitur partner partus paru-paru paruh parun parut parutan parvinu parwa pas pasah pasahan

/pari’an/ (Java) aphorism. 1 perfect, pure. 2 complete. 3 plenary. highest administrative council of the Hindu-Bali religion. 1 moat, ditch, trench. 2 furrow, slit, groove. parity. having to do with a parity. advertisement. 1 tourism. 2 a tour. ber-pariwisata make a trip. tourist. see FARJI. parquet. [Partai Kristen Indonesia] Indonesian Christian party. 1 be parked. 2 be placed s.w. for a period of time. parking place. parakeet. parliament. parliamentary. parliamentarism 1. (Ambon) liar. 2. see PERLENTE. see FARMASI. [Partai Muslim Indonesia] Indonesian Muslim Party. half. se-paroh half, a part. (Rel.) parish. anvil. [partai politik] political parties. [Pariwisata, Pos, dan Telekomunikasi] Tourism, Postal, dan Telecommunications Department. Persia(n). partial (not complete). 1. (Pol.) party. 2. 1) (Sport) event. 2) a quantity of. (Ling.) particle, function word. private. participation. musical score. partner. (Med.) delivery. lungs. paru-paru-basah pleurisy. 1. beak. 2 see PARO. burn bushes or weeds to clear. 1 rasp, file. 2 scrape, grate. 3 scraper or grater. 1 board for scraping or grating. 2 s.t. scraped. parvenu, nouveau riche. chapter of the Mahabharata. 1. 1) fit, be the right size. 2) exact, exactly. 3) axactly at. 2. pass, document. 3. (Bri.) pass. (Islam) divorce granted by religious court at wife’s request. shavings, excelsior.

pasak pasal

1 pin, peg, dowel. 2 bolt. 3 pivot, axis. 4 turning point. 1 paragraph, section. 2 (Leg.) article. 3 concerning, regarding, about.

pasamuan-suci pasang

the Catholic community. 1. pair, set. 2. 1) show off. 2) pose, be on o.’s best behavior. 3. rise (of tide). 1 show off. 2 pose, be on o.’s best behavior. resthouse for travelers. market. see PUSARA 1. 1) cemetery 2) grave 2 reins . 1 market. 2 (Java) five-day week. 3 hold a market, be market day. 4 of market quality, not of good enough quality to be sold in a specialty store.

pasang-aksi pasanggrahan pasar pasara pasaran

pasarean pasasi pasasir pasca paseban paseh paser pasfoto pasi pasibraka pasien pasif pasifik pasifikasi pasih pasik pasilan pasilitas pasip pasir pasirah pasisir paska paska-sarjana pasmen paso pasok paspal paspor pasrah passi

(Java) cemetery, grave. fare (on a bus, atc.) passenger. /paska, pasca/ pasca-sarjana postgraduate work. pasca-panen time after rice harvest. (Java) audience hall. see FASIH. (Tech.) compass to measure distance or describe a circle. photo of passport size. very pale. [pasukan pengibar bendera pusaka] group of model high school students recruited to raise. national flag on Independence Day. medical patient. passive. the Pacific. pacification. see FASIH. 1 criminal, bad. 2 crazy. ke-pasik-an sin. 1 tree epiphyte. 2 (Coll.) freeloader, parasite. see FASILITA. see PASIF. 1 sand. 2 beach or place covered with sand. pasir-an sandy. (S. Sumatra) village chief. see PESISIR 1, PASASIR. /Paskah/ Easter. see PASCA. lace. see PASU. supply (a certain commodity). [Ilmu Pasti dan Pengetahuan Alam] (Acad.) Mathematics and Natural Sciences. passport. submit to o.’s fate. passion.

passiva pasta pastei pastel pasti pastiles pastir pastor pastoral pastoran pastori pasu pasukan pasundan pasung pat pat-gulipat patah patahan pataka patal patas patatas patek paten pater pateri paternalisme paternalistis pateroli pati

liabilities. paste. pasta-gigi toothpaste. pate. meat-filled turnover. definite, certain. . lozenges. memp-pastir pasteurize. /pastur/ catholic priest. pastoral. pastoran parish house. bowl, basin. 1 (Mil.) troops. 2 group. 3 formation. Sundanese area. prisoner’s stocks. (Golf) putt. /patpat gulipat/ 1 shady deal. 2 (love) affair. broken. 1 facture. 2 broken fragment. 3 (Geol.) fault. standard, banner. [pabrik pemintalan] spinning factory. [cepat terbatas] fast semi-express bus or train. [Ambon) yams. frambesia, yaws. 1 patent. 2 (Sl.) admirable, tops. (Rel.) priest. see PATRI. paternalism. paternalistic. see PATROLI. 1. 1) starch. 2 core, essence. 2. [perwira tinggi] (Mil.) high-ranking officer.


1. 1) governor. 2) vice regent, chief minister to a king. 2. meek, submissive, docile. see ALFATIHAH. 1 slave. 2 (Lit.) I, me (very humble). 1 pole, shaft. 2 small adze. 3 stinger of a fish. pole, stake. 1 pole. 2 directive, standars, criterion. 3 postulate. pathology. /patologis/ pathologic. solder. patriot. patriotic. patriotic. patriotism. patrol.

patihah patik patil patok patokan patologi patologik patri patriot patriotik patriotis patriotisme patroli

patrum patrun patuh patuk patukan patung patungan patus patut pauh pauhi pauk paus pause paut pauze pav. pavilyun

cartridge. 1. cartridge. 2. (dress) pattern. obedient, submissive. 1 peck, bite. 2 grab with the beak. 3 manage to achieve s.t. bill, beak. 1. 1) image, statue. 2) sculpture. 2. chip in together to pay for s.t. joint venture. drain. 1 proper, fitting, decent, in line. 2 should, ought to. (Lit.) mango. (China) abalone. 1. hook. 2. see LAUK. 1. (Rel.) pope. ke-paus-an papacy. 2. see IKAN. (Thea.) intermission, entr’acte. closely joined. see PAUSE. [pavilyun] annex, portion (us. an extension) of home set aside as unit for rent.

pawai pawaka pawana pawang

parade. (Lit.) fire. (Lit.) wind. 1 o. endowed with magic powers. 2 o. with a special skill. 3 animal tamer.

pawiyatan paya payah payang payar payau payit payon payu payudara payung pb pbb pbe pbf pbh pc.

school, training center. swamp, marsh. 1 tired. 2 difficult, troublesome. 3 finding. s.t. troublesome. 1. large net. support s.o. in walking. cruise back and forth. 1 brackish. 2 salty, briny. see PALIT 1. shed, lean-to. (Java) in demand, sought after. (Lit.) (female) breast. 1 umbrella. 2 parachute. [Pengurus Besar] executive board. [Perserikatan Bangsa-Bangsa] United Nations. [Pasaran Bersama Eropah] European Common Market. [Pedagang Besar Farmasi] major pharmaceutical supplier. [Pemberantasan Buta Huruf] literacy campaign. [pour condoleance] legend written on cards expressing condolences.


1. [perang dunia] World War. 2. [pejabat] acting. 3. [Pendidikan Jasmani] physical education. 4. [Perusahaan Dagang] trading company.


[(Departmen) Pendidikan Dasar dan Kebudayaan] Department of Basic Education and Culture.

pdam pdank

[Perusahaan Daerah Air Minum] Municipal Waterworks. [Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan] Department of Education and Culture.

pdi pdn pdt. peang pebean pebila pebruari pecah pecahan pecai pecak pecal pecat peceklik pecel peci pecik pecinan pecok pecomberan pecun pecundang pecut peda pedadah pedagang pedagog pedagogi pedagogis pedah pedal pedalaman pedanda pedang pedar pedas pedat pedati pedato pede pedel

[Partai Demokrasi Indonesia] Indonesian Democratic party. [Perusahaan Dagang Negara] State Commercial Enterprise. [pendeta] (Rel.) minister. 1 flat (of head). 2 (Jakarta) worn off. /pebian/ see PABEAN. see APABILA. February. 1 broken, smashed. 2 be divided (in opnion). 3 crockery. 1 piece, frament, splinter. 2 fraction.. 3 utensils made of glass or porcelain. 4 s.t. broken up on s.t. else. vegetable similar to mustard greens. 1 damaged, dented, flat. 2 blind in o. eye. 1. squeeze, massage. 2. see PECEL. fired, dischaged. see PACEKLIK. salad made of blanched vegetables served with peanut sauce. see PICI. arise. (Coll.) Chinatown. 1. dented. 2. (Java) axe. see COMBERAN. see PEKCUN. be beaten (in a contest). whip. fish preserved in wet salt. chest (of medicine, cosmetics). see DAGANG 2. pedagogue. /pedagogik/ pedagogy. pedagogical. see FAEDAH. pedal. see DALAM. Balinese priest. sword. rancid. 1 hot, highly seasoned and spiced. 2 severe, biting. see PADAT. horse-drawn cart. see PIDATO. see PD3. marshall, leader of an academic procession. /pe`de`l/ (Jakarta) flat.


1 screen, cover. 2 pseudonym. 3 hypocrisy.

pedes pedet pediatri pediatris pedih pedis pedit pedoman pedot pedu peduli pedulian pedupan pedusi pedut peduta peer peg. pegagan pegal pegang pegar pegari pegas pegat pegawai pegel pegepe pegi pegimana pegon pegulat pegunungan peguyuban pehak pehcun pehong pejabat pejajap pejajaran pejal pejam pejera

see PEDAS. (Java) calf, heifer. /pediatrik/ (Med.) pediatrics. pediatrician. 1 smarting. 2 poignant. 1. pedas. 2. see PEDIH. see MEDIT. 1 compass. 2 orientation. 3 manual, directive. 4 catalog, bulletin of a university. (Java) broken off, in two. see EMPEDU. 1 pay attention, care about. 2 I do not care. indifferent. see DUPA. (M) woman, female. 1. sticky rice. 2 (Java) mist, fog. see DUTA. see PR 2. 1. [pegunungan] mountains. 2. [pegawai] employee. vine with edible leaves, often planted on sides of rice field bunds to prevent erosion.. 1 stiff, painful (of muscles after overuse). 2 weary, weariness. 3 annoyed, vexed, fed up. hold on. pheasant. visible. 1 spring. 2 carpet beater. 3 pedal in car. 4 brake. mem-pegat 1 stop, block. 2 intercept, interrupt. 3 divorce, break off engagement with. 1 official, gvt. employee. 2 employee, worker. see PEGAL. see PGP. see PERGI. (Coll.) see BAGAIMANA. Javanese written in Arabic characters. wrestler. mountain range. see GUYUB 1. see PIHAK. see PELCUN. 1 nasty. 2 k.o. venereal disease. functionary, official. Buginese war prow. (Jakarta) 1 evil spirit. 2 damn it !. 1 solid, firm (esp. of earth). 2 massive. closed (of eyes). sight of a weapon.

pejet pejompongan peju pejuang pek

pekerti pekgo pekik peking pekir pekis pekiwan pekojan pekoleh pektai pektiau pekuburan pekuk pekung pekuper

see PIJAT. see JOMPONG. semen, sperm. pejuang 1. (China) hundred (mainly used in commercial transactions). pek-go 150. pek-go ceng 150,000. 2. /pi/ see PIK. 3. see EMPEK. sensitive. see NAFKAH. (Lit.) lotus. deaf. kingfisher. see PERKAKAS. brake. 1 (weekly) market. 2 week. 3 period certain events are held or the events themselves. yard. relish made of meat, fish, or fruit preserved in vinegar or salt and kept for some time. 1 thick, concentrated. 2 tough. 3 strong (of coffee). scream. see PIK. (China) the dragon-boat festival on 5th day of 5th lunar month. worker, laborer, employee. 1 work, task, activity. 2 job, occupation. 3 operation, working, action (of medicine, a chemical, liquor).4 celebration, feast (a wedding, anniversary, etc.). 5 endeavor. 6 employment. 1 character, nature. 2 bad character. see PEK 1. yell, scream. whine, howl. see APKIR, FAKIR. utter a shrill cry. (Java) toilet. 1 Arab trader. 2 area where merchants live. efficient. (China) leukorrhea. see PIK. cemetery. graveyard. deformed (of hand or foot). 1 foul-smelling ulceration. 2 tumor. [Pelaksana Kuasa Perang] military authority under wartime conditions.

pekur pel pelpelabaya pelabi

muse, meditate. 1. field. 2. kain-pel mop. 3. see PIL. see also entries with pl-. hangman, executioner. 1 excuse, alibi. 2 dishonest trick.

peka pekah pekaja pekak pekakak pekakas pekam pekan pekarangan pekasam pekat pekau pekban,pekcap,pekceng pekcun pekerja pekerjaan

pelabuhan pelabur pelaburan pelacur pelacuran peladang peladen pelaga pelah pelajar pelajaran pelak pelakat pelakon pelaksana pelaksanaan pelaku pelali pelamar pelambung pelaminan pelampang pelampiasan pelampung pelan pelana pelanan pelancong pelanduk pelanel pelang pelanggaran

1 anchorage. 2 harbor, port, dock. ration, portion. recurfacing (of road, street). whore, prostitute. prostitution. o. who works or owns such a field. waiter, servant. see KAPUL. speech impediment. /pelajaran/ secondary school student. 1 lesson, course. 2 training. 1. k.o. evil spirit. 2 there is no mistake. 3 not be able to escape from. /pe`lak/ see PELEK. see PLAKAT. 1 actor, actress. 2 performer. 3 doer. 1 implementer, executor, organizer. 2 producer. 3 manager, director.

pelangi pelangki pelangkin pelantak pelantar pelantaran

1 carrying out of s.t., realization. 2 implementation. 1 doer, agent. 2 (Ling.) subject. 3 (Thea.) performer, cast. o. who is forgetful. 1 suitor. 2 applicant. pitcher, thrower. dais on which the bridal couple sits. pavilion for outdoor entertainment. release. 1 float (on fishing line). 2 float, buoy. 1 slow. 2 soft (of voice). see PERLAHAN. /pe`lan/ see PEL1. saddle. slower, more slowly. tourist, sight-seer. mouse deer. flanel. see PLANG. 1 infraction, violation (of a rule, law). 2 trespass. 3 infringement (on a patent). rainbow. /pelangkin/ palanquin. tar, pitch. 1 piston rod. 2 ramrod. 3 ram, jackhammer. platform. 1 unroofed platform attached to house. 2 long bench. 3 scaffolding.

pelanting pelapah pelapor pelapukan pelas

roll everywhere. see PELEPAH. 1reporting. 2 commentary. 1 weathering. 2 corrosion. tie ropes together.

pelastik pelasuh pelat

pelatuk pelawak pelayan pelayat pelayatan pelbagai pelbak pelbed pelbegu pelda pelebaya peleceh pelecehan pelecok peledakan pelek pelekat pelekok pelekuh pelembungan pelembutan pelempap pelemparan pelencit pelengak pelengan pelengkap pelengsong pelepah

see PLASTIK. lazy person. 1 metal sheet. 2 license plate. 3 (Coll.) phonograph record. /pe`lat/ 1 speech defect. 2 speak with an accent. mackerel. see LATAH 1. [Pemusatan Latihan National] Centralization of National Training (for sports). 1 woodpecker. 2 trigger. comedian, jokester. 1 waiter, waitress. 2 sales clerk. 3 attendant. o. who pays his respects to the family of the deceased. condolence visit. various, all sorts of. see BAGAI. refuse bin. /pelbet/ see FELBET. pagan, animist. [Pembantu Letnan Dua] lower second lieutenant. see PELABAYA. flatterer. act of despising, insulting. sprained. explosion. /pele`k/ see PLEK. /pe`lek/ rim of wheel. see PLAKAT. /pele`kat/ sarong with plaid pattern. twisted. crooked. (Java) 1 balloon. 2 blown up gizzard. softening, toning down. breadth of the hand. 1throwing, hurling. 2 ejection. 1 being pressed. 2 be projected by being filiped. (Jakarta) surprised. (Anat., Jakarta) temples. 1 complement. 2 supplement. (Jakarta) deviate. stem and midrib of palm, banana leaves, stem of the banana bunch.

peler pelerai peleraian peles pelesapan pelesat peleset pelesir pelesit

see PELIR. 1 o. who moderates. 2 o. who breaks up fights. 1 separation . 2 (Mil.) disengagement. see PLES. deletion. dart away. see LESET. 1 take a trip. 2 go out for pleasure. 3 pleasure, amusement. 1 locust. 2 a spirit that sucks blood of unborn or newborn children.

pelata pelatah pelatnas

pelestarian pelet peletak-peletik peletak-peletok peleton pelihara peliharaan

1 perpetuation. 2 preservation, conservation. k.o. magic whereby a person is made to fall in love. make high-pitched knocking noise. make a knocking noise. platoon. 1 take care of, protect. 2 raise, rear. 3 keep, maintain. 1 things to be protected, cared for . 2 mistress. 3 pet, inmate (of zoo).

pelik pelikan pelikat peliket pelimbahan pelincir pelinggam pelintang pelintat-pelintut pelintir pelipir pelipis pelipit peliput pelir pelisir pelit pelita pelitur pelni pelo pelog pelojok peloksok pelolosan pelomba pelonci pelonco pelonggaran pelonjakan pelontos pelopor

1 peculiar, remarkable. 2 complicated. 1. mineral. 2. pelican. see PELEKAT. (Java, Jakarta) sticky. garbage dump, junkyard. lubricant. colored marble. (Java) catapult. see PLIN-PLAN. twist. edge. /pelipisan/ (Anat.) temples. hem. reporter. penis. pleat, pleated. stingy. 1 oil lamp. 2 light (in metaphorical sense). varnish, polish furniture. [Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia] National Shipping Lines. 1 lisp, bable. 2 have a speech defect. (Java) seven-tone gamelan scale. see PELOSOK. see PLOKSOK. escape. 1 contestant, competitor. 2 athlete. freshman girl. o. who is about to get a new status (e.g. as member of entering class, fraternity, etc.), freshman, pledge. relaxing. rise, jump (in production, price, etc.). bald and shiny (head). 1 pioner. 2 vanguard, forerunner. 3 (Mil.) shock troops. 4 ranger, scout.

pelor pelosok pelosot pelota pelotaris

bullet. 1 outlying place, remote spot. 2 corner. 1 fall down. 2 go down in price. jai-alai ball. jai-alai player.

peloton pelotot pelpen pelples pelpolisi pelu peluang peluberan pelucu pelud peluh peluit peluk pelumur pelumuran peluntur pelupa pelupuk peluru peluruh pempemabuk pemadah pemadam pemadaman pemahaman pemahatan pemain pemakai pemakaian pemakaman pemakan pemalas pemali pemampas pemanah pemanas pemancar pemancaran pemandian pemangkas pemangku pemanis pemantapan pemantik pemasaran

see PELETON. m-(p)elotot be big (of eyes). mem-pelotot-i look at with big eyes. measurement used by bricklayer to straighten wall. canteen, water container. rural constabulary. see PELUH 1. 1 opportunity. 2 quiet (of wind). overflowing (of water, etc.). wag, wit, jokester. [pelabuhan udara] airport. 1. impotent. 2. perspiration, sweat. 1 a whistle (device). 2 whistle (sound). 1 embrace. peluk-cium a hug and a kiss. 2 measurement of length of approximately o. fathom. lubricant. 1 staining, smearing. 2 pollution. laxative. forgetful person, s.o. absent-minded. cover, wrapper. kelopak-mata eyelid. 1 bullet. 2 projectile, missile. 3 (Sport) shot-put. emetic. see also entries with p-, m-. drunkard, a drunk. religious person. s.t. that extinguishes. extinguishing, putting out (of fire). comprehension. sculptor, carver. player, actor. 1 user, consumer. 2 wearer. 1 use, consumption. 2 application, usage. funeral, burial, interment. 1.eater 2.consumer. sluggard, lazy person pemali compensation. archer. heater. 1 fountain. 2 radio or TV transmitter. 3 radiator. action of broadcasting, radiating, emitting. bathing place. barber. 1 manager. 2 functionary. 1 sweetener. 2 cosmetics. 3 decoration. stabilization, consolidation. pemantik marketing.

pemasok pemasukan pematah pematang pembpembabaran pembagian

supplier. 1 registration, entering. 2 import. 3 introduction. 4 income. see PEPATAH. bund, dike between rice fields. see also entries with b-. 1 spread, development. 2 account, statement. 3 expose. 1 distribution. 2 (Math.) division. 3 allotment, division. 4 sharing, share.

pembalap pembalasan

racer. 1.reply,replying,response,responding2.recompense 3.revenge, retribution,retaliation,reprisal. generation (of energy). 1 helper, assistant. 2 (domestic) servant. 3 (Leg.) accessory, accomplice. 4 stringer (in journalism). 1 plunderer, pillager, robber . 2 soldier of fortune , adventurer . 1 diveider, circuit breaker. 2 restraint (of trade). 1 restriction. 2 delimitation. 3 curtailment. 1 nature , character , temperament. 2 talent , gift 3 transporting , delivery 4 result , consequence . hazing. protector. 1 act of caring for s.o. 2 protection. shopper. financing. sending off, dispatch. /pembrentian/ 1 discharge, disimissal. 2 stoppage. giver, donor, bestower. 1 gift, present. 2 conferral, awarding, bestowal (of degree). 3 distiibution, act of distributing. 4 issue. 5 giving, extending. blockading. [pemerintahan daerah] local gvt. 1 caretaker. 2 nurseryman. 1 care, maintenance.2 rearing, cultivation. 3 safeguarding. winner. cutting off the top or head. 1 showing, presentation. 2 staging. see PAMEO. exhibit. 1. milker. 2. reddening agent. 1 press. 2 exploiter. 1 pressing, squeezing. 2 extortion. 3 exploitation. s.t. that causes even distribution. even distribution. observer (for the purpose of study, etc.). 1 investigator, inspector. 2 ( Leg.) cross-examiner. 1(Leg.) investigation, inspection. 2 (Leg.) cross-examination, interrogation. 3 checkup, examination.

pembangkitan pembantu pembatak pembatas pembatasan pembawaan pembayatan pembela pembelaan pembelanja pembelanjaan pemberangkatan pemberhentian pemberi pemberian pemblokiran pemda pemelihara pemeliharaan pemenang pemenggalan pementasan pemeo pemeragaan pemerah pemeras pemerasan pemerata pemerataan pemerhati pemeriksa pemeriksaan

pemerintahan pemetaan pemetik pemetikan pemikatan pemilah pemilahan pemilik pemilikan pemilu pemimpi peminat peminta-minta pemintal pemintalan pemisah pemisahan pemogok pemogokan pemondok pemondokan pemotongan pemotret pemotretan pemppemrasaran pemuaian pemuda pemudah pemudi pemujaan pemuka pemukul pemula pemulangan pemunduran pemungut pemungutan pen

gvt, administration. 1 cartography. 2 mapping. 1 picker. 2 switch, trigger. picking, gathering. s.t. that entices, decoy. sorter. process of sorting. owner, proprietor. ownership, possession. [pemilihan umum] general elections. 1 dreamer. 2 escapist. devotee, interested person. begger. 1 o. employed in making thread or twine. 2 spinning wheel. 1 spinning. 2 spinning wheel. 1 arbiter. 2 referee. 3 s.t. that separates. 1 separation (of coiple). 2 isolation. 3 discrimination. striker. strike. boarder, tenant. lodgings. 1 butchering, slaughtering. 2 process of cutting, truncation. photographer. photography. see also entries with p-. see PRASARAN. expansion. see MUDA. 1 easygoing. 2 o. who is easygoing. young woman, girl. 1 place of sacrifice, temple. 2 worship, veneration. leader, promoter. 1 hammer, cudgel, beater. 2. o. who strikes. 1 initiator, originator. 2 beginner. 1 return, restitution. 2 repatriation. pulling s.t. back. collector. 1.harvest 2.collection 3.adoption. 1. 1) pin for holding s.t. together in surgery. 2) peg or dowel for joining wood or bamboo. 3) grenade pin. 2. pen-atom ballpoint pen.

penpena penabrak penabuh penabung penabungan

see also entries with t-, n-. 1 writing pen. 2 quill. s.o. who collides, esp. a driver. o. who strikes such a drum. a depositor. 1 savings. 2 process of saving money, setting aside s.t.

penabur penaburan penad penadah penadahan penadbir penadbiran penaga penagih penagihan penahan penahanan penajaman penak penaka penakaran penakawan penakluk penaksir penaksiran penakut penal penala penalaran penali penalti penambah penambahan penambal penambalan penambang

sower, spreader. diffusion, strewing. [Penerangan Angkatan Darat] Army Information (Office). 1 container, receptacle. 2 buyer of stolen goods. 3 (Sport) catcher. 4 (Sport) a bat. 1 process of storing liquids, etc. 2 passing on or buying of stolen goods.

penambangan penambat penambatan penambul penampakan penampan penampang

manager. administering, managing. see KAYU 1. creditor, dunner. pressing a claim. s.o. or s.t. that restrains or resists. 1 restraint. 2 detention, arrest. 1 sharpening. 2 exacerbation. see ENAK. as, for instance. act of measuring out. see PUNAKAWAN. conqueror, subjugator. appraiser. appraising, evaluation. coward, s.o. fainthearted. [Penerangan Angklatan Laut] Navy Information (Office). tuning fork. reasoning, intellectual activity. 1 binder. 2 (Lit.) conclusion. (Sport) penalty. 1 (Math.) enumerator, counter. 2 addition, extra.. increment, increasing. 1. o. who patches. 2 s.t. to patch with. act of patching. 1. miner. 2. 1) ferryman. 2) ferry. 3) s.o. engaging in transporting a small number of passengers (taxi drivers, pedicab drivers, etc.). 1. the activity of mining. 2. ferrying, transport. s.t. to tie with. act of tethering or mooring. threatrical performer, artiste. appearance. penampan 1 diameter or longitudinal plane through the center. 2 longitudinal section.

penampangan penampar penamparan penampi penampikan

profile. s.t. or s.o. that slaps. action of slapping. winnowing basket. act of refusing or rejecting.

penampilan penampung penampungan penanakan penanam penanaman penanda penandaan penandak penandasan penandatangan penandatanganan penanganan penangas penangasan penanggalan

1 presentation. 2 making o.’s appearance. 1. cross-section. 2. s.t. or s.o. who intercepts. 1 collecting and saving water, etc. 2 place that receives. 3 act of receiving or accommodating. s.t. to boil rice in. planter. 1 planting. 2 (Fin.) investment. 1 s.t. used as a sign. 2 (Ling.) marker. 1 signaling, giving a sign, designating. 2 (Ling.) markedness. female dancer in this dance. emphasizing. the signer, signatory. the signing. handling. steam bath. steaming. 1. 1) stripping, removal (of a cover, etc.). 2) (Lit.) k.o. ghost whose head separates and flies independently. 2. 1) calendar, almanac. 2) dating.

penangguhan penangguk

postponement, deferment. 1 fisherman who uses such a device. 2 o. who takes unfair advantage.

penanggul penanggulangan penanggung penanggungan penangis penangkal penangkalan

o. who tackles a problem, etc. tackling. 1 guarantor, backer. 2 sufferer. 3 o. who is insured. 1 trials and tribulationas. 2 assumption of responsibility. a crybaby. 1 amulet, charm. 2 preventive. preventive measure, esp. refusal of entry to a country to a potentially dangerous foreigner. captor, capturer, s.t. that catches. 1 catching. 2 arrest, seizure. 3 haul, catch (fish). s.t. which ward off. 1 repelling. 2 fending off (blows, etc.). s.t. used to fill s.t. up. ascending, climbing. challenger. act of challenging.. 1 (process of) waiting. 2 waiting room. interrogator, questioner. fermentation. a filter, sieve. filtering. a plane. dancer. 1 s.o. or s.t. that pulls, extracts, drags, etc. 2 s.t. interesting.

penangkap penangkapan penangkis penangkisan penangsel penanjakan penantang penantangan penantian penanya penapaian penapis penapisan penarahan penari penarik


1 drawing, pulling. penarikan-picu pulling of a trigger. 2 collection, drawing in. penarikan-pajak taxation. penarikan-diri withdrawal from an activity.

penaruh penaruhan penarung penasak penasaran

s.o. who places s.t. money box, strongbox. obstacle. styptic pencil. 1 angered (but suppressed), embitered. 2 be anxious to do or find out s.t.

penat penata penataan penatahan penatapan penatar penataran penatu penatua penautan penawan penawanan penawar

tired, weary, exhausted. s.t. or s.o. that puts s.t. in order. ordering, structuring. carving, inlaying s.t. gazing, staring. trainer, upgrader. 1 upgrading. 2 refresher course. laundryman. church elder. act of linking up. o. who arrests or subdues. captivation. 1. 1) magic or charm to remove effects of black magic. 2) antidote, disinfectant. 3) neutralizer. 2. bidder, bargainer. 1. 1) cure. 2) treatment of magic by incantation, etc. 3) neutralization. 2. 1) offer, bid, deal. 2) bargaining. the dancer. see also entries with c-. [penderita cacat] disabled person. 1. system of self-defense. 2. m-(p)encak-mencak jump up and down in a tantrum. see PANCAKA. o. who hoes. hoeing. disperse. 1distribution made. 2 dispersion. skew. crushed, smashed. 1 isolated, secluded. 2 desolate, remote. see PANCOLENG. slanted, skewed. pencong-mencong crisscross. 1 robbing. 2 looting. (Java) fall in love, be attracted to. see also entries with d-. mem-penda correct s.t. preface, introduction. 1 pass, defile. 2 path or steps up which o. climbs. 3 climbing. bury, hide away.

penawaran penayub pencpenca pencak pencaka pencangkul pencangkulan pencar pencaran penceng pencet pencil pencoleng pencong pencurian pencut pendpenda pendahuluan pendakian pendam

pendamen pendapa pendar pendaringan pendega pendek pendekar

see FONDAMEN. see PENDOPO. phosphorescent. /pe`ndar/ turn, go around. (Java, Jakarta) place to store rice. see PANDEGA. short. see DEKAR. 1 master of swordmanship or martial arts 2 champion .

pendengar pendepokan pendet pendeta

1 listener, audience. 2 (sense of) hearing. 3 telephone receiver. camp, dormitory. Balinese dance of welcome. 1 Protestant clergyman, Hindu or Budhist priest. 2 (Lit.) pundit, scholar.

pending pendirian

ornate belt buckle. 1 building, founding. 2 stand(point), convictions. 3 (Mil.) installation.

pendita pendopo

see PENDETA. large open structure in front of Java mansion, or attached open veranda that serves as an audience hall. inhabitant. (rug) beater. guesser. process of thickening. o. who fells trees. felling of trees. (Phys.) s.t. that disperses. 1 spread, spreading. 2 (Phys.) dispersion. 1 middleman who buys crops still standing in the field and who employs his own labor. 2 wholesale buyer of a product. damming up of s.t. 1 ransom. 2 o. who pays a ransom of makes compensation. 1 redemption. 2 compensation. s.t. that shades or shelters. providing shade or shelter. prohibition. upholder. maintenance. cultivation without irrigation. confirmation. 1 confirmation. 2 the act of strengthening. o. who addresses a meeting. s.t. or s.o. that stresses or emphasizes. 1 pressing, pressuring. 2 stressing, emphasizing. s.o. who is diligent about s.t. acting diligent about s.t. researcher. research.

penduduk penebah penebak penebalan penebang penebangan penebar penebaran penebas penebatan penebus penebusan peneduh peneduhan penegahan penegak penegakan penegalan penegasan peneguhan penegur penekan penekanan penekun penekunan penelaah penelaahan

penelah penelahan penelanan penelanjangan penelepon peneliti penelitian peneluran penelusur penelusuran penembak penembakan penembang penembusan penempa penempaan penempatan penempel penempelan penempuh

prophesier, forecaster. prophecy, prediction. swallowing. stripping, denudation. caller. researcher. 1 thorough, detailed examination. 2 research. egg laying, egg production. o. who traces paths. investigation. rifleman, marksman. 1 bombardment, shooting. 2 firing (of a missile). singer with gamelan orchestra. penetration. smith. forging. penempaan-mental forging of the intelect. 1 appointment, placement 2 stand, place to set s.t. 3 occupying, settling. 4 placing. instrument or person that sticks s.t. up. attachment, sticking. o. who attack, assumes some difficult task, or goes a certain distance.


the traveling of a certain distance, the undertaking of a difficult task.

penempur penemu penemuan penenang penendang peneng penengah

assailant. discoverer. 1 invention, innovation. 2 discovery. s.o. or s.t. that soothes and calms. penenang-saraf sedative. s.t. to kick with. peneng 1 mediator, arbiter. 2 o. with neutral attitude. 3 s.t. used to separate two sections. plowman. sinking, torpedoing.. 1 visitor. 2 observer. the opposition, opponent. 1 resistance. 2 opposition, conflicting. s.t. that soothes. 1 o. who determines s.t. 2 s.t. determining. act of determining s.t. weaver. fortune-teller. adjustment, correction. (act of) warding off. inspector of weights and measures. calibration. o. who explains.

penenggala penenggelaman penengok penentang penentangan penenteram penentu penentuan penenun penenung penepatan penepisan penera peneraan penerang


1 providing information. 2 explanation, clarification. 3 illumination, lighting.

penerap penerapan penerbang penerbangan penerbit penerbitan penerima penerimaan penerjangan penerjun penerjunan penerka penerkaan penerobos penerobosan peneror penertib penertiban penerus penerusan penetak penetakan penetalan penetapan penetasan penetes penetesan penetrasi pengpengabadian pengabai pengabaian pengabaran pengabdi pengabdian

o. who applies s.t. 1 assembling. 2 application. flyer, aviator. (Av.) flight. publisher. 1 publication. 2 publishing house. 3 edition, issue. 1 receiver. 2 (Coll.) resigned, acquiescent. 1 acceptance. 2 revenue. 3 reception. 4 receipt. act of lunging. jumper. jumping o. who guesses. guess, conjecture, supposition. 1 piercer. 2 burglar. 3 o. who cuts into a line or breaks a regulation. 1 a break-in, burglary. 2 breakthrough, act of penetration. terrorist. s.o. who keeps order. control, curb. s.o. or s.t. that continues s.t. 1 continuation, sequel, resumption. 2 continuity. o. who chops or hacks. hacking. making s.t. compact. 1 determining, decision, decree. 2 fulfillment. hatching. dropper. sprinkling, dispensing drop by drop. penetration. see also entries with k-, ng-, or beginning with a vowel. perpetuation. 1 careless or neglectful person. 2 nonchalant or indifferent person. 1 carelessness, indifference. 2 neglect. 3 disobedience. 1 spreading the news. 2 evangelism. official. 1 service. 2 subservience, submission. 3 servitude. 4 devotion, dedication.

pengabenan pengabjadan pengabsahan pengacakan pengacara pengacau pengacauan pengadaan pengadilan

cremation. alphabetization. 1 endorsement, approval. 2 legalization. 1 randomization. 2 messing up, beating. 1 lawyer, attorney. 2 master of ceremonies. agitator, disturber of the peace. commotion, disturbance, stir. 1 stock. 2 supplying, provisioning. 3 provisions. 4 procurement. 1 the court. 2 trial, session. 3 courthouse. 4 jurisdiction.

pengadu pengaduan pengaduk pengadukan pengagungan pengairan pengajak pengajar pengajaran

informer. 1 accusation, complaint. 2 denunciation, information (against). 3 indictment. stirring spoon or rod. mixing, stirring (of). 1 exalting (of). 2 glorification. irrigation, watering. inducement. instructor, teacher. 1 instruction. 2 doctrine. 3 teaching (of). 4 warning, reminder, admonition.

pengajuan pengaktifan pengakuan

submission, offer, tender. activation. 1 confession (of faith). 2 acknowledgment. 3 avowal. 4 admission (of guilt).

pengakuran pengalaman pengalap pengalapan pengalas pengalihan pengaliran pengamalan pengaman pengamanan pengamat pengamatan pengambil pengambilan pengamen pengampun pengampunan pengamuk penganalisa penganalisaan penganan pengancaman pengandaian penganggaran penganggrekan penganggur pengangguran pengangkat pengangkatan pengangkut pengangkutan pengangonan

harmonization. experience. abductor. abduction. base. transfer of s.t. 1 flow (of money). 2 trend, drift. 1 doing of good deeds. 2 sincerity in doing s.t. 3 implementing of. 1 safeguard. 2 pacifier, peacemaker, conciliator. 1 (Mil.) pacification. 2 efforts to achieve security. observer. 1 supervision. 2 monitoring, tracking. 3 observation. taker. 1 removal, withdrawal. 2 interpretation, understanding. singing beggar. forgiver. 1 amnesty. 2 mercy. o. who runs amuck. analyst. analyzing, examining. snacks. posing a threat. supposition, assumption. budgeting. orchid growing. unemployed person. unemployment, joblessness. 1 support. 2 instrument for lifting. 3 lifter, o. who lifts. 1 appointment. 2 adoption (of child). 3 elevation. 1 transport, carrier. 2 transporter, truck, van. transportation, transport. pasture.

pengangsuran pengangut penganiaya penganiayaan pengantar pengantara pengantaraan penganten penganugerahan penganut penganutan penganyaman pengap pengapa pengapit pengapkiran pengapung pengapungan pengar pengarah pengarahan pengarak pengarakan pengarang pengaron pengarsipan pengartian pengaruh pengasah pengasahan pengasuh pengat pengeboman pengecap pengecatan pengecoran pengecut pengedokan pengejaran pengelola

1 process of paying installments. 2 process of moving gradually. indolent person. tyrant, maltreater. 1 mistreatment, cruel treatment. 2 oppression, tyrannical treatment. 3 battering. 1 companion, escort. 2 o. who delivers. 3 porter. 4 bellboy. 5 (Elec.) conductor. 6 introduction. 1 intermediary, mediator, go-between. 2 agent. 3 agency, expediter. intercession, mediation. /pengantin/ bride (and) bridegroom. bestowal, conferral, presentation. 1 follower, adherent. 2 o. who goes along with others without sticking up for o.’s own ideas. taking up (a religion, political philosophy, etc.). plaiting. close, stuffy, stale, musty. see MENGAPA. 1 clamp. 2 paperclip. 3 flanker. 4 maid of honor or best man at wedding. condemnation (of house, building etc.). 1 buoy. 2 float, raft. floating (of a boat, etc.). have a hangover. 1 (Thea.) manager, director. 2 o. who sets the direction. 1 briefing. 2 direction, instruction, guidelines. o. who participates in a procession, parader. 1. arrack distillery. 2. procession. 1 author, writer, composer. 2 arranger. (Java) large earthenware pot for cooking rice, etc. filing, system for keeping archives. 1 understanding. 2 meaning, sense. influence. pengaruh-sampingan side-effect. 1 sharpener. 2 grinder. 3 whetstone. 1 honing. 2 sharpening, grinding, scraping. 1 nurse,nursemaid 2 guardian , caretaker . 1 fish or meat stewed in spicy sauce. 2 a porridge of tuber, squash, or bananas in coconut milk. see BOM 1. 1 sense of taste. 2 taster, user. see CAT1. see COR. coward. see DOK 1. pursuing of. 1 manager, organizer. 2 executive (power). 3 organizer.

pengeluaran pengembalian pengembungan pengemudi pengemukaan pengen pengendali pengendalian pengendara pengeng pengenyahan pengepakan pengepung pengerah pengerahan pengeretan pengerjaan pengertian pengestu pengesyahan pengetahuan pengetrapan penggal penggalang penggandaan penggarapan penggaris penggawa penggedoran penggelapan penggemar penggertak penggiliran penggodog,godokan penggorengan penggubah penggugat pengguguran penggulingan penggumpalan penggunaan

1 disimissal, expulsion. 2 release (of a new movie), edition. 3 expending of. 4 export. 5 excretion. 1 return (of s.t.). 2 restitusion. 3 reversion . inflation (of tire, balloon, etc.). 1 helmsman, driver, pilot. 2 director. presentation, putting forward of s.t. (Coll., Jakarta) want s.t. 1leader, o. who holds the reins. 2 manage 1.restraint , curb 2.control. 1 driver, rider. 2 horseman. migraine headache. 1 fleeing. 2 expulsion. 3 abolition. 1. packaging up. 2. leasing. besieger. o. who mobilizes, recruits, or drafts. conscription. 1 puller, dragger. 2 (Jakarta) o. who is clever at winning another’s favor for personal gain. 1 execution, working on s.t. 2 processing, working. 1 understanding, way s.o. understands s.t. 2 explanation, interpretation. see PANGESTU. 1 ratification, confirmation. 2 legalization, authorization. 1 knowledge. 2 skill, ability. see TERAP 2. 1 piece, lump. 2 fragment. 1 o. who provides leadership. 2 a Boy or Girl Scout on the 2d level (age 1215). 1) multiple, double. 2) reduplication. 3) (Tel.) multiplexing. the process of making. ruler. see PUNGGAWA. 1 looting, plundering. 2 burglary. 1 blackout (as a precaution). 2 darkening. 3 embezzling. 4 tampering with legal papers, coverup. devotee, lover, fan. 1 s.o. who snarls 2 intimidator,threat eaning person. rotating s.t. 1 cook by boiling (e.g.poach egg, boil stew, etc.0. 2 train intensively. 3 discuss, debate, thing over deeply. 1 wok. 2 process of preparing food in a wok or skillet. 1) arranger. 2) composer. 3) author. plaintiff, litigant. 1 abortion. 2 discharging (of athletes, students, etc.). overthrow, deposer. 1 clotting. 2 (Ling.) agglutination. 3 (Phys.) agglomeration. employing, using, utilizing.

penggundulan pengguratan penggurdian penghabisan penghalauan penghancur penghancuran

penghilng penghinaan penghindaran penghubung penghulu penghuni

1 shaving s,o, bald. 2 denudation (of land, etc.). inscribing, relief-making. drilling, boring. run out of, no more left. 1 driving, chase, expelling. 2 herding. destroying force or agent. 1 smashing. crushing of. 2 annihilation, total destruction.. 3 dissolving of, disintegration. 1 wiping out, erasing. 2 abolition. appreciation, respect. 2 valuation. agitator, provocateur. full and total comprehension. bring to a halt, ceasing. traitor. comming of treason. 1 greening of s.t. 2 planting, us. on implanted land. 3 reforesting, reforestation. 1 removal. 2 eradication, elimination. degradation, causing humiliation. 1 avoidance, prevention. 2 evasion (of taxes, etc.). s.o. or s.t. which connects. 1 village chief. 2 Muslim leader. 1 occupant, inhabitant, dweller. 2 denizen, inmate. 3 guardian spirit.

penghutang pengimaman pengin penginapan penginderiaan penginjakan pengintai pengintaian pengirim pengiriman pengisap pengisapan pengistirahatan pengkabutan pengkar pengkedikan pengkerukan pengkhotbah pengki pengkikisan pengkokoan pengkol pengkolan

debtor. leading prayer service . see KEPINGIN. 1 lodging for the night. 2 inn. sensation. treading , trampling. look out, observer, scout. 1 observation, reconnaissance. 2 espionage. 1.sender 2.transmitter. shipping , dispatch. 1 s.t. that sucks. 2 extortionist. 3 o. who smokes. 1 exploitation, gouging. 2 smoking. 1 giving s.o a rest 2 putting s.o intro retirement. 1) sprayer. 2) atomizer. 3) carburetor. crooked (of legs). retroflex ion ( of tongue ) . 1 dredging. 2 exploition 1 preacher. 2 s.t. to preach with. open basket for carrying dirt, garbage, etc. 1 erosion. 2 erasure. 3 loss, disappearance. ulat sutera raising of silk worm. bent. curve.

penghapusan penghargaan penghasut penghayatan penghentian penghianat penghianatan penghijauan

pengkor penglaris penglihatan pengobatan pengocok pengocokan pengolahan pengompreng pengoperan pengrajin pengser penguangan penguapan pengubah pengubahan penguberan penguburan pengucapan pengudaraan penguji pengujian pengujung pengukir pengukiran pengukur pengukuran pengulang pengulangan pengulas pengulikan pengulit pengulu pengumban pengumbuk pengumpan pengumpat pengumpil pengumpul pengumuman pengundang-undang pengundangan pengundi pengundian pengunduran pengungkapan pengungkil

crippled, having a shriveled leg. 1 the first item sold in a work day, throught to stimulate later sales. 2 s.t. that sells well, best seller. 1 sight, vision, eyesight. 2 sight, scene. medicinal treatment, therapy. shaker. 1 shaking. 2 rubbing. 3 mixing, suffling. 1 preparation, manufacture. 2 processing. 3 tabulation (of data). s.o. who uses an official car for public transportation. 1 taking over. 2 tranferal. 3 delegation (of powers). craftsman, artisan. pincers. cashing of checks, money orders, etc. 1 evaporation. 2 distillation process. 1 o. who changes. 2 corrector. process of altering, modification. pursuit. burial, interment. pronouncing. 1 airing. 2 releasing s.t. into the air. examiner. trial, testing. extreme end. engraver, carver. act of carving. 1 meter, gauge. 2 o. who measures. measuring, gauging. 1 s.o. who repeats. 2 coach, tutor. repeating s.t. reviewer. investigation. lullaby singer. see PENGHULU. missile, sling. swindler. o. who uses a bait. s.o. who curses. lever, crowbar. collector, gatherer. announcement, notification. legislator. enactment (of a law). o. who draws (a lot, ticket, etc.). lottery, raffle. retreat, withdrawal, putting or setting back, postponement. act of expressing. lever.

pengungkilan pengungkit pengungkitan pengungsi pengungsian pengunjuk pengunjukan pengurai

leverage. lever. leverage. refugee, evacuee. 1 evacuation. 2 asylum, refuge. o. who presents or points out. 1 offer, presentation. 2 indication. 1 o. who analyzes or disentangles. 2 chemicals used for decomposing.

penguraian pengurup pengurus pengurusan pengusaha pengusahaan pengusik pengusir pengusiran pengusul pengusulan pengusung pengusungan pengusut pengusutan pengutak-atik pengutamaan pengutaraan pengutuhan pengutusan peniadaan penidur penikam penikaman penikmat penilai penilik penilikan penimba penimbaan penimbang penimbangan penimbun penimbunan

the action of disentangling or analyzing. money-changer. 1 board, management. 2 manager. 1 management handling, treatment. 2 arrangement. industrialist, entrepreneur. effort, exertion. 1 disturber. 2 meddler. s.o. or s.t. that chases away. eviction, expulsion. proposer. inquiry, examination. o. who carries s.t. on his shoulders. act of carrying s.t. on the shoulders. investigator. examination, investigation. /pengutak-utik/ o. who tinkers. act of giving priority to s.t. 1 explanation. 2 communication. process of unifying. mission. 1 negation. 2 abolition, discontinuance. o. who sleeps a great deal. 1 o. who stabs. 2 s.t. o. stabs with. a stab, stabbing. lover, devotee. 1 appraiser, assessor. 2 grader, judge (in competition). 1 fortuneteller. 2 supervisor, inspector. 1 supervision, control. 2 observation. 1 a container for scooping liquids. 2 o. who scoops out water, etc. scooping, dipping. 1 pair of scales. 2 counselor. 1 (act of) weighing, balancing. 2 considering. a hoarder. 1 accumulation, piling up. 2 hoarding. 3 process of reclaiming land from the sea by piling up earth. taking measures. oppressor, tyrant. 1 oppression. 2 suppression.

penindakan penindas penindasan

penindih penindihan pening peninggalan

oppressor. 1 applying pressure or weigh on s.t. 2 suppressing. 1 dizzy. 2 upset, rattled. /pe`ning/ badge, license (for bicycles, dogs, and pedicabs). 1 estate, inheritance. 2 relic, archaeological remains. 3 remainder, rest.

peninggian peningkatan peningset peninjau peninjauan

heightening, raising, enhancement. 1 raising (a level), upgrading. 2 rise, increase, excalation. (Java) bride price (paid upon engagement or upon marriage). observer. 1 observation, survey. 2 consideration, contemplation. reconnoitering.

penipu penipuan penirisan peniru peniruan penisilin peniti penitip penitipan penitisan peniup penjpenjadan penjagaan penjahat penjahit penjajak penjajakan penjak penjangak penjangat penjara penjasmanian penjata penjatur penjebrolan penjegal penjelajah penjenisan penjernihan penjiplak penjiplakan penjiwaan penjol penjumlahan

deceiver, impostor. deception. place for draining. imitator, simulator. imitation. penicillin. 1 safety pin. 2 brooch to pin. a kebaya together. [uang] depositor. 1 depositing. 2 stroge place. penitipan-pakaian cloakroom. (Java) reincarnation. o. who blows. see also entries with j-. misprint. 1 guarding, security. 2 surveillance. 3 guardpost. criminal, crook, felon. tailor, seamstress. s.t. which probes, sounds out. sounding out, plumbing. 1. starled. 2. glow. libertine, rake. skinner, flayer. jail, prison. 1 materialization. 2 embodiment. heraldry. 1 sorcerer. 2 (snake) charmer. ejection. o. who interferes with. 1 exploration. 2 examination. grouping, classification. purification. 1 plagiarist. 2 duplicator, duplicating machine. plagiarism. 1 animism. 2 inspiration . swollen. penjumlahan

penjunan penjurit penjuru penobatan penodong penodongan penojos penokoh penolak penolakan penolok penolong penongkat penonjolan penonton penopang penoreh penorehan penpres penset pensil pensip pensiun penskoran penstrep pentafsir pentafsiran pentahapan pentahbisan pentakik pentaklikan pentaklukan pental pentan pentanaman pentang pentarafan pentas pentasbehan pententeraman penterjemah penterjemahan penteroran pentil penting pentokohan pentol

o. who makes pots. see PRAJURIT. 1 corner, angle. 2 direction from which s.t. comes. coronation, installation. hold-up man. hold-up. perforation. cheater, deceiver. 1 rejecter. 2 repellent. 1 refusal, rejection. 2 warding off. 1 an equal. 2 standard. 1 helper, auxiliary. 2 rescuer. assistant. 1 making s.t. stand out. 2 conspicuousness. 1 spectator. 2 onlooker. support, prop, abutment. 1 scoring or slitting tool. 2 o. who taps rubber. process of rubber tapping. [penetapan presiden] presidential decision or directive. see PINSET. 1 pencil. 2 small brush for drawing. [pegawai negeri sipil] civil servants. pension, retired. suspension. penicillin tablets. 1 commentator, exegete. 2 evaluator. 1 explanation, interpretation. commentary, exegesis. arranging in phases. consecration or ordination ceremony. o. who makes such incisions. collation. subjection, submission. ke-, ter-pental flung away. definite. 1 planting. 2 (Fin.) investment. open, extend, spread out. ranking, grading in ranks. raised platform, stage. pentas-an stage performance. praising God. reassurance. translator. translating. terrorizing. 1. teat. 2. mem-pentil pinch s.t. /pe`ntil/ valve. 1. important, significant. characterization. /pentul/ knob.

pentolan pentorpedoan pentraktoran pentranskripsian pentransmigrasian pentrasean pentunangan pentung pentunu pentunuan penturbaan penuaan penuai penuaian penuangan penubrukan penuduh penuduhan penudung penudungan penugasan penuh penukaran penukul penulangan penular penularan penulis penulisan penumbangan penumbuh penumbuhan penumbuk penumbukan penumpahan penumpang penumpangan penumpas penumpasan penumpu penumpukan penunaian penundaan penundukan penunggak penunggalan penunggang

1 prominent. 2 leader of a gang. 3 leader. 4 bulb. torpedoing. bulldozing. the process of transcribing s.t. process of relocating s.o. tracing. act of becoming engaged, betrothal. club, cudgel. o. who roasts. roasting. going down to the people. aging. 1 rice harvest knife. 2 o. who reaps or gathers in a harvest. harvesting of rice. pouring, molding, casting. colliding, crashing, striking. 1 (Leg.) prosecutor. 2 accuser, plaintiff. accusation. cover. covering. giving an assignment. 1 full (of), loaded. 2 complete. 1 alteration, process of making a change. 2 exchange. hammerer. erecting a framework. infector, infecting agent. spreading. 1 writer (of letter, etc.). 2 secretary (of association). process of writing. causing s.t. to crash down. s.t. that stimulates growth. 1 the act of growing. 2 emergence. crusher, pounder. 1 pounding, crushing. 2 blow, stroke. 3 act of colliding. 1 act of spilling or shedding. 2 concentration. 1 passenger. 2 boarder, hotel guest. 1 act of being over s.t. 2 place to stay. destroyer. annihilation, extermination. support. accumulation, hoarding. 1 (cash) payment. 2 settlement. 3 fulfillment. postponement, deferment, adjournment. 1 submission, subjection. 2 subjugation. o. who is arrears in payments. concentration. rider, passenger. pengunggang-kuda horseman.

penunggu penungguan penunjang penunjangan penunjuk penunjukan

1 watchman, guard. 2 attendant. 3 tutelary spirit. act of waiting. s.t. supporting. the act of supporting. 1 s.t. which indicates. 2 o. who indicates. 1 indication. 2 reference, pointing to s.t. 3 appointment, assignment.

penuntun penuntunan penuntut

1 guide. 2 manual, guide. 1 leading with a line, etc. 2 providing guidance. 1 o. who demand s.t., petitioner. 2 (Leg.) claimant, prosecutor. 3 o. who strives after. 1 demanding. 2 pursuit, study. 3 (Leg.) prosecution. 1 slope, descent. 2 discharge, unloading. 3 lowering, taking down. 4 derivation, deriving. 5 reduction, decline (of cost, prices, etc.). 1 s.o. obedient and docile. 2 a follower. s.t. to perforate or stab with. 1 stabbing, jabbing. 2 perforation. 1 cover, lid, casing. 2 closing. 1 covering. 2 closing, shutting, occlusion, shut down. speaker, narrator, pronouncer. 1. 1) talk, speech. 2) discussion, narrative. 3) announcement, information. 2. (Lit.) descendant. see also entries with c-, s-, or ny-. (purse) snatcher. 1 copier. 2 plagiarist. poet. presentation. 1 disease, illness. 2 trouble. 3 bad habit. 1 copyist. 2 translator. translating, copying. treating the same, generalization, leveling. s.o. that welcomes. reception, welcoming. o. who conveys. delivery. robber. hoeing. singer. 1 charitable, merciful Lord. 2 lover, amateur, devotee. disseminator. distributing, spreading, disseminating. 1 o. who calls, mentions. 2 (Math.) denominator. addressing, mentioning. s.t. used as flavoring. simplification. 1 act of preparing. 2 equipping, supplying. instrument to absorb.

penuntutan penurunan penurut penusuk penusukan penutup penutupan penutur penuturan penypenyabet penyablon penyair penyajian penyakit penyalin penyalinan penyamarataan penyambut penyambutan penyampai penyampaian penyamun penyangkulan penyanyi penyayang penyebar penyebaran penyebut penyebutan penyedap penyederhanaan penyediaan penyedot

penyedotan penyejuk penyek penyelaman penyelamatan penyelenggara penyelenggaraan penyelesaian penyeleweng penyelewengan penyelidik penyelidik penyelidikan penyeling penyelundup penyelundupan penyelusup penyelusupan penyemaian penyematan penyembah penyembahan penyembelih penyembelihan penyembuhan penyembur penyempitan penyemprot penyemprotan penyempurnaan penyendiri penyendirian penyengat penyepuhan penyerahan

suction. cooler. /penyet/ flattened out, squeezed flat. 1 diving. 2 immersion, submersion. rescuing, redemption. 1 caretaker. 2 executor. 3 organized, operator. 1. implementation. 2 organization, coordination. 1 arrangement. 2 solution, settlement, completion. crook. 1 deviation (from task or duty). 2 irregularity, corruption. 1 investigator, research worker. 2 examiner, detective. 3 scout. 1 investigator, research worker. 2 examiner, detective. 3 scout. 1 research. 2 inquiry, investigation. 2 survey. alternative. smuggler. smugling. 1 infiltrator. 2 s.t. that infiltrates. penetration. process of raising seedlings. 1 pinning (of medals, etc.). 2 (Ling.) embedding. worshipper. adoraditon , worship. a butcher. slaughter, butchering. healing. instrument for spraying. constriction, stricture. syringe, sprayer. spraying. action of perfecting, completing, finishing (articles, products). solitary, liking to be alone, loner. isolation. 1 s.t. that stings. 2 wasp. 1 gilding s.t. 2 (Phys.) plating. 1 transfer, deliverry. 2 surrender, yielding. 3 resignation to a situation.

penyerang penyerangan penyerap penyerapkan penyerasian penyerbakan penyerbuan penyerbukan penyergapan penyerimpungan penyerobot

attacker, aggressor. attack, aggression. 1 absorbent. 2 absorber. hold in reserve, lay aside. adaptation, harmonization. smelling good. attacking, invasion. pollination. attack on s.o. or s.t. act of tripping up or impeding. 1 o. who snatches. 2 o. who acts highhandedly.

penyerobotan penyerongan penyerongan penyertaan penyeru penyeruan penyesalan penyesuaian penyetekan penyetir penyetopan penyetor penyetoran penyewa penyialang penyiar penyiaran penyiasat penyiasatan penyidik penyidikan penyikatan penyiksa penyiksaan penyiku penyilangan penyimak penyimakan penyimpan penyimpanan penyimpangan penyimpul penyimpulan penyinaran penyingkapan penyingkiran penyiraman penyirian penyisian penyisihan penyisipan penyiul penyjelasan penyobek penyodok penyodor penyodoran

illegal occupancy or annexation, snatching away of s.t. beveling, act making s.t. go at an angle. beveling, act making s.t. go at an angle. 1 participation. 2 attaching s.t., enclosing s.t. announcer. 1 calling, crying. 2 appeal. 1 regret, remorse. 2 reproach. adaptation, adjustment, accommodation. grafting. driver. stopping. 1 purveyor, supplier. 2 depositor. depositing, payment. 1 tenant, lessee. 2 rental payment. honey gatherer. 1 announcer. 2 publisher. 3 (Tech.) transmitter. broadcasting. 1 (Lit.) investigator. 2 strategist, tactician. 1 (Lit.) investigation. 2 bringing tactics or stratagems to bear. (Leg.) investigating officer. police investigation. 1 brushing, combing, etc. 2 stealing. 3 abrupt removal. tormentor, torturer. torturing, mistreating. 1 s.t. to square off. 2 (Math.) complementary. crossing, mutation (in agriculture). good listener. listening attentively, monitoring. 1 o. who saves, a depositor. 2 storage place. storage, laying away. deviation, divergence. s.o. or s.t. which bring s.t. (discussion, etc.). to a conclusion. process of drawing a conclusion. 1 illumination. 2 radiation. uncovering, disclosure.. 1 evacuation. 2 elimination, purge. 3 exclusion. pouring of liquids, watering. taking revenge because of humiliation. movement to the side. 1 isolation. 2 elimination. 1 insertion. 2 (Ling.) infixation. whistler. explanation, clarification. o. who takes (and tears) tickets, ticket-taker. shovel, spade. o. who hands in s.t. offer.

penyogokan penyok penyokong penyondong penyongsong penyongsongan penyorak penyorot penyorotan penyosohan penyu penyuapan penyuaraan penyubakan penyubur penyudetan penyuguhan penyulapan penyuling penyulingan penyuluh penyuluhan penyumbang penyumbatan penyungkit penyungkup penyuntik penyuntikan penyuplai penyusun penyusunan penyusup penyusupan penyusur penyusuran penyusutan penyutradaraan penyuwukan peok peon peot pepadang pepak pepal pepantan peparu

bribery. /penyot/ dented. supporter, contributor. net for catching shrimp. 1 greeter. 2 greetings. greeting, welcoming. o. who yell, vocal supporter. 1 reflector, projector. 2 commentator, reviewer. 1 illumination, spotlighting. 2 elucidation. process of hulling rice. 1 turtle. 2 tortoise shell. 1 feeding or eating with the hand. 2 bribery. 1 declamation. 2 dubbing. 3 (Ling.0 voicing. s.t. used to mix with, or subsitute s.t. else. s.t. that makes fertile. cutting between canals, diverting (water). presentation. conjuring, methods of sleight of hand. instrument to refine. distilling, refining. 1 o. who provides elucidation. 2 (Lit.) investigator, spy. 1 illumination. 2 information, elucidation. contributor, supporter. clogging, obstruction, blockage. tool for prying. 1 concave cover. 2 bell jar. 1 s.o. who gives injections. 2 syringe. injecting, vaccinating injection. supplier. composer, compiler. 1 arranging, compiling. 2 composing. infiltrator. penetration, infiltration. o. who follows up. act of tracing. 1 shrinkage, contraction. 2 reduction, decrease. 1 play or film direction. 2 directing. action of blowing to heal magically. 1 lame. 2 flat. messenger boy. 1. 1) dented. 2) old and battered. 2. see PEOK. see PADANG. complete, full. se-pepak all of them. concentrated, terse, compact. group of Christians in new community who combine with existing church temporarily until they can form their own church. lungs.

pepas pepat pepatah pepaya pepe peped pepek peper peperda peperpu peperti pepes pepet

fish, angle. flattened, level, smooth. aphorism. see PAPAYA. (Java) expose s.t. to sun, dry in sun. see PEPET. (Vulg.) vagina. paper, essay. [Penguasa Perang Daerah] Regional War Administrator. [Penguasa Perang Pusat] Central War Administrator. [Penguasa Perang (Ter)tinggi] Supreme Military Administrator. meat or fish wrapped in a banana leaf and roasted. 1. stopped up (of nose). 2. see BUNYI. /pe`pe`t/ dead end, no way out.

pepindan pepohonan peptida peptidase peptidisasi pepuju pepunden pepura per perper. pera perabot perabotan perabu perabuan perabukan perada peradaban peradangan peradilan peradin peraduan peraga peragaan

metaphor. 1 trees. 2 reforestation. peptide. peptidase. peptization. womb. /pepundi/ (Java) object of worship. mock, sham. 1 per, by the. per-kapita per capita.. 2 as of such and such a date. see also entries with pr-. [Perusahaan] enterprise, firm, concern. the taste of rice that is dry. 1 utensils. 2 tools. 3 furniture. household furnishings. see PRABU. 1 urn for ashes of cremated person. 2 crematorium. application of fertilizer. 1. 1) tin coasting. 2) gold leaf. 2. review, parade. culture, civilization. (Med.) infection, inflammation. judicature. [Persatuan Advokat Indonesia] Indonesian Lawyer’s Association. 1. contest, clash. 2. royal bed. 1. visual aid. 2. 1) boaster. 2) a model. 3) mock-up, visual aid. 1. show. 2. 1) ostentation. 2) show, exhibittion. 3) modeling. 4) visual display. male model or mannequin. female model or mannequin. agency. 1 squeeze. 2 milk. 1 milch cow. 2 s.t. squeezed out. boat.

peragawan peragawati peragenan perah perahan perahu


perangah perangai perangas-perongos peranggi peranggrekan peranginan perangkaan perangkap perangkat perangkatan perangko perangsangan

1. 1) free. 2) empty (of a seat). 3) unhampered. 4) broke (whitout money). 2. loose, apart. 1 waters. 2 waterworks. craftsman, artisan. see PRAJURIT. 1 silver. 2 (Jakarta) rupiah. a rupiah coin or bill. assembler. assembling. see PRAKTEK. 1. 1) instrumentation. 2) equipment, tools. 2. feast, celebration. transfer, shift, change. shut o.s. off from society. oracle, fortune-teller. robber. 1 robbery, holdup. 2 expropriation. robber, plunderer. robbery, looting. 1 actor. 2 character (in novel, play, etc.). see ANAK. peranan scaffolding. planner, planning body. see PRANCIS. 1. assumption. 2. matters pertaining to this folk drama. (Tech.) ware. perandi-lunak software. perandi-keras hardware. war, battle. /pe`rang/ colors ranging from reddish blond to auburn (hair of plants, animals or humans). agape. 1 nature, disposition. 2 behavior, attitude. (Java) make a wry expression. see PERENGGI. orchid matters, orchidology. 1 ventilation. 2 balcony. statistics. 1. a person who holds two jobs. 2. trap, pitfall. sets of equipment. 1 equipment. 2 forces. see PRANGKO. 1 act of exciting, stimulation. 2 anger, irritation. 3 incentive, motivation.

peranjak peranjakan peranjat perantara

fall on o.’s behind. transfer, removal. starled, surprised. 1 intermediatery, mediator, go-between. 2 agent. 3 agency, expediter.

perairan perajin perajurit perak perakan perakit perakitan peraktik peralatan peralihan peram peramal perampas perampasan perampok perampokan peran peranakan peranan perancah perancang perancis perandaian perandi perang

perantaraan peranti peranye perapatan perapian peras perasa perasaan perasan perasat perasian perasman perawan perawat perawatan perawian perawira perawis perayaan perbagai perbahasa perbal perban perbanas perbani perbatasan perbawa perbegu perbekel perbelanjaan perburuan perc. perca percak percapita percaya percik percikan percis percit percul percuma perdana

1 intercession, mediation. 2 middleman, intermediary (individual or a body). 3 intervention. 4 relationship. 1 apparatus, instrument. 2 means. 3 in order to. 4 remedy. fringe. see PRAPATAN. 1 fireplace, brazier. 2 ignition. 3 oven, range. 4 furnace. 1 press, swueeze. 2 milk. 3 blackmail, put the squeeze on. 1 sense of touch. 2 sensitive person. 1 opinion, feeling. 2 sentiment. 3 experience, sensation. distillation. see FIRASAT. 1 horoscope. 2 fate. see PRASMAN. 1 virgin, girl. 2 brand new to s.t. nurse. 1 treatment. 2 nursing, care. exposition. see PERWIRA. ingredients. celebration. see PELBAGAI. see PERIBAHASA. 1 official report. 2 ticket. 3 police warrant, summons. memp-perbal process a criminal charge. bandage. [Perhimpunan Bank-bank Nasional Swasta] association of national private banks. see BULAN, PASANG 3. border, division. influence, prestige. heathenish. (Bali) village chief. 1 expenses, (national) budget. 2 financing. 3 shopping. 1 the hunt. 2 prey, game. 3 persecution. [percetakan] printing establishment. 1. rag. perca-kertas scraps of paper. 2. see GETAH, PULAU. make rushing noise (of water). /per kapita/ per capita. 1 belief, faith. 2 trust, believe. stain, spot. sprinkling, fragment. see PERSIS. spurt forth strongly. dart away. see CUMA. 1 principal. perdana-mentreri prime minister, premier. 2 inaugural, first introduction to the public.

perdata perdatam perdeo perdikan perdiping perdom perdu perduli pere pereaksi perebutan peredaan peredam peredus pereh perei perek perekat perekik peremajaan pereman perembetan perembukan perempuan perenang perenggi perentang perenung peres peresmian peretas peretel perewa perewangan perfeksionis perfeksionisme perforasi perforator pergajul pergat pergaulan pergedel pergi

(Leg.) 1 court of justice. 2 civil (cases). [Departemen] Perindustrian Dasar dan Pertambangan] (Department) of Basic Industries and Mining. see PRODEO. freed from payment of taxes (in villages) as result of assuming some burden or responsibility. story, floor. (Coll.) mild swear word. 1 clump (of bamboo, etc.). 2 lowest part of tree trunk. see PEDULI. see PERAI 1. reagent. struggle, fight. quieting down, slowing down (of activity, etc.). k.o. device to reduce noise or light. 1 pregnant. 2 potbellied. be overly meticulous. see PERAI 1. /prek/ [perempuan eksperimental] loose and freewheeling girl. /pere`k/ see PREK. glue. adhesive. see PRIKIK. rejuvenation, renovation. see PREMAN. involvement. 1 discussion, deliberation. 2 conference, consultation. 1 woman, female. 2 feminine. see RENANG, CENTANG-PERENANG. (Lit.) European. see CENTANG-PERENANG. daydreamer. see PERAS. /pe`re`s/ leveled off. 1 official announcement or appointment. 2 official appointment. 3 formal ceremony (of dedication, etc.). 1 o. who breaks through. 2 instrument for opening s.t. see PRETEL. (M) o. who lives outside customary law. see PREWANGAN. perfectionist. perfectionism. perforation. hole puncher. see BERGAJUL. (Naut.) frigate. 1 association, social intercourse. 2 society. 3 sexual intercourse. see PERKEDEL. 1 go. 2 leave, be out. 3 (Coll.) go to.

pergigian pergok pergol pergolakan pergulatan pergumulan pergundikan perguruan perhal perhatian perhentian

peria periai perian peribadatan peribahasa peribumi peridi peridolar perigi perih perijam periksa perilaku perimnas perinci perincian

dentition, dentistry. 1 catch by surprise. 2 catch s.o. red-handed. /pergul/ gold-plated. pergolakan 1 wrestling. 2 struggle, encounter, contact. 1 wrestling. 2 stuggle. concubinage. 1 instituation, school. 2 school (building). 3 instruction. see PERI 1. 1 attention, notice. 2 interest. 1 cessation, discontinuance, closing down (of factory program, etc.). 2 stopping place (of bus, etc.). 1 jewelry (esp, gold). 2 decoration (in building, etc.). 1 association, organization. 2 gathering place, place of assembly. 1 calculation, computation. 2 accounting. 3 consideration. 1 communications (radio, highway, etc.). 2 liaison. 3 relationship. 1 forestry affairs. 2 forestry service. 1. 1) having to do with. 2) attitude. 2. (Lit.) k.o. female celestial being of exceeding beauty. 1. see PRIA. 2. see PARE. see PRIYAYI. bamboo for carrying water. observance of religious duties. proverb. see PRIBUMI. fertile (of animals). see PERI 1. well, spring. see PEDIH. see PERI 1. 1 investigation, inspection, examination. 2. get o.s. examinated. behavior. [Perumahan Nasional] National Housing Authority. see RINCI. 1 details, the way s.t. is broken down (of calculation, etc.). 2 subsection.

perincis perindustrian pering peringan peringanan peringkat perintah perintis periode periodik periodisasi

specify. industry, industrial affairs. 1. bamboo. 2.stink. s.t. which lightens s.t. 1 lightening of s.t. 2 (Leg.) commutation of a sentence. 1 level. 2 rank. order, command. see RINTIS. period (of time). periodic, rotating. division of history into periods.

perhiasan perhimpunan perhitungan perhubungan perhutanan peri

perisai periskop peristirahatan peristiwa periuk perjajakan perjaka perjalanan perjanka perji perjurit perkabaran perkabungan perkadian perkakas perkalian perkamen perkantoran perkara perkasa perkataan perkawinan perkedel perkemahan perkembangan perkenalan perkenalkan perkeneng perkintakaan perkosa perkulitan perkumpulan perkusi perkutut perla perladangan perlahan perlak perlakuan perlambang perlambangan perlaya perleng

shield. periscope. place provide for employees or members of a given group to spend their vacation. 1 event, incident, happening, affair. 2 phenomenon. caldron, cooking pot. 1 measuring. 2 investigation. young, unmarried man. 1 trip , journey , tour 2 course . [Perushaan Jawatan Kereta Api] State Railway Corporation. see FARJI. see PRAJURIT. news, news report. 1.mourning, grieving. 2. sugar palm. 3. measure of four cubits’ length. 4. slice, fragment. arbitration. tools, implements, apparatus (Math.) 1 multiplication. 2 product. parchment. 1 office affairs. 2 office complex. 1 matter, case. 2 the fact that. 3 (Leg.) lawsuit, case. 1 brave, courageous. 2 physically powerful, strong and robust. word, words. 1 marriage. 2 wedding. 3 mating, breeding of animals. croquette of spicy ground meat and boiled potatoes or other starch. 1 camping. 2 a camp out. 3 (Mil.) camp, encamment, bivouac. 1 development 2 blooming, flowering. 3 expansion. 1introduce s.o. or s.t. 2 inform s.o. of s.t. 1introduce s.o. or s.t. 2 inform s.o. of s.t. license for a vehicle. archival matters. 1 violent. 2 violence. perkosa-an rape, violation. cover, jacket. 1 club, association. 2 meeting. percussion. small turtledove. [perhubungan laut] sea communications. 1 unirrigated agricultural field. 2 cultivation (of such fields). 1 slow. 2 soft of voice. 1. varnished, lacquered. 2. (Lit.) garden close to house. 3. rubber sheet used under bed sheets. treatment, way of treating s.t. or s.o. omen. symbolism, symbilization. die in battle. extend, prolong.

perlengkapan perlente perlina perlindungan perling perlintih perlip perlipatan perlonco perlontaran perlop perlu perlup perlus perlusin permadani permaduan permai permainan permaisuri permak permakluman perman permana permandian permanen permanesi permata permati permen permesta permias permiintaan permil permili perminyakan permisi permohonan permukaan pernafasan pernah pernak-pernik pernama pernel pernik

1 equipment, outfit. 2 equipping. 3 supply. (Coll.) elegant, swell, dandy. lost. 1) protection. 2) patronage, sponsorship. glitter. see PERLENTE. fall in love. perlip-perlip-an flirt. 1 multiplication, increase. 2 method of folding. see PELONCO. 1 hurling. 2 bringing up. 1 leave, furlough. 2 be on leave. 1 necessary, be needed. 2 need to. 3 (Coll.) need. be engaged to be married. fall into a hole. by the dozen carpet. polygamy. pretty, beautiful. 1 game. 2 performance, show. 3 acting. 4 tricks played on o. consort of king. altered, changed. 1 announcement, declaration, proclamation. 2 statement. see FIRMAN. 1. quantity. 2. (Java) careful. 1 bathing place. 2 baptism. permanent. permanence. jewel, precious stone. final, with no further change. 1 hard candy. 2 candy (in general). permen-karet chewing gum. [Perjuangan Semesta] The Total Struggle, the uprising in Sulawesi in late 1950’s. [Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat] Indonesian Students’ Association in America. 1 request. 2 demand. per thousand. permili petroleum or refinery affairs. 1 ask permission. 2 ask to be exused (to leave). 1 request, appeal, petition. 2 application. surface. breathing, respiration. 1. once, ever. 2. (Java) be related in a certain way. needless complications, complexities. see PURNAMA. see PELANEL. 1 small beads. 2 little things.

pernilaian pernis pernyataan perocot perogol peroi perokok peroksida perolehan perombakan

perpustakaan perron pers persabungan persada persahabatan persajakan persamaan

1.judgment 2.evalution,appraisal. varnish. 1 declaration, pronouncement. 2 expression. see PROCOT. see ROGOL. crumbly. smoker, habitual smoker. peroxide. result, achievement, gain, acquisition. 1 reorganizing, making radical changes. 2 destroying and rebuilding. 3 renovation. railroad platform. crushed, crumpled. see PROP 1. sink in, slip into. see ROSOT. see PROTES. 1 matters concerning bread. 2 bakery. 1 merger, unification. 2 blend, synthesis. extension, prolongation. see MERPATI. relation, connection. see LANCONG. 1 discord. 2 leave-taking, parting. [Peraturan Presiden] presidential regulation. 1. [Peraturan Pemerintah Pengganti Undang-undang] gvt. regulation to raplace law number… 2. [Peraturan Pemilihan Umum] Regulations for the General Elections. library. see PERON. press. 1 cock (kite, etc.) fight. 2 conflict. 3 pit for cockfighting. homeland, group of nation that have a connection. friendship. 1 poetry. 2 rhyme 1 similarity, agreement. 2 comparison. 3 equality. 4 (Math.) equation.

persasat persawangan persebaran persediaan persegi persekot persekotin persekutuan perselah perselisihan

like, as if. (M) wasteland, dangerous wilderness. the spread, dissemination. 1 stock, supply. 2 preparations. (Math.) 1 sided. 2 square. cash advance. 1 (Coll.) give an advance to. 2 (Sl.) make pregnant before marriage. 1 federation. 2 partnership. 3 league, alliance. see PERSLAH. disagreement, quarrel, dispute.

peron peronyok perop perosok perosot perotes perotian perpaduan perpanjangan perpati perpautan perpelancongan perpisahan perpres perpu

perselokan persemaian persemakmuran persemayaman persembahan persembunyian persen persenan persendian persenggamaan persengketaan persenjataan persentage persepak-bolaan persepatuan persepsi persepuluhan perserikatan persero perseroan perseroan persesaran persesuaian persetan persetan persetruan persetubuhan persetujuan persewaan persiapan persidangan persih persik persil persilangan persilatan persimpang-siuran persimpangan persinggahan persinggahan persiraman persis persit perslah persneling

drainage system. seedbed, nursery. commonwealth. 1 throne. 2 residence. 1 tribute, gift. 2 dedication. shelter, hiding place, hide-away. 1 percent. 2 tip. 3 present to a subordinate. percentage or tip given. 1 pivot, base. 2 the body joints. coital act.. contention, dispute, conflict. armament, arms, weaponry. /persentase/ percentage, rate. soccer affairs. matters pertaining to shoes and shoemaking. perception. decimal. organization, association, union. 1 share. 2 shareholder, partner. persero-terbatas limited liability company, Ltd., Inc. see SERO. company. company. faulting, faulting system. agreement, concurrence, compatibility. to hell with. to hell with. enmity, hostility. copulation. 1 treaty, agreement. 2 approval, agreement. rental. 1 preparations. 2 set-up, arrangement. 3 supply, equipment, etc., prepared for some purpose. 1 meeting, assembly. 2 court session (over several days). see BERSIH. peach. lot, plot. te-persil protrude, bulge. 1 crossing. 2 contradiction, conflict. matters pertaining to systems of self-defense. 1 crisscrossing. 2 confusion, mix-up. intersection, branching off. 1 stop-over, transit. 2 port of call. 1 stop-over, transit. 2 port of call. (Lit.) bathing place. exactly, precisely. [Persatuan Isteri Tentara] army wives’ organization. report, account. gear, transmission.

persoalan persona persona-non-grata personalia personawi personifikasi personil perspektif perstatistikan persuasi persuasif persubakan persundalan persurat-kabaran persuratan persutraan persyaratan pertadbiran pertahanan pertaksian pertal pertalian pertama pertamanan pertambahan pertambangan pertambatan pertanahan pertanda pertandaan pertandang pertandingan pertanggungan pertanggungjawaban pertanian pertanyaan pertapa pertapaan pertapaian pertarakan pertaruhan pertarungan pertautan pertebalan pertebaran pertekstilan pertelaan

1 problem, matter, issue. 2 discussion, debate. see PESONA. persons non grata. personnel. personal. personification. staff, personnel. perspective. matters pertaining to statistics. persuasion. persuasive. matter pertaining to this water-control system. 1 prostitution. 2 fornication. press. 1 matters pertaining to correspondence. 2 (Lit.) literature. matters pertaining to silk. rules and regulations. administration, management. 1 defense. 2 stronghold, fortress. taxi matters. mem-pertal translate. pertal-an translation. 1 relation, relationship. 2 connection. first, the first. 1 gardens. 2 horticulture, garden affairs. increase, growth, accretion. mining, mine workings. 1 ship moorings. 2 connection, relationship. land affairs, land matters. 1 sign, indication, augury. 2 landmark. indication. (M) visitor. 1 contest, competition. 2 comparison. 1 responsibility. 2 guarantee, security. 3 insurance. pertanggungjawaban agriculture. question, query. hermit, ascetic. 1 hermit’s abode, retreat. 2 asceticism. 3 penance. matters pertaining to fermentation. abstinence. 1 s.t. placed s.w. 2 bet. 3 savings. 4 articles entrusted to s.o. fight, struggle. 1 contact, bond. 2 joining, uniting. 3 (Chem.) linkage. thickening. (Phys.) dispersion. matters pertaining to textiles or textile industry. proceedings, report.

perteleponan pertelevisian pertembakauan pertempuran pertemuan pertengahan pertengkaran pertenisan pertentangan

pertaining to telecommunication. matters pertaining to television. tobacco affairs. battle, combat. 1 meeting. 2 companionship. 1 the middle. 2 the average. dispute, fracas. matters pertaining to tennis. dunia-pertenisan world of tennis. 1 conflict, controversy. 2 contradiction, contrast. 3 opposition, resistance.

pertentaraan pertenunan pertenungan pertepatan perteraan pertigaan pertikaian pertikaman pertimbangan pertindihan pertinjuan pertionghoaan pertiwi pertokoan pertolongan pertopangan pertuanan pertubuhan pertukangan pertukaran pertulisan pertumbangan pertumbuhan pertumpahan pertunaian pertunangan pertunjukan perturutan pertusis pertuturan

1 military barracks. 2 army base. 1 textile mill. 2 textiles. fortune-telling, soothsaying. coincidence. print office. T-intersection. conflic, controversy, disagreement. a fight with daggers or similar weapons. 1 judgment, opinion. 2 consideration. 3 review (of books, etc.). overlapping. 1 matters pertaining to fist fighting. 2 fist fight. Chinese affairs. earth. 1 shop matters. 2 shopping complex. help, aid. 1 contradiction. 2 conflict, dispute. 1 sovereignty, suzerainty. 2 ruling class, upper class. 3 rule, gvt. organization. 1 trade. 2 handicraft, craftsmanship. 3 craft, guild, association. 1 exchange. 2 change. inscription. collapse. growth, development. spillage. matters pertaining to cash. engagement. 1 show, exhibition. 2 performance. 1 continuation. 2 repetitiveness. /pertussis/ (Med.) whooping cough. 1 conversation. 2 word, phrase. 3 pronunciation. 4 (Ling.) speech act.

peruan peruangan perubah perubahan perugul peruk

(Naut.) yardarm. peruan-gema sonic depth finder. monetary affairs. variable. change, alteration. see ROGOL. put s.t. in a place.

perukupan perulangan perum perumisasi perumnas perumpamaan perumtel perumuman perun perundang-undangan perundingan perunggasan perunggu perungus peruntukan peruntungan perupahan peruraian peruri perus perusa perusahaan perusi perusuh perut perutusan perwakilan perwalian perwara perwari perwarisan perwasitan perwatakan perwatasan perwilayahan perwira perwujudan perzinahan pes pes. pesagi pesai pesak

censer. repetition, recurrence. (Naut.) sounding lead. conversion of state into public corporations. [Perusahaan Nasional] National Housing Authority. parable. [Perusahaan Umum Telekomunikasi] National Telephone and Telegraph Corporation. 1 generalizing. 2 generalization. 1 heap of dried plants for burning. 2 trash, garbage heap. legislation. 1 negotiation, deliberation. 2 discussion. poultry husbandry. bronze. 1. fiery, hot-tempered. 2. hothead, spitfire. allotment, allocation. fortune, luck. wage matters. disentanglement. [Percetakan Uang Republik Indonesia] The Indonesian National Mint. stern, grim. 1 violate, rape. 2 force, compel. 3 annoy, disturb. business, enterprise, undertaking, concern. see PRUSI. 1 rioter. 2 terrorist (in the 1950s). (Anat.) 1 stomach, belly. 2 womb. delegation, deputation. 1 delegation. 2 agency. 3 representation. 4 (Mil.) liaison unit. 1 guardianship. 2 custody (of child), trusteeship. 3 protectorate. 1 (Lit.) ladies-in-waiting of queen. 2 ancillary. [Persatuan Wanita Republik Indonesia] Organization of Indonesian Women, a social and charitable woman’s club. matters pertaining to inheritance. matters pertaining to referees. characterization. (Ling.) modification. matters relating to districts. 1 (Mil.) officer. 2 brave, courageous. 1 shape, form. 2 realization, materialization. 3 phenomenon. sexual acts outside of marriage. bubonic plague. [pesawat] (Tel.) telephone extention. (Coll.) see PERSEGI. fall to pieces. gusset, patch sewu between sleeves and main part of garment or pants legs and main part of trousers.

pesaka pesalin pesam pesan pesan-pesan pesanggerahan pesanggrahan pesangon pesantren pesara pesarean pesasir pesat pesawat peseban pesek pesenam peser pesero peserta pesiar pesimis pesimisme pesimistis pesinden pesing pesirah pesisir pesok pesolek pesona pesong pesta pestaka pestipal pestisida pestol pesuk pesuruh pesut pet peta petah

see PUSAKA. new suit of clothes. lukewarm (of water). 1 order. 2 order, instruction, command. 3 message. k.o. poisonous centipede. traveler’s rest house. see PASANGGRAHAN. separation pay. (Islam) school of Koranic studies for children and young people, most of whom are boarders. see PUSARA. see PASAREAN. see PASASIR. quick, speedy, rapid. 1 instrument, machiine. 2 telephone instrument. 3 telephone extension. 4 plane. see PASEBAN. flat-nosed. gymnast. half cent of colonial period. 1. shareholder. 2. see PERSERO. participant. 1 trip, journey. 2 take a trip, go for a ride, excursion. pesiar-pengantin baru honeymoon. pessimist, pessimistic. pessimism. pessimistic. (Java) woman singer with gamelan orchestra. stench of urine. village chief in S. Sumatra. 1. beach, coastal area. 2. see PASASIR. dented. 1 o. who uses makeup. 2 a woman who likes to dress up. 1 enchantment, spell. 2 magic formula. crooked. party, festivity. 1 divining manual. 2 magic formula. 3 magic power investing a weapon or s.t. else. festival. pesticide. see PISTOL. hole. messenger. 1. porpoise. 2. cleaning rag. cap with a visor. 1 map. 2 chart. 3 picture. petah-lidah 1 eloquent. 2 witty.



petaka petakan petakilan

k.o. tree that produces beans with pungent odor, widely eaten raw and cooked. peta-cina k.o. tree planted to shade coffee or other plants, the leaves of which serve as fodder and green manure and beans of which are edible. 1. 1) compartment, partition, cabin. 2) garden bed, portion of a rice paddy. 2. white mark, blaze (on horse). 3. petak-umpat (Jakarta) hide and seek.

petal petala petam petan petanaman petang petangan petani petari petaruh petas petasan petatah-petitih petatar petatas pete petelur petenah petenis petentengan

accident, disaster, misfortune. plot of land. (Java) moving about too much, fidgety, improper becouse of fidgeting too much. 1 press s.t downward. 2 loosen, remove by pressing. 1 layer, stratum. 2 floor, story. band tied around forehead. main-petan play hide and seek. planting area. 1 afternoon. 2 dark. /pe`tang/ divination. prediction. farmer. see PATRI. 1 final instructions, last will and testament. 2 security. see BERAS. firecracker. see PETITIH. trainee. see PATATAS. see PETAI. egg layer. see FITNAH. tennis player. /petenteng-petenteng/ with o.’s arms on the hips in an arrogant way.

peterah peterana peternak peternakan peterseli petetirahan peti petik petikan petilan petilasan petinggi

see FITRAH. 1 throne. 2 bridal chair. breeder. animal husbandry. parsley. vacation resort for health. case, chest. pick, pluck. 1 playing, plucking (of guitar). 2 quotation, excerpt. episode, fragment of performance, interview, etc. remains of the past. s.o. wih formal authority or acknowledged influence within a certain region.

petinju petir

boxer. thunderclap, thunderbolt.

petirahan petiraman petis petisi petitih petopan petor petrokimia petromax petruk

health resort. oyster field or bed. condiment of the fermented fish or shrimp. petition. proverb, saying. 1 gambling den. 2 gambling place. district commissioner. petrochemical. /petromak/ kerosene pressure lantern. (Java) 1 o. of the clowns in the wayang stories. 2 funny-looking man.

petrus petsai petuah petualang

[penembak misterius] (Coll.) mysterious gunman. (China) see PECAI. 1 religious advice. 2 advice in general. 1 wanderer, tramp. 2 advenrurer who is trying to make a better life for himself. 1 wandering about. 2 adventure, escapade. 1 functionary, official. 2 employee. reckoning, calculation. 1 instruction, guidline. 2 advice, guidance. 3 indication, clue, hint. 4 direction. appointment (to job, etc.). /peyem/ (Sunda) fermented cassava. provision of a place or container. s.o. who is liable. s.t. to impart fragrance. heir. 1 inheriting. 2 inheritance. dye. 1 correspondent, reporter. 2 news bulletin. reporting. (Ling.) modifier, qualifier. interviewer. interviewing. things pertaining to the wayang. see REMPEYEK. /peyot/ see PEOK, PEOT 1. /penziarah/ visitor to a sacred place or grave. adulterer, fornicator. [pour feliciter] abbreviation written on card of congratulations. [Pasukan GerakCepat] (Mil.) shock troops. [Peraturan Gaji Pegawai (Negeri) ] 1 Regulations regarding civil service grade. 2 officially appointed to a certain grade. [Persatuan Guru Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Teacher’s Union. [Piringan Hitam] phonograph record. [per hektar] per hectare. see FARMAKOLOGI.

petualangan petugas petungan petunjuk petunjukan peuyeum pewadahan pewajib pewangi pewaris pewarisan pewarna pewarta pewartaan pewatas pewawancara pewawancaraan pewayangan peyek peyok peziarah pezina pf. pgc pgp,pgpn pgri ph ph. pharmakologik

pharmasi phh.

see FARMASI. 1. [Perhubungan] communications. 2. [Penghubung] liaison (officer).

philatelis phinisi phobi photo pi pia piagam piah pial piala pialang piama piancang pianggang pianica pianis piano piao piar piara piarit pias piat-piut piatu piau piawai pica picah picah-beling picak pici

see FILATELIS. k.o. Bugis cargo boat. /fobi/ phobia, opposed to s.t. that o. should favor. see FOTO. 1. [Ambon) see PERGI. 2. see PAPI. (China) k.o. tea cake. charter, contract, deed. (China) take a ride. 1 wattle. 2 gill. 1 (Lit.) cup, goblet. 2 loving cup. piala-ginjal (Anat.) pelvic region. intermediary, broker. see PIYAMA. (China) warrior. k.o. cricket. k.o. musical instrument. pianist. piano. (China) a dart. combed (of hair). see PELIHARA. 1 harpoon. 2 antenna of insects. 1. margin, line. 2. pale. descendants. motherless child. (China) secret weapon in martial arts. skilled, expert, sophisticated. neglect. see PECAH. k.o. flowering ornamental herb. see PECAK. rimless cap, us. of black velvet, similar in shape to an ovenseas cap.

picik picing picis picisan picu pidana pidanawan pidato pidi pigi pigimana pigmen

1 narrow. 2 narrow-minded. wink. amounts in multiples of 10 cents. 1 10-cent pieces. 2 small-time, two-bit. 3 worth 10 cents. trigger, cock, hammer (of gun). (Leg.) 1 criminal. 2 punishment. (Leg.) prisoner. speech, address. mem-pidi aim, direct. (Coll.) see PERGI. see BAGAIMANA. /pikmen/ pigment.

pigura pihak pihutang piil pijah pijak pijar pijar-pijar pijat pijat-pijat pijet pik

pik. pikap pikat pikau pike pikep piket pikir piknik pikul pikun pil pilah pilar pilek pilem pilih pilihan pilin pilinan pilipina pilis pilon pilot pilsapat pilu pilun pilus pimpin pimpinan

1 picture, painting. 2 figure, representation. 3 picture frame. 1 side. 2 party (in a dispute, etc.). see PIUTANG. see FIIL. spawn. /pijak-pijak/ pedals. blazing, red-hot, glowing. borax. get a massage. bedbug. /pijit/ see PIJAT. (China) eight (mainly used in commercial transactions). pik-ban 80,000. pikban go 85,000. pik-cap 80. pik-cap go 85. pik-ceng 8,000. pik-pek 800. pikpekceng 800,000. pik-pek go 850. pik-pek go ceng 850,000. pik-tiau 8 million. pik-tiau pua 8,500,000. [pikul] 137 lbs. (Coll.) 1 van, pick-up truck. 2 phonograph, hi-fi. 1. horsefly. 2. 1) trap birds with sticky substance. 2) attract, be attractive. utter cries of fear. see KAIN. see PIKAP. 1 picket in a strike. 2 posted guard. 3 duty officer, o. on duty during off hours. 4 be on duty during off hours. 1 opinion, idea. 2 thought. go on an excursion, picnic. 137 lbs. senile, senility. pill, tablet. sort, classify. pillar. have a cold. see FILM. fastidious, squeamish, choosy. 1 choise. 2 selection. spiral, twist. a twist, cord. see FILIPIN. camphor-based compress applied to forehead. 1 stupid. 2 innocent, naive. plane pilot. see FILSAFAH. 1 moved, touched, affected. 2 sympathetic. see PILON. k.o. snack made of fried grated sweet potatoes. lead, guide. leadership, guidance. 2 management, administration.

pimping pimpong pinak pinalti pinang pinangan pinatua pincang

k.o. tall grass. see PINGPONG. descendant. see PENALTI. areca nut. 1 proposal submitted. 2 o. whose hand is asked. church elder. 1 lame, crippled. 2 having a defect so that things are not even or smooth.

pincil pincuk

bunch, strand. 1. 1) a folded-over banana leaf used as a container for portions of food. 2 k.o. fruit salad served with a spicy fish sauce. 2. make s.o. fall in love.

pincut pinda pindah pindai pindakas pindang pinding pines pingai pinggan pinggang pinggir pinggiran pinggul pingin pingit pingkal pingkau pingkel pingpong pingsan pingster pinguin pinhong pinisepuh pinisi pinjak pinjal pinjam pinjaman pinset pinsil pinta pintaan

mem-pincut(kan) enthrall, make s.o. fall in love. see PENDA. 1 move. 2 change, transfer to s.t. else. scrutinize, look at carefully. peanut butter. preserve large fish or meat with salt without drying. see KEPINDING. thumbtack. light yellow. dish, plate. 1 waist. 2 loins. 1 edge, seam. 2 border. edges, coastal areas, outskirts. 1 hip. 2 behind, rear. see KEPINGIN. secluded (of marriageable girl). see PINGKEL. see PIKAU. double up with laughter. 1 pingpong. 2 the football treatment, sending from pillar to post. 1 unconscious. 2 fainted. 3 have a fit. (Rel.) Pentecostal sect. /pingwin/ penguin. (China) screen. (Java) elders (of a village or any organization). see PHINISI. see PIJAK. flea. borrow . loan. tweezers, pincers. see PENSIL. 1.request. 2. /pintak/ fate, destiny. request, question.

pintal pintalan pintar pintas pintasan pinter pintil pintoo pintu pinus pinusisasi pion pionir pipa pipet pipi pipih pipil pipilan pipis pipit

spin, twine. ball of twine. 1 clever, smart. 2 skilled at, able. a second (of time). short cut. see PINTAR. 1. skin of yarn. 2. see PENTIL. (China) 1 Buddhist priest. 2 term of address to Buddhist priest. door, gate. k.o. tree, pine. reforestation with pines. (Che.) pawn. pioneer. 1 pipe, for smoking. 2 pipe, conduit, tube. (Chem.) pipette. cheek. flat, thin. loosen beans, grains from shell. s.t. shelled. 1. (child language) urinate. 2. mash, crush up. 1. sparrow. 2. (child language) penis. 3. mouthpiece of a wind instrument.

pirai piramid piramidal pirang piranti pirasa pirasat pirau piraun pirdaus pirik piring pirometer pirsa pirsawan pirsider pirus pis pisah pisang pisau pisik pisin pisit pispot

(Med.) gout. /piramida/ pyramid. pyramidal. see PERANG. see PERANTI. see RASA. see FIRASAT. dark brown. see FIRAUN. see FIRDAUS. mem-pirik rub down, pulverize. plate. pyrometer. pem-(p)irsa TV audience. TV audience. refrigerator. turquoise (gem). 1. bolt of cloth. 2. see PIPIS 1. 1 part. 2 separated. banana. knife. pisau-bedah scalpel. pisau-belati dagger. pisau-cukur razor. see FISIK. (Sunda) saucer. 1. svelte. 2. press, compress. chamber pot.

pistol pisuh pisuhan pit pita pitam pitar pitenah pites piting pitrah pituas piuh piun piut piutang piwulang piyama piyut pj. pjka pjs. pk

pistol, revolver. curse, use bad language in anger. s.t. said in cussing. 1. (China) brush pen. 2. bike, motorbike. 1 ribbon. 2 tape. 1 dizziness. 2 fit. 3 apoplexy. 4 paralytic stroke. mem-pitar aim a weapon. pem-pitar (gun) sight. see FITNAH. strush between the fingernails. 1. hold with forearms, clinch. 2. see FITING. see FITRAH 1. /pituwas/ 1 compensation, reward. 2 wage. distorted. see PION. descendant 5th removed. 1 credit. 2 claim, accounts receivable. (Java, Sunda) lesson, teaching. pajamas. choke. [Pejabat] official. [Perusahaan Jawatan Kereta Api] Indonesian Railway Systems. [Pejabat sementara] temporary official. 1. [Partai Komunis] Communist party. 2. [Poardekracht] horsepower. 3. /P3K/ [Pertolongan Pertama pada Kecelakaan] First Aid.

pk. pki pkk

[pukul] o’clock. [Partai Komunis Indonesia] Indonesian Communist party. [Pendidikan Kesejahteraan Keluarga] program at village level to educate women on various aspects of family welfare. [pukul] o’clock. [Partai Komunis Uni Sofyet] Communist party of the Soviet Union. see also entries with pel-. [Perjanjian Lama] (Bib.) Old Testament. /plafond/ ceiling. plagiarism. plagiarist. 1. /plak/ sound of slap. 2. plaque (on teeth). poster. receipt stamp or seal. /plamur/ putty, spackle for pinting. see PELAN. /plein/ airplane. 1 signpost. 2 gate. planet. plankton. city planning. see CEPLAS-CEPLOS.

pkl. pkus plpl. plafon plagiat plagiator plak plakat plaksegel plamir plan-plan plane plang planit plankton planologoi plas-plosan

plastik plastis plastisitas plat platina plebisit pledooy plek plempem pleno plentong ples plester

plin-planisme plintir plisir plm

plastic. plastic. plasticity. see PELAT. 1 platinum. 2 (Auto.) distributor contract, points. plebiscite. /pledoy,pleidoi/ (Leg.) defense. stain, spot. (Java) large pipe (for drainage, etc.). full, plenary. lightbulb. bottle, flask. 1 plaster. 2 adhesive plaster. plester-an covered with plaster. /pleste`r/ cement. plester-an cement floor. not neat, not straight, not round. onomatopoetic word for s.t. small ejected. a small thing ejected . see PELIKET. /plintat-plintut/ now this way now that, swaying with the wind, following whatever opinion is dominant. tendency to follow whatever idea is dominant. see PELINTIR. see PELISIR. [perahu layar motor] k.o. sailboat equipped with auxiliary engines.

pln ploi ploksok plombir plonci plonco plong plp pluit pluk plung plus plutokrasi plutokrat pm

[Perusahaan Listrik Negara] State Electricity Enterprise. pleat. connecting pipe socket with two different sizes. 1 fill (tooth). 2 stop, plug up. see PELONCI. see PELONCO. 1 freed of cares, relieved. 2 hole. [Pendidikan Latihan Pertempuran] (Mil.) combat training. see PELUIT. sound of splashing water. sound of splashing water. 1 (Math.) plus. 2 having a surplus. plutocracy. plutocrat. 1. [Perdana Menteri] prime minister. 2. [Polisi Militer] military police.

pma pmdk

[Penanaman Modal Asing] foreign investment. [Penelusuran Minat dan Kemampuan] talent scouting for admission to state university system. [Penanaman Modal Dalam Negeri] domestic investment. [Palang Merah Indonesia] Indonesian Red Cross. [Pasukan Mencegah Kebakaran] fire department.

pletat-pletot pletik pletikan pliket plin-plan

pmdn pmi pmk

pn pneumonia png pni po poatang poci pocok pocokan pocong podak podeng pof pohbor pohon pojok

[Perusahaan Negara] state enterprise. /pnemonia/ pneumonia. [Papua-Nugini] Papua-New Guinea. [Partai National Indonesia] Indonesian Nationalist party. (China) k.o. card game. (Jakarta, China) get caught, get found out. teapot. (Java) fill a certain position temporarily. /poco’an/ fill-in. (Java) wrap in a shroud. pocong-an (Java) shroud. see PUDAK. /poding/ pudding. puffed (of sleeves). see POPOR. 1. 1) tree. 2) origin, cause. 2. see MOHON. 1 corner. 2 k.o. newpaper column containing pithy comments on the news.

pojokan pok pokal pokat poket pokok

street corner. see MPOK. ruse. see ADVOKAT 2. (Mil.) pocket of uniform. 1 main, principal, basic, fundamental, base. 2 beginning. 3 capital, stake. 4 subject. 5 reason, central theme. 7 main or lower part of s.t.

pokrol pokrol-prokrolan pol

atorney, lawyer. pettifoggery. 1. 1) complete, fully done. 2) to the fullest extent. 3) filled up. 2. see VOLT.

pola polah polan polandia polang-paling polang-poleng polantas polarisasi polas-poles poldan polemik poleng polenter poles polgas poli poliandri poligami

1 pattern. 2 system, model of how s.t. is done. polah-tingkah behavior. Mr. So-and-so, Mr. What’s-his-name. Poland. whirl. checkered or camouflage pattern. [polisi lau lintas] traffic police. polarization. paint, smear s.t. 1 paid up. 2 finished ! all done ! (in card games, etc.). polemic. see POLANG-POLENG. volunteer. polish. at full speed. [poliklinik] polyclinic. polyandry. polygamy.

poligamis poligon poliklinik polio polip polis polisi polisionil politeis politeisme politeknik politik politikus politis politisasi politisi politur polmah polo polok polong

polygamist. polygon. polyclinic. 1. polio. 2. see FOLIO. (Med.) polyp. (insurance) policy. policeman. having to do with the police. polytheist. polytheism. polytechnic. 1 politics, political. 2 policy. politican. political. politicization. politicians. see PELITUR. (Leg.) power of attorney. (Sports) polo. swallow, bolt down. 1. ghost evil spirit. 2. pod. polong-polong-an legumes of various sorts.

polongan polos

outlet, drainpipe. 1 smooth. 2 plain (material, paper, etc.). 3 straightforward, without guile.

polowijo polri polsus polsuska polusi polutan polwan polwil pom pomade pombensin pomg

see PALAWIJA. [Polisi Republik Indonesia] Indonesian Police. [polisi khusus] special police. [polisi khusus kereta api] railway police. pollution. pollutant. [polisi wanita] policewoman. [polisi wilayah] local police. [Polisi Militer] military police. pomade. gas station. [Persatuan Orang Tua Murid dan Guru] Parent-Teacher’s Association.

pompa pompanisasi pompen pompong pon ponakan ponco pondamen. pondik

pump. provision of water pumps in an area. push-ups. see KEPOMPONG. [Pekan Olahraga Nasional] National Games. see KEPONAKAN. poncho. see FONDAMEN. arrogant, conceited.

pondoh pondok pondong ponem pongah ponggang ponggawa pongo poni ponim ponis ponok ponokawan pontang-panting ponten ponton ponyard pop popi popok popokan popor popularitas populasi populer populis popure pora porak-poranda pordeo porek pori porkas pormil pormulir porno porok poros porot porsekot porselen porsi porstel portal

edible pith of coconut palm trunk. 1 cottage, hut, cabin. 2 (Islam) Muslim boarding school. pondok-an lodgings, rooming house. carry in o.’s arms. see FONEM. conceited, stuck up. see SIPONGGANG. see PUNGGAWA. (Java) be open-mouthed from surprise or bewilderment. bangs. see FONEM. see VONIS. camel’s hump. see PUNAKAWAN. run helter skelter, in any direction. 1 marks, grades. 2 points in a game. /ponte`n/ 1 fountain. 2 public bath and toilet. pontoon. dagger used by naval cadets. pop culture. doll. diaper. ghost. see MOMOK. rifle butt. popularity. population (in a study). popular. of popular culture. (China) talisman. see PEDANG, PESTA. /porak-parik, porak-peranda/ a mess, in disorder. see PRODEO. see POROK. pore. [Pekan Olahraga untuk Kesejahteraan Sosial] weekly lottery based on soccer scores. see FORMIL. see FORMULIR. pornography. fork. axis, pivot, shaft. 1 gnaw at, bite into. 2 steal. see PERSEKOT. china, porcelain. portion. proposal, suggestion. gate (blocking entrance, R.R. crossing, etc.).

portepel portir porto portret portuges pos pose posing posisi positif poskar posma

portfolio. 1 ticket collector at gate. 2 porter. cost of sending s.t. porto-udara air freight costs. bebas-porto sent free of postage. see POTRET. Portuguese. 1 mail. 2 item, entry. 3 post, situation. pose (in photo). see PUSING. position. /positip/ positive. postcard. [Pekan Orientasi dan Studie Mahasiswa] Freshman Orientation Week.

pospaket pospor postel

parcel-post package. see FOSFOR. [pos dan telekomunikasi] postal, telegraph, and telephone service.

poster postulat poswesel pot potas potehi potensi potensial potia potlot poto potokopi potol potong potongan

poster. postulate. money order. 1 pot. 2 chamber pot. potassium. (China) hand puppets. potential. /potensiil/ potential. (China) overseer. pencil. see FOTO. see FOTOKOPI. 1 broke, hard up. 2 cut off. 1 piece. 2 lump. 3 slice. 4 be reduced by. 5 take a short cut. 1 deduction from wages. 2 discount. 3 way s.t. is made or built, model, cut of clothes. 4 abbreviation. 5 a cut. 1 photograph, picture, snapshot. 2 camera. 3 have o.’s picture taken.

potret power poya poyang pp ppdank pplh ppn

1 k.o. four-wheel-drive army truck used in mountainous regions. 2 power of radio or stereo set. see FOYA. grandfather. 1 [pulang pergi] round trip. 2. [Peraturan Pemerintah] Governmental Regulations. [Pendidikan, Pengajaran dan Kebudayaan] Ministry of Education and Culture. [Pembinaan dan Pelestarian Lingkungan Hidup] Cultivation and Preservation of the Environment. (Pajak Pendapatan Nasional] National Income Tax.

ppn(b) ppp pppk pr

prprapraada praanggapan prabakti prabawa prabedah prabu pracerita pracipta prada pradewasa pradini praduga prafabrik pragaan pragmatis pragmatisme prah praha prahara prahoto prailmiah praja prajurit praka prakarsa prakarya prakata prakemerdekaan prakira prakondisi praktek praktikum praktis prakualifikasi pralambang pralon

[Pusat Perkebunan Negara (Baru) ] (New) Center for Gvt. Estates. [Partai Persatuan Pembangunan] United Development party, a Muslim party. [Pertolongan Pertama pada Kecelakaan] First Aid. 1. [Penyapu Ranjau] minesweeper. 2. [pekerjaan rumah] homework. 3. [Pemuda Rakyat] communist youth movement, the People’s Youth. see also entries with per-. see also entries with pre-. preexistence. prejudice, presupposition. probationary. see PERBAWA. preoperative. the sovereign. opening portion of a story. s.t. created beforehand. 1. (prajurit dua] (Mil.) Private (lowest rank). 2. see PERADA 1. preadult. premature in birth, ripening, or flowering. presumption. prefabricated. see RAGA 1. pragmatic. pragmatism. freight, cargo. Prague. hurricane, tempest. truck. prescientific. territory of jurisdiction. 1 solder. 2 a private. 3 soldierlike and brave. [prajurit kepala] (Mil.) highest rank of private below kopral. initiative. vocational subjects in school (home-making, sewing, automobile repairing, etc.). foreword. pre-Independence. forecast. prerequisite. /praktik/ 1 practice of a profession. 2 practices. practical work, lab work. 1 practical. 2 practically. /prakwalifikasi/ (Fin.) qualifications stipulated for all prospective tenders of a bid. prediction, prophecy. k.o. hard pipe.

prama pramadara pramana pramaria pramasehi prambos prameswari prami pramubakti pramugara pramugari pramuka pramukawati pramuniaga pramuria pramuwisata pramuwisma pranata prancis prangko prapatan prapen prapendaftaran praperadilan prapertunjukan prarasa prarencana prasaja prasangka prasantap prasaran prasarana prasarjana prasasti prasejarah prasekolah prasetia praskripsi prasman prasmanan prasyarat prat-prit pratanda pratekan pratijangkit pratiwi

[pramahasiswa] o. who is about to enter university. newly registered university freshman (female). (Java) careful. newly registered university freshman. pre-Christian. see FRAMBOS. see PERMAISURI. newly registered university student (female). /pramubhakti/ (Euphemism) maid servant. attemdant on long distance transport. female attendant on long distance transport. [(Gerakan) Praja Muda Karana] Boy Scouts. Girl Scout. [Euphemism] sales clerk. [Euphemism] nightclub hostess. tourist guide. [Euphemism] maid servant. instituation, regulation. France, French. postage stamp. crossroads. (Java) furnace, fireplace, or any place for a fire. preregistration. pretrial. preview. partiality, preference. plan in rough, preliminary form. straightforward, without guile. prejudice. food served before main course. working paper, introductory or working paper for. 1 infrastructure. 2 labor done in preparation. degree awarded after three years of tertiary level study. 1 ancient inscription, epigraphy. 2 plaque commemorating inauguration of building. prehistory, prehistorical. preschool. /prasetya/ firm intent, pledge of loyalty, religious vow. (Acad.) B.A.thesis. (Coll.) Frenchman. buffet. prerequisite. sound of whistle blowing repeatedly. 1 sign, indication. 2 forerunner. (Ling.) prestressed. antiseptic. see PERTIWI.

pratu prausul prawacana prawarsa prawira prayoga prayojana pre preambul predikat prefek prefektur preferensi preferensiil prehistori prehistoris prei prek prekik prelat preliminer prem preman prematur premi premier premis prenjak preparat prepentip prerogatif pres

presdir preseden presentasi presiden presidensial presidium presis presisi preskripsi prestasi prestise

[perajurit satu] private first class. working paper. foreword, preface. initiative, impetus. see PERWIRA. decent, suitable. purpose, intention, motive. see PERAI 1. preamble. 1 citation, designation. 2 (Ling.) predicate. (Rel.) prefect, the supervisor in a church organization. prefecture (in Japan, France, etc.). preference. preferential. prehistory. prehistoric. 1. see PERAI 1. 2. leek. (Vulg.) Nonsense ! Shut up ! (exclamation to silence s.o.). mem-prek-i tell s.o. to shut up. see PRIKIK. prelate. preliminary. plum. 1 private, civilian. 2 (Coll.) street kids, hoodlums. premature. 1 premium. 2 bonus. (Thea.) premier. premise. k.o. bird. (Med.) blood smear. see PREVENTIF. prerogative. 1. pres-ban k.o. procedure for tire repaire in which a faulty inner tube is sealed by pressing rubber to it with a hot iron tool. 2. 1) prize. 2) toy given away as prize in package (of crackerjacks, etc.). [presiden direktur] president and director of a company. precedent. presentation. president. /presidensiil/ presidential presidium. see PERSIS. precision. prescription. achievement, performance prestige.

pretel pretensi pretensius preventif previu prewangan pri pria priai pribadi pribahasa pribumi pribumisasi pries prigel prihal prihatin prikik prilaku prilem prima primadona primata primbon primer primitif prin pringas-pringis pringgitan pringisan prinsip prinsipiil prioritas prisma prit privat prive privilese priwil priya priyayi pro probabilitas problem

1 dismantle, tear apart. 2 remove, take out. 3 find out a secret, question thoroughly. 4 wipe out, clear away. pretension. pretentious. /preventip/ preventive. preview. shaman, o. who has mystical powers. see PRIBUMI. man, male. see PRIYAYI. 1 individual, personal. 2 person. see PERIBAHASA. indigene, o. of native stock and not of immigrant blood. the process of turning enterprises over to the indigenouse people. /pris/ Frisian. (Java) skillful. see PERI 1. concerned, apprehensive. (Sport.) free kick after minor foul. see PERI 1. preliminary. first-rate. (Coll.) woman who is considered excellent. (Bio.) primate. (Java) divining manual. primary. primitive. /pring/ (Mil.) answer to the call werda ( ” Who goes there ?”): friend (not foe). grin sheepishly. (Java) open structure in front of mansion, behind the pendopo, for showing shadow plays or receiving visitors. grin. principle, tenet. /prinsipil/ principal, basic. /prioritet/ priority. prism. sound of blown whistle. private. private. privilege. a bicycle gear that allows wheels to turn without engaging pedals. see PRIA. (Java) o. belonging to upper classes. pro. probability. /problim/ problem.

problematik procot prodeo produk produksi produktif produktivitas produsen produser profesi profesionalisme profesor professi profil profisiat prognosa program progresif progresivitas prohibisionis prokem proklamasi proklamator proklamir prokurasi proletar proletariat proletarisasi proliferasi prolog promes promosi promosional promotor promovendus prop prop. propadeus propaganda propagandis propeler properti propesi propesor propil propinsi

set of problems. (Vulg.) be born. free, without cost. product. production. productive. /produktivitet/ productivity. producer. /produsir/ memp-produser produce. profession. ber-profesi professional. professionalism. professor. see PROFESI. 1 appearance. 2 profile. expression. uttered when offering congratulations. /prognose/ prognosis. /programa/ program. progressive. /progresivitet/ progressiveness. prohibitionist. (Jakarta) 1 jargon of youth in Jakarta. 2 street kids. proclamation. o. who proclaims. memp-proklamir-kan proclaim. (Leg.) power of attorney. proletarian. proletariat. proletarianization. proliferation. prologue. (Fin.) promissory note. 1 promotion of a product. 2 (Acad.) disertation defense. promotional. (Acad.) dissertation supervisor. 2 o. who champions s.t. (Acad.) a candidate for a doctorate. 1. cork, stopper, plug. 2. [propadeus] preparation for entering a university course or profession. [propinsi] province. /propaedeuse/ preparation for entering (a course, a profession). propaganda. propagandist. (Av.) propeller. property (in TV, film making). see PROFESI. see PROFESOR. see PROFIL. see PROVINSI.

propokatip proporsi proporsional prosa prosedur proseduril prosen prosentase prosentuil proses prosesi prosis prosodi prospek prospektus prostat prostitusi proteina proteksi proteksionis protektorat protes protestan protokol protokoler protol proton provinsi provinsial provinsialisme provinsialistis provisi provokasi provokatif provokator provost proyek proyeksi proyektil proyektir proyektor prri/permesta

see PROVOKATIF. proportion. /proporsionil/ reasonable, in accordance with o. would expect. prose. procedure. procedural. see PERSEN. /prosentasi/ percentage. on a persentage basis. 1 process. 2 legal action. procession. 1 prose writer. 2 prosaic. prosody. prospect, future chances. promotional leaflet. /prostata/ (Anat.) prostate. prostitution. protein. economic protection. protectionist. protectorate. protest. Protestant. 1. protocol. 2. master of ceremonies at formal functions. having to do with protocol. (Java) apart, in pieces. (Phys.) proton. province. provincial. provincialism. provincial. (Fin.) commission. provocation. /provokatip/ provocative. provocateur. military police in air force or navy. project. projection, forecast. missile. project s.t. or an image. projector. [Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia/Perjuangan Semesta] Total Struggle and the Republic of Indonesia’s Revolutionary Gvt., a rebellion in Sumatra and N. Sulawesi against the central gvt. in the late 1950s.

pruf prusi

/prup/ printer’s proof. verdigris.

ps. psi psi. psii psikiater psikiatri psikiatrik psikis psikoanalis psikoanalisa psikolinguistik psikolog psikologi psikopat psk. pspb pt

pt. ptik ptip ptm ptp ptt pu puade puah puak puaka pual pualam puan puar puas puasa puatang puber publik publikasi

1. [pasal] article (in legal documents, etc.] 2. [pasar] market. 3. [pejabat sementara] temporary official. [Partai Sosialis Indonesia] Indonesian Socialist party. [psikologi] psychology. [Partai Serikat Islam Indonesia] Islam party of Indonesia. psychiatrist. psychiatry. /psikiatris/ psychiatric. psychological, mental. psychoanalyst. psychoanalysis. psycholinguistics. psychologist. psychology. psychopath. [pasukan] (Mil.) troops. [Pendidikan Sejarah Perjuangan Bangsa] the History of the National Struggle, a subject in school. 1. [Perseroan Terbatas] Inc., Ltd. 2. [Panglima Tertinggi] officer the rank of governor of a region. 3. [Perguruan Tinggi] Institute of Higher Education. [Pendeta] Rev., title for a minister. [Program Tinggi Ilmu Kepolisian] Police Academy. [(Departemen) Perguruan Tinggi dan Ilmu Pengetahuan] Department of Higher Education and Sciences. [Persekutuan Tanah Melayu] Federation of Malaya. [Pos, Telekomunikasi (dan) Pariwisata] Post office, Telecommunications, and Tourism. [Pos, Telegrap dan Telpon] Postal, Telegraph, and Telephone Service. 1. [Pejabat Ulama] high official. 2. [Pembantu Utama] secretary-general of a ministry. 3.[Pekerjaan Umum] Public Works. see KUADE. bah ! phooey ! group, tribe. gnome, spirit (inhabiting a certain place). 1. voile. 2. vortex. 1 marble. 2 alabaster. 1. plate for betel. 2. (Lit.) title or deferential term of address for a woman. 3. see KELAPA. cardamom. satisfied, contented. 1 fast. 2 (Islam) fasting month. (China) have no chance. /pubertas/ puberty. public. publication.

publisir publisistik publisitas pucat pucuk pucung pudak pudar pudat pudek pudel puder pudi puding pudur pugar puguh puhun puing puisi puitik puja pujaan pujangga puji

publicize. mass communications (as a field of study). publicity. pale due to illness or fright. 1 tip of a leaf, shoot, sprout. 2 tip of s.t. 3 a classifier. 1. heron. 2. tree that produces keluak. k.o. pandanus. 1 pale, faded. 2 weak, dim. full to the brim. [pembantu dekan] assistant dean. poodle. (face) powder. powder, dust of precious stones. 1. croton plant. 2. see PODENG. extinguished. mem-pugar restore. (Jakarta) for sure, certain. see POHON 2. 1. ruins, debris. 2. see PUYENG. poetry. /puitis/ poetic. worship, adoration. 1 adoration, worship. 2 idol. 1 man of letters. 2 poet. praise. mem-(p)uji praise, commend.puja-puja-an prayers of adoration.

pujuk pujur pujut puk-oping pukal pukang pukas pukat pukau pukauan pukes puki pukis pukta pukul pul pula

see BUJUK. profligate, dissolute. strangulation. /puk ping/ menthol inhaler for colds. lump, block. 1 crotch. 2 thigh of animal. mem-pukang tear apart. see PUKES. seine, dragnet. pukat-harimau large trawling. drug to make o. sleep. charm. vulva. (Vulg.) vagina. k.o. butter cake. excellent. 1 strike. 2 blow, o. fell swoop. 3 o’clock. 1. (car)pool. 2. pole. 1 likewise, as well. 2 again. 3 (who, where, how, etc.) alse ? 4 (who, where, why, how, etc.) do you think, (what, etc.) in the world. 5 do unnecessarily.

pulai pulak

k.o. tree whose bark is medicinal and with corklike wood. see PULA.

pulan pulang pulas pulasan pulasari pulau pulauisme pule pulen pules puli pulih pulisi pulkanisir pulpen pulsa puluh pulun pulung

1 good-tasting (of cooked rice or tubers cooked to proper softness). 2 smooth and mellow. 1 return home. 2 be left up to. 1. fast asleep. 2. a dab. 3. 1) turn, wring. 2) twist, distort. 3) have coloc. 1. 1) outward appearance. 2) s.t smeared on. 2. k.o. rambutan whit short nubbles as if the hair had been tweaked off. liana with yellow flowers. island. insularity. see PULAI. see PULAN. see PULAS 1. 1. o. of the parts of the automobile chassis. 2. rice cracker. 1 recovered from an illness. 2 restored, repaired. see POLISI. see VULKANISIR. fountain pen. beat, throb, pulse. counter for a multiple of 10. puluh-an 1 tens, decades. 2 10-rupiah note.

punah punai punakawan punat punca

1 rise (of smoke). 2 rise like smoke (of thoughts). 1. pellet. 2. (Java) flash of light which gives o. power enabling him to be legitimized as ruler. s.t. rolled into pellets. see EMPULUR. 1 glutinous rice. 2 birdlime. see FUMIGASI. flock together. 1 meeting place, 2 center. 1 (Lit.) then, subsequently. 2 also. 3 even. 4 who, where, what, etc. ever it might be, everywhere, everyone, everything, etc. extinct. pigeon. (Java) servants of royalty in wayang. (Med.) core of a boil. 1 flap, tail, end. 2 beginning, introduction, elementary. 3 initial cause.

puncak pundak punden pundi

1 top, summit. 2 peak, mount. 3 acme, zenith. 1 shoulder. 2 neck. (Java) holy place (graves of ancestors, sacred trees, etc.). 1 earthen jar to hold water. 2 crockery piggy-bank. pundi-pundi purse, bag.

punding pungak-pinguk punggah punggahan

knot. be or look embarrassed. load, cargo. place for loading cargo.

pulungan pulur pulut pumigasi pumpun pumpunan pun

punggal punggawa pungguk punggung punggur pungkah pungkasan pungki pungkir pungkur pungli

mem-punggal break off the point of s.t. court official in Java shadow play. k.o. owl. back. tree trunk. piece, lump. final, end. see PENGKI. see MUNGKIR. 1 rear end, posterior. 2 residue. [pungutan liar] toll or tariff collected without proper legal authority.

pungliwan pungsi pungut pungutan

o. who extracts illegal tolls. see FUNGSI. adopted. 1 pickings, harvest. 2 quotation. 3 tax levied. 4 amount collected, collection (in church). (Java) a bit over in amount. trellis, bower. tie together. /pungtuasi/ punctuation. see PUNAKAWAN. [China] able, talented. /pent/ 1 that is the end of it, period. 2 period, point. 1 winding round. 2 in balls. 1 bobbin spool. 2 ball of wool. (Sunda) excuse me. see BUAH. k.o. vampire or blood-sucking supernatural being. nipple. mem-puntir wind, twist firmly. 1 torsion. 2 s.t. twisted. see PONTANG-PANTING. dull, blunt. 1 blunt. 2 butt, stub, stump. 3 maimed. crippled, mutilated. see PONOK. 1 (Coll.) have, possess. 2 belonging. 3 (Coll. ) a possessive marker. 4 after, with. degree of consanguinity. 1. ber-pupuh fight. mem-pupuh beat. 2. strophe. 1. manure, fertilizer. 2.(Java) put traditional medicines on a wound.

punjul punjung punjut punktuasi punokawan punsu punt puntal puntalan punten punti puntianak puntil-susu puntir puntiran puntng-panting puntul puntung punuk punya pupu pupuh pupuk pupun pupunan pupur pupus

collect (e.g. rubber). gathering of rubber. face powder. 1. budding leaf, leaf that has just come out. 2. 1) wiped out, obliterated. 2) disappeared.

puput puputan purpura pura-pura purata purba purbakala purbakalawan purbasangka pure purek purel puri purifikasi purik puring purn. purnakaryawan purnakata purnama purnaswasta purnawirawan puru puruk purun purus purut purwa purwaka purwakanti purwoceng pusa pusaka pusar pusara pusaran pusat puser pusing

whistle, flute, blow. 1) pair of bellows. 2) blowing of the wind. complete, post-(in formal words or titles). 1. 1) bag. 2) fund. 2. Balinese temple, shrine. 1 pretend. 2 pseudo, mock. (Math.) mean. old, ancient, antique. olden times. archaeologist. prejudice. puree. [pembantu rektor] assistant to the rector. [Public Relations] public relations. 1 castle, royal palace. 2 town. 3 Balinese house of worship. purification. go home for sympathy out of anger. see PUDING 1. [purnawirawan, purnakaryawan] retired, emeritus. retired civil servant. what is said in conclusion. full moon. o. retired in private sector. retired armed services officer. sore, boil, ulcer. hide s.t. inside. k.o. rush used for basket weaving. diarrhea. rough-skinned. jeruk-purut k.o. nubbled lime used as condiment. see WAYANG. in the beginning, formerly. (Ling.) assonance, alliteration. k.o. aphrodisiac. 1 momentum. 2 desire to do s.t. heirloom. navel. 1. 1) cemetery. 2) grave. 2. reins. 1 rotation. 2 handle, crank. 3 vortex. 1 navel. 2 center. 3 center, central, main. (Java) navel. 1 whirling, dizzy. 2 be puzzled, confused, worried. pusing-an rotation.

puskesmas puso puspa puspen puspita pustaka

[Pusat Kesehatan Masyarakat] local gvt. clinic. parched, dried up. (Lit.) flower. [Pusat Penerangan] information center. (Lit.) flower. 1 book. 2 divining manual.

pustakawan pusu pusung pusut putao putar putaran puter putera


librarian. 1. (M) troop, band. 2. anthill. dreamer, dullard. awl. (China) rice wine. turning. 1 circle. 2 crank, windlass. 3 wheel. 4 showing. 1. k.o. dove. 2. (Java) see PUTAR. 1 prince. 2 son, child (of o. who is respected). 3 a son of (o. from) a certain place. 4. male. 1 princess. 2 daughter, girl (of o. who is respected). 3 female. 1 white. 2 pale, fair skinned. 3 pure. (Biol.) 1 bud, pistil. 2 ovary. ber-putik beginning to bear fruit. 1 handle, hilt. 2 stalk. whirlwind, waterspout. see PUTERA. see PUTERI. steamed cake. putu-mayang k.o. cake made of rice noodles fashioned into a wreath. 1 broken off, served. 2 break. 3 finish. 4 break a promise. 5 sever s.t.

puyan puyang puyeng puyuh puyunghai pwi

body dirt. see LEMPUYANG. 1 headache. 2 confused, dizzy. 1. quail. 2. see ANGIN. see FUYONGHAI. [Persatuan Wartawan Indonesia] Journalists’ Association of Indonesia.

pym pyuh-pyuh q q-

[Paduka Yang Mulia] Your Excellency. expression of surprise. the 17 th letter of the alphabet. almost all words with q may also be written with k. For entries with q- see k. (Islam) Cain, Abel’s brother. (Islam) receiter of the Koran. (Islam) female reciter of the Koran. see KORAN. the 18 letter of the alphabet. [Raden] (Java) masculine noble title. [Raden Mas] (Java) title of minor male nobility. see RAKYAT. [radiallahu an(hu) ] (Islam) an exclamation uttered after mention of o. of Muh.’s companions or the prophets: May God bless him ! see RAD. [Rencana Anggaran Belanja] 1 budget plan. 2 draft budge. 1 feel s.t. 2 grope (often with sexual implications). 3 guess. 1 touch. 2 groping with the hand. 3 guess, estimate.

puteri putih putik puting puting-beliung putra putri putu

qabil qari qariah qur’an r r. r.m. ra’yat ra. raad rab raba rabaan

rabah rabak raban rabas rabat rabbi rabi’ul-akhir rabi’ul-awal rabies rabik rabu rabuk rabun rabung rabut racau racek racik

shrike. 1 large tear, rip. 2 in tatters 1 jabber, babble. 2 rave, be delirious. (M) drizzle. rebate, quantity discount. (Bib.) Lord. (Islam) 4th month of Arabic calendar. (Islam) 3d month of Arabic calendar. rabies. /rabit/ torn, tattered at the edges. 1.(M) lungs. 2. size, carry off (loot, etc.). 3. Wednesday. 1 fertilizer. 2 tinderwood. 1) hazy, dim. 2) near sighted . ridge of a house. see CABUT. delirious. (Jakarta) pockmarked. 1. bird snare. 2. 1) cut into thin slices. 2) blend various proper ingredients into food, etc. 3) eat foods already mixed (rice with vegetables, etc.). 4) make the necessary preparations prior to a main endeavor.

racuk racun rad rada radak radang raden rader rades radiallahu-anhu

tease, entice s.o. poison. council. (Java, Jakarta) rather, somewhat. 1 a stab with a spear. 2 an attact. 1 inflamed, hot. 2 fly into a rage. 1 title of Java nobility. 2 form of address, esp. as den. rolling pin. radish. (Islam) May God bless him, exclamation uttered after the mention of o. of Muh.’s companions or the prophets. radiation. radiator. (Pol.) radical. radicalism. radicalization. radicalize. radicalism. see RADEN. radio. radioactive. radioactivity. radiogram. radiology. radioman. circle, radius. ferris wheel.

radiasi radiator radikal radikalisasi radikalisir radikalisme radin radio radioaktif radioaktifitas radiogram radiologi radiowan radius radmolen


1 raffia fibre. 2 k.o. twine made of thin strips of plastic similar to raffia fibre.

raflesia raga ragam

k.o. endotropic parasitic plant, the Rafflesia. 1. 1) (Lit.) boast, show off. 2) hold an exhibition. 2. 1) k.o. simple rattan basket. 2) ball plaited from rattan. 3. (Lit.) body. 1 melody, tune. 2 manner, kind. 3 caprice, whim. 4 (Ling.) register, style.

ragangan ragas ragawi ragbol

1 scaffolding, laths. 2 kite frame. 3 handlebars. 1 pull out (Hir, grass, etc.). 2 cut, tear. physical. 1 dust mop, esp. for ceilings. 2 moplike tool for cleaning toiled bowl.

ragi ragib ragil ragu ragum raguman ragut rahab rahang rahap

1. yeast, fermentation agent. 2. design, formulation. absorbed in an activity. (Java) youngest (child). hesitant. ragu-ragu 1 be wary, uncertain. 2 hesitate to do s.t. (Lit.) vise, clamp. joint (membership, etc.). see RENGGUT. see RAHAP1. jaw. rahang-atas upper jaw. rahang-bawah lower jaw. 1. shroud. 2. 1) alight. 2)kneel down next to. 3) throw o.s. face down.

raharja rahasia rahat rahayat rahayu

(Java) well-being prosperty. secret. see ISTIRAHAT. see RAKYAT. 1 well-being. 2 greeting, esp. used by adherents of Java folk religion.

rahib rahim rahimi rahman rahmat rahmatullah rahsia rahu rahuh rai-gedek raib raih

1 monk. 2 nun. 1. womb, uterus. 2. (Islam) merciful (of God). (Islam) merciful (of God). /rahmani/ (Islam) compassionate (of God). (Islam) God’s mercy. (Islam) mercy of God. see RAHASIA. k.o. monster that causes lunar eclipses by swallowing moon. sigh of relief. (Java) shameless. see GAIB. 1 reach for. 2 sweep up, take in toward o.s. 3 achieve, manage to obtain.


1. sweep off. 2. president or chairman, formerly used by the Islam party.

rait raja rajab

screeching sound. 1 king. 2 tycoon. 3 o. who excels at s.t. 4 (Che.) king. (Islam) 7th month of Arabic calendar.

rajabrana rajah rajakula rajalela rajalele rajam rajaman rajang rajawali rajet rajin rajuk rajungan rajut rak raka rakaat rakam rakaman rakan rakanita rakat rakawati raker rakerda rakernas raket rakhman rakhmat rakit rakna raksa raksamala raksasa raksasi raksi rakuk rakus rakut rakyat ralat ralip raliwan rally

(Java) treasure, riches. 1. 1) (Lit.) figure or design with mystical properties. 2) tattoo. 3 lines in the palm. 2. see RAJA. dynasty. violent and arbitrary. prized variety of rice. me-rajam stone to death. stoning. cut into small pieces, mince (vegetables, etc.). rajang-an cut tobacco. k.o. large black hawk. (Coll.) broken into small pieces. 1 industrious, diligent. 2 frequently. pout, sulk. k.o. small crab. net. 1. cracking sound. 2 shelf, rack. 1 (Lit.) elder brother. 2 senior male university student. (Islam) essential unit of prayer ritual, consisting of bows and prostrations performed a prescribed number of times. 1 stamping, printing. 2 embroidering. 1 notes, recorded materials. 2 recording (of music, etc.). see REKAN. senior female university student. see REKAT. see RAKANITA. [rapat kerja] meeting at which work is accomplished. [rapat kerja daerah] regional working meeting. [rapat kerja nasional] national working meeting. 1. (Sport) racket. 2. see ROKET. /rakhmani/ see RAHMAN, RAHMANI. see RAHMAT. raft. see RATNA. see AIR. see RASAMALA. 1 mythical gigantic demon. 2 giant. see RASEKSI. 1. perfume. 2 see RASI 1. nick, notch, indentation. greedy, voracious. 1 spin a web, lay a snare. 2 deceive. populace, citizenry. error, mistake, esp. typographical. me-ralip doze off. pe-ralip o. who is always sleepy. (Sport) participant in sports rally. /reli/ (Sport) rally.

ram rama rama-rama ramadan ramah ramai ramal ramalan ramanda ramas ramayana

[Republik Arab Mesir] Egyptian Arab Republic. see ROMO. butterfly, us. large. /Ramadhan, Ramadlan/ (Islam) 9th month of the Arabic calendar, fasting month. friendly, easy to talk with. ramah-tamah hospitable and friendly. 1 crowded, busy. 2 bustling, lively, festive. 3 noisy, loud. 4 interesting.


tell fortunes.1 predict. 2 portend. 1 prognosis, prediction.oracle, fortune-teller. (Java, repsectful) 1 father (respectful). 2 uncle. 1. 1) press, knead. 2.) see RAMES. great Hindu epic from which many themes of Indonesian literature and public life are drawn. clear away, cut down. 1. k.o. tree bearing edible but undomesticated fruit. 2. 1) fringe. 2) tuft of hair. edible portion of beef or pork skin, often fried as chips or used in sauces.

ramban rambang rambas rambat rambatan rambate-rata-hayo

(Jakarta) collect grass or leaves for food. 1. broad, wide, extensive. 2.see REMBANG. me-rambas crush s.t. spreading, creeping. propagation. (Java) heave-ho, phrase uttered in unison by group carrying s.t. heavy.

rambia rambo rambu

rame ramelan rames rami ramin rampai rampai-rampai rampak

see RUMBIA. /rembo/ the movie character Rambo. 1. fringe, tassel. 2. (Naut.) short pillar on quay for tying up ships, buoy. rambu-lalulintas traffic sign. tangled undergrowth. 1 hair of the head. 2 (Coll.) body hair. 3 mane. 4 (Coll.) thread. 5 (Coll.) filament. k.o. Nephelium tree bearing fruit similar to lychee, the rambutan. rambutanrapiah highly priced k.o. rambutan of Jakarta. see RAMAI. see RAMADAN. 1 mix by kneading. 2 provide with a misture. hemp, jute. basket making. various. mixed, jumble. 1. thick, dense (of foliage, crowd). 2. completely dressed up. 3. see REMPAK.

rampas rampasan rampat

seize, carry away. loot. swing, brandish.

rambah rambai

rambun rambut rambutan


randek randu randung rang

1. slender, slightly built. 2. side by side, next to. 3. 1) disfigured, multilated. 2) pierced (of ears). rob, plunder . (Java) finished, settled, completed. indecent (of language). see RANGSUM. gather, collect. ingredients, concoction. superfluous hair. 1. long-suffering. 2. see RATNA. 1 meadow, low-lying valley. 2 domain. rizzle, trickle. still, quiet. scaffolding. 1. (M) handsome, beautiful. 2. a set. stand for a set of small gongs. stake, post. plan, program. 1. pointed. 2 masturbation. confused. pointed, acute. widow, widower (in some areas of Indonesia). 1. traditional Minangkabau theather. 2. traverse on foot. see RENDANG. 1 eat food that has been mixed together or seasoned. 2 make food tasty by mixing several things together. (Jakarta) stop. silk-cotton tree. violet, step on, infringe. 1. rank, position. 2. clanging sound. 3. design, plan. 4. see ORANG 2.

rang-rangan rangah rangak rangam rangas rangda rangga ranggah ranggak ranggas ranggeh ranggi ranggul ranggung rangin rangka

rough draft, outline. boast. (M) noisy. tomato. (Jakarta) termite. see RANDA. sharp point. 1. sharp point. 2 cock’s comb. 3.strip s.t of all its fruit. (Naut.) tow (in embarkation). 1 withered, arid. 2 leafless. me-ranggeh reach for s.t. attractive. me-ranggul tilt up. with legs apart. long sash (for dancing). 1 framework. 2 draft, blueprint.

rampok rampung rampus ramsum ramu ramuan ramus rana ranah ranai ranap rancah rancak rancakan rancang rancangan rancap rancu rancung randa randai randang randau

rangkah rangkai rangkaian rangkak rangkam rangkang rangkap rangkas rangkaya rangket rangkiang rangking rangkok rangkuh rangkul rangkum rangkuman rangkung rangkungan rangkup rangrang rangsang rangsek rangsel rangsuk rangsum rangun rangup rani ranjah ranjam ranjang ranjau ranjing ranju ranjul ranjungan ranking rankus ransel ransum rantai rantam rantang rantas

see RANGKAK. bunch (of certain fruits). 1 series. 2 combination. 3 connecting structure (i.e. chain, etc). 1 crawl on hands and kness. 2 make slow progress. 3 fawn. grasp s.t in the hands. (Islam) religious training center for advanced Islam studies. 1. 1) double. 2) (Ling.) phonetic cluster. 2. trap, pitfall. see RANGGAS. /rangkayo/ (M) lady of the house. (Sunda) me-rangket thrash, beat up. rice granary. hood, canopy made of basketry. k.o. bird, k.o. hornbill. see RENGKUH. in o. embrace. an armful. 1 embrance. 2 armful. 3 summary. squat down, crouch. see KERONGKONGAN. 1 hollow, cavity. 2 curve. see SEMUT. 1 exciting, stimulating. 2 pungent. (Jakarta) attack. see RANSEL. see RASUK 2. rations. observation post, tower. 1 fragile. 2 crisp (i. e. cracker, chip, etc.). 1. queen. 2 rich. loot, pillage. (Java) see RAJAM. iron bed. ranjang-bayi baby’s crib. ranjang-pengantin nuptial bed. (Mil.) 1 bamboo spiked booby traps (set around village to wound enemy). 2 antipersonnel weapon, mine. 1 possessed (by bad spirit, etc.), mania. 2 have a mania for s.t. see RANJAU. broken up, bumpy. see RAJUNGAN. /rengking/ grade rangking (in schools). collect, gather s.t. 1 knapsack, backpack. 2 duffle bag. see RANGSUM. 1 chain. 2 necklace. 3 series, sequence. 4 a measure of distance, esp. in rice fields. do s.t. collectively. set of stacked containers for transporting food. 1 broken off. 2 frayed.


1 (Geog.) shoreline. 2 (Geog.) reaches (of a river). 3 abroad, foreign country.

rante ranting

see RANTAI. 1. 1) small branch, twig. 2) subsection, branch (of offices, parties, etc.). 2. dried up. overripe. ripen. (M) be difficult, agitated (of infants). (M) 1 lively. 2 capricious. grumble. see RAWON. rapping sound, knocking. walk, step on s.t. (Islam) right of woman to appeal to judge if husband refuses to divorce her.

ranum ranyah ranyang ranyuk raon rap rapah rapak-lumuh rapal rapat

1 utter a prayer or incantation over s.o. 2 (Sunda) bless and solemnize a wedding. 1 close, proximate, dense. 2 close, intimate, familiar. 3 meeting, assembly.


[Rencana Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Daerah] regional budget.


[Rencana Anggaran Pendapatan dan Belanja Negara] national budget.

rapel rapi rapiah rapih rapim rapkol rapor rapsodi rapuh rapun rapung rarak ras

back pay. orderly, neat. see RAMBUTAN. see RAPI. [Rapat Pimpinan] meeting of the armed forces commanders. k.o. cabbage. /raport, rapot/ school report card. rhapsody. brittle, likely to snap. (M) broken, destroyed. see APUNG. see RERAK. 1 sound of rustling (of papers, leaves, etc.). 2 reins. 3 race. 4 throroughbred.

rasa rasai rasain rasaksa rasam rasamala rasan rase raseksa raseksi rasi

1 taste, sensation. 2 feeling, sense. 3 be of a certain opinion. suffer much. (Coll., Jakarta) Serves you right !. see RAKSASA. see RESAM 2. k.o. tree with fragrant wood. (Java) backbite, gossip about. civet cat. see RAKSASA. female giant. 1. 1) constellation. 2) lucky. 2. harmonious, matching, compatible.

rasia rasial rasialis rasialisme rasian rasian rasio rasional rasionalisasi rasisme rasmi rasuah rasuk rasul rasuli rasulullah raswah rat rata ratah ratap ratas ratib ratib-sadati ratifikasi ratifisir ratio ratna ratu ratus ratusan rau raum raun-raun raung raup raupan raut rawa rawah rawai rawak rawan rawang rawat rawatan

1. see Razia. 2. see RAHASIA. racial. racialist. racialism. rasian rasian 1 reason. 2 (Match.) ratio. /rasionil/ rational. 1 rationalization. 2 reduction in the number of workers in a firm. racism. see RESMI. bribery, corruption. 1. crossbar, cross beam. 2. possession by a spirit. 1 messenger sent by God. 2 (Islam) prophet. 3 (Rel.) apostle. (Rel. Islam) apostolic. (Islam) the Messenger of God. see RASUAH. 1. see ERAT. 2 see RAD. 1 flat, level. 2 even. 3 average. simple, plain. lamentation. see RETAS. (Islam., Lit.) repeated, chanted recitation of prayer. k.o. traditional dance in Aceh. ratification. ratify. see RASIO. gem, jewel. 1 (Lit.) king. 2 queen. 1. hundred. 2. (Java) k.o. perfumed powder used as incense. 1) hundreds 2) a currency note or coin with the value of 100. see DERAU. see RAUNG. (Sl.) go on a pleasure trip, stroll about, tour. sound of a siren, a siren. scoop up s.t. with the hands. handful. shape, form. /rawa-rawa/ swamp, marsh. 1. see RAWA. 2. (M) basin. fishing line (with several hooks). (Lit.) haphazard. 1. 1) (Lit.) emotional, sensitive. 2) troubled, disturbed. 2. (Lit.) classifier for articles of twine. see RAWA. 1 take care of, nurse. 2 (Lit.) resume o.’s original form. 1 treatment. 2 nursing, care.

rawe rawe-rawe

rdj rdrk

k.o. liana causing itching. /rawe-rawe rantas malang-malang putung/ (Java) strive onward, no matter what (revolutionary slogan). narrator, writer of story. 1. fine, small. 2. (Java) music, song. overture (esp. gamelan music). (Java) k.o. beef stew made with keluak. (Java) come (said of respected person). overripe. see RA 2. (Lit.) great, large. (Java) the 6th month of the Arabic calendar. plunder, raid. be delirious, dream of s.t. preoccupying. delirious. dizzy. termite. 1 fumble, grope. 2 rustle. 3 wander around. 4 be troubled. area, district. process of dividing into administrative districts. sad, touched, emotional. 1 persuasion. 2 flattery, wooing. /rasia/ 1 raid by police (in red-light district, etc.). 2 unannounced examination of licenses, documents, etc. by police (in speed trap, during house-to-house search, etc.). [Republik Demokrasi Jerman] Democratic Republic of Germany. [Republik Demokrasi Rakyat Korea] Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

rdv reagens reak reaksi reaksioner reaktor real realis realisasi realisir realisme realistis realitas realokasi reat-reot rebab rebah rebak

[Republik Demokrasi Vietman] Democratic Republic of Vietnam. (Chem.) reagent. see RIAK 2. reaction. reactionary. (Phys.) reactor.. see RIAL. realist. realization. bring s.t. about. realism. realistic. reality. reallocation. sound of squeaking. two-stringed musical instrument. fall down, collapse. 1.be full of tears. 2. /re`bak/ deep cut, wound. 3. spread (of news, disease).

rawi rawit rawitan rawon rawuh rawun ray. raya rayagung rayah rayan rayan-rayan rayang rayap rayau rayon rayonisasi rayu rayuan razia

reban rebana rebas rebat rebeh rebek reben rebewes rebo reboasasi rebon rebu rebung rebus rebut reca recak recall receh recet recik recok recup red. reda redah redaksi redaksionil redaktris redaktur redam redaman redang redap redas redenasi redha redi redistribusi redla reduksi reduktor redum redundansi redup reduplikasi

chicken coop. /re`ban/ see REBEN. tambourine. see RABAS. enclose, fence in. hang down loosely. 1 (Jakarta) dirty, not washed. 2 ugly. 3 disorderly. o.-way glass. (Coll.) driver’s license. see RABU. /reboisasi/ reforestation. k.o. small shrimp. see RABU. bamboo shoot. boiled. 1 snatch away, take away by force. 2 struggle to obtain a goal. see ARCA. 1. light pockmarks. 2. (M) ride (a horse). /rikol/ (Pol.) recall and force resignation of member of parliament for failure to agree with party policies. see UANG. cry, protest. droplet. 1 noise, uproar. 2 excitement. burgeon. 1. [redaksi] editorial staff. 2. [redaktur] editor. abate, subside. /re`da/ see RELA. 1. (M) cut down (trees). 2. traverse s.t. 1 editorial staff. 2 wording (of text). pertaining to editing. female editor. editor. 1 vague, dim, faint. 2 muffled, hushed. attentuation. 1. lukewarm, tepid. 2. bog. 1. tambourine. 2. spread. 3 impenetrable. see REDAH 2. reasoning. /redho/ see RELA. ready. redistribution. /redlo/ see RELA. 1 reduction. 2 discount. (Chem.) reductor. sound of thumping. redundancy. 1 overcast, dull. 2 dull, dreary. 3 extinguished (of embers). reduplication.

reedukasi reekspor reevaluasi referat referensi refleks refleksi reflektor reformasi reformir reformis reformisme reformulasi reformulir refrain refraksi refungsionalisasi rega regang regat regel regen regenerasi reges regi regiem regimentasi regional regionalisasi regisir registrasi reglemen reglementasi regol regresi regu reguk regular regularisasi regulasi reh rehabilitasi rehabiliter rehal reindoktrinasi reinkarnasi

reeducation. reexport. reevaluation. k.o. university level course relying on a single reference book. reference (logical, bibliographical, etc.). reflex. be-refleks show reflex. reflection. reflector. reformation. reform. reformer. reformism. reformulation. reformulate. (Music) refrain, chorus. refraction. refunctionalization, i.e. reorganization of a staff such that the same personel hold new positions. (Coll.) see HARGA. tense, tightly stretched. take a shortcut (by following a straight line). /re`gat/ regatta. 1 ruler. 2 lath (for tracing). regent. regeneration. (Jakarta) defoliated. 1. administration. 2. (film) director. /regim/ see REZIM. regimentation. regional. regionalization (of power, etc.). see REGI 2. registration. regulation. /reglementering/ imposition of regulation. 1 (Java) archway, entrance. 2 drainage pipes (under bridges, etc.). regression. 1 team, group. 2 shift. a slug, a drink. /reguler/ regular. regularization. regulation. (Java) boss around. rehabilitation. /rehabilitir/ rehabilitate. (Islam) k.o. folding book stand for the Koran during recitations. reindoctrination. reincarnation.

reja rejah rejam rejan rejang rejasa rejeb rejeki rejeng rejim rejimentasi rejuk rek reka reka’at rekah rekalsitran rekam rekan rekanan rekap rekat rekayasa reken rekenan rekening rekes rekisitor reklamasi reklame reklasering rekomendasi rekomendir rekonsiliasi rekonstruksi rekonstruktif rekor rekreasi rekrut rekrutir reksa rekstok rektifikasi rektor rektorat

remains, waste, leftover. transgress s.t. see RAJAM. strained, forced (of coughs, etc.). 1. horoscope, almamac (for finding favorable days). 2. see RAJANG. 3. see LEJANG. tin. (Java) see RAJAB. see REZEKI. (Jakarta) seize, catch (several people). see REZIM. see REGIMENTASI. jump forward. 1. row, line. 2. sound of rubbing. 3. see AREK. 4 see RAK 2. 1 invent