[Service] Our Northwestern (2023)

For General Our Northwestern users:

Our Northwestern can be accessed at our.northwestern.edu. Users can register with a username and password or they can use an existing email or social account to sign up.

For Staff, Alumni and Volunteers who want to access the iModules and Encompass Administrative Tools:

Access can be found by searching for the school, unit, or club to be administered from the link below and bookmarking the unique login link.


For Tier 2 Staff who want to look up how users have previously accessed Our Northwestern:

The Our Northwestern User Management tool (previously called IDP Admin Portal) is MFA protected and can be accessed by authorized users by following these steps:

1. Navigate tohttps://our-manager.northwestern.edu/identity-manager

2. Sign in with your NetID and Password.

3. You can use the filters on the left side of the screen to search for alumni.

4. You should search for alumni using both the “Our Northwestern Users” and “Legacy Uprising Users” tabs. (The Legacy tab is pulling registration data from the old uprising tool.)

There is no ability to mimic or impersonate a user in Our Northwestern. Instead, there are testing environments where technicians can see emails and events that a user is creating.

Our Northwestern has been tested in and works well with the following browsers:

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  • Firefox
  • Chrome
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari

Our Northwestern support requests will come generally come from ONsupport@northwestern.edu.

Possible Footprints categories for Our Northwestern tickets are as follows:

Category Sub-categories Keywords
Security and Access
Alumni Volunteers
General Access
  • New Access
  • Modify Existing Access
  • Access to Testing Environment
Our Northwestern User Support Alumni End user assistance is an alum
Staff End user assistance for NU staff
Volunteer End user assistance for NU volunteer
System Maintenance and Modifications
  • Errors or reporting Broken Functionality
  • Jive/iModules Data Modifications
  • Modifications to Email templates and categories
  • Modifications to RSS Feeds
  • Request for Custom URLs
  • Mismatched Entities
  • Revalidating or Inactivating emails
  • Data Sync Errors
Other All other issues.

The Our Northwestern platform is comprised of four different tools:

CATracks The Constituent and Affinity Tracking System, Northwestern University’s web-based system of record for alumni information.
Uprising Technology Alumni Directory Tool Online alumni directory for alumni, students, and friends of Northwestern.

Club Space


Our Northwestern Club Spaces

KSM Club Spaces


Kellogg Job Board


Club Leader Admin to NAA Club GIDs


Club Leader Admin Support and Documentation


Email Help


Event Help


Membership Help


Refer persistent issues with Encompass admin access to ARDUserServices@northwestern.edu or send the support request to ARD-Our Northwestern

Data Privacy

All alumni are included within the Our Northwestern directory, but not all of their information may be available in the directory depending on their privacy.

For more information, users can be directed to ourprivacy policy.

Pritzker School of Law

For Law School alumni, updating their information in the Alumni Directory updates information in the law school records.

Law alums can also update their information by going to the Update Your Information and Volunteer page of the Law Alumni website.

Access requests for administrative access to Our Northwestern should be directed to ARD-Our Northwestern.

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If appropriate, first have the user consult the Login FAQ for Our Northwestern.

Log into the Our Northwestern IDP Admin Tool to search for the user and confirm if they have previously signed into Our Northwestern. You may need to log into CATx to retrieve their CATx ID to properly match up the profiles. See General → Access (Users and Admins) for help logging into this portal.

Check the user’s previous sign-in methods and direct them to the correct one from the Our Northwestern homepage. Use the template Login_Issue.

If the user has not logged in before

Direct the user to create an account. Use the template New_ON_Login.

If the issue persists after trying the above, verify the following:

  • The user is using the correct link.
  • The user has cleared their browser’s cache and cookies.

that the user has cleared their cookies and cache,

If the problem is still not resolved, collect the following information and refer to NUIT-AS-ESAF-OurNorthwestern:

  • A description of the issue
  • All of the web browsers tried
  • What kind of internet connection they’re using (home, public, work)
  • Screenshots of any errors (as appropriate)

When users register a new local sign-in account in Our Northwestern, they are informed that they will receive a verification email. The users will need to log into their email account, find the email then click on a link to verify their email account. However, sometimes we will receive tickets from alumni that are not receiving emails. Not receiving emails has been very common with AT&T and Comcast email domains.

First and foremost, verify using the IDP Admin Tool that the user has previous logged in (see Tier 2 → Login Issues for instructions). If the user does not yet have an account, respond with the template New_ON_Login.

After verifying that the user has signed in before, send the Verification_Email template.

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If the user replies and still cannot find the email, get answers to the following questions:

  • Can the user provide us the email address that should have received the email?
  • Has the user checked their Spam/Junk folder for the verification email?
  • Does this email forward to any other email accounts?

If the issue persists, escalate to ESAF-Our Northwestern. The vendor, Uprising, will have to manually verify the user.

User would like to update their biographical information (deaths, address, email, phone, new place of employment or removal from ON requests) or the user would like to stop receiving mail from Northwestern.

If the information isn’t correct in CATracks, send an email to GRS at bioupdate@northwestern.edu and close the request.

If the information is correct in CATx but incorrect in Our Northwestern, send the request to NUIT-AS-ESAF-OurNorthwestern. Confirm also that this person’s profile doesn’t have any red flags, such as a No Contact indicator on their record if their issue is that they’re not receiving mail.

Users can update their own information in their Our Northwestern profile. They should allow a full business day for this information to sync when doing so.

Users requesting an update to their Degree information are referred directly to bioupdate@northwestern.edu.

If a user is attempting to access a link within Our Northwestern but is getting a message asking them for a Constituent ID or a message that says their authentication request failed, confirm that they are able to successfully access Our Northwestern. Then, send the ticket to the ESAF-Our Northwestern team in Footprints. Users typically get these types of error messages when attempting to access an area or link within Our Northwestern and they lack the access. Users need to be placed in specific GIDs (sub-community within Our Northwestern) to access some of these areas.

Limited Functionality in Our Northwestern

If a user is able to log into the system successfully, however they are seeing errors or limited functionality on certain pages, have them try the following:

  • Try the action in multiple browsers.
  • Clear the brower’s cache and cookies.
  • Check their internet connection type. Some workplace internet connections block some functionality of Our Northwestern.

If the issue persists, refer to NUIT-AS-ESAF-OurNorthwestern.

Access for Kellogg Job Board

If a user needs access to the Kellogg Job Board, they will need to contact the Kellogg Career Management Center for more assistance. They can be reached at (847) 491-3168 or cmc@kellogg.northwestern.edu.

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Alumni Events and Purchasing Tickets

If a user would like to register for an upcoming alumni event or purchase tickets, refer the issue to ARD-Our Northwestern or have the user contact the Northwestern Alumni Association at (847) 491-7200, (800) NU-ALUMS, or naainfo@northwestern.edu.

Incoming Students Requesting Access

If an incoming student is in SES and in the Directory, GRS will create the entity in CATx and give them access. If they eventually drop out of Northwestern, their affiliation in CATx will change and their access to OurNorthwestern will be removed.

Our Northwestern Login Privacy Concerns

If a user wants to log into Our Northwestern but does not want to share any social media logins or they are concerned about their privacy in the alumni directory and elsewhere, do any of the following:

  • Inform the user that Northwestern University takes their privacy very seriously. If a user chooses a social media account as a login, activity on that channel will not be transferred to Our Northwestern. You can also share a link to our full privacy policy.
  • Direct user to the local sign in method in Our Northwestern.
  • For alumni that do not wish to use the social media pass-through login or their personal email, recommend using a Google-powered Northwestern email address. Inform the alumnus that the NAA happily provides Northwestern emails to alumni free of charge. Let them know that they can establish a Northwestern email by visiting this website and completing the request process.
  • For users that are concerned about their privacy after logging into Our Northwestern, respond to alumnus with options for privacy settings on their profile, reassure them about the security of the community.

Request to Add Users to Mailing Lists

If a club leader wants to have a person, or list of people, added to the clubs’ records as having an affiliation with their chapter (either because the person is new to the area and hasn’t updated their address with Northwestern yet, ex: NU Club of Austin, or they haven’t previously identified as having a particular affinity, ex: NU Black Alumni Association), escalate the issue to ARD-Our Northwestern.

In order for individuals to be added to mailing lists they need to have a row added to their Committee Participation table in CATx. In addition, that row needs to have an Active status. Send to ARD-Our Northwestern in Footprints.

Request to Affiliate Users to Affinity/Local Alumni Clubs

Similar to above (Request to Add Users to Mailing Lists), but the user is the one requesting to be added, not a club leader. Escalate the issue to ARD-Our Northwestern.

In order for individuals to be added to mailing lists they need to have a row added to their Committee Participation table in CATx. In addition, that row needs to have an Active status. Send to ARD-Our Northwestern in Footprints.

Family Research

If the user is a non-alum and is looking for information on a relative that attended Northwestern University as a student, send the template NUFamilyResearch.

We are only able to provide class year and student activities. No contact information may be given out. Depending on information requested, the user may need to be referred to one of the following groups:

  • For Student Records, direct the user to the Office of the Registrar at (847) 491-5234 or nu-registrar@northwestern.edu.
  • For Student Life, direct the user to University Archives at archives@northwestern.edu.

Alumni Accomplishments

If the user is an alumni and would like to share a recent accomplishment with the univeersity, send the template AlumAchievement. The user can also contact alums@northwestern.edu or self-report their achievement at this page.

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If the user is sharing a new address or place of employment send the email to GRS at bioupdate@northwestern.edu, then close ticket.


Issue Referral
User needs to update biographical information in Our Northwestern. bioupdate@northwestern.edu
User is trying to gain access to Encompass Admin for the first time. ARD-Our Northwestern
Alum is angry and would like to speak to the OurNorthwestern owner for complaints and is asking for contact information. ARDUserServices@northwestern.edu or ARD-Our Northwestern
Alumni Club Leader is asking for access or training. ARDUserServices@northwestern.edu

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