Top 10 Richest Bitcoin Owners In 2022! [UPDATED] (2023)

Technically, Bitcoin was worth less than 10 cents per bitcoin upon its inception in 2009. The cryptocurrency has risen steadily since then and is now worth around $6000 per Bitcoin. Thisis the most remarkable appreciation of the value and has created many millionaires over the lasteight years.

In this guide, we are going to share the top 10 richest Bitcoin owners in the world.

Table of Contents

  • Here are the top ten people/institutions that held a large number of Bitcoins over time:
    • 1. Satoshi Nakamoto
    • 2. Bulgaria
    • 3. BitFinex
    • 4. The FBI
    • 5. The Winklevoss Twins
    • 6. Garvin Andresen
    • 7. Roger Ver
    • 8. Barry Silbert
    • 9. Charlie Shrem
    • 10. Tony Gallippi
  • Richest Addresses On The Bitcoin Blockchain

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Here are the top ten people/institutions that held a large number of Bitcoins over time:

1. Satoshi Nakamoto

The creator of Bitcoin, who hides behind the moniker Satoshi Nakamoto, remains the majorholder of bitcoins. The number of bitcoins that Nakamoto owns today is estimated at around1.1 million, based on the early mining that he did.

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This is the equivalent of about $6 billion attoday’s exchange rate of 1BTC to 6,098 USD. At least Nakamoto has never touched most ofhis bitcoins, and neither converted them into real-world currencies nor used them for anyother purpose. If he were to sell his entire stash, the value of Bitcoin could plummet in aninstant.

He is indeed one of the largest Bitcoin owners in the world. Although there are many other holders, Satoshi Nakamoto still holds millions of BTC in his wallet.

2. Bulgaria

Bulgaria is currently sitting on one of the biggest stashes of Bitcoin in the world. How did the European nation come into the possession of this enormous sum of money? A crackdown on organizedcrime by the Bulgarian law enforcement in May 2017 resulted in the seizure of astash of 213,519 Bitcoins, enough to pay off a quarter of the country’s national debt.

According to Bulgarian authorities, the criminals used their technical prowess to circumventtaxes. As of June 2018, the virtual coins would be worth more than $1.2 billion. TheBulgarian government has declined to comment on the status of the coins.

It is worth taking into consideration that many other countries could be added to the list of largest Bitcoin owners in the world. This is because, from time to time, governments will seize small amounts of BTC from criminals and other individuals.

3. BitFinex

BitFinex, a crypto exchange, has one of the largest bitcoin wallets with 163,133.38 BTC thatare worth approximately $1 billion at the current price of $6,098.24 per bitcoin. The coins arebelieved to be kept in a cold wallet to protect them from cyber hacks, unauthorized accessand other vulnerabilities that a system connected to the internet is prone to.

This company is now one of the largest in the crypto market. However, most of the exchanges hold large amounts of BTC in order to provide liquidity to the market. There are some services that offer valuable information about the exchanges that are now holding Bitcoin.

4. The FBI

The FBI is one of the largest renowned holders of Bitcoin. In September 2013, they brought down Silk Road, the infamous dark web drug bazaar, and seized 144,000 Bitcoin owned by the site’s operator Ross Ulbricht, better known as, “Dread Pirate Roberts”.

Ulbricht made critical blunders that allowed investigators to locate the site and link him to it. Users of Silk Road are said to have traded around 9.5 million bitcoins since Ulbricht launched the site in 2011. Even though the FBI sold a large amount of their Bitcoin holdings or even all, the FBI worth mentioned as they had a fortune in Bitcoin at some point. A large portion of the Bitcoins seized and sold went to Barry Silbert.

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Although this is something that seems positive (a governmental organization holding BTC), it might not be good for the entire ecosystem. The organization might not be in favour of Bitcoin and could be trying to fight against it.

5. The Winklevoss Twins

Tyler Winklevoss and Cameron Winklevoss were among the first Bitcoin billionaires. Theduo had first gained popularity when they sued the Facebook C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg forallegedly stealing the idea of creating Facebook from them. Theywere contacted byZuckerberg to develop the ConnectU site, which was to become Facebook later on.

They used $11 million of the $65 million cash compensation they received from the legaldispute with Zuckerberg to purchase 1.5 million Bitcoins in 2013. Back then, one Bitcointraded at $120. That investment has increased more than 20000% since then.

The twins allegedly own around 1 percent of all Bitcoin in circulation. Their combined net worth is approximately 400 million. They created the Windex, funded several bitcoin-related ventures and invested $1.5 million in BitInstant. They have been working for the last few years in the crypto ecosystem and plan to do so in the coming years as well. Thus, the Winklevoss twins are some of the largest Bitcoin owners in the world right now.

6. Garvin Andresen

Although bitcoin is the brainchild of Satoshi Nakamoto, Garvin Andresen is credited as theperson who made it what it is today. Garvin is one of the people who has been suspected tobe Satoshi, a claim he denies. Rather, he says that he had a close relationship with theanonymous cryptographer for many years. The real Satoshi Nakamoto picked him as hissuccessor in late 2010.

Garvin became the chief developer of the open source code thatdetermines how Bitcoin operates – and whether it can survive. He was once paid over$200,000 in Bitcoin by the Bitcoin Foundation for his contributions. He had already cashedout multiple times.

Nowadays, Gavin Andresen is not as involved with Bitcoin as he was in the past. However, we suppose he is still among the largest Bitcoin owners right now.

7. Roger Ver

Roger Ver, otherwise known as Bitcoin Jesus, is one of the first Bitcoin billionaires andbelieved to hold or held at least 100,000 bitcoins. The renowned libertarian allegedly droppedout of college to focus on his bitcoin-related projects.

Unlike other crypto billionaires outthere who are throwing their cash in the typical private Islands or luxury jets, Ver’s dream isto establish his own libertarian nation where every individual is the absolute owner of their own life and are free to do whatever they wish with their person or property. Thecontroversial bitcoin evangelist renounced his U.S. citizenship in 2014 and relocatedpermanently to a small Caribbean Island.

Cryptography is the ultimate form of nonviolent direct action.

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— Roger Ver (@rogerkver) July 5, 2018

It is worth taking into consideration that Roger Ver has then moved to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) rather than remaining in the Bitcoin community. This has created a lot of harm to Bitcoin in the past, but his involvement in the market continues to be appreciated by everyone. Additionally, he might be among the largest Bitcoin owners despite deciding to move to Bitcoin Cash.

8. Barry Silbert

Silbert is a venture capitalist and founder of Digital Currency Group. He was an early adopterof Bitcoin. He purportedly walked away with an eye-watering 48,000 Bitcoins in an auctionheld by the U.S. Marshals Service in 2014.

The US government had confiscated much of thecrypto coins from Ross Ulbricht, the alleged operator of the dark web marketplace for drugsand other illegal products. Bitcoin was then worth $350, which means Silbert’s coins haveskyrocketed in value from $16.8 million to $288 million.

9. Charlie Shrem

Charlie Shrem is no doubt one of the most controversial Bitcoin millionaires. He invested in alarge quantity of Bitcoin in the early days of the cryptocurrency. Shrem was also an activemember of the Bitcoin Foundation and founded BitInstant when he was just 22 years old.

Bythe end of December 2014, Shrem had been found guilty of money laundering and received atwo-year prison sentence. After his release from federal custody, he unveiled a startup calledIntellisys Capital, a company that sells investment portfolios in blockchain companies.

Although he has not revealed precisely how many bitcoins he owns, he reportedly purchaseda few thousands back when they were worth a few hundred. Those would be worth millionsnow.

10. Tony Gallippi

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A famous business magnate Tony Gallippi is also believed to be one of the big holders ofbitcoins. He is the brain behind BitPay, one of the most popular Bitcoin payment serviceproviders in the world. The company was launched in May 2011 and processes over onemillion dollars per day. Bitpay is also one of the companies to sign contracts with majorcompanies including Microsoft, Dell, TigerDirect, and Newegg. By 2014, the company hademployed approximately 100 people.

Richest Addresses On The Bitcoin Blockchain

At the moment, there are 153,00 Bitcoin owners (addresses) that have 10 or more BTC. Surprisingly, these addresses that account for just 0.57% of the total number of wallets in the market, hold more than 15,400,000 BTC. This represents almost 75% of the total number of BTC that will ever exist in the market.

There are also 140,596 addresses that are richer than $100,000 according to data provided by BitInfoCharts. Only four addresses have more than 100,000 coins, which is in general not common. If exchanges want to hold funds, they generally have different wallets to do so rather than one. These might be extremely large whales that prefer to have their funds in just single wallets. Most of them are Bitcoin owners with large amounts of funds.

The top 5 dormant addresses holding BTC for more than 5 years account for 1.2% of the total number of coins in the market. These addresses hold 212.402 BTC, showing that there are large whales that are currently holding Bitcoin and waiting until the price of the virtual currency will reach higher prices. Most of these Bitcoin owners have a large number of deposits but a small number of withdrawals.

Many of these wallets are anonymous, which means that the market does not know who these funds belong to. Crypto hedge funds, exchanges and large investors are usually behind these wallets.

In the future, the number of Bitcoin holders could increase. Indeed, we are seeing how companies and large firms are entering the market. Nowadays, many of the largest Bitcoin owners are companies that got exposure to the largest virtual currency in the world.


It is estimated that the top 1000 bitcoin addresses own approximately 35% of the total bitcoin in circulation. There are also thousands of individuals who hold large stashes of bitcoin but have chosen to remain anonymous.

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US-based software company MicroStrategy (MSTR) is the world’s biggest publicly traded corporate owner of bitcoin with holdings of about 129,218 BTC, according to its Q1 2022 earnings report. MicroStrategy’s BTC holdings were worth over $3bn, as of 22 July 2022.

Who owns the most bitcoin list? ›

With more than 1,000,000 BTC, Nakamoto — who may be an individual or a group — owns more Bitcoin than any other entity.

Who owns most BTC in India? › So far, more than eight people have been arrested and all of them were associated with Gainbitcoin and CEO Bhardwaj….

Amit Bhardwaj
Occupation Bitcoin miner, entrepreneur
Known for GB Miners Amaze Mining and Blockchain Research Limited

3 more rows Which Crypto can make you rich in 2022? › 10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2022

  • Bitcoin (BTC) Market cap: Over $846 billion. …
  • Ethereum (ETH) Market cap: Over $361 billion. …
  • Tether (USDT) Market cap: Over $79 billion. …
  • Binance Coin (BNB) Market cap: Over $68 billion. …
  • XRP (XRP) Market cap: Over $37 billion. …
  • Terra (LUNA) …
  • Cardano (ADA) …
  • Solana (SOL)

Who controls bitcoin price? ›

Bitcoin’s price is primarily affected by its supply, the market’s demand for it, availability, competing cryptocurrencies, and investor sentiment. Bitcoin supply is limited—there is a finite number of bitcoin, and the final coins are projected to be mined in 2140.

Who is owner of BTC? ›

Satoshi Nakamoto is a pseudonym for the person or people who helped develop the first bitcoin software and introduced the concept of cryptocurrency to the world in a 2008 paper. Nakamoto remained active in the creation of bitcoin and the blockchain until about 2010 but has not been heard from since.

How many people own a full Bitcoin? ›

Bitcoin Owners 106 million
Daily Bitcoin Users 400,000
Bitcoin Wallets 200 million
Bitcoin Traders 53 million
Daily Bitcoin Transactions 270,000

2 more rows How many bitcoins exist? › How many BTC Satoshi Nakamoto has? ›

Nakamoto owns between 750,000 and 1,100,000 bitcoin. In November 2021, when Bitcoin hit its still-highest value of over US$68,000, that would have made his net worth up to US$73 billion, which would have made him the 15th-richest person in the world at the time.

Which crypto is the next bitcoin? ›

Ethereum (ETH)

Ethereum, commonly known as ether, is the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency behind bitcoin, even outperforming bitcoin at times. Last year, ethereum instituted a major upgrade that included reducing the supply of ether, currently at 122.68 million coins as of Oct. 6.

Which crypto is best long term? ›

Top 11 Long-Term Crypto Investments for 2022

  • IMPT – Overall Best Long Term Crypto investment.
  • Tamadoge – Highly Promising Token That’s Already Generated Huge Returns.
  • Battle Infinity – Top Metaverse Cryptocurrency to Buy.
  • Lucky Block – NFT Crypto for Long-Term Holding.
  • Ethereum – Best Crypto to HODL in 2022.

Which coin is best to invest? › Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies To Invest In For 2023

  • Top 10 Best Cryptocurrencies to Invest In 2023. …
  • Ethereum (ETH) …
  • Bitcoin (BTC) …
  • ApeCoin (APE) …
  • Solana (SOL) …
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) …
  • Uniswap (UNI) – Best Decentralized Cryptocurrency to Invest in Long Term. …
  • Decentraland (MANA)

Who owns biggest Bitcoin wallet? ›

The five addresses with the most bitcoin belong to Binance, Bitfinex, MicroStrategy, and another address, whose identity is unknown. These five addresses collectively own more than 778,000 bitcoin. The exchange addresses represent the holdings of many individual investors who are not holding their own keys.

Who is the youngest crypto billionaire? ›

Five years ago Sam Bankman-Fried hadn’t bought his first bitcoin, but today, he’s one of the youngest billionaires in the world thanks to the cryptocurrency, and one of the most powerful people in the young but fast-growing crypto industry.

Who owns the most Shiba Inu coin? ›

A former Ripple (XRP) whale owns the highest number of SHIB tokens in the world. On July 5, 2022, the mysterious and unidentified whale transferred his/her XRP holdings to SHIB worth $211 million. The transfer made the whale own 48.7 trillion Shiba Inu tokens becoming the largest whale currently.

How can I get 1 Bitcoin for free? › Methods To Earn Free Bitcoins

  1. #1) Pionex – Use Bitcoin Growth Trading Bot to Earn Bitcoin.
  2. #2) Bitstamp – Using Staking Rewards.
  3. #3) Tipping Bots And Platforms.
  4. #4) Playing Online and Offline Games.
  5. #5) Mining Browsers And Free Mining Software.
  6. #6) Earning Free Bitcoins Through Bounties.
  7. #7) Earn From Crypto Airdrops.

How long does it take to mine 1 Bitcoin? ›

So the network raises the difficulty of slowing down block production. With today’s difficulty rate but much more advanced systems, it may take a solo miner about 10 minutes to mine one bitcoin. The average rate for most miners, however, stands at 30 days.

How do I start mining bitcoins? ›

  1. Choose and Set Up Your Bitcoin Mining Hardware. Start by choosing the hardware you’ll use to mine Bitcoin. …
  2. Create a Dedicated Bitcoin Wallet. If or when you successfully validate a Bitcoin block, you need a valid Bitcoin wallet to get paid. …
  3. Configure Your Mining Equipment. …
  4. Start Mining.

How much is 1 Satoshi worth? ›

1 SATS = 0.0001928 USD.

Is Satoshi Nakamoto still alive? ›

If the birth date is correct, Nakamoto would be 46 years old today. Over the years a great number of sleuths have made it their mission to discover the inventor’s identity. Although, Satoshi Nakamoto is likely deceased and there are many reasons why people would believe Bitcoin’s inventor is no longer with us.

Who owned Dogecoin? ›

Dogecoin (/ˈdoʊ(d)ʒkɔɪn/ DOHJ-koyn or DOHZH-koyn, Abbreviation: DOGE; sign: Ð) is a cryptocurrency created by software engineers Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer, who decided to create a payment system as a “joke”, making fun of the wild speculation in cryptocurrencies at the time.

Who is the richest Bitcoin owner? ›

Who is the wealthiest person in cryptocurrency? According to the Bloomberg Billionaire Index, Changpeng Zhao—founder of cryptocurrency exchange Binance—is estimated to be worth $96 billion, making him the richest person in cryptocurrencies.

Who owns the largest bitcoin wallet? ›

Binance and Bitfinex have the largest Bitcoin wallets. One Binance cold wallet holds 252,597 BTC, while the other has 143,314 BTC. On the other hand, Bitfinex’s cold wallet contains 168,010 BTC.

How much Bitcoin does Russia own? ›

Russians own more than 16.5 trillion rubles ($214 billion) worth of cryptocurrencies, according to an estimate the Kremlin and government officials are using to craft a plan to regulate the industry.

How many bitcoin does Elon Musk have? ›

The co-founder of Tesla Inc. revealed on Twitter that he owns only a tiny fraction of one bitcoin token. “I literally own zero cryptocurrency, apart from . 25 BTC that a friend sent me many years ago,” Musk confessed.

Who is the youngest crypto billionaire? ›

Five years ago Sam Bankman-Fried hadn’t bought his first bitcoin, but today, he’s one of the youngest billionaires in the world thanks to the cryptocurrency, and one of the most powerful people in the young but fast-growing crypto industry.

Who is crypto richest man? › What crypto Does Bill Gates Own? ›

Billionaire Bill Gates doesn’t own any cryptocurrency.

Gates was referring to the Bored Ape Yacht Club – the NFT collection of digital art snapped up for millions of dollars by celebrities and crypto-enthusiasts.

What is the richest Bitcoin wallet? ›

Bitcoin Billionaires

The exchange addresses represent the holdings of many individual investors who are not holding their own keys. Binance owns the largest cold storage wallet address, 34xp4vRoCGJym3xR7yCVPFHoCNxv4Twseo, which holds ​​252,597 BTC.

What country has the most Bitcoin? ›

Top 10 Countries With The Highest Rate Of Cryptocurrency Possession In 2022. Nowadays, 10% of the world’s population owns some form of cryptocurrency. Worldwide, Thailand has the highest share of cryptocurrencies, with 20.1% of Thai internet users owning digital currencies.

Can Bitcoins be stolen? ›

Applications (software) and devices can be hacked. Because private keys are stored in application and device wallets, hackers can access them and steal your cryptocurrency.

How many Bitcoins does China own? ›

Experts estimate that as much as 20% of the worldwide bitcoin network remains in China.

Is Russia behind Bitcoin? ›

Russia is the world’s third-biggest bitcoin mining hub, according to Cambridge University data.

Can I pay my electricity bill with Bitcoin? ›

Water, electricity and other service bills

Municipalities across the country have begun allowing residents to pay their utility bills with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

Who owns Shiba coin? ›

Ryoshi, the pseudonym for the founder of Shiba Inu, deleted his internet presence while Shiba Inu’s price hit new lows. He follows the footsteps of Bitcoin founder Satoshi Nakamoto who disappeared from the scene over a decade ago. The coin has seen a slight uptick but overall is down 87% from its all-time high.

How many Bitcoins does Bill Gates have? ›

I don’t own any. I like investing in things that have valuable output,” Mr Gates, 66, said.

Who owns the most Dogecoin? ›

Address % of coins
1 DPDLBAe3RGQ2GiPxDzhgjcmpZCZD8cSBgZ wallet: RobinhoodBalance:40,508,331,818 DOGE ($2,410,924,890) Ins:93 Outs:15 29.65%
2 DE5opaXjFgDhFBqL6tBDxTAQ56zkX6EToX wallet: BinanceBalance:7,256,950,620 DOGE ($431,910,229) Ins:281 Outs:230 5.31%

17 more rows


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